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Nickname: ugly gal, trash, angus, rinas and alchy

Gender: trans girl

Zodiac sign: leo

Hogwarts house: hufflepuff

Favorite color: pastel pink, blue, purble and green

Time now: 10:25 pm cst

Average hours of sleep: 8-5 hours

Last thing I googled: madeon together

Blankets I sleep with: I sleep with 1 (one) whole blanket

Favorite bands musical artists: Madeon, porter robinson, in love with a ghost, joji, tabrill, waterflame, mdk, dex arson, f-777, any bemani artist tbh, bo burnham, black banshee and creo

Favorite food: pizza, pastas and uhhhhhhhhhhh mexican food

Dream trip: france prolly

Wearing: a white shirt and blue shorts

Age of blog: i made this blog on december 2015

Following: 223 i think

Type of posts: aesthetics, memes, fandom stuff, stuff abt my kins, more memes, and memes :^)

i tag @happyfurring @mae–borowski @cielinwonderland @greggory–lee and uhhhhh im lonely so thats it

Hey Guys so I want to do something for Hannah, something because I know she has all done stuff for us

in a video message form I need would probably need something along the lines of “hey Hannah”
And 2-3 sentences in why you love her, it can be when you met her or just anything. I would love to have this as soon as possible so as long as I have a decent amount of people I’ll keep it .
You can email it to - (yes I realize it’s not spelled correctly I was 9 okay)
Please spread so we can get a lot of peeps thanks!