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hey! i was just thinking, that i've been listening to the songs harry requested on radio 1 and they've been stuck in my head for so long omg. and like, i'm not connecting the songs he requested to larry, but with each song a little scenario ab them plays in my head! was wondering if you could write little snippets based on a couple of the songs? sweetest devotion by adele and issues by julia michaels!

I got really carried away with this; I combined both of these songs and very subtly put a few of the lyrics into a mess of 3k. I hope this works for you xx

Louis watches the build up and break over a period of months. Years, even. Harry’s tired. They both are, but Harry’s exceptionally so. He’s been working nonstop on his album, his photography, himself, and now that he’s back in the limelight all day, everyday, it’s taking a serious toll. Louis doesn’t say anything or imply that Harry needs to slow down, but he wants to, just isn’t quite sure how. Harry’s been a little moodier, a little more on edge, and the whole time Louis is trying to figure out a way to approach the subject lightly, it seems that Harry has already given it just as much thought as Louis has, if not more.

“I think I wanna take some time off,” he says one night just before bed. He’s in the middle of changing his pants, tripping into them like he always does. “Like, hide, maybe?” The way he says it makes it sound like he’s asking for permission from Louis, just to make sure they’re currently at the same level.

Louis raises a brow from his position in bed and looks up, relieved, worried. “Yeah? Like go on an extended holiday?”

“Mmm, something like that.”

“Care to elaborate?”

Harry crawls into bed beside him, shirtless and shoulders pink from his sunburn. The weather was mild and about 10 degrees today - typical for January - but they spent the majority of the day outside, anyway, Harry lounging in the backyard, ignoring Louis’ request to venture out. Paps, he said simply, going back to shielding his eyes from the LA sun.

“I rented out a place in Maine,” he says, reaching for his reading glasses on the bedside table. He doesn’t really need them, but no matter how much Louis teases him about it, he continues to wear them, squinting without them. Dramatic. “I’m not even really sure where it is, but I know it’s right on a lake, it’s in the woods, it’s secluded, it’s…” He sighs. “Not here.”

Louis’ stomach tightens. “You trying to get away from me, Styles?”

“No, God no.” Harry shakes his head, curls finally grown back in and bouncing. “I’m trying to take a break from everything, but that doesn’t include you. You can come with me, if you want. But don’t feel obligated to. I know how much you love it here. And that you like writing here best.”

I love it here because you’re here. “I’m comin’ with,” he replies eventually.

“You want to?”

“Yes. You’re a bit strange for wanting to fuck off to the middle of nowhere but. I’m used to your weirdness by this point. No judgement here. I’ll come with.”

Harry smirks, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose like Louis always does. Copy cat. “Good.”

“So, when’re we leaving?”

“Thursday morning.”

“Christ, you’re an impulsive lad, aren’t you?”

“I suppose.”

“Makes life interesting.”

Harry nods, reaching for the remote for the telly, then setting it back down. “I’m very happy. I really am. I just need a change, yeah?”

“It’s okay to, like, want to step back,” Louis says softly. “You don’t have to be grateful and positive every second of the day. Wanting to escape is probably the most normal thing I can think of.”

He’s quiet for a moment, probably thinking. He purses his lips when he looks at Louis. “Thank you.”


“And you’re gonna escape with me? Until you’re tired of me?”

Louis smiles, turning off his bedside light. “Absolutely.”

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Abby’s 20 Birthday Celebration

by far the greatest moments of my entire life!!! 

My best friends, my sisters, my lifelines 

@bellarketm: Babes can you believe that we’ve officially been friends for more than 2 years already? It’s weird to think that it’s only been that short of a time. It literately feels like I’ve known you my entire life. You’re in high school now so you aren’t on here as much but you’re still my little sister and I love you dearly 

@blyedeeks sometimes you meet someone and they fill a missing piece in your life, Cams, for me that is you! You are by far the most positive kindest person on here and I can’t believe that I only met you almost exactly a year ago. You are literally my soul twin and I love how relentless you are in spreading joy. You are also so so talented and smart and I literally can’t imagine this year without you by my side. I literally feel like something is wrong if I don’t talk to you once a day. 

@abazethe100 my partner in podcasting, my brain twin, my dear dear Anna. We complete each other in all the best ways and I’m so glad I reached out to talk to you about Odyssey parallels. We’ve come so far from that first talk and I adore how you build me up when I am down, you are by far one of the smartest people I know

@rosymamacita you’re kinda like my tumblr mom Rosy. I feel like I can go to you for anything and you’d be there to help me and calm me down. I love how smart you are how you don’t take anyone’s bullshit and most of all you have such a giant heart. 

@everybodyknows-everybodydies my soulmate, god I’m so jealous you get to go back to the place where we began but I’m so utterly proud of the person I’ve seen you becoming over the past year. You are so talented, so talented and you are so tiny and cute that sometimes I can’t believe how much passion you have in your body. I love you so so much

@thesnowyswan Rae, my gorgeous darling, shakespeare loving, essay saving badass. You have strengthened me in so many ways and thank you for ruining my life and introducing me to lucifer

@goodqueenalys Mere is literally a goddess among mortals, her take no shit attitude is inspiring, her love and dedication to her friends is incredible. I never could have imagined that when I sent you that ask I would make a friend who always believed in me and has my back. 

@marauders-groupie there are not enough words in the english language to describe just how incredible Lana is. She is incredibly brave, supremely dedicated and just an all around badass. She is the most talented but she also the most kind and I’m so glad we became friends 

the babe squad

@bellarkestrut (Karly you are literally everything to me) @lydias-martin (Gi, you are so kind and talented and I’m so lucky that SBB brought us together) @wellamyblake (MJ you are an utter badass, unfairly funny and so incredible) @wellsjahasghost (Jadey, my love. she is the most talented and it’s unfair that she’s so fantastic, it leaves the rest of us to shame) @hiddenpolkadots (Nai is simply hilarious, and her words leave me speechless on a regular basis) @cupcakeblake (Cam is so talented and positive and she gives off so much light) @bellarke-stydia (Nik, I can’t thank BCRev enough for bringing us together, you always light up my day just by existing) @thelovelylights (Jen is so fierce and brilliant and so so incredibly beautiful, she’s one of the greatest people I know and doing those ATLA watches was so fun) @junebugninja (Amanda is literally the goddess of kindness, no other person in the universe holds as much heart as she does) @stilesprefers-screamers (SYD!!!! My precious bean who has so much talent and so much strength and I just love her a lot) @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx (Tate is the greatest, her snapchats give me so much joy and she is just so cute) @mego42 (Meg is infinitely better than chocolate at cheering me up, she’s also incredibly smart) @hisstericallypawesomesleepurr (Jenn is so talented and badass and unapologetic and amazing and I just I’m in awe of her gifsets every time I see them @jontyaxefive (Rory is the best, I’m so so grateful she exists and is so smart and kind and I can’t wait to see you again) @raincityruckus (oh my god Kayla is the kindest most honest bravest person ever, she’s a gem among the rocks) @bellamysprincessa (KATIE, MY POLY RANGER HEADCANONING LOVE OF MY LIFE, I’m so so glad that we meet through BCWC and that we are constantly going back and forth headcanoning all kinds of fics) 

BCFamCaravan aka the people who blow up my phone on a daily basis and whom I love more than I love bellarke

@bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17 (april is such a badass and so smart) @iam-dollparts (Nikki makes me laugh so hard all the time) @forgivenessishardforus (Sam is giant goddess of pure sunshine) @ginalou16 (Gina is an angel) @allisoneuph (Allison is one of the strongest people I’ve ever met) @hehmionee (Alyssa is the most fantastic) and I know I’m missing a few of you but rest assured I love you all with all my heart

BCWC aka my girls, my loves, the ones who always have my back, the ones I feel comfortable sharing any and all unpopular opinions with and the ones whose conversations sustain me 

@singinglikeapenguin @stardustrebelprincess @missemarissa @bellohmyblake  @molliiholmes @harpermcintyre and so many more of you that I adore but I’m awful with urls 

the writers, the ones who send me into a fangirling fest almost as great as the ones I have when my otp kisses for the first time, the one who leave me speechless and envious and inspired in equal measure

@deadcatwithaflamethrower (her world building is fantastic, her writing is glorious and if you are a star wars fan go read her fic now and come die with me) @so-caffeinated/ @dust2dust34 (the verse these two have written, FICON is compelling and awe-inspiring and a great counterpart to when Arrow both is fantastic and when it lets you down) @ink-splotch (I was lucky enough to meet her at SVCC last year and she is just as amazing in person as you think she’d be, her What if verses are absolutely killer) @rongasm (the absolute pinnacle of Stydia fic for me, like I said in a review of one of her fics, she draws you in with absolutely glorious characterization and then makes you cry like a baby for hours so it takes a while to read her fics because I just can’t stop screaming and her Rainflower fic with @redstringbanshee is absolutely killer and beautiful) @missemarissa (some of the best hottest and brilliant smut that I’ve ever read, so informative and careful yet so hot) @caramelkru (Mel’s fic are so funny and in character and I just love everything she writes) @ajrchaosrising (her fics are on hiatus right now but for real some of the greatest bellarke fics I’ve read belong to her) 

Others whom I adore and have made this year one of the best ones ever

@sassamyblake @bellamys-griffin @bellamysfern @prosciuttoe @saltymonty @nataliecrown @deadshotbellamy @ravenreyess @morleybell @ravenbellclarke @queensusan @kindclaws @zoemonroe @bellsgirl @asexual-mechanic @swanhookheart @llysandra @lukesaysbreathe @scottmcblake @rashaka @brayvenlarke @grumpybell @rhysand @bellamypotter @asweetdeception @clxrkblake @katefullergecko @rememberiloveyou @readymachine @grounderbellamy @apirateslifeforsmee @sanabakkosh @warriorsaralance @xyouss @turtlejustice @jbuffyangel @spacexualkids @anabthchse @allisonaergents @rhysandly @chancellor-reyes

and to all that have read my fics or reblogged my poetry, I cannot thank you enough for giving me the courage to be brave and share my work. 

I love all of you so so much!!!!!!!!

SlytherLin (Lin/Reader)

So, I’ve gone over this twice and added some formatting and all that, so it’s better than when I first posted it! Still happy birthday to @sweaterkitty-fluff and still for @hamwriters write-a-thon day 3! Now I’m on track and my worldwide day will be posted later on! I’ll probably add onto this later, doing more years, so don’t think this is the end to my Harry Potter!Verse madness.

Warnings: My shitty knowledge of Harry Potter after all these years, blood mention, suicide mention, Slytherin!Lin and Hufflepuff!Reader.

Words: 1973

Year One 

“Don’t test me, Ramos! You know I can do it!” A voice shouts, startling you, drawing your attention from your book to the commotion. This was a library- were they trying to get point drawn from their house? Hopefully it wasn’t Hufflepuff. You guys finally had a shot at winning house cup.

“I’m not testing you. And dammit, Lin, quiet down- we’re in the library!” Another voice whisper-shouts back, the sound of one slapping the other echoing off the walls. They both laughed and walked towards you, not realizing it, most likely going to the potions section to study for the oh-so-impossible class. You brush off the familiarity of the name and pick up your quill again, continuing to read the textbook then take notes. The two boys, who you barely caught a glimpse of, walk past the table you’re sitting at, indeed going to the potions section. One was covered in freckles and had dark curly hair framing his face, while the other had a clear, rather pale face with his dark hair pulled back into a ponytail. You feel as if you’d met the pair before, but it is quickly confirmed that you have.

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G dragon / Song Mino Scenario “Late at night”

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

Ji yong was walking down the hallway ready to leave after being in the studio for almost a whole day…

Which, to be honest, isn’t new, that building and his little studio are like his second home. There’s no other place where he feels like this, like if he belongs.

He was walking really fast as usual, when he heard a beat. It was a new one, he never heard it before. And that is pretty unusual because normally in YG there’s no beat that he has not hear. There, all the artist have access to all the beats, and they are allowed to work with them, and make songs with them. But this one was new to Ji yong, and it was really good.

He started to follow the beat, walking to one of the studios rooms.

When he got to the little window on the door, he wasn’t really surprised to see Mino inside the room, working in the computer. 

That guy was always there too. He was so passionate for his music, just like Ji yong… just like everyone there.

He opens the door carefully, trying to enter without interrupting him. Mino seems pretty focus right now.

He walks in, closing the door behind him, and he just stays there, admiring Mino working. But mostly, enjoying that beat.

Mino was so into it that he didn’t notice Ji yong’s presence at his back.

Then, and out of nowhere, Ji yong’s cellphone rang. Someone was calling him.

(Shit!) he thought, desperately looking for his phone in his pocket.

Mino turns. His face shows a mix of anger and shocked, before he realize it was Ji yong. “Hyung?!” Mino smiles as soon as he recognize him.

“Just Ji yong…” he smiles “… it wasn’t my intention to interrupt you” he approaches to Mino. “Oh! Don’t worry” Mino smiles.

“That beat is awesome, is it new?” Ji yong looks at the computer, staring at the monitor. “Yeah”

“You made it, right?” Ji yong keeps looking at the screen. “… yeah” Mino answers shyly. “It’s pretty good” Ji yong pulls a chair and sits next to Mino.

“Really? I do liked how the beat turned out but the lyrics… well I’m stuck right now” Mino says looking at the screen again. “How?”

“How?” Mino replays, not knowing what Ji yong was asking. “Where is the problem?” normally Mino is pretty smart about his lyrics. Ji yong had always enjoyed his work.

“The lyrics… well not the lyrics, is just that… look…” Mino opens a document where the lyrics were. The song was practically finish, but it wasn’t done yet, at least not in his eyes. Mino, just like Ji yong, was a perfectionist when it comes to his music “… this part”

Ji yong got closer to the monitor and starts to read “I see”

“I’m not feeling it” Mino says, looking at the words in the monitor too.

“Mhmm…” Ji yong took a pen and a piece of paper from the desk and he copies the verse “… can you play the beat?”

“Sure” Mino pressed the play button and the beat started.

Ji yong closed his eyes, and started to move his head along with the rhythm of the song, until it was over.

“Play it again” he says, and Mino did it.

It was like if Ji yong was possessed, he started to write a few sentences on the paper.

“Try this” he says, giving him the paper. Mino gives it a quick look “Woaah…” he smiled, admire of how talented his hyung was “… this is good”

(Just good?) Ji yong thought and smiles “Let me hear it” he asked, and Mino nods, pressing the play button one more time.

They spent a few more hours working on that song. Both were so into it that they didn’t even realize that it was already three in the morning. But that song totally worth it…

At the end of the song, they added Ji yong´s rap, which sounds amazing. Their voices and their different rap styles made an awesome combination.

“Well…” Ji yong claps “… I think this is good enough for today”

Mino looks at the hour in the computer “Yeah it’s late” and then he started to close all the programs in it. “Let’s continue tomorrow, alright?”

Mino nods smiling, thankful for Ji yong support. After all, he admires Ji yong, so the fact that he helped him with this means a lot to Mino.

Both left the studio and walks towards the elevators. In their way they saw a lady from security who was doing her inspection. Everyone at YG knows her, she’s like a mother for all of the trainees and the idols there, and there is no one who does not love her.

“Hello boys” she says with a smile on her face… as always.

“Hello” both said at the same time, returning her the smile. The three of them started to walk together towards the elevators.

“Ready to go home?” she asked. “Yeah” Ji yong says. “Finally” Mino adds, making her laugh.

They were now at the elevators.

“What are you doing here so late Y/N?” the lady says to you as soon as she recognized you. You turned your head towards her “Oh! Hi, how are you?” you smiled to her. “I’m good, but you didn’t answer honey, why are you here at this hour?”

Mino and Ji yong were quiet. They don’t know you. Mino does, this is not the first time he saw you, but he has never talk to you.

“I needed to practice a little bit more” you smiled again, brushing your hair away from your face.

“A little? I wouldn’t use that word honey” she says, looking at the hour on her phone, and you started to laugh.

Jiyong was amazed by you while Mino was stunned with the way you smiled and laughed.

The elevator arrives and all of you entered. All, except for the lady.

“Take care” she waves at the three. “You too” you said, while Mino and Ji yong just smiled at her… and then the doors closed, leaving you alone with them.

“You are new right?” Ji yong asked, as soon as the doors closed.

You couldn’t believe he was talking to you. You knew them, not personally of course, but you admire them. And Ji yong was practically  a legend there, at YG.

“Not so new…” you didn’t know how but you manage to look at him “… I’ve been here for two months now”

“You are the new dancer, right?” Mino was smiling, and you started to scream in the inside. “Yes, how do you know?” you have been there for almost two months but the only place you have been to is your practice room and nowhere else.

“I saw you a few times” actually just two. The first time was at the parking, he saw you from far away, entering in the building. And the second time was at the cafeteria. He knew that you were a dancer because he asked.

“Ohhh really?” you were nervous. Both look a lot more handsome in real life… but Mino has something, something special. You don’t know what it is, but that something, was making your heart beating faster, even more than when you dance and even more than the first time you were on a stage.

Ji yong started to notice that “weird” atmosphere between you two “Where do you live?” he asked you suddenly. “Pretty near, like twenty minutes from here”

“By car?”

“No I don’t drive”

The elevator arrives to the first floor where the entrance was.

“Is too late…” Ji yong started to say.

“Don’t worry I will be fine” this wasn’t the first time that you ended this late. You went down from the elevator, and as you were doing that Ji yong looks at Mino and points at you. Mino just shook his head, he already know what Ji yong wants.

Ji yong nods angrily and then he went down followed by Mino.

“You live at that side of the city too, right Mino?” he says, looking at him. Mino just stare at him, like begging him to stop.

Mino wasn’t a shy guy, but with you is not like that at all. For some reason you make him feel like a little kid. You were a beautiful, independent, smart and talented girl, and that combination was hard to find.

“Oh please don’t worry…” you started to say but Ji yong cut you in the act “Its ok, right Mino?”

“Yeah” he smiles. But the way he did it makes you feel awkward. You feel like Ji yong was forcing Mino to do it.

“Ok” you said, but now you were in a total different mood.

The three of you walked towards the entrance and Ji yong was the first one to leave. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow…” he talks to Mino “… it was a pleasure to meet you” he looks at you and then he walks away.

The silence hits both of you.

This were the longest seconds of your life so far. At first you were so happy to meet them, to meet Mino but then, you don’t know how to feel, he was nice at the beginning but then he started to act cold, did you do something wrong?. You keep repeating all the conversation in your head, but no, there’s nothing that can explains the reason of his sudden change towards you.

The thing you don’t know is that he was acting like that cause you make him feel really nervous.

“Don’t worry, I can go on my own” you said. But apparently your voice was just a whispering cause he didn’t hear you. “Huh?” he turns to look at you.

“I will go on my own” you said loud enough this time, but also cold enough for him to realize that you were mad.

Meanwhile Ji yong was getting into his car when another one got his attention. He knew that car… it was YG.

And it seems like YG also recognize Ji yong cause he stopped right in front of him.

“Are you done?” YG says from the window.

“Yeah…” he just remembered that Mino is not allow to date, and that the dancers can’t be related with the idols “… can I talk to you?” if he leaves now he will see Mino and you.

“Now?” he opened his eyes, a little bit surprised.

“I worked with Mino today, and that song he did is pretty awesome… you should give it a listen” Ji yong was nervous but he wasn’t showing it. He knows how unfair YG can be with this topics.

“Did you write it?” he asked enthusiastic. “No, Mino did, and it’s good”

“Alright…” he nods looking away “… I will listen to it tomorrow” his hands holds the steering wheel ready to go.

“Wait!” Ji yong stopped him.

YG looks at him.

“I already have it on my phone…” he started to look for it, even when he knows that his phone was in his pocket “… just give me a moment”

“It’s late, you can show it to me tomorrow and bring Mino with you”

“No! Look it’s already here” he pulls out his phone and starts to look for the song.

“Have you seen the hour?” YG was getting inpatient. “Just a minute, is totally worth it”

“It better” he answers.

“Oh! Are you sure?” Mino asked surprised after you said you will go on your own. “Yes” you started to walk to the dark street, leaving Mino and his car behind you. “Wait!” he screamed put you ignored him.

A few meters later he was at your side in his car “Let me take you”

“No, thank you” you keep walking without even looking at him. “Why?”

“I don’t want to bother you” you said.

“You are not a bother” he was being honest.

“It seemed like it, and it also seemed like if Ji yong was forcing you to take me home” you didn’t stop or look at him. “No, of course not”

“Don’t worry, like I said I live pretty clo…” you couldn’t finish your sentence cause you fell on the ground, hurting your left knee. Not bad at all, but it bleed a little bit.

Mino stopped the car almost immediately, and gets out quickly to help you. “Are you ok?” he went and bends besides you. “I’m fine” you were embarrassed, but your eyes were watery.

You couldn’t believe that you fell in front of him. You know yourself, you know how clumsy you are, but why now? Why your feet had to betray you like this right in front of Mino?

“Let me help you” he lifts you from the ground and then he helps you to get into his car. “Thanks” you said ashamed and Mino just smiled at you.

“Look, show it to me tomorrow, ok?” YG starts his car. “But…”

“And make sure to bring Mino with you” he interrupted Ji yong, and then he drives away.

Ji yong looks YG´s car turning on the street, he was hoping that you two were gone by now. If not, the two of you were dead.

YG was passing by where Mino´s car was. “Mino? You were still here too?” he says to him, through the window. Mino was in the front seat “Yeah”

Fortunately, as Mino was helping you to get into his car you saw YG coming, giving you time enough to hide in the back seat as Mino went to the front one.

“Is everything ok with the car?” he asked, wondering why he was pull over.

“Oh no, don’t worry, I just needed to make a call that’s all” Mino lied.

“Alright…” he says staring at the road but then “… oh! I talked to Ji yong…” he looks at Mino again “… come tomorrow to mi office with that new song”

“Sure” Mino smiles happily, and then he let go some air in relief as soon as YG´s car disappeared at the street.

“That was close” you said, appearing at the back seat. “Yeah”

And then silence again.

“I didn’t mean to be rude” Mino broke it. “Don’t worry” you said.

“Is just that… well… you know”

You stayed quiet.

“Let’s go” he says, starting the car. “Is just that… what?” you really wanted to hear the rest. Even though you were scared of the answer.

“Is just that, I tend to act weird now and then”

“Ohhh I see… just because?” you insisted. 

“No… just when I’m nervous” he smiled and you could swear your heart stopped beating in that instant. “Nervous?”

“Yeah” he says. “Because of me?” you were a simple mortal and he, Song Mino just said that you make him feel nervous.

(Yeah, because you are absolutely gorgeous) that’s what he really wanted to say, but instead he said “Yeah… because of you” 

You were so red now. 

But then something at the end of the street got your attention. YG´s car was at the middle of the road. Smoke was coming out of the motor, and he looks mad as he was talking on his phone.

“Let’s take another way” Mino says, starting to turn in the next street. “But… shouldn’t we help him?” you asked.

Mino stares at you through the mirror, smiling and then he says “No”

Kyungsoo touched Jongin’s face during Growl performance theory.

A video posted by @kkaisoo on Jan 10, 2016 at 2:58am PST

This is the video that I’m going to talk about.

Before you continue, I’ll remind you that shit is about to get delusional and there’ll be shit ton of cussing and me being a sarcastic bitch, while I’m at it everything that I’ll say here is not a fact although I think it is facts and everything that I’ll say here is my opinions. Thank you!

…After watching this video for 4896374 times I am left with hundreds of questions. When I saw this of course I fucking shit my asshole and I had a meantal breakdown. Some of my questions are, what was Jongin’s face during that time? Other members, how did they react? What happened next? Was Jongin annoyed? What happened after the performance? 

This video is only 13 fucking seconds and it’s not enough to satisfy my delusional brain and it doesn’t help that I’m skeptical, I always fucking question things and here I am writing my theory. As I said, this video is too short for my liking so I went to YouTube and searched for different angles of this performance as much as I can. Downloaded them all, made them into gifs, and boom, a theory was born.

Let’s start with Kyungsoo and Minseok mischievously smiling at each other right before Kyungsoo’s verse started.

Alright, this is an angle where we could see Kyungsoo smile no sHit.  You see that smile? This bitch is hiding something. I can fucking smell it Do Kyungsoo. Now, let’s look at and angle where we could see Minseok smiling back at him.

It’s a little blurry but you can survive. In the first set of gifs you could clearly see Minseok smile but people will shit on my head and they’ll be doubtful. So here I am, showing you a different angle. Their smiles were the one that lead me to question this whole thing. Those smiles are usually the kind of smiles that friends exchange with each other when they planned stupid shit. I don’t know about you but that is how I smile at my friend when we indeed planned something.

You could just tell me that they’re just casually smiling at each other but since I’m a fucking trash this is not normal and you can’t tell me what to do. And so I investigated and investigated, and investigated…

And it lead me to another point.

Plenty of people just simply watched this video and screamed their head off not even curious what Jongin did/looked like when Kyungsoo was touching him. If you’re curious (which I thought you would be because you’re reading this post) then here is what he looked like during those times:





I’m not even going to forget to mention that he glanced at Kyungsoo two times during this gifs period. Go back and see for yourself. And I’m not even going to forget that he was breathing hard and did you see the way he tenses up? HELLO? Someone help this horny child out of his blazer please.

He can’t even look at Kyungsoo when he was touching him. I wonder how many rounds did they fuck that night? 1? 2? 9? 3598750?

Jongin was probably eye fucking Kyungsoo at that time after he touched him. He always eye fucks him anyways.

God, I’m such a trash.

ANYWAYS, it looks like Jongin pushed Kyungsoo arm or smth but it all depends on the angle, and this angle is all we have so you’ll have to judge for your own good:

Personally, I think Jongin did push Kyungsoo’s arm slightly, because if I were in Jongin’s position I would’ve too even though I love like Kyungsoo’s palm on my cheek. Why would I do that if I were in Jongin’s shoes? Well, I think I would want it to be less obvious. I’m gonna start a new paragraph to explain this thoroughly.

Maybe Jongin wanted to make it a little less obvious. But that is not fucking working because he took off his blazer looking horny as hell and I think that is a dumbest move he ever made in his whole life if he were trying to make it less obvious. If he was trying to make it less obvious he already failed from the fucking start because as I said, he took off that blazer looking hot as hell and there’s no way he can make it less obvious when their friends literally did the same action Kyungsoo did to him seconds ago. IMHO, I think Kyungsoo is tired of being subtle touches and hiding all the time. He did this because he knows people will think it’s all for fans to see, all for fans to like/love, all for fan service. But there’s something inside of me that thinks that is not true. I think he did it on purpose to rile Jongin up. 

Wow, that’s a nice prompt for anyone to write a Kaisoo smut on. ;)

Moving along, when Kaisoo was happening the rest of the members were turned to the back and some of them were staring at the screen, right? So I decided to take a closer looks at the members when Kaisoo was happening.

The member’s positions if you are curious.

This is Chanyeol, the member who doesn’t give a fuck and just wants to get off the stage. Personally, I think he’s used to it. Like he didn’t even move a single face muscle when Kyungsoo touched Jongin. If he is used to it, I wonder if he’s used to hearing moans as well from Kaisoo’s room?

Minseok and Suho: The assholes that were involved in this shit. They looked pretty chill but they’re watching for a very, very good reason later on. ;)

The other members are pretty much zoning out, Baekhyun and Jongdae staring at the floor, Lay looking at the fans, Sehun fixing his hair for 496824759130 times that day, Jongin’s dick hard as hell and Kyungsoo looking proud as fuck. :)

Let’s get a little bit more exciting, shall we?

After this moment, Minseok, Yixing, and Suho’s verse came. You know what Minseok and Suho did?


That’s the part where I shit my pants and started crying blood. My tear ducts hurt as hell and I swear to god I wanted to kill someone because oh my fucking god I never saw it coming.




I’m going to calm down and explain shit because that is what I’m here for. i don’t really know what to fucking explain because this is pretty much self-explanatory but I’ll fucking do it anyways—

Minseok touched Kyungsoo’s cheek using his knuckles, literally the same way Kyungsoo touched Jongin but only by the knuckles. Suho touched Jongdae by the neck and that’s exactly the way Kyungsoo seduced Jongin, only missing the sliding my hand across your chest part.

Let’s break it into two parts. 

Let’s talk about Minseok and Kyungsoo’s moment first. Here’s a closeup so you could see better:


Look at Kyungsoo smiling though. Look at Minseok’s fucking smile like—


They’re basically teasing Kyungsoo right now. Like holy shit wouldn’t friends tease you when you did something in front of your crush? That smile Kyungsoo made and he looks so shy and embarrassed. He’s like, are they really teasing me right now and he looks so cute I want you to see his smile in another angle:


Kill me but don’t you deny that he looked so fucking shy. That grin is so cute I’m gonna jump off a cliff and that fucking smile is going to be death of my dead body. He really looked so shy though. I guess he didn’t saw this coming as well. I bet he thought that they’re just going to let this go and just do their thing and not tease him right in front of the fans. But thank god Minseok and Suho did this shit because this moment is my gospel now. They made it more obvious which I like, Kyungsoo and Jongin are so obvious it’s amusing how they always try to hide it while showing it. Two sides contradicts but you fucking get it, alright.

Let’s move our focus to Suho and Jongdae moment.

This is LQ as hell because I’m a piece of lazy shit but you can still clearly see Suho’s smile and Jongdae’s most gayest reaction. Jongdae doesn’t seem to know that Suho will do that to him. His reaction says it all. It’s quite funny because he’s so shocked he just had to put his palm over his mouth.

Let’s take a step further just to see more around the field.

Jongdae was probably thinking, did he just fucking do that or is this the feeling that jongin felt when kyungsoo touched him because that fucking reaction screams those thoughts for me.

Did you guys see Sehun? I was protesting with myself whether he knows something or he’s just simply laughing at Jongdae’s reaction. Since I’m a trash, I don’t believe the latter.

I’m keeping a close eye on you, Oh Sehun. 

I was asking myself what was Jongin’s reaction when Minseok touched Kyungsoo and Suho touched Jongdae and thank god there were blessed fancams and his reaction is priceless.

There’s a lot going on in this gif and did i even mention that six of them are fucking smiling/laughing just because of this whole thing. You can’t see shit from this angle but you can clearly see Jongin laugh. I’ll show a better angle.


The last second of this gif Jongin actually looked at Kyungsoo after he glanced at Minseok. Goddamn he looks so happy after he saw what their friends did to Kyungsoo. They’re teasing them and this is going to be so fucking delusional but if there was nothing going on with Kyungsoo and Jongin, they would’ve not copied Kyungsoo, Jongin would’ve not fucking smiled like this, Kyungsoo would’ve not laughed when Minseok touched him, Jongin would’ve not looked so hot and bothered after Kyungsoo touched him, Minseok and Kyungsoo would’ve not smiled evilly right from the start, Six of them would’ve not fucking smiled and laughed at the same time at the same shit, none of this would’ve happened if it’s all fanservice. It’s just Kyungsoo touching Jongin’s face, done. Nothing more.

But the opposite happened.

Minseok and Kyungsoo did look at each other and smiled evilly, Jongin did look horny as hell, Minseok and Suho did imitate Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo and Jongin did laugh at what their friends did. Am I even going to say more because I’ve proven what I think. Basically, what I am saying is that they’re in a relationship. That’s not really new but according to my experiences, my life and my friends, friends do tease each other when their friend did something to someone they like/love. Because I’m that friend who is like Minseok/Suho, copying what they did in front of their crush to my other friend. I’m not gonna copy if I think it’s too intimate tho lmAo. But yeah, you get my point.

As I stated earlier that Jongin looked at Kyungsoo, here’s a closer look:

I forgot to mention that Kyungsoo is smiling like an idiot too like Jongin. Wow, couples are really alike.

Crop it up and slow it down:

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anonymous asked:

so im kinda new, and i dont get it... what happened between Brendon and Ryan and why is Brendon butthurt??


Well, I dont wanna start talking about Ryden, BUT I WILL. You know that a lot of people (including me) ship Ryden like A LOT, and swear to god that they were hooking up (see, im not using the word love, i said hooking), but another part just afirm that Ryan Ross didnt love Brendon Urie as Brendon Urie loved him or started to falling in love for him. YAS. Well, I dont know if you are in to Ryden but  I will give you a WHOLE masterpost about it:

(read it, like SERIOUSLY, its a lot of information).

A lot of people think Ryan was very confused about his life in the end of the A Fever Era and Keltie Colleen (his ex fiancee) was there too.

Well, well, butthurt stuff.

When you watch the Pretty. ODD. DVD you can see the music producer sayin that “one of the hardest parts was picking which part Brendon would sing and which Ryan would sing” then the camera cuts to their faces, they are not happy about it. Months after, P!ATD got split in two.

Some people of the fanbase just PICK a side, or you were going with Brendon Urie or with Ryan Ross. Well, Jon and Ryan get HELLA MAD because they thought Brendon and Spencer would change P!ATD’s name and start again with a new band like them, but well, they didnt because people knooow them. And well, the problem starts there.

They stopped talking for a longe time, when Brendon and Ryan acidentally met at a restaurant? I dont know, maybe a shopping, AND:


Well, after that, they keep saying that “oh, they are still friends blablablablabl a lot of shit” but then Brendon gave a interview for a radiostation saying that when they split, Brendon and Spencer where like “WELL, FUCK THOSE GUYS” but P!ATD still promoting The Young Veins new songs on their website. Welll… butthurt!

Then, Ryan and Jon started being hella aloof about P!ATD on twitter and interviews, Jon even said that Brendon and Spencer had no talent in a magazine interview, then, he apologized on the internet, saying that “they should keep going with their lifes and forget the past”.

When, The Young Veins didnt work out and time passed, Brendon said he had lunch with Ryan Ross and they were in the same events (but not talking or together) in pictures.

Last year Brendon gave an interview IN MY OPINION FULL OF BULLSHIT AND BUTTHURT STUFF, saying that “Ryan Ross didnt let him do stuff and be free, so he get very sad and thought he couldnt do stuff, and that now he could be free” look, im not saying Ryan Ross wasnt controlling P!ATD, because everyone knows he was the head of the band, writing the first two CDS almost all by himself, but Brendon was acting like his life was awful. And then, he said that “Ryan didnt let him sing and he got very upset about it because HE WAS THE LEAD SINGER AND IT WAS HIS JOB! HE WASNT DOING IT WELL?” I know, very childish of Brendon, because Ryan just wanted to sing some songs and parts and JUST IT, songs HE WROTE. How the fuck you get upset with someone who let you be the voice of his feelings and then ask you just to sing a few songs because its his feeling? LIKE, WHAT THE FUCK BRENDON.

Well, now we are here. We dont know if they talk, some people say that Ryan Ross want to do something, like a song with P!ATD while P!ATD keep struggling to find a regular guitarist since Ryan Ross left. 

AH, we cANT forget that Brendon Urie used to cry on the verse “but melt your headaches and call it home” because Ryan told him to give A LOT of attention to this part, like Brendon wrote it.

And he cried, since Ryan left.

He also wrote “Hurricane” for Ryan and, according to the fanbase, almost every Vices & Virtues song.

I think they miss being a parte of a thing, (im not saying like a couple, but brendon also came out as bisexual last year), but, doing music and not in this limbo of butthurt stuff.

I love them a lot, Im rooting for them… A LOT.





graciousstars  asked:

Hey do you have any lams fics you recommend? I'm so over my head omg

holy shit someone’s coming to ME for lams fic recs. holy shit happy day

i read a lot so this is gonna be long lol.

the ultimate fave is the (hamilton has his) eyes on you series. the whole universe is a college au where john and alex are college freshman roommates, alex transferring in halfway through the year. the entire thing is so unbelievably perfect, there’s a lot of one shots that go into the universe, and a remix of the original story from john’s pov. the author even said there’s a sequel coming which is v exciting

if you’re looking for short and cute, i highly suggest the elevator where it happens. john moves into a new apartment building and gets stuck in an elevator with alex, who turns out to be his neighbor. it’s only 4 chapters but it’s so fluffly and cute and sweet it might give you cavities.

there’s an engaged/married lams verse called i do, i do, i do and it’s only got two works in it so far but it’s also fluffy af

pretty much everything else i read is a work in progress. the fake dating au is apparently really popular in the lams fic writing universe, and the only one i read is in the place to be. alex is secretary of treasury and when he runs into his ex in a coffee shop, he grabs the first guy he sees, john laurens, to be his fake bf. john then goes to an interview to be on president washington’s personal staff and has to keep the fake relationship going to get the job. it’s apparently based off the west wing and i don’t wanna be mean but i feel like the writer’s first language isn’t english cuz i feel like there’s a lot missing, but you can’t help rooting for them. i had to put that one in there because fake dating aus are so popular.

looking for social media au? check out how john met alex. basically everyone in the hamilverse is a youtuber. alex and john have mutual crushes on each other but have never met in person and only talked a little bit online. really great use/representation of bisexual!alexander, and it’s equal part silly and tense because of the sexual pining or whatever it’s called. it’s getting late here and this is taking me a while to put together, i’m starting to lose focus.

one that i’ve been really obsessed with lately is rochambeau. henry laurens sends john to what he thinks is a “pray the gay away” conversion summer camp but turns out to be a safe space for LGBTQIA+ and everything in between. not much so far and probably won’t update often, but it already has so much potential i’m so excited about it

kid fic you want? la route qu’ils creent / the road they create. again, doesn’t update much, but it’s just as heartbreaking as it is sweet. john and alex are best friends since they were five. follows them through life. another one that doesn’t have that much so far but has the potential to be great.

what about silly and stupid? i suggest no phones in class. high school au, john and alex debated each other once on the debate team and now they crush on each other. told completely in group texts with the hamilsquad that have actually had me laughing out loud at parts.

AND FINALLY my current extreme obsession is this piece of beauty called letters to a lost love. it’s a sort of soulmate/not quite reincarnation au. alexander hamilton and john laurens were their real selves in the 1700s, but now there is a new pair of kids, alex and john. they both find out about their historical namesakes and the relationship they had with one another and write letters to them/each other. then they both start at columbia and are immediately infatuated with each other, idk the letter writing thing makes a lot more sense if you read it, this one is so fucking good. the writing and characterization is phenomenal, the relationships the hamilsquad have with each other are different from a lot of other fanfics but also realistic. and it updates often, every few days. my number one recommendation if you’re looking for an in progress fic.

AND THAT’S IT. WOW THAT WAS LONG. i would say shoot me another ask if you want some more, but i’m trying not to get into too many since i’m full swing into the college life. just check the alexander hamilton/john laurens tag on ao3 every day like i do x) thank you so much for the ask, hope you like some of the ones i gave you! and happy valentine’s day! <3

Legacy!verse fic:

Title: The Idiot Bat And His Lady
Rating: R
Pairing: Terry/Abby

Summary: Terry McGinnis and Abigail Queen fall in love, fall to pieces, and put themselves back together.

Notes: This fic takes place in ash818‘s Legacy!verse, which you should ALL be reading. Seriously, run don’t walk. Also, I am going to hell for writing this, you’re all welcome.


In Abby’s mind there’s a clear point where it starts, and that’s the night Terry rescues her from HIVE agents and she kisses him.

It’s mostly a spur of the moment, utter terror meets utter relief, kind of a thing. Terry carries her half way up the outside of a building, because that’s apparently what happens when you get rescued by the Bat, and sets her down on a balcony and wraps her up in his cloak (again, something that happens when you get rescued by the Bat) and they wait for reinforcements, because he’s been shot.

Abby keeps her hands pressed to his wound, huddles at his chest, and he holds onto her tight, sort of absently petting her hair.

“S’gonna be okay,” he tells her, thickly, and Abby is so, so scared that he’ll die and is in floods of grateful, frightened, exhausted tears, so she has to kiss him. She has to.

She kisses all over his bruised, bloody face and then his mouth – just a little, just a couple of times – and then it sort of… lingers, longer than it should. If Terry had been less woozy from effort and blood loss he’d have stopped it quicker; if Abby had been less frightened for him, less hopped up on adrenalin from her escape, she’d never have done it to begin with. She’s twenty five, for god’s sake – not that doe-eyed twelve year old with the dorky crush on her brother’s deeply-age-inappropriate best friend.

But just for a second there’s a little teetering over a very particular line between them, and in that second the line goes blurry and by the time they stop it’s… a little more sideways than it was before.

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The Concert

Characters: Rockstar!Jensen Ackles, Reader, Cliff 

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word count: 930

Warnings: Language.


This is my first RPF, even though is and AU, idk this could be the begging of a series if you want to but who knows…

I know I have request to work on, but I had this idea in my mind for a while now, I even had the story outlined.

Unbeta’d because I’m impatient piece of shit, (brace yourselves for mistakes) I’m gonna thank my bitch @thegreatficmaster for the reading over (I added some more stuff) and the encouragement. Eeeekkk I’m so nervous about this one!

The Concert Masterpost

[Feedback is Love]

Originally posted by nikole-and-shy

Last minute sound check, band members take their places, the crowd roars in excitement, you included.

This is it! This fucking instant right now! Late nights, endless shifts, constant feet and back sores.

All fucking worth it!

You hear his voice before you’re able to see him walk out on stage, everyone has gone silent and goosebumps erupt all over your skin at the sound of his rough voice.

The front row ticket was pretty expensive, but now standing only 4 meters away close enough to smell his cologne, you know you’d pay every penny again without a second thought.

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Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #18

Rules: You can find past rec lists here. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

Day 2: Home by genocidalCatgal
Words: 1,440
Author’s Summary: Blue is the best thing that has ever happened to Lance.
My Comments: Suuppper cute bonding fic with Lance and Blue, early in their relationship. I love this emotional boy his giant robot cat. Also, very cool stuff about the past blue paladin.

Parasite Knight by VelkynKarma
Author’s Summary: “You may refuse all you like, Champion, but I have found the one thing in the universe that can be absolutely counted on is that everything that exists desires to survive. Even you. Perhaps especially you.”Something’s not right with Shiro, but it may go far deeper than anybody anticipated.
My Comments: Holy crap on a cracker, this fic is EVERYTHING. It’s hurt/comfort and sickfic and team bonding and we’re only halfway through and it is SO incredible already. The insights into just everybody are amazing, and everyone has an important role in tackling this seemingly insurmountable problem. Hurry, hurry, read it now so you can catch every update as they come out. This fic is making the wait for Season 2 bearable.

Stoplight by acryology
Words: 1,674
Author’s Summary: When Coran and Allura learn about the game of “Red Light, Green Light” from the paladins, they all decide to play a few rounds as a “training exercise”.
My Comments: Cute team bonding!

all alone, all together by seules
Words: 1,516
Author’s Summary: This is bigger than anything he ever imagined. Lance knows the world’s balls deep shitty, so it’s not much of a stretch for the universe to take a crap and coat itself in it, only in a much larger scale. But it’s different when you’re told that the universe as you know it is about to be completely taken over by a tyrannical, fascist madman (surprise, surprise) and Obi-Lance Kenobi, you’re 1/5 of the universe’s only hope!
My Comments: Aww, Lance and Allura bonding! I’m astounded that mine is the only comment on this fic. Please read it and encourage the writer.

The Ones We Leave Behind by psiten
Words: 2,894
Author’s Summary: In between all the bleeding and fighting, time for reading and writing. “Hey…” The unmistakable sound of a thought appearing in Lance’s brain, like the proximity of magnetic force summoning an electric charge out of nothingness. “Wait a second, Pidge… your human name was Katie Holt, right?” “Um. My birth name was Katie, or Katherine anyway. I never stopped being human, thanks.” Originally written for the PROJECT: PALadins gen zine (December 2016).
My Comments: This fic was absolutely worth paying money for, but if you couldn’t afford it, lucky for you it’s available now!

A Little Unsteady (Hold Onto Me) by DeerstalkerDeathFrisbee
Words: 13,385
Author’s Summary: Takashi Shirogane is nine years old when he holds his brother for the first time. “I’m here,” he’d whispered to his fussing baby brother, “I’m here, I’m here, I’m here.” And Keith stopped crying. He didn’t laugh; he looked up at Shiro with big, skeptical eyes. A challenge. Like this tiny person was saying ‘oh yeah, prove it’. And Shiro, newly nine years old, promised that he’d prove it. Shiro and Keith’s childhood in moments.
My Comments: Modern setting AU, but with a few tweaks I could absolutely see this working in canon-verse. It’s incredibly touching and well-written, and Shiro’s development from reluctant child to fiercely protective big brother was beautiful to watch. Both boys went through a lot of heartache, but by the end they’re together, and you know they’re going to be okay.

accidental by EmmaLuLuChu
Words: 2,768
Author’s Summary: one word prompt from a writing sprint in which a thing happens and it is Rough.
My Comments: This is angsty but somehow hopeful at the same time. The team will not give up on Shiro. Ever.

this decay, this hope, this mouthful of dirt by lacking
Words: 9,490
Author’s Summary: Sendak steps closer and Shiro thinks about statistics —the insurmountable odds against Sendak being discovered in the void of space, the passing ship being Galra and not some scavenger. Pidge or Hunk could probably devise some kind of equation to highlight the absurdity of it, lay out in a spectacular display of numbers just how bad Shiro’s luck really is. Or: captured by the Galra and awaiting rescue, Shiro’s forced to confront who he was, how he’s changed, and what that means about the person he’s become.
My Comments: This one is stunning. The non-linear storyline really enhanced the confusion and incoherence in Shiro’s mindscape, and all of the memories and present scenes were well-woven and important. Especially loved the bits with the paladins together, and the ending was perfect. 

So Small and Significant by Hedgi for Meriadoc
Words: 2,275
Author’s Summary: With everyone scattered, Shiro has to chose who to go after first, and it isn’t much of a choice. He promised himself weeks ago not to fail the Holts again. He may have to go farther than he thought to keep that promise.
My Comments: Shiro’s unthinking protectiveness of Pidge is absolutely in character, and their interaction was lovely. 

Surely Someday by 15Strawberries for buttered_onions
Words: 3,437
Author’s Summary: Lance and Hunk have a tradition. Every day after class, they find an empty classroom to jam in, to unwind from the stress of the day. It grows from there.
My Comments: Adorable college/jazz band AU. I love how the group grew and developed and came to depend on each other, and the ending was absolutely heartwarming. It reminded me of my own college experience in a music program, and that’s not a bad thing at all. 

Sorry, Who Are You? by squirenonny for Piper
Words: 5,643
Author’s Summary: When Keith was seven years old, he spent a year in La Quinta with a boy named Lance, the best friend he ever had. Ten years later, Lance and Keith reunite at the Garrison–only Keith doesn’t remember who Lance is.
My Comments: Mild Klance. I like the way this deepens canon, giving Lance a real reason for being upset with Keith from the beginning, though Keith’s forgetting is understandable, too, considering his life. The ending was sweet and satisfying.

Save The Date by buttered_onions
Words: 1,979
Author’s Summary: Homesickness in space is no joke, and Lance isn’t the only one who needs cheering up. Luckily, Hunk’s got a Plan. …assuming he can get it to work.
My Comments: This is absolutely precious. Everyone gets lifted up, in typical Hunk style, and he gets a turn, too. I especially loved the continuing saga of Coran’s birthday tootle.

boredom is cruel and unusual punishment by babitty
Words: 3,183
Author’s Summary: 3000 words of Lance getting the shit beat out of him, because i needed to get some angst out of my system. it’s not very graphic but injuries are listed and batons are used.
My Comments: This is an old-fashioned whump fic, where the point is very much Lance (and Keith to a lesser extent) getting beat up. But there’s a lot of courage and tenacity on display here, and they do very much feel like themselves. An enjoyable fic, if you’re in the mood for hurt with not a lot of comfort.

Let Him Rest by jadencross
Words: 960
Author’s Summary: Coran does so much for the team. And Keith thinks that it’s time he did something for his crazy space uncle.
My Comments: Ah, and this is pretty much the opposite of the last rec, haha. Love Keith being the very definition of Aggressively Cares About You, and Coran needs a lot more love. Sweet fic.

strength of the small by nowweareunstoppable
Words: 12,736
Author’s Summary: A false distress signal lands the paladins in a tough situation. It falls to Pidge to earn their freedom, and it doesn’t come without a dangerous cost.
My Comments: This fic is AMAZING. Pidge is an absolute badass, smart and strong and extremely well-characterized. The frantic run afterward to get her to help was intense and wrenching, too. And Lance was especially wonderful. You can feel his desperation, how deeply he loves Pidge and needs her to be okay, because she’s his little sister now and he CANNOT lose his family. Ahhh, I loved this one to bits. Highly recommended.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated This Week:

When Rome’s in Ruins by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
The Final Act of Mercy by ptw30
bombs and bullets by ashinan
Where No One Goes by earthstar
The Lightning Strike by Merilindir
Beast You’ve Made of Me by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
He Sleeps in the Sky of Ice by jadencross
Coming Undone by Emerald_Ashes
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny
Road Trip to End Times by VelkynKarma

The Bet and the Assistant

Request: can you plz write a fic where the reader is Tony’s assistant & bucky can’t help but notice her( Sam does too) so they strike up a bet to see who can woo her & go on 1 date….She clearly ignore sams attempts & so Bucky wins; they go on a date( actually a couple) One day she hears sam & Buckys convo about the bet & thinks Bucky asked her on that date & many others just for sex(which happened on 1 of the dates) she explodes at Bucky; he tries to explain hisself


    Tony leaned back haphazardly his chair, texting and paying little attention to the meeting happening around him. Steve was currently trying to talk about certain concerns that were arising in eastern countries and proposing to help the people there… or something along those lines. Tony was otherwise disposed.

    -You are the love of my life, and I want you to know that you’ll always be the best thing life has given me.- he texted with a grin plastered on his face.

    -Tony, cut the shit. Life didn’t give me to you, the paycheck you give me every week did- he looked down to read the text and just barely contained his laughter.

    “Is something funny, Stark?” Steve questioned.

    “Yeah, but I don’t think you’d laugh at it. I don’t think you’d laugh at anything but that’s a different story,” Tony shrugged.

    “So how are we going to get in there to help?” Sam questioned to redirect Steve’s thoughts. These meetings always ended with Tony and Steve fighting. Since there had already been a meeting earlier this week Sam preferred not to have to sit through another argument. Steve looked away from Tony and continued giving information. The door to the conference room opened and the woman who opened the door was engaged in a conversation with Director Fury.

    “He did what?!” you asked, “oh I’ll take care of that. Thanks, Nick,” you gave him a kind smile and continued into the room. You set Tony’s lunch down in front of him, then put two boxes of doughnuts in the middle of the table.

“Ah, finally! I was starving!” Tony exclaimed.

“Well maybe if you read even one of your emails, I wouldn’t have been caught up

answering them. Feel free to have a doughnut, guys. I used Tony’s credit card to pay for em’.” you sat in an empty chair beside Tony and whipped out your phone so you could get back to answering emails and texting important people.

    “I don’t mean to be rude, ma’am, but who are you?” Steve questioned.

    “I’m Y/N, Tony’s new live in nanny. You’re welcome,” you smirked, eyes going back down to your phone.

    “I’m not sure you have clearance to-” Steve began. You pulled off your badge and slid it across the table without looking up and without pausing in your text. While working with Tony, you learned how to multitask. The meeting seemed to continue as normal. You continued your work, which meant texting Tony sassy remarks and important dates, and also updating Tony’s calendar so FRIDAY would also yell at him about the important dates. You never looked up to see the Avengers. Natasha already knew about you, you were her knew favorite person, mostly because you kept Tony alive and out of trouble, but you were also hilarious. Clint knew, because Natasha knew. Sam and Bucky however, barely paid attention after you were in the room. Their eyes wandered over your frame taking in every line and curve that built your form.

    To Bucky you were some other worldly piece of art, and Bucky was familiar with women. However, in his days of skirt chasing, his women had been one color, because any other option would have gotten both him and the girl killed. Looking at you now, seeing how beautiful you were with your tight curls framing your face and your lips still pulled into a slight smirk, he was acutely aware of the possibilities. Of course he was caught up on modern history, and he knew he was free to date just about anyone, without any harsh ramifications. He hadn’t capitalized on this knowledge, because frankly he had other matters to focus on.

    Sam was well versed in black women, obviously, but that didn’t make you any less magnificent in his eyes. Plus any woman that could deal with Tony Stark on a daily basis was basically a goddess. Sam couldn’t even deal with him a full 24 hours before he felt like bashing his head through a wall. Of course,  because you worked for Tony Stark you were obviously well off and he loved nothing more than a woman who was in control of her life. Sam happened to look over at Buck and saw him staring at you with longing. Bucky felt eyes on him so he turned to see Sam glaring at him. Bucky glared back. That relationship hadn’t improved in the slightest.

    Once the meeting was over you stood up and collected Stark, “Come on, genius. You’ve got work to do.”

    “Yeah yeah, you’re so pushy.”

    Bucky was getting up to follow Steve out. He figured it was for the best that he let you be. After all, you probably had your hands full anyway.

    “Hey ponytail,” Sam addressed. Bucky knew he was referring to him, but he really didn’t want to acknowledge the name. His hair hadn’t been cut in a long time. He didn’t exactly have the time to go get a haircut. Plus some people were still wary of him. Sam came up next to him with a determined look in his eyes.

    “Dibs on the girl,” Sam announced.


    “Dibs, she’s mine, don’t talk to her.”

    “Who the hell died and made you king? I’ll talk to her all I want,” Bucky would have loved to believe this was about the principle and not the girl, but to be honest it was a bit of both.

    “Sam, that’s ridiculously. She’s a human being. You call dibs on objects,” Steve chided. Both Buck and Sam rolled their eyes, Steve was missing the point.

    “Fine. If you can get her to go on one date with you, I’ll  call my dibs back.” Sam wagered.

    “You can’t call dibs on a person!” Steve exclaimed.

    “Okay, okay. 100 bucks says you can’t get her to go on a date before I do.”

    “Oh you’re on,” Bucky laughed.

    “You guys,” Steve sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Sam’s Attempt:

    You were sitting in the Avengers tower watching over Tony while he worked on his latest project, your fingers ghosted over the keys of your laptop as you set up more appointments for Tony Stark to cancel, and drafted the corresponding apology letters.

    “Cute brunette, reporter wants to ask you about Iron man.”

    “How cute?”

    “Well he’s about 6 feet tall, beautiful green eyes-”

    “Ha. Ha.” Tony rolled his eyes.

    “You could use the good PR.”

    “Fine,” he sighed.

    “Pretending like you’re fully straight, when I’ve seen your snaps,” you grumbled under your breath.

    “I heard that. I was drunk!”

    “Okay,” you agreed sarcastically. While you laughed at little at yourself, you noticed Sam walk into the room. He seemed to be going somewhere that warranted him being better dressed than his usual athletic wear. You glanced up then went back to work.

    “Oh here you go, you could get a consultation with a guru, to help you realize your inner potential.”

    “I don’t pay you to be funny.”

    “Then what do you pay me for, Mr. Stark,” you asked, continuing the light hearted banter.

    “I pay you to get me coffee, keep me alive, and be pretty.”

    “Well shit. Can I get a raise, because I wasn’t aware of the pretty thing? That costs a lot more.”

    “You seem to be doing well for yourself. You’ve got Birdboy number 2 over here gawking at you. What do you want?”

    “A moment with your assistant,” Sam answered smoothly.

    “Unless you’re gonna pay her checks-”

    “Tony we still don’t know what exactly you’re paying me for. He can have a moment of my time. Not like I get paid by the hour anyway,” you rebutted. You got a kick out of giving Tony a hard time. You learned quickly that the only way to assist Tony Stark is to match his wit, and snark. Once you’ve done that you’re in for the long haul. The few assistants before you hadn’t figured that out, and wound up losing out on a six-figure salary. You didn’t know how they managed not to figure it out, even the damn AI’s talked back to him. One time FRIDAY refused to let him into his workshop until he apologized to her for calling her a dumb computer. You smiled at the memory.

    “I deserve an apology, Master Stark. I am not a dumb computer. I am a very intelligent computer.”

    “You better do as she says before she goes 2001 A Space Odyssey on your ass,” you goaded. The funniest part is, that Tony had to have programmed that into her, the ability to be offended and retaliate.

    “So what do you think?” Sam asked. You came back to the present moment and realized you were not listening to a word this man had said. He seemed like he’d just said something smart, or cocky, from the grin he was giving you. Men who approached you like they were some kind of Godsend disgusted you.

    “About what?” you questioned in an aloof voice.

    “Damn,” Tony chimed in.

    “About lunch later on, with me?” he elaborated.

    “Oh no thanks,” you answered and turned your head to look at Tony. He was leaning over his workbench eating chocolate covered blueberries, “That strawberry blonde woman from the 15th floor is looking for a second date. Should I tell her to hit the ole dusty trail, or are you not done with her yet.”

    “Send her packing.”

    “You fucking suck, she was nice.” you grumbled. When you turned your head back to your laptop you realized Sam was still there, staring at you like you had grown a second head. Maybe he didn’t hear you? That seemed unlikely, but it’s better just to be sure.

    “That was a no on lunch, Sam,” you reiterated. He was good looking, sure. Sam Wilson was a handsome man, and you were sure he was great. He just didn’t get the blood pumping. There was no fire in you belly… there wasn’t even a lone butterfly. You were entirely uninterested.

Bucky’s Attempt:

    You were trying to juggle a lot of things all at once. You often wished you had a second set of arms, but as your foot caught on something you wished for those extra arms now more than ever. Before you could fully accept your fate, someone caught you and kept you from hitting the floor.

    “Whoa, careful there miss. Do you need a hand?”

    Once your were upright and steady you looked at your savior to see Bucky Barnes, Captain America’s best friend. You learned about him in your history classes. The pictures in the textbooks were dreamy but they hardly did him justice. He was astonishing.

    “Yeah, thanks,” you grinned giving him your brief case so you could hold on to Tony’s lunch without risking your physical well being. He followed you into the elevator and you were racking your mind for something to say.

“You’re Y/N, right? Tony’s assistant.”

“That’s me, and you’re Bucky Barnes. Captain America’s right hand man.”  

“I always see you around, always in passing though. Stark keeps you pretty busy.”

“It’s like having a child.” you sighed a little.

“Hopefully not too, busy. I’ll start a union for your working rights. Don’t think I won’t,” he

assured. It made you genuinely laugh. He smiled back at you and you felt your heart stop for a little bit. Your eyes scanned over his body for a little while. Bucky Barnes always dressed nice. You had never seen him look like a thrown together mess. He wore dress pants and button ups, with sleeves neatly rolled up to his elbow.

    “Are you going to get out the elevator? I mean, I’m fine with staying and talking to you… but I’m afraid your boss’s lunch is getting cold.”

    You realized that your were standing there, like an idiot, just staring at him. You cleared your throat and stepped out, walking towards your office, “He’s not gonna eat it anyway,” you grumbled, fishing your key out of your purse. You set Tony’s lunch on your desk, then grabbed your things from Bucky.

    “But you eat lunch right?” Bucky asked, he seemed a little apprehensive. He tucked a strand of hair behind his ear and for some reason that just sealed the deal.

    “Yeah, I do.”

    “How about we have lunch… tomorrow?”

    You grabbed a sticky note and a pen from your desk and wrote down your number, “How about you call me tonight with the details?”

    “Really? I mean, yeah,” he was grinning like a kid on christmas morning, and you wanted to pinch his cheeks and kiss him. Your phone rang and it was Tony’s ringtone.

    “The overlord is calling,” you joked, leaving your office with the lunch, before you stopped and backed up a few steps to see him doing a little dance through the window of your office. You laughed quietly and continued down the hall.

Two Months later:

    “One of these days I’m just gonna poison his coffee,” you groaned as you flopped into your office chair. Bucky sat on your desk, giving you a soft sympathetic smile. He sat on the same side of the desk as you so you leaned over and rested your head on his lap.

    “Hard day?”

    “Yeah,” you pouted turning your head to the side on his thigh. His fingers went to stroke your baby hairs, and you closed your eyes.

    “Well, I got Tony to give you tomorrow off. And I was thinking, we could have a road trip, you’ll have a three day weekend, and maybe we can head down to Beacon.”

    “Ugh, you are such a hipster,” you laughed.

    “I am not,” he argued.

    “You’re wearing a beanie!”

    He leaned over you and grabbed your face to press kisses all over, “Does that sound good or not, you brat?”

    “It sounds beautiful.”

    By the end of the week you were packing to leave for Beacon with Bucky. The two of you were taking your car because it had better gas mileage than his. When you pulled up to the little house upstate that Steve and Bucky lived in, you smiled a little, thinking about the days to come. It had been so long since you had a proper vacation, and you were having one with the man you might love. Steve was leaving the house, he smiled and help open the door for you. You made your way through the house only to hear talking.

    “I can’t believe this started with a bet,” Sam sighed, “Listen I know you’re determined to prove me wrong but all you needed was one.”

    “Then you bet that I couldn’t get a second one, double or nothing.”

    “I didn’t think Y/N would pass up this sexiness for you.”

    You rounded the corner into the front room, a little shocked. You weren’t sure you were hearing them right. They betted on your date… your entire relationship was just some bet. So what was the bet now? Could he get you to go on a weekend with him? Make you say you loved him?

    “Hey, doll,” Bucky greeted.

    “Don’t hey doll me. What bet is he talking about?”

    “Oooo, I’m out. Good luck man.” Sam bolted off the couch and to the door. You were frozen in the doorway, trying to wrap your head around the information.

    “I know this sounds bad but I promise it’s not like that.”

    “Did you or did you not make a bet on whether or not we’d date?”

    “Yes,” he sighed.

    “How many?”

    “Two, then I told Sam to keep his money-”

    “How much were they worth.”


    “No, I want to know how much someone had to pay to make you pretend you loved me.”

    “I didn’t take the mon-”

    “How much?!” you screamed at him.

    “100… for the first one… then he doubled on the second.”

    “Two Hundred dollars huh?” you pulled your wallet out of your jacket pocket, “that’s how much every date, every kiss, every night costed?!” You pulled two hundred dollar bills out and threw them in his face, “Well here, if that’s all it was running me.” You turned to leave and Bucky grabbed your wrist.

    “Fucking Christ, babe. If you would just shut up and listen for one goddamn moment,” he growled at you, pulling you close.

    You set your mouth into a stubborn pout, “What?”

    “Yes, the first two dates were a bet. Guilty as charged. But no one bet me to adore you the moment I first saw you. No one bet me to continue for another two months. No one paid me to love you, like I do.”

    “How am I supposed to believe anything you say?” you were tearing up, and you hated it.

    “Y/N, if this was all just some elaborate bet… do you think I would put up with all your shit,” he smirked a little. And you smiled a little despite.

    “I dunno, two hundred dollar hookers do a lot of questionable things.”

    “Ouch,” he laughed, “give me this weekend to prove it then. To prove that I love you.”

    “…. Fine.” you sighed, “but if you’re lying, I’ll tell Cap, and he’ll ground you.”

~Mod Lillian

I Didn't Want To Do This But Fuck It Here We Go

Alright so after seeing Suicide Squad tonight and seeing the absolute and let’s be honest true to form shit storm tumblr produced I have a few things I gotta say. Joker and Harley. Let’s just take a minute to have this talk, okay? Now before you start violently smashing keys on your computer here’s a little background info. When I first got into Batman it was through the animated series. That’s where I fell in love with the Bat and Gotham city. It also just so happens to be where Harley Quinn originated. There weren’t many female characters in the animated series and I fell in love with Harley. I connected with something about her. Fucked up? Yeah I’m aware, but I don’t really give a shit. From there I started reading the comics, watching the movies, all the glorious DC verse junk I could get my hands on. Now being a big Harley fan i got the Joker as well, kinda a package deal ya know? When I was in middle school I loved them. I was all about that #madlove. And then I grew out of it, and realized what it was, and then I spent two years in an abusive relationship. Fucking fun times. But honestly my love for Harley never truly went away. I picked back up the comics and to my utter joy Harley grew and left the Joker. It was fucking awesome. Harley without the Joker is no less Harley, it’s ten times fucking better. (Not to mention I could write an essay about home much I love Harley and Ivy. But that’s not the point.) Anyway I can understand that Harley and Mr. J had a fucked up abusive relationship. Nowhere near “relationship goals” or any bullshit like that. There was no excuse for how he treated her. I didn’t like that he abused her, but I am smart enough to realize they are both fucking fictional characters. They exist as villains, and psychopaths so it makes sense character and story wise for them to have a fucked up relationship was well. You know what’s cool though? Since they are just characters in a comic I can like them or hell even ship them if I wanted without promoting or encouraging abusive relationships. Just because I enjoy reading two characters together who have a relationship that fits within their characters and stories doesn’t mean I think a relationship like their’s is okay. That is just not what it means at all. You know what else is neat? Each time a new reimagined movie comes out it doesn’t have to fit with the comic books or original plots. Reimagined. Last time I check the Nolanverse movies didn’t match up with the comics, so why should Suicide Squad. They have the right to reimagine the characters and relationships they have for the movie. Let me say it again reimagined. Honestly I enjoyed Harley and the Jokers relationship in Suicide Squad. Sure it wasn’t without its flaws but it was nowhere near what I pictured when I thought of Harley and her puddin. You know what else is cool? Letting people like whatever the fuck they want. Without coming in and telling them how disgusting or wrong they are for liking that thing. Just fucking let people be. If people enjoyed the new relationship good for them. If people didn’t good for them too. But that doesn’t mean you need to go shitting all over other people’s thoughts and feelings and opinions. Okay? If you don’t agree that’s fine, but don’t be a dick about it. Just leave people alone. From what I’ve seen all the people talking about the new HarleyxJoker relationship in Suicide Squad understand that yeah it’s not awesome, they are fucking psychopaths, and villains. They get it. No need to remind them. And one last thing. Yes in some verses Joker is constantly physically abusive, even going so far as to push dear Harls out a window. But guess what? Not in Suicide Squad. So stop trying to use that as your defense or reasoning.

Thank you. This has been a 4am rant.

Do you like making love at midnight? (Calum Hood Imagine)

A/N: This is pretty short, but nevertheless, I hope you enjoy! Happy reading! Requests should be open soon. Also, this is my first time writing an imagine for any of the 5SOS boys, so please be gentle with me if you’re going to leave me feedback :) Thanks!

Requested by Anonymous: can you do an imagine where you and calum are driving to the store and calum goes in and your in the car, and the one song thats like if you like pina coladas..comes on and you start singing and then calum comes back and he’s like so do you like making love at midnight??

Pairing: Reader + Calum Hood (Reader’s POV)

Word Count: 1,000+ words


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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Localization Blog #3

Greetings and salutations, true believers!

 Trails of Cold Steel has officially launched, and I’m excited! You may well be one of the pre-order platoon, leading the vanguard, or perhaps the game is making its way to you through all the holiday postal congestion at this very moment. Either way, you’ll soon know what we know: good things come to those who wait, and here at the tail end of 2015, one of the year’s finest RPG adventures stands ready to be unfurled (though let’s be honest…with the length of the game, you’ll probably have said “Happy New Year!” before you roll those credits). Work on Trails of Cold Steel II is already well underway, so worry not – you won’t have to wait too long to see more of what happens to Rean and friends.

Brittany wrote last time about all the effort that goes into the process of voice recording, and she was right on the money – it’s a lot of work. More than I’d predicted, actually. See, this was actually a big first for me. Sure, I’d written for voice work before, but Trails of Cold Steel marked the first time I went into the studio to help supervise the recording of an English dub. The whole process – which took about 20 working days for all the voice work – was like one long course in the particulars of going from script to a finished dub – hugely instructive and informational, but also harrying with how much new info about the process I was absorbing all the time.

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Hamilton/Les Mis HC

So, basically, these are some headcanons that I have about Les Amis and their shared love for the musical “Hamilton”. Because really, everyone loves Hamilton. Even Hugo loves Hamilton, and I have the feeling that Hugo hates everything and everyone. I just know it.

Anyway, here they are!

Courfeyrac, being the most precious cinnamon roll in the universe, is the first one who discovered the musical. He knows EVERY. SONG. Is almost a religion. And he tries constantly to convert whoever cross his way. He’s got the OBC recording in his car, a poster in his room and he ALWAYS sings it while showering or, well, really all the time.

Courfeyrac favourite song is “The Schuyler Sisters”, and his favourite characters are Angelica and King George… Because, you know, we are talking about Courfeyrac. The supreme Diva. He likes to enter at the Café Musain walking like King George while screaming “A MESSAGE FROM THE KIIIING” just to piss Enjolras off. Enjolras doesn’t catch the reference but is used to Courf and his weird behaviour.

He’s constantly trying to convert his house mate, Jehan, but he’s not succeeding. Well. Kind of. Jehan plays the stoic part most of the time because he simply can’t afford to live with an over-excited Courfeyrac all the time so he has to play the grown-up part, but he DEFINITELY sings along with the tracks when Courf plays it while showering. And he DOESN’T CRY every time when “It’s Quiet Uptown” starts. HE DOESN’T. He directly melts in a puddle of desperation while yelling to his friends to lower the volume. And if Courf notices Jehan sobbing, well, he does a good job at pretending.

Combeferre, being the good boyfriend, encourage his obsession while trying to use it for a better cause. He buys Ron Chernow biography, he reads it few time while trying to find new arguments to lead Courf towards more serious themes. Sometimes he manages, sometimes he just ends up doing the second part in whatever song is playing at the moment. His favourite songs is “The Schuyler Sisters”, like Courf, because every time they sing it together he ends up doing Aaron Burr… and Peggy. And Courf laughs hysterically every time.

He likes it, but, you know, no one has Courfeyrac enthusiasm.

…Well. No one except maybe Cosette. SHE. JUST. LOVES. IT. SO. MUCH. She went with his Papa in NY and she went to see it. She met Lin-Manuel Miranda and just started to jump everywhere because she’s not Courf, she doesn’t cry in public, but after talking to Lin (and Daveed. And Groffsauce, AND MAYBE few dancers, because she’s a true fan and loves everyone) she spent few hours talking on Skype with Courf crying and telling him EVERY DETAIL. She even ignored Marius calls until the next day, when she basically spent all her credits trying to explaining him the greatness of the show. Marius was just happy to know that she was alive and happy, but well, he didn’t have the time to even say “hi” so he just listened to her.

Like Courf, Cosette really likes Angelica, but she loves Eliza a lot more. She see herself in the character so much, she wants to be like her, she wants to do something great (and that’s the reason why she went to the first meeting with Les Amis), while being a good and special person to his friends and beloved. She cries hysterically while listening “It’s Quiet Uptown” because she thinks about her mother, but her favourite song is “Helpless”. Because, well, she felt exactly the same when she saw Marius for the first time at the Café Musain. Only… well, Marius was more like Eliza, blushing and being all shy, while she was more like Alexander. I mean, someone has to take the first step, right?

Talking about first steps. The only one in the group that started listening the musical without being forced by someone else was Joly. He heard Courfeyrac sing the opening, and he loved it instantly. He asked him the soundtrack and now he’s a huge fan of Lin-Manuel. Unlikely his other friends thought, he loves more “In the Heights”, and he managed to convert Musichetta and Bossuet to Lin-Manuel’s works thanks to his first masterpiece. Joly doesn’t have a single favourite song, but he often ends up yelling “YOU DON’T HAVE THE VOTES! YOU DON’T HAVE THE VOTES!” or “HE’S NEVER GON’ BE PRESIDENT NOW! THAT’S ONE LESS THINK TO WORRY ABOUT” with Grantaire doing the second voice.

Musichetta LOVES dancing while listening “Carnival del Barrio”, and, well, Joly and Bossuet love to watch her. Sue them. Chetta also loves to listen “Say no to This”, cause she thinks that is a really sensual song and she’s in love with Jasmine’s voice (she tried to seduce Joly and Bossuet using the same “STAY” used by Maria Reynolds in the musical, but that ended with Joly almost hyperventilating and Bossuet tripping on the rug while running towards the bed). The three of them also love to sing “Guns and Ships”: Joly usually ends up doing Washington, Musichetta sings Lafayette because she raps like hell and never miss a word, and Bossuet just shouts “LAFAYETTE!” in random moments because, really, he can’t sing for shit and he’s all of us.

Eponine, well, she’s a fan, she lives with Grantaire and they’re always listening the tracks. She loves it but as usual she doesn’t show it while in public. She has this ritual now, when she sees Marius she usually listen to “Satisfied” and she cries while singing some of the verses. Just to feel better in a healthier way that doesn’t include a shitload of alcohol. Angelica is obviously her favourite character but she also loves Eliza (like she loves Cosette in real life) and when she talks at the meeting with Enjolras and the others, she thinks of Eliza and her works and she starts a project to help the orphans and the children in difficult situations. She hopes to find her family one day, so that she can save Gavroche and Azelma and give them a better opportunity in the future. When she’s in a good mood though, she’s a mean rapper and she likes to do the Cabinet battles with Grantaire.

Bahorel is also a fan, but not in a “screaming fan-girl” way. He listen the tracks while boxing, he loves “My Shot” cause he likes to keep his spirit high while doing gym, so he’s always singing it. He also loves Hercules Mulligan and he likes to rap his parts in a very manly way. And maybe he usually listen only the happy tracks because the first time he listened to the whole track he ended up in his bed sobbing hysterically while screaming “WHAT THE FUCK WHY WOULD YOU WRITE SOMETHING SO SAD I WANT TO PUNCH SOMETHING RIGHT NOW AND THEN GO TO HUG ELIZA SHE’S SO PRECIOUS GODDAMNIT I SPEAK LIKE COURFEYRAC KILL ME NOW”

Feuilly knows the musical because of Bahorel. They live together, but Feuilly is constantly working and doing voluntary projects with Enjolras in his spare time, so he really doesn’t have lot of time. When he listen to it though, he likes Aaron Burr and his songs. He really likes to listen “Wait for it” and “The Room Where it Happens” and usually he’s humming the melodies while painting in his only free day. He’s also the one that had to do a cup of tea for Bahorel to console him after the first traumatic experience with the musical.

He doesn’t like to show his love for the musical on a daily basis, but sometimes he just step inside the Café Musain in a home-made T-shirt with the quote “IMMIGRANTS: WE GET THE JOB DONE” and that is a clear enough statement.

Grantaire is also a huge fan. He loves everything about the musical, but unlikely the other guys, he also knows a lot about the real history of the various characters. His favourite character is John Laurens, and he likes to enter at the weekly meeting at the Café screaming “I’m Grantaire in the place to be, had two pints of Sam Adams but I’m working on three!”. The only one that laughs is Courf. Obviously. The thing is though, he really knows a lot about John Laurens story, and unconsciously loves it because of his relationship with Alexander Hamilton. I mean, is easy to see that magic spark of genius in the founding father, as much as it’s easy to see it in Enjolras when he’s talking about revolution.

Speaking of Enjolras, he was the last one in the group to know about the musical. He’s not very perceptive about these kinds of things, but even someone like him can see Courfeyrac and Grantaire constantly singing in the middle of a speech quoting something that he doesn’t know. But really, almost everyone is doing it. Even Combeferre sometimes just drops a joke or a reference making everyone laugh or yell. Enjolras doesn’t really understand the reference, and is making him a little uncomfortable after a while, but Grantaire notices it so he ends up at Enjolras place after a meeting to introduce him to the magical world of Alexander Hamilton. Before pressing play he did this long and detailed speech about Alexander, trying to put Enjolras in the right mind-set, and after almost an hour he pressed the button…

It was instant love. With the first song Enjolras was silent, listening to the story of someone unfortunate doing something amazing, and he was inspired. Then with the second song he smiled sweetly, because the song reminded him about his encounter with his group of friend and his naivety when he was only a teenager trying to change the world in only one day. When “my shot” ended, he asked Grantaire to stop it for a second because he was so inspired by the song that he had to write down something for the next meeting and he asked Grantaire to do a t-shirt for him with a verse of the song on it. Then, when he was ready to continue, Grantaire just told him “believe me, you’re going to like this one, is one of my favourite”. And when Enjolras heard it, he thought about his group of friends, about their dreams, about their friendship, and he cried a little. He asked to repeat it at least 4 times before continuing, and it was a really emotional moment. Grantaire watched carefully every reaction but he never said to anyone about that magic moment. After that Enjolras loved almost all the show, and he started to discuss everything with Grantaire. That was actually the first time that they spent so much time together without arguing. And they silently decided to keep it between the two of them, at least for a while.

The greatest day was actually when during a meeting Enjolras started to quoting little pieces from the musical in a very serious way during one of his speeches. Grantaire was grinning all the time, and Ferre understood the reference after the second quote but he didn’t say anything. Courfeyrac was so freaking confused, but when Enjolras said “We’re past patiently waiting we’re passionately smashing every expectation, every action’s an act of creation! We’re laughing in the face of casualties and sorrow! For the first time, we’re thinking past tomorrow!” everyone was well aware of what was going on and they all started to sing “AND I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT!” while Courf screamed “YOU BASTARD SON OF A WHORE AND A SCOTSMAN HOW LONG IS THIS GOING ON?!” and after the initial hype the meeting was quickly dismissed and everyone started a karaoke night where Ferre, Enjolras and Feuilly talked about the biography and the story of Hamilton and the other characters, while Courf and Cosette started to sing all the songs with their friends.

And when Grantaire observed Enjolras from his usual place in the corner, he saw his shining smile and his bright eyes staring right back at him, and it was the most beautiful piece of Art in the world. And maybe that was the exact moment when our favourite cynic finally started to consciously believe in something. (And maybe, just maybe, when Enjolras and Grantaire shared their first kiss after few month since that day, Grantaire grinned dreamily to Enjolras and whispered “Helpless…” and Enjolras laughed brightly and it was the sweetest moment ever).

Marius still doesn’t know what’s going on exactly, but he’s happy that everyone is happy.

Aesthetic - An EruHan fic

Paring: Erwin/Hanji
Rating: G
Genre: Romance
Setting: High School AU/ Thug!Levi (kinda donno)

A/N: Wrote this to try to test myself out. Tell me what you think, if I wrote the characterizations well for them and/or this setting. Thanks!

Synopsis: Erwin is a high school student that makes money writing love letters for male students to give to their love interests. But when he starts having a crush on Levi’s lab partner Hanji, he finds himself unable to write the perfect letter in which to give her…


He keeps ripping apart pages off his one subject notebook, dragging a sigh in frustration. It wasn’t coming out. He couldn’t find the words. With dictionaries and Roget’s international thesaurus spread open before him, he was nearly convinced that there was not enough words in the English language to express himself. To express how he felt about her without sounding like a cheesy romantic.

Was this the result of writing so many generic love letters? That now when he truly meant it, when he truly felt it—those same words sound empty and false?

And so, while he sat there in the small table in the library, his face buried in his hands, Levi an old friend since middle school, arrived as he usually did. He yanked out a chair opposite from him whirling it around and sat facing the backside, his hands clinging on.

“You stuck?” Levi asked, “You don’t have to do it, you know. Nile hasn’t paid you yet anyways.”

Erwin lifted his hands from his face, and reached for a tiny sealed envelope underneath one of the dictionaries.

“It’s right here. I’m working on something else,” he said simply.

“Oh?” Levi’s eyes glinted with curiosity.

“It’s not a big deal, it’s just another letter,” Erwin said trying to dismiss his friend’s interest.

“For who to whom? You usually pull those letters outta your ass,” he propped his chin on the chair’s back rest.

“Shouldn’t you be worrying instead about finishing that lab assignment?” Erwin countered raising a brow.

“Four-eyes is working on it,” came the casual reply.

Erwin closed his eyes and massaged the bridge of his nose, “Levi… you can’t have her always do all the work.”

“She insists,” he said with a shrug, “And I’m not about to argue to get homework.”

“Fine. But if you don’t do the work, you’ll flunk the tests,” Erwin pressed.

“Are you sure this is about me getting good grades?” Levi eyed him.

“Ah there you are!”

“Speak of the fuckin—,”

“Hange, hello!” Erwin said a little too nervously.

The tall brunette was dressed in a button blouse, jeans and sneakers, glasses nearly slipping off the bridge of her nose; her hair looked a bit messy and fly away as she carried a small stack of books in her hands. The large side bag that slung over her shoulders looked heavy.

“Hello Smith.”

Her voice carried that mellow deepness Erwin found so attractive in a woman.

“Let me help you,” he said, quickly standing to remove the side bag from her shoulder. He was surprised by the weight the bag’s strap tugged upon his hands when he took it.

“This can’t be good for your back,” Erwin said slowly.

Hange dropped the books on the table’s surface, and leaned against the edge of the table with a sigh, “I get a ride home, so it’s not that bad,” she replied. Hange then looked over to Levi who sat there unwrapping Erwin’s crumbled papers of discarded attempts.

“How’s my angry gnome doing?” she called, pushing up her glasses.

“Fine until you came along,” Levi mumbled.

She looked over to Erwin, “You have to teach me your secret.”

“Secret?” Erwin asked catching the mischievous glint in her eyes.

“He’s so perfectly tame, I mean, just look at him—have you taught him tricks?”

“Fuck you and your shitty glasses,” Levi growled.

Erwin smirked standing next to her and leaned towards her a bit,“The trick being very quiet, and avoid petting the head—go for pats on the shoulder and words of encouragement.”

“Fuck you too, Erwin,” Levi blurted.

Hange giggled.

Erwin found himself fighting the urge not to smile like an idiot.

“Well,” began Hange, “Levi, I wanted to let you know that I’m actually going to busy tonight. Petra and I are going to see a movie,” she pulled out a worksheet and passed it to Levi, “I didn’t get the rest done, but I’m sure you can handle it right?”

Levi gave her this tired look and took the sheet, from her, “Yeah sure, whatever.”

“He’ll get it done. Don’t worry,” Erwin assured.

Hange sighed, “I wouldn’t care about his work, but our teacher is one of those idiots that will flunk the both of us if the other doesn’t do their work.”

“Mmm.. I see,” Erwin said.

Hange reached up and patted his shoulder, “You look so worried! Don’t be. We made a deal that he owes me favors in exchange.”

Erwin looked puzzled, “Favors?”

Levi spoke up, “I beat up people for her…. Erwin, these aren’t that bad…” he said about the discarded poems.

Erwin shot him this urgent look of ‘why the hell are bringing this up—,’

“Oh, can I see?” She paced over taking the sheet of paper Levi offered her.

The blond wanted be an ostrich so he can plug his head in the dirt.

She fell silent while she read it.

“I-it’s not bad, but I don’t like it,” Erwin said nervously as he snatched the paper from Hange’s hands before she could finish.

“I didn’t know you write poetry?” her voice expressing awe, “What kind is it? A sonnet? I saw that it had some kind of rhyme to it.”

“Oh no, it’s just free verse.” Erwin said his blue eyes looking way from the curious ones. His hands tore the sheet up and crumpled it up into a tight ball.

Levi remained silent watching the conversation with interest.

“Ah, well I don’t know about poetry, but it sounds good, the bit I read anyway. It had a sing-song ring to it. Perhaps it was the phonetics.”

His hand that held the clump of paper gripped tighter.

“Thank you… I’m just stuck right now, to be honest,” he couldn’t control the color that was rising on his cheeks.

“Hmm,” Hange placed a finger to her lips thinking, “… what is your aesthetic?”

Erwin looked at her confused, “I… don’t understand.”

Hange gave a small chuckle, “Sorry, I mean, what is your inspiration? What makes you write? Perhaps going to the root of what inspires you will help out of your block,” She smiled calmly.

He found himself staring at her. And then everything thing made sense. The universe made sense in that moment. He said nothing as his mind snapped into place.

“Umm,” Hange leaned forward, “Smith?”

“Yes, that’s it!” He said suddenly snapping out of it, pounding his fist into his open palm. It startled Hange a bit. He looked towards her, “Thank you, now I know how I will write,” his eyes shone with gratitude.

“… okay,” she replied quietly, suddenly feeling bashful for a second. “Oh, um yeah!” Hange whirled around, “Levi can you just return these books to the librarian,” she said patting the pile of books she dropped on the table, “I gotta go now. See you in class tomorrow.”

“Kay,” Levi said flatly.

Erwin passed the side bag to her, and saw how easily she placed it over her.

“Thanks,” she said. And after giving him a small smile, Hange walked off.

The next day Erwin managed meet with Levi in the hallway before his biology class.

“Here,” Levi said passing him twenty dollars, “It’s from Nile.”

Erwin took it, counted it, and slipped it in his back pocket. He then took a small letter envelope and pressed it into Levi’s palm.

Taking it, his friend regarded him with a odd look, “This?”

“Slip it in Hange’s bag when she’s not looking.”

“So the poem letter you were writing yesterday was for her?” Levi pressed, “And I thought I told you, I don’t want to be delivering letters.”
“Levi, please.” Erwin begged.

Levi’s eyes grew wide with realization, “… Ah. I had a feeling it was from you… What do you see in shitty four-eyes anyway?”

Erwin felt his face heat up, “Please. Just do it.”

“Fine. Consider it done,” Levi slipped the note in the inside pocket of his leather jacket.

Once in the classroom, Levi sat down in the lab table in the back. A moment later, Hange came in chatting excitingly with Nifa and headed towards the back dropping her bag on the table. She turned her back on him and continued to talk with her friend. Levi took this chance to slip the letter in. He opened the flap of her side bag but was disgusted to find notebooks covered in odds and ends, receipts, chocolate wrappers mixed with pencil shavings oozing out of the bag’s contents.

That moment of hesitation Levi had was all that it took for Hange to catch him. Levi pulled back his hand containing the letter, but her inquisitive eyes were far too keen.

“What’s that note you were trying to sneak in my bag?” She sneered. She reached out a hand suspended in front of him, “Gimmie,” her fingers moved in a beckoning motion.

Other classmates started to look around, whispering to each other.

Levi pulled the letter to into sight, “It’s not from me,” he said as he passed it to her.

“Yeahhhh sure it’s not,” Hange replied narrowing her eyes, a sly smirk creeping up the side of her face.

She opened the letter, the teacher walked in, and the students took their seats. Hange dropped to her chair next to Levi without looking up from the piece of paper.

Hange —

Will you be…. my aesthetic?

My muse, My inspiration,

The beauty of my philosophy?

Will you be… my ideal?

My epitome, My intellectual spark,

My Athena, righteous and brave,

Bursting forth from the mind,

With ideas, with creativity, with innovation,

Will you be… mine?

And is there any possible way that I can also be yours?


—Your Secret Admirer

Levi looked surprised at how red her face colored up. It made him wonder what Erwin wrote. As the teacher was finishing with taking attendance, Hange looked over to him, with scarlet cheeks and bewildered eyes.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Levi thought. Don’t tell me.

“Levi…” she whispered, “I don’t know what to say…”

Levi ran his fingers through his hair, he didn’t sign the letter that fuckin idiot I'mma kill him when I see him!

When he looked back up to her, saw Hange buried her textbook, quiet and avoiding eye contact with him. The teacher started ranting about the homework. Levi couldn’t take the awkwardness and suddenly stood up and made his way to the door.

“Ackerman!” the teacher called.

He said nothing as the door closed behind him.

Moments later, Erwin ended up walking into the boy’s bathroom and paced towards the second stall. The place was empty. He opened the stall and found Levi standing inside looking at his phone. Their eyes met.

“Good. You came quick.” Levi spoke first.

“What happened?” Erwin asked, his brows furrowed with concern.

“I got caught, and now she thinks it was me who wrote the letter—because your dumb ass didn’t sign it.”

Erwin stepped out of the stall covering his hand over his face, “I’m such a coward….”

Levi frowned a bit. Then he sighed, “Look, you ain’t no coward. You just got cold feet at the last minute and didn’t write your name. The only way to fix this, is for you to come out and tell her it was you who wrote it.”

Erwin seem to be looking off at nothing in particular, “So how did she react, thinking it was you?”

“Does it matter?” Levi said, “You need—,”

“—How did she react?” Erwin pressed after cutting him off.

Levi’s brows furrowed in an uncomfortable look as he rubbed the back of his neck, “She was red in the face… I think she was just more embarrassed than anything.”

Erwin slightly shook his head, “Yeah,” he muttered, “I’m sure it was that..”

“Erwin—wait.” Levi called.

But the tall blond just paced rather quickly out of the bathroom.

After school Erwin sat at the table at the library, his usual spot. He was sick to his stomach with the thought that the girl he fell in love with actually had feelings for his best friend. He had an open notebook and tapped the eraser end on the paper, with no aim in particular. Just swimming in his own thoughts. He knew that Levi has his own share of popularity because of the fights and the trouble he’s caused that dates back to the middle school days. That 'bad boy’ persona he emits draws the girls in. Though he’s also had a share of girls confessing to him on valentines and the school dances.

“Can I sit here?”

Erwin looked up from his thoughts and was surprised to see Hange herself standing before him.

“Sure, have a seat,” he said managing a welcoming smile.

She dropped the heavy side bag with a thud on the table’s surface and plopped down on the chair.

“Did Levi tell you what happened?” Hange asked.

“Ah, yes. You received a love letter from him,” Erwin said.

“Yes, I did,” and with that she pulled out the folded piece of paper.

Erwin swallowed, “Did you give him an answer?”

“Nah, he ran way from me in the middle of class. And avoids me in every possible way, might I add,” she fiddled with the note. Her fingers touching the folded edges, “But you know, something’s kinda off about all this…”

Erwin folded his hands on the table, “How so?”

“Well, first of all, the handwriting on this note doesn’t match Levi’s. I’m his lab partner I should know. He writes in print and his letters are small and very neat,” at this Hange opened the note showing Erwin the writing, “These letters are larger, and more serif-font style, if you know what I mean.”

He could see her brown eyes looking more intently towards him. His own heartbeat quickened.

“And so, what is your conclusion?” Erwin said slowly.

Hange very carefully folded the letter, her cheeks glowing against the caramel skin.

“Well, seeing that it looks like free-verse poetry. And that it reminds me of the conversation we had here the other day. It is obvious to me the moment I read the letter… that it was from you.”

Erwin could hear his heart pounding in his ears. She looked so calm so steady as she sat opposite from him.

“Levi told me that…”

Hange interjected, “I was messing with him. Also I didn’t really know how to express myself in that moment, so I teased him,” She fiddled with her fingers, eyes darting downward.

“Oh. Well, you caused a very bad misinterpretation.”


“It’s okay though,” he replied shyly.

She smiled sheepishly, “I uh, in response to your letter… I say yes,” by this time Hange wrung her hands, showing more signs of nervousness.

“R-really?” Erwin said excitingly. His face was flushed but regardless he kept talking, “Do you want to go the movies?”

“I went yesterday with Petra, remember?” Hange said still messing with her hands.

“Oh right, I’m sorry.” Erwin flinched feeling silly.

“No, no, don’t apologize—actually we can go. That’s good.” Hange said waving her hands.

Then Erwin laughed, releasing some of the tension he had, Hange ended up laughing with him too.

“I was not expecting that letter at all,” Hange said quietly.

“Did you like it?” Erwin asked.

She looked up more, directly gazing into his eyes, she gave him a bright smile, but couldn’t help but break out in a small chuckle at the sight of him, “Yes!”

Erwin smiled back and reached across the table for her hand. She was startled and then flushed when his larger hand went over hers. She used her other hand to cup over his, and soon her two hands cradled his over the surface of that library table.

“I, uh.. um, I kept thinking how you called me 'Athena’,” she said, “And then I was thinking 'I want to call him something too, but I donno what’,” Hange laughed.

“Oh that’s okay,” Erwin said as he leaned a bit forward across the table.

“No, it’s not! You’ll see I’ll come up something!” She pressed with cute urgency.

“Ah, so you will write me a letter?” he asked with a small charming smile.

Hange didn’t think of it, but she loved the idea, “Y-yes! Yes I will!”

He chuckled, “I’ll be looking forward to it then.”

Hange cheeks remained red, “Okay.”

Erwin stood up, “Can I walk with you outside for a bit before you go home?”

“Sure,” she replied.

Erwin reached for her side bag and slung is on his shoulder as he took his own book bag.

“Are you okay?” she asked regarding the bag.

“I insist,” Erwin said with a tender smile.

Their hands reached for each other as their fingers slowly laced. Walking towards the exit of the library, they failed to notice the people they passed, those that looked up towards them. Or Levi who was just walking in through the front doors of the place to meet with the blond, only to slightly drop his jaw at the sight of them.

“Now for the movies… I really wanted to see that penguin documentary.”

“Really? You didn’t strike me the type to watch documentaries,” chuckled Hange.

“I really like penguins, they’re endearing creatures,”

“Which ones you like, the emperor penguins?”

“Ah yes! Those!”

“Ahaha! Well in my opinion the smaller species are cooler, especially the crested penguins, they sport a killer eyebrow game… kinda like some one I know..”

“M-mine are not like—?!!,”

Levi looked from where he stood outside of the entrance of the school library, hearing Hange’s laugh echo within the halls of the school. His grim lips curled in a small smirk.


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Hi friend, would you explain to me why everyone is saying WDBWOT is about Josh because I cant get my head around it, thank you in advance, you're unlit

hooooo boy allrighty kids buckle up bc this song is my shit and its def abt joshua william dun wow wow wow (BLURRYFACE spoilers below the cut)

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Do you have any fic recs? Only because I have loads of homework so obviously the adult thing to do is read fanfic and drink coffee and pretend I'm doing "English Lit" Thanks, have a good day!


Here’s some nice one’s I’ve read in the past couple of months (I’m only gonna list the long ones and published in the past year)

Dean Winchester doesn’t know why he hates Castiel, or why he bullies him, all he knows is that the kid probably deserves it. What he doesn’t know is that Castiel gets enough of it at home, and plus some.

Dean Winchester, reluctant business owner, reluctant home owner, and reluctant cat owner, is striking up a very promising friendship with the author of his favorite book series.

And he has no idea.

Dean walks into his local bank one day and notices that someone has filled the old gumball machine with these tiny, wiggling, sentient angels in individual plastic packaging. Deeply concerned about their air supply and the fact that they’re trapped there in the sun, he starts pumping in quarters to rescue them. This is worse than leaving a dog in an overheating car.

Now he’s got forty of the little guys running all over his house, and god knows how many others might be trapped and dying all over the city.

It’s time Dean remembered who he is now that the Mark is gone. He wants to try new things, do something different, and realizes he doesn’t want to do it alone.

“Are you writing notes to someone, Dean? Like, a pen pal?”

“He isn’t a frickin’ pen pal. He’s some weird nerdy dude at the carrel next to mine.”

“So you’re just passing notes back and forth in the library like grade-schoolers? That’s hilarious.” Sam squinted at the note again. “I can barely read this handwriting. Is he a med student?”

“One, I have never actually met the guy, he’s got some weird-ass schedule, hence the notes, and two, his handwriting is totally legible, he studies art or angels or some shit, and what’s with the third degree?”

Two graduate students, two adjoining library carrels, and the beginning of an unexpectedly epistolary romance.

What do you get when you add Firefighter!Dean to standoffish-Doctor!Castiel?

A thousand other fics, you say?

Aaaand what’s your point exactly??!?!

Dean likes his doctor, but his doctor doesn’t like him.

Accidental friendship ensues, heartwarming bonding type moments occur, and oops!friends become best!friends.

But best friends aren’t supposed to feel the way Dean feels about Castiel. He knows this. So he ignores all the things that he can’t help feeling. When he sits and watches a movie with his best friend or when they are arguing about which method of coffee brewing is best, he pointedly doesn’t look at his friends lips, or the adorable way he tilts his head when he doesn’t understand.

Dean ignores his feelings.

That’s the way he knows how to keep his best friend.

Just ignore the butterflies.

After an unexpected LARPing accident prevents Charlie from acting as the fake bride to Dean’s fake groom for an upcoming hunt, Dean’s taken aback when Sam informs him that he and Castiel will step in and pose as the pretend couple. To complicate matters further for best-man Dean, Sam and Castiel’s wedding has been relocated to a tropical destination on the other side of the world.

It begins with a wedding, a text, and a whole lot of zombies. It ends with a cat, the flu, and a better-late-than-never kiss.

Dean moves into a new apartment where he can see into his neighbor’s window in the building directly across from him. Things start out harmless, but soon enough, Cas and Dean are caught up in something that they shouldn’t be.

A baby shows up on front steps of the bunker and Sam and Dean have no choice but to take it in. They don’t know where it came from or how someone knew to drop the baby with them, but with Cas’s help they’re trying to find out.

Sam arranges a trip to a couple’s resort, so Dean can enjoy the beach.

Cas is human and alone in the world; Dean’s not handling it. At all. But then again, neither is Castiel.

Dean was never able to give Sam the birthday parties he wanted when they were kids, and he can’t even remember if he was ever invited to somebody else’s. Probably not.

He’s got no idea what to expect.

That’s why he’s secretly relieved when Jody asks if he can help her out in the kitchen. Dean loves cooking, and a kitchen is a place he knows his way around, even when it’s not his own. Jody had sounded almost comically grateful when he said yes immediately, but other than that she doesn’t seem to think the whole thing is such a big deal. But for Dean, it is. Birthday parties are a thing normal people do, and Dean isn’t normal people. He sucks at those things. He doesn’t want to mess it up for Claire.

So, Dean’s kind of nervous.

Cas, though, Cas is worse.

I recced more in this ask

Have fun! ♥

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mostly the former! i'm a pretty casual homestuck fan, so there's a lot of stuff im not super sure about. as much as i like gamzee, i got most of my knowledge from fanon, which can be a bit... dumbed down. you've got a blessedly complex interpretation, and i'd like to do him justice. i think my biggest question is just how you manage to pin down his speaking style! i find myself stuck on that a lot. (Thank you in advance!)

Mmmmmmmmmm okay I know even before posting this it’s going to be long so I’m gonna put a readmore on.  

I would also like to put forward that like 95% of this post is headcanon or interpretation-based, so if it contradicts with a different fan’s idea of how to write Gamzee, I would ask them not to take this as an attack on their ideas!  @chimthecappy asked about how I specifically like to write Gamzee, so I’m giving a run-down on how I usually do it. :)

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(no Fic Rec Of The Week last week ! I’ll be without wifi on holiday, then in Paris for the week-end)

- The Devil You Know, by @a-writerwrites  : Harry walked slowly to the door, an eerie sense of déjà vu rolling over him. “Who is it?” he called out through the varnished maple.“Can Harry come out to play?” The voice on the other side of the door was light and airy, musical, with a raspy edge.Louis.Harry felt his pulse race a little before he found words. “Harry’s not home right now.” He smirked.There was a pause and then a light tap-tap-tap on the door, right at Harry’s ear. “Bullshit.”**** Louis is a vampire.  Harry is probably too curious for his own good.

Larry Vampire AU (37k) : holy shit, it’s great. The story is amazing, there’s no smut but it’s hot as fuck though … Really, read this. Also I want : 1/a prequel about Niall , 2/ a OS with all the smut please please please.

- keep holding me this way , by orphan_account  : An English grad student, a frat jock, and an unimpressed rich boy walk into a bar. No one walks out.

Larry Uni AU (13k) with sassy!Louis,  lots of banters and pinning. Really fun and smut is great (bottom Louis)

- Needing You More and More, Let’s Give Love A Try , by supernope   : (…) OR when Harry gets pregnant after a one night stand, Louis helps him get everything together, from buying pregnancy clothes to taking him on a babymoon. Somewhere along the way, they realize that their feelings for each other are more than platonic.

Larry MPREG Harry and BFF to lovers (34k) : no angsty , so full of fluff I feel like a melting marshmallow  right now. Also smut. So much smut. (bottom Harry)(obviously).

- Cosmic Love  , by @smittenwithlouis : Sudden chills rake over his body yet again, making him stay rooted to the ground. Static in the air makes every hair on his body stand up straight. That’s when he notices something a couple feet in front of him lying on the ground. It’s what appears to be a person, weird white beams snaking around them like Christmas lights. Louis’ heart rate picks up. Is the person alright? What are they doing here? What the fuck is happening? Or Louis lives in a small desert town in the middle of nowhere Texas yet a strange visitor manages to find Louis among the stars.

Larry Alien!Harry AU (27k) : absolutely cute! (bottom louis for the smut)

- You’re Writing Verses About Me , by Rearviewdreamer : Everybody knows that Louis has never been one for serious boyfriends. His reputation around campus precedes him, which is why he doesn’t think twice before proudly telling his mother about his new and completely fabricated relationship with his oddly quiet and completely gorgeous new roommate Harry to shut her up about his lack of commitment. It’s the perfect lie; a flawless plan, or at least it was until Louis’ ordered to bring his fabulous new boyfriend home.

Larry roomates and fake relationship AU (23k) . Funny and fluffy ! And so much pining … (no smut)

- say you want me , by  loveekateexo: Louist95: @HarryStyles, I’m personally offended that you haven’t invited me to your concert in Leeds next week. Proper fan I am and all.HarryStyles: @Louist95 Proper fan? I’m personally offended on behalf of all our fans everywhere that you’ve lumped yourself with them. ~ A Famous/Not-Famous AU featuring Liam, Zayn, and Harry as the members of Sonic Boom, an English band that unexpectedly sky rocketed to international fame, Niall as their biggest fan, and Louis as the exact opposite. Harry’s a closeted pop star and Louis is the uni student he keeps fighting with on Twitter. It’s all silly banter until it turns into something else.

Larry famous-not famous and Hate to love AU (37k) : I’m such a hoe for famous-not famous using social medias… So this one is great, not really smutty, with a coming-out and some songwriting :)

- let me outshine the moon  , by  sarcasticfluentry : “Fuck,” echoes Liam, shaking his head at them with a small smile on his face.  “Just don’t get yourselves killed.”“You can come too, if you want,” says Niall, standing up.“I wouldn’t be caught dead at a vampire bar,” Liam scoffs, standing up as well.  “Wait.  Fuck.”…or, boarding school students Niall and Harry chance a trip to the local vampire bar.

Larry Vampire AU (10K) : Yes, again. But this one is totally smutty. so so smutty. Like exhibitionist smut. Wow . (bottom harry)

- MARRIED FOR A WEEK?! , by @zaptains :  Hi guys :) You might recognize Harry from one or two of my old videos .. I was tagged in the Married for a week challenge so I asked him to be my husband ! We had to live together for a week and take each other out on a couple romantic dates and that, check out the video to see how it went :) Give it a like if you enjoyed and maybe subscribe if you haven’t already. Love you all  - Louis x

Larry YouTube AU and BFF to lovers (20k) : fake wedding for YouTube challenge, funny and cute (not really smutty).

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