thank you for your support everyone!!!


Hey everyone!! Thank you for 12k+ followers!!!
I wont beable to get here without all of your support, thank you so much for those whose always around
Thank you for you who stayed even though i no longer draw the thing you followed me for
Thank you for being here, read my posts, look at my art and enjoy what i’ve been producing all this time!

Im not doing any request to celebrate or anything because i already have so many im hand. I will try to do better in the future
And open request batch later

But now, i will focus on what i am responsible and have promised first

Good luck for everyone and have a nice day!

I’m going to catch the last bit of California sun before I leave San Diego 🌞. This darling sums up all my feels right now! The love that everyone gave me at sdcc was amazing and adorable and I’m humbled by it🙇🏻‍♀💓 I feel like the luckiest person right now to have the supporters I do! Not only in person but online you all share with me your love and stories and it keeps me so energized to keep doing what I’m doing! 💃🏻💕You have no idea how much each comment and like means to me. So thank you for everything! 🙏🏻💖When I recover from the con I’ll get back to my Rainbow World and start on a new series of art inspired by love! Plus bees 🐝 lots and lots of fat bees!! 🐝💜💙💚💛❤💝

Here we are, the big 500. I can’t really even find the words to express how thankful I am to have so much love and support in this community. I started this blog as a side blog to my Fate blog and moved it to a main blog as I discovered I was having a ton of fun with these boys. I’m no good at editing things, so I can’t really do a giveaway or anything…the most I can do is thank everyone and pass along my love. Let me talk about a few blogs that have been here for me and really supported me. 

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anonymous asked:

I have finally "come to terms", so to speak, with myself being transgendered. Growing up in a very religious household, who frowned upon such things, made me hide it for 10+ years. I'm finally coming out to parts of my family, and letting them know what's going on with me. While not everyone supports it, I'm trying to figure out what my next steps would be. How do I find a gender therapist and start actually transitioning and taking T? And any idea how to tell my managers at work? Thanks! <3

I honestly just googled best gender therapist in my area and starting making phone calls. You could also head down to the local LGBT center in your city if you have one.

In order to start hormones you need a referral from a therapist or doctor and they will then refer you to an endocrinologist or if your primary care doctor to prescribe you hormones. You will go in for blood work to make sure everything in your body is working properly and to check your hormone levels and then if it’s all good from there you can start your get.

It’s important to note this doesn’t happen in one visit and it can take time to get a referral so don’t give up! Coming out is hard but worth it. You will be so much happier.

Congrats on starting your journey



I wanted to extend a sincere, heartfelt thank you to everyone who took part in this project. Everyone was so supportive of me putting this project together over the last four months, and very understanding of the time and effort that went into it and I could not be more grateful for that.

Thank you to everyone who posted your pages on Saturday, as well. As we all know, Jack is a very busy man, and likely didn’t have the time to post about the book. But I’m confident that he’s seen it, and that he’s been moved by all your kind words. There is no greater feeling than being able to see this community rally together for something so special. I’m sure he appreciates it.

I appreciate you all so much, and I’m so glad to know you all. I can’t wait to deliver the book to Jack in person someday soon. Thank you, and I hope we can do more stuff like this in the future.

Sid: I’m not going to let you talk to my mother that way! She cared when you never did! She gave me a chance when you didn’t. She continued to love me and she loves my son. How dare you treat her like crap when she’s being a decent human being and a loving mother and grandmother. In all honesty, you should be treated badly for how you treated me back then. I needed your support and you kicked me out. I’m thankful I had mom and I found friends who actually care for me.

Sid: I’ve wanted to say this to you for so long dad and now I finally can; you need a reality check. You are a rotten human. You are a terrible father and husband. I can’t believe mom has stayed with you for this long. You think you a mightier than thou and above everyone else, but you aren’t. You are scum. Just. Like. Caleb. 



As a show of our appreciation, we have put together a little blooper reel from out Incorrect Death Note Quotes Video! 

We honestly can’t thank you all enough for all the love and support we’ve received. This is so far beyond what we’d expected when we started doing these videos. Thank you for your continued kindness towards everyone here at the SuckMySkittles Squad. We look forward to what we have to come, and we hope you do too! 

thestudysite  asked:

i just want to say in regards to that anon who sent the shitty post about ur ap scores. if you're proud of getting good scores fuck everyone else that's something to be super proud of. tell us because this community is for raising each other up and supporting each other in our endeavors! so i'm proud of you and woohooo!

thanks so much :D also I agree!! I love the studyblr community so much because of that whole overriding theme of supportiveness and your support makes me feel so loved 😄

plisetskoma  asked:

I was gonna anon ask but nah, i'd rather you know who i am and please block me as you will :) my problem with you is not your opinion on otayuri, everyone has a right to an opinion, even a misinformed one, but you are SO FUCKING DISGUSTINGLY RUDE to those who sends ask and try to discuss the subject with you. HOW ABOVE ANYONE ELSE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO CALL PEOPLE YOU DONT KNOW, AND WHOSE ISSUES YOU DONT KNOW, IDIOTS OR PAEDO-SUPPORTS?! youre no better than anyone else sweetie, take care xoxo

thank you

I reached 200 000 followers on Tumblr, this is just so crazy!!
Your support is so amazing, thank you all so much for your love and for supporting me that much!
I can’t wait to share so much more with you in the futur!!

If someone told me that I could reach that number with my DSi and 3DS animation, I would just never believe this at all

But there you are, supporting me all the time, sending me amazing messages everydays, thank you so so so much everyone, This is a big step for me!

10000 merci tout le monde, c’est vraiment incroyable !

Je continuerais a poster pleins d’animations comme à mon habitude :)

Merci tout le monde du fond du cœur 


Hey, guys! I’ve been wanting to redo my commission sheet for a while and since I’m in trouble again financially, I’ve been working hard to get it done ; v ;/

Okay, so! I really need the money, my family and I are struggling here at home and finding a job is still impossible so any help would be appreciated! The prices are not completely set in stone and you’re all free to message me for any info/questions. You can inbox me here on Tumblr or shoot me a private message, or email me at I will be accepting payment through PayPal!

I draw:

  • Splatoon OCs
  • Original OC’s
  • Furry OC’s
  • Fanwork
  • NSFW (will cost extra!)
  • Gore
  • Mostly anything! Feel free to ask if not sure!

More details on what the menu means below Read More! Feel free to ask about things not listed like bust, heads, etc! If you can’t buy anything, signal boosting this would be amazing! Thank you again! <3

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thank you jonas, for teaching us to always accept and never judge people for who they are.

thank you vilde, for teaching us that what you see on the surface is not all that’s there.

thank you chris, for teaching us that sometimes a friend just needs to be supported and cheered up, and sometimes that’s the best you can do.

thank you even, for teaching us that mental illness doesn’t define you or determine the type of person you are.

thank you magnus, for teaching us that the only way to learn and to destroy ignorance is to simply ask questions.

thank you mahdi, for teaching us that kindness and loyalty towards your friends is the most important thing.

thank you elias, for teaching us what it means to be a supportive brother.

thank you yousef, for teaching us that you can respect another’s beliefs even if they don’t match up with your own, and that those beliefs don’t have to divide us.

thank you sonja, for teaching us that being mature and looking out for the best interest of someone you care about is better than being angry and bitter.

thank you eskild, for teaching us that you have to be 100% proud of who you are and you wear that pride on your sleeve for everyone to see.

thank you linn, for teaching us that depression does not keep others from loving you for the beautiful person you are.

thank you adam, mutta, and mikael, for teaching us that the best you can do is just be there for people and try your best to brighten their days.

thank you eva, for teaching us that no one’s opinion of you matters but your own. that you get to define yourself, and others don’t. that it’s okay to not know who you are. that it is never too late to make amends. that you have to pick your own path.

thank you noora, for teaching us that you have to be kind to everyone. that sticking up for your friends is one of the most important things. that people should not be judged based of off their past. that we all have to stick together to get through life.

thank you isak, for teaching us that you can never truly be free until you’ve accepted who you are. that once you stop being fake and start being real, that’s when you can start to be happy. that we have to live in the moment, and take one minute at a time, because we don’t know what will happen in the future, all we know is that we are alive right now, and that’s all that matters.

thank you sana, for teaching us that religion is a beautiful thing and not a form of oppression for those who practice it. that living in a world that doesn’t accept you, that judges you for what they see on the outside, and still managing to be kind and be yourself takes so much strength. that hate comes from fear. that the joy of others brings so much joy to you. that it’s okay to be a loser, as long as you love yourself for it.

thank you skam. thank you for everything you’ve taught us and done for us. thank you julie. thank you to the cast. thank you to the nrk. thank you to norway. thank you to the entire skam community we have here on the internet. Thank You So Much.

tusen takk ❤️ ha det skam
alt er love

“it’s so important that you remember everything the series taught you.” –Ulrikke Falch

we will always remember you and continue to spread your teachings to the world.

From a person who idolises and stans Hobi as their bias, this makes me mad. It makes me mad that my out hobi, our sunshine, our beautiful beam of light has to say ‘who like me.’ There is so many things that j-hope does for BTS, they all contribute into their group and people just put down the members like it means nothing. How can you call yourself a ‘lover of BTS’ when all you do is criticise the one member that is never down, who is always smiling, who is literally a fucking god? I’m not saying you have to stan hobi and praise him like I and millions of other people do but don’t put someone down just because you feel like it. If you love BTS, then you LOVE BTS. You love each member with all your heart, you love their music, their dancing, their voice, their choices, their flaws. Everyone says that ‘j-hope is ugly without make up.’ Um excuse you, j-hope if fucking beautiful, with or without make up. Just because he doesn’t cake his face like you do everyday doesn’t mean he’s not pretty. He’s my hope, he’s your hope. He’s our angel. And we will protect him and love him for who he is and the decisions he make.

Thank you all for loving and supporting BTS, may we forever accept them and love them for who they are and who they become in the future.

Edit: to everyone saying that this was translated wrong I get you boo, but I’m still bringing this to everyone’s attention that Hobi still deals with stuff like this. There are still people in OUR fandom, OUR ARMY that makes him feel this way. So please, understand that I’m just bringing something important to the table and dishing it out to everyone who reads it. I didn’t think this would get big but it did and I’m glad to see so many Hoseok stans and even just other people part of BTS ARMY sharing love and kindness. Thank you all so much for the love and support you show BTS. I’m sure if they saw how much you all cared and stood up for each member they would be proud. Love you all and spread the love 💕💕🤗🤗

in response to jacks’s playthrough of “a normal lost phone”( part 2)

as a trans kid myself (transition so far^^)
, i would like to say thank you so very much for being such a supportive and loving man. thank you for accepting everyone. i love my home in your community, and i can’t wait to meet ya again at pax east 2018. (i’m very excited!)
you’ve helped me so much with being who i am and guided me when i felt like i could not go any further. thank you for giving me the strength to be who i am on the inside as well as on the outside.

me every 1pm

HHH i’m so sorry if you messaged me and haven’t gotten a reply yet (here && on IG) – i read them all and i think you are all so sweet and kind (thank you so much) and i wanna reply to you all asap but aaah life is so busy right now ;;v;;

i like compiling asks and keeping them categorized so it’s easier for everyone (and for future me when i decide to reread some of them) – but tbh i do the compiling when i have free time at work // that’s why i can’t compile them right now – there’s too much stuff to do in the office and when i get home i work on some art stuff until like 1am-2am and then repeat for the next day ;;v;;

i’ll try to answer a set this week (starting with the more recent ones) – but asdsgfdg please know i’m not ignoring anyone ;;v;; i really do appreciate you all and your support inspires me and keeps me going ;v; Thank you so much! ♥

Cosplay, Fanart and Plagiarism

(gif curtesy to Mel)

TL;DR: An artist traced (!) my cosplay photo without permission, gave me zero credits, sold the prints at a con and denied she’s ever seen my photo.

First, both of us, the cosplayer and the photographer, want to say that it would never have come to this if the artist would have immediately apologized to us in person, instead of being extremely rude to us and letting things escalate. A simple sorry and taking down the prints would’ve sufficed.

In the beginning of January, being hyped with the new SU episodes, I immediately fell in love with Blue Diamond and cosplayed her. Two months ago, a friend let me know that an artist she saw drew a fanart based on my photo. I was extremely flattered and happy, but also kinda sad the artist gave me zero credits. Us cosplayers and photographers work really hard to get a nice result, and everyone is happy when their photo serves as an inspiration for another artwork. I wrote a letter to her stating that I love her art, but I’d like her to credit me as a source of inspiration (adding the screen shot).

For two months, there was silence. I tried it again a few weeks ago, but again, no response. Okay, what can you do…

Last weekend we had a big con in Germany with a huge artist alley and both of us, the photographer and the cosplayer, attended. Suddenly, a friend came to us and said that there’s a girl selling this exact drawing. We were puzzled and decided to go to her booth and look at it ourselves.

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