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Unpopular Opinion:

I love Killing Stalking because of the closure it gives me

Koogi is a talented artists and does a fantastic job of building intensity and emotion but it’s not just that; this comic , in a dark way, is therapeutic

As someone who had dealt with abuse, it’s not a light topic and it certainly isn’t easy to discuss without pissing someone off but I’m glad she decided to take the rough role and do it

As sad as it is, abuse is real and I’m pretty sure most antis hate it because it’s ‘romanticizing abuse’ which I feel like if you read the comic it’s kind of hard to believe??

I understand there were moments but if you read the comic, Bum is a very damaged and confused man who had an intense crush on someone that it led to stalking and because of that it was harder for him to hate sangwoo because of their history it’s not easy to get over a crush
And not only that Bum has no where to go

He has
an abusive uncle
No home
No job
No skills
No friends
No other family members
And not only that he was forced to murder someone

I don’t blame him for staying with sangwoo because in a super fucked up way, he’s all he has and as someone who has lived with an abusive type;

You have no where to go, all you can do is try to stay on there good side and hope for the best because there is nothing you can do and Bum knows that and he is scared of telling people because of Jieun, he’ll be charged with murder if anyone finds out.
Sangwoo has his hands tied and he can’t fight back and he’s self concious and hurt and spent his whole life taking shit that he can’t do anything else but take it .

And I completely understand him.
I read this comic for closure
I don’t care how the comic turns out it just feels good to know that people are aware of abusive relationships.

Now I understand that people read the comic for different reasons but that doesn’t mean you should attack people. I dont know about this discourse but I wanted to write this for a long time and be apart of the fandom because everyone seems so sweet and seem to understand and it’s amazing to watch others try to figure out what happens next and for them to stand up for the comic because to them it’s more than what everyone else sees.

I love Killing Stalking, it’s creepy and dark and Koogi deserves more credit than what she gets

Dead cold hands.