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  • Junkrat: The first time you saw me, I bet you didn’t think ‘we’re going to be great friends’!
  • Roadhog: The first time I saw you, I wished you’d go back to Junkertown. You know I don’t like change.
  • Junkrat: I grew on you, though.
  • Roadhog: Eventually. Like moss, or a skin disease.
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The American Revolution Be Like

Great Britain *looming threateningly over a fallen rebelling America*Fools who run their mouths oft wind up dead-

*Door slams open*


France and Prussia: SHOW TIME!


Great Britain: oh shit it’s these guys.

*Submission by my one true fan @kittyreaper

Hey Thomas!..I just wanted to say that I think you and your friends are amazing! all work so hard and hopefully you’re all getting the the rest you ya ❤️

Thomas: Oh my goodness, this is adorable!!! And a very good depiction of us after a big project! Lol We’re definitely working to get the rest we need! Thank you so much for thinking of us!

About Us:

ThankYouCheritz is a humble project imagined and brought to life by Mystic Messenger fans in order to show our appreciation of the Korean gaming company Cheritz. Over the span of just a few years, they have constantly and continuously proved their respect and love for their fans through gifted free hourglasses, the serious consideration of our feedback, the addition of entirely new content, English translations of voiced lines, fan-chosen merchandise, special events, etc. etc. and so much more, truly going above and beyond the industry standard in order to provide us with the very best experience that they can. This is a response to that kindness- just our small way of trying to pay even a piece of that love and appreciation back to them.

Our main goal for the fall/winter season of 2017 is to collect a number of your fan submissions (letters and art) and compile them into a physical book to mail to the Cheritz Mystic Messenger staff as a gift of gratitude.

Submission Guidelines: 

1. There are two ways to submit art/letters: posting in the #ThankYouCheritz tag, or via our submission box (here).

2. If you use our submission box, your submission will be posted with credit to you unless you specify in your submission that you would like to remain anonymous.

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5. Submissions must have a theme of “Thank you Cheritz”. If you submit art, we recommend including the Cheritz mascots (Cherrie, Ritz, Byul), Mystic Messenger characters in Cheritz attire, etc.

6. Submissions may NOT include: violence, foul language, nudity/sexual content.

7. Submissions may be in English or Korean.

8. SUBMISSIONS WILL BE CLOSED ON DEC 1ST 2017. After this date, no more submissions will be accepted.


Hi, this is the ThankYouCheritz team! Thank you for all your submissions so far! The volume of submissions we’ve received in this short amount of time has brought to our attention the fact that we will not be able to fit each submission into a physical book to send to Cheritz staff like we’d originally planned.

Our solution: we will send not only a physical book with selected submissions, but also a digital book on a flashdrive with every single submission.

Please do not be discouraged from sending a submission; they will all be sent to Cheritz. We hope you continue to share our project with your friends and create your own submissions.

Thank you for your hard work so far!

-the ThankYouCheritz team

Rebel AU Mulette Smut PT 2

The frenchman stares up at him with wide surprised eyes at being overpowered so quickly, especially after that orgasm. But soon, his dark eyes narrow with lust and he pushes himself up on his elbows to look directly into Hercules eyes. He feels his breath catch in his throat.

“Getttt on with it thennnn~” he sings, leaning up to kiss him. Herc ducks out of the way at the last second, instead bringing one hand up to press a finger against the taller man’s lips.

“Uh huh. I’m not gonna kiss you anymore now”, he whispers, leaning in close. “I’m gonna touch you all over and you can’t move unless I say so, ok?”

Lafayette whines around his fingers at that, tightening his grip on Hercules waist, before seemingly getting an idea. He darts his tongue out at the shorter man’s finger pressed against his lip, slicking them up, before bringing the digits into his mouth to suck on them, keeping his eyes trained on the shorter man the whole time. Hercules groans at the sight, pleasure heating up in the pit of his belly again.

“Babe, I’m trying to make this about you” he whines, pulling his fingers out of his boyfriend’s mouth reluctantly. Lafayette just smirks at that, freeing his hands to push them up against Hercules’ chest. His fingers dance along the ab lines and he stifles a moan at the feeling of his deft fingers. God. He’s too tipsy for this and he feels so overstimulated.

“You should know now, mon amour, that you cannot control me” the frenchman breathes hotly, kissing up against his neck.

Something inside Hercules snaps at that. “Are you sure?” he challenges, grinning. He runs his forefinger down the centre of Lafayette’s chest before hastily pulling his turtleneck up over his head. He smiles satisfyingly at the hickies he left on his neck before bringing his lips down to plant wet open-mouthed kisses along the skin of his chest, tasting the salty tang of sweat. He slowly kisses his way up his chest, before smirking when finding his target. With a smile, he brings his mouth closer, simultaneously bringing his hand down to Lafayette’s crotch. Lafayette’s eyes widen.

“Oh non, Hercules you would not dar–” he’s cut off with a muffled scream as Hercules swirls his tongue over his nipple, pinching and twisting the bud in his fingers. His boyfriend practically becomes putty in his hands, his head thrown back in a wanton moan and the sound goes straight to Hercules dick again, even after his release.

Yes, Hercules, c'est si bon” he moans, and Hercules doesn’t know a lot of french, but he knows Lafayette’s body well enough to understand that he’s enjoying himself. He swirls his tongue against the nipple, reaching down Lafayette’s sweatpants to massage his hard dick through his boxers. The frenchman writhes under him, head thrown back into the sheets and muttering uselessly in french.

Merde, Herc – you must stop or I–, ungh”.

Hercules brings his mouth up with a wet pop to smirk down at the man under him. “Now who said I can’t control you?” he grins, leaning their foreheads together.

“John is here” Lafayette whines under him, glaring at the door to the hall. “You are lucky he takes so long in the shower.”

Hercules just grins. “We better make this a quick one then, babe.” He leans up to reach into the bedside drawer where he knows the lube and condoms are kept. As always, they’re there. They’re running out of condoms though, and Hercules makes a mental note to buy some more later. Fucking Alex must have stole some. He shakes his head playfully before turning back to his boyfriend.

He can’t stop the gasp that escapes his lips.

He’s taken off his pants now, lying only in his navy boxers. He’s leaning back up against the bedframe and staring at him through hooded eyes, darkened with lust. Hercules suppresses a moan at the sight and instead licks his lips hungrily.

“Well?” the man purrs, rocking his hips upward. “Are we going to… how you say, fuck? or not?”

Hercules practically scrambles out of his own pants before leaning back over his boyfriend. “Sure,” he says breathlessly, running his hands up and down the Frenchman’s inner thighs. He leans down to bite at the V leading down to his crotch and Lafayette bites back a moan, bucking his hips up. “Also,” he smirks, pulling down the boxers and exposing his cock, “don’t act like you don’t know what fucking is babe.”

“What can I say, you… aaah, make me forget… my English” the man breathes, Hercules not stopping his movements. The man looks down at him through thick eyelashes, eyes glassy with pleasure.

He kisses the crown of his boyfriend’s penis, using his free hand to squirt some lube onto his fingers. He gives the member some experimental strokes with his free hand and delights at the precum leaking from the slit. He leans forward to lap at the forming bead, enjoying the salty bitter taste.

With his other hand, he presses up two lubed fingers against the frenchman’s entrance. “Is this ok, babe?” he whispers, concerned.

Lafayette just wraps his thighs tight around his head in response. “Oui. You will not stop now, Hercules.”

With that permission, he smiles up at him  and pushes two fingers into Lafayette. He watches with amusement as Laf writhes under him, pushing up against his fingers and letting out scattered moans. He stretches him out, massaging the flesh inside, before curling his fingers up against a spot he knows that has Lafayette screaming out his name. Bingo. Found it.

Well, they’d been dating for awhile. As Herc said, he knows his boyfriend’s body.

He works against his prostate, making sure to keep eye contact with his boyfriend at all times. Lafayette is just a stunning mess, hair falling out of his bun, sweat glistening his skin and mouth curled in a sinful gasp. He looks beautiful.

Merde, Hercules, je pourrais me noyer dans tes yeux.” The frenchman moans, eyes glazed over and the shorter man feels his hair being tugged as Lafayette rakes his fingers through his curls. “You are so wonderful, magnifique, god…!”

He continues this for awhile, delighting in his boyfriend’s moans, before Lafayette pushes his head up with a sharp tug on his hair. There’s a bit of pleasurable pain there which tingles his skull just nicely  “That is…” he huffs, breathless underneath him. “Enough. Please. You must… make love to me. now. I cannot wait any longer. Je te veux tellement.

Hercules says nothing, just leans back up to stare at him lustfully before slotting their mouths together. Lafayette whimpers through the kiss, swirling his tongue desperately back into his boyfriend’s mouth.

He pulls his own boxers down and discards them on the floor hastily. He rolls a condom down his straining member, giving it a few pumps, before crawling back over the taller man and grabbing his hips. He lines himself up carefully. “You good?” he whispers, bringing his hips toward to meet his entrance. Lafayette just frowns at that, throwing his arms in the air.

“I will be good when you fuck me.” He growls, and with that Hercules snaps his hips forward. And shit he feels so fucking good around him.

Lafayette throws his head back and lets out the loudest moan he’s heard all night and Hercules feels himself straining even harder. Lafayette’s walls clench around his dick so wonderfully and it takes all his self control to not just start thrusting wildly into him, letting his dick speak for his brain. Instead sets a slower pace, letting his boyfriend adjust, but soon Lafayette has his nails raking down his back and he knows he’s ready.

Harder” the frenchman grits, rocking his hips up to meet each of Hercules’ thrusts. He speeds up his pace, slamming into him roughly and watches as he hits a spot that has Lafayette seeing stars and throwing his head back against the pillow. “God, god, god”  the man moans, staring blankly at the ceiling, face contorted in pleasure. “Fuck.”

“Shit Laf, how are you so goddamn tight”, he groans as the walls tighten impossibly around his length, clamping down on him. The frenchman just moans in response, lost in his own pleasure. Hercules reaches down his free hand to fist Lafayette’s strained dick, rock hard and leaking against his chest and relishes in the look in Lafayette’s eyes. God. He can’t believe how lucky he is to have someone so beautiful in his life. He’s struck by how much love he feels for the man underneath him.

“Lafayette, I love you–” he murmurs, moaning as his boyfriend rakes his nails along his back. “So much. Fuck.” He thrusts faster, harder, losing himself in the sensation.

Lafayette just babbles incoherently under him, eyes rolling into the back of his head and hand clenching the bedsheets. “Oui, oh yes, yes, right there!” he cries out, and Hercules adjusts his hips and angles himself so he hits that spot every time. He glances up to look in the frenchman’s eyes and the wide eyed, lustful look he gets back sends him teetering closely to the edge.

“I love you so much, je t'aime, mon amour,” he cries out. Hercules pumps his hand around Lafayette faster at that, and the man juts his hips up to meet his thrusts.

Tu es magnifique.“

His moans become louder by the second, and in a fleeting moment he really hopes that John was having a really long shower because the sounds coming from his mouth are filthy. God he needs to take french lessons.

“I’m so close, are you close, babe?” he pants and stares down at his boyfriend lovingly. He slots their lips back together and then the frenchman pulls back with a scream of  “Herculeeees” and suddenly the man spasms underneath him, hips bucking under the pleasure of his orgasm and cums against his chest.

The action sends Hercules himself over the edge, and with a few more thrusts his vision burns bright and he comes violently, throwing his head back in a moan.

They lay there for a while, breathing heavily against one another, basking in the afterglow of their orgasms. A few beats later, Herc pulls himself out and Lafayette mewls at the loss of his fullness. He ties the condom and expertly throws it in the bin beside the bed before crawling back to curl at Lafayette’s side.

The taller man reaches out to give him a sweet kiss before resting his head on his shoulder, drawing circles against his bare chest.

“Laf, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.” He murmurs earnestly, kissing the top of his head.

The frenchman’s eyes shine with tears as he bursts into a wide grin.

“You are as well, mon amour. You are as well.”


forgive me for i have sinned

i saw that you liked it on your instagram story so i had to submit the second half  !

i am going to hell

John: It’s a simple question!

Alexander: I’m not answering that.

John: Come on! Between me, Laf, Herc, and Aaron, if you had to- IF YOU HAD TO- who would you punch?

Alexander: No one, you’re my friends!

John: … Aaron?

Alexander: Yeah, but I don’t know why.

Dragging an NPC around

Context: So our party almost killed a satyr’s pet dire wolf, who is also about to kill our paladin. I’m a charismatic rogue and I convince the satyr to let us pass the bridge he’s guarding and then we’ll heal the wolf.

Satyr: Fine. Now that you healed my dire wolf, just get out of my sight.

Me: I persuade him to guide us to the nearest town!

DM: ..He hates you guys but uh…okay…roll for it.

*rolled a 25*
DM: The satyr leads you out of the forest where you can see a nearby town in the distance.

Satyr: There. Just keep going down the road and you’ll get to the town.

Me: Not so fast, friend! Let’s all go into town together!

DM: Omg this guy hates you even more so roll for persuasion check.

*rolled a 27*
DM: The satyr refuses to come in the tavern.

Satyr: No thanks, I don’t drink. And I think it’s time I go now…

Me: Naaaah it’s fine. Let’s go. I persuade him to come drink with us.

*rolls a 10*
DM: He refuses and–


*rolls a 20*


my hands are stronger than my heart and brain combined together
it sounds unbelievable but it’s
true hear me out
my hands have done a lot for me
they’ve wiped the tears from my face so i could face the world again
they’ve pushed against my mattress getting me out of bed when my own brain told me to lay there all day
they’ve thanked my best friend with hugs when my brain suddenly forgot how to say “thank you”
but remembered to say thank you to my broken heart instead because the pain always reminds me i’m still alive
most importantly my hands have shown me there’s a way to express my self that’s not
beating myself up
my hands tell me that everything will be okay
when every other part of my body says i’m dying
—  s-asx 

Neku: Is there a word that’s a mix between angry and sad?
Joshua: Malcontented, disgruntled, miserable, desolated…
Beat: SMAD!
Shiki: …There are two types of people.

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Sorry if I sent this to you twice, I can’t see your other blog (crii ;-;)
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Happy Birthday, Miss Rouge!
I wanted to give these to you as a thank you and a birthday gift. If you weren’t here, I wouldn’t be either. You were the one who inspired me to expand my art to more than my small band of friends irl. Your babqftim blog helped me figure out what to make of my blog, and thanks to you(and many others), my blog is what it is now! So I hope you enjoy my little comic, picture and gif I made just for you! ^^
~Amy (ask blog @askthebaileysibs )

art by amycajurosa

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that’s so accurate, it hurts XD

thank you a tons, I love it and I’m always happy to help ✌

  • [Mei returns to Overwatch]
  • Winston: Everyone else gave you up for dead. Even Jack.
  • Soldier-76: Okay, so I may have acted a little hastily.
  • Mei: Is that my letter opener?
  • Soldier-76: Excellent balance and weight. The edge is a little dull, but I’ve always admired it.
  • Mei: …Where’s my Haruhi Suzumiya coffee mug?
  • Winston: Genji.
  • Mei: Ranma ½ stapler?
  • Winston: Mercy….Hello, Mercy.
  • [Mercy is caught trying to stealthily return the stapler to Mei’s desk while no one’s looking.]
  • Mercy: Mei! My dear friend, I never doubted it for a moment! Welcome home!
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