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Request: Could you maybe write some newtxdeaf reader?? Like maybe what living in the newtcase would be like, if he learns sign language or something along those lines? thank you!

Request: Maybe an imagine where the reader is deaf?

A/N: I really like this request! Thank you so much! I was really nervous about writing it because I wanted to make it as loving and realistic as possible; I really hope I did it some justice! xx

You wake up with a gentle touch on your face and as you flutter your eyes open you’re met with soft hazel eyes.

“Good Morning,” Newt mouths and you grin in return. “Good Morning,” you sign back weakly, as your tired limbs lazily move in front of you.

Biting his lip softly, Newt curls up his fingers and taps on his mouth a number of times, slowly. “Breakfast?” he mouths, and you nod back slowly. “Please.” you sign back.

As Newt bends down to give you a soft peck on your forehead and stands up, you can’t help but smile to yourself and close your eyes. Living in silence used to be a nightmare for you, you often felt like you were living inside a bubble.

Always able to see but never participate.

Of course, you were thankful for what you had, but your heart always seemed to break just a tiny bit whenever you would see children laughing or someone walking with their headphones in, head bobbing to the beat of the song.

You had been deaf for as long as you could remember and although it wasn’t easy to learn both sign language and english it kept you occupied enough to not notice what you were missing out on.

Everything really changed when you met Newt, in fact, you could recall it as easily as if it was yesterday.

Being alone was always a preference of yours really, it never bothered you to be out by yourself, truth be told, that was exactly how you would entertain yourself.

Although it’s true you couldn’t hear, you were fully convinced that sounds were nothing but a distraction at times. There were loads of things you could do if one simply observed- and because that’s all you did, you were the absolute best at it.

Your thoughts were proven correct when you felt someone bump into you.

Immediately, you retreated and turned, only to come face to face with one of the softest faces you had ever seen. “Sorry,” you saw the man say and in return you shyly smiled before looking down.

It was only seconds later before you looked back up, but by the time you did, the man was already ten steps ahead of you; walking calmly away.

However just as you were about to go off on your merry way, you felt your foot step on something hard, and as you looked down, your eyes focused on what looked like a fancy wooden stick. You bent down and carefully picked up the strange object, perplexed by its magnificent structure.

Seconds passed by before you connected two and two together and before you knew it, you were running after the strange man with soft eyes. You couldn’t help but nearly run into him as you approached him, causing him to widen his eyes in alarm.

You saw him mutter something that was just way too quick for you to decipher as he steadied you, but in reply you merely held up the wooden stick, causing his eyes to widen the size of dinner plates.

“Where did you get this?” you saw him ask and you signed in reply- but as soon as your hands started moving, his eyes met yours with a worried expression. “I’m sorry.”  you saw him say and your hopes fell.

Your eyes lit up as an idea popped into your head and slowly you pointed towards the stick and then quickly to the floor, you bit your lip hoping he understood. “I dropped it?” he asked and you nodded furiously, happy that he understood what you were trying to say.

You couldn’t help but sigh to yourself as he walked away slowly after thanking you numerous times, but before you could walk away, you saw him turn to look at you before turning away quickly once his eyes met yours.

Flush coated your cheeks as your hand found its way to your chest only to realize that your heart was practically skipping beats. Shaking your head, you decided that you had enough adventure for one day and began your way home.

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Bob Shaye: Charlie Sheen was initially cast as Heather’s boyfriend, and he wanted $3,000 a week, which we couldn’t afford.

Wes Craven: The actor who played the coroner came to me and said, “I have a friend who’s in town. His name’s Johnny Depp, he’s in a band, and he’s interested in getting into movies.” He gave me Johnny’s headshot. I read with Johnny, and I remember his fingers were yellow from constantly smoking unfiltered cigarettes, and he was greasy and pale and sickly. My 14-year-old daughter was in from New York with a friend. I took the headshots of the actors I was considering for the role of Heather’s boyfriend, Glen. I put them out on the kitchen table, and asked the girls, “Who would you pick?” They immediately pointed at Johnny. I said, “Are you serious?” He looked like he needed a bath. They both said, “He’s beautiful.”

Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger): Johnny Depp was the most polite young actor I’ve ever worked with. He called me “sir” the first week.

Heather Langenkamp (Nancy Thompson): Johnny was very nervous. In the scene at Tina’s house, he got flustered by all the sound cues. When Tina and I are laughing in that scene, we’re totally laughing at Johnny.

R.I.P.  Wesley Earl “Wes” Craven (August 2, 1939 – August 30, 2015)

I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten around to the preferences I have right now, I’m facing major writers block. I’ve closed my inbox but I am planning on working on them tonight.

Here’s the ones I have right now:

  1. BoB falling for a nurse or a Women’s Air Corps member.
  2. BoB waking up from a nightmare and being comforted by the reader.
  3. BoB wedding.
  4. David Webster marriage headcannon & kids.
  5. Headcannon for Babe Heffron.
  6. Romantic Reiben headcannons. 

As soon as I get through these I promise I’ll reopen my inbox. 


Request: Can I request a Bucky x reader where the reader is Tony’s daughter and the avengers are all having dinner together and the reader says “daddy can you pass me the (insert food item here) and both Bucky and Tony reach for it, thanks !


Warnings: a sexual reference

Word Count: 1054

Title: Daddy

Notes: here you are anon, I hope you like it. This isn’t my best fic so I do apologise in advance. Let me know what you think

As you entered the compound’s dining room an unusual sight lay before you. For the first time in a very long time there were no missions and the team was finally to sit down together and have a ‘family’ dinner. Although not technically an avenger, you’d been living in the compound since you’d graduated college at 16. After that your proud father, Tony Stark, offered you a job as head technician at the compound and you joined the motley group.

Clint’s laughter broke your train of thought and you looked up to see your boyfriend watching you. Bucky gestured to the empty seat beside him and you smiled at him, moving to join him at the table. You sat down with a sigh and reached to grab and empty plate. As you served yourself you listened to the conversation that flowed around you, much happier to observe than take part.

As you continued to serve yourself you felt Bucky place his hand on your thigh and rub it gently, it had always been his way of showing affection. You smiled again and ducked your head, hoping to hide the blush that was forming there. You and Bucky had been dating for 5 months already but his actions till make you blush. You both cared for the other greatly but had yet to announce your relationship.

The issue was your father. Tony was a great guy and actually an excellent father. Because his dad was never there for him he made sure that he was always in your life and that you knew he loved you. Most of the time it was great, you loved the father daughter bond you’d formed, but when it came to your love life, Tony was far too involved.

The first time you’d dated someone was in college. You’d told Pepper about him, a great guy named Tom, and all went well. That was until Tony turned up to your 7th date dressed in a casual suit but with an iron man gauntlet on his hand. Tom promptly ran out on you, not willing to risk Tony Stark’s rage and you never saw him again. Then there came Chris, Anthony, another Chris, Jeremy, Chadwick and a third Chris. They all ended the same. The moment Tony found out about them he introduced himself and they ran.

That’s why you decided not to tell him about you and Bucky. That and the whole, the Winter Soldier killed your grandparents thing. Tony still hadn’t gotten over that (the dude holds a serious grudge, like get over it already). The only person who officially knew was Steve, Bucky had told him, but you were fairly sure Nat had figure it out and told Clint, (those two were inseparable).

So that was your crazy, messed up life. Iron man was you father, the Winter Soldier your boyfriend and you worked with the avengers. But you loved it and you wouldn’t change it for the world.

As dinner went on you reveled in having your entire adoptive family around you. Occasionally Bucky would lean over and whisper an observation in your ear. Other times he’d place and hand on your thigh or pull his seat closer to you but a warning glance from you always made him stop. You couldn’t risk getting caught. You weren’t going to loose Bucky too.

Dinner finished but conversation continued and soon Thor and Vision emerged from the kitchen with desert. Neots noticed the fearful silence that fell around he table as Thor announced why they’d done. Thor and Vision were the worst cooks of the team but with a nudge from Wanda and Steve’s captain voice, everyone ate something.

“Daddy,” you asked without looking up from your plate, “could you pass the the ice cream, please?”

Automatically, both Bucky and Stark reached out to grab the ice cream. With his gaze focussed entirely on you, Bucky didn’t notice Tony but unfortunately Tony had noticed him.  Frozen in place, Tony’s mouth was agape and his arm still hovered in the air as he watched Bucky pass you the ice cream.

“Here you are, doll” Bucky said warmly.

“Thanks,” you replied and began scooping the ice cream. You’d forgotten you had an audience.

A groan from Sam broke you from your trance and you sat bolt upright, watching as Sam pulled a 50 dollar note from his wallet and passed it to Nat who replied with a smirk and a smug “thank you”. Across from you Steve’s face was white as a sheet, Clint was visibly cringing and you could feel Bucky tense beside you.

“Did she… just call… you… daddy?” Questioned Stark with a jab off the finger at Bucky. If looks could kill, Bucky would be dead 100 times over.

“Umm,” answered Bucky hesitantly, his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat.

“Yes, he did” you spoke up, looking you father in the eye.

Tony collapsed in his seat, utterly in shock, and Bucky cringed.

“Wait,” piped up Sam, “so the other night when I thought you were having a nightmare you were actually… Like, I heard shouts coming from your room and I told Steve but he told me not to worry about it. Were you two..?” He left his question unfinished and instead raised his eyebrow in question.

When neither you nor Bucky answered, Sam slammed his hand down on the table, an impressed smirk on his face. “Damn Barnes,” he cried, “old man’s still getting some action huh.”

Regaining some sense, Steve not so subtly nudged Sam on the shoulder telling him to shut up and realising what he’d done, Sam gave you an apologetic smile. You and Bucky quickly shared a glance before you looked back at Tony. The vein on his neck was visibly pulsing and by how hard he was clenching his jaw, it looked like he might have an aneurism.

Upon Steve’s suggestion, you slowly stood up not daring to look away from your father and placed a hand on Bucky’s arm. Together, the two of you left the room, leaving Steve to deal with Tony. Once out of sight, the two of you sprinted back to Bucky’s room, hand in hand. Collapsing on the bed, the two of you looked at each other.

“Well,” mused Bucky, “this is going to be interesting.”

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lovelive-and-hiccstrid-lover  asked:

Hello it's my 25th birthday today and I wanted a Drabble request maybe a Daddy!Hiccup and Mommy!Astrid please love your Drabbles

Oh, wow, happy birthday! Hope it’s been a great one so far! I’ll see what I can do - I should warn you, I’ve never really strayed into the land of Parent!Haddocks before, so I apologize in advance. XD

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Campus Life (Dean x Reader)

 Prompt: A Supernatural University-AU. Dean got sent to another alternate universe, where he spends his life as Dean Smith… a student.

Name: Campus Life

Fandom: Supernatural

Author: Micia

Character: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1.597

Warnings: Slight Swearing

(Y/N) ..First Name  //  (L/N) ..Last Name (Surname) // (N/N) ..Nickname

More One-Shots: (x)


Author´s Note: Well I should probably work on my requests, and I definitely will, but this idea came to my mind and I just had to write it xD It was a dream I had, and well…I´m a big fan of this “follow your dreams” stuff and of “you just know what you had once you lost it”-stories ;)


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