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  • female character:cries.
  • typical hater:oh she is so weak, she's useless only crying all the time. She should fight and be strong.
  • female character:fights.
  • typical hater:she's such a tomboy. why can she act like a real girl. She looks so bad fighting, and fighting with boys. they ruined her character.
  • female character:smiles
  • typical hater:look at her, what are they doing. she's not acting like she used to, they ruined her development. worst character ever.
  • female character:is shy
  • typical hater:what is she doing, is she stupid or what. talk or do something, idiot.
  • female character:falls in love
  • typical hater:she's so stupid, blushing all the time and having that stupid feelings nobody cares about
  • female character:is angry
  • typical hater:i don't know why is she angry she should undestard shit happens. how stupid, everything is her fault. she should fight and be strong
  • female character:is strong
  • typical hater:what are they doing with her character. it looks so fake, she is not strong at all, only look that face.
  • female character:likes animals
  • typical hater:who the hell care about puppies and kittens, she should be doing important things like fighting and being important to the plot
  • female character:has a real good development episode
  • typical hater:i can't stand her, why is she in all this episode. she sucks.

Three years ago today Norway suffered from a terrorist attack on Utøya. It’s hard to believe it’s already been three years, but it has.

I just wanted to thank my country for not responding with hate and threats, but with flowers and shared love. I’m proud of Norway, and my thoughts and prayers go to all the people who got killed on that day or lost someone close to them.

“We are so few in this country, every fallen is a brother or a friend”

- Nordahl Grieg

…og størst av alt er kjærligheten.


Felt like updating my commissions post and changing things around!!

Gonna try something different.

Fill out this commission form if you are interested in commissioning me which i tried to set up as neat and orderly as possible.

You may still contact me via my commissions email at if you’re not comfortable w/ that. But i just want to try this out!


Hello everyone! This is a commission post for $10 colored sketches! You can add an extra character for $5. I can cover mature subjects (nsfw/ gore) but those jobs start at $15. Each sketch comes with a fairly limited color palette. I also have limits for certain types of subject matter, so please contact me first so that we can discuss the details. For commissions of original characters, please provide me with a reference picture!

Note: Recently I’ve been sending my client’s wip’s, warmups and sketches relating to their commissions whenever I come up with them, so please let me know beforehand if this is something you’d like as well.

If you are interested, please shoot me an email at and you’ll be added to the queue! Work on your commission will begin immediately after your payment has been received. All payment must be made through Paypal! Please reblog to get the word out and thank you as always for your time! (・◇・)ゞ

Truth or Truth

Pairing: Bechloe

Word Count: 2,000

Summary: Contrary to popular belief, Beca has never been a drinker. She doesn’t like to and she doesn’t want to. But tonight, she didn’t even need to take one sip—a bottle of vodka in the wrong person’s hands led to the exposure of the DJ’s true (rainbow) colors.

Tonight was Bellas Bonding Night, an event that their Miss Congeniality Chloe wanted all of them to always attend. It wasn’t anything special, just a twice-a-month get-together they dedicated to spending time with each other. Two weeks ago, they had watched Miracle in Cell No. 7, a movie that made all of them cry, even the most badass Beca Mitchell. Before that, they had ordered an extra-large pizza and stress-ate their way through studying for midterm exams. And now, Stacie proposed Spin the Bottle: Truth or Truth edition. No dares because, according to Fat Amy, “I’m so tired to even move, my ass was kicked by cardio earlier!”

Emily thought just talking would be a good way to know her fellow sisters better because she has just been in the organization for about two months. But regarding the game, she had one clarification, “This will be clean right?”

“Of course it would be clean, I don’t think most of you would want to see each other strip here, wouldn’t you?” Chloe giggled, her blue eyes flitting swiftly at Beca, waiting for the brunette to catch her eye so she can give the infamous Beale wink. However, Beca’s eyes were closed, her head bobbing as she struggled to make weird beatboxing sounds as Lilly taught her. Right now, she couldn’t get past the boom boom tshhk.

Chloe thought she was being discreet, sitting innocently beside Beca and giving her secret glances, but Stacie (who was taking swigs from a vodka bottle), Fat Amy, and Cynthia-Rose definitely noticed. Chloe was so indiscreet that even Emily noticed, and the freshman couldn’t hide her grin of excitement. Ever since she entered the Bellas, she just assumed that the two were together, and much disappointment stumped her when Fat Amy told her neither Beca nor Chloe has confessed. However, Legacy has made it her mission to push the two Captains together whenever there was a chance.

“Count me in!” Emily sort of bounced from the sofa in a very puppy-like manner and sat on the living room carpet between Stacie and Fat Amy. Among all the Bellas, those two were the ones she was most comfortable with.

“Hey Stace, stop drinking,” Cynthia-Rose didn’t even give the tall woman a warning; she just took the vodka bottle from the other’s hands, screwed the cap on, and positioned it sideways at the center of their little circle. “You ready, aca-bitches?”

“Bitch,” Stacie rolled her eyes but she didn’t leave the group.

The first spin, it was Chloe who was interrogated. Jessica asked her skeptically, “Do you have one class that you haven’t failed?”

The redhead smiled positively, nodded and said, “Of course. I can never fail Voice Class, can I? That would be ridiculous, being co-Captain of a three-time collegiate a cappella champion group.”

Beca beside her knit her eyebrows and added, “Seriously, dude? Anything else you haven’t failed?”

“Uhhh… Music Theory? I’ve been taking it for three years.” Even when facing failure, Chloe wasn’t the one to put on a shameful look. She merely shrugged.

Ashley sensed the awkwardness building so she clapped her hands and loudly said, “Okay! Next, spin it, Chloe!”

The bottle pointed at Stacie who was silently leaning against the couch with heavily hooded eyes. Still halfway to being sober, they noticed. She raised her eyebrows at them, “Ask up, I don’t bite… most of the time,” she giggled.

“Is it true you sleep with four guys at the same time?” Emily blurted out before she could filter it through her brain and upon realizing what she said, she put a hand on her mouth and gasped. “I’m sorry—I didn’t mean to ask that—I was just really curious because Fat Amy here told me—”

The blonde Australian protested, “Hey, it was our secret, Legacy!”

“—Oh no, I’m sorry—”

“You’re really crazy, Legacy,” Stacie deadpanned, shaking her head. “Never sleep with four guys at the same time. It’s like the number one rule of hookups. Time management is everything. And don’t listen to Fat Amy because she’s crazy, just like you.” The sexy Bella reached out a slender hand to twist the bottle, which turned and turned and finally pointed directly to… Beca.

The Bellas gave a chorus of “Oooh,” because the co-Captain’s personality was still mostly obscure and mysterious. Sure, she often threw sarcastic jokes, laughed with them, and contributed to conversations. But to them, she was the leader, the sound, and the alt-girl; they have never really connected to her on a personal level… Well, aside from the one ginger person sitting beside her.

Beca tried (and failed) to hide the wide smirk that graced her face. She steeled herself for her fellow sisters’ grilling. “I’m ready.”

Stacie jumped into the matter right away, “So what’s your deal?” with Emily and Fat Amy silently egging on her. “Do you, like, like guys or girls or both?”

The question unarmed Beca whose smirk immediately disappeared from her face. She sensitively crossed her arms over her ample boobs and shot Stacie a lethal look. “Dude. That’s off-limits. Does this game even consider personal boundaries?”

“Actually, no,” Fat Amy feigned a look of apology, shaking her head dramatically. “You need to answer everything.”

Chloe sat straight-backed, her face looking neutral but there was a ghost of a smile on her lips. She feared that at one glance towards Beca, she would burst out laughing and will subject to lots of questions from the Bellas.

That’s because Chloe knew, or so she thinks. Beca was certainly not straight. That woman was too alternative, too badass to be straight. Not to mention their moment in the shower on her first year, and that almost-kiss at Beca’s first hood night, and all the countless times they have spent together that had ensued to uncomfortable and still unresolved sexual tension. The redhead could feel it. Beca wasn’t straight. And she was laughing because the DJ doesn’t even realize her identity.

“We won’t judge you, Beca,” Cynthia-Rose said. “I came out and you didn’t judge me, remember?”

“Two moons is a good omen,” Lilly piped from a corner, staring at the starless night sky outside the window and shrugging at the confused faces of her fellow Bellas.

“Oh my God, guys,” Beca raised her hands defensively, “You all stop this. I’m not talking about my sexuality right here right now.”

“Come on, Beca, it’s not that hard of a question,” Jessica had a wicked grin, wiggling her eyebrows.

“I don’t—I mean, I’ve never even thought about these things—”

Stacie interrupted her. “So let us do the work for you! Do you like boys?”

“Yeah, she does. She dated Jesse during our first year,” Fat Amy rolled her eyes.

Beca closed her eyes and scrunched her nose. “Stop it, you nerds.”

But nothing could stop Stacie right now. She was on a roll, probably the vodka from earlier. “How about girls, do you like girls?”

Emily glanced pointedly at Chloe. The redhead’s eyes were smiling, looking down at the carpet, but she was biting her lip trying to contain her laughter. She caught Emily looking at her and mouthed “What?”

Now was the moment for Emily to decide which of the two is better: being a fun but an asshole person, or being a passive yet protective person. One more look at Chloe’s smug face and she decided to be the first kind, just for the sake of trying to be comfortable with her newfound sisters. “Chlo? What are you saying?” she asked in a loud voice, which gave the effect she was going for.

All heads turned towards the redhead who blushed furiously.

“I wasn’t saying anything,” Chloe shook her head, nervously laughing.

“Oh dammit, you guys! We all know you and Beca are boning each other!” Fat Amy suddenly exclaimed.

Beca’s eyes bulged and she screamed, “What? No!”

“And Beca, I’ll spell it out for you: you’re definitely bisexual,” continued Fat Amy.

“What the hell, guys?!”

Chloe threw her hands up in defeat, indicating she could gladly accept Beca being bisexual. “But we’re not boning each other.” Yet, she thought, winking at Emily and mouthing a thank you.

Smiling, Emily raised her eyebrows to return Chloe’s gratitude.

Beca didn’t spot the secret correspondence between the two because she was too busy freaking out, blushing, and fighting a war inside her, all at the same time. She cut in, “I don’t think I’m bi—”

“—you are, Beca,” Stacie reached out and held the brunette’s tiny hand which was very cold.

“I am?” Her voice came out small and squeaky and for a moment she looked like a tiny mouse, her eyes round and questioning.

“Yeah, remember that when you dropped that ‘Just because you’re making me sexually confused does not mean you’re intimidating!’ line?”

Beca rolled her eyes and buried her face in her small hands. “Oh, dammit,” she groaned.

Later that evening, Fat Amy was nowhere to be found, leaving Beca alone in their bedroom. The brunette was quietly sitting on her bed, trying to focus on her German Language notes, but her mind seemed to have an agenda of its own and kept floating towards the sexuality incident.

One thing was certain: she doesn’t think she’ll be facing Chloe soon, not with all the humiliation she had to go through tonight.

However, Beca’s resolution died when she heard footsteps come up the staircase and saw a redhead walk into her room. “Hey, Becs!”

Beca threw her German notebook on the floor, lay on the bed, hid her face under a pillow, and groaned at it. So much about not facing Chloe. She felt Chloe’s weight on the bed as the ginger sat down beside Beca.

“I’m sorry about earlier,” Chloe apologized, which surprised Beca considering there wasn’t anything for her to be sorry.

The brunette replied with her voice muffled through the pillow, “Yeah, me too.”

“Come on, talk to me like a normal person,” Chloe pulled the pillow away.

Beca let her take the pillow but she still couldn’t look at her and she shut her eyes. “I don’t want to talk, Chlo. Besides what would I, an outstanding bisexual, know about normal?”

Chloe kicked off her shoes and stretched out next to Beca. The tiny woman rolled over, her back towards Chloe, clearly embarrassed.

“I’m bisexual, too, you know,” Chloe said quietly, talking to the ceiling. “It might be confusing at first because there will be some people who’ll make you want to choose between being straight or gay—in this case, lesbian. They say it’s ridiculous, staying at limbo, playing safe in the middle. My parents told me it’s just a phase I’m going through, yet that was like six years ago and I still don’t think I’m going to grow out of it ever. Once you figure yourself out, there’s nothing to be scared or ashamed of. Although if you think about it, I’ve only had boyfriends; I haven’t gotten serious with a girl yet. But I’ve been single for a while now…”

Beca paid attention but her back was still turned to Chloe. “Why?”

Chloe was startled by the interruption of her monologue since Beca has been so quiet. “Why what?”

She rolled over and looked at Chloe’s brilliantly blue eyes, meeting her dark stormy ones. “Why are you single?”

Something in Beca stirred and got her hopes up. She hoped Chloe would say exactly what she wanted to hear. She needed to hear her say it. She knew it was too self-centered but she just had a teeny-tiny hope that this was about… her.

Their eyes met for a brief moment before Chloe said, “I was just waiting.”

“Oh.” Beca was about to roll over again when Chloe placed her hand on the brunette’s shoulder, making her heart skip a beat. She wondered if Chloe could feel it pumping and thundering wildly in her chest.

“I was just waiting for you.”

Part Two

I need your help, tumblr

Last year I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and endometriosis, and had to have several procedures and finally a partial hysterectomy. I was unemployed for quite awhile, and got behind on my house payments, because my husband also lost his job. I bought the house in 2006 for 70k, we struggled and tried but finally the payments became too high and now the house is in foreclosure.

I agreed to do a short sale, and I’ve got an unexpected cash sale offer for 43k, but the buyers want to close and take possession of the house on 7/2. Whatever isn’t out of the house by that date will belong to the new owners. 

The problem is that the house and most of my clothes, books, and furniture is in South Dakota, and we’re in Montana with my parents trying to work and start our lives over. 

So I need your help, tumblr. I’ve found an inexpensive-ish truck rental, and I’m just hoping against hope that I can scrape together some money to get down to South Dakota and get out whatever I can before the 2nd. 

Our paypal email is, or (maybe) the donate button on my tumblr. 

I can’t give a lot in return except my undying love, and any kind of rude and amusing (and terrible) sketch you’d like, or editing services if you write. 

Thank you to anyone who has read this far. 

okay i don’t… really know how to go about this since i’ve never done it before & even know i feel awful for doing it but seeing my mom suffer so much from stress breaks my heart & i feel as the elder daughter, i should do something to help. our landlord won’t ask us to leave if we just keep up with our rent ($1300 but we’re hoping to save enough to get out of this situation). i’m so very sorry for asking for donations but i would certainly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! even if you can’t donate, a signal boost would be more than enough.

i set up donate button on my blog - i’d be happy with whatever you can offer & seriously, thank you for your time even if it’s just reading this.

there is something so beautiful about growing up in my home town and becoming my own person, making memories with my family and friends and things are tough for me sometimes, but i really do have a lot to smile about…i like who i am and i love who i am becoming….it was a long time coming getting to this place in my life and i am blessed i held on for as long as i did…here is a rough draft and a rough video of a song that will be on my first album called “becoming”…i wanted to share it with you guys :) l can’t wait to visit you all on tour!! still booking and junk and its all very exciting…love you <3 

writing again

startup by ark | enjolras/grantaire | 10k | modern era, friends to lovers, first time, enjolras was a charming young man who was capable of being oblivious | thank ye soemily | rated e

In the way of busy city friends, Enjolras and Grantaire haven’t seen each other for some months.

read @ao3

if you ever wanna do me a huge favor, then you should ignore/report user prince-kel

they have 

  • repeatedly harassed a good friend of mine (vamptech/elliot) on the down low but are now blatantly doing so
  • they started doing this after my friend’s parents disowned him for good and he had to open up donations
  • prince-kel already has a donations button but has no emergency or reason for it besides wanting some extra cash
  • on top of all of this they are making up things about my friend in order to rally anons and other users to harass them (these things surround abuse even though elliot is a victim himself which is causing his anxiety to flare up)

and tbh i am very done with people acting like this. we need to show people that this isn’t acceptable behavior. so please please ignore/report tumblr user prince-kel.


Hey guys, please take a minute to read!!

So, my roommate and totally awesome friend BelayaLapa is the creator of these incredible pieces of art. She’s also in need of some money. You see, her boyfriendperson is coming to visit soon from Denmark. You heard me, all the way from friggin DENMARK. We live in the middle of the USA, so this is a pretty big trip, and they only get to see each other once a year. So she’s aiming to save up a ton of money so she doesn’t have to work all the while that he’s here, and actually get to spend time with him. (ONCE A YEAR. ONLY. ONCE. A. YEAR.)

Now, begging for handouts isn’t cool. BUT I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this goddess of art SELLS this awe-inspiring talent of hers. Right now, she’s been cranking out Your Character Here pictures like crazy, and trust me, she’s good at what she does. If that’s not your cup of tea, she also does commissions. (Closed right now, but they’re so worth waiting for.) SO, check her out, give her a look, and maybe bid on some of her art. If you’re not able to, or she’s just not your style, that’s fine, but please give this a signal boost?

You can find her on:




I really love her, she’s been an amazing friend to me, and I want her to be able to spend every minute she can with her boyfriend. (MOTHER. FRIGGIN. DENMARK.)

Thank you for reading!

I hate to be the one to come out and say this, but if you love music enough, you’ll continue no matter what the circumstances. When people say they’re going to miss playing music because high school is over, that is a poor excuse. High school shouldn’t be the end of your music career- instead, it should be the beginning. If you won’t have an instrument, save money to own one, rent one, ask someone who plays the same instrument as you if they have another one, and/or purchase one even if it’s crappy and get it repaired. If you’re afraid of loosing musical knowledge, major in music or at least minor in it. If you don’t want to make that your profession, looks like you’ll be double majoring/minoring. If you don’t want to do that, stay in touch with someone who is a music major/minor and seek their help. If you don’t want to loose your music skills, receive private lessons. If you can’t afford it, keep saving money or see if they work on a sliding scale. Until then, keep practicing what you know and there are plenty of videos on the internet that can help you at least make a little progress. There are also plenty of books that may be helpful. If you don’t want to stop performing, audition places. You may not get a spot, but that just means to find some other place and come back and audition to the original place when you can demonstrate what they’re looking for. There are plenty of places that don’t ask for auditions and are voluntary. These same places also help you improve. If you’re going to miss marching band, I’m almost positive every college has one or you could do drum corps. For drum corps, you may have to learn a new instrument, but it’s possible and there are plenty of corps that take people with little experience on the instrument. Good work ethic and determination is key. Of course drum corps is harder and more disciplined, but it’s still marching. And if you’re not expanding your horizons as a musician and playing it safe, you’re not going to amount to anything. If you don’t want your music journey to end, don’t allow it.
Click here to support Slythermint's Top Surgery Fund!

A bit of a more somber note on this version of the post…

A few months back, I started not being able to breathe quite right. It was really painful to take a full breath, and it ended in me coughing weakly and painfully. I don’t have insurance at the current moment, so my mom took me to a non-hospital doctor’s office. After explaining to the doctor that I bind until I can raise money for surgery and that I’ve been binding for over three years, now, she said to me that it’s likely I had a partially-collapsed lung.

I had never been more scared in my life, and I was really upset because I knew that that sort of thing would mean my family having to pay thousands of dollars to fix it, when it could have been prevented with surgery. We opted for x-rays and hoped for the best.

Thankfully, the results came back negative, but she was very surprised. It was just a small cough/cold I had, and the advice was to not bind and take off work for a week. But in all reality, it’s a miracle and a half that it wasn’t worse. It could turn into worse at any moment, and I really really can’t stand to see that happen. I don’t want to have to bind for another 15 years until I can finally afford to pay for this surgery–I medically cannot stand to wait that long.

So that’s just a small update, to let you all know what’s happening. In the past year, I have raised $495. That is a lot of money, and I am unbelievably grateful for all your support, but the reality is that it’s not even 5.5% towards the $9k goal. I really don’t know what to do besides asking you all to please just share the link and show as many people as you can and please just know that I appreciate it all so so much.


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Peshawar needs you too

I am so angered and disappointed right now. I rarely ever write political text posts but I just needed to say this.

  • #SydneySeige - check
  • #PrayforFerguson - check
  • #BlackLivesMatter - check
  • Mexico’s Student Kidnapping - check
  • Among other international causes I have always supported but can’t recall the hashtag exactly before anyone calls me out for being a bigot - check

What about Peshawar? LET ME REMIND YOU:

  1. Government Officials confirmed that 140 people killed in this attack which includes 134 children.
  2. Most of the injured students who are battling for their life were shot in head.
  3. Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, the Pakistani arm of Talibani group claimed the responsibility for this attack.
  4. They said that there are 6 attackers which includes target shooters and suicide attackers. Its spokesman Muhammad Khorasani told AFP, “They include target killers and suicide attackers. They have been ordered to shoot the older students but not the children.”
  5. According to various reports most of the children were shot in cold blood by forcing them to stand in queue and shooting mercilessly.
  6. After 8 hours of operation Pakistani army were able to clear school from militants. 2 out of 6 Militants actually bombed themselves which shows that their only intention was to kill as many children as possible.
  7. And that’s only the gist of it. (Source)

I am well aware that #Peshawar and #PrayforPakistan is trending, but frankly, I’m disappointed. Don’t even dare to tell me that this website isn’t biased and selective when it comes to social justice that involves Muslims and Asians. I know you don’t measure support by notes on posts, but the level of sheer ignorance regarding such a tragedy is astounding. Where is all your social justice now, tumblr?

Just now, I’ve seen a Pakistani blogger being questioned and accused by anons for being anti-black just because they were rightfully comparing the #Ferguson scenario with the tragic death of 134 children in their home nation.

I want all of you to listen to me.

Mourning the death of 140 innocent lives does not make us apathetic to your problems and concerns.

On the contrary, we are only asking for the same kindness and support you so graciously bestowed to our brothers and sisters suffering around the world.

Please, our lives matter too.

Thank you.

All I Wanted Was You

Genre: Angst, and a little fluff

Summary: Phil and Dan are just friends, but Phil can’t seem to quiet the feelings building inside of him.

Warnings: None

Word count: 792

Author’s Note: This is my second phanfiction, so I’m still working on my writing! This is just a short one-shot, and all comments are welcome! I hope you like it!

Keep reading

Please read.

I don’t know how to really word this so I’ll just come out and say it: I need money.

We’re late on payments and if we don’t come up with 1400 bucks soon we’ll lose the house and the truck. Mom lost her job, step dad’s job doesn’t pay very well and I babysit Monday to Friday but it’s not enough to pay for groceries, let alone bills.

I opened up an Etsy shop where Mom and I make crafty things, I would appreciate any of you checking that out. If you have any suggestions or things you want to have made I’d be happy to make them for you!

I can also write fics if anyone’s interested in that.

Also my friend is offering sketch commissions, click here for more information on that.

I also have a paypal where you can donate linked in my description.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me.


Basically I shortened of money and really, REALLY need money so I kinda think of… selling my watercolor arts. Anyone interested? They’re real watercolor on real watercolor paper (not printed arts). All postcard size (A6), except last MinAo art where Mink’s face not shown. It’s 13,5 x 8,5 cm. The price is like stated on the pic.

I took photos, not scan them because my scanner kinda ruin the color (but if you want to see the scanned version, please message me! Anon also okay if you shy, and I’ll show the scanned version of art you want to see). I will use ordinary letter (with stamp and letter) for shipping, so they’re free shipping (but has no tracking number). If you want me to use SAL/EMS with tracking number, it kinda pricey and I need you to pay for it (the cost can be same with the art’s price so that kinda silly…)

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