thank you for putting up with my random crap


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2000 followers! Holy crap that’s insane!! I never thought I’d get even close to 100 followers when I started tumblr, especially with such a non-specific random blog that represents the procrastination activity of an artist with no clear idea where life is taking them. Nonetheless I thank you all so much for putting up with my crazy doodles and ramblings, it really means a lot to me. I’ve made some very close friends on this site and I’ve widened my views and opinions as a young person in the 21st century. I don’t regret joining this site at all. Thank you all so much. Hope you all have fantastic days/nights. :)


So it just occured to me that I missed not only 100 but also 150 follower milestones, so here is a thing!

I kinda want to do an ‘ask the blogger’ thing, so send in some questions if you’d like!

Thank you guys so much for putting up with all my random crap! This blog is so much fun to have and you guys do that for me!

Sidenote: Preferably nothing nsfw as I am 17, despite most things being legal in my country I think it’s best to avoid that!


I freaking love you.  All of you.  New and old, I love you all.  Seriously.  I would make you all cookies, but it would cost me a lot of money to send them to you all.  So I hope these cookies suffice.

Actually, you’ll have to suffice with Cookie Monster eating a cookie, because that’s the best gif I could find.  Pretend you’re Cookie Monster and that’s the cookie I made for you.  You get to eat it over and over again and it’s always there.  My love regenerates itself.  Yep.  I’m awesome.  And guess what?



Tonight this blog reached a massive milestone. I just want to thank everyone so much for following this blog. I cannot say it enough. Thanks for putting up with me when I spam crazily on important matches and tournaments. And thanks for remaining (reasonably) calm when I post players and teams you hate. Also for putting up with some of my ridiculously rambly tags saying how much I fancy a player, or how much I wish I wasn’t posting this pic because I hate the team and also other random crap. And forgiving me for when I didn’t post for ages sometimes because I was slowly having a breakdown over how much uni work I had or genuinely couldn’t be bothered to post because I was too hungover countless amounts of times after going out drinking with my friends 😂 Have a wonderful day/night wherever you are👏🏼🙌🏼