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  • i’m going to have a haircut tomorrow yayy
  • i must not procrastinate anymore ;n;
  • i have motion sickness and it sucks
  • currently addicted to brave frontier and school idol festival hehe
  • i lovee kitties and puppies but i will never have a chance to adopt one because my dad is strongly against it ._.

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My darling Sara,

I hope you can forgive my lapse in communication. I have been poorly the past several days. Cassandra has alternated between threatening to bash me right off the ramparts and writing you herself should I not inform you. Forgive me, but I did not want to trouble you, not while you needed your focus elsewhere. Knight-Captain Rylen has shouldered much, along with Cassandra and Lieutenant Aclassi. I am strangely loath to give any responsibility to Michel de Chevin in such a capacity, now that Leliana has heard whispers of his character. Perhaps I must re-examine my estimation of all of our Chevaliers the more I hear such whisperings.

In more intriguing but unsettling news, Professor Frederic tells me the eggs we have retrieved are drawing closer to hatching. I initially dismissed the dangers, but he tells me all seven of the clutch are healthy. Seven dragonlings in Skyhold! How will we feed them? I have already begun to send for nigh on a herd of Druffalo and twice that in goats, though Lady Montilyet is suggesting fish of all things. Will a dragon even survive on fish? I do hope we do not come to regret raising dragons. I never thought should have cause to write such a sentence.

I have rambled, and for far too long, as though I were standing with you on the battlements talking of everything and nothing. The truth of it is that I miss you. I miss you terribly. I miss the profound sleep I never know unless you are beside me. I miss waking to you in my arms. I miss your fingers in my hair, and even when you tease me for my curls. I miss the heated chess games I never manage to sit still through. I miss thinking of you the whole trek to your quarters. I miss your lips on mine and the way you fit against me. I miss the taste of you, the warmth of you. I miss the light of your eyes when you see whatever it is you manage to see in me.

Please return safely, and please return soon. I pray, even the days I cannot quite manage to make it to the garden Chantry, that Andraste’s light will see you safely back to me. Maker help me, I cannot do this without you.

With all of my love,

Book balancing challenge thingy haha. This was very much a challenge, this took ages. (Sorry it’s at a funny angle) When I took this the books were almost falling haha. I was tagged by thequeenofstories thank you! :) I tag antstepsbooks bookscope booksarehereforyou whimsybookowl penandpaperss the-joy-of-reading mitchiewrites prettybookends sorry if you don’t like being tagged and stuff :)

I was tagged by the beautiful greenangelheart for this get to know me tag.  Sorry it’s like a million years late.  Finally on my laptop to do this properly. Thank you m’dear Stephanie :)

Name:  Sara

Average hours I sleep: usually like 6, sometimes I get more if I’m lucky. 

Last Thing you Googled: pregnancy terminology. lol I am working on a fic here and want to make sure I use actual things lol.

Nicknames: Sarita, Ducky, that’s really about it

Birthday: July 20th

Sexual Orientation: though I do not find Sexual Orientation important, I am straight.

Height: 5’1”-5′2″ depending on the day lol

Favorite Color: red, black and purple

One Place That Makes You Happy: My room, especially my bed.

How Many sheets do you sleep with: Usually 1.  But it’s the thickness of said blanket/sheet/duvet that is more of the appropriate question.

Favorite Film: Do you really have the time for me to list? 

What Am I wearing Right now: Truthfully?  I am wearing a black shirt, a turquoise cami and no pants.  I know I know. but I am in the comfort of my own room. so..freedom ya know?

Last Book Read: Like book book?  Does “The Book of Sounds” By BJ Novak count because I legitimately read that to my nephew like yesterday.  lol But I mean, I’m really into fan fiction right, books are kind of on hold right now.

First Word that Came to mind: hiccups.  Because I am suffering from hiccups right now.

Last Thing you said to a family member: “Nope not today Satan.”  to my mother about her volunteering me to do dishes. lol True story.

Favorite Beverage: Horchata. Beer. Jameson. Water.

Favorite Food: Remember when you asked me what my favorite films are and I said do you have the time?  Basically, same answer.

Last thing I watched in theaters: um, Insurgent?  I think.  Oh no! Fast 7!  My sister begged me to go with her, not my type of film but eh.

Dream Vacation: England.  I mean, one day.  I vow it.

Dream Pet: I got cats, I got dogs, so I’m good on the “dream pet” front

Dream Job: I always pictured myself in a band but a) i only play the clarinet/bass clarinet and don’t think that would be punk rock lol and b) I don’t have the vocal ability to carry a tune, so that dream ended.  lol  But honestly, I wish I invested more time in school to become a writer or a journalist.

Welp, that’s about me.  Let’s see I taggeth:

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I don’t know who else to tag and I don’t know if anyone else has done this or doesn’t want to do this.  No pressure my dears if ya don’t want to do this.  && if ya do want to do it, just say I tagged ya  and do it. :)

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I was tagged by orenjinanadaime, Thanks Vicky-chan!!! ^^ ♥

name: Sara

time and date:  7:11PM, May 1st

average hours of sleep at night: 8-10 hours

last thing i googled: “Prion Diseases” lol..they’re super weird

nickname: Admiral

birthday: I have always existed.

gender: Female

sexual orientation: Straight

height : 5′ 3″ Shortie :P

favorite color: Black and yeah I know it’s not technically a color 

one place that make me happy: Anywhere with my fiance ^^

how many blankets i sleep under: 1

favorite movie: Hmmm idk

what am i wearing right now : Jammies

last book i read : Uh, it’s called “In Defense of Food”

most used phrases: “You know what I mean?” 

what i last said to a family member: Uhhh idk

favorite beverages: Coffee

favorite food: Hmm…donuts or cheesecake probably

last movie i watched: I can’t remember o.o

dream vacation : Bled, Slovenia or Akihabara, Japan.

dream wedding: I’m currently trying to plan it XD ♥

dream pets: Savannah Cat

dream job: Microbiologist is my new one now haha

Uhh okay I tag: anime-and-fandom, avenger-hawk, the-queen-of-itasasu, yaoi-sasuke, oisugaa, izuunami, feminist-suigetsu and anyone else :o

Thanks for the tag deep-sea-explorer <3

RULES: You can tell a lot of a person by the kind of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your phone, iPod, iTunes, media player, etc and write the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 other people. No skipping.

1. Intro- The xx

2. Skeleton Song- Kate Nash

3. Think of You- A Fine Frenzy

4. Lie To Me- Sara Bareilles

5. Bang Bang Bang- Christina Perri

6. Love, Save The Empty- Erin McCarley

7. Other Side of the World- KT Tunstall

8. Turning Tables- Adele

9. My Blood- Ellie Goulding

10. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)- Florence + The Machine

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S - Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon

A - Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis Leftwich

R - Riptide by Vance Joy

A - All of Me by John Legend

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I was tagged by crazyacenpokerface. ahhh thank you!! ^^

Name: Sara (pronounced “sah-rah.” I don’t know, I thought I’d throw that out there since the other way is more common for people).

Time and Date: 2:13 pm; May 2, 2015

Last Thing I Googled: The Princess Bride. Because I just got that ask, and I thought, “Huh, I really don’t remember this movie that much.” So I looked it up haha.

Nickname: My answer to this is always the same lol. My mom has called me ‘paru’ since I was a kid. Does anyone even want to hear the story behind why?? And my friend Alex calls me ‘love’ which I, well, love <3 Other than that, a name like mine is kind of hard to shorten into a nickname. A pity, really, because I adore nicknames :/ Oh! And ever since I changed my url, some people call me ‘michi’ (which I find surprisingly adorable). Does that count? :)

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8″ (exactly 5′8″ in fact)

Favourite Colour: green, green, green~

Places that Make Me Happy: I’m a simple gal. I like quiet places. The Tealicious on my campus. This really quiet spot on my campus where there are trees and flowers everywhere and even a fountain nearby, and since it’s kind of isolated and far away from classrooms, people hardly go there so it’s really nice and peaceful. The basement of my childhood home back in Pakistan; the way it smells is really nostalgic to me. This one cranny in my public library where I usually always sit when I read.

What are You Wearing?: I am multi-cultural today (because I’m a slob lol). I’m wearing a black T-shirt from my Health Science class back in high school. It says “Call me Dr. Awesome!” on it, and on the back it has all our names. And as for pants, I’m wearing the bottom half of my traditional dress called a shalwar (because they’re so loose and even comfier than sweatpants, but I hate wearing the kameez cause it’s so long and restricting to me). It’s patterned with black and grey stripes :) My mom actually hates it when I dress like this haha.

Last Book You Read: My Psychology textbook, because I have an exam on Tuesday :/

And there ya go! I hope you know me better now ^^

April 20, 2015

Handwriting tag!
Thank you e-x-o-l-a-n-d for tagging me
(Sorry it took so long>.<)

1) name: Sara
2) URL: j-my-hope
3) Title: Welcome 방탄
4) Bias: Jung Hoseok aka. Jhope( xD is that even a question)
6) Fav a)color: Turquoise~green
B) Band: kpop- BTS(4everN'ever)
C) drink: Coffee (this is bad dont drink)
D) numbers: 7,18,28 :3
Sorry this took so long, i had like 5k tags I didnt know of. I write pretty weird, just like me lol.

Then… Ill tag : byungxtae j–hot cowjimin ji-booty park-jizzmin spearjimint jungkiller

I was tagged by the dear prior-incantatem :)

1. Why this URL?

I was in the period of adoration of Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada and I liked this sentence very much so here it is ;)

2. Middle name?

No middle name, sorry. But I can reveal that my parents were going to call me Licia instead of Sara

3. If you could own a fictional pet, what would it be?

Well…I think I will choose a hippogriff

4. Favorite color?

all shades of green and blue

5. Favorite song?

This is impossible…I have too many! But I love very much the singer Anastacia

6. Top 3 fandoms?

Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Doctor Who….but even HP, OUAT, Agent and MC…Oh god!

7. Why do you like tumblr?

fantastic people and it makes me start the day with a laugh

8. Tag 8 followers

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Using only song names from one artist, cleverly answer these questions.

I was tagged by bardmccracken, thank u hon <3

Pick your artist: rise against
What is your gender: a beautiful indifference
Describe yourself: awake too long
How do you feel: i don’t want to be here anymore
Describe where you currently live: people live here
If you could go anywhere, where would you go: anywhere but here
Your favorite form of transportation: like the angel
Your best friend is: worth dying for
You and your best friends are: built to last
Favorite time of day: midnight hands
If your life was a TV show, what would the title be: dirt and roses
What is life to you: everchanging
Your relationship: audience of one
Your fear: collapse

I tag thegreatdean mickeyandmandy cuddlymickey flowercrownfisk and everyone else who wants to do this

Rules: Repost this, do not reblog. Tag ten people you want to get to know better.
I was tagged by shootingstar-lyn thanks:)

Name: Sara

Time and date of current moment: 10:25 pm 4/26/15

Average hours of sleep: 7

Last thing I googled: uh I was looking up where this lodge is for my graduation party

Nickname: Sahara

Birthday: October 28

Gender: female

Sexual orientation: straight

Height: 5'3’‘

Favorite color: blue

One place that makes me happy: this cottage we rent sometimes by a lake

How many blankets I sleep under: 2 at the moment

Favorite movie: Megamind

What are you wearing right now: pajamas

Last book you read: it was a psychology review book woohoo. But last book I read for enjoyment was I am the Messenger which is my ultimate favorite book

Dream job: I wanna be a college admissions counselor or something like that at the moment

I tag takingthepathlesstravelledby lookingoutforbrighterdays adventurous-wanderlust brendazed beloveddeerly run-from-what pcpumped baenews9 bigsam248 nerdllama

to-dream-of-another-sunset asked:

You are so beautiful!!!! Aaahhh you're a princess <3 I prob won't do the tag because I'm too shy haha but ahhh thank you for tagging me anyways omg that made my night! XOXO

Sara that means so much! You’re a princess too my love! Ahhh why are all of you so sweet?!  And its ok, you don’t need to my love, i know you’re gorgeous already so <3 

I was tagged by shittyoikawa! Thank you!

Name: Sara

Nickname: I don’t really have one, but when people don’t know my name, they sometimes call me hunter because of my url. 

Where I’m From: Canada

Favorite Anime: Tokyo Ghoul (more like the manga, but eh)

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Favorite Drink: I like dr. pepper.

Favorite Quote:  “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

Favorite Bands: Fallout Boy, Imagine Dragons

Favorite Season: fall

Movies I’m looking forward to: I don’t really watch movies.

I was tagged by Sara (ilysm, thanks for tagging me <3), so here I go!

1- Why did you choose your URL? duhhh because of my absolute and ultimate love for portgas d. ace, he’s my all time favorite character, my tiny little baby who still deserves all the good in the world <33333
2- What is your middle name? I don’t have one :((((
3- If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be? A DRAGON!!!!! I FREAKING LOVE DRAGONS I WANT ONEEEEEEE
4- Favorite colour? I think it depends of the day??? I really like green and grey.
5- Favorite song? Probably Out Of The Woods by Taylor Swift (since is the most played song on my itunes)
6- What are your top five fandoms? I think I’m only really into four fandoms? I go crazy about lots of stuff, but my favorites are One Piece, Haikyuu, Fairy Tail and Inuyasha (that I go absolutely crazy about for years now). Ohhhh and Harry Potter (hp is my favorite thing ever tbh). And that makes five. :)
7- Why do you enjoy Tumblr? I think I like the fact that I can really be myself in here and talk about the things I really like, and the fact that there are so many gentle and funny and talented and amazing people here who I can talk to about these things is pretty awesome (even tho I don’t talk to that many people since everyone’s so cool and I’m a boring nerd, lmao)

8- Tag all 9 of your Tumblr crushes: ahhhh I have more crushes but ok, these are some of my faves quinsdecim alexbenedetto bokuto toward-tomorrow spirition ohkagura ghibil shiroyoh portgas-dee-ace (sara, can i tag you here too? lol)


I was tagged by shennanigoats Thanks!! <3

Title of the first song you land on describes how you die: “Out of Control” - Hoobastank
Second song will describe your love life: "No More Love” - Shinedown….If you need me, I’ll be in the corner crying. :(
Third song will be played at your wedding: “Bring Me To Life” - Evanescence
Add “in my pants” to the fourth song: Push….In My Pants : Matchbox 20… o.O
Fifth song will be played at your funeral: “Brave” - Sara Bareilles
Sixth song is your theme song: “Butterflies” - Hudson Taylor…Seems pretty appropriate, actually
Seventh song will play when you think about someone you love: “I Hate Everything” - Three Days Grace…yes, this is incredibly appropriate
Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title of the eighth song: Broken…with a shovel and a screwdriver - Seether ft Amy Lee
Ninth song will describe your week: "Without You” - Rent Soundtrack…can I stop playing now???   (⊙﹏⊙✿)
Tenth song will play when you miss someone: The Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin

I tag: yes-i-am-sherloki-d queerprincesslexa sweetlycas leathercoffeeandapplepie oneofmishasmanyminions pascaldragon crazybrainuniverse

That’s not 10, but that’s who I’m tagging. Remember, never feel obligated to do these! <3

nshnoya tagged me to answer these questions a long, long time ago (thank you as always, Nivedha!):

Spell your name with song titles.

  • Chasing the Sun by Sara Bareilles
  • Howl by Florence + the Machine
  • Run by Daughter
  • I See Fire by Ed Sheeran
  • Smokestacks by Layla
  • Tell a Lie by Farao
  • Icarus by Paola Bennet
  • No Light, No Light by Florence + the Machine
  • Alone by Braverhalf

Why did you choose your URL?

…well, this is embarrassing. I don’t remember. (Perhaps this is a signal that it’s time for a URL change, finally.)

What’s your middle name?

I don’t actually have one!

If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?


Favorite color?

I love lots of colors, so I always find this question rather crippling.

Favorite song?

Currently I’m really loving “Dark Doo Wop” by MS MR.

What are your top three fandoms?

At this point? Probably the Raven Cycle, mythology (it’s not a fandom, I know, but I really adore the mythology community on Tumblr), and Tumblr poetry (if that’s a fandom; I really don’t know at this point).

Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

There’s just so much appreciation for things that are good: splendid ladies both real and fictional, social justice, insightful commentary on things that happen inside and outside of fandom, mythology, books, etc.

Tag 9 Tumblr crushes who have to answer these questions.

I tag people a lot, so I’m just going to say anyone who took the time to read this is a Tumblr crush!

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people.

I was tagged by the lovely thesassywitchofthenortheast​, aka Sara!

Thanks, girl!

1. Working Man - Imagine Dragons

2. Come With Me Now - Kongos

3. Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift

4. Timshel - Mumford & Sons

5. Superheroes - The Script

6. The Stable Song - Gregory Isakov

7. Go the Distance - Hercules

8. Kentucky - Billie Joe + Norah

9. Million Dollar Man - Lana Del Rey

10. Ghost in the Jukebox - Surviving Allison

Aaaand, I tag: that-first-glance-feeling​, colormyheartred​, theskyefalls​, thejeweloftherealm​, captswann​, & whoever else wants to give it a shot!

Post the first 10 songs that come up on shuffle

I was tagged by musicrunsthroughmysoul, thank you!!

  1. Float On by Modest Mouse
  2. Jumpin’ Jack Flash by The Rolling Stones
  3. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) by George Harrison
  4. Lullabies by All Time Low
  5. Run Like Hell by Pink Floyd
  6. How to Be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds
  7. Sara by Fleetwood Mac
  8. Can’t Get It Out of My Head by Electric Light Orchestra 
  9. Mr. Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan
  10. Kodachrome by Paul Simon

I tag: strawberryfieldsforjude, bingoitsringo, thatnowherechick, stevienicksaf, gorgeous-harrison, everythingmustpass, georgeharrisdone, paulsbr0kenaglass, and anyone else who would like and enjoy doing this. Have fun!(: