thank you for ruining my life

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Name 5 different ships from different fandoms. 

I was tagged by @purestheartslove and @garglyswoof. Thank you, awesome ladies!

So this is going to be hard like hell but I’ll try. I WILL try.

1. Klaroline - TVD *ruined my life*

2. Feysand (Feyre x Rhysand) - ACOTAR


  • Nessian (Nesta x Cassian)
  • Moriel (Mor x Azriel)
3. Caskett - Castle

4. Darvey - Suits

5. Gallya - The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

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i was tagged by @phan-ruined-my-life (thanks u soggy leafy avocado meme,,, and yeah i wasn’t “sleeping”)

rules: tag 10 people you want to get to know better
birthday: march 17 (yes that’s st. patrick’s day)
eye color: brown
hair color: black
zodiac sign: pisces
siblings: 2 sisters n a brother
relationship status: single and fine w that (i’m p sure i would suck at relationships)
pets: they all died rip in peace
wake up time: if i have school then it’s anywhere between 5:32 to 6:49 am (depending on whether i have to catch the bus or not). otherwise, good luck figuring out when i’m waking up buddy
lemonade or sweet tea: um idk haven’t rlly had either in a while
cats or dogs: i guess i’m a cat person but i love dogs sm pls help
night or day: nIGHT
coke or pepsi: neither..,,, dr. pepper
call or text: text
met a celebrity: nobody that i’d actually want to meet hahah
smile or eyes: tbh how am i supposed to pick one
chapstick or lipstick: chapstick?? i guess
last song i listened to: i’m currently listening to This Is How I Disappear by mcr

lmao sorry for tagging some of y’all a lot and you don’t have to do this but i tag
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I played 2 bbtc games tonight

The first game (hosted by @renegdes), I got all the way to Final 5 as Big Meech. But then, after a tied vote, Vanessa (@derrick-thatonegayguy) evicted me.

The second game, I got all the way to………….. Final 5 as Alaska Thunderfuck 5000. This time @derrick-thatonegayguy was hosting, and his twists ruined my game lmao

wow Derrick sure does love to fuck my life up huh? sdfgfdsds jk thank you both for hosting your games!!! i had a lot of fun even though y’all did continue my curse of losing at f5

starrelia  asked:

29, 36, 42

29. Worst mistake?

when I started reading comics it ruined my life

36. Any bad habits?

I am the procrastinating queen and it’s fucked me over many times lmao, even now I am procrastinating. Also my sleeping schedule is totally fucked, either I don’t go to bed at all or I sleep the entire day

42. Are you okay?

I’m not doing terrible but with all my classes starting it’s kinda stressing me out. thank u friend 

Rules of Clone Club:
  1. don’t use the C word
  2. seriously don’t do it
  3. i’m serious jUST DONT you’re gonna piss Alison off
  4. she’ll stab you with her multi-coloured scissors
  5. no one is dead
  6. for real
  8. katja’s just sleeping in the back of the car
  9. beth’s napping in the morgue
  10. helena’s taking a break in the soothing confines of the basement
  11. cosima is totally healthy and not sick at all NOPE NOPE NOPE
  12. kira’s at summer camp