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So you don't think the IG pic that came out of Sam and MM is the real deal or solidifies anything? Non jackass answer if you please. Thanks

No jackass answer? 😕 Since you said please, I will try.

Real deal pic solidifying anything? Well, it did not show me something I didn’t already know. He flew from Scotland to LA, LA to GA, GA to LA all in like what? Eight days? During which time he squeezed in a visit with Graham and kept up with his very time consuming exercise training and SM. Clearly the man went to the wedding for her. She invited him and he accompanied her. I’m not claiming to know what they are or are not to each other, but it doesn’t seem like she’s front and center in his life so much as just an added stop to the itinerary of his unsettled whirlwind of a life.

Until the man acknowledges her as more than a close friend in a meaningful way, the picture is not significant data to me. 

Title: Abyss!Sans vs. Demon!Jenna[Gift]

OOKAY! This I HAD to put in  LOT of details in! Cause this is my first time drawing Abyss!Sans! ;A; I really wanted to draw him, but was afraid cause of his crystal sparkly! ;A; And I may have not get the time to fix it. I might update this drawing soon! 

But, I had fun with drawing him and Demon!~~~ Thank you @metakazkz

Anyways. in this pic, do you guys remember that one pic where my Oc version has unknown status and her HP just shows up that much, she’s an unknown human or monster or both with a lot of speed and damage. She can even turn at you like her instincts know where you’ll be at. And beware for her left eye, she will lock onto you and will never take her eyes off of you.

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I looove your blog & and it makes me happy you not only post photography but reblog art too 💖 Otherwise I'd love more ocean and universe pics 😊 Stay lovely! 😘

Aw! Thank you! The artists I follow post nature based art so you guys should check them out!

@helennorcott@hennerzartwork@jennifertaylorarts@star-plasma@stargateatl@sugarmint-dreams@te5seract (#imagination) • @zandraart

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Hi! I just wanted to say: Thank you so much for the Valentine's Stony pic! I'm a Stony shipper and it made me very happy. :) So beautiful! I'm a huge fan of your art. I love Supernatural and the Avengers and everytime I visit your blog and discover something new it makes my day. :) Thanks you for giving us such a fantastic, gorgeous fanart! (I'm very curious for the TeamCap Selfie series. ;) )

Hi anon ^^

Thank you so much for your very kind message about my Stony artwork! It’s very kind of you! People on Tumblr were very enthusiastic about it (someone even wrote a whole meta! I have to thank them!!!!) and it made me very happy!! However, on Instagram, things were a bit different. Jesuuuuus! I had to “threaten” people in the comments section and say that if anyone was turning the post into some kind of ship war, I would block them right away. What’s the point of writing “Ewwww” or “Not my ship”? Just scroll down, shut up and wait for something that is more in your tastes to comment! ARGH!

Otherwise, I wish I could have the time to draw more Stony. It’s a ship I like a lot, it’s pretty different from what I usually do and…Tony. *sigh* I love drawing him, particularly with a little bangs on his forehead. I loved his hair on Iron Man 2, particularly during the race. ❤ But I’m digressing…

You see what I mean…

I’m very curious for the TeamCap Selfie series. 

I haven’t started yet to be honest (well, just Wanda). When I started to work on this series, I started to sketch Steve, Tony, Wanda, Strange, and then I stopped and thought that if I wasn’t going to have a minimum of organization, it wouldn’t go anywhere. So I decided to do Team Cap on the one hand and Team Iron Man on the other hand and to start by Team IM because Tony and Stephen Strange were almost done.

At the moment, I’m busy with The Life of Bucky Barnes but I hope to start working on this new set (8 artworks…T__T) very soon!

Thanks again for your kind words anon! ❤ 

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Just got fired. Could you give your fave Mark reaction pic? Thanks

Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! :( That sounds really rough. Here, have a sunshiney Mark pic to brighten your day a little:

His warm smile hopes that you can find an even better job soon. </3 


Tama-chan Commemoration Monday

Remembering Tama-chan

29 Apr 1999 - 22 Jun 2015

20 February 2017 Edition

Her Achievements:
Station Master - Kishi train station

Vice President - Wakayama Electric Railway

Honorable Eternal Station Master

Attracted US$10M+ in tourist revenue

Saved Wakayama Electric Railway from closure

Saved cities that depend on the Kishigawa Line
Elevated as Shinto goddess on 28 Jun 2015

You’ve saved cities and your fellow coworkers…
You’ve brought joy and hope to your fans worldwide…
You’ve touched millions of lives…

Thank you and farewell, Tama-chan!

Please continue watching over us!

Main pics (top & centre) - gorgeous Tama-chan in her office :3
Bottom left - Tama-chan’s Shinto shrine
Bottom right - Tama-chan’s grave and monument

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Viktuuri Wedding redrawing ‘cause I saID I WAS GONNA DO IT

Original post idea by @miyukiz


*heart repairing noise*

oh by the way guys! The next update will be the last part of this ‘DEAD END’ comic! Thank you so much for putting up with me! I will try my best to finish them by next week! :’DDD

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