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You're In Love L.H

Based on You Are In Love by Taylor Swift as requested by @thirteenscottishfolds Thanks for the request, it was really a cute song. Sorry it took a while!!

Word Count: 1,000 +

Warnings: None, but kind of fluffy :-)



“C'mon Y/n, let me just help you!” Luke laughed as he watched me pathetically  try and put on my coat. “Oh my gosh, fine, fine, just please hurry. We already lost so much time!” I whined like a child as Luke buttoned my coat up.

“I still cant believe you couldn’t do that.” He teased as he wrapped his arms around me. I huffed, “Shut up Lucas, I normally just have zippers and not buttons, I wasn’t used to it.” I whined. “Why is it so cold too? It’s March!” I complained as we walked out to our car.

“Stop whining and just wait for when we get to the coffee shop.” Luke said with a smile. It was midnight and we were both fully energized and wanting even more coffee. When we got into the car, I smiled. Luke’s car, which I called mine too, was always my favorite.

It has this warm, inviting smell to it. It reminds me of him so much, and I love it. “Y/n, Y/n, since we’re getting coffee want to hear a joke?” He asked like a little kid as he drove to the place that was a mere five minutes away from where we lived.

I sighed with a smile, since he knew I was a sucker for his terrible jokes, “Go ahead, lay one on me.” He looked at me and smiled, then directed his attention back to the road. “What’s the difference between a Starbucks latte and a whore?” He asked, and I laughed loudly. He knew I preferred the old coffee shop down the road to any Starbucks.

I encouraged him to keep going, “Nothing,” He said, “They both suck and empty your wallet.” I giggled and nodded my head. Starbucks does suck. When we pulled up to the coffee shop I walked in and sat down at our usual booth, all the way in the back corner.

“Hi, welcome to Mindy’s coffee, what could I get you?” A waitress asked politely as Luke and I told her our favorite drinks to get. “Ok, I’ll be right out with your orders.” She said as she fixed her messy bun. Poor girl looked tired.

While I was still looking at her, Luke spoke to me, “I really like your necklace, I forgot to tell you when you came home with it yesterday.” He said as he reached over to play with the golden chain around my neck. I giggled, “Thanks baby.”

Luke smiled, I knew he loved when I called him that. We got our coffee and had mindless conversations. I tipped the waitress and extra ten dollars and walked out hand in hand with Luke. We sat in silence the way back home, with nothing but music playing in the background.

We stopped at a red light, and the glow illuminated on Luke’s face, it gave him a bright glow and I couldn’t help but stare at him. “Babe, you’re staring,” He said with a small, gentle smile and glanced over at me before the light turned green.

When we pulled into the driveway, we walked up to the door and got ready for bed. He climbed in before me, and waited with his eyes slowly closing and his arm propping up his head. I walked in the room from the attached bathroom and cooed at him. “Baby, if you’re tired go to sleep, I still have to brush my teeth.” I said as I walked back into the bathroom.

I could hear him sigh and move around in position. When I finished brushing my teeth, I walked back out, but he was still trying to open his eyes. “Aw, baby, you were just wide awake to.” I giggled as I climbed into my side of the bed and curled up into Luke. He sighed and held me tightly.

I hit the lights from the nightstand and soon enough, he fell asleep. I was just staring at him, in his beautiful sleepy state, I ran my finger through his hair, and sometimes along his cheeks. I loved Luke, and these were the times I cherished the most. Seeing him so relaxed and adorable would always be my favorites.

The next morning, after I fell asleep with my hand in his hair, I woke up to him not there with me. I was confused, and walked around the house to see where he was. I checked the bathroom, living room, and music room, but then found him in the kitchen.

I had totally forgotten it was Sunday morning, and every Sunday, we would make breakfast for each other, who ever woke up first would normally cook it, but the other always helped. Luke looked over when I started to chop up some fruit and he looked me up and down.

I giggled when he smirked, “You look so good in my shirt baby, I love it.” He said and walked away from the sizzling bacon to wrap his arms around me. I giggled and leaned back into him. “I’m cutting up some fruit, any preferences?” He shook his head and kissed my temple.

“No, whatever you decide is alright with me.” He went back to cooking the bacon and already had eggs and some burnt toast set out. I laughed when I saw it. He looked over and raised an eyebrow at me, “What’s so funny?”

Shaking my head I directed my eyes to the toast. He followed and chuckled, “I set it to the wrong number and we’re all out of bread, so it’ll have to do for today.” I nodded, “Nothing wrong with that.” I smiled as I placed the fruit on the table. He placed the bacon on it as well and we both dug in.

We sat at a park bench, it was noticeably warmer out. “I cant believe it was so cold last night. Now it’s super warm.” He said as he gripped onto my hand and brought it to his lips. he gave it a quick kiss, and surprised me by licking it. I squealed, “Ew, gross Luke! What the heck?” I giggled. He laughed and shook his head.

“Come on, let’s go for a small walk, and then we can head back home. Ok love?” I nodded, he knew I loved being called ‘love’, just like I knew he liked being called 'baby’. We held hands as we strolled through the sidewalks. Underneath the trees, we shared small kisses and sweet nothing in between them.

When we came back to the house, we sat down and cuddled on the couch with a movie he picked playing in the background. I fell asleep to the sound of him saying the actors’ parts and just thinking about how lucky I am to have him in my life.

You can hear it in the silence,
You can feel it on the way home,
You can see it with the lights out,
You are in love, true love
You are in love

Sorry this took forever but it was super cute and that song is adorable, I’m not usually a Taylor Swift fan, but this song is pretty good. Thanks for requesting, and if you want to request anything, you can do so here!

Domestic!CEO Calum Part 2

* “Darling, could you whip up something for a staff dinner party?”
* Being a housewife eventually because he hates you working
* Returning to work every now and again when you’re bored
* “Mrs. Hood, you look absolutely dashing”
* Greeting his coworkers as they bring their wives to dinner
* Hosting the Christmas party at your mansion every year
* Sneaking off at these parties to have a less-than-decent quickie in the bathroom
* Adjusting your dress and apron as he fixes his tie
* “You’re a naughty little hostess”
* “How’re you Ashton? How’s the wife”
* Wearing darling pearls and a red dress to Christmas parties at the office
* Showing off your ring to the office wives
* Chaste kisses before serving the dinner
* Him Giving a toast before every meal
* Having a long dinner table in which you sat at the opposite side of him
* Climbing onto the table and crawling over to him when he was ignoring you
* This resulting in table sex
* Lots of counter sex
* “Can we try for a baby?” ‘Darling, id love to’
* Having his first child, and him staying home from the office for a month
* Him squeezing in sex when the baby is asleep
* “I love you”
* “Thanks to my beautiful wife, I am able to come back to work”
* “Our beautiful family”


I decided to put my own twist on one of my favorite (and sadly underrated) games!

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

It’s such a great game and has played such a huge part in my child hood, I love the art style of this game and it was one of my biggest inspirations as a kid that really pushed my to try and make my art better!

Huge thank you to @spacecaptsteve for creating the scruffy little marsupial that helped guide me along my current path as an artist!

reasons why calum would be the best daddy ever:

-looking at the baby bundled up in his arms before glancing at you and whispering in an awestruck voice “we made this”
-emailing drop dead to ask them if their clothing comes in children’s sizes
-accidentally drinking the baby formula because he thought it was a protein shake
-taking your child to the dog shelter every weekend because “babe, if we’re gonna get one this is good practice”
-letting your child colour in his tattoos whilst he’s just sitting and giggling slightly because “what? it tickles”
-walking in on you breastfeeding and pouting because he claims that “its not fair, i never get boob time anymore :-(”
-poking the baby’s cheeks and laughing at how your child is so squishy, yet he rolls his eyes whenever you do the same thing to him
-”babe, look, look, a green day onesie!”
-the baby would probably fall asleep on his chest and calum would just rub soothing circles into their back until he followed suit
-”no, trust me, the guitar is overrated, don’t pay attention to uncle luke. bass is way better bub, i swear. no listen–”
-dressing your child up as a puppy for their first halloween
-dropping the baby bottle and going “fuck–no wait i’m not allowed to swear anymore, shit–no, fuck i meant–”
-teaching your child how to play soccer and letting them score on him all the time
-”your mummy is so pretty, isn’t she bub?” “you’re still not getting laid tonight”
-”aunt mali’s gonna take you out for ice cream, okay? that way me and mummy can have some alone time”
insisting that his kid is way better than uncle michael’s kid
-”for fuck’s sake ashton, yes my child is getting all the nutrition they need, thank you very much”

michael  ashton  luke

dannylovescalpal  asked:

pls can you do one with calum. 12 and 17 . i love your blurbs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Calum heaved a sigh of relief — the full weight of his body slumped against the wall as a rough hand combed through his black locks, curls softly brushing against his palm and fingers — whilst a mischievous smirk toyed with the corners of his mouth.

“Babe…we have a whole hour by ourselves…” he murmured, his finger curled in a beckoning manner. When all you responded with were raised brows, he peeled himself from the door and strutted over to you - arms wrapping around your shoulders as your back was pressed against his chest. “Think about all the things we could do in sixty minutes.”

Ever since the two of you settled down and mutually decided to have kids of your own, any time spent alone - no matter if it was of the fun, sexy variety or both of you lying face down on your bed, your bodies intertwined but otherwise completely exhausted - that contained physical contact was a gift the neither of you wanted to pass up. And with one son spending the day at a peewee football camp and the other having a playdate down the street with a close friend of yours, you should have easily capitalized this situation. Not necessarily in a sexy, fun time way. After all, you could have collapsed on some comforting surface with ease before being reminded that you had to be an adult. But sixty minutes? The possibilities weren’t exactly endless - they were limited at best - but enough time for you to at least do something that you never thought you could normally do.

“Uh, babe, we’ve reached fifty-nine minutes, and the clock is still counting down. I have some ideas but—”

You hadn’t even realized you’d tuned him out until you felt his plump lips peppering your cheeks with wet kisses. A small giggle erupted from him as he then rocked you back and forth in his arms - mouth still attached to your soft skin. The eyeroll was completely involuntary on your part. A dork, you thought. Married to a total dork. Nonetheless, the giddy chime in his voice was infectious, and you couldn’t help but let out a chuckle as well.

“I swear I must’ve married a man-child,” you teased, pressing a quick peck to his bicep that rested on your shoulder.

“What are you talking about?” he queried; his voice held overwhelming amounts of sarcasm and mock offense. “I am very mature.”

You were prepared to interject a comment when he spun you around so that you were now facing your husband - that wicked look of mischief once again present in his shining eyes - and hefted you so his broad shoulder painfully dug into your chest. Shuffling his feet, you suddenly found yourself being heaved onto the couch with a slight thud - the cushions make a poof sound. Calum was quick to climb on top of you - his entire body weight leaving you groaning - as you kept your face covered with your hands; before you could peek between your fingers, you felt his rough hands gently covering your own, his smile wide as he went back to work covering your face in sloppy kisses whilst you sputtered and squealed with glee. Your face was cradled in his hands when your tongue poked between your lips - though he was quick to lightly catch your it between his teeth, his eyebrows waggling.

Although you struggled to form any words - you could almost hear his pun-infused thoughts: Calum got ‘yer tongue? - you reluctantly attempted. “Thith ith how you wanna thpend the latht thithty-theven ninutes?”

He had to pull away, snickering under his breath and burying his face into your shoulder. Despite your pout being ignored, you teased the dark curls of his hair by twirling them between your fingers.

“Just remember, babe,” he said, voice muffled against your collarbone. “You said yes to all of this. Man-child and all! Now,” Calum’s voice seemed to drain of the childish tone - now much more serious, “let’s make the most of these fifty-six minutes.”

Thank you so much! And I’m sorry if this wasn’t all that great. P.S. My blurbs love you more. xx

How he shared the big news |Pregnany|


@luke_is_a_penguin: The thirs Starbucks addict is on its way. Can’t wait to hold baby Hemmo in my arms. Let’s hope the little one won’t be scared of my punk rock height :-) Huge shout out to my woman for carrying our baby ♥ #HemmingsClan #Hemmo2015


@calumhood: Look at that cute Vans on the right side. Calum Jr will have a great taste in fashion. Hurry up, little one, daddy can’t wait to teach you hot to be cooler than your mommy. #TheHoods :D


@ashtonirwin:WE’RE PREGNANT! Today, we went to an ultra-sound to finally see our little one. There’s something special and appealing about seeing a new life on a black and white screen. Can’t wait to experience the parenthood with the love of my life. Thank you baby girl for this amazing gift. I love your and love our love child endlessly. #BabyIrwin


@micahelgclifford: I don’t want to hide it anymore. Baby Clifford is coming in this year. Princess already has got everything. A beautiful mama, handsome papa and three over-protectice uncles..and of course her little tiara. :) #ProudDaddy

Red - Chapter 18 - Cruel Disguise

Art by the amazing starscythe <3

What if Robin Hood hadn’t been able to save his wife when she caught a deadly disease while carrying his child? What if the Evil Queen had summoned him instead of the Huntsman to hunt down Snow White?

Outlaw Queen / AU Enchanted Forest / Angst, Drama, Romance / Rated M

Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8| 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 Chapter 18

I’m so sorry for taking so long to update! My life is absolutely crazy right now. 

A very special thank you to @thisisamadhouse and @onhowtobecrazy who read this through for me and told me it was not awful. Thank you darlings! This is not beta-ed, so sorry in advance. 


Regina did not know what had woken her. 

She was used to waking up suddenly, gasping for air, soaked in sweat with her heart beating erratically, and sometimes even screaming out, due to the more than usual nightmares that haunted her. 

But this time, her eyes did not snap open and her senses did not hit her all at once. 

One moment Regina was enwrapped in peaceful slumber, buzzing energy travelled about her body, and her heart, for once, was at ease. She moved a little, and slowly became more and more aware of the fact that what she was laying upon was not her mattress. Her mattress did not breathe, or snore

Regina took a deep breath – taking in the scent of pinewood and sweat that was strangely familiar – and eased herself more into the warm, delicious embrace of whatever was holding her. She hummed in agreement to the arm that held her a little tighter around the waist when she moved. It felt quite good, she felt well rested and safe, which was something she had not felt for a very long time. 

The vibrant energy made her want to sleep the morning away there, even though she was now conscious that she was on top of somebody and that both of them were stark naked.


@Little_Hemmo: I don’t know about you guys but I love the new hair. Thank you so much @Little_Clifford for helping me out

@LUKE_IS_A_PENGUIN: @Little_Hemmo Um, Hun care to explain WHAT THE HELL THIS IS

@Little_Hemmo: @LUKE_IS_A_PENGUIN ugh, dad I know your slow but seriously my hair has been like this for 2 weeks and YOU SAW ME TODAY

@Michaelgclifford: @LUKE_IS_A_PENGUIN @Little_Hemmo. Oooooh sass

@LUKE_IS_A_PENGUIN: @ michaelgclifford stay out of this this is your fault anyway, ur daughter did this to mine because of u

@ michaelgclifford: hell yeah it was my child, no one could do a better job u rock @Little_Clifford

prompt-Hook finds out about Robin’s tattoo they talk about Regina — jdawn731

Robin opened up the door of the diner, desperately needing a coffee after another sleepless night. 

He was constantly tortured by his constant thoughts, the thoughts that tore him apart piece by piece. Did he hate Regina for killing his wife? Should he scream at her? Should he ignore her? Of course he can’t ignore her. He can’t do anything to hurt her. He loves her. No, he couldn’t love her. She broke apart his family. But she also became his family over the past few weeks. 

Coffee. He needed coffee. He sauntered into Granny’s, somewhat sleep- walking. Out of nowhere, he felt something, or someone, slam into his shoulder. Looking up out of surprise, he saw Regina herself standing before him. 

They stood silently for what seemed to be an eternity. She stared at him with panicked eyes, and quickly glazed over her displayed emotion with an empty, nonchalant expression.

All he could do was open his mouth, and close it again immediately. There was nothing he could say or do when she was standing before him in the flesh. He had forgotten the way her lips were perfectly sculpted, and how she gently tucked her dark, beautiful hair behind her ear. The pain was too much for him, it all became overwhelming. He wanted to hold her waist, pull her in, and kiss her forehead lightly. He wanted her to know that his love for her couldn’t go away. 

With no words spoken, she pushed past him, and ran out of the diner. He turned, watching her go, and exhaled out of awe. How did a woman like her exist? So complicated, yet so simple. She mesmerized him without even trying. 

He limply fell down into the nearest stool, and leaned against the bar table. Granny, without question, pushed over a coffee in his direction. He nodded at her in gratitude, and ignored the concerned mask she wore on her hardly lined face. 

“I’ll take a hot chocolate with cinnamon, love.” Robin heard from his left. He turned to see Hook sitting before him, a playful smirk growing on his face. “Tough night, mate?”

Robin let out a half- hearted laugh, and shook his head in response. “I’m at a loss. How does one still possibly have feelings for the woman who killed his wife?" 

Hook’s face suddenly grew serious, and he shifted in his seat uncomfortably. "Aye, I do pity you, lad. I tell you, women in this town are far more complicated than one could ever imagine.” He bit his lip, concentration seen in his jaw. 

“And if you were in my position, where would you even begin?” Robin pushed his sleeves up in frustration, and set both elbows on the table, catching his head as it fell into his palms. 

“I’m afraid I can’t-” Hook stopped speaking, and grabbed Robin’s wrist with great enthusiasm, “Why didn’t you tell me you had a mark, mate?! It adds to your charm, I must say." 

Robin’s heart ached for a moment, but he pushed down the emotions that were demanding to be felt. It was the first thing Regina had noticed about him, the first thing she had ever laid her dark eyes on. Ever since she had told the story about the night in the tavern, he couldn’t possibly avoid connecting his tattoo to their inevitable love for one another. He would trace the lines of the dark ink, and would think about Regina’s lips tracing his own. He would see the lion positioned so courageously, and would be brought back to the times Regina had impressed him with her selfless acts. It was a symbol of their companionship, their connection to one another. 

"Ah, well actually, it is the sign that proves Regina and I are soul mates,” Robin said casually, without thought. 

Hook began choking on his drink, and looked up in shock, “What? Soul mate?" 

"And I can’t deny that we are,” Robin began speaking more to himself than the man sitting next to him, “I still feel everything for her. It’s like… she never truly leaves me, even when I attempt to push her out of my life. She killed Marian, but I still can’t bring myself to hate her.”

Hook nodded understandingly, and put his fingers to his lips. He played with his earring for a bit and then answered, “You know, Swan didn’t even recognize her as the Evil Queen when we traveled to the past. I watched as she tormented those before her, and couldn’t recognize her myself. I truly believe that she’s no longer the same woman who murdered Marian. In fact, after you two starting frolicking off with one another, she became quite pleasant to be around.”

Robin sat for a moment silently, and felt a calming light begin to grow within him. Everything Hook had said was true. Regina is no longer connected to the Evil Queen in any way, and he out of all people should have known that. She was now full of love, full of forgiveness and compassion. Reaching over and shaking Hook’s hand he spoke, “Thank you… ‘mate.’ You’ve helped more than you know." 

Smiling like a child and bouncing a bit in his seat, Hook replied, "My pleasure." 

And Robin made his way out of the diner. He was determined to find Regina. He was determined to fall back in love with his soul mate. 

anonymous asked:

Cat! The only thing I know about Robin Hood is that he "stole from the rich to feed the poor." Could you tell me any Robin Hood story with swears please? Thanks, you rock!

oh my god. you sweet, sweet summer child.

okay so i’m going to take two stories here and smush em together a bit. one of em’s your basic robin hood and the three squires/robin hood and the beggars story: it’s got robin in it, it’s got the sheriff of nottingham in it. one of em’s a maid marian story. (for those of you following along at home, that’s child ballads 133, 140, and 150.)

so robin hood’s all heartbroken and emocrying on account of his ladylove, maid marian, has not been in his life for many months. this is what happens when you live in the goddamn woods, but robin hood wants to have his cake (by the ocean) and eat it too

and so in his miserable wanderings through sherwood forest he comes across a beggar, who asks him for money. robin hood says i cannot do that, on account of a) i am a thief. i have no money and b) i have too many FEELINGS to deal with MONEY

but hey, here is a thought: instead of me giving you money, what if i fought you

the beggar, because 1171 was a wild place, is like SURE, RAD and they get right the fuck into it. now robin hood had kinda figured he’d win, because he has a very limited skillset but Violence is something he is mad qualified for, but to his shock the beggar is also hella good at fighting

and eventually robin is like, you know what, i want to get back to crying. let’s make a deal: you put on my clothes and i’ll put on your clothes, and we’ll call it even, huh? the beggar is like, sure, your clothes are clean and only have like 3 lice on them, and they switch clothes like the grown adults they are.

robin puts all the shit that was in his pockets (bread, corn, salt, malt, and his horn) into his new pockets and goes okay, bro, feel better now?

the beggar goes, i would, except these poor kids in my town, i dunno what to do, they were starving and they hunted some deer

robin’s like, that’s… terrible?

the beggar is like yeah cos all deer belong to the king and now they’re gonna die

oh, says robin, right.

i mean nobody is cool with this, the beggar says. literally nobody!! like they can’t even find a dude to do the hanging cos nobody wants these guys to die! except the sheriff of nottingham, that dick, who’s totally been stealing the deer for himself anyway!!!!

there are basically 2 solutions to this problem. unfortunately, robin hood doesn’t have the resources to end feudalism and institute a democracy, and he also can’t charge a bunch of heavily armed guards tryna kill these kids. so, like the sneaky motherfucker he is, he opts for door c

he wanders into town dressed in the beggar’s clothes– they’re covering his face and everything– and says, hey, i hear y’all are in need of a hangman?

the crowd boos, the crowd hisses, the crowd throws stones at him, but robin makes his way through the town and up to the platform where the three kids have their heads in the nooses. the sheriff of nottingham is looking shiny and healthy and pleased with himself; everyone else in town is looking… the opposite of that.

aight, says robin, making his voice all high and creaky so the sheriff won’t recognize it. only one thing left to do and then we’re all set



and grabs the kids’ hands and is like AIGHT Y’ALL TIME TO HEAD INTO SHERWOOD

and they’re running!! and robin’s merry men show up in the forest and are like HEY BRO HEY! and robin’s like THERE’S A SHIT TON OF ARMED GUARDS BEHIND US, TAKE THESE KIDS BACK TO THE HIDEOUT, I’LL THROW THEM OFF THE TRAIL

so he dodges off to the east and keeps dodging, and he is hella good at doing that on account of The Forest Is His Home, and eventually he can’t hear the clank of armor behind him any more so he’s like whew aight time to sit down, put my beggar hood on, take a nap maybe


robin turns and is like oh god. cos the guard’s gotta be like 15, short as hell, no beard, not even stubble. he thinks to himself, i’mma knock this kid down, and then he’ll stop tryna fight guys 3 times his size. jesus.

so they fight– and they fight, and they fight, and robin’s like… this kid is good

and they fight some more, and robin’s getting tired, and this kid is quick and clever and isn’t getting tired at all, and robin’s like ???? ???? ????

!!!!! because the kid has knocked him down and has a sword at his throat.

he pushes back his beggar hood and is like, jesus fuck, mercy?

the kid goes, in a much higher voice, robin???????

and takes off his cap, and WHOOPS IT’S MAID MARIAN and her hair’s tumbling out of her hat and she just kicked his ass in a fight and she’s sweaty and bleeding, and robin bodily picks her up and pushes her against the nearest tree and kisses the shit out of her.

and the moral of the story is that being dressed in rags is the ideal recruitment tool. the other moral of the story is that pretending to be an armed guard is the best way to solve problems in your long-distance relationship. (”don’t you think that’s a good moral, robin?” says marian. “nnnmmhhhh,” says robin hood, whose mouth is busy.)

LOOK AT WHAT I JUST RECEIVED!!! i’m so happy i might have jumped around in my room like a child
it looks even better irl! the lines are so good!! im gonna die!!!!!
thank you so SO much kristaferanka ! i’ve thanked you like four billions time but it’s still not enough it means so much to me

anonymous asked:

Noo, but what if Stoick just tucked child Hiccup into his hood sometimes? Just to temporarily free his hands and prevent Hiccup from wandering into trouble

I don’t think Stoick has a hood?  I do have a headcanon that Hiccup, as a toddler, needed Stoick’s cloak to sleep and he still finds comfort in using it as a blanket to this day (er… that day?)

But to your point:

Oh my god, an inside, giant pocket to his cloak that he’d just plop Hiccup in.  That is what I’m feeling.

It’s You! {Soulmate!Calum} Part 3

Part One ~ Part Two 

Here’s Part Three and probably last part :) Hope you guys love it x

I waited for him to reply but he blankly stared into my eyes. “My drink?” I interrupted. He shook his head to get out of his trance and nodded,“It’ll be right up… Um…” He trailed, glanced at his wrist and then wrote something down on a cup. It was probably my name.

I start to leave for the waiting counter, hoping he’d say something but of course he stays silent and moves onto the next customer… I received my drink a little bit after the encounter, secretly still hoping he’d stop me but nothing came out of his mouth.

I pull the door open and step out, inhaling a fresh breath of air and then sadly took a sip out of my drink before taking small steps towards my place. I hated how I waited for nothing. I walked a few more blocks, probably three, when- “(YN)!” I hear.

I stopped in my tracks and then turned my head and body far enough to see who was calling me. It was him. I see him rushing towards still in his uniform, a pained expression slowly leaving his face and then turning into a content face. A smile appeared too. “(YN)…” He breathed heavily to catch his breath. “(YN)… I’m so glad I… Caught up and… I really need to tell you something…” He was bent down and he was wiping non-existent sweat from his forehead. I stood silent, though, I didn’t know what to say.

The next few minutes was silent as he tried to catch his breath. “Okay,” he finally started,“May I?” He asked gesturing towards my hand. I nod and lift it towards him. Grabbing it gently, he lined his wrist with mine and in a hushed tone said,“You see that?” I looked and on his wrist was my name in familiar black ink-looking words,“(YN)”. My breath hitches in my throat as I nod. He continued,“You have my name, I have yours. We’re soulmates.” He dropped my wrist and positioned himself so he was standing about a foot away from me. “I’m sorry I didn’t stop you earlier… I still couldn’t believe you were my soulmate… You’re actually so beautiful it made me speechless,” he blushed. “T-thanks,” I grin and smiled at the ground, running my fingers over the name imprinted on my wrist,“I couldn’t believe you were mine either.” “So… Wanna go on a date sometime? I mean… If you feel comfortable… I just…” I hear his breathing slow down as he tried to calm himself down,“I really want to get to know you.” I didn’t even hesitate when I nodded, but I tried not to make it obvious that I was really, very happy.

“Yes! So I’ll meet you at the cafe at 7 tomorrow? I’ll take you to a movie or dinner maybe bowling? What would you like to do?” He was adorable as he was starting to ramble but he stopped himself. “You can choose, but please not anything over the top,” I reply. He nods quickly,“Okay, sounds good… Ummm… Can I get your number tomorrow? It’s actually still my shift. I just needed to talk to you before you never come back for good.” I laugh lightly and nod,“Of course.” “Okay.. Thanks!” He starts to run,“Bye (YN)! See you tomorrow!” I chuckled at his child-like attitude. “Bye!” I scream back and began walking home, a smile never leaving my face.

Since this the last part, PLEASE REQUEST SOME NEW IDEAS. Thanks :) p.s. Sorry how there’s no picture!

Now every time I drive, I have my own personal Luke winking at me:) Thank you so much ohemmoh:) you’re the best

Hey Taylor,
It’s me Paige. Right now I’m just having a lot of trouble finding happiness in my life. A couple years ago my parents got a divorce, & honestly it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through. Now, next month I am moving from the house I’ve lived in my entire life & I don’t know what to do. This is my home. How can I just leave the place my child hood took place in? All the fun times? It’ll be gone forever. I’m also a junior in high school & I honestly cannot wait for college bc I feel like I can never find friends that I can truly relate to. I’m just over all of this & I don’t know what to do so I’m hoping you can tell me something. But I also want to thank you for helping me through these times with your music. I wouldn’t be able to manage through this without you. I love you & I hope we can meet soon.
Love always,
Paige. @taylorswift

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Hey pretty lady! You can always use a surrogate and put your eggs there, you can always adopt a baby! Yes your awesome and your genetics would be awesome but the way the baby's raised is a lot more important because somebody can reproduce but if they don't guide and raise the child then they aren't really a parent! Your body just can't handle the amount of awesome mini you would be, so don't be sad, there's always ways!

my eggs are infertile because of chemotherapy, but I know i can adopt! you are so sweet though, thank you. it made me smile.