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1. I respect you, Glitchtale is not like one of those worlds where everyone is at death's door but never dies; 2. Are you gonna revive people using their SOULS, since Betty still has them in possession, and they aren't technically dead (Well that's just me); and 3. WHY ARE YOU SO FRIKIN' AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE *crys* I want ur awesomeness *Blueberry star eyes* TEACH MEEEEEEEEEEE (Apologies for long ask >~<)

1- Thank you, I appreciate it.

2- If I ever revive something it’d be only because there is a WAY to make it happen AND because it’s extremely necessary to make an important progress to the plot. Regardless of that, I will have AND KEEP some deaths permanent and y’all are gonna have to understand and live with that xD

Don’t Cry // Jack Maynard

Word Count- 637


Hi love, Can you do an imagine with jack that he and the reader get into a huge fight and he makes her cry? Thank you!! Xx

A/N- so so so sorry this took so long. also sorry it’s short. i hope it’s what you wanted anon :)


“All I asked was for you to come out with us!” Jack shouted at you.

“And I said I didn’t want to! Is that not a good enough reason?” you questioned.

You two had been arguing for the past 30 minutes. Jack wanted to go out for the third time this week but you wanted to stay in and cuddle.

“You’re so frustrating!” he barked. “Just do one thing for me Y/n! One bloody thing.”

“Why can’t you just go out alone?” you sighed in annoyance.

“Well I’m sorry that I want to spend the night with my girlfriend,” he stated as he sat down, running a hand through his hair.

“Then maybe you shouldn’t go out,” you said under your breath.

“What did you just say?” his head snapped towards you.

“If you want to spend time with me, why do you want to go to the club?  Why can’t you spend them with me alone, at home?” you stared at him.

“Cuz it’s boring!”

“Wow, so spending time doing what I want to do is annoying?” you stepped back, clearly offended.

“Yes! Why don’t you want to go out and have fun like the other girls?!” his facial expression showed that he immediately realized he fucked up.

“What did you just say?” you stepped back once again.

“Y/n, I didn’t mean it,” he stood up, slowly approaching you.

“Get out,” you said quietly, the tears falling from your eyes.

“Y/n, please. You know I didn’t mean it.”

“Get. Out.” You said louder, not looking in his eyes.

“Okay,” you put his hands up defensively. “But you can’t say I didn’t try.”

“Excuse me?!?” you shrieked.

“Well you’re overreacting. I tried apologizing, now it’s on you,” he stared at you, completely serious.

“You just told me, your fucking girlfriend, that you wished I was ‘more like the other girls’,” you used your fingers as quotation marks. “So my bad that in a little pissed off.”

“I tried to apologize.”

“I’m not going to immediately forgive you for something like that! It takes time, but honestly right now in thinking you don’t deserve it.”

“What does that mean?” he asked, suddenly worried.

“It means that we,” you pointed between the two of you. “Are over.”

“Wait,” he walked towards you.

“No. You showed me how you really feel about this relationship,” you said as you wiped away the tears and held your head up high, trying oh so hard to not break down. “So, get out. We’re over Jack.”

“Y/n,” he sighed. “Don’t do this.”

“Why? So in a few days you can tell me that I’m boring and not like your exes again? No thanks.”

“Please,” he knelt in front of you, wrapping his arms around your waist. You instinctively put your hands in his hair. “Don’t do this. You’re the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.”

“Jack,” you said, tears falling once more. “I can’t keep doing this.”

“I promise that we can do better. I’ll try harder. I just can’t lose you,” he stood up, putting his hands on your cheeks.

“I’m sorry Jack. I just can’t. I’m tired of being hurt, I need someone who will love me for me,” the tears continued falling but this time Jack was there to wipe away your tears.

“Please, Y/n. I can be that person. I’m sorry that I haven’t. But I promise that from now on, I will not judge you.”

You looked at him. It was then that you realized, he was crying as well.

“Don’t cry,” you gave him a sad smile as you wipe away one of his tears.

“I just lost the love of my life, I can’t not cry.”

“You didn’t lose me,” you smiled.

“I won’t mess this up,” he sighed in relief.

“Promise me.”

“I promise.”

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Hello! I'm a Karamel shipper and I just wanted to say that I almost felt like crying when I saw your post about being a supercorp shipper but also being really glad for us now that Kara and Mon-el are canon. Scrolling through the karamel tag is painful when I have to spend most of my time blocking people eager to put us down instead of actually getting to enjoy the lovely work and effort others make in developing gifsets. So I just wanted to say thank you for making my day and have a good one!

Hi my friend. I´m really happy now. Thank you for this. I know that feeling when your ship is canon, it´s great. If I don´t like some ship or character … I´m doing my best not to insult other fans, because that´s not just right thing. I can make fun or whatever but everybody likes something different and that´s it… I can accept that. So… Enjoy your canon ship, my lovely friend :) Have a nice day!


We are nothing but thankful for you, our wonderful NCT boys. Thank you for filling our days with happiness and excitement and music. Thank you for helping us make friends with each other. Thank you for comfort. Thank you for not giving up when it got difficult. We are so proud of every single member, and we are so thankful.

고생했어요, 2016 MALE NEW ARTIST OF THE YEAR! ♡♡♡

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I've just finished binge reading this whole blog :^) you're writing is amazing! 🌚💕 how would the rfa (+ V and Saeran) act around mc if she was super sensitive. Just by seeing something cute start crying, like as simple as a butterfly. Danks 👅💦

Thank you so much!! 


  • Everyone in the RFA had always made fun of him for being sensitive
  • But now they’ve met MC
  • They didn’t know it was possible for someone to be this sensitive
  • Yoosung thinks it’s adorable  
  • But he’s always nervous about making MC accidentally cry
  • Even if they aren’t upset while crying he’s just still scared of making them cry
  • And even though he is used to MC being sensitive about stuff he still freaks out when they cry
  • He’s the type to start crying by seeing people he cares about cry
  • But he always tries to hold back tears when he sees MC cry
  • But it doesn’t always work so sometimes they cry together


  • She didn’t know about this at first
  • How did MC even keep it from her for this long
  • She found out when the two of them went on a date at the park
  • They were sitting under a tree enjoying how calm it was
  • “Jaehee look”
  • Jaehee looked over at MC and they were feeding a squirrel who had approached them
  • She was about to comment on that this was cute but then she noticed that MC was crying
  • Immediately asked if MC was okay
  • “It’s so cute, Jaehee”
  • Jahee was so confused about why MC was crying. Should she be comforting them???
  • She moves closer to MC and holds on to them, causing the squirrel to run away
  • Which led to MC crying more
  • Not because they were upset that it left
  • But because it was too cute how fast it ran on how it’s tail moved
  • Jaehee makes sure not to be too alarmed if they see MC crying


  • He walked to the living room to see MC covering their face sobbing
  • He freaked out instantly ran to hold on them
  • “Sh, Babe, babe it’s okay. Tell me what’s wrong”
  • “I saw this video.. This video where this guy.. He risked his life to save a puppy”
  • What
  • He was so confused
  • “Ah MC I thought something bad had happened!”
  • MC showed him the video to prove that it was too touching
  • He didn’t cry but he agreed it was sweet
  • He still freaks out like this everytime MC cries over small stuff


  • He was quick to get used to that MC cries over pretty much nothing
  • And he thought it was cute but sometimes got worried about MC crying so much
  • One evening they were relaxing in the living room they were both chatting with wine
  • But somehow MC had ended up on the floor lying in front of Elizabeth 3rd
  • Elizabeth 3rd rubbed her nose on MC’s nose before lying down by MC’s arm
  • This was enough to make MC start tearing up
  • And then start crying
  • Jumin asked them what’s wrong
  • “That was so cute, She rubbed her nose on my nose that means she loves me” MC said while half sobbing
  • This was the cutest thing for him
  • He was probably tearing up tbh
  • He loves when MC cries over Elizabeth being cute tbh


  • He would probably tease MC about it all the time
  • But the first time it happened he freaked out
  • He thought he did something that upset them
  • MC was holding their phone and crying and he grabbed them in a hug
  • “MC, What’s wrong? ”
  • “I just read that-”
  • “Read what? Did something happen?”
  • “That cows have best friends”
  • “…What?”
  • “They get stressed if they’re separated”
  • He couldn’t help but start laughing
  • He thought they were really upset about something
  • Nah just cows being pals


  • They were doing a photoshoot together
  • He would often let MC try to take pictures with his camera
  • They didn’t turn out very good but he thought they were amazing
  • Even tho he could barely see them
  • But it was a day where he was taking pictures of MC and then he heard them suddenly start crying
  • A small butterfly had landed on MC’s hand while V was taking pictures of them
  • He tried to take pictures of MC holding the butterfly
  • They didn’t get really good pictures since MC was crying in in each one
  • And MC sort of didn’t like professional photos of them sobbing
  • But V loved them


  • When he saw MC cry he was ready to fight someone tbh
  • He asked MC why they were crying
  • “Saeran.. Can we get a munchkin cat?”
  • “What?”
  • “They have tiny legs and are so adorable can we please?”
  • “…Is this.. Is this why you’re crying?”
  • He really doesn’t understand Why MC is crying over small cats?
  • MC shows him a video of a munchkin cat running
  • Now he understands

A/N: Behold!! My shitty editing skills! 

#ThanksObama. For 8 beautiful years, you, your incredible family, and your vision led us. I still remember seeing you as a senator, transfixed as you spoke, thinking, “Him, he should be our president.” I remember election night, crying with my dad, feeling a joy and hope for this country I love that I’d never known before. You got my vote twice. You still have it. I love you, and thanks for making me believe that Yes We Can.

“Mum, dad, thank you.”

Remember when they didn’t allow her to be a singer? Remember when they said they’re gonna give her one last chance, and if she still failed the audition, they’re not letting her go on anymore auditions? Now here they are, her parents, in her mv, watching their daughter grow as a singer. Thank you Yong parents for giving Yongsun one more chance. Thank you RBW for accepting her in. Thank you Yongsun for persevering on☀️️

dear girl meets world,

thank you. thank you for showing us real life. thank you for going places we never thought a disney show would/ 

thank you for giving us riley, forever bright and optimistic. her love for her friends and family is inspiring.

thank you for giving us maya, and showing that being broken and damaged doesn’t make you unlovable. i hope to have her strength.

thank you for giving us lucas, the stereotypical jock who turned out to be so much more.

thank you for giving us farkle, who showed us that being quirky and smart shouldn’t make you an outcast if you find the right people. 

thank you for giving us zay, funny and happy and the type of friend and person we all hope to be. 

thank you for giving us smackle, who showed us that no disease or disorder can limit us from being outstanding. 

thank you for giving us their friendships, which showed us how important it is to surround yourself with the right people. 

thank you for bringing back cory and topanga, who meant so much to so many people, and giving us these new characters, who will always have an impact on us. 

thank you. 

Late Night Talks

Anon Requested:  91+96+100 with V, please!

I loved writing this one! Thank you so much for requesting and I hope you liked this…maybe JUST MAYBE, I am potentially thinking about making this into a series.

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Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1676

Warnings: No warnings

“It’s okay to cry.”

“What happened to us?”

“This is only going to lead to a fight.”

You like your sleep, you like to sleep, you like to nap and you like to rest. What you don’t like is to be woken up, especially in the middle of the night. If anyone knew better it was Jungkook, so why was he calling you at one in the morning?

You groaned once you heard the obnoxiously loud ring of your phone go off by your head, your phone was tucked under your pillow and the ring shot straight through your ear, you quickly grabbed it and without looking at the caller I.D you answered it in a hasty “Hello?”

“Noona?” Jungkook’s voice came through the other end of the line, your eyes snapped open and frustration instantly filled you up as Jungkook was the reason your slumber was disturbed.

“Jungkook I swear to-”

“It’s Taehyung.” Jungkook immediately interrupted, you heard him sigh on the other end. “Can you come over?” You nod even though you know he can’t see you. “I’m on my way.” You end the call and get out of bed as quickly as you can. You strip from your pajamas and throw on a pair of jeans, sports bra and sweatshirt then slipping on your slides, grabbing your car keys and leaving your apartment.

Before you knew it you were texting Jungkook to come open the front door. The door opened seconds after you sent the text and you were walking inside the dorm. “You know you could’ve knocked right?” Jungkook says turning towards you after closing the door. “I didn’t want to wake anybody by knocking too loudly.” You say before talking again. “So what’s wrong? Did something happen?” Jungkook sighed before motioning for you to sit on the couch, he joined you then turned to you. “You remember Hyunmi right?” You thought for a second before nodding.

Hyunmi was Taehyung’s current girlfriend. They had been dating for a little over six months now and you were happy that Taehyung was so happy, he had the biggest smile on his face whenever he was with her and always seemed like he was enjoying her presence. She was a sweet girl after all, never cursed, was never disrespectful and loved animals. She seemed like Tae’s ideal type in your head, she was different than you in so many ways which made you happy. She was a bit taller than you, maybe an inch or two, she had very dark brown hair which looked black in certain lighting and had a glorious tan, her eyes were blue as yours are brown. Overall you thought she was perfect.

“Well she broke up with Tae, it was out of nowhere noona she called an hour ago and ended things with him over the phone.” Jungkook spoke, you could feel your jaw drop and lips part as you gasped when hearing that. “Are you kidding me? Did she give him a reason? Is he okay? Why’d you call me over why aren’t you up there with him?” Questions spilled out of your mouth by the second, your mind was racing with a billion reasons as to why she could’ve broken up with Taehyung but only one made sense. She didn’t feel for him as he did for her.

It’s not a secret that Tae falls hard and falls fast, you knew that all the boys knew that but it has never been a problem because girls feel just as hard for him, you thought Hyunmi did too from all of her smiles and small giggles she gave him when they were together. Guess things aren’t what they seem and she obviously was good at hiding her true feelings.

Jungkook shook his head first answering your initial question. “She didn’t give him a real explanation, all he told me was she said ‘It’s not you, trust me it’s not you but I can’t do this anymore Taehyung.’ Then she ended the call without giving him a second to speak. He just waved me off when he wouldn’t answer any of my questions.” Jungkook sighed looking at you, you quirked your head to the side in confusion. “Then why’d you call me over here?” Jungkook didn’t need to say it for you to understand, he just gave you a look and you knew.


“You know him best noona, he’ll talk to you, you know he’ll talk to you.” You sighed and nodded, you stood up and started walking down the hallway and towards Taehyung and Jungkook’s shared bedroom.

Ex-boyfriend was something you never imagined Taehyung to be let alone be okay with it. The word alone wanted to make you gag and choke, you actually felt your heart shrink in size when you had to come to the realization that you two had to end the relationship. Back then you had dreams of getting married and having babies, but in a flash you two ended things with broken hearts. You didn’t want to be okay with it, you didn’t want to move on, but you did. You moved on and six months ago Tae did too, you just wished you would’ve known about Hyunmi’s ending intention because you surely would’ve butt in and voiced your opinion even though it wouldn’t be your place. You still cared for Taehyung, he was a big part of your life for a little more than a year and you didn’t want to see him hurt. You knew love doesn’t just evaporate, you knew that a little part of you still loved him as he still loved you too.

You stood in front of his door, hand hovering the dark wood before you knocked, you waited a couple seconds before deciding to answer. Walking in the room is dark, the only shred of light came from the desk lamp in the corner of the room giving little to no light where Taehyung laid sprawled out on his back on the bed. You shut the door quietly then turning towards him again. “Tae?” You say in a somewhat hushed voice but loud enough so that he could hear you. He didn’t budge so you decided to walk over and sit on his bed, you crossed your legs and sat beside him. From where you were you could see him staring emotionlessly up at the ceiling, you were close enough so that you knew he could see you and he just huffed a deep sigh. “It’s okay to cry.” You whisper but Taehyung just shakes his head, you can’t help but frown seeing him like this and it makes you wonder how he was when you two had broken up. You two fell for each other hard and fast and it was like you were living in a nightmare when you two had decided to end things.

In an instant Tae sat upright his body twisting to face you and his eyes stared down at you. “What happened to us?” His eyes were pleading, he wore a frown on his face and his hair was partially covering his eyes. You found yourself speechless to his question, you stayed still to his words and his gaze, you felt bad for him, his heart was just broken and you knew the memories of you two came flooding in his head at his situation. You sighed and shook your head only then realizing how close you two were as you felt his breath hit you when he blew his bangs out of his eyes, he shook his head parting his hair to look at you again.

“Tae…this is only going to lead to a fight.” You sigh but you can’t help but wonder and think back to what did happen to the two of you. You thought back to the fights, the words thrown around, all the time you both didn’t have for each other which only made the other more upset. The relationship wasn’t toxic, it was full of love but there were distractions and you both were preoccupied, Tae with his album and you with school and work, you both just didn’t have the time for a relationship and it ended when you two were fighting.

“You think about it too, how and why it ended so abruptly.” Taehyung spoke, his frown had disappeared but his pleading eyes were still staring at you. “We were fighting Tae, you were busy and so was I.”

“But we’re not anymore.” Taehyung said right after, his hand quickly grabbed yours and pulls you towards him, your hands drop themselves to his chest halting his motions of pulling you on his lap. “Tae…you’re sad and you just got out of a relationship.” You say sighing, you look at the look in his eyes, the pleading look was now gone and you were too lost in trying to figure out what he was thinking to notice his hands wrap around your waist, only then did you notice when he pulled you on his lap fully. “I don’t want to be your rebound, we should-”

“You’re not the rebound,” Taehyung interrupted. “If anything, she was.”

That’s all he said before pulling you down to his lips, you hesitated for a moment not kissing back. Your eyes were open and mouth was still, you knew he was upset about Hyunmi no matter what he says, you should push him away but something inside you tells you otherwise. “Please.” Taehyung breathes pulling back to look at you. You let your hands slide from his chest to the sides of his face, you took a look at him, the look came back to his eyes, it was something other than pleading, he wasn’t pleading but he was trying to reason with you. “Please (Y/N)…” You let out a small breath of air and felt Taehyung’s hand rise up on your back pulling you close again until his lips met yours. This time you kissed back and closed your eyes feeling the familiar touch of him.

You missed this.

You missed him.

You just knew you were going to regret this in the morning.

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You amaze me. A kid called me out for reading fan fiction in class and I showed them ur work and now I have a new freind. 1, 3, 85, or 100 wolfstar for the Drabble challenge please?thank you for existing. Sincerely, me and the kid. (Ps. Our anatomy teacher kinda hates you for making us cry in class really sorry she just doesn't understand yet)

First of all, this is probably one of the best complements and asks I’ve ever gotten so thank you for this. I know it was a while ago but still, this means everything. Yay to new friends and fanfic :) <3 Thank you so much!

Remus has alternated between worrying in the common room, practically driving James mad with his pacing, and hovering in the doorway of the dormitory, from which Sirius had yet to emerge from all day. He hadn’t even touched the food plates Remus had brought up for him.

“Moony, c’mon, please.” James removed his glasses, rubbing at his homework-tired eyes, “Either talk to him or don’t but just stop with the fucking-“

“I know, I know.” Remus sighed, falling down onto the couch next to Lily who took his hand sympathetically.

“Has he, y’know, said anything?” Lily asked gently.

“No. Fuck, no, he hasn’t.” Remus ran a hand over his face, “Whatever was in that fucking letter though… God, he won’t even talk to me he’s just sitting on that window ledge fucking staring into space. God, I don’t know if someone died or-“

“I can’t think of someone in that house who could die and he’d react this way about- fuck, ow! Lils, what-“

Lily tossed her book back down, James rubbing his shoulder, “They’re still his family, James! Psycho or not…” She added quietly, quill starting to scratch at her essay again.

James shrugged helplessly at him, and Remus sighed for what felt like the thousandth time.

“I’m going to try again.”

He took the stairs two at a time, only to breathlessly halt in the doorway again. As suspected, Sirius had yet to move. His knees were brought to his chest, arms wrapped tightly around himself. The evening light haloed his profile as he stared out the window over looking the lake and mountains.

Remus bit his lip, finally stepping in and shutting the door softly behind him, never taking his eyes from Sirius. His steps were careful and slow as he approached him.

“Pads?” He cleared his throat, voice coming out too soft.

Sirius didn’t move, didn’t even look up. Remus’ throat tightened. He sighed and gave up on the ‘giving him space’ tactic completely, sitting down on the edge of the window seat, one hand coming up to rest over one of Sirius’ atop his knee. Still, he received no response.

Remus’ brows knit, “Love, please. Please look at me… I want- I need to help you. Merlin, I can’t fucking stand seeing just sitting there all day. I can’t stand seeing you like…” Remus shook his head, holding Sirius’ hand tighter, waiting.

Sirius let out a breath that puffed out his cheeks a bit, and tilted his head back to lean against the stone wall. His eyes moved slowly from the window to Remus’. They were red rimmed and puffy. Remus’ heart broke a little. He doesn’t remember ever seeing Sirius cry before, ever. Not even when he broke his arm in second year.


Sirius shook his head, silencing Remus immediately. He sat up, scooting forward a little and looking again to Remus. Remus tilted his his head, confused.

“Can we-“ Sirius cleared his throat, voice rough, “Can you… Y’know, like when you’re reading…”

And Remus understood immediately, heart practically melting at the soft request, and scrambled up, sliding easily behind Sirius and pulling his back against his chest, resting Sirius’ body easily between his legs. Remus felt Sirius’ body relax into him at the familiar position, and he wound his arms around his waist, pressing soft kisses to his temple when Sirius let his head drop back against his shoulder.

“Good?” Remus murmured, pushing Sirius’ hair gently off his forehead.

“Mm..” Sirius hummed softly, pressing into Remus’ lips. Remus looked at his closed eyes and turned down mouth and wanted to kiss every sign of worry away.

Sirius let out another breath, fiddling with Remus’ fingers resting atop his stomach, and finally the truth came out.

“They disowned me.”

Remus’ eyes widened at that, “They- what?”

Sirius pressed against Remus, trying to soak up all the comfort and courage he could, “I’m not a Black anymore. At least not to them. I-“ Sirius cursed, hating the way his throat was tightening up, “Fuck, I hate them. I hate them I don’t know why I’m so- I don’t know what’s wrong with me-“

Remus shushed Sirius softly, noting the tears in his voice, and pulled him closer, fitting his hands to his hips to guide Sirius into flipping over and straddling his waist instead, “Pads-“

“And don’t tell me it’s normal to feel this way because I know that, I just don’t want-“ He cursed as tears fell down his cheeks and pressed the heels of his palms to his eyes, “I don’t want to feel like this. Remus, I don’t want to care-“

“I know..” Remus guided Sirius’ hands away from his eyes, taking them both into his own for a moment, kissing the knuckles, before cupping Sirius’ cheeks, thumbs swiping the tears away, “I know you don’t. Merlin, Pads, I…”

Remus didn’t know what to say. ‘Sorry’ didn’t work, because he knew Sirius wouldn’t want to hear that. He had a family who wasn’t like him, whom he hated, but that didn’t make losing that family any easier…

“You have us.” Remus mouth said it before his brain could catch up.

“You have us.” He pushed a hand through Sirius’ hair, “You lost one family but- but one is right here waiting for you, okay? Alright? And we really, really love you. Prongs, Pete, Lils… me.” Remus’ cheeks warmed at the way Sirius was looking at him, “Fuck, Pads, I love you so much, okay? As in I don’t know what to do with this much… emotion half the time-“

Remus let out a relieved smile when Sirius snorted at that, wiping at his eyes with one hand and pressing the other to Remus’ neck, thumb brushing over his pulse point. Remus bit his lip, “But it’s true, really.”

Sirius nodded, pressing his face back into Remus’ neck, letting a few more tears escape but, this time, out of relief and out of love for this boy holding him so tightly.

“You’re everything, Re…” Sirius pressed his lips to Remus’ jaw, “You’re fucking everything.”

Remus just held him tighter, maybe blushing a little, and never wanting to go a whole day without hold Sirius like this again.

16 million subscribers.

I was caught off-guard by how rapidly you were approaching this milestone and I wanted to do something a bit differently. I asked for suggestions based off of every letter of “Markiplier” and these are just a few out of the many I got.

Seeing you so passionate about the videos you’ve been putting out recently is so refreshing. Anyone can tell that you’re proud of the content you’re making, that you’re extremely happy with the way things are going, and I believe that makes us happy as well!

Thank you for making videos that make me and thousands of other people smile. Thank you for being the big goof that you are. Thank you for building the community that you have and thank you for making me laugh so hard I cry,

I look forward to what the future holds!

Congratulations, Mark.



thank you for gracing us with your incredible dance ability, your powerful rap, and your radiant smile. you inspire me to follow my dreams and make me happy when i feel like crying. you truly are my hope. (credit: 1, 2, 3, 4)


This is like… the sweetest thing you can say to a writer?? ;__;

Thank you! I mean… I’m not opposed?? I like books but the collection needs to make sense. So…… please wait awhile. 

I feel you, but I won’t be doing any US shows as “sansybones”. That’s why UT_Only is such a weird and wonderful opportunity for me. 


  • Robert: Oi! Have you seen my husband? He's dead grumpy, but he doesn't look bad in a suit.
  • Aaron: That's enough beer for you, then.
  • Robert: Thanks... for before. About Dad.
  • Aaron: You know it might help if you told them.
  • Robert: Maybe.
  • Aaron: Thanks for going along with the welly as well.
  • Robert: Well, it makes us family, doesn't it? You could've come in a bit sooner though.
  • Aaron: I was enjoying it too much.
  • Robert: Yeah, well, I'm gonna get you back with my speech. You're gonna cry like a baby.
  • Aaron: I don't think so, Mr Dingle.
  • Robert: Oh, I bet you do, Mr Sugden. Come on.
  • Aaron: Can we just... stay here a minute?
  • Robert: Yeah, yeah, of course.
  • Aaron: I know I keep saying that I'm fine but...
  • Robert: About tomorrow? You're not, I know.
  • Aaron: What if it's years?
  • Robert: It won't be.
  • Aaron: I don't wanna leave you.
  • Robert: I don't want you to go.
  • Aaron: I'm so sorry.
  • Robert: I'll wait. I've waited before, haven't I? And it'll pass. However long it is. And then you'll come home to me, and we'll never look back, okay?
What they would do if their child made them breakfast in bed and it’s awful

this just happened to me, I had black eggs, toast that was SMOTHERED in butter, and spilt orange juice. And I still ate that shit. YOU BETTER LOVE ME LITTLE BROTHER!

Hanzo- wipes his mouth after each bite so he can spit it out

Mcree- makes the kid cry by nearly vomiting, so they both have ice cream for breakfast

Reaper- he smiles kindly and says he can’t eat, silently thanking the lords that he’s dead

76- eats it, while simultaneously praising the kid and trying to not grimace in front of them

Roadhog- it’s just like Junkrat’s cooking, so he’s used to it

Junkrat- eats it like it’s nothing (he has a tongue of steel)

Tracer- smiles and says that it looks to good to eat, so they take a picture and remake the entire thing together

Mercy- look at 76

Zarya- gets the kid to forget about it by starting a tickle war, and later throws it out

Reinhardt- this Grandpa eats it, grimacing at each bite (let’s hope the kid doesn’t notice)

Bastion- he’s a robot

Genji- says that he can’t eat because he’s part omnic now, and actually feels bad about it because his kid tried so hard, and he remembers doing this to Hanzo (he may actually start crying because he wanted to eat it)

Zenyatta- he’s a robot, but he does watch as they feed it to the birds, and comments on how they like it so much

Lucio- this wouldn’t happen because he gets up EXCRUCIATINGLY early 

Widowmaker- eats it and then makes crepes to wash out the taste

Sombra- she has already hacked all kitchen appliances in case this happens again. 

Seventeen Reacting To You Crying Because The Power Went Out During A Thunderstorm (GN)

Thank you for the anon that requested this! Please feel free to request anything you want as long as you read the rules! Thank you to @chxn-hxpe for helping me with the Wonwoo reaction. Everyone make sure to go and follow her!


Would immediately call out your name to make sure you are okay, would try to find the light and turn it on, would take initiative to try to find the breaker and switch the lights on and use the phones as flashlights. Would come over to you crying and would bring you to your bedroom and would cuddle until the storm was over. 


Would sit there, would call your name but when he heard you not responding he would make jokes and be like “Okay Jagi, come on, you there?” He would take his phone and flash it towards you when he saw you were crying he would shuffle over to you and without saying anything would hug you and try to calm you down. 


Immediately finds you, not caring about the lights and hugs you, asking if you are okay, singing to you if you need, you obviously immediately stop because he is a teddy bear. He would immediately be over to comfort you.


Would also immediately be over by your side, taking your arms from around your legs and wrapping them around him and letting you hug him and he hugs you back. Would be more physical than verbal with how he helps you, would rub circles on your back and would pet your hair til he hears you calm down, would enforce you to nap or something till the power comes back on. 


Would be almost exactly like Joshua but at first would be the smallest bit hesitant because he wouldn’t want to bother you but then would realize that you were crying because he wasn’t near you then would come to the rescue and cuddle you and hum stupid songs. 


Honestly, I can’t read his personality to save my life. From what I pick up from him I feel like he would be more verbal than physical? Would say things to try to comfort you, would awkwardly make a few jokes to try and lighten the mood, if you hug him he will surely hug you back. Honestly, wouldn’t know what to do and would just try and help you the best he could. Bless his soul.

Also messaged my friend (she’s a Wonwoo bias and has like the same MBTI thing as him and she said this)
“He probably wouldn’t know what to and (would) try his best to make them calm down, using his deep voice to make them relax so they aren’t scared and so they can only hear his voice over the thunder outside.”
She honestly needs to write books. 


Would take it serious that you were crying and would try his absolute hardest to help you in the most effective way, trying not to be silly, taking you seriously because he knows that you have to be pretty scared to start crying. Would rub your back and would ask if you were okay, if you needed anything. When you said something cheesy like “All I need is you to stay here with me” He would quietly blush and smile and continue to help you. 


 Would already be beside you since the storm started, knowing your fear and him being a little bothered by it himself, would have already grabbed water and snacks just in case. You would be in bed watching a movie when the lights went out, he would feel you tighten onto his side and would pull you in closer, kissing your head and singing to you since he knows that works. Would smile when his voice quivered at the sound of the lightning, because you would pull yourself closer and would make sure he s okay too. 


Depends on how far in your relationship you are, would really have to open up to you before you get the passionate and caring side, if you were together for a long time he would act like Jun, being more physical than verbal with how he helps you, rubbing your back, hugging you. If you were together for only a short time he would be like the awkward side of Wonwoo. Really wouldn’t understand why you were crying and would be hesitant but would help you and be caring anyway. 


Would be awkward and make jokes to try and lighten the mood and would make you hold up the flashlight so he can do funny things to make you laugh. Would pride himself over how he made you laugh even when you were just crying. Would convey how much he cares about you and hates to see you sad.


Would be the same as The8, but if he saw that he wasn’t making you laugh as easily as he wanted to, he would turn into a cuddly bear and would tell you repeatedly how he is there and ho we will always be there. He would sing loudly to mask the sound of te thunder and would try desperately to help you stop. 


Same as Mingyu, if you were already pretty open to each other he would have no problem with helping you and being caring and compassionate but as we all know, this kid can be so awkward. If you two aren’t as opened up yet, he would awkwardly pat your back or something. If you hugged him he would slowly ease into the hug, rubbing your back.


The poor small child would use humor like The8 to help you laugh and would have no idea what to do if him doing weird things wouldn’t help he would hug you awkwardly and try to help as best as he can, although it may not be enough, you would thank him a lot for trying. He would assure you that he is right there to help and “protect” you from the dangers outside.