thank you for your beautiful works of art!

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Heey! I just wanted to say I think your art is just amazing!! I can't find the words to describe how much I appreciate it! I myself attempt at some drawing too but I am not so good at it but to see your art makes me want to improve my skills and train them! So thank you for giving me the inspiration I need! Keep this marvelous work!

wow, Thank you so much! I’m very glad :D Hopefully you will have a good skills and make a lot of beautiful drawings. Have a great day!

I just can’t thank you guys enough! After a month on Instagram, and there are now over 200 of you following me! You guys are so kind, and your comments are so sweet! Hopefully I keep making art that interests you all! (There will actually be a variation of this piece that’s actually belle, so that’ll be up soon! And if you don’t want to miss out on any of my work, turn on push notifications for my posts!) ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙💛💛💛I can’t state this enough, so I’ll say it again: thank you all so much!!! #art #art🎨 #myart #myart🎨 #artoferinlefler #selfart #followermilestone #thankyou #girlsinanimation #glitter #instaartist #instaart #illustration #beauty #beautyandthebeast #disney #disneyfan #beautyandthebeastfan #beautyandthebeast2017 #disneyfanart #disneyfanarts #disney #disneysbeautyandthebeast

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hey you! yeah, I'm taking to YOU. why are you so gosh darn beautiful/handsome? you're too pretty for me. and you know what? I like your art. THERE. I said it! I love your art. You keep on being an amazing human being, you got it??

thank you anon i really needed to see this today??? like honestly one of my worst days at work in my whole life but it got a little better at the end and this is very nice and kind thank you so much

it’s good to remember there are kind people around that bother to send nice messages to people just because. thank you ✨



Trying something new, I’ll be listing two original artworks on sale:

Vine (top): 40USD + shipping OR a donation receipt of 30 or more to ACLU (or similar reputable organization supporting the refugees) + shipping

Void (bottom): 50 USD + shipping
OR a donation receipt of 45 or more to ACLU (or similar reputable organization supporting the refugees) +shipping

Please message or email me at for availability and process first! 

All sales will be donated to ACLU regardless.Thank you so much, reblogs appreciated! 

To artists who are passionate about making changes in the world: Please consider using your art to inspire change. I really admire a lot of you and your work ethic, passion, and creativity. Please, if you have time and/or some resources to spare, consider donating part of your sales toward a worthy cause. 

Please help make the world a more beautiful place, especially during these turbulent times. Thank you!

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You're my favourite artist, and I look to your work very often for inspiration on colour, texture, shape and composition. Who are some of your favourite artists that you do the same to? It would be cool to see where you got your style inspiration 😊

Thank you very much!
My biggest inspirations would be artists like @loish​, @annadittmann​, @agnes-cecile​, @yuumei-art, @alicexz and Audrey Kawasaki! Lately I’ve been obsessing over artists like @andatsea, Brad Kunkle, Tran Nguyen and Nick Runge though! Each of these artists are masters in their own respects and I shall always revere them for their beautiful work. 

Hello beautiful people,

If you love using Pinterest (I sure do!), you can follow me there as well - . 

I’ve always used it mostly through my personal account but since the beginning of this week things have changed. There’s already a lot going on on my page there, so stay tuned - more updates are coming all the time. Thanks for your support and happy pinning! 




I sketched at work while hiding tears lol

For @cazdraws, @xtaticpearl, @mr-stark-rogers, and @georgygirl-247 who just listen to me as I cry and the beautiful messages from @lamuchosidad, @yidash, @im-a-latin-without-an-accent, @chiby-chan, @ishipallthings, @queendophne, @ferrousfemme, @uchihana, @nephirax, @chibiesque, @siemprestarkrojers, @ironwoman702, @laireshi, @itsallavengers , @infinitegem, @captainstarkreportingforduty and so many more, I will try to respond separately to your pms but from the bottom of my heart, thank you for listening to me :’)

Tag urselves I am avac Sam Wilson 😂

Water Dancing Mishi

by the very talented and exceptionally kind, @vettuabann

Abann took a very rough idea and brought it to life. The movement is beautiful and the attention to details that I didn’t even think about is great. I thank you soo much for your hard work and this beautiful painting of my beloved character.

Water dancing is a very important part of my character. You have captured it perfectly. <3

The first time I met you keeps replaying like a broken record in my mind. Nothing has made me feel more alive in such a long time but your smile surely did it. My stomach filled with butterflies and my heart filled with warmth – waiting to be in your presence was far too long.
Nothing could compare to looking over and seeing your beautiful smile and hearing your laugh. And my god, I didn’t mean to stare because I was always taught staring is rude, but how could I not stare at the most beautiful fucking work of art I have ever seen.
You see, I have always loved art and I have always loved mysteries, so perhaps that is why I could not take my thoughts off you. I could compare you to “Starry Night” by Van Gogh, but I don’t even think that could define the work of art and beauty that you are. You are so mysterious and it attracts me more and more everyday because I want to know every last thing about you.
I will never forget the first time you laid your lips on mine and kissed me. Everything around us when quiet and quite literally I felt fireworks inside of me. I think about you sleeping next to me, and my god I am so cold and am in need of your warm touch again.
You make me feel so calm, but at the same time you cause a ruckus inside of my body. When I say ruckus, I mean having you next to me makes me feel as if I could run a 5K marathon and never stop. You make me feel so much and then some.
I pray to God you never leave my mind, the thought of you makes me feel again.
—  j.n 

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Don't know if requests are still open but if they are, Musichetta in #30? This beautiful girl deserves more appreciation :) your art is fantastic by the way, I suck at colour pallets and shading so I appreciate your talent + hard work 100%

Requests are still open (even now when i’m posting this, omg i’m so sorry I’ve made you wait so long, I’m so sorry ;;)
Thank you for the compliments and I’m sure you’re not that bad <3

Here she is!!!
This palette was very intriguing, thank you for suggesting
I really hope you like it, sorry again for the loong wait <3

I mean like in those old movies were the husband kisses s wife goodbye before heading out to work.

I didn’t know this ship was everything I needed.

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YOUR ART IS SO AMAZING I am in love with your style and how well your colours work together? And your lines are so soft and beautiful ahhhhhhhhhhhh <3 <3 <3 if you're willing to do ships at all could I ask for a sugakookie? Anything you like xxx thank you so much for all your hard work!

I imagine Suga’s wallet being sad and empty after spoiling the kid

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hey hey hey there ☺️!! could i request a bts reaction to them finding your sketchbook between their stuff and he sees a lot of drawings of him in there but also from other guys from other boy groups? but you dont draw them bc theyre your biases but bc theyre just fun to draw ? thank you!!! you can switch it up a bit if its too much :) thanks in advance!

His eyes widen at the sketches you made of him and they were absolutely beautiful. You almost got all of his features and he was really amazed how you do your art until he saw the different sketches of guys on your sketchpad. Once you caught him looking through your pad, he looked at you with a slight glare.
“Kookie, I draw them just for fun. You’re my favourite subject.” He smiled, feeling flustered and continued looking with you sitting beside him. 


He would be a bit shocked but ended up proud at your works as he flipped through the pages of the little book. He saw the sketches of guys he knew bbut he didn’t mind at all. He absolutely loved your works and the fact that most of your works were all him. ;)

“Oh my hart.” The first thing he saw was the sketches of other guys and he’d be shook. Flipping through the pages with slight annoyance, he found out that next few pages were your sketches of him. He’d smile widely and felt so proud.

He wouldn’t actually notice the sketches you made of the others. He’s too focused on the sketches you made of him. He’d be blushing and when you saw him looking at your pad, you felt shy.
“y/n, why do have sketches of me? like a lot of it?” He’d smirk with a little hint of blush on his cheeks.
“I don’t know… Probably because you’re the first thing that always come into my mind,” to which his confidence suddenly melts and smiled.


He would be giggly about it. He didn’t mind it when you sketched other faces but it was a big deal to him when you sketched him. 

“I love sketching your cute little face especially that box-y smile of yours.”
He giggles again, squishing you with a tight hug.

He smiled at the little sketches you made but then he smiled even wider at the sight of the sketches  you made of him, which were quite a lot. He took some pictures of them and kept them.

I actually love this request since I am also an artist hehe. I hope you like it. :)

Hey I’m one of the new admins! :) I love bts, seventeen and I am open for other groups as well, so you can suggest some good groups if you like.

Admin: pastel hans 


To @aileine

Hi, that’s me, your secret valentine. This is my gift for you, an AU in which Erwin reads Tumblr and fell for your art, so He decided to buy a pair of socks on your online store. Levi instead hates those hair products but when it comes to Erwin He couldn’t resist at the possibility to make him happy.

I hope that you like it, and that you don’t mind if I used  your works as reference.

Eruri is beautiful.

A big thank to Ashy & Melli, and this is the link of the  image on the socks:

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Positive anon)Hello! I'm here to spread some positivity to all ichiruki fans! I just love your art style and everything you make is cute and amazing! It's simple but it's so unique than any other art works I've seen that stands out and I admire that! Thank you for making beautiful art work and I hope you have a lovely day!

Thank you lovely anon, this made my day! And thank you for spreading positivity to all of the IR fans, I’m really happy to be a part of this fandom!

Hope you have a great day as well!

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Just found your blog and my gosh where have you been all my life... Beautiful work- just astounding. I appreciate the drawing tips too! Hope you have a wonderful day ^^

THANK YOUUU!!!!! that’s so sweet! i’ve only been here for a month or two LMAO but thank you, i hope you have a good day too!

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Hiiii! I just wanted to say that i really love your art! And It is awesome you are creating this much beautiful art at such young age, I can't wait to see where the practice and hard work will lead you! Amazing! And yeay both Hannibal and YoI fandom is happy to have you among us! And last quick question since I am not sure you have mentioned this before, what pronoun do you prefer to be referer as? I just realized I tagged you as "she" and I am not even sure@o@ Have a nice day! Thank you!

oh my go d!! (iДi)AAAaaH!! thANk you graciously, thank u for having faith in me, its rare to be afforded such unbidden kindness everyday. 

usually i only get incredulous anons when it comes to my age(of course i dont mind, but im so glad for this message, i could cry;;) thank u & i love hannibal and yoi from the bottom of my heart, hannibal changed my life yoi gave it meaning(haha only exaggerating a little) heres some small husbands for you friend! 

EDIT: oh almost forgot!! im nb but i dont mind she/her pronouns