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B-day Challenge

First pick one of the following and tell me what one you want me to do another part to. (VOTE BY ASK)

Brought Back alone (Mick)

Ketch Drabble #1

Sam Drabble #28

2nd. Im doing another challenge!! Yay!

Sam’s 20th bday / 1300 (Ish) follower celebration Â

Send me an ask or im to enter. Preferably asks please so I can keep track LIKES/ Reblogs WON’T COUNT. Tell me your first pick and a back-up just in case it already has someone has your first.


1.    Following me is nice but not required

2.    I prefer reader inserts but you may do ships as well just let me know your paring.  

3.    The entry can be part of an already existing series you have, the beginning of a new series, or whatever you want.

4.    Can Be One Of The Following Fandoms: (Supernatural, NCIS (original), Criminal Minds, Castle, JAG, The Mentalist, House, Sherlock, Psych, The Night Shift, Hawaii Five-O, Without a Trace, Unforgettable, Flashpoint, Leverage, or The Pretender) (These are most of the fandoms im in and would potentially read. Though I’m 98% SPN lol)     

5.    Send an ask with your fandom (only from above) and either a song or a theme. Send a backup in case yours gets chosen Â

6.    Can be NSFW, or whatever just tag accordingly

7.    . Deadline for this challenge will be Nov. 1, 2017

8.    Tag me and Use tags #Sams20thbdaycelebration and #Sams1300followerchallange

9.    If you need an extension on the deadline let me know

  I will reblog your post if and when I’ve seen it, When all is said and done I’ll post them all in one big Masterlist! If you don’t get a reblog within a few days, please shoot me an ask or IM and ask me what’s up!

Thank you all for following and supporting me!!

Below are a list of songs/themes you can choose from. (2) people per item is the limit. Incorporate your song/ theme into the fic somehow. Not just have it in the background. You don’t have to choose from both categories.

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