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Neighbours (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: I love your writing! You’re so talented. Also can I request a Spider-Man where when they where young and peter had a crush on the reader, but they moved away, now they are back and like cute fluffy stuff? Please and thank you // by @littlesistersalvatore

A/N: I’m going to do a part 2(might even turn this into a series, I don’t really know, but I think this can be a nice start to something), so that’s why the ending is so open. Hope you enjoy nonetheless! I’m imagining Peter being 20-21, more or less, by the way!!

When Peter had been told by his aunt to introduce himself to the new neighbours, he had expected them to be an elderly couple. They had just moved into the house in front of his and his aunt had baked cookies for them, although she couldn’t introduce herself to them because she had to work and as she always said, ‘’cookies are supposed to be eaten when they have just been baked.’’
He didn’t know why he had expected them to be old -probably because everyone in his building was older than forty and the only person who was younger than that was a seven year old who hated him.
Now Peter was standing in front of the door, a plate full of cookies in one of his hands and ready to knock with the other. He knocked softly, not really eager to meet the people whom he would have to see everyday from thereon. Peter imagined the many scenarios that could happen -they could be rude and tell him to leave, they could be mad that Peter was bothering them, or they could simply not open the door to a stranger.
Just as Peter was about to leave, he heard footsteps walking around the apartment and tripping over things.
‘’I’m coming!’’ a voice yelled.
Peter was surprised -the person sounded like a girl, probably his age. He started growing more nervous by that fact -if he was already a mess with old people, he was even more of a mess with girls his age.
He didn’t know what to do -should he quickly turn around and leave the cookies at the doorstep, or should he man up and introduce himself properly?
He didn’t have time to decide(although he would most likely have chosen the first option, and he knew that). The door finally opened and it revealed a young girl, her hair up in a pony tail and an old oversized t-shirt covering most of her body.
‘’Peter?’’ the girl asked, her eyes wide open. ‘’Oh my God, I can’t believe it’s you!’’
Peter didn’t understand at first -why did that girl know him and why did she look so familiar. It was then when he realized -she was the girl he had been madly in love with for most of his life and who had moved away the day after he had finally built up the courage to kiss her.
‘’[Y/N]?’’ he softly asked.
The girl nodded and smiled, taking the cookies and putting them on an unpacked box, taking Peter’s hand as well and pulling him into the apartment.
‘’It’s been so long!’’ she exclaimed. ‘’Four years, right? Oh my God, this is so exciting. What are you doing with your life?’’
Peter didn’t know what to do. All the feelings he had took so long to bury four years ago had awoken and his heart was jumping in his chest.
‘’Uh, nothing exciting, I guess’’ he said.
‘’I can’t believe it’s you’’ she continued. ‘’I’ve missed you so much.’’
He laughed softly and looked at her, trying to decide his next move. She realized and walked to the kitchen, looking back at Peter for a moment.
‘’Do you want something to drink?’’ she asked him. ‘’I think we have lots to talk about.’’

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You know, Your art style is amazing, but the way you draw Betty is just Really really realy really realy really realy really realy really realy really realy really realy really really realy really realy really realy really realy really realy really realy really realy really realy really realy really realy really realy really realy really realy really realy really realy really realy really realy really Nice and Great. Btw she looks gorgeous with longer hair (Even in slightly longer hair)

I know, Thank you so much anon : D

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I just realised that Glee made a big deal out of Finn and rachel dating because one was a football player and the other a glee clubber but.. Mike dated Tina the entire time? And they were the exact same situation but no one made a huge deal out of it.. Also I have a huge crush on ur buff Tina.. she's just so nice n beautiful thank you for drawing her and everyone else !!


like tina and mike were SUCH a better example of the ‘jock dates dweeb’ trope bc u literally never see it w two asian americans! not only that but mike was SUCH a better dopey hero than finn. he never made a big deal that kurt was gay, never felt threatened by him and even WANTED to perform in fish nets !  and tina was in ways like rachel, ambitious and passionate, but she wasn’t self entitled (i guess u can count s4 but i literally do not blame her attitude in it bc I WOULD BE PISSED TOO)

also YESYSEYSE i love buff tina too *____* she’s like my dream girl HGGHHHHH

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Hello! I'm an aspiring artist, and I really admire your art. It's gorgeous! I was wondering if you could give me a little advice, since I'm just getting started with art. When you draw on tablet, since it's not paper and it's limited on space, do you draw using your wrist or your shoulder? (or elbow)... I'm struggling and can't seem to achieve nice lines in digital art. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

thanks so much!

firstly i must say that when i started drawing with a tablet it took me a good few months to get used to using it, and a year or so before i was even able to draw lines that weren’t wobbly. it really does take a while and lotsa practice! so don’t stress if you’re having problems with line stability early on in your art life! even now i dont draw perfect lines, and i’m years in.

some programs help with this by offering stability tools. i use paint tool sai for all my lines and there’s a smoothing option to help with hand drawn lines. it’s not a full solution but it certainly helps! other drawing programs have this tool too.

as for my posture, like lotsa artists i often suffer from back and shoulder ache, as well as wrist strain since i draw full time for my job (that’s 9-5 on weekdays sorta full time! so 8 hours a day, plus more if i ever try to draw my own art). because of this it’s become super important for me to make my canvas work for me, rather than my wrist/arm/torso work for the canvas LOL

what this means is that my hand usually rests in one spot, generally in the middle, and rarely strays unless im drawing a wide arc or something similar. i use the grab tool to move the canvas around as i draw so i can keep my arm nice and relaxed, and i rotate the canvas to help find a comfortable angle when i need to draw curves.

i also try to draw with single strokes rather than scribbles or back-to-back hand motions, which can really make things easier for your wrist.

there’s probably more i could be doing, but this helps me a lot! along with regular breaks and stretches ofc!

For the anons who sent me request for Otayuri fluff/ getting together head canons: I’m not ignoring you, I promise!

At the moment I still need to gather my thoughts on the added information about Yuri and Otabek and how I think that would play out. Plus, I’m still a little bit stuck writing wise and I’m hoping to get out of that soon into a more comfortable mindset. Even when it comes to writing drabbles and head canons, I’m a bit of a perfectionist who feels the need to “get it right.” 

So I will get to it soon! :)

Also a really big THANK YOU to all you wonderful people who reached out to me with kind messages and advice on writing: 

@victuri-oh-nice @kirinvlinder @zeldaismyhomegirl @rosesnfeathers @madamredwrites @dizzytea @d2diamond @ghostmoonchild @theinsanefox @bathands @aftgonice @crescendotayuri @blownwish-blog

You are all incredible and lovely and very much appreciated. <3 


Got tagged by @childofdemon Thank you friend!

I’m gonna tag some nice peeps, prepare YOSELFS.

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  • A- age:
    Age is of no importance to immortals. Forever 21. Nah, I’m 22.)
  • B- birthplace:
    Penis-shaped country Sweden ( ͝סּ ͜ʖ͡סּ)
  • C- current time:
    18:40 (or 6:40 PM for ya’ll who don’t use 24 hours)
  • D- drink you last drank:
    A glass of milk along with my dinner. Woo so interesting. (⑅∫°ਊ°)∫
  • E- easiest person to talk to:
    ??? Talk to?? I talk to myself. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) I get the best advice that way.
  • G- grossest memory:
    I had this friend when I was…idk, 6?? 7 maybe. We were playing by his house and eating these really weird candy bananas, right. And I told him something along the lines of ‘this looks really yellow, it’s kinda nasty’ and this boy just ‘I’ll show you nasty’ and started picking his nose and showed me this big…disgusting bugger. Well, he wasn’t wrong. It was very nasty.
  • H- horror yes or no?
    YES. PLS. I love the chills, the goosebumps on my skin and, mostly, the story to horror films. Ideal date or evening plans would be to chill at home with a horror themed film playing. yES. (⌬̀⌄⌬́)
  • I- in love?
    Nah mate. _ノ乙(、ン、)_
  • J- jealous of people?
    Some, yea. A bit of jealousy is good, I think. If you want something someone else have then you just gotta try to do your best at achieving it. (Maybe not by killing or hating on the person, but through hard earned effort and struggles.)
  • K- killed someone?
    Why would I reveal something like that on here, pfff¯\_( ͠° ͟ʖ °͠ )_/¯
  • L- love at first sight or should I walk past again? Don’t believe in ‘love at first sight’ so by all means walk by me again and this time maybe chat me up? *wink wonk*
  • M- middle name:
    Anna, Pernilla
  • N- number of siblings: 
    3 younger brothers. I’m the big firstborn sisteR!
  • O- one wish?
    Mmmmm, for my mum and dad to never die. Also, have like a big garden when I get a house. I live in a flat now and there’s only room for a limited amount of plants! *sobs*
  • P- person you last called?
    Home. I was asking my brothers what sort of thing we’re gonna give mum on mothersday.
  • Q- question you’re always asked:
    honestly have no idea omgg eehmm??? I guess some ask about my tattoos? Like “did it hurt?” or “you’ll still have this when you’re old, I’m sure you’re gonna regret it”. No, Susan, having a needle pierce your skin and literally drawing out blood doesn’t hurt. No. And yes my tattoos damn well stick with me ‘til I’m old and saggy. I paid a lot of money for them, I’ll be mad if they’re not gonna stick.
  • R- reason to smile:
    My otps always manage to make me smile. Food does as well.
  • S- song you last sang:
    Don’t mess with me - Temposhark (srsly if u love Orihara Izaya you have to listen to this song. It suits him perfectly.)( and you feel like a dick badass when you sing it.)
  • T- time you woke up:
    around 9:30 or sumthin??? ┐(´∀`)┌
  • U- underwear color:
    Like…just my underwears?? not my bra? I wear duct tape.  (๑ゝڡ◕๑)
  • V- vacation:
    My family and I went to visit Crete once! It was so hot I thought for sure I was gonna combust. It was very pretty there tho, I’d love to go again. (although more prepared..and with a sunscreen 300+…)
  • W- worst habit:
    I always get too emotional about things and it has lead me into trouble more than once. I’m an open book about my feelings and it’s no good.
  • X- x-rays:
    I don’t think I’ve done an x-ray? Not on myself, but when I was working at the hospital I had patients who I got to test it out on.
  • Y- your favourite food:
    GIVE ME FISH OF ANY KIND AND IM YOURS. There’s also this swedish dish called ‘renskav’. Look it up, it’s so yummy.
  • Z- zodiac sign:

Dear my teacher L.,

thank you for what you did yesterday when I was crying.

I know, you probably didn’t even recognize what you’re doing, but I did.
You were really nice and lovely, and even the few words you said were helping.
I felt cared for. I couldn’t move or talk or anything.

Thank you for asking if “everything’s ok” and thank you for saying “no it isn’"t when I said "yes”.

Thank you for not playing down my problems and thank you for not trying to force me into situations that make me anxious.

I know I’m throwing around warning signs of a person in danger, but blocking everyone out at the same time.
I don’t know how to help myself and I want someone to help me, but I don’t know how to ask for help or take the help someone tries to give me.

Thank you for simply being there, for talking to me.

Please don’t stop, you keep me going. Please ask if I’m okay, if I need help or if you can do anything for me.
I’ll probably always say that I’m fine and don’t need anything, but it makes me feel better when I know that someone cares about me.

You’re a lovely person and there should be more teachers like you. I hope you’re doing fine and I hope I’m not getting on your nerves.

Thank you for everything.

In love, A.

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To short anon- I don't think people care if you're good at something. People care if you're confident and have some self-esteem (even if you have to fake it!) that coupled with niceness is very attractive

I agree anon! Personality is just as important as looks. Thank you for sharing :)

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Hey, so I just finished reading what you wrote about suicide, and even though I haven't been following you for long I absolutely love your entire thing. I always smile when I see the minis offering a sweet strawberry or purring their hearts out. I finished my exams not long ago, and it was pretty tough getting through them and fighting Depression II : the Return, so I'd like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making my days just a bit happier. I hope you are happy now too. <3

I’m glad my little minis have helped in any way. And I’m actually rather glad they have basically become my fulltime mascot.

I know I’ve said it before, but all this is a part of the reason they always frown. They can be happy, and their eyes and actions are what they emote through when needed, but sometimes, even smiles can be tiring. Sometimes it’s just nice to have someone who can be sad along with you, to just be by your side quietly while you just share and will hug you without judgement afterwards.

Folks like to say ‘misery loves company’ in a negative light, and it often is… But sometimes a sad face (and a fellow sad face with you) is good for the heart, and misery having some company can be uplifting in the end.

… and once more I’m rambling. But I hope at least some of this, my previous post, and my minis have been helpful. I am glad to hear you make it through your exams. Even at the best of times, stuff like that isn’t easy.

I’m not quite sure how to end this little thing soooo… have a fresh mini

Ready to sit and listen.

And to my other followers, be like mini, if you can. Be ready to listen to each other. Know your limits, cause I know it can be taxing to listen to so much depressing things, but believe me, having been on both ends of the spectrum, that it helps a lot more then you think.

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Have you ever seen Louis CK do stand up? If not, you should definitely check him out, he's hilarious. Little sample: "Killing yourself solves ALL your problems. It actually does. It even solves WORLD problems... For YOU. The whole world is just filled with people who haven't killed themselves today." If you haven't already seen him, you can find his 2017 special on Netflix (that's where that one particular joke came from) anyways have a nice day

I actually have seen him! He’s pretty hilarious lmao. Thanks!

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OMG Sora, wth did I just do?! I just randomly opened tumblr and BAM you everywhere? I feel so flattered! Thanks a lot for your attention. Gosh, wow. You were always so kind to me (´‿`) Even tho we never really spoke to one another I alway appreciated your enthusiasm. I'm just... gonna go back in my corner now. Have a nice day/night!


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I honestly don't even know why it took me this long to read Writing Is Hard, but I am soooo glad I did! I'm only on Part 2 rn and it only keeps getting better and better, and it's written so realistically. It's literally the most uniquely written POV of a fic I've ever read. AMAZING JOB 😊😊 I LOVE IT!!!

Thank you, this is so nice! XOXO

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Today's rad thing about you: the lines you use to color/shade drawings! It's so well done and unique and makes your drawings instantly recognizable. It's a good art style!

Holy shit!!! Thank you!!! It’s super nice to know people can distinguish my art style, even tho I think it’s pretty inconsistent


Yudai blog update:

Good evening!!
It’s Yudai Ohno!!

I am dyeing my hair for tomorrow! Lol

Thank you for your many comments and daily routine reporting! ^ ^

Da - iCE had a rehearsal today as well!! ^ ^
This month we have already rehearsed for four songs!! Lol

My head is going to explode,
but all are nicely choreographed songs,

I am using all my energy and having fun daily!!! ^ ^

At Sun Street Hamakita in Shizuoka prefecture tomorrow,
and at Hiromori Hirosaki Ekimae shop in Aomori Prefecture the day after tomorrow

We will be having release events for Tonikaku HEY!!!
I am looking forward to singing and talking with all of you for the first time in a while!! ^ ^

Those who are near, come by all means ♪

I was allowed to announce it today

My frequently used emoticon is going to be featured on pouches!

I was allowed to collaborate with DUB on an accessory holder so that you can store the necklace we produced! ^ ^

Thank you for checking it out by all means ♪

See you later ♪

Good night

Let’s make tomorrow a happy day for all of you!!!

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I obsessed with Aries, she is perfect. Damn. And she shares the chest tattoo with my sim, even it's a personal creation. Soulmates? Lol

omg hi!!!! this is so cute ♡♡♡♡ thank you for the cute message ♡♡ and really? i actually downloaded that tattoo set aahaha, true soulmates! have a nice day ♡x~

Face the Music airs TODAY!! Boarded by me ( @arythusa ), Amelia ( @amelia-lorenz ), Sarah, and Cassie, directed by Giancarlo ( @giancarlovolpe ). 

Featuring songs by Amelia (Moon’s song) and me (Star’s song)!! I don’t know how to write songs!!! 


Chris Evans Debuts Trailer for New Movie DENNIS