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i want a fic idea where lance gets powers of some sort (water??ice??) but the team doesn't notice and he tries to show them multiple times but always gets shut down then one day in battle he ends up using them and everyone is like whoa!! why didn't you tell us you could do that?? and he either breaks down or just calmly tells them 'i tried but you guys wouldn't listen to me' the others end up feeling really bad either way ((thank you for your time))

((no need to thank)) 

Honestly, I like this idea, but I think if this were gonna work, it have to be at the most tense moment. Like: 

Lance gets the power about two weeks into Shiro’s disappearance from an Alien Prince that thought he was worthy to carry the blessing of his people. Lance never got too tell his team, as they had just gotten the biggest lead on Shiro, and he didn’t wanna distract from that. So he tried to mention it on the side, but everyone is hyper focused on finding Shiro, and just brush him off. Here comes the big rescue mission and Lance pulls water out of the air, and slices through several galra drones, and when he realizes that Shiro wont make it back to the ship he- infront of everyone- pours out some water and pulls a Katara and heals him. Cue drama. 

Aqua Form - Juvia Lockser - fanart. I thought I’d try giving the effect she’s using Water Body and make her fingers and edges of her hair watery (?). I tried. I really did. However. I’m really proud of the lighting work on this..I wanted it to be very detailed and yeah I don’t think I did too bad :3

And sorry I haven’t posted in art in a while, it’s just been very hectic with school T T

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost, do not remove source.

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Sam, I learned tonight that Warren Buffet plays the ukulele, and I felt like you were the kind of person that should know that, if you didn't already. Also, thank you for sharing about how net worth is valuated - that was surprisingly relevant to my current work life and gave me something to talk about with my finance department :D.


Look at this oldmanchild playing his ukulele with the coke-bottle sound hole. 


He lives on coca-cola, Utz potato sticks, and ice cream, because he looked at the actuarial tables and found that six-year-olds have the lowest mortality rate. Also his son Howard is a farmer. Just a straight-up gentleman farmer. Warren’s like “Well yes I hope Howard will take over as chair of Berkshire Hathaway when I die but let’s be clear he’ll be a figurehead because he’s a farmer, not a financial genius, so he’ll be like, the moral compass of the company.” 

This is why I, myself, am the Warren Buffett fandom, a fandom of one. (Unless you count a lot of gross investment advisors which I don’t because they’re not really in the Warren Buffett fandom, they’re in the money fandom, he’s just a BNF in the money fandom.) 

INTJ ESFP affection
  • ESFP: I'm having a hard day, can you just tell me you love me?
  • INTJ: You know I love you.
  • ESFP: Yeah, but can you say it anyway.
  • INTJ: Okay, I love you!
  • ESFP: Thanks *leaves*
  • INTJ: *thinks* How is me saying that enough to cheer you up? If you didn't believe it before why is me saying it on command proof? Even if I didn't I would have said it to make her feel better. So does my love mean nothing if anyone saying 'I love you'has the same effect? Well I'm kind of annoyed now.
Goblin - Eps.16
  • Deok-hwa: Why didn't I know that?
  • Secretary Kim: I never told you.
  • Deok-hwa: Why didn't you tell me?
  • Secretary Kim: You never asked. Haha. You don't care much about the people around you or how the world works. That's why I'm waiting for you to ask questions. Questions that an adult would ask. About the world and about the joy and sorrows of those around you.
  • Deok-hwa: Thank you. Give me a little more time. I'll try my best to grow up.
  • Secretary Kim: You do that.

Soft Hands shirts Part 2 

(Part 1

Some more merch from your fav Samwell punk band (AU by @heyfightme designs in due part thanks to @omgpieplease). How do they have so many shirts? Lardo probably silk screens each design once in a large batch and then just sells them until they sell out. 

Side note I really love the skeleton hands so here’s some ideas I might follow up on later: a skeleton hand making a raised fist, a skeleton hand flipping the bird, a skull smoking pot. 

READ THE CAPTIONS I added color commentary from the band on there.


•ᴥ• awrf!

breaking news: adorable husbands finally get a puppy!

inspired by kiss-my-pikachu‘s request | more phan doodles here

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Erwin abuses mistletoe during the Christmas season as an excuse to give Levi kisses. It's everywhere. In the kitchen. In the car. Levi retaliates by hanging mistletoe over the toilet. Erwin doesn't notice it until it's too late. Love your work. <3

Dearest anon, let me tell you…you’ve seen right through Dorkwin and Levi. Erwin is a total christmas enthusiast while Levi secretly enjoys is annoyed by all of it…He can bear and does enjoy a certain amount of festivity, especially at home, but Erwin tends to exaggerate xD

Thank you for enjoying my stuff dear anon…and thank you for giving me the opportunity to draw Dorkwin reading the funnies on the toilet.

Divergent {Sentence Starters}
  • "I know who you are. If you wanna survive, follow me."
  • "You wouldn't shoot me."
  • "You'd still be standing there if I hadn't hit you."
  • "Everyone knows where they belong. Except for me."
  • "You think that human nature is weakness?"
  • "You're different. You don't fit into a category."
  • "Fear doesn't shut you down, it wakes you up."
  • "You fight until one of you can't anymore."
  • "So, am I supposed to thank you?"
  • "I want to be brave, and I want to be selfless, intelligent, and honest and kind. Well, I'm still working on kind."
  • "Is it just me, or are they trying to kill us?"
  • "The test didn't work on you."
  • "Lucky for you, that wasn't a rule when we fought."
  • "I think you might be overestimating my character."
  • "I don't want to go too fast."
  • "They tell the truth, even when you wish they wouldn't."
  • "Have you never seen a hamburger before?"
  • "You think he's going to let you off without a scratch?"
  • "I'm the weakest one here."
  • "The future belongs to those who know where they belong."
  • "You're a poor blend of impulses and impurities."
  • "A brave man never backs down."
  • "I don't want to be just one thing. I can't be."
  • "What's your tattoo?"
  • "If I wanted to hurt you, I would've."
  • "You're supposed to be smart."
Guys I really hate all this "try apps and get paid" like we all know that things don't work, like ever. So why do you insist on other people to do it? If you can't get a job or do something better with your life than posting that sh*t. well, let me tell you that you need help. We are here just to chill and have a good laugh not to try apps and never get paid + having a virus on our phone, thanks a lot. Bye ✌️

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  • Me and my friend: *doing origami*
  • Boy: (to my friend) Why are you doing origami? That's so gay!
  • Me: Actually, he's straight.
  • Boy: Yeah, but why?
  • My Friend: I like it.
  • Me: It's therapeutic. And it can get him girls.
  • Boy: No. Girls like it if you buy them chocolates and things.
  • Me: Actually, as a girl, I can tell you that presenting me with a handmade gift shows that you care about me enough to spend time carefully making art, and is very appealing.
  • Boy: I'll prove that it doesn't work.
  • A girl walks nearby.
  • Boy: *shows her origami lily my friend made*
  • Boy: Here, have this.
  • Me: He didn't make it.
  • Me: *gestures to friend*
  • Me: He did.
  • Her: (to my friend) Oh, wow, that's so sweet! Thanks!
  • Me and my friend: *brofist*
  • Boy: You can't brofist, you're a girl.
  • Me: Actually, the Bro Code states that there is no reason a girl cannot be a bro.
  • Me and my friend: *second brofist*

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Rules: Tell me your favorite character from 10 fictional works (Shows, Movies, Novels, Etc.) & tag 10 people!

Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto)
Naruto (Naruto)
Yuri Plisetsky (Yuri on Ice)
Yato (Noragami)
Killua (HxH)
Moana (Moana)
Natsu (Fairy Tail)
Iron Man (Marvel)
Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)
Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect)

this was difficult to narrow down, I miss off so many faves 😭

i’ll tag: @lilium-sns, @seaweedhead14, @senju-mada 
3 people is basically 10.. 

Ahh thank you @violetthedragon for tagging me in this the other day! I forgot about it until just now though rip

Rules: tell me your 10 favourite characters from fictional works (movies, tv, books, etc.) and tag 10 people!

1. The Worm (Labyrinth)
2. Spyro
3. Karkat Vantas (Homestuck)
4. Akaashi Keiji (Haikyuu!!)
5. Toshiro Hitsugaya (Bleach)
6. Lance (Voltron)
7. Hamtaro
8. Metabee (Medabots)
9. Clint Barton / Hawkeye (Marvel)
10. Zack Fair (Final Fantasy)

Alright well, time to tag people! Also, those characters are not in any specific order I will never be able to choose between my children.
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never stop creating. honestly, your work is so amazing and inspiring. coming to your blog and looking at your art always fuels me with ideas and creativity and seems to lift the writer's block off my shoulders. thank you and keep up the good work!

oh my, I’m so happy to know that, thank you so much!! this is so amazing
thank you for telling me this! c:

Text ✉️ Nina + Jennifer
  • Nina: I should have said nothing. I should feel ashamed of myself. I’ve heard about Joanna returning as Ariel. I will binge watch the next chance I get. I won’t let you down.
  • Nina: I will. and if I don’t see anything I will be sure to remind you to send them if you haven’t. I can’t wait to find out where you decide.
  • Nina: May have or already did? ;) I’m happy to hear I’ve given you an excuse for a mini vacation. I hope everyone will enjoy themselves not only at the wedding but at the different theme parks too.
  • Nina: I’ll be sure to and likewise. Though I feel you’ve got a better handle on your wedding than I do mine so you might not even need me. The offer still stands.
  • Jennifer: You and Jesse are both in the dog box. I need to find something to threaten you with, though. I told him no sex until he's caught up. Can't exactly tell you that 😂 yes! I was so excited when they told us that rose and Joanna would be back. Even if I didn't get to work with Rose too much she's still one of my best friends and I enjoy mocking her accent.
  • Jennifer: well, thank you. I think we'll do that without needing to be reminded though. we've had the date for a while and told people it so now we'll just need to tell them the location.
  • Jennifer: okay, I did the moment I found out that you were having your wedding there. can you blame me? its Disney world. I practically grew up there. I plan on enjoying each park. It's a shame that EPCOT won't be having a festival on then, though. just miss food and wine and flower and garden. oh well.
  • Jennifer: oh no, we still have a ton to plan. we've just been here before so we know what we each want out of a wedding and it's saving a lot of figuring that out. we've got the color scheme, I got my dress (because I was too excited) and the date. that's it, really. we can help each other, how does that sound?
A Conversation that Fairy Tail Needs.
  • Levy: So you decided to grow your hair out, Lu-chan? It looks great grown out!
  • Lucy: Ehehe... thanks! Don't tell anyone, but I had Cancer work some magic on it a few months ago.
  • Levy: Well, no duh. Hair only grows around five inches a year.
  • Lucy: It was that obvious?!
  • Levy: Hey, I read a lot of books. I can't say the same for anyone else in the guild. I doubt they know, and I'm not telling.
  • Lucy: Phew...
  • Levy: you called me here to talk over your book?
  • Lucy: No... I wanted to talk about last year, actually.
  • Levy: We got out of touch, didn't we...? Even though we said we wouldn't.
  • Lucy: We were both really busy. Jason doesn't even know what the word "vacation" means, Levy! And I'm sure your job at the council made mine look like cake! I don't blame you at all for our losing touch. I wanted to talk about Natsu, actually.
  • Levy: You've been awfully cold with him recently.
  • Lucy: Ugh... I don't even think he realizes that what he did was wrong. He could have at least said good-bye in person!
  • Levy: The note you showed me looked like it took about twenty seconds to write, but I don't think he didn't care.
  • Lucy: It sure looked like he didn't care.
  • Levy: Maybe he just didn't want to give himself the time to think?
  • Lucy: He never thinks.
  • Levy: Ouch, Lu-chan...
  • Lucy: Sorry...
  • Levy: I meant maybe he didn't want to think it over and talk himself out of leaving.
  • Lucy: He's playing completely dumb about it now, too. He can't just barrel over everything by ignoring the past year.
  • Levy: ...
  • Lucy: What's with that look?
  • Levy: Reminds me of Gajeel.
  • Lucy: Speaking of him... you spent the last year together. I know you're crushing on him. Why aren't you two a thing?
  • Levy: I like him, but... I don't want to make the first move.
  • Lucy: You are a strong, independent woman, Levy. C'mon!
  • Levy: But if I ask him first, it'd be giving up.
  • Lucy: What does that mean?
  • Levy: He never apologized to me, Jet, or Droy for the Phantom Incident. I want him to at least acknowledge that before I date him.
  • Lucy: ...
  • Levy: If I ask him out, it'll mean to him that I've completely forgiven him for what he did to us. I'm over and past it, but... I want an apology. Or something. Is that childish?
  • Lucy: No.
  • Levy: Unfair observation, but it's been eight years... haha.
  • Lucy: Do you really think he'll apologize, though?
  • Levy: ...I don't.
  • Lucy: Oh... Levy-chan...
  • Levy: Do you think Natsu's any different? Do you think he'll bring up the letter before you, Lu-chan?
  • Lucy: ...
  • Lucy: ...I don't.

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First off I need to tell you that I LOVE your work. Not only does it fulfill many fangirl dreams, but it's also really well written and edited,very few errors, so kuddos on that! Second, I was wondering if i could request a drabble of Cas and Lys hanging out and Cas discovering that Lys likes Candy and being happy for him (Everyone assumes they'd fight over her, but what if they didn't?) Lys seems the type to smoothly tell Cas she's no ironing board, so Cas teases him about it, but thats just me

Ahh thank you! Note: Im using a laptop with a different keyboard I am not used to, so if there are errors, please excuse that!

Castiel and Lysander took turns fiddling with his notebook as they walked down the empty sidewalk. It was the first time in a while that they have hung out, and they both felt nostalgic. Three anecdotes and four jokes later and they’re flipping through the pages of Lysander’s notebook, in search of old, scrapped lyrics.

‘’Oh damn that was so f-’’ Castiel stares at the page he lands on, his eyes squinting towards the chicken scratch. ‘’This is new.’’ He says, reading the love lyrics curiously.

‘’What is?’’ Lysander doesn’t care enough to see what he’s reading, but instead looks out at the skyline jutting through the blaring sunlight. His neck was damp with sweat, and he mentally cursed himself for wearing such heavy clothing. 

‘’Um, Lysander.’’ Castiel stops, which causes Lysander to peer at him curiously. Castiel has seen every corner of his notebook, except for pages Lysander has ripped apart when he was most vulnerable. There was nothing Castiel could have possibly seen that would make him stop in the middle of the sidewalk.

With a devious smile, Castiel looks at Lysander. ‘’I never imagined  you to be so..’’ Castiel trails off, glancing at the page. ‘’creative?’’ 

‘’Wha-’’ Lysander reaches out to take the notebook, and his eyes widen at the page he had seemingly forgot to rip out of his notebook. As usual, sloppy doodles fill the page,but what truly catches his eye are the lyrics sprawled in thick black marker. Words declaring his attraction for Candy, among other things. He hits his head with his palm. He had written this in a brief moment of desperation, it felt like the emotions were going to kill him if he had not written it down somewhere. He had rushed, hence why he had forgotten to throw it out.

‘’Oh, god.’’ Lysander says. What if Candy had seen this? The many times she had found his notebook, was it possible to not have stumbled upon such crude words? She acted no different, plus this was such early on in their friendship that maybe she had never peeped in these parts of his notebook. 

And Castiel. Castiel had confessed repeatedly to Lysander that he liked Candy and was actively trying to pursue her. Oh great, what a good friend he is.

Stifling a laugh, Castiel pats him on the back. ‘’ That could be a hit.’’ He teases.

Lysander frowns. ‘’You seem calm for someone who had just seen this.’’ Lysander looks everywhere but his best friend’s eyes. He was embarrassed, hot and confused. He had betrayed his friend, especially for not telling his own best friend his feelings. Every time he tried he couldn’t seem to make himself do it. 

Castiel shrugs. ‘’I’m not surprised, ironing board is annoying but likable. I had a feeling.’’ Lysander stares at his best friend oddly, but a wave of relief engulfs him. 

‘’Plus, if she gets you to write more lyrics like these, then be my guest.’’ Castiel wiggles his eyebrows and they continue to walk down the street.

Lysander realizes something. ‘’Ironing board?’’ He says slowly. 

‘’Yeah.’’ Castiel laughs shortly as if thinking about the joke. ‘’It fit’s her.’’

‘’Castiel,’’ Lysander mumbles. ‘’Candy is no ironing board, I can tell.’’ He averts his gaze.

‘’Hahaha!’’ Castiel hits him hard on the back. ‘’A creative perv, you my friend, keep getting better and better.’’ 

‘’Ah, be quiet.’’ With a smile they continue down the street, Lysander allowing the redhead to continue throwing jabs. He knew nothing could tear their friendship apart, not even a girl. It was them against the world. 

Sorry this was so bad, this keyboard is just so annoying! And if we want to be creative, please put what you think was written in Lysander’s notebook. It would be hilarious. 

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Firstly, I would like to say I absolutely LOVE you're writing style. Everything is just so detail oriented, it paints such a vivid picture and I absolutely adore everything about it. With that being said, could I potentially request a #4 McHanzo from the prompt list if you are still taking them (and if nobody else asked and I didn't see it)? I would love to see how you would interpret this (〃ω〃)

Firstly, thank you so much!! That’s really sweet of you, I love it when people tell me what they like about my writing, and especially specifics, because it lets me know what is working in my fics!! 

Secondly, here’s that there fill B) 

We slept in the same bed for space reasons but now we’re just waking up and there’s something about your bleary eyes and mussed hair 

It started as a two-person mission in Russia. Should’ve been an easy in-and-out. And, for the most part, it was easy on the in. Not so much on the out.

Russia’s unforgiving climate prevented the transport from being able to get to them, for at least forty-eight hours. They’d had to find shelter at a nearby abandoned safehouse, a bunker barely big enough for a bedroom and a washroom, and with only a decrepit heater as a way to combat the chill that seemed to seep into the room from every corner. There were plenty of rations, luckily, so they had no need to worry about food. Heat, however, and where to sleep were different stories.

“You may have the bed, McCree. I have been on the run for years, I am used to sleeping in odd places.”

“Now, just wait a tic, darlin’, you make it seem like I ain’t done the same shit. Take the bed, I can fall asleep damn near anywhere.”

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Hey beautiful human being! You're doing such a great job with this blog! I hope you'll be happy always and make amazing friends <3 I was wondering if you were accepting requests? If so, can I have a gif reaction for the maknae line and HOBI when they realise that you are sick but are still staying back at work ( you're a teacher) with one of the kids who's parents didn't come to pick her/him up? Thank you!!

Thank you so much for you kind words ♥ I wish you the best too ! ♥

Jimin : “Aish just call the parents baby, you need to rest, oh and don’t forget to wear your mask when you’re around the kid ! *clearly annoyed and worried*”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

V/Taehyung : “Why didn’t you tell me earlier ?? *comes to your work place to take care of the kid* just go home and rest, I’ll take care of the little sunshine and will explain to their parents when they’ll come why you’re not here, don’t worry I got this !”

Originally posted by taetaebts

Jungkook : “Ah Jagiya this is not reasonable, you shouldn’t do this while being sick, don’t you have a colleague that can take care of the kid ? *caring kookie*”

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

J-Hope/Hoseok : “Y/N-ah you’re coming home right now, you need to take care of your health ! *serious af* Bring the kid here if you have to but just come home”

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i was sat on a bench at lunch with Teresa just general talking 

“i wish tom wasn't helping newt so much” she sighs

“why” i ask

“because i hardly ever get to spend a full night with him, its always sorry honey i have to go help newt” she answers sighing

“what's he helping newt with” i ask

“uh, he wont say” she replys unconvincingly 

“i don't know what's up with newt, he’s always been my best friend but now he’s acting really strange around me” i say

“really why do you think that is” she asks

“i don't know, i hope he’s not gonna stop talking to me altogether if he did that would kill me, i mean in a small way i do  love the guy” i say

Teresa then spits her drink from her mouth “WHAT” she says

“you know i like newt, Teresa” i reply sternly

“yeah but i didn't think you would say you love him” he replys laughing 

“i do al right i just don't like how he’s acting now he’s always acting like one of the other guys like minho or zart i like them guys as friends but i like newt how he is” i explain 

“interesting” she says quietly more to herself

“so what's Tommy helping newt with” i ask

“i told you he wont say” he said again still unconvincingly

“Teresa you cant fool me you know and i know you know so just tell me” i say

“no i promised i wouldn't say a word to you” she says

“ah but the girl code says other wise you know i like newt so tell me your information” i inform her

“true but you know i got it on with Winston once so no info for you” she says quietly 

“what do i have to say to make you tell me” i ask sighing 

“tell me if you couldn't get it on with newt who would you” she asks

“fine, Arthur” i reply

“seriously” she asks

“yes now tell me, what's going on” i ask

“ newts been having help from the guys to get him out the friend zone with you they have been trying to help him not doing to well but from what ive heard apparently newts going it alone now” he explains

“oh my god” i say “that's so sweet”

“but don't make it obvious you know i wasn't meant to say anything” she says

i nod and then continue to eat my food till it starts raining everyone runs inside but me i just stand under some tree’s looking at the rain i like rain i always have.


i was stood in the deadheads thinking of my next plan its hard to think of a plan on my own till i see its about to rain and quickly a plan forms in my head i quickly run to a bush i know in the deadheads where roses grow i can see one a perfect white rose with no thorns i quickly pick it and walk back towards the glade where i see y/n stood just under the tree’s looking out at the rain i put the rose behind my back and stand beside her “hi love” i say

“hi newt” she giggles 

“you seem happy” i say

“i like the rain is all” she replys still giggling a bit 

“look i uh, i wanted to say sorry for being all strange lately and stuff i was not myself and i know i did some stuff i wouldn't normally have done and i uh i know that it didn't make it all that easy on you so im sorry” i say handing her the rose she takes it and smiles but still looks at the rain till she turns

“apology accepted newt” she say tapping my nose with the rose before she hugs me tightly resting her head on my chest so i wrap my arms around her tightly and rest my head on top of her’s as we both watch the rain for a second i look at her eyes she’s no longer watching the rain she’s watching Tommy and Teresa on the other side of the glade there cuddling and kissing under the roof of the kitchen she looks so happy but yet so sad at the same time “you want a life like that don't you” i ask her 

“yeah” she sighs “but i cant have one” she sighs

“of course you can” i tell her “you just have to find a good man”

“one like you” she says

“yeah one like - one like me ?” i say suddenly realising half way thought saying it what she said

“yeah one like you newt, your the best man there is” she says happily 

“thanks, your the best girl there is”i tell her 

“you know something right” she asks

“know what” i ask

“Teresa told me about the last few weeks, im a bit surprised i didn't work it out for myself to be honest” she says OH GOD i the pull out of our cuddle

“well, i -uh , uh, i uh well” i stutter confused on what to say till she steps forward and kissed me on the lips not even for a full second i don't do anything but laugh 

“so how do you feel about me” i ask

“i love you newt” she says

“i love you too” i reply 

we both stand for a moment unsure of what to do now till we both close the distance between us so we are back to cuddling again till she picks up her head and we kiss as soon as we pull away she fluffs my hair making me smile more before we meet and connect our lips again for a while turning it into snogging.


i was stood a moment with tom under the kitchen roof  i glance over at y/n and newt on the other side of the glade i see them both say something to each other then they both stand there smiling till they meet in a tight cuddle and then kiss i quickly hit tom as he was looking in another direction and point to newt and y/n “oh my god” he says “He did it” 

“get in y/n” i shout to her making newt and y/n stop snogging 

“SHUT UP” she shouts back 



i was stood under the homestead waiting for the rain to stop i glance around the glade not much going on till i hear some one shout but i don't hear what after a little while i get board and move to the other end of the homestead and i can see just on the edge of the deadheads newt and y/n snogging i quickly run over to them never mind the rain “well what's going on here” i ask

“oh shuck off minho” newt reply only just pulling away from y/n then immediately retuning to kissing her the second he was finished talking

“well you two seem busy shall i come back latter” i ask

“MINHO SHUCK OFF” y/n says only just pulling away from newt then retuning the instant she was done

i then walk away and stand with zart and chuck 

“hallelujah” we all say in sync


as soon as we both pull away of our own accord 

“i love you” he says

“i love you too” i reply before we meet and kiss by now the rain has stopped and we both walk out into the glade hand in hand everyone looks at us smugly they all cheer at us making me and newt laugh 

“KISS HER” a few shout at us so newt wraps his arms around me and kisses me i even let my foot pop i bet we look like something out a bad movie

“HALLELUJAH” they all shout at us

“hallelujah” newt whispers to me

“hallelujah” i reply as we meet and kiss again.