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ilo ilo ilo. This is just a reminder that you're GREAT and your art is SO GOOD and when I need a pick me up I legit scroll thru your art tag. Also all your ocs are cute and good and your face is great too.

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roDI WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS SO SWEET AND I’M GONNA CRY??? I’M LOVE YOU?????? hnnhhghfg i’m glad my art can help u in any way omg??? ;; thank u sm i’m gonna explode thANK YOU AND YOU TOO,, YOU TOO SO MUCH //SENDS U LOTS OF HEARTS AND LOVE UR WAY

How I see kpop groups new version

Exo: shimmie shimmie kokobop; high af mv; every other song on the album is a bop; i have no idea how this album/mv has a connection to the war; awful hairstyles; too many vibrant colors; what’s going on with lay; still not enough sehun lines

Bts: not today happened; love yourself is happening; seriously who can keep up with all those insane theories; every western artist want to collaborate with them; gyeonwo chong jojun balsa; still waiting for them jin lines and screentime; let jhope hold another v live without asking for other members

Ikon: alright since my earlier post ikon and winner totally switched positions; ikon where? somewhere in the basement; give them proper promotion; no more badass hiphop comebacks pls; i miss the team b era; i feel like all their predebut tracks were better; b-day is alright; btw what the hell are these new stage names; EVERYONE I LOVE IKON DON’T HATE ME

Got7: all their songs feel like a mess musically; give them songs that showcase their talents; something like the latest jj project release; bitch we had to wait 5 years for that jjp masterpiece; i honestly like trilogies but not got7’s; why y’all think jackson’s gonna leave got7; hard carry by monsta x is still hilarious

Winner: so yg rememberd they exist; i absolutely love their newer side (really really, island); thank you for not having a summer ballad; have you people realized what a gem jinwoo’s voice is; happy for namtae for his new band; sorry for namtae for struggling with mental illness; leave the boy alone don’t hate him for no reason; dude is really really an artist

Day6: thank you for spoiling us with good music every month; although i prefer their debut era, i think this is their true sound; but songs sound a bit same; still underappreciated; miss their buskings; thought jae is gonna take a longer twitter hiatus but gladly no; miss his hashtags; stop bullying wonpil 2k17; still no lines for dowoon

Astro: baby was not my style; but eunwoo is still a living god; stop growing sanha 2k17; still waiting for a more mature concept; mature, not sexy, no need to reveal anything; although they did it already

Seventeen: maaan their al1 album once again is a masterpiece; so mature; love the hiphop units new sound; the choreo dang; did you pay attention to joshua’s part? that dance is wow; minimal rap i like it; wainting for european dates within their world tour; hoshi rocked the orange hair; and woozi the red; too much hair damage

Vixx: they are one of my bias groups but not gonna lie, i hate shangri la; although a unique concept; use airconditioners or fans or whatever when they’re performing, no more fainting pls; but the lr comeback is here; such a 180 turn from beautiful liar; aesthetic mv; listen to beautiful night(?) it’s amazing; lr is amazing

Shinee: nothing new for them; thought they were one of the few groups without scandals; guess what i was wrong; take care onew; they need a comeback asap

Infinite: nothing since last october; hoya pls sign that contract ir i’m gonna flip tables; infinite with a unique sound and choreography; the choreo needs hoya; don’t want them to enter military, no, not yet; pls have an ot7 comeback

Monsta x: beautiful happened, shine forever happened BUT WHERE IN DAFUQ IS THEIR FIRST WIN????; a lipton commercial summer bop happened; tho i have no idea what does the title have to do with the song; from zero happened, i NEED a studio version; hyungwonho happened; monsta x in hungary didn’t happen; monsta x ray is happening, throw an oscar at them for that drama; i need more hyungwon and siwoo; starship why releasing that dating statement when noone knew anything; let them rest; hyungwon is officially a viral meme; mosta x still happens, hyungKwon also happens

Bigbang: gd’s solo is perfect; another scandal and shit; military service; that’s it

B.A.P: the cover of their latest japanese album is gorgeous; what are those awful hairstyles once again; i was too scared to check out yongguk’s solo; b.a.p in hungary happened; i wasn’t there; i love daehyun’s voice; hope zelo is not growing anymore

Block B: i’m not sure what’s up with them; but block b in hungary happened; without po; and i wasn’t there; miss their older stuff; i want more bastarz; still perverts; still business partners

NCT: not sure where nct 127 is going; cherry bomb was awful, a real mess; if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands is still stuck in my head; wardrobe and hairstyle were better this time; i love nct dream; the chorus from we young is so familiar; sounds like the theme song in the pc game insaniquarium; miss jaemin; where’s nct u; and hansol; give love to doyoung; let mark rest for god’s sake

Pentagon: critical beauty was so weird yet visually satisfying; but this album was my least favourite from them;  that wooseok and e’dawn pairing tho; missed yanan; why is there that right before promotions a member is getting injured; triple h happend for good; e'dawn is hot with a lot of tattos; never and energetic are bops; thank you hui

Btob: still so weird; everyone going solo; ballads are in the past bops are back; movie was not my style

Highlight: yaaay they have a new name; i legit thought it’d be bea5t; rookies yet swiping up them music show trophies; sometimes people still call them beast; i was hoping the fandom name was gonna be highlighters

Super Junior: i was anticipating their autumn comeback; but no sungmin; thank you k-„fans”; i’m so happy d&e are back from the military; please love the china line

Nu’est: my babies they are finally getting the spotlight they deserved since their debut; thought pd101 was not gonna do justice for them but hell it did; best choice ever; minhyun finally got a first win; soon is gonna nu’est w; love the meaning behind w; still fucking salty the nation’s producers forgot about jonghyun in the last minute

Ftisland: the more i know them the more i don’t wanna know them; love their freedom in everything-wise; the biggest perverts omg; why were y’all sleeping on wind when it was so important for them and it’s beautiful; sometimes i feel like they want to prove that they are relevant; and they are; 4757857+ years more together pls; WHY DID I SAY PUPPY WAS BAD IT’S A FUCKIN’ BOMB; ftisland in hungary is happening AND I’M FUCKING GONNA BE THERE; jaejin i’m coming

Cnblue: i want to like their korean music but I don’t; last time i forgot they’re giants; yonghwa solo

SF9: 2 comebacks within 2(?) months; bururengnya; the jungle game choreo is jawdropping but it’s not fit for a choreo; easy love was wow; kinda sounds like old kpop; too many taeyang lines; where are jaeyoon’s

KNK: sun moon star was meh; rain is also not my favourite but the mv is wonderful; how to be that extra as they are

2pm: i’m not sure what’s happening with them rn

U-kiss: i’m not sure also; kevin left the group

B1A4: sorry but still not sure

Teen top: god dammit love is was pure perfection; it totally gave me old kpop vibes; the dance was on point as expected; like the footwork once again; welcome back teen top

Wanna one: ongniel, winkdeep; jinhwi; jaehwan x minhyun etc, so many ships; wanna one go is hilarious; sungwoons grandfather is amazing; teach jaehwan how to clean; that psychotic laugh tho; i’m still burn it up team; weekly idol with them is… a mess; breaking tv show rating records; god how many music show wins they have already; there is so much more but it’s not a how I see wanna one post

Boyfriend: they just had a korean release; was it a comeback or what; i do love monsta with all my heart but boyfriend still exists if anyone needs a reminder; their evolution throughout the years is insane; they own a special place in my heart cuz they were the group who made me fall in love with kpop; so thank you boyfriend, thank you i yah, thank you hungary, thank you music channel

N.flying: i don’t know much about them, but the real is a great song; go check it out now; the mv is hilarious; i don’t recall whether i ever laughed at a music video; that plot twist omg; jang moonbok as a mermaid; clap clap; if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands

So I just decided to make another ‘How I see kpop groups’ with the same groups, but it’s an updated version. I mean no harm with any of my statements and I think this time I was pretty positive (with a little sarcasm). Last time a I got a few hate comments about my Ikon statements so yeah. I love them. And this time I wasn’t shameless with group promo. I have a link to every song I mentioned so if you don’t know what/who I’m talking about then click the links. Hope it’s as fun as last time. And sorry if I was biased with some groups. Enjoy! :3

I heard that you were getting married and somehow was reminded by a pre-kerberos shance (traditional)fanart I did back then~ So here’s my gift (re)sketch to congratulate you XD I’m so happy for youuuuu~<3 


Meisiu’s Base Game Starter Home Challenge

I was tagged by @mysteriousdane​ to do this (thank you, boo <3) and it was actually fun, reminded me of playing ts2 for some reason, lol. I think I did pretty ok, considering, yk, that I can’t build to save my life. But omg what’s life without clutter (and cc).

100% base game without any cc. Think you can do it?


  • Must be under 20k.
  • Include basic necessities (A bed, stove, fridge, toilet, shower etc.)
  • Base game only & no cc

Once the build is created, share some screenshots and challenge some people. You may put your houses for download if you want. Tag your posts #BGSHC and on the gallery as well (:

You can download this starter house (but why would you tho) on the gallery, origin ID: Sim-Bubble or #simbubble , or you could also get the tray files here (be sure to place them in your tray folder). CC free and base game compatible. 

For this challenge I tag @randomcoffeesimmer @peonypyxels @nadinemaee @unicorninthemosh because I apparently wanna see you all suffer, lol. 

(Ch132 spoiler)

- Frances calls her brother “Onii-sama” (very polite & noble-ish way to refer to one’s older brother, Lizzy calls Edward this way, too)

→ Okay, this was totally predictable.

- Vincent calls his sister “Franny”.

F R A N N Y .

→ Didn’t see this coming at all haha (≧▽≦)

Bonus: It’s probably just me, but “Franny” reminds me of this lady… xD

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rupertpsmith said: “Her brother”, don’t you mean…?

Ooops! I’ve just corrected it now, thanks! xD

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OMG I finally found you. I have been seeing your art for a long time and I fell in love with it from the very beginning.I just love your art and I want to thank you for drawing such amazing content for the famdom,specially Marcoace shippers like me

Thanks for finding me at long last! ;D
I really appreciate you possibly going out of your way to find the source of the art you enjoy. Here’s a quick MarcoAce doodle: 

It’s been quite a while since I last drew them, or this pairing tbh. ^^; 

I’m reminded to balance out both the main fandoms I draw for, for my followers, and hopefully I can… Without neglecting OP, do it half-and-half better. x’D 
Thank you :) 


Here’s my breakdown of what happened at C2E2!

I spent Friday attending professional panels for the comics industry, which probably deserves a post of its own, but I don’t think anyone is interested in me talking shop. But Saturday was devoted to Agents of SHIELD stuff with Iain and Liz. I had an amazing time and so many awesome things happened. Truly it was the best con experience I’ve ever had and, as @bigfunnywords (HEY Tumblr finally let me tag you!) said, I lived my best life. I’ll try to do the tl;dr version but this will probably get long.

Putting the rest behind a cut for your scrolling convenience.

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Is it strange to say that most of you guys make my big sister instincts kick in? Like you all make me happy and want to make me make y'all really happy. But by spoiling you or just doing fun activities like talk, play board and card games, or just sit and enjoy each others company. Sorry if I rambled a bit. Y'all remind me of my younger cousins and sibling. Thanks

Eeeee that’s so cute! It’s not strange, that’s hella cute. >u< 
Eh, I’m gonna let all my skele reply to that!

* That’s sounds so fun! I’m in! 

* Eheh, that’s sweet, Hun. Maybe we can try to plan this?

* Groovy. I like games.

* No thanks.

- doesnt even feel concerned-

-excited bounce-

Vigilante Partner in Crime!Wonwoo Pt 1


Part 1 | Part 2

  • well yall here is my funeral :)))
  • I love these types of tropes but i am honestly trash for any and all types of aus
  • I love this man a lOT A LOT A LOT SO MUCH anywayz let’s get moving
  • For decades your city has been struck by bad luck relentlessly
  • The amount of robberies and murders are going through the roof
  • Walking in broad daylight is just a little less dangerous than night
  • Ever since you were young, your parents warned you about the dangers in the streets and of the world

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hi may i req a dating!jonghyun (onibugi 😭♥️) thingie?? hehe if not, can it be minhyun❓ty

‘yes ofc!! i’ll do jonghyun !

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- honestly the sweetest angel ever 

- like,,how can a person like this exist?? 

- as expected, always puts you first

- makes sure to always ask if u have eaten or slept enough

- ‘’did you eat yet?? lets go get some dinner!!”

- ‘’make sure you sleep well, okay? u need ur rest!” 

- ‘’have a good day!! if anyone bothers you, let me know and i’ll take care of them.’’ 

- such a cutie 

- since he tends to always put you first, he kind of neglects himself a bit and u have to remind him that he needs to be taken care of also 

- ‘’jonghyun, have u eaten yet?” 

- ‘’…no’’ 

- ‘’lets go eat together then!” 

- ‘’did you sleep yet?” 

- ‘’yeah!”

- ‘’don’t lie’’

- ‘’..ok no’’

- ‘’!! lets nap together then!” 

- of course, he’s always thankful that you are there to take care of him and remind him to take care of himself too 

- the cheesiest person ever 

- loves to use those corny pickup lines 

- but they never fail to make u laugh 

- and cringe LMAO 

- ‘’do u have a map?” 

- “?? no??” 

- ‘’ bc im getting lost in ur eyes’’ 

- ‘’oMG NO-’’ 

- ‘’you’re so beautiful u made me forget my pick up line’’ 

- ‘’,,,ok that was smooth’’ 

- ‘’ hA’’ 

- loves to hold hands 24/7 

- wants the constant reassurance that u is there for him and it isn’t a dream 

- and also, because he manages to find a way to calm down when ur around him and forgets his worries

- sometimes has so much on his shoulders that he would just shut people out bc he is so overwhelmed

- cue u coming and basically wrapping him into a blanket burrito before letting him spill whatever was on his mind

- thanks u by cuddling w u and peppering ur face in kisses bc he is sososo thankful to have someone like u 

- whenever u are upset or something, he would come over instantly w food

- won’t bug u to tell him, but lets u know that he is here and he would gladly wait for u whenever u were comfortable

- eventually, u spill bc who can resist an angel offering their help?? 

- basically wraps u into his arms and just runs his fingers thru ur hair bc he knows that it calms u 

- and also knows that u fall asleep hella fast by this and he knows u need it after being so upset

- stays w u the whole night and in the morning

- the type to make breakfast in bed for u!!

- ok anyways!! dates!! 

- likes to spoil u 

- aka meaning that he takes u out a lot bc u deserve the besT

- dates can range from trying out a new recipe at home to going laser tag to planting flowers together LMAO 

- knows all ur favorite flowers and whenever he shows up at ur house, he always make sure to have those flowers to give 

- likes to take lots of photos bc he knows memories r precious and ur precious and it works !!! :)) 

- makes sure that u get home safely and to text him once u arrived at home safely 

- facetime calls!! 

- loves listening to ur voice bc its soothing to him and he could listen to it forever 

- tries to find a way to stay on the phone w u like telling u stories of what happened between the boys or daehwi’s crazy antics or minki’s extraness 

- once u can’t stay long enough, he would pout but would understand

- ‘’i love u, get enough rest ok??’’

- the type to send goodmorning and goodnight texts! 

- ‘’ goodmorning! i hope u slept well and make sure to eat breakfast!” 

- ‘’good night, i love u sleep well jagi <33′’ 

- all of his friends love u 

- u take care of their leader and they can tell how much u care

- and their leader takes care of them 

- they adore u and will fight anyone who threatens ur relationship 10/10 LMFAO

13x01- my thoughts.

I want to start off by saying that I absolutely loved that episode. Like a whole lot. 

  1. First off, the opening scene with Dean and Cas… now getting a better shot of the wings it was so fucking heartbreaking and Dean kneeling by his side like… I appreciated that they showed a different angle and more of Dean’s anguish. 
  2. Then holy hell is Jack like awesome or what? That energy power wave thingy he did was so friggin cool, I literally cheered even though he was essentially knocking out the brothers lol. 
  3. Jack looking for his father… (and all this time we thought he meant Luci… sigh)
  4. Those two angels finding Cas… Thank you lady for saying he deserved better! But Cas all covered up, that must not have been easy for Dean.
  5. Was all the “butt” jokes on the Pirate Food Menu thing in reference to assbutt? I wonder. 
  6. I really loved the cop and her son. (Is that the kid from Riverdale?) 
  7. Jack loves candy… taking after the ol’ uncle Gabe, huh? 
  8. Jack reminds me so much of Cas.
  9. Jack is a smol that needs his daddy and oh, shit, he considers Cas his father, not Luci!! Bravo writers! Bravo!!!!!
  10. Do you think he changed some of his dna etc to look like Cas because hot damn
  11. …actually he looks like Cas and Dean’s child and now looking at a picture of Kelly, I see why (hair, green eyes)
  12. They find Jack yay but oh no, angels are a - comin’
  13. Did that angel lady just confirm Destiel?
  14. Dean throwing papers/ files at her A+++++ 
  15. Oh Dean is so gonna soften up to Jack. You betcha!!!!
  16. Oh no, they are back at the house… 
  17. OMG a flashback to the Pirate food place.. Dean. DEAAAAAAN. “BRING HIM BACK.” Oh god, thank you for this scene. THANK YOU. And it sure as hell reminded me of season 1 Dean calling John scene. 
  18. Jack mourning Kelly while Dean mourns Cas… Hello, my heart????
  19. Dean can’t even bare to look at him. *Crying* and omg, why is he tearing down the curtains?? Oh god OH GOD. Dean just can’t deal. My poor pumpkin. 
  20. Goodbye Cas. *hysterical* 
  21. Great episode. Makes me want more of the season! I am so happy they gave us real moments of grieving, I am relieved they didn’t downplay Dean’s feeling of loss and angst and sadness. I am glad they gave real focused attention on Dean and Cas.
  22. All great but the end. I am over Lucifer and I would very much like that smoking hot new Michael to come and smite his ass. Thanks. 

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My dinosaur professor said birds were like "deadly little missiles" because of how their bones are fused and bokuto throwing hinata reminded me of that

your dinosaur professor knows what’s up

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I just finished binge reading UTA, and OMG IT'S AWESOME!!! Everyone is so cool and rounded, and the designs are just fantastic, thank you for sharing this with us!! On an unrelated note, Argus design in the last few chapters kinda reminded me of a young Obi-Wan Kenobi, so now I'm totally picturing Jedi Argus kicking ass with a lightsaber.