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“I met Chloe on March 25th, 2017. It was at the HVFF in Chicago. I arrived three days before the event to have some time to explore the city on my own. When the day came I was a complete mess. I flew almost 3000 just to see her. Of course I was first in line that day.

She was a little bit late, which gave me plenty of time to get more nervous. We were expecting her to come through the black curtains. I was just talking with the staff guys (they were so nice to me) when they saw her coming behind us.

I really can’t describe how it felt to see her. She walked right pass me and suddenly I didn’t want to go first. She came with her manager and sat down and I still wouldn’t move. She was like waiting and I didn’t move. She finally told me to come over. I literally had a speech planned and all the things that I wanted to say. I brought some presents, but when I was in front of her I went totally blank.

I think I forgot my English in that moment. I managed to say some words. I introduced myself and said that I had come from Colombia and she was really surprised that I had done that. It’s true that when you’re with her she’s hyper focused on you. She grabs your hand and she looks at you, and only you and pays attention to every single thing that you say and when you’re an incoherent mess (like I was) she starts complimenting you. She grabbed my hair and said that she loved it, because she missed her long hair so much. She said that she loved my shirt (I was wearing the fight like a girl sweater) She always tries to keep the conversation flowing. One thing that struck me is that she seems to be very aware of the kind of person that is in front of her? I mean, I noticed that a few people only approached her booth to see if she was taking pictures. She had a no photos rule. I think with that she makes sure that people go there to have a special moment, not just to take selfies with some celebrity.

I think she knows how to read that love and reciprocate it when she sees that people are being honest with her. So many of us went up there so excited only to say hello, to spend some time with her. She tries to make that small moment special. I told her I had totally forgotten my English in that moment and she said that Natalia would love me, and mentioned the episode were they recruited Yoyo in Bogotá. I was mostly trying to get out all the things that I wanted to tell her, I was so nervous, but she never stopped holding my hand. She would hug me and she would thank for every nice thing that I had to say.

I forgot that I had to get her autograph so she asked if I had something for her to sign. I remembered the Daisy pop and the gifts and I got the box out of my backpack. She asked which color I wanted for the autograph and she started writing my name while I tried to find the gifts, and I couldn’t find them! I was taking so long and getting even more nervous so she got curious and started looking inside my bag. She found another pop and asked who that was. It was a gift for a friend. She had like her face in my bag and I was so clumsy trying to get the candy out of the bag. (I gave her candy from Colombia) I explained some things about it and she said that she loves treats and candy and everything sweet in general… yeah. No surprise there.

I think she was smiling at how clumsy I was the whole time. As I said, I think she really appreciates when people cares about her. I told her that I was going to come back and also see her at the photo ops and then she offered another hug and then went around the table to hug me…and she just hugs you like she means it. I mean, I know that I’m just another fan but I think she has a very special love for us and she shows it every second. In that moment she makes sure to make you feel special. She kept smiling and grabbed my hand again. I was shaking. I forgot half of the gifts, but I was incredibly happy.

Then it was the first photo op. I was like third in line. When I went in she hugged me again, called me by my name, and I was a bit more confident at that point. The photo ops are super fast and Chloe asked if I wanted a hug. I really never asked for anything because I didn’t know the rules for these things but she was always warm and nice. I mean, she doesn’t have to be like that and I think it can be exhausting for her but again, I think she tries to reciprocate the love that we show her in those brief seconds or minutes.

I got my picture and then I felt like I didn’t want to go… so I just waited until she was back in her booth and went to get the picture signed. I gave her a little bracelet and she let me put it on her wrist. I babbled some more about how much Daisy and her mean in my life. I thanked her. She hugged me again. I really lost the count on the hugs hahaha. I asked about her kids and she told me they were back at home. I said that I would see her the next day and then said goodbye.

On Sunday things were even better. I actually felt like I could talk to her like a normal person hahaha. I went back to her booth, of course (I really just spent my time there) Then I was first in line again. That day Chloe arrived around 11. When she came I started feeling a bit weird, I didn’t know if it was okay to go in so many times… but I really went to Chicago for her, so I had to make the most of it.

She sat down and said hello. I was wearing overalls and she said that she loved them. I told her that I knew, that I always wanted to try but she gave me the confidence to start buying them. She hugged me again and asked if I was going to the panel. I said of course. I told her that I had another photo op with her and she told me that she would see me there.

I kinda started feeling the withdrawals at that point… so I just lurked around her booth for the rest of the morning until it was time for the photo op (it was a duo op with Brett) that day things were a lot more organized. I was one of the last ones in line. For that photo I had a pose in mind.

It was as fast as the other one. I think when it was my turn I went straight for Chloe and forgot that Brett was there for a second haha so I quickly turned to say hi to him but never let go off Chloe hahaha. The photographer would always get annoyed… and even more when I tried to explain the pose to Chloe and Brett but they just wouldn’t get it. It was funny because they got it wrong in the exact same way the first time. Chloe kept asking and trying to show me if she was getting it, and the next thing I know her leg is like around me, and then Brett got it and I started laughing and almost ruined the photo… I’m still not totally happy with my face, but at least we had a good time for those… 30 seconds hahaha. I said thank you and apologized. Chloe said that we almost didn’t get it… and then I started to feel like I didn’t want to say goodbye. I hugged her and then left because I took too long and the ops guys hated me already. On my way out I was like… shit Brett! And then hugged Brett. I think they both were laughing the whole time about my clumsiness. So that was a bit of a mess but a good kind of mess.

But then I picked my photo… I didn’t turn out that bad, and I realized that I had to do something else. I mean, I was already there. So I ran back to the table and got the last ticket for the next op. I ended back in line. The last person for the Chloe solo op. I’m so glad I went back. When I entered again I asked if she was getting tired of me. She received me with open arms and said that she never would. She peeked outside and when she realized that I was the last person she told me “best for last!” and grabbed my hand to take me to the center of the booth. She asked if I had anything in mind so I just told her to make faces. When they took the pic she quickly told me that she would say that she messed up, and then told the photographer that she had messed up and to take another one. So they took another picture, and I made the same face like the idiot I am. The thing is… every time she would do something nice my brain would stop working so I had nothing in that moment. I kinda wanted to cry.

So that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t know if that was going to be my last personal moment with her so I started thanking her for everything, again. I told her that I was glad I took the very irresponsible decision to fly to Chicago in the last minute. She thanked me for doing it and yes… more hugs. I got some time while the next celeb took Chloe’s place in the booth so I told her that I wanted to say goodbye and she told me to go to her autograph table again. I told her that she was my hero. I felt like a guy was about to take me out so I gave her one last hug and left.

Next it was the panel. You all know how that went. It was hilarious. I was really close to them but then went back to be closer to the mic line. I did get to ask a question about Daisy. At that point we didn’t know if the show was going to be renewed and I also started thinking that maybe this was going to be the only time that I got to see her. I was happy with the things I told her. I was happy to see with my own eyes how nice and honest in the way she interacts with people that she is, but it was heartbreaking to think that only had like a few minutes more to see her.

So yes. I went back one last time to the autograph table… Actually I waited for HOURS to be the last one to go. Since I had become such good friends with the staff they just let me be there. At the end I got to hang on the table where they had the pile of photos for Chloe to sign, right next to her table. That’s when the funniest thing happened. I see a huge, Asian guy come out from the back, He came to the table where I was and started looking through the photos. So I went like…”Mr Bennet?” He said yes with a smile. I introduced myself and told him my name and when he heard it (and probably my accent) he said that I was the girl that came from Colombia, that Chloe had told him about me. I died in that moment… for the tenth time in two days. It was almost my turn so I just told him that he had the most amazing daughter in the world. That she’s important for so many people and women, that she was amazing and for me it was worth it to take such a trip just to tell her that. He went full proud dad mode in that second and told me that she really was, and just the way she was here with her fans she was at home. He told me that she really appreciated me being there, and all the people that support her. He thanked me and said that she probably would have something special to say to me.

I went back. I really don’t know what was going through her manager’s head at that point, but Chloe looked happy. I went like: “I just met your dad” She was like oh no, what did he say? He’s talking to the fans now? I just told her that we just agreed that she’s the best. She took one of the other pictures that I was carrying to sign it while we spoke. I thanked her for everything she did. I told her that it meant a lot. I really don’t remember how we got to her birthday, but I wished her a happy birthday and told her that mine was coming up too. She wished me a happy birthday. I was trying really hard not to cry in front of her, but I told her that I really meant all the things that I had told her, and that it might seem like just a tv show, or a fictional character… but it really makes a difference in the lives of so many people. She knows, she works her ass off to brig Daisy to us and she loves every second of it. She thanked me and hugged me and she wouldn’t let go off my hand while I told her.

Then she eyed my iphone on the table. She asked if I wanted a selfie. I turned to check if there were people in line and actually some people arrived after me so I just looked back at her, but she was grabbing my phone and she told the others that it was because my photo op came out wrong. She told me that I had come all the way here, that I should get one. I just nodded and she was already going though my phone and opening the camera app. She took a pic, and then I said that my hair was terrible, so she just took another one. She didn’t look like uncomfortable or like she had to do it. She really wanted to make that moment special. I think she wants that for all her fans and I think that it’s important not to pressure her to sign things and take pictures on do things. She’s a person just like us, she could be tired or having a bad day, but she’ll offer something special to make you happy if she can. She wouldn’t stop thanking me and I told her that I was happy that I got to see her one last time. Then I saw her manager check her watch and I think I said it out loud because Chloe laughed. She got out of the table again to hug me and that’s when I broke. I told her that I didn’t know if I would get to see her again, but that she had made everything so special that I would always treasure these days. She told me that we would see each other again and I told her that we didn’t even know what was going to happen with AoS and that I just needed Daisy in my life. I told her that it would kill me (Don’t judge me. I was a mess in that moment) she was like noo! Don’t die! Hahaha She said that she was going to do new things.

In the end she just hugged me and thanked me for coming. I waited until she left and waved her goodbye. I actually didn’t cry when she left hahah I think maybe I’ll get to see her again. Now I know that going there was totally worth it and I would definitely do it again.”

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Your opinion on Nutella, Nancy Wheeler, Prince Kit, and Kylo Ren's crushed mask :D

Monica!! Always coming through with amazing and pertinent questions. <3

Nutella: I am mostly neutral on nutella, sometimes tipping over into ‘this is amazing I need more of it’. Personally, I think peanut butter is better. :D

Nancy Wheeler: My pony-tailed monster-hunting daughter!! I love Nancy! She’s relatable at the beginning- selfish, hormone-driven, drawn to the bad boy, and relishing in her new-found popularity so completely that she’ll ditch her best friend at a party. (That’s pretty low, but hormones!! + teenage rebellion + an intoxicating crush are not a great combination!) 

But she’s amazing at the end. I love that she doesn’t stay where she is. She grows and changes and really steps it up, and the way she does it is so beautiful too because it sort of reminds you that growing up (becoming better) isn’t about becoming a completely new person. It’s about letting yourself be the best version of yourself. Immaturity is bad not because being young (or innocent or naive or clueless) is a bad thing, but because it inhibits your actual true potential for virtue. Over the course of the show, Nancy’s curiosity, determination, bravery, and heart are all brought into relief by the circumstances around her, but you get the sense they were there inside of her all along. She changes because she rises to the occasion and, in doing so, rises above her own selfishness. Also she and Jonathan are so freaking beautiful I cannot!! That show nailed teenage angst!

Prince Kit: AHHHHH I FEEL SO SPOILED WITH THESE TOPICS. Okay so, to everyone’s enormous surprise, I know, I love prince Kit. LOVE him. If I met him in real life I would strongly consider marrying him. (If he asked me/noticed me at the ball, of course. I wouldn’t hold him captive to my will). His whole first scene with Ella is so special because it tells you so much about him as a person. His first impulse is to make sure Ella’s okay, for goodness’ sake! His protective (see: kingly) streak is strong but he’s not a jerk about it. He’s open and interested in Ella so you know he’s not selfish and that he definitely keeps his ego in check- which, you know, he’s a prince so not that easy!- and when she doesn’t know who he is he isn’t annoyed, he’s just genuinely DELIGHTED. And then my favorite part about him, and one of my favorite moments in the whole movie, is when Ella responds to his question about how they treat her by saying “They treat me as well as they are able” and he a) sees her sadness and b) immediately APOLOGIZES. He doesn’t even know her!!! And here he is!! Apologizing!! And she’s like ‘why are you doing that it’s not your fault’ and he just LEANS FORWARD AND SAYS ‘NOR YOURS EITHER I’LL BET’ AND I JUST I CAN’T. It’s so instinctive, his sympathy for this relative stranger is so clear?? and so immediate?? and so beautiful?!!!! But also not delivered in a way that makes her uncomfortable by demanding information from her or any condemnation of those who have hurt her and also he’s completely right so you know what good instincts he has about people and THEN AND THEN right when it would be understandable for Ella to let down her guard to him and share a little bit of her burden with him (because he’s kind and attentive and he’s actually listening to her and noticing her pain), right when you think she’s going to try to ease her pain by sharing it with a sympathetic person, SHE DOESN’T DO THAT SHE TAKES THE WHOLE THING TO THE NEXT LEVEL because what she shows him isn’t her pain it’s her values!! It’s the thing closest to her heart in all the world, what she tries to live by every day, the thing that helps her bear the pain, her mother’s words: Have courage and be kind. And she’s so vulnerable and sincere and THEN HE FALLS IN LOVE WITH HER RIGHT THERE. And I just I love it so much!!!! Because it’s about Ella!!! But it’s also about Kit!!! It’s about the kind of person that he is!! It’s like @byjoveimbeinghumble said so beautifully once, Ella doesn’t create virtue or goodness in Kit, she draws both out in him by her own virtue. And that moment, the way he responds to her bravery and vulnerability says so much about him. Because it isn’t just that he doesn’t withdraw or misunderstand or mock her for it. It’s that his response is to love her instantly, immediately, completely. That’s the moment when it’s over for him because he’s seen her goodness and his response is just. it’s love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S LOVE !!!!! THIS IS WHO HE IS !!!! He doesn’t hesitate or look twice!! He’s completely certain that here, in her, he has found everything he has ever looked for his whole life and that certainty informs the rest of his choices for the rest of the movie. And it’s such a beautiful certainty, completely free from fear or selfishness (this isn’t about him??) and full of bravery and kindness. There’s more (so much more) but I think I have to stop because a) I might cry and b) this is really long!! Tldr: I love him. He is good and wonderful without ever coming across as goody or holier-than-thou. He’s manly without being macho or a brute. He’s generous and kind, direct, gentle, and funny without ever being mean. Mostly he’s loving in the truest sense of the word. It’s so present in him that when he sees the woman he loves at the ball he has tears in his eyes simply because he knows and understands her goodness and how lucky he is just to be in her presence. *sobs*

Kylo Ren’s crushed mask: Completely switching topics here! :D I MEAN WHO KNOWS WHAT’S GOING ON but what I hope and think it means is that the breaking apart of kylo ren as become and by that I mean kylo ren as distinct from ben solo, kylo ren as persona, kylo ren as performance. If redemption is going to happen for him kylo needs to be broken. And to start with the trappings of his persona being smashed and especially the mask which covers the face beneath- well, let’s just say I’m excited and hopeful.

ShAmy : The “Best OTP ever” Progression

Sheldon: Greetings. You all remember Amy Farrah Fowler.

Leonard: Sure.

Howard: Nice to see you.

Amy: Hello.

Sheldon: Sorry we’re late.

Amy: I must take responsibility. I had to stop for feminine hygiene supplies.

Howard: Ah, ah.

Leonard: Okay.

Sheldon: I believe she’s experiencing her menses.

Amy: Actually, I’m not. In order to avoid surprises, I wear them all the time.

Leonard: Ah, ah.

Howard: Okay. Toilet’s sounding pretty good now, huh?

Penny: Hey, look, it’s ShAmy.

Amy: ShAmy?

Sheldon: A juvenile amalgamation of our names. Sheldon and Amy,  ShAmy.

Amy: Oh. I don’t like that. Don’t do that.

Penny: All righty. What’s new?

Amy: Well, just recently, I learned that you refer to us as ShAmy, and I don’t like that.

Penny: I got it. But what I was going for was, you know, how’s your life?

Amy: Like everybody else’s. Subject to entropy, decay and eventual death. Thank you for asking. Why is she not taking our order?

Sheldon: I should’ve warned you, one has to navigate a labyrinth of social nonsense before one can be fed here.

Amy: Really? I assumed an establishment called the Cheesecake Factory would function more efficiently.

Sheldon: It’s how they lure you in. I believe it’s called bait and switch.

Penny: Okay, I’m just gonna walk away, ’cause I don’t want to be here.

Leonard: So, this is nice. First time we’ve all gotten together to eat.

Amy: You’re right, he’s a festival of humdrum chitchat.

Leonard: Okay, that’s all I got. Howard, you’re up.

Howard: Um, tell us about your work, Amy.

Amy: I doubt you’d understand. Sheldon tells me you only have a master’s degree.

Howard: Raj, do you have any questions for Amy?

Raj : …..

Amy: I’m curious as to why we’re not eating alone.

Sheldon: They can’t function without me. I’m the social glue that holds this little group together. You’re welcome.

4 x 03 -  The Zazzy Substitution

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I'm honestly just so grateful that despite shitty people constantly taking your art for granted and being demanding, you're still willing to post publicly for those who aren't patreons. Thank you for continuing to be generous and hard working, really. I'd take water mark heavy content panel by panel any day if need be honestly

Thank you C:

I guess it feels right to finish what I started. At the same time the desire to quit the fandom grows everyday.

I’ll hold out though, because I plan to keep my word. 

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hi, um, can I take the lineart of your art to do therapy coloring? I'm not going to post it anywhere, its just that I have anxiety and coloring makes me calm down and i love your art so yeah, I'm asking because it doesnt feel right to just do it without your consent and stuff. And btw Its okay if you're not ok with it, I understand! thanks for your time! ;)

aw sure if you want <3

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just take your time, i'd rather you post the next chapter a year from now without stress than tomorrow in a rush. thanks for even writing at all, you are amazing and I get excited every time i see a post from your blog!

Sorry about all the people sending you “update soon” asks. Ugh. I can understand if that lessens you motivation to write/post. Again sorry, people just need to learn to go and live their lives and be patient (not sitting on tumblr 24 hours refreshing and pestering you to update). It really isn’t that damn hard to not do that and show some consideration.
Ahhh ignore the other anon. I’m positive the overwhelming majority of us are just grateful for all the time and energy you devote to your readers and to writing the fic! Besides, you can’t rush genius ;)
About the fic update? Take your time. You are taking time from your vacation to write the chapter and I completely appreciate it. But I also remember how hellish was exam month at uni and you deserve the vacation and relax and have fun. We’ll read the chspter when you finish and don’t let us rush you. ❤️
Sorry for people bugging you! Please finish at your own pace and give us something that you’re proud of! Art cannot be rushed

—— Aw thank you all so much! And I’m actually pretty close to finishing the chapter so it will be posted soon. But since I’m giving constant updates and have asked specifically on my blog and FAQ for people not to bug me about when I’ll post because I’ll do it as soon as the chapter is ready it can get frustrating when people ignore that.

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you're a real treasure

Anonymous said: thank you for your beautiful and wholesome tw3 content <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said: i just wanted to let you know that i really really love your drawings

Thank you, dear Anons! It makes me really happy when people enjoy my stuff :>

Uh, so just so you know, there’s again +15 messages piled up in my inbox. I love each and every one of them but it’s going to take me some time to answer them all, so, be patient if your messages seems to take a while! And yeah I kinda try to answer them in the order I’ve got them, but sometimes I pick some before the others (bc some are easier to answer than others, and some take way more thought than others).

Oh and also! I thumbnailed this lil’ comic thing (I say little but it’s actually closer to 40 panels fuck why do I do this to myself) that takes place in that modern!AU shite, and I want to do it so bad but it’s also gonna take time and I’m impatient little shit and want it done NOW. So. Yeah. That’s what’s going on in my life atm.

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If you suffer from panic attacks I suggest going to a vitamin / supplement store and asking for a bottle of L-Theanine; an entirely natural remedy for anxiety made from green tea leaves. The Theanine is the part of green tea that makes it so calming; and you should start off taking one in the morning and one at night to help get anxiety under control, but if you experience a panic attack take two at the same time. I took it daily before I got pregnant and I assure you it works. Best of luck!

Thank you so much! I’ll have to get some soon because Wow I have a lot of moments like this 

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Hi!!! How are you doing? I was wondering if you had any fics where Uther finds out about Merlin's magic, canon pls!!! Ps, I love this account so much!!!

Hi, I’m well thanks, I hope you are too! I’ve included stories where he finds out but also where he has worked it out for himself, hope you enjoy:

A Promise Made

Five Times

From the Ashes

It Takes a Long Time to Understand Nothing

Of Dragonbabies and Noblemen

This Dark Road Will Leas Us Where We Want To Be

The Quality of Mercy

Kissing Prompt - Ignis and Noctis

11. when one stops the kiss to whisper “I’m sorry, are you sure you-” and they answer by kissing them more

Ignis takes a deep breath, gathering his courage. It’s now or never. Fortune favors the bold, Scientia. Just tell her.

“I don’t… well, I’ve never done this. I don’t often find myself at a loss for words…”

“Out with it, Ignis.”


“Come on… I’m not going to judge you. Just tell me.”

Ignis clears his throat. “The time we’ve known each other has been… well… I enjoy your company.”

“I enjoy yours too.”

“I… thank you. It makes saying this so difficult.”


“I have no right to ask you this… I know I cannot offer you the life you deserve. But if I don’t tell you how I feel about you now…”

“Ignis, please…”

Ignis holds his hand out. “…I love you. I can’t deny it any longer. I understand if you don’t feel the same, but I-”

His grand speech is interrupted by you rocketing forward to crush your lips against his, kissing him furiously. He’s so stunned he can’t even process what’s just happened. When he breaks away from you in a daze his glasses are slightly askew on his face, his cheeks colored by a delicate blush. He stammers out a question, gloved hands gripping your shoulders. “…I’m sorry, are you sure you-”

You’re on him again before the words are halfway out of his mouth, your arms around his neck and your breasts pressing into his chest. This time he acquiesces, parting his lips to receive your eager tongue and groaning quietly into your mouth. When your hands find their way into his hair he’s certain this must be what heaven feels like. When you finally part, he chuckles, voice already strained with passion.

“I guess you’re sure.”

10. staring at the other’s lips, trying not to kiss them, before giving in

Noctis clutches his glass of champagne, desperately willing himself to think of anything other than how good you look… how utterly alone the two of you are… how soft and inviting your lips are right now… fuck. He’d snuck you off to the balcony for a bit of air and some quiet conversation but the champagne was catching up to him, and his feelings for you were threatening to make him do something drastic. He takes another sip and wills himself to focus on the story you’re telling him, but his eyes wander down to your lips, and after a few moments he just can’t take it anymore. He puts his champagne down on the balcony railing and shoots forward, snaking one arm around your waist and tangling the other in your hair, pulling you towards him and kissing you deeply. You gasp, but you throw your arms around his neck, pressing your body as close to his as your gown will allow. You kiss as though there’s no one else around, drowning in each other for a few heavenly moments. When you pull away from him, your eyes fall on one of the stone-faced guards, and you blush profusely. Noctis strokes your cheek with the pad of his thumb.

“What’s wrong? Did I embarrass you? …I’m sorry. I just couldn’t hold it in any longer.”

You shake your head. “No, no… I just… forgot the guards can see us.”

Noctis leans down to whisper hotly into your ear. “They don’t care… and neither do I.”

When he kisses you again, somehow you find that you can’t bring yourself to worry about it either.

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Hi, was wondering if you're still taking jeller prompts? If you are, is it possible for you to write a continuation of your 'Within the Ruins Left By Another' fic? absolutely love your writing, thanks for taking the time to write all those fics! :)

A/N: Anon, I am SO sorry it took me so long to answer this. I was so happy to see a prompt for Within the Ruins that I convinced myself I had to answer this one with the reunion/reconciliation chapter between J&K, but that bit is sadly just not ready. (It’s taking me f o r e v e r.) In the meantime, here’s a little peek into the universe from an alternative perspective. If you’re still around to read, I hope it fulfills your prompt! :)

“You asked her, right?”

Tasha nodded, picking at the label on her beer bottle. “Yeah, Patterson. I asked.”

“And you?” She turned hopefully to Reade, but he shook his head with a sigh.

“Weller’s not much for coming out for team drinks these days, Patterson. He headed home.”

Keep reading

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Sry if this turns out crappy I just woke up and while waking up I had this thought/half dream about Laurent riding Damen with the infamous instructions "Don't touch me" and taking his sweet ass time exploring Damen and wanting to see how long he'll last, but there's no breaking point for Damen he just lets Laurent have his way and at the end he's all like "well you taught me to be patient smh" and Laurent is impressed and lets Damen fuck him, this time his way uwu

asks about laurent riding damen are the reason i don’t delete my tumblr tbh

Dear my teacher L.,

thank you for what you did yesterday when I was crying.

I know, you probably didn’t even recognize what you’re doing, but I did.
You were really nice and lovely, and even the few words you said were helping.
I felt cared for. I couldn’t move or talk or anything.

Thank you for asking if “everything’s ok” and thank you for saying “no it isn’"t when I said "yes”.

Thank you for not playing down my problems and thank you for not trying to force me into situations that make me anxious.

I know I’m throwing around warning signs of a person in danger, but blocking everyone out at the same time.
I don’t know how to help myself and I want someone to help me, but I don’t know how to ask for help or take the help someone tries to give me.

Thank you for simply being there, for talking to me.

Please don’t stop, you keep me going. Please ask if I’m okay, if I need help or if you can do anything for me.
I’ll probably always say that I’m fine and don’t need anything, but it makes me feel better when I know that someone cares about me.

You’re a lovely person and there should be more teachers like you. I hope you’re doing fine and I hope I’m not getting on your nerves.

Thank you for everything.

In love, A.

littlesnorlaxx  asked:

You should totally put your family above your writing schedule ✨ oh and for all the people who are complaining about what you're writing, fuck them. Write whatever you want to, especially what inspires you a lot (*cough* Merle & yondu)(I have no idea if I spelled it right 😂) Take care love x, go spend more time with the fam and don't stress it ✌

Thank you for understanding :) It’s really nice to know that you support me like this :3 I FEEL SO PROTECTED XD

sharkeisha-stormfly  asked:

Hi there! This isn't a question, but I just wanted to say that I've seen someone reposting your art without giving you any credit. I don't known whether this bothers you or not, buuuut here's the link. Btw your art is just 👌👌 Sometimes, a friend of mine takes my phone just to stare at your works of art. Keep up the good work! ^^ *rolls away*

Thank you very much for rolling in, pass some good vibes to your friend from me
aaand here’s a PSA for all the followers/passersby, since I get asks like that quite often.  
I’m glad a lot of you guys care enough to notify me when stuff like that happens, really, thank you, but the thing is – I’ve been drawing fanart for almost a decade and it happened ALL the time, regardless of me asking ppl no to do that. After 126743575284th time I’m kinda done caring. Also it’s fanart which by default does not belong to me. Love is all I own, so)  
Just a friendly reminder – asking permission and leaving credits shows that you respect the artist. Also it can help people to find the original source for more if they happen to like what they see. Esp in my case, since I HATE watermarking stuff or putting my name on it.  
It’s not an obligation, it’s simply good manners. Up to you.

prague4ever  asked:

Hi, I asked once already but tumblr probaly ate it so I'm asking again. And my question is your opinion on Tobirama Senju. Him influencing Uchihas one way or another and your OC being Uchiha ( and now meeting Kagami). It's just that I have heard lots of contradictory stuff and am interested what is your take on this. And would you be willing to discusse why? In any case thanks for your time and work.

Dear @prague4ever,

I sincerely apologize for not answering sooner, for tumblr did no eat that ask - I simply forgot. I remember setting it aside because I wanted to answer it in detail, but then life happened and I’ve neglected to look into my inbox ever since. It’s a good thing, really, for you to remind me of it because it’s a good one.

As you mentioned yourself, there’s not a lot of explicit material about Tobirama in canon and what we do have allows several interpretations as to the inference to his character. So, what exactly do we know aside from him being the Nidaime Hokage?

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talesmaniac89  asked:

Hi. I was informed by a dear friend that one of my stories had been shared without my permission on wattpad, and after i contacted the person in question I decided to contact other writers whose works were also there. I saw your story there too and thought you should know. Of course if you gave them permission that's fine, but if not I wanted to at least let you know: Asks won't let me add a link, but the username on wattpad is always_obsessing and I found your story under her smut book.

UGGHHH I HATE WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT. This is like the fifth time. I definitely did NOT give them permission. Thank you for telling me. I don’t have a wattpad but could you tell them to take it down for me? Thank you