thank you for riding the cta

Chicago Gothic
  • If you live in Wrigleyville, you can hear the organs from the field from your apartment. But not the kind you’re thinking of. 

  • Due to construction on the tracks, the brown line will be routed underground. Due to construction on the tracks, the orange line will be routed underground. All trains will be underground. Thank you for riding the CTA.

  • Before you can stop them, your friend from out of town asks for ketchup at the counter of the hot dog stand. Before they have even finished asking, their question turns into a low, mechanical scream. The cashier opens their mouth to scream, too. You plug your ears and chew.

  • Don’t look at what the snow leaves behind as it melts. Yes, the cigarettes and dog shit lay in strange runes, as if arranged. Just walk past.

  • “We’ll be stopped at Belmont,” the conductor says. “There is a sick passenger on the train.” You look around. Your car is empty. Through the windows on the emergency passageways, you can see the other cars are empty, too. “There is a sick passenger on the train,” the conductor says again.

  • Keep your eyes forward on the Magnificent Mile. The blank-faced tourists will pass in hunks and will jostle your backpack, but that will be it, if you keep forward. 

  • If you don’t live in Wrigleyville, you will wake up one day and hear the organs from Wrigley Field, and they will be louder than you can bear.