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Ok but what if Paris had a snapchat filter of their 2 favorite superheroes and then… Realization!


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From stream “THE PACT! | Batman: The Enemy Within - Season 2 - Episode 2″

I truly believe that a couple of sentences like these can mean a lot for those who spend hours watching old streams in the future! 


Adventures in trying to revisit Bendy’s actual canon mischievous maliciousness, plus one obligtory doodle of him running.  Thanks for hanging out at the stream, guys!  It was tons of fun watching one of my favorite old cartoons with you, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. :D

(On that note, I leave you with this mental image: Bendy with Coconuts’ voice.)

“We’re both fools,” he said in a hushed voice. “So it’s okay, right?”

Valhalla, by @suggestivescribe 


Very excited to show you guys some STORYBOARDS!!!  This one was done by Zach.  Things are really coming together, you guys. Its so super exciting. We’ll definitely have more board sequences to post, but not too much, we don’t want to spoil the pilot for you all.  More announcements soon, including watching a stream of us animating!  Thanks for your patience and support!

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Shhhh.. She’s sleeping

Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

Series: Tom Holland Dad Imagines

(check my masterlist for more of my stories)

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: The reader gives birth, baby is home and Tom does a livestream to show the baby to his fans.

Warnings: Swearing cause Tom swears IRL.

Word Count: 1,200+

A/N: Comment if you want more of these kind of imagines. Also my requests are open :) Tyoed this while on pain medication so,hopefully its not fucked up.

[Tom’s POV]

   Today I just got done filming what I had to do. Now I get to go home, be with my newborn and spend time with my lovely wife. My wife and I got to bring her home after a few days. Ever since we introduced Tessa to her she’s been hooked,Tessa loves laying by the crib now. She absolutely loves being near the baby.

    The doctor warned us about introducing Tessa to our daughter. Me of course I knew Tessa couldn’t do any harm. Even my wife knew Tessa wouldn’t even harm her. The moment Tessa met her was the most purest and sweetest moment anyone could witness.

   Opening the front door I’m greeted by a happy Tessa. Smiling down at her I rub the top of her head. Pulling out my phone I smile by all the sweet comments on my picture. I posted a picture of me holding my daughter when she was born. Clicking on my story I click the ‘Live’ option. It counts down from three to one after checking the connection. Viewers start racking up once the livestream started.

“Ello guys, today’s been a really good.. I finished filming what I needed to for the new sequence, yes I’m not going to spill details” I laugh at how I recklessly spilled stuff in the past.

   Reading the comments I see them mainly asking about the baby. Other’s asking about how my wife was feeling. Setting my phone on a shelf I pull out a mug. Pulling the coffee pot from its warm home I fill the cup up. Smiling at how the coffee was ready for me, she must have started it knowing I’d be home as of now. I’m so blessed.

“My wife is a trooper guys, she was in labor for eighteen hours.. I’ve never heard her swear so much..” the memory causing me to laugh out loud.

“She was like “Fuck you Holland it’s all your fault”  and I being a lil shit was like “well if we didn’t fuck we wouldn’t be here” then I got slapped on the head which wasn’t fun” chuckling as I take a sip of my coffee. Reading more people comment about how beautiful our daughter is. One person saying she looks like a baby rather than an alien like some baby’s look like when they’re born.

“Thank you for all the lovely comments! You guys won’t believe how lovely my daughter is..” holding my phone in front of my face as the live stream continues. Watching as the side gets spammed with hearts. Then I see the same question pop up, yet It was on the post I made a few days ago. Drinking more of my coffee as I see the same question pop up again and again.

@tomhollanlover6991: WHAT IS HER NAME?!

“Her name is Nova Anne Holland, she was born two weeks earlier which surprised everyone because I didn’t think I would be home for her birth” I respond making my way up the stairs. The carpet feeling good against my aching feet from today’s interview and photoshoot.

“We named her Nova because our daughter is beautiful like Supernova’s and no we didn’t name her Nova after the Marvel character” I explain with a small laugh only imagining the memes they would try to make. My fans and their damn memes will be the death of me.

    Making my way up the stairs I hear Tessa’s tags jingling behind me. Checking my bedroom I don’t see my wife. The only other place she could be is in the nursery. Walking down the hall I see Nova’s galaxy plaque with her name on it hanging from the door. Continuing to talk to my fans as I get closer towards the door.

[Reader’s POV]

“Oh my,you’re so beautiful.. so so beautiful” You whisper down at Nova,the rocking chair moving slowly as you cradle her in your arms. Her little finger wraps around yours as she lets out a little yawn. Watching her eyelids droop were falling due to sleep beckoning her.

“Let’s get you off to bed love” her eyes closing slowly as you get up from the rocking chair. Smiling at the sight of her hand still wrapped around your finger.

“Your daddy and I love you so much darling” Pressing a soft kiss to her head before lowering her into her crib. Slowly taking her hand off of your pointer finger,her small hands making your heart melt at the sight. This little human you created was everything to you.

   Taking the small multi-colored purple knit blanket off of the railing. Laying it across her body you tuck the sides so she’s in a semi blanket cocoon. She cried the most when she was cold, which we learned quickly. Tom’s voice could be heard through the door. Freezing I look to see Nova stirring in her sleep.

Thomas I swear to God.

“I’ll show Nova to you, she’s probably sleeping by now” The door opens to reveal Tom. He peeks in the room entering slowly. A smile popping up on his face as he sees you. You were dressed lazily and felt like death, yet he still looked at you like you were a million dollars.

“Shhh… she’s sleeping Tom, I don’t want her to wake” you whisper holding a finger to your lips. He walks over towards you giving your cheek a swift kiss.

   Turning the camera around he shows Nova to his fans. His free hand reaches down towards Nova. Tom strokes her cheek gently with his finger down to her chin. Nova smiles in her sleep at her father’s touch making you almost die from the cuteness. 

    His eyes full of adoration while he looked at her. Tom ends the livestream and puts his phone away in his pocket. Leaning against his chest as he held you next to him. The two of you looking at your beautiful child together. Tom kisses you on top of your head making you sigh out in content,life was perfect.

“C’mon I’ll got put the kettle on, if she cries I’ll head back up” You whisper taking Tom’s hand giving it a small tug. You didn’t know how much time you would have with him before he would have to take off again.

“Can we look at her for five more minutes? I feel like she’ll grow up so fast” Tom begs quietly pulling you towards him. Stifling a laugh you nod up at him as he grins. 

“She’s got you wrapped around her little finger and she’s only been home for three days” Your eyes examine her sleeping face. Tom rests his left elbow on top of the railing of the crib. Resting his chin on his hand as he looks down at her. 

“She’s definitely going to say Daddy first” he sends a cheeky grin your way. She is going to say Mommy first, what is he thinking?

“If she’s smart like her mother she’ll say mommy first” you respond in a challenging tone earning a look from Tom.

“Is this going to be a bet?” Tom asks raising an eyebrow up.

“You’re going to lose” you whisper pushing him slightly. He fakes a painful attack placing his hand on his forehead. Opening the door to the nursery Tom grins pulling you towards his body. He picks you up spinning you in a circle. 

“Let’s make a bet,if I win we have another kid and if you win we have another kid” His offer making you laugh a bit as he carries you out of the room. Setting you down he cups your cheek with his hand. The warmth of his skin makes you smile.

“Well I was wanting another kid anyways so we both will win?” you respond brushing a curl out of his face. He lets out a chuckle nodding his head agreeing with you.

“She’s still going to say Daddy first, I just know it… I mean did you see that smile when I touched her cheek? That was brilliant” the excitement in his voice was absolutely adorable.

“Nooooo” you whine wrapping your arms around his neck. 

“It’s going to happen darling, just you wait till Nova says Daddy”  he whispers as his lips kiss your forehead. 

“You cheeky lil shit” a groan escapes your lips as your head falls against his chest. You give up with a sigh of defeat as he laughs holding you close to him. Moments were wonderful like this with Tom, you couldn’t imagine a life without him and Nova. 

Haikyū!! Youtubers AU #1

Have you not realised I am a slut for Seijou and youtubers? I have so many parallels for ships like Matsuhan and Iwaoi you have no freaking idea, and I can’t help but procrastinate about what it would be like if Oikawa and Iwaizumi were both Youtubers sharing an apartment, kinda like Dan and Phil. I mean, they’re both a pair of best friends that people ship with each other so why not? This will have a few parts, this is merely the summary. I’ll go into details in different specific posts.


Please note, that though most of these headcanons are drawn from Dan and Phil, not every single one of them is inspired the British duo. I am very aware that Dan and Phil may not be involved in a relationship and I do not wish to disrespect them by assuming they are. In other words, if they are indeed not together, and find someone else they decide to start a family with etc, I as a fan will be happy for them.

I am going with the headcanon that Iwaizumi and Oikawa are openly dating each other.

 - Iwaoi -

  • Oikawa basically makes videos of male apparel, life advice, vlogs, gym routines and pretty much anything that comes to mind. He also has a long running series on his channel where he takes in requests for a tag or challenge, then films it with Iwaizumi on Friday; things they have done include the 7 second challenge, chapstick challenge, miracle berry and even attempting to put on a hundred layers of socks.
  • Oikawa live-streams on Saturday at odd times cause usually, he’s really busy with other more “Personal” stuff. Iwaizumi used to live-stream on Sundays but now, he does it on Tuesdays. Fans suspect it’s because they have some cheeky bum sex on weekends and Iwaizumi is either too sore to live-stream or too doused in hickies. It has been hinted multiple times by Oikawa that he gets jealous really easily and has a propensity to display it physically.
  • Sometimes when Hajime is streaming, Tooru would come and start kissing his neck or give him a quick peck on the lips. When reversed, Iwaizumi would simply plop himself beside the brunette while resting his head on the taller’s shoulders and start browsing his phone. When fans comment how domestic they’re acting, they tend to laugh it off.
  • Tooru calling Hajime babe sometimes when he live-streams and wants something, the raven just coming in like “What?” with some random-ass granola bar.
  • When Oikawa has a fan telling him they’re new, he’ll greet them with words like, “Thanks for deciding to watch me!” or “That’s great, I hope you look forward to more content!”. Iwaizumi is just like, “I’m so sorry.” or “You must be pretty lonely if you decided to watch me of all people so I guess it’s my responsibility to ensure you don’t feel so alone.” People think he’s this really asshole like guy but fans who have met him in real life say he’s one of the nicest people they’ve ever met.
  • Iwaizumi makes gaming videos, mainly horror or PS4 games he’s fond of, and he swears so fucking much it’s actually funny, one of the most memorable moments was when he was playing Outlast and called the dude in the game “A even more fucked up version of Oikawa on drugs”, and to give context to his viewers, he explained that Oikawa had wondered into their room with a facemask on at 3 am in the morning scaring the shit out of him.
  • Both of their channels have around seven million subscribers, though Iwa did begin his channel a little earlier.
  • Tooru has a very outgoing personality so he usually engages with other’s really well. Even at events or fan-meet-ups, he tries his best to take a picture with every one of them. Iwaizumi is socially awkward but he gives really good hugs to those he knows need them.
  • He has to drag Oikawa away from fans if he constantly dwaddles, their friends merely say it’s Iwaizumi’s way of showing he’s jealous.
  • Oikawa has stated a few times he’s bisexual while Iwaizumi says he doesn’t really like labels. They’ve been dating for over five years but only recently came out as a couple. 
  • They have a cat called Princess that fancies Iwaizumi over Oikawa, when she appears in one of Oikawa’s blogs, she’s most commonly found lying on Hajime’s lap. Oikawa would most of the time turn to the camera and murmur, “What a spoiled piece of shit.” Before scoffing and resuming his intended task. She’s a snow white maine coon Hajime rescued from a ditch.
  • Fans noticed that when Hajime does playthroughs, Princess is either beside him or on him 90% of the time. 
  • The duo having a short series of them taking care of Takeru, and in the process, the internet sees how good of a cook Iwaizumi is and what good parents they’ll be.
  • Oikawa calling Iwa-chan compilations, done by Hajime just to prove how often he says it. It’s one of his most popular video and he doesn’t understand why.
  • Iwaizumi rarely vlogs, he calls it a hassle. But he does appear a lot in Oikawa’s vlogs so fans are cool with it. Besides gaming, sometimes he does song covers because this fucker can play the guitar and has an amazing voice, he even wrote a song once for Oikawa and made him react to it, he cried. They do a Q&A over on Hajime’s channel twice every year, one at the beginning and one at the end.
  • Tooru steals Iwaizumi’s cereal all the time. Which only results in a pissed off raven talking about it on one of his live-streams. Apparently other things Oikawa regularly does on a daily basis is leave his glasses in the fridge, sneak onto Iwaizumi’s laptop and change the background to weird pictures of aliens, hog the blanket, spill coffee all over their coffee table and print out candids of the raven before sticking them around their house. Once, he also mentioned that Tooru also sleep-talked and it was the creepiest thing to hear without context. He was going on about dicing some sort of motherfucker but it turns out he was trying to chop some onions without crying in his dreams.
  • Hajime casually stealing Tooru’s hoodies to get back for his empty cereal boxes. Oikawa says that when they aren’t filming, Hajime tends to wear his shirt and walk around in only that along with his boxers.
  • They occasionally film with their close friends Hanamaki and Mattsun who share a prank channel named ‘TheDankMemes
  • Hajime’s most popular video is the one of him singing the song he wrote for Oikawa.
  • Oikawa’s most popular video was the chapstick challenge, but now it’s his marriage proposal to Hajime ;)
  • Tooru vlogging them planning their wedding; choosing matching tuxes and deciding on a location. They chose the beach.

Next part!

Jealousy - Finn x Reader

REQUEST: @dannyfilipame - Hey! Can you do a Finn wolfhard x reader where the reader is afraid of telling finn that she’s in love with him and then she tries to practice about her speech with her friend but then finn comes in and gets jealous ?? By the way I love what you’ve written ^^

NOTE: so this idea was really cute and I hope you all enjoy it!!!!

PLOT: Finn eavesdrops on your conversation with Sadie and Millie and accidentally becomes jealous of himself. 


It was a late Sunday afternoon and you were hanging out with Sadie and Millie. It was one of those weekends where you all had interviews and photoshoots to do as a cast and the easiest solution was to put you all up in a giant hotel room together. The three of you were sharing one of the bedrooms and the other boys were split into two other rooms. You were laying down on your bed while Sadie and Millie were sitting on the floor below you.

“Finn Wolfhard started a live video” Millie said from the floor. “How come he never live streams with us around?” You opened up Instagram on your phone and clicked on Finn’s live video. Turns out Finn was only a few feet away in the kitchen where he and Gaten were making some goofy cooking video. The three of you were all watching the video from your own phones laughing at the boys on screen.

“Finn is hilarious, I don’t know where he gets this stuff from” Sadie said.

“Where does he get his clothes from?” Millie said. “That boy totally needs a fashion intervention!”

“He still looks cute though” you whispered under your breath.

“I knew it!” Millie shouted. Apparently, you weren’t good at whispering. “You totally like Finn!”

“Oh my god, do you actually?” Sadie exclaimed.

You could feel the blush growing on your face so grabbed the nearest pillow and covered your face with it. “No, I don’t like Finn!” You mumbled from underneath.

“Y/N likes Finn! Y/N likes Finn!” Mille sang in a teasing way.

“Just admit that you like him!” Sadie suggested. “You two would be so cute together anyways!”

“Definitely! I’ve seen the way he looks at you!” Millie added. “You should tell him how you feel!”

You sat up on the bed, tossing the pillow at Millie below. “I have no idea how to tell him. And even if, if! I told Finn, he’d say no anyways since he probably doesn’t like me that way!” You said.

“Come on,” Sadie said, “he totally likes you that way!”

“You just need to get your confidence up!” Millie chimed. “You should practice what you would say to him!”

“Yeah and we can give you tips to help you out!” Sadie added.

You looked at your friends and thought for a minute. You could take your friend’s advice and tell Finn that you like him and he ends up liking you back or you could tell him and he rejects you and it ruins everything between you both. Crazy as it was, you decided to take Sadie and Millie’s advice.

“How would I even start?” You asked.

“Just, start saying some stuff and we’ll tell you if it sounds bad or not” Millie said.

You took a deep breath before starting to speak. “Well um, I really like the way he’s so nice to everyone around him and everyone he meets. He’s sweet, he’s hilarious and he always knows how to me make laugh or brighten up my day.”

“That’s good! Keep going!” Sadie encouraged.

“Okay, well…”

Outside the in the hall Finn was still live streaming on instagram. “That’s enough of kitchen time with Gaten, let’s go see what Y/N is up to!” Finn approached your door which was propped open a few inches. Just as he was about to walk in, he heard you talking and stopped outside to listen, leaning against the wall.

“His smile is beautiful, I mean that smile could cure cancer. His eyes are so soft and I love his hair and the way he always runs his fingers through it.” You said.

“Anything else?” Millie asked.

“He has an odd sense of fashion sometimes but he always ends up looking good no matter what.” You added.

Finn having overheard everything you just said felt defeated. After realising that he was still live streaming, he brought his phone up so he was looking into the camera. “Actually, I think Y/N is busy and everyone else is boring so I’m just going to cut this live stream short. Sorry guys, thanks for watching, bye!” Finn ended the stream and locked his phone. He pushed himself off the wall and headed back to his room where he found Caleb. Finn slammed the door and headed over to his bed where he flopped himself down onto the mattress.

“Everything good, bro?” Caleb asked, picking up on Finn’s behaviour.

“No,” Finn answered. “Nothing is good right now.”

“What’s up?”

Finn sat up and sighed. “Well I was passing by the girls’ room where I overheard Y/N talking.” He said.

“Talking about what?” Caleb asked.

“She was talking about some guy that she’s totally in love with and it wasn’t me, basically.” Finn explained.

“Did she say his name?” Caleb wondered.

“No. But I could tell it wasn’t me.” Finn stated and flopped back down on the bed.

Both Finn and Caleb’s phones chimed. “It’s the group chat. Sadie is asking when we are all going to go eat dinner.” Caleb said. “Gaten says that we should go now.”

“Fine,” Finn huffed. “Let’s go.”

Everyone met at the front door, ready to go for dinner.

Dinner was nice but for some reason things felt different between you and Finn. Normally you two always sit next to each other but tonight he sat on the other end of the table. You still tried to make conversation but Finn stayed silent for most of the night. Once you all got back to your hotel, you pulled Finn aside so you could see what was up.

“Finn can I talk to you for a second?” You asked, grabbing his arm to stop him from walking past.

“Yea… I guess.” He answered and followed you to your room.

You sat down on your bed and motioned for him to join you. He sat down leaving a noticeable gap between you both. “What’s up with you? You seem off tonight” you asked him.

“What’s it to you?” Finn snarked back.

“Um, because I care about you. You’ve hardly talked all night and not just to me but everyone else too.” You said.

“Why don’t you go care about that boy you love so much with the soft eyes and smile that could cure cancer!” Finn stated, crossing him arms and looking away from you.

You were confused, not understanding what he meant and who he was talking about. “Who? What are you talking about, Finn?” You questioned.

“I overheard you earlier talking to Millie and Sadie in your room going on about some boy you love” Finn explained.

The gears clicked in your head and you let out a laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Finn asked, “Why are you laughing?”

You let out a sigh. “I was um, talking about you earlier.” You smiled.

Finn looked confused. “What?”

“Millie and Sadie have been bugging me for months to tell you how I feel about you and so I was building up the confidence to tell you in person” you blushed.

Finn shuffled closer to you on the bed. “How do you feel about me?” He asked, looking you in the eyes.

You reached up to tuck your hair behind your ear and looked away before answering. “Um, basically I’m in love with you” you said, just loud enough for Finn to hear. You could feel the heat on your cheeks.

Finn laughed himself. “Well, I feel like an idiot now.” He said

You looked up at him slightly. “Why’s that?”

“Well, you see, I thought you were talking about some other guy who wasn’t me and so I got jealous.” Finn blushed.

“Why were you jealous?” You asked.

“Because I’m in love with you too.” Finn admitted.

Before you could say anything more, Finn had already gotten closer and kissed you on the lips. As he pulled away you were already smiling.

“You’re cute when you’re jealous, you know that Finn?” You joked.

Finn smiled back. “Well, you’re always cute, Y/N.”

slytherinbunny  asked:

With season 2 coming up soon, I'm kind of curious. I know you had to stop using google docs and mega bc of tos violations, but have you managed to find a new hosting service?? If not, do you have a plan on how to get subbed episodes out?? You guys are probably the best subbers for ML and I'd love to keep watching episodes you sub and thanks all of you for all your hard work!! You're the real MVPs here and I can't thank you enough!!

Hey there!

There is currently a plan for how we plan to release the new episodes in form of passwords on an external platform to Tumblr, which is called Discord.

Discord is a free voice and text app commonly used for groups when gaming and live-streaming. Alice and I have been using Discord for a while now as a mean of communication, as well as our announcement and information source for our side blog, Miraculous English. You can join our server here! Discord is available on both desktop and smartphone(s). 

We suggest that those of you who don’t have a Discord account make one soon, as this is how we aim to release our episodes. Understanding the basics of how Discord works (i.e. text channels, accessing servers, etc.) before we release the episodes is highly recommended, as it will make your and our experience a whole more efficient. 

Alice is currently tweaking the server to make the process as simple as possible by the presence of bots and other coding things that Alice can explain that I cannot. She’s coding the bots herself, so props to Alice, and make sure to thank her once everything goes live!

On the other hand, thank you for the kinds words! We really love subbing this show, and it’s always lovely to hear positive feedback, it’s greatly appreciated!

If you have any questions in regards to Discord, the subbing process, etc. feel free to send in an ask to the main blog, or to me personally. We love to help out as much as possible.

Keep an eye out, and thanks!
- Abbey :)


post-reveal maybe, before Adrienne knows Marin’s feelings are mutual?? the interpretation is up to you. anyway, thank you everyone who watched me draw this during the stream. it was a lot of fun working on it while chatting with you guys!


You can watch the stream of Night of Community with:
Markiplier, Dan and Phil, Try Guys, Madilyn Bailey, Aysha Abdul, Sesame Street, Tessa Violet, John Green, Hank Green, Tré Melvin and Megan Batoon here :D

–Thanks Cayla Henry for the stream–
Another Update

Hey everyone!

So, I’ve been out and about these past few days, but I wanted to know that, thanks to you guys, my financial issues for this month (And the next) are more or less over. You all came through for me in ways I could not imagine, and I can safely say I have one of the best fanbases ever. Seriously, thank you.

Now I’m all refreshed and ready to go. And have some surprises in mind for ‘The End’. I hope to get those surprises out by September, so watch out for those!

Once again, thank you so much. I’ll try to get some streaming done this weekend! See you then!


Elyse and James are so Pure™ its adorable. I’m watching the recording of their twitch stream and any time someone donates money Elyse is like “Oh thank you oh gosh. Please don’t give us money unless you are independently wealthy or incredibly rich. Don’t give us money at all actually.” and James is like “Yeah i mean we appreciate it but we’re doing it bc it’s fun to interact with you guys.”

I love them.

The Mini Adventures of Chatbanana and Bugberry!!

@thunderpot yay!!!! finally got it finished <3 thanks for the support and creation of this cute au bruh ilu

may i introduce to you.. the au where everything is the same but they wear fruit costumes and quoting by thunderpot, “the au you don’t need, but what the world deserves” xD

RTX 2017 Cow Chop

Hey guys, with RTX 2017 right around the corner, here’s an early reminder to be respectful during the Cow Chop panel/s if they have them this year. 

Last year there were people asking about The Creatures. Please don’t be those people. They don’t like being asked about them, keep that shit away from the event. 

(Also don’t ask the Creatures about Cow Chop either, just don’t.)

They aren’t there to sign your merch or to make videos for your friends. Ask actual questions. If you want to add a little “Hey thanks for your content” or “You guys have helped me get through a lot” fine, I’m sure they appreciate that kind of stuff. Just keep it short.

Try and refrain from NSFW questions, this goes for practically every panel there is. Be respectful to the people around you and what they’re here for. 

Don’t ask about their private lives. They deserve to have privacy, they have a right to it so do not be the person that makes them uncomfortable.

We want them to continue coming back and interacting with the fans, being a dick isn’t going to help anyone.

Like seriously, if I watch another stream and see people asking about the Creatures or inappropriate questions about S/O’s I will fight. You’re not funny you’re being an asshole. 

You’re not “memeing” you’re being disrespectful and I hope you get thrown out

This seriously goes for all the panels and events. Be respectful, it’s the best way to get the most fun out of the entire event and let the fans and the creators have their fun too. 

Also, have fun and be safe! It’s sure to be a great time and I personally hope I get to go next year. Just do it without ruining the fun for anyone else. 


The Legend of Porfo Warm Up Sketch


I was watching the twitch stream yesterday and I really liked Julia’s Porfo link. Also around that time, I got a shout out from the Drawfee crew. I’m so happy that you guys have enjoyed my pieces. At first I wasn’t too keen on putting my stuff online, but after following you guys for a long time, I finally worked up the courage. Thank you guys for all what you have done for me.