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The Culprit

Request: can you do an Archie Andrews imagine with “is that my shirt?” and “my clothes look good on you”? Thank you :)

A/N: ah!! My first request I’m so excited!!  I hope you all like it – I’m happy with how it turned out.  It’s so fluffy and sweet I cried.  This could take place at any time so whenever you want to see it fitting in could work.  Okay I’m also so confused because every time I post that it hides it from the hashtags?  Which is not good?  Anyways, thank you and feel free to request in my messages!

Word count: 715

Warnings: oh god its so fluffy thats literally enough though

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

The soft sound of a shower running filled your ears.  You were over at Archie’s house, as you often were, laying on your stomach on his bed, happily highlighting a short story for one of your literature courses.  Your legs kicked up and down lightly behind you to the beat of whatever song you were humming.  You were so tuned into your work you didn’t even hear the shower turn off and the whispering patter of footsteps from one end of the hall to the other.  

Archie stood in the doorway, smiling at the sight of you.  Noticing you hadn’t heard him come in, he decided to tease you, taking careful steps toward the bed before belly flopping on top of you.

“Archie!” You squealed, nearly choking on the highlighter cap between your teeth, all air having escaped your lungs at the sudden weight on your back.  Spitting the cap to the ground, you struggled under his body to glare at him.  He giggled, a deep rumble from his chest culminating in a soft sound that made you smile every time you heard it.  “Archie, get off of me!”  Between fits of laughter you attempted to roll onto your back from under him, making eye contact with your assailant and narrowing your gaze.

“Hey babe,” Archie smirked, a playful tone still flowering from his words.

You grinned back, a sparkle in your eyes that set off butterflies in Archie’s stomach every time. “Archie, honey, you’re crushing me.”

“More like crushing on you.” He waggled his eyebrows jokingly

“That’s cute.” You rolled your eyes now, pressing your hands on his shoulders in an attempt to move him.  “Now get off of me.”  He softly rolled beside you, leaning up against you as you rolled back onto your stomach.  Moaning happily, he nuzzled his nose behind your ear and kissed the underside of your jaw.  

Is that my shirt?“ He teased.  You subconsciously pulled the sleeves of the crewneck sweater over your hands as you blushed and nodded.  “My clothes look good on you.

“Thus, why I wear them.”  He pulled away from your ear, looking down to what you were working on.  However, after a moment, he was grinning cheekily again.

“You know there’s been a real dent in my closet since we started dating.  I’ve considered contacting Jughead and sending him on the case, but I think I’ve found the culprit.”  Playing around, you widened your eyes and turned to him.

“Please don’t press charges.”

“Oh, I don’t know…” He cocked his head to one side, unable to hide his smile as he continued. “I’ve been forced to wear the same shirts for weeks.  It’s a real struggle.  This is the inconvenience you’ve caused.”

“I swear, I’ll wear your jersey to school on game days.  Just don’t send me to jail.” He cupped his chin in thought before nodding.

“That seems fair. I don’t really think I could send you away anyways.  Don’t want to go a day without you.” You couldn’t bite your smile back anymore either, and shifted your gaze from him back to your work.

Archie’s smile held up as he stared at your profile, your lip caught behind your top teeth as you focused on the words in front of you.  As much as he’d love to say he was an independent man’s man, he couldn’t deny the fact that you had him tightly wound around your finger, and it was up to debate whether or not you knew it.  

“You’re staring.”

His eyes darted to the sides of hers as he regained focus.  “How could I not?”

You swatted your hand, “Oh stop.”

“Can’t help it.” He grinned cheekily, reaching his hand forward and catching your cheek in his palm.  You subconsciously leaned into it, beaming intently.  “I love you.”  You raised your eyebrows, your chin jutting forward slightly as if insuring he meant it.  Thumb rubbing velvet circles into your skin, he nodded softly.  “I love you.”

I love you.” Your teeth sparkled behind your cracked lips as a soft giggle tumbled from within.  You leaned forward and kissed him, pulling back to utter the words again, and kissing again.  You pulled away for a moment more, sucking in thick breaths.  Eyes flitted to the soft comforter of his bed, before meeting his with another wide smile.  “And your shirts.”

Ask Me

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to post something but I couldn’t not do something for killugon on a holiday like this <3

This was written for the wonderful @honeybitz! They sent me a message about a prompt a little bit ago and at the moment I couldn’t write it, but I got to it eventually! Thank you for always being so supportive of everything I write, I hope you enjoy this even though its a bit different then what you messaged me about ^^;

Modern High School AU

Word Count: 1928


“I accidentally passed you an embarrassing note that was meant for my best friend dON’T YOU DARE READ IT.”


The sound of his name was spoken with a voice Gon knew better than his own. Heart jumping up into his throat, Gon whirled around. His gaze immediately landed on his one and only best friend slowly making his way to where Gon stood just under the shade of the bleachers.

“Killua.” Gon smiled easily. Smiling was always like that around Killua- easy, simple. As if it was the most natural thing in the world for his lips to curl upwards after seeing those glittering blue eyes and the chaotic mess of white hair.

Killua, on the other hand, was not smiling. He glowered at Gon, hands shoved deep into the pockets of his jeans, and said shortly, “Give it back.”

Gon made a face and Killua growled, “Gon. You promised.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey there, hope you don't have too much in your ask box. So, how about Gabriel and McCree having a long distance relationship and they see s/o for the first time in person? Thanks, and have a nice day/night~

First of all, I apologise greatly for the delay, to everyone with requests in my inbox! I’ve had a pretty tough couple weeks with a few bouts of illness and such though thats not much of an excuse. Many to come this weekend to make up for it, hopefully. Have had two requests exactly like this so this will answer both. Hope these are okay as headcanons! Have a great day/night too :)


You’d been talking online for about a year now

  • You were the one to reach out to him first, and he’d started out pretty shy
  • Gabriel was a guy to play his cards close to his chest and it had taken you a while to break down his very, very high walls
  • Now, after a year, he was quite the opposite
  • Seriously, this guy was the smoothest man you’d ever encountered
  • You’d suggested meeting a million times so when he did, your heart soared

You’d never actually talked on the phone either

  • So you’d never heard the man’s sinfully low tone
  • “Hola, cariño”
  • You were sold on him then and there
  • Small talk ensued, something both of you despised but felt obligated to engage in
  • It was a little awkward at first, sitting on the edge of a fountain in the town centre, neither knowing quite what to say
  • When the person you’ve fallen in love with on the internet is suddenly in front of you, what is there to say?

All that vanished when he splashed you

  • It was just a tiny gesture and yet all awkwardness dissipated in an instant
  • You spent a few minutes splashing each other
  • Throwing your head back with a laughter that made Gabriel’s chest feel warm
  • Afterwards, when a truce was called, he grabbed your hand and dragged you for ice cream
  • Your fingers stayed intertwined for the rest of the day


Oh my god this guy was full on flirt mode from day one

  • It was obvious he normally had girls falling at his feet
  • So he was a little put out when you simply replied ‘LOL’ to all his best lines
  • Put out and also super intrigued
  • It became your daily routine, him sending a new line he’d thought up and you rebuking it in as many different ways you could think of
  • Soon, it developed into actual conversations, almost loving ones before you just seemed to slip into the roles of boyfriend/girlfriend before you even realised

It had been just under a year and he had been pestering you to meet up constantly

  • You wanted to be completely sure before doing anything of the sort
  • (Even though you’d been sure from the first day he’d messaged you)
  • When you finally agreed, he was ecstatic
  • Even told you he was jumping round his room, which you could believe

He was waiting for you when you arrived at the gun range he’d suggested

  • Instantly running to him for a hug
  • You just stood there for a good 5 minutes, arms round his waist, his face in the crook of your neck
  • “Howdy, darlin’”
  • You just about died at the sound of his accent
  • Spent the rest of the day learning how to shoot a gun
  • Jesse, as he told you to call him, found a way to keep in physical contact with you for literally the entire day
  • You weren’t complaining

anonymous asked:

Hello there! I really enjoy reading your headcanons! They're very well done! I was wondering if you would be willing to do the RFA + Saeran and how you think they would react to the MC getting hit on by a very pushy man/men like in a club or something. Like MC tells them kindly that she's not interested and that she's taken but they don't leave her alone and that's when MM boy comes in. You don't have to do this if you don't want to or aren't comfortable with it though, so no worries!

thank you so much! i’m very happy you like them -u- i hope you also enjoy what i’ve written for your request~

-Admin Ace in Space


  • no
  • no no no
  • okay this boy is such a sweetheart and such a darling but there are certain things he absolutely cannot deal with
  • and that gross, pushy man trying to get you to go out with him is one of them
  • how does that guy not notice how uncomfortable you are???
  • so Yoosung takes a deep breath and puffs up and comes up next to you
  • wraps his arm around you and gives the guy a terrifying glare
  • which is especially terrifying because it’s so unexpected from this cutie patootie
  • he really wants to fight that guy but also doesn’t want to cause a scene so he just walks away with you
  • fingers digging into your side because he’s so upset
  • once you’re away from the creep he hugs you tightly and kisses you
  • won’t let go of you for the rest of the night but what if MC needs to pee


  • men are wolves
  • and that dude trying to get you to dance with him is the worst kind
  • Zen is pissed
  • you keep repeating that you have a boyfriend and that he works out every day but Creepy McCreeperson is not. getting. it.
  • he tries to grab your hand and regrets it about 0.0005 seconds later
  • because Zen punches him
  • actually punches him
  • and then turns to you and gently takes your hand, kissing it before leading you away
  • holds your hand super tight and complains about the guy very loudly
  • “who does he think he is to be hitting on my angel?”
  • “I told you MC, men are wolves”
  • doesn’t make it sound like it’s your fault tho, instead comforts you bcs creepy men are scary
  • he’s kind of riled up but won’t release the beast unless you initiate it


  • her reaction depends on the specific situation
  • if the guy just won’t shut up but doesn’t do anything physical, she casually walks up to you two
  • “oh hi, are you MC’s friend? I’m their girlfriend”
  • she’s all smiles but it’s actually kind of scary
  • and she just keeps talking and walks away with you at the same time
  • but if the guy tries to touch you or grab you
  • u kno he ded
  • Baehee knows judo
  • and then he’s either on the floor or leaving in pain and embarrassment
  • and, like a magical knight in shining armor, Jaehee holds out her hand for you to take
  • and you two ride off into the sunset


  • this creepy dude clearly wants Jumin Han to hate him
  • because hitting on MC is the way to do that
  • he’s possessive, but he’s mainly angry because you’re so uncomfortable
  • and he never, ever wants the love of his life to be uncomfortable
  • so he walks up behind you, puts his hand on your back, and just leads you away in the middle of the guy’s sentence
  • doesn’t even acknowledge that creep’s existence
  • he’s usually very quick to rush to your side when something like this happens but if it escalates before he can swoop in, he sends his bodyguards instead
  • and holds your hand as they escort the creep out
  • then does what he can to comfort you and cheer you up again
  • offers to sue the dude
  • you say yes


  • when he sees a random guy hit on you, at first he doesn’t know what to do
  • because BOOM insecurities hit him hard
  • what if that guy is actually better for you??? my babe no
  • but once he notices you trying to get the guy to leave by constantly mentioning that you have a boyfriend
  • he is a) so so happy bcs YAY MC LOVES ME and b) annoyed bcs that dude still doesn’t get the damn hint
  • so he does what he does best
  • runs up to you and kisses you hard
  • drags you away whilst still kissing you
  • you actually have to remind him that air is a thing you need bcs he gets so lost in the kiss
  • like Yoosung, he’s super clingy afterwards
  • never wants to let you go ever
  • he also hacks the dude’s phone and bank account bcs why the hell not


  • he really hates violence and confrontation
  • just wants a peaceful life let the man be happy dammit
  • and so when he notices that someone’s hitting on you, he’s a little bit unsure of what to do
  • but once it becomes clear that you are really, really not happy with the situation
  • soft boi is right there for you
  • “excuse me, but MC is too wonderful for someone like you to be talking to them”
  • BURN
  • his voice is still so calm and soothing and soft tho???
  • and the creep is really confused bcs he’s offended but the atmosphere is so relaxed???
  • and V really doesn’t make a big deal out of it, he simply leaves with you, pressing kisses to the top of your head
  • actually asks you what you want him to do in situations like this because he wants to help you as much as he can


  • what’s there to say?
  • as soon as someone is making you feel upset or uncomfortable or a negative emotion in any way
  • Saeran Wrap is there to wreck their shit
  • makes sure none of them get away with it
  • will only stop if you ask him to
  • if he’s not allowed to fight all the creeps, then he’ll pull out his signature death glare
  • might threaten them too
  • afterwards he keeps looking you up and down as if to check if you’ve broken something
  • he’s just so so worried that someone might hurt you, physically and mentally
  • he’s kind of awkward about it but eventually hugs you tightly and promises to protect you
  • he also shows more of his soft side, especially if you’ve just seen him kick a dude in the nuts
  • because whilst he wants to protect you, he also doesn’t want to scare you with his own violence

Anon asked for Seungcheol coming out as bisexual to the reader with an angst and hurt/comfort dynamic to the story

Seungcheol looks fidgety right from the moment you meet with him. It’s your favorite cafe, a spot that usually has him lounging in his seat smiling out the window at the plants in the quaint little windowbox when you arrive, enjoying his seclusion from the busy world outside. But today his hair is in slight disarray from running his hands through it, and he’s staring into his coffee mug rather than looking around, shoulders tucked.

“Cheol, honey, what’s wrong?” you ask, your favorite fond name for him that usually makes him relax.

You press a hello kiss to the top on his head and then slide into your side of the booth seating. He closes his eyes momentarily at the touch. He doesn’t say anything. He bites his full bottom lip.

“What’s wrong?” you repeat, concern increasing now.

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@chillxpillz: (I apologize for my English, I’m French !) Hi ! I really love your stories, seeing that you’ve written some new stuff always make my day better. You’re without a doubt my fav ! I was wondering if you were still taking random suggestions because I have one : Gon introducing Killua as his boyfriend to Ging and it goes all awkward because Ging is very intrusive or something like that idk haha. I’ve never seen something like that before and I think it might be funny ! xx

A week later and I finally got this done for you ^^; I’m so sorry for the wait, when you sent this to me I had like five requests that I had to finish first, but this is finally done! I hope you like this, I’ve never written Ging before but I tried my best with him ^-^

Canon universe for this one, the boys are not boys in this haha- they’re 18 and visiting Aunt Mito but, surprise! Ging’s there whoops

(part two) (part three)

It was a quiet night on Whale Island. Fireflies danced in the humid air outside, a warm breeze drifted into Gon’s room from the open window, and the sound of crickets and waves crashing into far off shore was peaceful. 

Killua could just barely make out the curve of Gon’s uplifted cheek in the dim light. Gon was probably smiling at him with that love-struck look of his and Killua’s face warmed at the thought. 

Ugh. He was so dumb, getting embarrassed over a smile, jeez. 

Ignoring his horrible blush, Killua refocused on drawing shapeless shapes onto the top Gon’s hand where it rested in the tiny space between their bodies. They were laying side-by-side on Gon’s bed, just like they used to when they were younger.

But they weren’t younger anymore. And sharing a bed had taken on a different meaning now after being reunited four years since saying goodbye in front of the World Tree.

“Killua?” Gon’s breath washed over Killua’s face. They really were close; less than inch distance between their elbows and shoulders. But Killua didn’t move away.

“Yeah?” he whispered back.

“Is…is Ging bothering you?”

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For @twenties-sweetheart, Parker/Hardison in A3. Thank you for prompting me! Someone hire me to design wacky but in-character iconoclastic T-shirts for fictional characters.

Netflix and Chill (Grayson)

request: (anon) Could u do a Grayson Netflix and chill only if u have time?😬😊 ps your imagines r INCREDIBLE ❤️❤️❤️

a/n: hehe aw thanks bb, hope you like it xx


word count: 762

Originally posted by thedolangifs

“Okay so I was thinking, since it’s our three month anniversary and it isn’t that big of a deal that we could have a movie night just me and you and cuddle on the sofa and eat so much shit food and cuddle more.” Grayson said as I walked into their apartment that afternoon. I smiled at him. 

“Netflix and chill?” I winked at him.

“What? No thats not what I meant but like I mean I guess if it lead to that it wouldn’t be completely horrible.” He replied. I giggled at him, he was so cute.

“Sounds good to me baby.” I sat down on his lap and he pulled me in to kiss him. I could honestly stay like this forever he was so perfect. We both pulled back from the kiss as Ethan cleared his throat in the doorway.

“Hey love birds, what are you doing tonight?” Ethan asked and stayed standing in the doorway.

“We were just going to watch a movie and chill.” Grayson said which caused Ethan to smile immediately.

“Netflix and chill?” He asked just like I had earlier. Grayson and I both laughed a little.

“Something like that.” I said with a smirk.

“Yuck well I’ll go find a friend to hang out with then, I’ll be home late.” He said as he left the apartment. 

“Food Grayson, I need food asap.” I said once Ethan had left as I stood up from his lap. 

“Anything for my princess.” He replied placing a soft kiss on my lips, I smiled into it. We ordered pizzas and Grayson was in the kitchen making a pasta to eat with them. I stayed in the living room and set up for tonight, I grabbed every blanket and pillow I could find and threw them on the sofa. It looked so cozy. I walked back into the kitchen to see Gray, his shirt had disappeared and his massive arms carried the pot from the stove to the counter. 

“All done.” He announced. I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist leaning my head on his warm back. 

“You okay baby girl.” He asked me as he turned around to face me. 

“Never better.” I replied, he smiled and lent down and placed a kiss on my forehead. We took all the food to the living room and sat on the mountains of blankets as we ate. Feeding each other and laughing until we were both filled to the brim. 

“What do you want to watch?” I asked him. 

“Is that even a question? We haven’t finished suits yet.” He replied looking horrified. I giggled and put on suits, we started watching it together one of the first times we hung out. Grayson flung one arm around my shoulders and I snuggled down into his chest. 

I almost fell asleep countless times, but knew I couldn’t because we hadn’t got to the ‘chill’ part of 'Netflix’s and chill’. Grayson slipped his arm back around and gave me a kiss on the cheek before going to the bathroom. Still without a shirt and my god he was beautiful. So tan and muscular, I could honestly look at him all day. He came back out and all my attention was on him. I smirked at him, he got to the sofa and I got up on my knees, grabbing his face in my hands to pull him in for a passionate kiss. He was caught a bit off guard as he stumbled forward causing us to both fall back onto the sofa, with him on top of me, not that I was complaining. He held both my hands above my head as he kissed me deeply causing me to let out small moans. He pulled back to reveal our deep and heavy breathing causing us both to smile. With both our eyes filled with lust and passion he scooped me up in his arms and carried me bridal style to his bedroom. He threw me down on the bed and got back on top of me kissing me more as he slipped a hand up my shirt.

“Yeah bro it was crazy.” Ethan said talking to one of his friends as he entered the apartment. We both pulled away from the kiss and Grayson jumped up.

“I thought you weren’t coming home till late.” Grayson said sheepishly.

“Bro it is late, Jack is staying over, have fun with y/n” He winked and slapped Grayson’s ass. Grayson walked back into the room and kicked the door shut.

“Now where were we…”

Flower Boy- Vernon Fluff

Originally posted by sneezes

Request: hello!!! may i request some fluff with vernon where he is a florist thats extremely shy and he falls in love with you at first sight and you start to visit his flower shop often and one day while ur looking at flowers in the back of the store he just kisses you. sorry if this is a bit much haha. thank you!!!

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1352

Member/Group: Vernon of SEVENTEEN

A/N: I hope you guys are okay with me choosing this as the first official scenario for our Vernilla Ice! The prompt sounded interesting, and I hope y’all enjoy reading my attempt at writing.

 The scent of roses hung in the air when the bell finally rang. Vernon, a young florist, stepped through the door and set the bundle of flowers he held in his hands on the counter. The yellow flowers were still quite small, and he would need to find a pot to plant them in so that they could grow to their full potential. Carefully, he took his apron out of the cabinet next to the register and began his morning. 

 His instincts kicked in, and for a good hour he walked around watering each flower with care. He remembered to place extra on the daffodils, which had been left in a particularly sunny spot on an extremely hot and dry day, and patted some fertilizer onto the freshly planted chrysanthemums. This routine was set in his head, and he hummed a little tune as he stepped through the entirety of the store caring for his sole source of income. By the time he finished by trimming back some overgrown mint leaves, the clock struck 9 am.

 Time to open again… 

 As usual, his first customer was his childhood friend, Boo Seungkwan.

 “I swear, that girl was checkin’ me out! I bet she was jealous that she doesn’t have my glorious figure or my striking features.” Seungkwan told him of another failed attempt to pick up girls at a nearby bar, and Vernon couldn’t help but let out the loudest chortle he had heard himself create in his 19 years of living.

 “Hey! Don’t laugh! Anyway, it’s not like your luck has been any better than mine in finding somebody that accepts your over-obsessive tendencies with flowers. Now that is weird.” Seungkwan fired back the comment and tucked his gloriously boo-tiful hair behind his equally as gorgeous ears.

 “Excuse me! I could totally date someone, I just don’t have time. You wouldn’t know, considering you don’t even have a good enough job to pay for your obsession of shipping Beyonce albums over to Korea even though you could totally just download them on your phone.”

 “Don’t diss my queen! Anyhow, I gotta go, tell your sister she’s still my favorite Chwe!” Vernon scoffed as Seungkwan slipped out of the blue door that led into the shop. He slipped back behind the counter, and began to look for a book amongst his pile of paperwork and files that had been strewn across his desk. He managed to find A Catcher in the Rye, and immersed himself in the storyline.

 Suddenly, the bell rang, nearly giving the young man a heart attack. The chair he had been resting in flipped over, and he shot up in an attempt to make himself not look as if he had just been dozing off to a good book.

 “Excuse me? I’m looking for roses for a gift. How much would a dozen cost?” You stuttered out, shyly kicking the ground with the front of your right shoe.

 “Depends on which ones you would like. The red ones are 25 bucks, but the yellow and white ones are 30.” He quickly answered, scanning his eyes over your features.

 “I guess I’ll take a dozen red ones then. Does the gift wrapping cost extra?” Vernon shook his head in response to your question, and began to walk over to the large display of roses in the center of the shop. You watched him cut the stems, and flush overtook your cheeks when you realized that you had been staring at him. As he took extra care in focusing on cutting identical lengths, he had been biting his lip. When the last snip was heard, you quickly turned away and pretended that you had been staring at the array of sunflowers laid out across the wall of the shop.

 “Ma’m, that will be $25. 57. Would you like pink or white lace tied around it?” He asked, and you shyly pointed to the white lace and chewed on your bottom lip. “So, are these for your boyfriend? Because I can tell you, he must be pretty special if you are buying him roses.”

 “Actually, they are for my mom, I don’t have a boyfriend. It’s her birthday and I buy her a bouquet of roses every year.”

 Vernon nodded and continued to listen to your rambling, but all he was focusing on was the first thing you said. She doesn’t have a boyfriend… but she’s so cute!

 “I just feel like they really express how much she means to me, you know?” You finished you story, but noticed Vernon was spacing out and staring at you as if you were a creature from another planet. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to bore you. I swear, I’m such a chatterbox!”

 “No, I like hearing you speak. You know, if you ever want a job, come by here. I’d be glad to give you an interview, and you seem to know your way around flowers and their correspondence with holidays and celebrations.” You both laughed, and you nodded.

 “That sounds really nice. You’re name is is Vernon, isn’t it?” He nodded, and you continued. “My name is (Y/N). I gotta go, but if its okay with you I’m gonna take you up on that job offer.” He waved and sent you on your way. (Y/N), what a pretty name for a pretty girl.

 It had been a few weeks since your job interview at Vernon’s shop, and you had basically become his most trusted workmate. You guys spent practically every day together, even when neither of you had a shift. He would come over to your apartment and take you to go grab food. They weren’t exactly dates, per say, but you definitely had began to grow feelings for Vernon.

 You walked up the concrete steps and inserted your key into the lock that was the only barrier between you and your favorite career. When you entered the door, the familiar sound of the bell that welcomed customers rang. 

 “Hey, Vernon! What’s first on the agenda today?” You set down your backpack and slipped your apron on over the blue oversized turtleneck you wore. Vernon took a second to look up, as he was clearly extremely concentrated on a document in his hand.  

 “We got a new shipment of daises that we need to sort before opening today. Can you grab the gardening gloves off the shelf next to my desk?” He instructed you and you nodded before quickly moving to complete the task. You found Vernon’s thick black gloves and your light green ones that rested in the cupboard at the bottom of the shelf. Moving to put yours on, you rushed to bring Vernon what he requested.

 “So, just sort through and pull out any stray pieces of grass or plastic that may have gotten there during shipping. Vernon turned on his radio and you both silently began to sort through all the flowers.

 You were at the center of the bundle when something red caught your eye.

 “Hey, Vernon, I think a rose got mixed up in here somehow. What idiot puts this in daises?” You turned around with the flower in your hand, but your words were cut short by a pair of lips being placed on yours. Obviously, it was Vernon, so you decided to go ahead and melt into the kiss. The rose dropped to the ground, long forgotten, and your hands went behind his neck. You kissed him softly, and when he pulled away you took in a gasp of air.

 “So… I’m guessing you are the idiot who stuck that rose in there?” A pink flush spread across your face, and Vernon laughed loudly.

 “I’m not an idiot! I know you love them… I guess you could say I’m your flower boy, ay?” You laughed and shook your head before pulling him into a sweet kiss that began a new chapter in the life of you and your flower boy.

*** I hope that went with the request and you enjoyed it. Requests are still open guys, and don’t be shy! If you would like, request under you account name and I can send you a message when your request is posted. Love y’all!xx

wasitfuckingamazing  asked:

Hi is it ok to request a hc? For the bullying clay hc one you did but romantically clony? if that's ok, if not no worries. I love your writing and headcanons for clony so much!

Romantic Clony with Clay being bullied and how Tony reacts:

(I’d just like to say thank-you for being my first request and for the kind words; it means a lot :) I really hope it’s to your satisfaction; I struggled with writing it a little ‘cause I found I didn’t think it’d be that different from the original- with the added bonuses of kissing and cuddles ;) So I hope it’s okay!

Warning: Offensive language/comments, that I in no way tolerate but have used for the purpose of these headcanons.)

-The whole happening with the depositions and the tapes being made public are surprisingly the least of Clay’s worries while he’s at school- the other eleven leaving him in peace for the most part. The problem, apparently, and the cause for his constant torment and teasing at the hands of his peers, lies within his relationship with Tony, “I hear you like it in the ass now, Jensen.” … “I always knew those gay rumours were true, Jensen. No wonder you don’t have any luck with the chicks.”

-While Clay feels his face heat up at the remarks, he tries to not let it get to him- usually responding with a sarcastic comment of his own that sets the others squirming uncomfortably, “Yeah, that’s usually how sex occurs when you’re a guy with a boyfriend.” … “The terms actually Bisexual, but if that’s your start up line to offering your services, I think I’ll stick with my own boyfriend; he knows just how I like it.”

-Tony’s not so passive, often finding himself knocking a few assholes into lockers- Clay’s had to physically hold him back on more than one occasion, not wanting to have his boyfriend suspended. “Come on, Tony. It’s only words, it doesn’t matter” … “Of course it matters, Clay. You matter, okay?”

-While they’re walking down the halls together, Tony likes to hold Clay’s hand- not to lay claim to the younger boy, but to show everyone that he’s not to be messed with. Even then, if someone looks as if they’re about to start trouble, Tony throws his arm protectively around Clay and pulls him in close to his side, followed often with a gentle kiss to the temple.

-One day, Clay’s on his way to meet Tony for lunch when he’s thrown harshly into the lockers at the side of him. Before he can get his bearings there’s a punch to his face, followed by one to his gut which has him on his knees, gasping for breath. He barely has the time to register the sneer of Monty’s voice before he’s being hit again, “You really are a puff, aren’t you Jensen?”

-Tony knows something’s wrong instantly when Clay’s late to meet him and takes straight off to find him, lunch immediately forgotten. His blood boils when he catches sight of the commotion and realises who it is getting the beat down- He doesn’t think he’s ever punched someone so hard in his life, strength fuelled by rage. He only stops because Clay begs him to, “Tony, stop. He’s had enough. Please.”

-Afterwards, when they get home they cuddle in bed and Tony takes it upon himself to gently kiss every single one of Clay’s cuts and bruises, as if it would heal them all right then and there- with the way it makes him feel, Clay’s not sure it couldn’t.

-Every morning, without fail, Tony’s on time outside of Clay’s house to pick him up for school and is always waiting for him after, ready to take him home; Clay always insists that he’s okay riding his bike, but Tony doesn’t want to take the chance of something happening to him while he’s not there.

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Ahhh may I request a Riza in half-pony, with slightly curly ends (sorry, that's so specific XD)? It's just that we already have her in pony tail and messy bun, I think it's good to have her in half pony! (And maybe a Roy at the side, ogling her? XD) P.S. If you're busy or not into it, it's okay! Have a nice day! 💖

Ahhh!! I love half-ponytail Riza! THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING THIS!! OH MY GOD!! I’m hoping to do a better version of this someday when I’m not busy! A version where it’s just riza in a half pony, probably looking fancy 


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Hello lovely, I hope you've been doing well! I wanted to ask you for how the RFA + v & saeran would react to going with MC to get a tattoo? I'm currently at a tattoo convention, so that's what made me think of it! xP

Tattoo convention? Woah~ that sounds neat! Tattoos are really cool, but I feel like I’m too indecisive and bad with needles to get one. Thanks for requesting!
I kind of wrote this thinking the tattoo on either your arm or your wrist? I hope that’s okay?

-Yoosung’s always thought you were the coolest person he’s ever met
-The cooliest
-And now you’re getting a tattoo so you’ll be ever cooler!!
-Of course he’s gonna come with you when you get your tattoo!!
-He’s excited for you!!
-Until you get there…
-and you’re in pain…
-He’s worried? Like he knows that it’s normal for it to hurt, but he’s really concerned??
-You tell him you’re okay but he’s still kind of panicking
-When its finished though
-Ho boy
-He thinks it’s so pretty
-He likes to trace over it when you cuddle together

-He’s not really allowed to get tattoos even if he wanted to
-It’s obvious that Zen appreciates art, so lucky you, he was extremely supportive of you getting a tattoo
-But when you get to your appointment to get it done
-He remembers that tattoos can hurt
-He doesn’t like seeing you in pain
-He stays right next to you but makes sure he’s not in the artist’s way
-You actually handle the pain well, but he is so dramatic about it
-“Don’t worry, darling. I know it must hurt, but it’ll be over soon. Your prince is here~”
-You’re embarrassing me in front of the tattoo artist pls
-Zen falls in love with what you picked out for the tattoo also, because like I said he appreciates art, and your tattoo obviously has a meaning behind it
-He thinks you’re so cool with your badass tattoo, plus how you handled the pain like a pro
-He’s melting

-She, of course, has never gotten a tattoo for business reasons
-Even if she had gotten one, she would have to hide it to work at C&R because of the strict dress code Jumin enforced
-But she doesn’t work there anymore
-She gets super excited to hear you want a tattoo
-She had forgotten that she had wanted one a few years ago, but now she can actually get one
-Jaehee suggests getting matching tattoos too
-If you agree to it, she’d like a cute, simple tattoo
-Something like this:

-If you don’t want to, she’s completely okay with that too
-Tattoos are permanent things, so she doesn’t want to force you to get a matching tattoo
-Even if you don’t get matching tattoos, she still gets a tattoo with you
-She loves your tattoo, it suits you very well
-She also loves your couple tattoos, if you end up getting it
-She looks at it if she ever gets sad or lonely

-Tattoos are pretty unprofessional sadly
-But he doesn’t care about that stuff when it comes to you
-He is super supportive of you expressing yourself in any way you see fit
-So he will gladly accompany you to your tattoo appointment
-He kisses your temple a lot while your getting your tattoo done as a way of comforting you, if you’re in pain
-Surprise surprise Jumin loves your tattoo
-He thinks it’s charming, even if the people he associates with would disagree
-He likes to kiss it (unless it’s in a naughty place you pervs)

-Wow~ 606 is so cool~
-He’s never thought about getting a tattoo himself but…
-…now he’s kind of up for it?
-Like Saeyoung is down for getting couple tattoos
-(Leave evidence that he existed on you)
-So, if it’s okay with you…

-He would really love to have this with you
-If you don’t want to that’s also completely fine!!
-He’ll hold your hand while you get a tattoo
-He’s heard it can be painful, so he wants to be with you
-Tons of praise because your tattoo fits you so well
-And if you get matching tattoos, he will cherish it forever
-He loves being able to look down at his wrist and remember how much you love each other~

-V is artistic and he can appreciate all forms of art
-He’s happy to go with you to your appointment to get a tattoo
-(If he had the surgery:) V would adore your tattoo and would ask about the meaning behind it
-Like Yoosung, he would trace it a lot, with your consent
-(If he doesn’t get surgery:) He would ask for you to describe the design, as well as the meaning behind it
-He can picture it in his mind, and it may or may not be the same as what it actually looks like, no one will ever know
-He still says it’s beautiful, even if he can’t see it
-Everything about you is beautiful and something that means this much to you must be equally as pretty, right?

-He has a tattoo but let’s not talk about that
-He at least understands it hurts to get a tattoo
-He would be.. hesitant to let you get a tattoo because he doesn’t want you to be in pain
-But you’re an independent adult and you make your own decisions, and he realizes that and doesn’t argue with you
-Instead he is there with you when you get the tattoo to comfort you if needed
-He might glare at the tattoo artist if you’re in a bit too much pain
-The tattoo artist sees his glare and is all “okay let’s take a break” because they need to still their shaking hands
-After it’s done though, Saeran loves it
-He stares at it a lot