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“Pete, that bookworm chick you invited just showed up.” one of the other guys informed Pete, “Scoonie tried to flirt with her but she sassed him so hard you should have seen it.”

Pete laughed, “sounds like her.” he found you easily, “hey, im glad you could make it!” 

he hugged you and you smiled, “thanks for the invite.”

Pete was pretty perceptive and he could tell something was off, “you dont want to be here do you?”

“not really.” you confessed.

“want to get out of here? there’s this coffee shop down the road and it used to be a library or something so it has all these books.” he smiled, “its really cool.”


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Hi!! I was wondering if you take art requests or anything like that? A friend and I were thinking of cosplaying human versions of Neko Atsume cats, and we loved your Tubbs design. I was wondering if you could draw Guy Furry? If not, that's totally cool, I just think your renditions of the cats as humans were so good I wanted to base our cosplays off of them 🐈

hello! thank you so much im glad you like my designs! i guess i never really make it clear whether i’m taking requests or not but ive been kinda busy lately sigh but! i had some time to scribble something out :)

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May I have a scenario with a loser drunk aho where is s/o is asked to pick him up and when she comes to the bar he's drunk off his ass and he starts praising her and touching her and she ends up having to take care of her bc he wont lEt tf gO (love ur blog im finally able to ask bc its never open and nOw i have forgotten what kind of scenario i want so :)))) lov u

Oh really?! XD. Either I don’t make proper announcements, or some people just have horrible timing! (I blame myself) I’m glad your request got in on time then! And I hope you like this! (Thank you for loving me ;n;)

This is not what you planned to do on a Saturday night.

You’d finally gotten a weekend off from schooling and work, planned to just relax and have some quiet time. Aomine had plans, or more like been forced, to study with a group of university students so he could keep playing basketball. But somehow.. that’d turned sour real fast and instead of studying, he’d wound up in the bar, drunk out of his mind.

It was Imayoshi who called you, having met the group at the same place. When you arrived, he gave you a sheepish smile, lightly patting your head while Susa tried to keep Aomine sitting up straight.

“I’m sorry ____-chan.. We’d ran into them and unfortunately couldn’t keep him in line..” 

You were about to say something when you saw Kasamatsu of Kaijou dealing with a very drunk and whiny Kise. That would explain why your boyfriend had wound up being at the bar. The blonde can somehow drive everyone to drink, with his persistence and overbearing personality. Shaking your head, you let out a sigh, rubbing your face to try and keep yourself sane.

“It’s fine Imayoshi-senpai.. It’s not like I had anything planned anyway.” you then walked up to your boyfriend, who’s eyes brightened the moment he saw you, and jumped at you, almost knocking you on your ass hadn’t Susa been there to help.

“____-c-chan!! Did y-you c-come to *hic* join us?!”

With the help of Imayoshi, you stood up, dusting off your clothing as you glared at him, “No. I’ve come to take your stupid, drunk ass home.”

Before you could say anything else, he wrapped his arms around you, a hand trailing down to sneak into your shirt, pressing lazy kisses to your cheeks. This not only made you blush, it irritated the fuck out of you, given how he was SUPPOSED to be studying. 

You gave a wave to the older males, ignoring Aomine’s words and cries of ‘I wanna stay l-longer! _-___-chan should get drunk too!!!~ I-It’s lots of f-funn!!” and placed him in your front seat, buckling him in.

As you started up the car, he leaned over, resting his head in your lap as he directed his gaze at you, causing you to fluster more when he gently brushed your chin with his lips.

“Have I ever told y-you how b-beautiful you are?”

Keeping your attention on the road, and somehow getting back to the house safely, you unbuckled the two of you, and just as you were about to open the door, his arms laced around your neck, cheek rubbing yours as he mumbled,

“____-chan smells good..”

You tried to get out of his grasp, but he wouldn’t let go, being his stubborn dumbass nature, and you just dragged him that way, ignoring the warmth of his breath on your neck. You managed to get to the kitchen, grabbing water and the pills, knowing he’d probably need them in the morning, and helped him into your bed.

As you turned to leave him, he reached out and grabbed your wrist, navy blue hues sparkling with unshed tears as he gave you such an adorable look, it made you weak in the knees.

“D-Don’t leave m-me ___-chan!! I-I need you!! P-Please don’t go!!”

You almost fell when he actually started crying, and this literally was a sign he was out of his mind, and very, very drunk. You couldn’t help but laugh, sitting on the edge of the bed as he laid his head in your lap, curling around you like a cat seeking attention from its master. 

You ran your hands through his hair, pressing a couple kisses to his sweaty forehead every once in a while, eventually landing on his cheek.

“Daiki.. you’re drunk.. I’m not going anywhere, okay? You need to get some sleep…”

“S-Stay with me!”

You blinked, face flushing as he leaned in more, his grip tightening around you,


“Sleep b-beside me!! D-Don’t let m-me go!”

You could only sigh at how clingy and cute your boyfriend was when he’s drunk. You then helped him out of his clothes, since they reeked of alcohol, making you slightly dizzy, and threw them in the bathroom before hopping into bed. 

He then snuggled up to you, pressing more lazy kisses to your throat, shoulder, neck, and cheek, even attempting to give you a big, sloppy one to your lips but ended up hitting your nose instead, making you laugh at his blush.

He buried his head in your chest, tangled his legs together and immediately found himself asleep, soft snores filling the air. You could only smile at him, pressing one last kiss to his head, before feeling sleep overtake you as well.

Although it’d been a nuisance to deal with his whining and attention-seeking behaviour, It was nice to see a vulnerable Aomine Daiki.. It was entertaining to receive blackmail material the next morning, accompanied by a picture of him dancing on the bar in high heels.

Suffice to say, he was no longer studying with those guys, and chose to spend those days with you, realizing not only would he learn, he’d get rewarded for being a good student.

You’re an Interracial Couple and Someone says Something Rude

Anonymous said to goddamndirections: Can you do an interracial one please there’s not a lot with black girls as the lead it’s always white girl with blue eyes or whatnot. I’d really appreciate it if you did an interracial one that you to start dating and people make racial comments and he defends you

OOC: im really glad i got this request, because i completely agree that ‘(Y/N)’ is always just your standard white girl. thank you very much for sending this in :-)

Harry: “Nnngh.. Babe, what are you doing?” Groaned a gruff morning voice from the bedroom in response to the absence of your warmth. Harry rose to his feet, rubbing at his eyes and wandering into the bathroom, finding you attempt to straighten your coarse brown hair. He stared at you, puzzled, because he’s fully aware of how much you love your hair.

“My modeling agent said that I have to straighten my hair. Said that natural hair is ‘ugly’ and ‘unkempt.”  You yawn, running the straightener through once more and letting out a squint of dissatisfaction when it barely made a dent.

Rage flickered in Harry’s eyes as he watched you, jaw tensing as he clenched his fists. If there was one thing Harry couldn’t tolerate, it was racism, and anything hurting you; and right now, both of these things were occurring. “Well that just wont do, will it?” He said, trying his best to keep his voice steady. “(Y/N), can I have the name of your modeling agency?”

You look over at him through hooded eyelids, having already slowly begun to fall asleep. Passing your phone to the angered boy, he disappeared and soon enough you heard loud yelling from the bedroom.

“Listen to me. I want to make sure my words are getting through to your tiny, bigoted minds.” He began, positively quaking with anger. “Natural hair is BEAUTIFUL. It’s very important to me that my (Y/N), and all other People of Color are treated  rightfully, without all of this white culture bullshit controlling their lives. So what I’m trying to say, is that either you let my beautiful girlfriend model with her naturally beautiful hair, or she will not be doing business with you, and your modeling agency will receive a horrible, horrible review from one of the most influential popstars of  this time. Think about  alllll that bad publicity, huh? So I suggest that you comply, and put a ban on all this ‘straight hair’ crap, or watch your little business go down in flames.”

The rest of the time was significantly quieter, and soon enough Harry remerged in the bathroom. “Good news, babe.  Managed to get those racists’ heads outta their ass, and you don’t have to go through all this shit.” You were absolutely beaming, wrapping your arms around his neck and pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Har, you’re truly incredible.” You mumble against his soft skin.

A while after, the two of you launched a campaign called ‘Can’t Get Enough Curls,’ in order to make African American women happier with their natural hair.

Liam: It was your seven month anniversary, and Liam insisted on taking you somewhere fit for a princess. The night was absolutely spectacular; from the food to your stunning dress, everything worked out perfectly. The two of you chatted all night long, giggling and just generally falling in love with each other. Unfortunately, a perfect night could only last so long.

After paying the check, you and Liam stood up to leave. He took your hand, pressing his lips against your knuckle. “Tonight was phenomenal, (Y/N).” His low voice vibrated against your soft skin, and you beamed in agreement. Lacing his fingers in yours, the two of you left the restaurant, only to be greeted by the terrors outside.

You were used to paparazzi, and were quite polite as well, so they usually were never rude towards you. Usually.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)! OPEN YOUR EYES, SQUINTING IS UNFLATTERING.” The comment practically made your heart shatter. When you were younger, you were constantly teased for your Japanese heritage. Liam’s grip on your hand tightened as he pulled you closer to him, wrapping his arm around your hip. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the end.

“(Y/N)! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, THIS ISN’T A CHINESE RESTAURANT. GO BACK TO CHINA, CH*NK.” You felt like you were going to cry. You would never hurt a fly, so you just couldn’t comprehend why anyone would ever go out of their way to be so cruel. Their stinging words only triggered stinging tears in the corners of your eyes, and at this point it was Liam’s final straw.

“FIRST OF ALL,” he started, voice bellowing over the chattering paparazzi. You rarely see him this angry, so it was beyond shocking. “THIS BEAUTIFUL WOMAN HERE IS JAPANESE.” He held you into his chest, as your shoulders began to shake. “Second of all, I love her with my entire heart. She means the world to me. And if you can’t respect her heritage, I’d like you to wipe that disgusting racism out of your vocabulary before even daring to speak to her again.”

His voice was rarely that loud, and you were simply in shock. He pulled you away, pressing his lips to your cheek. “Are you alright, love?” You nodded, smiling at him weakly.

“Thank you, Liam. It hurts so badly when they say things like this, and I always struggle to stick up for myself. It’s like fourth grade all over again.” You shudder sadly.

“Shhh. It’s okay, baby. I love you and I love everything about you. Now let’s get home, alright?”

Niall: You and Niall were with the other boys at the beach, lying in the sand and happily chattering away. You had nearly forgotten about your phone with all the fun you were having, so it was currently rested face-down on your towel. Niall leaned against you, grinning happily as he participated in an animated conversation with Harry, which appeared to be only resolved by throwing wet sand at him. Of course, Harry being Harry, decided to shake all of that sand out of his hair, and on the two of you.

“Ack!” You cried out, as you were suddenly covered in sand. Standing up, brushed it off, finding quite a bit in your cleavage. You decided that you’d take care of this yourself, and bid the boys goodbye as you picked up your phone. It appeared that your twitter was already blowing up, so you opened it as you walked back to the shared beach house.

Furrowing your brows, you felt your hands start to shake as your eyes stung with tears. Your mentions were littered with one word and one word alone; terrorist. You absolutely despised that word. You came from an Arabic family, and living in America after 9/11 was one of the toughest things you ever had to endure as you went through school.

Once you reached your room, you completely broke down. You couldn’t take the hate, and it even got you dangerously close to breaking up with the boy you loved and cared for so dearly. You couldn’t even see the messages, your vision was so blurred with tears.

Meanwhile, Niall and Harry noticed that you were gone for quite a bit. “Ay, where’s (Y/N)?” Asked Harry, looking around curiously. Niall shrugged, grabbing his phone to text you, somehow accidentally getting on twitter. He scrolled a bit until he came across a stinging message on his feet. “Oh no.” He breathed, standing up quickly. “Sorry, Harry, but I gotta go for a bit. I’ll catch you later, yeah?” Niall was rarely this serious, so Harry knew it must’ve been something bad. He nodded, shooting Niall a reassuring grin before waving him off.

Niall found you sobbing on your shared bed. He immediately rushed over to you, pulling you into his arms. “(Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N).” He sighed into your ear, stroking your thick coal-colored hair as he pressed soft kisses to the side of your face. “Let it out, baby. It’s okay.” You cried and cried until you felt as if you couldn’t cry anymore.

“I can’t do this, Ni.” You sobbed. “I love you so much, but they called me a t-t-ter-” You couldn’t even finish the word, you were crying so hard. Niall just continued to stroke your hair, blue eyes darkening with anger as he grabbed his phone. You looked over at him curiously as he started to furiously type.

@NiallOfficial: Cannot believe some of you people ! If you cant give (Y/N) the respect she deserves you sure as hell are NOT a fan !!! I love her and if u cant respect that then i cant respect you !  

Louis: Life had been hard growing up in Texas as a Mexican. Your mother had crossed the border with the hopes of you being able to achieve a better life than she ever could. She was successful, and you were quite happy where you were at the moment. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop all of the bigoted comments constantly directed your way.

One week while Louis was on break from tour, he came to Texas so he could finally meet your family. Though Texas was your home, it often felt like one of the most isolating places you could ever imagine. You had been helping out your mother in the kitchen when Louis entered, dancing around the furniture as he grabbed your hands, pulling you towards him as he tugged you into his little dance.

“What the hell are you doing?” You laughed as you played along, trying to match his quick little steps. Your mother smiled to herself as she continued to wash the dishes, watching the two of you out of the corners of her crinkling eye.

“Just engaging the one I love in the Tomlinson mating dance, what else?” He scoffed back, as if it was an obvious answer. You rolled your eyes, following after him as he lead you out to the patio. It only then occurred to you that something was up. “Hey, is everything alright?” You asked, approaching him. The smile was wiped off his face, and replaced with a slight frown.

“How do you do it, (Y/N)?” He asked softly. “People treat you like such rubbish, yet all you do is smile. I want to hit them all!” You watched his muscles tense, smiling gently as you took a seat in his lap. He sighed, burying his face into the crook of your neck.

“People came up to me, said some rude ass shit about you. I’m not going to go into details, but lets just say I freaked the fuck out.” You laughed a little, pushing his hair back and kissing his forehead. “I grew up here, I’m used to it. Doesn’t mean it hurts any less, but it’s nothing new.” You shrugged with a sad smile.

“You’re so brave. I love you so much.” He said in between peppering kisses all over the side of your face. “And after what I said today, management is going to kick my sorry ass.”