thank you for your sperm

«Two leathery lovebirds set off to a jog through bewitching countryside. The stench from the fields was sharp and brought the animal out in Fred. His wife, Frieda, was belting along the dirt path despite her seventy-eight years. Fred’s little Martian stirred merrily at the thought of the Venus trap between Frieda’s legs. If the stars were aligned he might get lucky tonight he thought, all the way to his death that awaited him at the end of a seemingly infinite patch of bluebells, whose little heads were bobbing towards the place where Fred would fall and lie, his eye turned upward for as long as it took him to imbibe the beauty of the world for one last time and carry it wherever he’d be going, as alone as he hadn’t been in half a century, while Frieda was storming ahead of him, her chin stuck out, a fighter to the last breath, an incandescent wife.»

[From: Rites of Spring, first published in killauthor. In: Thank You For Your Sperm, MadHat Press, 2013][Photo: Bill and Lois Wilson, founders of AA]