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Will you at least tell your side of the story?

Then I’d have to include other people and it would turn into a big mess. I already sent the other person a message saying why I told them they’re full of shit, wich they were, but they haven’t responded yet. They did however answer an anon ask about it right after I sent that message. There was no need to make this “drama” public, but for some reason they felt the need to make a post about it. I’m just over it, if they wanna keep posting stuff and keep spreading lies then ok, whatever, I just don’t care anymore, whatever makes ya feel better about yourself I guess. If they got anything else to say about this then they can just dm me.

Thank you all so so much for 20,000 followers!! Here’s a pic of me in my room, once again feel free to ask me questions or dm me just to talk, I’m always here for you guys☺️ it makes my day when I get messages from my followers

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bakugou gets turned into a baby and the rest of the bakusqaud freaks out but sero's like 'wait guys i got this' and makes one of those babystrap carriers out of his own tape

edit: anon asked for the zoomed in version so here !!!!!

Darling, just hold on ♡