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u remind me of my cousin she is v nice and beautiful that is a compliment except she hit a badger once ok have a great day love yourself

i was the badger (i’m not helping omg thank you though wow have the most wondrous day as well!)

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Hello! So I'm just gonna come out and say it but I'm the lack-of-clothing-hanger and ass-slapping-bugs Sabriel anon. But anyway I went to the doctor(have the flu -_-) and this is how the conversation went. Very Hot Nurse: *putting the popsicle-stick thing in mouth* "I'm sorry if I mess up your lipstick" Me: (it slipped out)*with thing in mouth* "You can mess up my lipstick anytime 😉" Thankfully, she did not understand what I said because my mouth had the thing in it but omg why am i like this

*screams* I LOVE YOU. You cannot even comprehend how much joy you have brought to me with those two anonymous posts you made. My god I love your brain. Thank you so much. 

Also: HAHAHAHAH i love that exchange with the nurse omg. I love, love love it. Why do you remind me of gabriel so much!?!?!?!

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Just wanted to let you know that once, I was scrolling down my dash too fast, a pair of your posts kind of blurred together, and for a moment, I thought you made a post about why Elizabeth Midford might be the One Eyed King.

….I actually meant to write that post long ago ‘cause it makes perfect sense so thanks for reminding me because it is 100% an accurate thought of mine. 

I mean look at what happened during Kuro ch116/117 Anon…

Lizzie revealed she actually was a ghoul thanks to Bravat being Kanou’s equivalent in England and doing the ghoulification operation on her so she could become even stronger in order to protect Ciel (and that’s why Bravat needs all this blood, to feed his new OEGs).

And in fact, it is also one of my beliefs that Kaneki’s dad (you know, the one who died long ago) is Tanaka, because the physical resemblance is on point…

 …Tanaka, who seemingly was chased away by the CCG and somehow arrived in England some time between 1850 and 1875, leaving Kaneki with his abusive mom back in 2000-ish. 
And since Tanaka is basically Lizzie’s grandpa ‘cause he half raised Vincent and Frances after Claudia’s death, that definitely explains why Lizzie might become the next One Eyed King once Kaneki will realize that he should scram away from this business.

Thus have the Queen leading the rebellion…

while Eto wonders what exactly happened to Kaneki. 

Yep. Makes perfect sense. 100% the most accurate post I’ve ever written. 👍

………..By the way, did I also ever mention that I have the strongest feeling about Undertaker, Uta and Mephisto Pheles being actually the same character all along? 
Yep. They’re all Johan Liebert from Urasawa Naoki’s Monster who, during psychotic breakdowns, becomes Griffith/Femto from Berserk.  👍 👍

‪So i’m wearing an iron man tshirt today and some mom pointed at me and showed it to her son and he was like “omg it’s so cool!!!!” 🙊 that basically made my day because i forgot KIDS STILL LOVE IRON MAN AND TONY STARK OK. i spend so much time surrounded by this tumblr negativity that i forget that this here is just a small fraction of a whole AND THANK GOD IS SMALL AF so you can whine and hate on him all you want because in the end of the day he still will be the most beloved/popular character of the franchise and I’M THRIVING ‬

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Can you do number 3 in your drarry prompt list? <3 I'm always in the mood for some good writing

@mvlfxy said: CHRIS!!! I’M SO PROUD OF YOU OMG!! ok can i have a no 3 pls ily <33

(P.S. I’m using Cedric Diggory here bc no, he did not deserve to die ugh okay anyway I hope you don’t mind!)

Prompt List / My Writing

“Look, all I’m saying is that Cedric’s a nice bloke. I know that for a fact; these past two weeks have shown me just as much – and do I have to remind you that he saved me during the Triwizard Competition in our fourth year?”

“Whatever, Harry. If he’s still such a nice fucking bloke, then why don’t you spend another two weeks with him? I think I’m getting used to it now, really.” The crease between Draco’s eyebrows deepened even further as he shrugged his coat off and threw it over the sofa’s armrest when they reached the living room. He emanated nothing but hot, hot, hot, do not touch, and the fumes of his anger steadily spread throughout his entire being – from the very core of his heart, to his bones, to his skin, and onto Harry, who was quick to follow him the moment that they began to waltz over the burning coals.

“We agreed on this, Draco! I’m literally in charge of helping him with training the new Aurors, so of course that would take some time, and you know it! You even went through the same process, yourself! With me!”

“Now you’re with him, though, so have fun with your training and doing everything else that’s been keeping you from coming home till it’s late into the night.”

“It’s called overtime, you idiot!”

You’re the idiot!”

“At least I’m not a jealous one!”

Draco stopped pacing then, and turned around so quickly that maybe they actually were waltzing. “Why would you ever think that I’m jealous?”

“Well, it’s not like you were being very subtle.” The conflicted expression that flashed upon Draco’s face could’ve made Harry laugh, but now wasn’t the time. “You thought that I wouldn’t notice? Come on, I’ve known you for more than a decade. I know what makes you tick – what pisses you off to no end, makes your blood boil and your back stiffen – but I also know what makes you melt; all of the things that’d make you smile when you think that no one’s looking, and the things that soften every edge that I love about you all the same.”

The temperature seemed to have dropped a few degrees, and perhaps Draco was no longer too hot to touch when his arms lowered, now uncrossed. “That’s…”

“So I’m right?”

Harry took a chance and stretched out his fingers rather tentatively, and the response was surprisingly welcoming,  even if Draco’s words said otherwise.

“No, and you’re in my personal space.”

“But you’re the one who took my hand?”

“I didn’t say that I didn’t want it.”


It was eleven o’clock in the evening when Harry began to cast charms on his office to lock it securely, and about thirty seconds later when he tightened his grip on his wand as he heard footsteps nearing.

“No need to be so tense; it’s just me,” Cedric said. Harry gave him an odd look, as if asking why he hadn’t gone home yet. It was his turn to lock the facilities tonight, after all. “Oh, well, I was about to go, but I’ve been meaning to ask you for a favor.”


The light in the kitchen was enough to tell Harry where Draco was when he got home.

“Why are you such a damn prick?” Harry nearly broke out of character when he saw Draco’s horrified face after grabbing him by the collar of his crisp dress shirt.

His expression was soon masked by a very cocky grin that Harry would’ve loved to wipe off of his face, save for the fact that he actually kind of… appreciated the gesture.

“I’m assuming that my little gift arrived to him in good condition, then?”

“Oh, yes, it came in very good condition. Merlin, Draco, I told you to stop being jealous and to be civil, not to do whatever the hell that was.”

“But I was being civil! I just gave him a small token of my appreciation.”

“Here, look,” Cedric enlarged the shrunken items from his satchel. “Four sets of protection gear, Harry, four! Do thank him for the lemon drops that he sent over as well. I don’t know what I did to deserve all of this!” Harry looked at the supply of lemon drops in Cedric’s arms. It was probably enough to last him a full year.

“Er, yeah. I’ll let him know.”

Harry let go after searching Draco’s face. His icy eyes were fiery at that moment, and Harry couldn’t keep up with his facade for very long. So he decided to back his over-the-top, prick of a boyfriend to the edge of the kitchen counter and give him a kiss on the lips, to which Draco melted into as they wrapped their arms around each other.

“He told me to tell you that he said thanks, by the way.”

“So does that mean that I get to continue –”


They shared a fit of laughter between themselves then, full of curses that neither of them really meant and smug looks that did nothing but add to the bubbling laughter in their throats until Draco stepped away to fish his wand out of his pocket.

“Anyway, I kind of made something. Or tried to, at least.” He stepped aside to face the counter that he was nearly sitting on earlier and waved his wand over the pastry with a woven lattice top.

“You baked a fucking treacle tart.”

“Clearly. I hope that the warming charm did its job. Otherwise I’d have sat here on my arse for nothing.”

“I don’t really care if it worked or not,” Harry was in a trance, unsure whether to look at Draco or the delectable tart, which was so close, “I can’t believe that I didn’t smell it when I came in. How’d you have the time to do this?”

“It’s called undertime,” Draco retorted with nonchalance. “Guess I was feeling kind of sorry that I thought that Diggory had a chance at you; I’m obviously better.”

“I wasn’t really upset. It’s kind of…nice, actually.” Harry’s voice faltered, but the grin tugging at his lips told Draco everything that he needed to know.

“Well. In that case, it’s nice to know that I won’t have to eat this alone.”

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ALSO JUST SAYING YOU'RE AMAZING *throws confetti and fake YGO cards with pictures of THE MOON on them at you*

SJFALKFJAD;L SHIONNNNNNNN TAKE IT BACK TAKE IT BACKK how dare you use the moon joke on me
(I’M KIDDING..THANK YO U….. have this in return because it’s what your ask reminded me of)

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((Your artstyle is absolutely gorgeous omg ;;u;; I'm so glad I found your blog you have no idea ~ Also thank you so much for the promo aaaa I don't deserve this TuT))

@marshie-daily Of course you deserve it! The way you draw Marshadow is gorgeous. I was very glad I found your blog too! -u- (Another ghost friend!) :3

(Fun fact: Marshadow always reminds me of a chao, and I used to loved them. I even spent more than 300 hours raising them -or maybe it was more than 400?-)

sometimes I have to remind myself that AU!Malec really happened and Alec really did gush about themes and look Magnus up and down and he did say I Love A Challenge^tm and Magnus was the blushing mess and Alec got to be openly gay. thank you shadowhunters writers for this blessing.

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hello i just wanted to remind you that you're awesome and amazing and you give me and so many others so much inspiration ^^ and you've helped me improve my art so much omg so thank you! plus you've made me part of so many amazing fandoms so just letting you know THANK YOU! ^^

aaa thank you!!

Omg guys. Thank you so much for following me although idk how this happened, I never thought that my blog will get so much followers. Just a reminder this is a complelety personal blog that no one I ever know in my daily life knows about it or will ever know about it. You guys are so special.If anyone needs anything from me or have any questions or just want to talk never hesitate to message me. Thank you for always being there with me and stay strong. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Omg you and Mary sound cute! Tell me more please ^_^

Ok so Mary is amazing when she sees things that remind her of me she will send me cute pics. She also sends me top quality pics of her dog. Just ask her and she will send you pics of patches. She also just made me blush by saying how much she loves my eyes. She makes me so unbelievably happy. We call each other when ever we can and her voice just calms me. Also she’s from the south and she doesn’t have a southern accent ! But I find that super cute. She also calls dinner supper (she had to explain what it was to me,the new englander). This is probably to much I could go on for days tbh. Thanks for asking because I like any opportunity to talk about my beautiful gf .