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BTS Reaction to: Being on “We Got Married”

STILL haven’t watched this show so sorry if I don’t really have the situations right! ^.^

Jin: Prince Charming; cracking jokes so bad that you can’t help but laugh. He charms you with not only that solid sense of humour but his caring nature, culinary talent and good looks. His touches are always gentlemanly and appropriate, as is his overall behaviour. And that’s what earns him the title “Prince Charming.”

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Suga: Mostly silent so it might seem like he’s uninterested in you. But he’s really just awkward about the entire situation, unsure of what to say or how to act. As time goes on, he gets to know you better and lets you see his gummy smiles, silly side and listen to his deep thoughts.

As he starts to admire and respect you, he starts to look at you in a different way and even the audience picks up on it … You began as a couple no one cared about but ended up being the most popular ship.

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J-Hope: This mood maker makes it feel as if you’ve known him your whole life, not holding back on the skinship and flirtation. Behind camera though, he asks if you’re comfortable with this. If you are how could u not be? I would sell my soul to hold his hand then he’ll up the cheesy flirting even more.

You get to see the different sides to him; his pure heart, his sad moments and that sinful tongue of his. The episodes feature lots of screaming and off pitch singing but this draws in young couples, making them adore you and Hobi together for how relatable these dorky moments were.

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Rap Monster: Tries acting cool and sexy but that just makes your interactions awkward to watch. Eventually his clumsy nature shines through and as he watches you laugh, he realises that he shouldn’t try to keep up the “Rap Monster” front, not around his “spouse.” He starts to act like “Namjoon” instead, telling you his deepest thoughts.

He worries he’s boring you but hearing him say all those intelligent things is actually the sexiest thing and not only you but the viewers fall for him too. Lots of mothers now start to wish he was their son-in-law, and even their daughters wish so too.

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Jimin: The embodiment of that “Hello Sir” and “Your daughter calls me daddy too” meme. Can be so fluffy and soft but then greasy and flirty. Not only does he charm you but also all the mothers watching. There’s a surge of mothers “chaperoning” their daughters at BTS concerts, only to scream his name louder than them. What’s even more evil about Jimin is that he knows his power and the effect he has on everyone. He gets nicknamed an “Angelic Demon” thanks to you.

And everyone agrees.

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V: Right before meeting you, he rings Jin: “Hyung, what should a good husband do?” And employs the advice at first, until the puns were too painful for him to say anymore; “Ah, I’m sorry, I’ll stop that.”

Once he starts to just act like himself, he finds that you don’t think he’s a “weird alien” and enjoy his company for who he is, not as BTS member “V.” Even hearing you say “Taehyung” makes him shudder. The way he starts to grow meek and shy shows how he’s developing feelings for you. Your ship is particularly popular among little kids, surprisingly, who love watching you both laugh and joke and share cute looks.

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Jungkook: Didn’t talk much and was just overall very awkward, mostly bc he was such a huge fan and looking at your face in person was asdfhlaie,agn!!1! Watching him struggle on tv was too much for the boys so they showed up to surprise him one episode, revealing his crush and being flirty with you; which forces him to open up since you now know and bc “Hyung, stop touching Y/N!”

The cuteness is popular among the older viewers, with lots of grannies writing into the show to compliment the “sweet, young couple!”

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Mr. Bendis, I need your wisdom! I have a concept for a story I'd like to write, however I have a small problem. I cannot come up with good and unique names for my characters. When you are writing a brand new title with new characters how do you come up with their names? Any advice you can provide would be awesome of you, Sir! Thanks

 Over the years I’ve had many opinions on this but I have settled very concretely on the following: What Would the parents have named the character?

 By  trying to answer this question for yourself you start to develop who the parents were, where they came from, what their relationship to the world and pop culture and their history is… 

 Not only will you come up with a better name than what you would’ve come up with if you’re trying to think of something “” cool, you will also have done some major world building around your character. Even if it’s stuff no one ever sees. The fact that you were able to get that name out of that material makes everything about what you’re writing that much richer 

 Also, this is where people get their names from. They are named by someone. If it’s not their parents then who? that’s a story too. 

 Miles for instance. I know exactly who he is named after, I know who named him, and I know why he has his mothers maiden name and not his fathers. Will I ever get to that in the story? I don’t know. But if I do. I know it 

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Yaaa~ hello! I think you're art is amazing and that animatic of Arron burr, sir! I LOVED IT IT WAS FAN-TA-STIC AND I'M IN LOVE WITH THE HANDS YOU DRAW. SO! I'm not here to ask you about drawing advice but.. How did u do that blurry eliza? Or blurry line in general? U got a curious fan here mylady~

Hi there ! I’m so flattered!!! thank you for the compliments my dear friend <3
Here’s a short tut featuring a toucan
Program used: Photoshop CC, it’ll be the same in any other version!


“Diplomatic Meeting” between the Scarlet Guard and Cal

This was requested by @dreams-of-feysand and @tiberiaschooseme also asked me to be tagged in it.

**Post KC fanfic**

Hope you enjoy!

Words: 1,446

Rating: PG-13 Some language ;)

Ships: Well it’s like, post kc epilogue (that never happened) so Mare x Cal AFTER breakup

(/ Cal /)

     I clench my jaw, thinking of how to continue. Remembering back to a few days ago, I sigh. Everything’s happened so quickly. Nanabel is already planning how to overthrow Maven, Evangeline and I are set to marry, and I’ll be King sooner than I know it.
     I thought that before anything, a meeting with the Scarlet Guard to set things straight would be incredibly important.
     Of course, Farley was the one sent to talk to me. A wise choice…The Scarlet Guard probably thought that the fact that I know her might influence me in some way. It won’t. I’ve got my propositions, they’ve got theirs.
     I didn’t invite them to argue, but it is time to tell them the things I’ve never said. The things I couldn’t say while staying with a base full of angry Reds ready to prance on me the first excuse they get.
     Hopefully, we can arrange some agreements.
     If not…

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Losing Sleep Over You (James Kirk x Reader)

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WARNING: A super brief, super implied NSFW part that tbh is hardly NSFW but I feel obligated to warn people, anyways just in case

“I could have him kicked off the ship, you know.”

You knew that voice very well, though you’d only ever heard it over the intercom. It was surprisingly different in person. The soft echo it usually held was stripped away, making it warmer and more crisp. As if you were talking to a close friend, rather than your captain.

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I Don’t Hate You...

So, this is the first drabble, scenario type thing I’m posting on here. There’s going to be some author notes at the bottom. Also, I didn’t really edit it so…if there are errors or there is an awkward sentence just go with it.

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi

Genre: Angst

The last thing you hear from him is, “I hate you.”

   He was doing it again. He knew you hated it and that it bugged the hell out of you, but he continued to do it. You watched as he continued to tap his foot on his desk while clicking his pen. You had already asked him a couple times to stop, but he went right back to it. You knew it was something stupid to be irritated over, it was just so annoying. 

   “Yoongi,” you call out for the nth time.

   He glances back at you, halting his movements. 

   "I’ve told you thousands of times, can you stop with the kicking and clicking?” You ask, again

   "If it’s bothering you so much, go to a different room or put on some headphones,” he shrugs. 

   "I can’t work with noise,” You narrow your eyes at him. 

   "Then why did you come over to work? You knew that it might be distracting coming over, so, why did you?” he sets his pen down now fully facing you. 

   "Oh, sorry for wanting to spend some time with my boyfriend. I thought it would be nice to see you and work. I guess I was wrong in my assumption,” You stand from your spot and start to shuffle your things into a pile. 

   "We’re not even spending time together! We’re both sitting here doing our own thing, it doesn’t even feel like we’re in the same room,” he stands as well. 

   "It doesn’t matter if we talk or not! We’re together, that’s all that matters!”

   "It would be nice to spend time with you without you working all the time!” 

   "I have to get things done, I’m still in school! I have to work!” 

    “It’s always work, work, work with you.” 

   "You are being a complete hypocrite right now, Yoongi. You can’t say that when you spend days, maybe even weeks, holed up in your studio working.” 

   "I have to, to keep this place. Unless you’d much rather me living on the street? I also have to because you enjoy nice dinners and clothes, and all that.” 

   "I am not materialistic, so don’t even say that you have to work to get me shit.” 

   "Whatever the reason is, I have to work unless I want to have no job.” 

   "I have to work as well to get a job! If I don’t get a degree, then what am I supposed to do? Don’t make your work seem like it’s any more important than mine.” 

   He shakes his head and turns back to his computer shutting a few files, ignoring what you said. 

   "You’re an asshole, you know that?” You burn holes into the back of his head before shoving your stuff into your bag. 

   "So, just because I want to spend time with my girlfriend without her working, I’m suddenly an asshole?” he says. 

   "That is not what this argument it about. It’s about how you make my work seem inferior to your work. That it is okay for you to constantly work, but if I do it, it’s wrong and bad.”

   "I didn’t even say that!” 

   You stare at him dumbfounded. 

  "You legit just said that five minutes ago! ‘It’s always work, work, work with you’! and ‘oh, it’s okay that I constantly work because, hey, my work is actually important’” 

   "You’re really stupid, aren’t you? I did not say that, so stop putting words into my mouth.” 

   "That’s what you might as well have said. And stupid? At least I got into university, unlike somebody.” 

   "You’re a fucking asshole. I really fucking hate you right now.” 

   "Good, because the feeling is mutual.” 

    You can’t seem to get out of there as fast as you’d like to. The air is suffocating and angry thoughts circulate through your brain. The door behind you slams making it seem like it was going to fall off its hinges. It doesn’t fully register because your whole body is heated up with a red hot anger. The elevator would take an eternity to wait for, so you opt for the stairs instead. Whenever you would reach the bottom three of a flight, you would hop down and turn quickly to get down those concrete stairs as fast as you could. You get into lobby and the main door stands proudly at the end of the room. Dark gray clouds circle the sky and make it dark outside but you ignore the feeling in your stomach telling you to go back, to just go back and apologize. 

   You shove the door open letting cold and wet take a hold of you. Good, the weather can share my mood. You don’t know where you’re going but you walk. One that doesn’t look rushed but one that doesn’t look like you’re lost either. He’s a fucking asshole who doesn’t know boundaries and thinks he can step all over me. You glare at the swaying trees which look to be almost terrified of you as you pass by them. Wind howls around you like a bunch of wolves trying to communicate with each other. It’s not fair that he thinks he can be like that. Why does he think his work is so much more important than mine? 

   Your nails dig into your hands tightly which will end up causing indents to appear later. You don’t know where you are anymore and causes you to take note of the empty street, the loud wind and few cars, the smell of rain, and wetness on your skin. Your eyes dart around the street but you push past the unsettling feeling and continue. Eventually you get to a place that you’re familiar with, which makes your heart rate pick up. Quickly doing a check of the road, you dash across the road but obviously not quick enough. Time seems to stop as the car comes hurdling towards you at a speed which it can’t stop. The rain pounds in your ears and your body has turned into stone. It’s too slippery for this car to stop. The screeching tires meet your ears and your eyes seem to have wonderful vision suddenly because you can see the driver screaming. One last thought flits through your mind, does he really hate me?

A call. This is what causes his whole world to fall away.

   "Is this Min Yoongi?” a voice of a female asks. 

   "Yes,” he replies easily. 

   "Hi, this is Seoul Hospital and I’m contacting you due to an accident that has included your significant other. You’re listed as her emergency contact and hence I’m contacting you. It would be ideal for you to come to the hospital as soon as you can, sir.” 

   Slowly the world starts to slow. Accident? 

  "A-an accident? What kind of accident?” he grips the phone tightly.

   She was silent for a moment. 

  "A car accident,” she states, “I think it would be best for you to come to the hospital to get the rest of the-” 

   "No. I-I need to know everything now,” he sat onto the bed gripping the sheets beside him. 

   "She was in an accident with a car near the Han River. She was crossing the street and I assume she didn’t see the car and she rushed into the street only to see the car coming towards her at the last minute.” 

   "What’s her condition?” 

   Silence again. 

   His hands were shaking. 

   "She’s in critical condition.” 

   The dam bursts and a sound of choking makes it way out of his throat. A sob. An ugly sob. 

   "Sir, are you okay?”

   "Am I okay? The love of my life is going to fucking die. Am I okay?” he laughs hysterically.

   "Sir, please calm down. You’re currently going through shock. I suggest you try to settle and please don’t do anything rash or try to drive in your condition.” 

  "Thanks for the advice. I got to go. Thanks for calling.” 

   "Sir-” He ends the call with shaking hands. 

   He throws his phone across his room not giving a fuck if it broke. With the sound it made he assumes it did break. He jumps to his feet and starts grabbing anything near him and throwing it at the walls and door. Glass shatters, walls gain new windows to opposite rooms, clothes become scattered in his room. He goes through his apartment like a hurricane. He knows that he’ll regret this but his anger is blinding him. I fucking let her leave. I made her leave. This wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t fight! My last words were that I hated her. I don’t hate her. 

   "I don’t hate her!” he shouts, wetness kissing his cheeks. 

   He sits in the middle of his living room. Chaos surrounding him. 

   "I need to see her one last time,” he mutters. 

   Legs wobbly, he heads towards his door. He slowly goes down the stairs and out the door towards his car. Am I capable of driving? He wonders. Screw it. He gets behind the wheel and the engine hums to life. The rain has stopped and the windshield wipers happily clean his front window. Then he starts driving. Thoughts plague his brain. 

   "How am I going to break the news to her family?” he whispers to himself. 

   Once he gets to the hospital, the rest is hazy. He remembers asking for you, showing his ID, then being lead through the clean, sickening hallways. A doctor steps outside the room shaking her head at a nurse that waits near the door. Yoongi watches the action confused until he realizes that the room the doctor came from is the room they’re currently heading to. The doctor sends the nurse away and he leaves silently. The doctor looks up to see Yoongi and the receptionist, causing her face to shift into a cringe. 

   "Dr. Lee,” she holds out a hand to him. He takes it gently and stares at the door behind her. 

   "Min Yoongi,” he barely gets out.

   "You are the emergency contact? The significant other?” 

   "Y-yes.” "Is her family available currently?” 

   "They live in America.” 

   "Oh, I see.” 

   Silence sits between them.

  "What’s she like?” he chokes out already knowing the answer. 

   She lets out a sigh and clasps her hands in front of her. 

   "She…has departed.” 

   His breath leaves his lungs, his eyes widen, his hands start shaking and he’s gasping for air. Stupid lungs, breath in and out. You do it all the time. He can’t catch his breath and the breathing is too quickly paced. Hyperventilating. He’s hyperventilating. Why can’t I feel my feet and hands? What’s going on? His whole body seems to be tingling with pins and needles. He leans to stabilize himself on the wall. Dr. Lee is getting too close to him and asking questions and he wants her to stop talking. He wants to lash out and tell her to shut up. He can’t seem to speak though. He’s too consumed with this overwhelming sense of panic. Then it starts to dissipate. Slowly, he starts to breath normally and he gains feeling back. His vision starts to become up right again, and he becomes less light headed. Dr. Lee’s voice can now be heard clearly now. 

   "It’s okay, calm down,” she soothes. 

   "I-I,” he’s gasping out.

  "You just experienced a panic attack, but you’re okay. Everything is all right,” she rubs his arms. 

   "Okay? She’s dead! She’s dead and it’s my fault!” he shakes Dr. Lee’s hands off him and stumbles back. 

   "Mr. Min, you need to calm down or else we’ll have to take precautions,” her eyes narrow while moving towards him. 

   "Right, p-public place. I-I’m okay. Let me just see her. Please,” he moves forward. 

   Dr. Lee nods and he follows her eagerly into the room. She lies there lifeless. Her skin doesn’t have the same glow that it did when she was alive, it’s toned down now. Yoongi carefully moves toward her. As he stands right beside her bed he gently takes her hand in his. He stares down at her then kisses her forehead.

“I’m so sorry. I don’t hate you,” his voice breaks.

Author Note: So, yes, I am aware that they don’t tell you the condition over the phone because people can be stupid and end up doing stupid shit while in a state of panic but I needed him to mess up his apartment. Also, anything else that doesn’t make sense, just shhh,  I sort of rushed through this, and it’s really short. I apologize. I don’t know what else to say. I hope you semi enjoyed it? 

Summer: 1999

This was inspired by a conversation with @startwreck and how she spent her Sunday.  
Rating: M-ish?  Adult Language
Spoilers: Season 6-7

If one said Fox Mulder was headed into the Summer of 1999 in a more-than-optimistic-frame-of-mind, it would be like denying that Walter Skinner had a proclivity towards shiny pinstriped work shirts.  One couldn’t repudiate that which was impossible to disprove (and trust Fox Mulder, Skinner’s affinity for those shirts was a topic of conversation between himself and his partner, at least twice a month.  Those were LONG road trips, after all).

The sun in D.C. was markedly scorching and the humidity just shy of oppressive.   May decided to drop its four inches of rain in what felt like an “all day, er’ry day,” Southeast sort of fashion that left the partners battling mold near their lone window sill.  And since their little trip out to see the Brown Mountain Lights, they DID NOT fuck around with mold.

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Thank you Smutty loves

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So I’ve had an absolute shit day. Ugh. But margaritas make it better. What else makes it better? Making some really great friends online

Next week is my 34th birthday (Fuck. 34 as a number looks alarming) and for my bday my own vain, little goal was to get 1000 followers. My own little, sick, vain gift to me. Today y’all made that happen for me. Thank you. For listening to my rambling, encouraging my objectification for some beautiful men (and women), and supporting my secret hobby of writing and reading smut. 

You all inspire me and I love having a safe place (ha! Tumblr is a bitch) where I can be completely be my smutty self. 

So I have to give thanks to some wonderful Internet friends who’ve made my days better. (Sorry if I miss anyone. I’m almost 34, my brain is dumb. See, look at me making jokes already.)

My forevers, who’ve been with me from beginner Marvel fanfic to explicit SPN smut, while still supporting my writing no matter what fandom: @thewife101 @mistressjenbradlee @avenger-nerd-mom @marvelmom @pearljamkaren @deathbyukmen @devikafernando @virtualgirlfriendsan @ek823

My SPN babes, bringing me the Winchesters (and a little bit of Cas, Crowley, and Luci) and supporting my SPN love all the delicious time: @delisp @roxy-davenport @wheresthekillswitch @lessons-of-red @moncun @2glassesofchianti @misshyen @andromytta @ers1071 @saxxxology @scarygoodfanfics @meeshw777 @deansgirlimpala67 @andillica @elizlyn @winchesterswoonathon @timelady12 @tchitchou26

My lovely encouragers of my JDM obsession (a few of the awesome chicks above are ‘’guilty” too, I’m looking at you Roxy and Lee!): @smalltowndivajessica @jml509 @winchester-negan-one-shots @myheart4ever47

And ALL of you that have reblogged/liked/commented on my pics and fics. I wouldn’t be writing so much without you. Its always my intention to say thanks individually, but if I haven’t- know that you make. my. days. better. 

And huh…guess I should thank The Winchesters, right? My love Dean Winchester who brought me to SPN fanfic. My crush Sam Winchester who is just delectable. And of course John Winchester. His inspiration turned something awful from my past into one of the greatest delights of my writing life. So thank you Sir. Thanks to all 3 of these fictional, yet inspirational loves. 

Cheers to all of you, you adorable 1010 loves. I’m here to chat, ask questions, be ridiculous, give advice. Thanks for the ride (hmmmm…ride. Who should we ride? Sorry…I’m smutty all the damn time.) Did I just say way too much for 1000? Meh. Keep being you. Yes, you. You rock. No matter your age. 

xoxo, The Smutty Fangirl AKA Ash

EDIT: Oh god, I didn’t say thank you for the orgasms. THANK YOU FOR THE ORGASMS, MY AMAZING SMUT WRITERS. 

Gay texts for gay muses pt 2

(Because part 1 was so popular. Don’t send me more hate for not using ‘queer’, thank you)

[Text] Any advice for coming out? You’re the only other LGBT person I know

[Text] (relation/name) said they wouldn’t come to my wedding if I married a guy/girl so I guess there’s more cake for me

[Text] Somebody just asked my gender instead of just assuming. I’m so happy

[Text]  Do you ever seen a film and it just confirms your sexuality?

[Text] Someone just called me (sir/miss/ma’am) and I feel so good right now

[Text] Straight people

[Text] I don’t suppose you know where the nearest gay bar is?

[Text] If God didn’t want me to be a lesbian/bi/pan then why did he create girls?

[Text] We should get a discount on rainbow items

[Text] I’m not out to my (mum/dad/parents/family/etc) so please use my birth name and call me your girlfriend/boyfriend instead

[Text] I need a sign that reads ‘they pronouns exist’

Seven minutes in heaven (part 2.) - Tony Stark x reader

A/N: requested by @melizzzabeth (hope it’s not disappointing)

And sorry for any typo! :)

Words: 1154

Because that’s how it should be. #AvengersSupportTonyStarkAndStopBlamingHimForEverything

Thank you.

Part 1. 

Tony was tied to a chair, as his teammates were. On his left was a HYDRA agent who was holding a gun too close to him.

He watched as the leader slowly pointed a gun at you, aiming for your heart, his own heart beating faster than ever. It couldn’t be real,  none of this could be real. It was supposed to be a simple mission. He even had promised you a trip to London, after you would have finished.

It was supposed to be easy and harmless.

A discreet noise could be heard as the HYDRA leader engaged the safety of the gun, snapping Tony out of his thoughts.


Tony was yelling by now, trying to untie himself from the ropes. His only objectif was to get to you, to put you to safety. That was all he could think about.

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Title: “Admiration”

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: K

Hello, hello! Currently in the midst of transferring my fics from my other account to this one, so my other account can be deleted. I hope you enjoy. :)

“Natsu Dragneel! Natsu Dragneel!”, the reporter from Sorcerer Weekly jogged up to the salmon-haired man.

He’d been following him quite literally ALL day long.

Natsu sighed and turned towards the scrawny man. He fiddled with the several bags of groceries he held in both hands. He just wanted to get back to Lucy’s apartment. He didn’t have time to dabble about and talk to random people, let alone a reporter. Those guys could go on forever and ever, it’s like they never shut up with the questions!, he frowned, groaning internally. Lucy was expecting him back with the groceries any minute, she’d be upset if he wasn’t there soon. Especially considering she was already pissed at him for raiding her fridge again.  “What’s up?”, he questioned, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible about this whole thing.

The man toyed with the pen and noteback he was holding, uneasy as can be talking to such a strong mage. “Um…Uh…sorry I’m a little nervous, this is my first time out in the field gathering information for articles.”, he cleared his throat timidly and adjusted the glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose, “I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about some of your friends from Fairy Tail?”

“Uh…Sure why not? Shoot.”, Natsu shrugged indifferently and set the bags of groceries onto the ground next to him.

Hopefully Lucy doesn’t kick me too hard for being late, Natsu shuddered at the thought. 

The reporter cleared his throat once again, “Alright, my first question is from a fan. They want to know…Who in the guild do you want to fight the most?”

“Hm…”, the dragonslayer tapped his foot as he thought of his answer then started cackling loudly, hands crossed over his stomach as he doubled over from the laughter.

The reporter stared at him wide-eyed, confused by the sudden burst of laughter, “Um, sir, is everything alright?”

Natsu’s laughter had reduced to light chuckles as he wiped the tears away from the corners of his eyes, “Sorry, sorry! I just, when I was thinking about that I remembered about much I really wanted to kick Metal-mouth’s ass, but then I thought about it more. What if, and hear me out, what if I kicked Pervy Popsicle and the Iron Idiot’s asses at the same time!?”, his laughter increased in decibels again at the image.

He could just see it now, Gajeel and Gray begging for mercy as he gets ready for a Fire Dragon Ro- “Sir. I don’t really think that qualifies as an answer…the fan asked for one person…”, the scrawny man carefully attempted to persuade him into picking a different answer.

Natsu tsked and shook his head, standing up fully with a toothy grin, “Now I would disagree! Just imagine how hilarious it would be to see both of them running away after I shove their heads up their-“

SIR! Please, just choose one.”, the reporter begged as he rubbed a hand down his face in irritation.

The salmon-haired man mumbled a few obscenities and crossed his arms, “Fine.”, he stated with his upper lip out in a pout before smiling widely, “I’ll choose, Erza! I’m going to beat her in a fight one day, you know.”

The lanky reporter face-palmed at his answer, “Okay okay…next question…”, he sighed before he continued, “This one is from another fan, she wants to know who your best friends are.”

“Oh this one is super easy!”, Natsu exclaimed, “Happy and Lucy are my best friends!”

“Is that so?”, the reporter nodded appreciatively that Natsu had finally given him a straight answer as he scribbled down his responses on the notepad he held, “Well, then that should make answering this next question super easy for you. A fan wants to know what you think of Lucy Heartfilia?”

The fire mage burst out into laughter at the mention of his best friend, “Luce is such a weirdo! You know, she only sleeps on the left side of the bed? She says it’s because she likes to be right next to the window so she can look out at the stars, but I personally think she does it cause she’s strange.”, he stated as if he had just pointed out something completely legitimate.

The reporter leaned in a little, “Are you saying you sleep in the same bed as Lucy Heartfilia?”

“Yep!”, he answered casually and grinned widely, “Oh! Oh! You know what else she does that’s weird? She always writes these stories about princesses meeting their prince charmings and living “happily ever after”. Why would you want a prince charming anyways? They’re always so snobby and annoying. Plus, they smell bad. I’ll be damned if I let her end up with some rich bastard”, he made a disgusted face to emphasize his words.

Intriguing…, the report contemplated before asking his next question, “I see…Well who do you propose Miss Lucy finds to spend her “happily ever after” with?”

Natsu tapped his chin as he worded his response in his head before answering, face suddenly turning serious, “Luce…Luce deserves someone who appreciates her for who she is. She needs someone just as weird as her, a person who will accept her odd shower times. They have to be willing to fit in with her weird eating habits, and she has some weird eating habits. Let me tell you, she is only person I know who won’t eat the skin on her chicken, or she even won’t eat the crust on her sandwiches. I have to make sure the syrup is cold for our pancakes, otherwise she won’t eat it. Sure, it gets annoying sometimes, but being a fire mage kind’ve helps I guess.”, he chuckled to himself not realizing how off track he’d gotten.

“Sir, you went a little off topic. Do you mind starting where left off originally?”, the reporter asked politely, but inside he wanted to smack Natsu across the face and tell him to take this more seriously.

“Oh yeah! What were we talking about? Sorry about that…”, he rubbed the back of his head bashfully.

“You were telling me about the kind of person miss Lucy Heartfilia deserves…”

“OH! So anyways, like I was saying, Luce deserves someone who isn’t afraid to walk through fire for her, someone who would walk through hell and back to save her. She needs someone who is able to find something to do on their own for a while because she really needs those couple of hours to read to herself. That’s something I’m not very good at. She gets mad at me because I constantly beg her to do stuff when all she wants to do is sit in her room and read, but I guess I’m really lucky that she just brushes it off…”, he paused for a second as a blush began to form on his cheeks and spread up to the tips of his ears, “She really is an amazing person…I don’t deserve her friendship, let alone to spend the rest of my life with her…”

The reporter frowned at the end of his response, “Why would you say you don’t deserve her? I’ve heard of all of your valiant rescues, and from what you’ve told me, your relationship already sounds like what most married couples’ relationships sound like.”

Natsu frowned, “I don’t deserve her because I’m always in her personal space; reading her letters to her mom, reading her book, sleeping in her bed without her permission. I’m more of a pest than anything.”

“I would have to respectfully disagree with you, sir. Sure, the things you do may be annoying, but in every relationship there are going to be things the other person does that you just don’t like or agree with. It is very obvious how much you care for this woman, and I think it would be a shame if your love were left wasted.”, the reported finished with a nod.

Natsu beamed at the man, “You’re right! I need to show her how much I appreciate her! Starting with telling her it’s okay to to sleep on the left side of the bed, that I love her no matter how weird she gets as time goes on.”, he paused and thought of something for a second then broke out into a series of chuckles, “Can you imagine how many wrinkles she’s going to have when she’s an old lady? I’m totally gonna make fun of her for it, so will Happy! He’ll really let her have it!”

“Sir, with all due respect, don’t you think that’s a little harsh…?”, the reporter pointed out.

Natsu snickered, “Nah! Lucy’ll be the most beautiful, wrinkly old lady ever! I can’t wait to tell her every single day of our lives how gorgeous and amazing she really is!”, he grinned his megawatt smile and bent down to pick up the groceries he’d been carrying, “Thanks for the advice, Mr. Reporter-Guy! See ya!”

“Wait, Mr. Dragneel, I have a few more questions for you!”, the man shouted, but it was no use, Natsu was already halfway down the street.

The reporter smiled softly, “Good luck, Natsu Dragneel.”, he whispered and flipped his notebook closed, putting the pen in the rings before shoving his notebook back in his bag and briskly walking away. 

Natsu slammed open the door to a certain apartment on Strawberry street. “LUCYY!!!!”, he bellowed into the empty kitchen and set the grocery bags onto the big kitchen table.

“LUCY WHERE ARE YOU?????”, he tried again, a loud bang and a yelp sounded from Lucy’s bedroom.

He quickly ran through the kitchen and the living room, being careful not to run into anything. He reached the closed door to her bedroom and held up his fist to knock, but he hesitated and reached for the doorknob instead. “Lucy…? Is everything okay in there…?”, he questioned and turned the knob, opening the door slowly.

It was an absolute disaster. The floor was covered in crumpled up pieces of paper, glitter was quite literally everywhere, in every single nook and cranny. The room smelled of something weird as well, something he’d certainly smelled before, it was tangy but the kind of tangy he never wanted to smell again. Then he saw her, sprawled on the carpet covered in glue and rainbow glittered, and the realization hit him that she had been trying to make something. “It looks like a glitter monster just rampaged through your room and beat the shit out of you!”, he burst out into a fit of laughter, pointing at the obvious mess she was in.

A kick to the face had shut him up very quickly though, knocking him flat on the ground. With that, Lucy took her place back on the rug and gripped a piece of paper next to her. It appeared to have something written on it in bright red and orange glitter. She silently scooched herself forward and held the paper out to him. Natsu hesitantly grabbed the paper from her hands and held it to his face to read it.

I’m sorry.

He stared at her wide-eyed, confused by what she’d given him. “Why’re you sorry, Luce? And why did you just to apologize with glue and glitter? You never make crafts. You always say it’s too childish.”

She only blinked at him for a few seconds before launching herself into his arms, knocking him back once again, “I’m sorry I got so angry at you for eating my food again…I overreacted. I asked everybody from the guild what I should do to apologize…This was Erza and Happy’s idea. I objected at first, but Erza started to pull out her sword and I didn’t want to get sliced into a million pieces.”

There was another thing he admired about her, the way she was always able to forgive somebody even if they didn’t deserve it.

He chuckled at her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders, “Nah, Luce, it’s fine. I understand why you were mad. I would be mad too if somebody stole my food!”

She giggled softly and gave him a knowing smile, “You would…”

Natsu cleared his throat and pushed her back ever so slightly to look into her deep chocolate eyes. “Hey, Luce…”

“Yes, Natsu…?”, she stared at him perplexed.

“I need to tell you something super important.”, Lucy began to speak, but he quickly silenced her, “Just sit there and listen. I just want to start off by saying that it’s okay that you are such a weirdo!”, Lucy nearly interjected, but he placed his palm over her mouth to keep her from interrupting, so she settled for an irritated face instead, “You can sleep on the left side of bed, eat cold syrup, shower at 3:30 in the morning, and kick my ass as much as you want! I will still love you, even when you have lots of wrinkles, you can’t hear me, and you can’t walk anymore! I’ll carry you everywhere if I have to!”

“Natsu…”, she started as tears began to prick the corners of her eyes.

“Shh…Let me finish!”, he chuckled, “You are such an amazing person, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I know I’m not your prince charming, and I can’t give you that super fancy “Happily ever after” you keep talking about. I’m not very good at romance, I don’t take hints very well, and I am terrible at personal space. I certainly don’t deserve your love, but it is something I want. I understand if you don’t want to give me a chance, but I-“

“You idiot…Why would I want a Prince Charming when I can have my very own dragon?”, then her lips were on his before he could finish his thought.

He sat there in shock for a few moments before he relaxed into the kiss, closing his eyes. The Celestial Spirit King had blessed him with a goddess for sure. This was how he wanted to spend the rest of his life and the rest of eternity, in her arms, kissing her passionately. Then it was over almost as soon as it started. Lucy pulled back and rubbed a hand on his rosy cheek, “I would rather spend the rest of my life, going on adventures with a dragon than with a smelly prince charming. The only downside is I won’t get a crown.”, she spoke, putting on a fake pout at the last sentence.

Natsu smiled at her widely, “I’ll get you a crown, don’t you worry.”, he kissed her forehead, “For a princess always needs a crown, this way everyone knows how truly incredible she is. Even if she chooses the mighty dragon over the dumb Prince Charming.”

3. Make me

J had his hands tucked behind his head as he whistled, laughing quietly at the other patient’s complaints. He heard a commotion down the hallway and scrunched up his face, who would dare interrupt his whistling? IT sounded like guards moving a non compliant prisoner into the cell across from him. He rolled his eyes as he saw her familiar hair. When the guards left, she hesitated to speak.

“So, uh… hey.” J growled and glared at her. He started twitching, a sign that he was extremely angry at her and probably Frost too.

“Why isn’t Frost watching you?” She struggled to meet his stern glare.

“Um, because I might have- I may have, accidentally, snuck out? But J I had a perfect plan! And I thought maybe Frost might like me if he could see me handle myself and get you out.”

“And look at what a great job you did.” J said in a monotone voice.  Y/N rolled her eyes and was thankful there were two glass walls between them when she saw J clench his fists.

“Hey, it’s my first run. I actually think I did pretty well.” Her eyes narrowed when J scoffed. “ But if you had Frost glaring at you all the time, you’d feel pretty bad too.”

“Really? Do you hear the way you talk to him? ‘Nice comb over Frost’?”

“Hey! It was a compliment!”

“You laughed as you said it!”

“Shut up, clown!” Harvey Dent yelled from one cell over. Y/N gave a bright smile in his direction.

“Hey, Harvey.” J rolled his eyes when Two-face’s voice softened a reasonable amount. “Hey, darlin’.”

“Sorry to interrupt your little flirting session, but can you explain to me how you got in here?” J glared at Two-face who only rolled his eyes and went to lay down on his cot.

“I told you, I snuck out. Don’t blame Frost by the way. Do they have pizza here?” Her attention span was like a three year old’s. He snapped his fingers in front of her.

“Focus. I-”

“I think you should be nicer to Frost, he looks depressed.”

“I’ll be sure to kill everyone he knows when I get back, don’t worry. Now-”

“Like he legitimately looks like he wants to kill himself every time he’s around you. Every time I see him, honestly. We should get him a date! Or at least take him on one.” J shot himself with a finger gun. Y/N widened her eyes and nodded.

“Yes, good job, J! You know what ‘killing yourself’ is. Don’t worry, being around people with a significantly higher IQ than yourself is likely to raise yours.” J glared at her. Y/N giggled and felt a sense of pride when the other criminals around them laughed. She knew she would pay for this, but it was fun while it lasted.

“So….they serve pizza?”


“F-f-focus on me. Focus.” She started singing. J cringed at her terrible voice.


“You told me to focus earlier. It made me think of the song. Ariana Grande? No? Youuuu maaaakke me feel like a dangerous woman, somethin’ bout, somethin’ bout, yoouuuu-”

“Y/N, when I get out of here I’m removing your voice box.”

“And I’ll remove your birth canal.”



They got several shouts from the other inmates as they argued all night.


“50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55” Y/N counted J’s push-ups with boredom, her head resting on her hands and her body lying on the ground to get a better view. Her boredom increased so she rolled onto her back and continued to count without looking. J paused when her numbers were off, and looked over at her while blowing a piece of hair from his face. He stayed in a planking position while staring at her from his cell. He whistles to get her attention.

“Get off that floor, it’s dirty.”

“Make me.”

“Oh, I’ll make you, you little brat.” She blows a raspberry at him and looks at him upside down.

“How long does it usually take Frost?” J resumes his push-ups.

“He’ll be here soon. But I’ll make sure to leave you for a couple more weeks.” She rolls her eyes and fake laughs.

“Ha ha, very funny. You’re hysterical.”

“So I’ve been told.” He resumes his push-ups, but pauses as she makes a sly comment.

“Good, you need to work out. You have like, no abs.” He stops mid push-up and glares at her through his lashes.

“You’re lucky there’s bars between us, little girl.” Y/N stifles a smile.

“Bars? No honey, this is glass. Y’know a hard, brittle substance, typically transparent or translucent, made by fusing sand with soda, lime, and sometimes other ingredients and cooling rapidly-” She talks to him like a five year old and J pushes himself off of the ground, his chest glistening with sweat. He looked feral and beautiful, but she’d never tell him that.

“Go away.”

“I-” She screams as an explosion is heard from down the hall. J doesn’t even flinch. Instead, he stares at her like a tiger being ready to get out of it’s cage and attack. She gives him a nervous chuckle.

“Hey, buddy, you know I was just playing, right? Your abs are so much more prominent now, those push-ups really came through.” He continues to glare at her. His glare turns to Frost as he comes down the hallway.

“Frost.” J greets, a threat laced in that one word. Frost seems to know and gives him an apologetic glance.

“She snuck out of the window.”

“Jeez, way to rat me out, Frost!” They both ignore her. The cell door opens and Y/N no longer feels the sense of security she felt behind that glass. Two henchmen offer their hands, and Y/N gives them a grateful smile while Frost wraps J’s croc coat around his shoulders.

Y/N mutters a, “Diva.” and her heart jumps when J glares right at her.

“What was that?”

“Nothing, my sweet prince.” She fist pumps when he lets it go, and she earns a glare from Frost.

“What?” J grabs something from Frost and walks up to her. He turns her around and wraps something collar-like around her neck.

“Hey! What is this?”

“A choker with a tracker device.” Is Frost’s short explanation.

“What? That’s a violation of my privacy!” She shuts her mouth as J gives her a look.

“Now that I have two people to babysit, it’ll be easier to keep track of the one that likes to run off.” That was the most she heard Frost say, and her eyes cut to J to see if he reacted to the ‘babysit’ part. He didn’t, and she assumed Frost was the parent in this relationship. Or the stoic uncle.


Y/N felt bad that she put Frost through so much stress by leaving. She took her own advice and started being nicer to him. She even got J in on it too.

“Well you don’t look entirely terrible today, Frost. You actually dressed like a human being.” J purred at Jonny who was reading the newspaper. Frost blinked.

“Thank you, sir.”

Y/N cheerfully skipped in, throwing a bright smile Jonny’s way.

“Newspaper? I didn’t know that still existed.” She sat down next to him and offered him a piece of her gum. “You know, Frost, you look good for a man your age.”

“I’m 35.” Y/N gives a laugh and nudges him with her elbow.

“Frost, you’re so funny.”

“No, really-”

“Frosty, do we treat you right?” J now spoke, walking up to Frost like a tiger ready to pounce.

“Uh, yes-” Frost tried not to pull back as J caressed his arms, running his hands up and down them.

“You seem so sad. We just want to let you know we appreciate you.” Y/N gave him a reassuring smile. Jonny was nervous, he didn’t like being the center of attention when it came to them.

“And who knows, maybe there is a girl out there your age that would like you.” Frost sighed. He knew she meant well, but she couldn’t compliment someone to save her life.

“Thank you. But I’m fine-” Y/N opened her arms and pulled Frost to her. He didn’t know how to react with J standing right there. She pulled away before he could do anything.

“We love you Frosty.” Jonny nervously turned his eyes towards J.

“Yeah, Frost. We loooove you.” J was obviously doing this for Y/N’s benefit more than Frost’s. To sell the whole performance, J wrapped his arms around Frost, squeezing tight enough to hurt. Frost cringed, and figured J was enjoying himself. When J pulled away he looked Frost right in the eye, and then pressed a sloppy kiss to his cheeks, making sure to make it sound as gross as possible. Frost drew the line when J leaned in to kiss his lips. He jolted back, and J laughed his mad laugh. He sat in his lap the rest of the morning.

 Frost made sure to never look depressed again.


Jamison:  C’mon Teresa…it’s me. This doesn’t have to be any different than any other time we’ve eaten together.

Teresa:  I know…it just - I don’t know…my cousins put all this stuff in my head before I left.  I don’t know why I even bothered to listen to them. 

Jamison: What kind of stuff?

Teresa: Stupid date stuff. I’m sure I’m putting way more thought into it than I should.

The waitress walks up…

Waitress: Good evening!  May I take your orders?

Teresa is glad for an opportunity to avoid telling Jamison any more about Jayla and Nadine’s advice. 

Teresa: Uh…I’d like to order a sparkling apple juice.  And I’ll try the Chicken Saltimbocca.

Waitress: And for you sir?

Jamison: I’ll have a glass of Granite Falls Grappo Blanco and I’ll also have the Chicken Saltimbocca.

Waitress:  Okay, I’ll be right back with your order!

Jamison and Teresa: Thank you!

Prompt: “insecure!possibly curvy! reader x kirk where someone makes a rude remark about her, she goes and cries & then kirk tells her she’s perfect?” - Anon

Word Count: 1,243

Author’s Note: I don’t know, I feel like this story is important. I’ve been made to feel this way by clothes before, and I’m coming to learn that it’s a problem with the clothes, not me. If I need a piece tailored, depending on the piece I’ll have that done. If the piece I’m trying on is too tight, I’ll buy the next size up. Anyway, I think what I’m saying is that I hope none of you ever feel this way <3 I know it’s easier said than done, but remember that you’re amazing and the right people in your life will think you’re amazing no matter what you look like or what your ability level is. @stargirlhorse

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anonymous asked:

If you're still taking drabble requests, could we possibly get some Tiz and Yew bonding? Maybe Yew asking for relationship advice lol? Thank you!

“…Sir, the truth is…I came to visit because I wanted to ask you advice.  It’s been some time since our journey, and, um…”  Yew started to redden and fidget, causing Tiz to raise his eyebrows.  Just what was this about?  “…In that time, Magnolia and I have grown close.  And I want to… I want to ask her to marry me!  So I came to talk to you.  How should I ask the question?”

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talesfromcallcenters: Do you like your job?

So figure I should start posting some stuff. Recently landed a call center job at a major credit bureau. Found out not as shady as people think they are, at least not my side of it (memberships). This call came in on a slow day so I was feeling good.

Me- Some poor soul giving advice AD- Angry dude who wanted no help.

Me-Hello thank you for calling _____, my name is Echosniper, how can I help you today?

AD- Yes I use your service, and I’m a victim of fraud, I just applied for a Macy’s card, and when I looked at my alert, there’s a notice for three inquires, when I should just have one.

Pretty simple fix, the three bureaus each give an alert if the customer has three bureau monitoring.

Me- Alright sir I can take a look for you, may I get your social security number or membership id so I may pull up your account?

AD- SSN is 111-11-1111

Look into his account, he has 3B monitoring and the alerts show it comes from all three bureaus, all for one Macy’s card.

Me- Alright sir, so looking into this matter it seems like because you have three bureau monitoring, or gave you an alert for each different bureau, and not just one. That’s why there’s three alerts for one card.

AD- No no no no you’re not listening to me, can you fucking listen?

Whoa what?

Me- I’m sorry sir?

AD- You’re rattling off some basic bullshit they tell you too, this is fraudulent and I want those other two removed from my report!

Ok what the fuck? I give you the answer and you deny the answer, and think you know better? Why call customer care in the first place then?

Me- Sir I understand this can seem stressful, but if you go into your account and check the alerts it’ll sa-

AD- Do you like your job?

Me- Pardon sir?

AD- Do. You. Like. Your. Job?

Me- Uh, yes I do. Why do you ask sir?

AD- Because if you don’t fix this problem, I’m going to make sure you don’t have that job anymore. I’m recording this call, I’ll send an email to your boss, I’ll include this conversation, and it’ll show how rude and stupid you are being.

This went on for another couple of minutes. Ranging from him insulting me, to me explaining why some things cost money, (We don’t get the other two credit reports for free, if we need to buy them, so do you!)

AD- Listen I don’t want to fucking talk with a low level dumbass right now, I want to speak with someone who knows what they are doing, click

No supervisor, no escalation, didn’t even deactivate his account. Well alright then. Considering this is like my 2nd month in to call center jobs ever, think I’m going to enjoy it here.

By: Echosniper


Requested By Anon

Tommy x Reader

“He’s back.” You friend said as she knocked on your office door.

“Who?” You sighed as you looked away from the mound of paper work.

“That nice looking Brummie.” She sighed as she stared off into nothing and started daydreaming.


With a shake of you head you pushed past her to find said Brummie, helping your workers and giving them advice how to improve their effectivity. He glanced toward your office and saw you glaring at him with crossed arms and swallowed, seeing that he’d overstepped and quickly removed himself from the floor of your factory.

“Can I help you Mr Shelby?” You asked a little irritated that he was here for the third time that week.


“No.” When he didn’t offer any more you rolled your eyes and opened your office door offering him a seat as you fetched him a drink.

“Then why are you here again, your shipment doesn’t leave till the end of the week.” You mumbled.

When you looked up your eyes met his cold blue ones, a spark of curiosity seemed to light them up as if your cold shoulder was amusing him. He wasn’t sure why he came, he told himself it was professional curiosity, but the reality was he couldn’t get his mind of you.

Only Poll had ever been so abrasive towards him, even Esme had some amount of submission, when it came to Tommy and finding a woman so level headed it had knocked his confidence somewhat and he’d hopped with his regular extra visits to have you unnerved.

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Oath | Ch.12 | Jungkook

Genre: Angst | Mafia!AU

Members: Jungkook | You/Reader | Yoongi | Taehyung | Namjoon | Hoseok | Jin | Jimin |

Summary: What if one day everything you ever wanted is taken away and your whole world comes crushing down? If you were to forget today, who would you be tomorrow?

Originally posted by kookieluvcookies

| Previous Chapter | Chapter List | Next Chapter |

Word count: 2172

Once you and Taehyung arrived back at home, Hoseok signaled you to come to Yoongi’s office. He wanted to have a talk with you in private. It has been three weeks since you became an official member, it was time for this discussion.

“Oh, Y/N, yeah. Come in.”

“Is there something wrong?” You were intimidated by him.

“No. That’s not why I called you. I actually wanted to tell you you did a great job on your first two missions. I was not expecting that to go so well.” He smiled.

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so @icameheretowinry​ posted this before and i just got a lot of feelings about an olivier/maria relationship so

  • olivier knows she’s gonna lose miles as soon as she hears the rumours about rebuilding ishval
  • so she decides to offer a position as her new personal adjutant to maria ross since apparently that woman has Zero Fear and it’ll piss off mustang bc he was going to use maria as proof about how corrupt the military was
  • maria accepts the position bc she knows you don’t say no to major general armstrong unless you want a death wish or you’re roy mustang
  • and mustang is Understandably Pissed Off
  • he sends olivier all these bouquets that mean stuff like ‘fuck you’ and ‘you are the literal worst’ in flower language
  • olivier starts to hand them out to soldiers who are pissing her off and it becomes tradition to give someone a flower at briggs if they’re being a fuckwit
  • instead, olivier just calls him on the phone like a Normal Person and tells him where he can shove it
  • ‘whatever mustang, i hope you don’t kiss hawkeye with that mouth, she doesn’t deserve that’
  • and at first maria is just a pawn in her and mustang’s weird flower pissing contest and she goes along with it, bc she’s indebted to both of them A Lot
  • but after awhile she gets tired of the animosity so she makes her own bouquet basically saying ‘please stop’ and leaves it on the general’s desk
  • and then a week later she gets one back on her desk and it takes her FOREVER to translate it bc it is so intricate
  • maria eventually has to ring her grandmother to help with the translation and it turns out she had messed up the message and so the general had corrected it
  • so maria makes a new one to say thank you
  • her technique and arrangement gets criticised in the next bouquet delivered to her desk
  • this goes on for a few months
  • and after a while the bouquets say stuff like ‘i hope you’re having a better day than me’
  • of course all of briggs has cottoned on to what’s happening
  • one day maria realises what has happened and decides fuck it
  • ‘general, can i ask you for some advice?’
  • ‘you can try’
  • ‘do you think camellias or an acacia blossom would work well with carnations?’
  • ‘either - i’m certain the response would be the same’
  • ‘and what would that response be, sir?’
  • ‘jonquils and a gardenia’