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Day 3 : Forbidden Love

“ You were never meant to be mine…”

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Here comes my comic for Day 3 of JuminMcWeek ! It was supposed to be in black & white but the idea was so great that I wanted to color it ! Thank you anon, that was a very interesting idea ! >w<

 I’ve finished the JuminMcWeek ! Now I’m going to put my dear husband aside and draw for the other characters ! ( especially for Ray ! )

Voiceless Pt. 6

Summary: (Reader Insert) Reader is a mutant/inhuman with a powerful voice (works a little like a banshee / a little like a siren). She’s had it a little tough since discovering her powers. She is found and taken in by Tony Stark and the remaining Avengers after the events of Civil War

Word Count: 2242

Warnings: cursing I think, self-doubt

A/N:A giant “Thank you” to @17sullivan who read my idea for this fic, then read this chapter and is an all around wonderful person. Thank you for the push love!

And to the anon who told me this was one of their fave things I’ve written, I had no idea anyone really cared about it, but since you mentioned it, here is an update :)

The song in this chapter is “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns n’ Roses

After the shouting had died down, Wanda had been brought into the lab. Most of the team had left then, wanting to give her space, but Vision and Steve both stayed. You hadn’t been sure where to go or what to do, but before you left the lab, you studied the image of Pietro Maximoff on the holoscreen. You made note of any features you could about the room that his cradle was in. There had been nothing in any of the computer files that had told you where he was. You assumed that he was within the compound, since Tony would never trust anyone else to watch over someone that important, but you had no idea where he could be. Fortunately, you’d made a habit out of exploring the compound.

In the time that you had been living with them, Vision, Tony, and Rhodey usually had something going on. And while they all did their best to include you, there were some things that you couldn’t be involved in. So when they were busy, you explored. As a kid, you had explored as a method of survival; when you needed to hide, you needed to know where to hide. You hadn’t had many friends, but if you had you would have crushed them at hide and seek. As you grew up, the people would come looking for you became better at searching, so you became better at hiding. That skill came largely from wandering and exploring. You wouldn’t say that you knew the compound better that Tony, but you were damn close.

So you wandered. The room that Pietro was in wasn’t a lab though it had a lot of lab equipment in it; it had the same flooring as your room; it looked about the same size too, but as far as you knew that there weren’t any doors that led to that room, otherwise you would have stumbled upon it by now. So you were looking for a hidden room, behind a hidden door. No biggie.

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You're the best thing that has happened to the Klance fandom. Seriously. You give me so much hope for this ship. I don't have any idea how you do what you do - your analyses are the best thing I've ever read. I am so appreciative of you and everything you do. ❤️💜💙

bing! tumblr user keith kkiro would now die for you

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Dear God---it's only Thursday! Never have I been soooo excited to see a show. I mean..Seriously! I've never been a fan of any show before. I might have to join one of those groups that meet in circle an confess they are fan of Outlander. Luckily, my bf has become an addict himself. God..It's so addicting! They really should have a warning that YOU might get addicted to the show. Thursday! For freaking saks! Time to get back to work. Stay off the internet might be the best medicine 4 me.

Hiya addicted Anon! Thanks for dropping by.

I said before 3x05 that I felt more excited for that than even the the premiere, so you can imagine how incredibly anxious I am to FINALLY see 3x06! Our babies have been separated for far too long. It’ll be flailing galore this weekend!

I don’t think any one of us had any idea just how much this show would take over our lives. Like Cait said: Ignorance is probably bliss in this situation lol. I’d say that Tumblr was a sort of AA for fangirls – Fangirls Anonymous – but really, instead of helping cure you of the addiction it just makes it so much worse 😂 

HUGE points to you for getting your beau addicted! My motto always is: if I have to drown in feels, I’m taking you all down with me. That has yet to spread to my IRL people, so you’re one step ahead of me in that category xD Has he seen all the other eps yet and is he prepared for the intensity of A. Malcolm?

Laura Prudom of Mashable tweeted this out yesterday:

Don’t fight the productivity downward spiral, Anon. It’s inevitable. Just make sure you’re squeeing all the way down 😂😘


Thank you for all your nice words and concerns. To be honest, I have no idea when I’ll feel better - it already feels like forever, so it’s hard to tell. If you follow me for some time, you propably noticed it keeps happening from time to time - I just got used to that.

That is a good question, dear Anon.

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You are like a super avid shipper of KageOi I like that. So I wanna know do you read fanfic at all? If yes do you have any good recommendation for KageOi fics? Especially the R-rated one with Oikawa bottom ofc (duh its KageOi XD). Thanks btw ;)

LMAO, I truly am, you have no idea XD I gaze at kageoi tag in pixiv and sob, if a new log turns out to be reverseharem I rage-cry, I get extraordinarily spiteful bc it isn’t popular enough, often question satan’s influence in all our lives bc of the existence of notps… I think at this point the question would be that if it’s otp or a mood disorder XD

About fics, sadly, not many.. There may be hidden gems or stuff I’m forgetting about (sorry in advance) but it’s rare in any case. One day, I will be brave enough to go through archives to make a rec list but I may need urgent medical attention after that so I’m postponing it to a time where I feel less.. triggery. 

Here are some of my r-rated faves:

Stealing Hearts and Wallets by Secret_ninja1 

These Types of Nights by kinzoushima (timescratch) 

Rendezvous by Fleurete (a warning: there’s a hint of kagehina there though it’s not too bothersome if you have your warning beforehand, I personally don’t care and this fic worths it tbh - also author is an actual kageoi shipper in any case, not one of “those people”)

These are also kageoi, though no smut:

Here are mine 

Closer by Jya 

Home by Fleurete

Well, you haven’t asked for it but here are some doujins:

This Thing Called Love by Kurot (BTW IF SOMEONE IS WILLING TO TRANSLATE THIS IM OFFERING BLOOD SACRIFICE FOR IT…just casual, no pressure, blood of virgins vice versa)

Muffin & Cupcake by Mamizo

Shot In The Heart by Mamizo

Time Machine by Mamizo

Not See, Not Hear And Never Not Say by Ahiru (BLOOD SACRIFICE??? ANYONE???)

Futari no Hanashi by Mamizo (*side-eyes japanese learning programs*)

Honeymoon Trap by Ameko (I may be lowkey pissed but I am very, very weak)

I also wanna send a few of my fave kageoi artists - this list is VERY incomplete bc my bookmarks are a mess and japanese fandom isn’t nearly as small as western one (one day i wanna share fandometrics again … it’ll be surprising >:3)

ShinasoKurot, Mamizo, MaaTaki, Ahiru

Have fun! (♥‿♥)

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That was possibly one of the hottest (if not THE hottest) chapters of fic I've had the privilege of reading!! I also really love Where We Begin & where it's going. Congrats on a great chapter & thank you for sharing your talents!

😊 thank you so much for reading, and thank you for being my first anon ever! I dub you “First Anon."❤️

We writers have cool ideas but they would mean very little without people like you to share it with.

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Yoooooooo I feel like you produce like 90% of the sailor moon fandom content and I just appropriate you so much for that

Hahaha thank you so much for that, anon <333 You have no idea how much I appreciate you taking the time to come tell me that. I don’t think a lot of people realize just how much time I spend on this thing, (which probably says WAY more about me, than it does them lolol) but it makes it all worth it when I get messages like this <333

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I love your blog! There's something I'd love to hear your opinions about. Yoonjin seems to be very populae this days, so I thought It'd be a good idea if you'll do a Taejin vs. Yoonjin post.

Hello “Yoon’jin” anon,

Thank you for the love on my blog. 

Oh boy I have noticed Yoon’jin is indeed very pop pushed these days and I have just explained my point of view on this post (the following is Jealous V vs Bangtan):

Taejin feat Suga

Blank Tae or Jealous Tae?

But there it is a Tae vs Yoon’jin vintage gif just to make you and everybody in the world very happy with Taehyung’s ultra possessive love for Jin.

Lots of love. 

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Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I truly love your art, and that I will keep on supporting you and loving your work; even if I don't ship reylo -- I'm quite opposed to it actually, but I'm not judging, and I won't 'condemn' a talented artist just because of the ships they like. I wanted to say this to maybe show that in the vast SW fandom, there are still tolerant fans/shippers, even if they're often more quiet. 😊 Anyway, have a great day! ❤

I don’t know who you are anon, but kind words like this are greatly appreciated. It’s people like you who show more maturity than a great majority of the SW fandom here on tumblr (including myself, I’ve reacted rather childishly to a lot of things)
You guys have no idea how thankful I am that so many people who followed me before I fell into SW and reylo, have still stuck around me and backed me up to this day, even if their views and opinons on things, especially ships, are vastly different. Y’all have tolerated my bullshit and my fangirling through it all, haha.

It means to much to me that you guys are still here, I can’t even begin to express how much.

Thank you,
Keep being awesome, and have a great day as well  ❤

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Just found out I have laryngitis and now I have no idea what I'm supposed to do when "Gorgeous" comes out, HOW WILL I LEARN THE LYRICS WITHOUT SCREAMING NONSENSE DURING MY FIRST TIME LISTENING?!?!

you had me shook i thought this was going to be a big story and I was like oh dear i’m not good with these things BUT THEN I READ THE SECOND HALF AND I WAS LIKE THIS BISH. AND IM SO SORRY FOR YOU but your pets and anyone you live with is probably thankful. And if you don’t have pets then your neighbors pets. and if you don’t live with anyone, then your neighbors. 

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Hey there! Saw you wanted some ideas for CAS and thought I'd give you some! How about a male witch or a black cat inspired sim?

I am but I was doing more of a request thing because I need details or I can’t I’m weird like that lol. Those are good ideas though very festive for Halloween…I might use those lol.Also, I’m still taking requests fyi.

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Actually the same anon and I agree, keep doing all of the writing, because those are both GREAT ideas and I have a desperate need. I mean, can you imagine Victor having to hear those words come out of Yuuri's mouth and then still having to work? Because you know Yuuri would insist on it, that was the point in the first place, that he be able to spend some quality time just being close and connected to his husband, holding his dick

here anon, since you’re so keen on enabling my thirsty ass

Yuuri likes to keep Viktor company, y’know, even after Viktor goes and leaves him alone and cold on their king-size bed to deal with paperwork. Like, Yuuri isn’t being salty and petty, no, he’s being the best husband and offering to keep his darling husband company and keep him warm, in a manner of speaking. 

So Viktor has no room for any complaints. 

Yuuri will not hear it. 

“You made me wait for so long, I fell asleep, Vitya,” Yuuri murmurs hotly into Viktor’s ear, clenching around him rhythmically. 

“Gospodi, Yuuri–” Viktor’s hips lift from the chair, just an inch of movement, and Yuuri swats him on the shoulder with a pout. 

“Oh no, no, no,” Yuuri says, settling his weight firmly on Viktor’s lap and earning himself a strangled whine. “You’re not moving. Go finish your letter and maybe I’ll let you finish inside me.” 

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New to tumblr so I have no idea how to make anon asks. But you really give off that caring mom vibe. Like you know we’re all fucked up. That’s why we’re here. But you never tell people to «just don’t eat for a week» or any of that other really dangerous shit. And when ppl ask for tips with their ugw you always guve them the lowest they can go within their HEALTHY weight range. That is really admireable. I’m really glad I found your blog🙂 Btw sorry for my English -Lio

Omg thank u ur too cute 💕 I just don’t ever want to encourage people taking this kinda thing too far cause it’s dangerous enough as it is you know?

Also welcome to tumblr lol u got here in time for fall and Halloween thinspo


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Just a penny for a thought... Or a possible idea/incorporation... after reading your latest SH fic, I was 1. Amazed 2. Thinking about how hilarious it would be to read a comedic take on the whole kj shipping with lili situation and basically just light humour fluff shit! Don’t mind me if this was a jumble of nonesense Xxx

Not a jumble of nonsense at all! Thank you so much for dropping by my asks, anon ❤️ And for reading and appreciating my fic!

Haha ~possible unpopular opinion~ I actually feel like KJ probably had a little crush on Lili at the start (I mean, who can blame him? She’s a babe) but backed off when he realised that Cole was all in. To be honest, the KJ/Lili shipping is probably now a bit of a joke between all three of them. That little line in my fic was a reference to that headcanon. Lol

Again, thanks so much for dropping by and showing my little story some love! 💕

Read “Coming Home” here.

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Hey Simon, it's the presentation anon again! I wanted to thank you and your gentle readers again for all of the ideas!! unfortunately i wasnt able to write about everything as the presentation is already twice as long as it's supposed to be and i'm not even sure if the teacher will let me present it :'D but anyways i just wanted to thank you!! You rupport really motivated me 🐝

Happy to hear! I’ll speak on behalf of them and say that we all hope you succeed!

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I have no idea what that other user is talking about, I thought your post with the analytics were awesome <3

Hi anon!

Thank you! I tried to explain but I guess some things are just not for everyone and that’s fine with me.^^


I decided to become an artist when I was about your age. I liked to draw so much, I almost hated to go to bed. And then one day, all of a sudden, I couldn’t draw anything. Everything I drew, I didn’t like. I realized that my art up to then was a copy of someone else, things I had seen somewhere. I decided I had to discover my own style. It’s still difficult. But then, the results… They seem to be a little better than before. It’s nice to be a witch, isn’t it? I like the idea - to be a witch, to be an artist, to be a baker… It’s an energy bestowed by the gods or someone, right? Though thanks to it, we do have to suffer at times.