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i got tagged by @beachsequence  AND @the-achtung-babe make a photoset out of pictures i had on my phone to describe me, so here it is!! Thanks you two!

Not sure they really describe me, but they’re just kind of happy.

  1. The DART tracks at Killiney, with a certain white house belonging to a certain person dead-center in the background.
  2. Best picture I ever took of my dog.
  3. Pencil drawing I did of Edge sometime last year. I can see everything that’s wrong with it but I like it anyway. My son hung it up in his room.
  4. Terrifying, blurry picture of my hand, taken moments after I shook Edge’s hand outside Madison Square Garden…almost two years ago!
  5. Flying to Chicago.
  6. Me and some guy I seem to be married to. (This one’s for my anon from tonight. Our hearts bleed so much we are red.)

I tag…hm. Let me grab some fellow GenXers. @836pm, @disastergeek, @tarsier-jungle, and @kellyeddington.

Hello I am remaking my blog and to celebrate I’m going to do a peach-tastic giveaway to thank all my followers for sticking with me and to maybe make some new friends!

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Alright everyone I’m so excited to post this and to start this new blog! I haven’t been “peachtrick” in over a year and I’m so happy to finally have my old URL back!!! Send me any questions you have please!!!!!


And finally, pics of our march from the gates of Ebonhawke into the heart of the town where our very eventful parade turned into a party! (complete with special guest appearances from Caithe and Trahearne :P)

Got a few pictures with the Bi colored group, my new guildies, and some rainbow salad ladies (thank you Melopone for organizing and making this happen! ^^)

Thanks to everyone attending, even all the people on other shards who I didnt march with. It was really such a great experience and even better than last year <3

Part 1 | Part 2

       🎂superjunior.labelsj Instagram Update  | 170624🎂

@superjunior.labelsj : I have congratulate you on your birthday! Finger 3 is a silent sign to upload a picture after 3 days of birthday. (we say whatever we want) thank you for singing, Happy birthday to Ryeowook-ssi 🎂💙 #SuperJunior #Ryeowook #19870621 #SuperJunior #Ryeowook #HBD #HappyRyeowookday #LabelSJ ©sjstagramtrans

@yesung1106 comment on @superjunior.labelsj’s photo : It’s Ryeonggu ㅎㅎ
@superjunior.labelsj replied @yesung1106’s comment : ⭐ Yeneunim Japan single SPLASH will be released on 6/28!!! (making noise)⭐

mrsvasiliev  asked:

Hey Rae! I'm calling in my crazy idea favour ;P although it's kind of your crazy idea. Can you write a short something some for the sub pic. I have questions woman! Where did the sub come from? Why?? I also want to see madakaka bitch at each other over Madara's sub ineptitude. Thank you for gifting us with such a bizarre yet adorable scenario.

I am so sorry that this too so long to get done! I hope the hilarity below makes up for the waiting you had to do! I’m always happy to contribute a little more MadaKaka to our tiny little dinghy! 

Edit: Inspired by this picture.

“Eat it.”

“I’m going to.”

“You’re being slow about.”

“I’m going to eat it!”

“So why don’t you?”

“I’m trying to figure out how!” 

Madara glared at his boyfriend over the tiny plastic table between them then turned his glare upon the monstrosity that Kakashi had purchased for him. He had called it a ‘sub sandwich’, though Madara wasn’t sure that it truly qualified as a sandwich. For one thing it appeared to have been made out of an entire loaf of bread instead of just two slices. For another the sauce was unidentifiable and smelled funny. Was there supposed to be vegetables on it? How much meat was too much meat? 

The smirk on Kakashi’s face was nearly unbearable, driving Madara to reach for the ‘sub’, both hands hovering over it for a few moments of hesitation. How was one supposed to hold these things? It looked as if it might fall apart the moment he picked it up. 

He settled for slipping both hands underneath and balancing each end on the flat of his palms. That went well. It stayed together alright and didn’t immediately dive for the floor. So far so good. The next question was how he was supposed to actually eat it and that was what had prompted him to stare at it for so long before. 

Kakashi snickered again and Madara huffed. Well, he would never succeed if he didn’t try and there was no time like the present. Besides, he absolutely would not give Kakashi the satisfaction of thinking him afraid of something so simple as a sandwich. 

His first bite was alright, if a little tasteless. He nibbled dubiously on one end, getting barely more than a mouthful of bread. His second bite was an unmitigated disaster. He could feel the innards of the sub sliding away from his questing teeth and his hands instinctively tried to clamp down and keep everything in place. The hand closest to his face was okay, it merely rerouted some of the ingredients back towards his mouth. The hand supporting the other end, however, had different results. 

Little bits of meat and vegetables dribbled over his hand to sprinkle down on the table and floor. The sauce squished out over his fingers with a disgustingly oozy feeling. Madara made eye contact with his boyfriend and scowled, his teeth still stuck in the bread. 

Kakashi was dying. Not laughing out loud at the sight before him was the hardest thing he had ever done in his entire life. Uchiha Madara, scourge of fire country, evilest evil to ever evil, could not eat a sub. It was quite literally falling to pieces in his hands while he fought to tear a too-large bite out of the bun.

Madara, on the other hand, didn’t think any of this was funny. Once he freed his teeth it took him forever to chew through the overly stuffed bite he had filled his mouth with. It disgusted him that it tasted good, He wanted to hate it. He wanted to tell the man across from him that it was the worst food he had ever eaten. 

He also wanted to know what sauce was on this because it was delicious

“I hate you,” he grumbled as soon as he was able to.

“Worth it!” Kakashi declared, one hand pressed tightly to his mask to hold his laughter inside. 

“Very worth it,” a small, rough voice chimed it from below. 

They both looked down to see Pakkun peeked his head out from under the table, a piece of half-eaten salami dangling from his mouth while he chewed on it. As they watched the tiny pug finished his morsel and ducked down to snatch up a fallen slice of cucumber. 

“Is he supposed to be eating that?” Madara asked. 

“No. He is not.” Kakashi reached down and grabbed Pakkun by the scruff of his neck, depositing the ninken in his lap. “You know that stuff is bad for you Pakkun.” 

The dog harrumphed and Madara thought about doing the same while he eyed the slowly collapsing sub in his grasp. The taste was much better than he had assumed it would be but he wasn’t sure it was worth listening to Kakashi laughing at him again. 

He was distracted a second time by something butting up against his shin. 

“Oi, keep eating! The rest of us are hungry too!”

He and Kakashi looked down again, this time to see several more heads peeking out from under the table. Shiba and Bisuke were playing vacuum cleaner with the vegetables Pakkun hadn’t had time to grab. Uhei was glaring up at Madara like him pausing in his attempts to consume his meal was a massive offense. 

Madara closed his eyes and despaired. Has he really survived the Fourth Shinobi War for this!? 

there is a girl, fair as dawn,

who makes me weep when she is gone,

her eyes shine like gemstones, her smile, a rose

and when she is happy, the whole world knows.

for she is an angel, fair as the sun,

and to make her happy is such great fun.

you are the sweetest, most beautiful girl,

and seeing pictures of you sends my heart in a whirl.

i hope you know, dear junli, dear vi,

how very happy talking to you makes me

and i do hope you will enjoy this love letter

(i am sorry i could not do you better)

as for now i must bid you adieu,

but know, at the end, my heart is for you


me reading this like this is so nice … !!!!! who is it about…. alkJALDJFLAKSJDFADSF I’M DYING THOUGH WHAT please friend this is too good for me ;;;;; thank you so so much sunshine, this is just the SWEETEST far sweeter than me each line makes me clench my heart. thanks for being such an angel and making my week!! and me weak laksjd i’M SO SHY READING THIS BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH 💗💝✨🌼☀🌈🍓

 ( also anyone with an email address with “hanayou” is a++++)

cobalt-borealis  asked:

your body is the picture of flawless perfection and you are just. it's not possible to put into words how radiantly beautiful you are, your curves are happy and big ol' lovelies make the world go round, you keep being positive and loving that gorgeous vessel ;w;

thanks friend!! 💕💖💗💞💝💟

latespringfeelings  asked:

hi there! love your name aesthetic tags. i know you have no representation agenda whatsoever when you make them but it'd have been so cool to see hijabis in some of the tags :) it just makes me feel a bit invisible and sad when no aesthetics posters think we can make it to the final cut :)

hey, thank you for sending this!! You’re right, I definitely need some hijabis, and I’m sorry for not having any in mb’s earlier!! My process involves just saving tumblr pictures that seem like they’d look good in a moodboard onto my phone as I see them. (I don’t use selfies)

I’m going to go look for some “aesthetic” pictures featuring hijabis now, but if anyone has any (or knows of a good blog I could turn to), my message box is more than open for submissions/suggestions! really want to be more inclusive overall, and my sincerest apologies for where I’m lacking regarding that.

striderstucktbh  asked:

Have you the project to create an Instagram? (btw, I love your cosplays 💕)

no, at least not until they make a decent computer version of it. I know the idea of instagram is to take and post pictures with your phone but I take my cosplay pictures with a reflex camera and it would be a hassle to transfer them to my phone first before I can post them. plus, I don’t care for app-exclusive social media bc I don’t care much for smartphones in general. and thank you, have a nice day! ♥ 


i was tagged in “favorite bias, favorite photo" by @xiuminscheeks, thank you so much lovely <3 <3

I love picture no.1 since Jongdae´s smile saves lives and is shining brighter than the sun. The second picture since he´s a cutie with the kindest heart - you can just feel it, and see it in his eyes. And lastly number 3 since he has a voice of an angel, and is sooo passionate about singing it makes me cri ;u; 

(The pictures are not mine, credit to the owners)

Okay, so I´m gonna tag: @theloveinkimkai, @miramizar, @kookiexdae, @dulcetyeoll :3

Just a heads up

(I’m returning to RP Steve when my cousin finishes these pictures. A lot will change, including a move to a new blog.

Bombs will be dropped, backstory will be revealed, and a playlist will be shared.

I want to thank every single one of you for caring about my little character, and for respecting my need for a hiatus.

Feel free to PM me anytime, the next post here will be the commission when complete and the plot onward. See you then!)


Tagged by @xiuminscheeks for the “favourite bias, favourite picture” tag - thank you!

There was no way I was gonna only pick one 😂 I love these so much because the first he looks like he’s cuddling the light stick and that’s so sweet (also hair on fricking point I’m in love I wanna touch.) The other two… Hey I appreciate those arms and the wet look okay sue me 👌 and the last… He just looks so happy and he’s literally glowing he is an angel his smile is gorgeous and I love him!!!

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(Maren is now transformed back into a human!)

Maren: W-what!? What!? I’m human! I’m myself! I-I’m b-back to normal! It a-actually happened! I’m back! (She twirls around, smiling and hugging herself). I’m n-not a hummingbird anymore!

Tae: Maren! It is… this is fantastic! I knew you would make it through this!


Violet: Thank goodness…!

Maren: I’m back! I can draw again, and work normally, and t-take nice pictures, and everything! I can do everything! (Tears appear in her eyes as she cheers)

Nonnie Asked...

Ok, is it possible that Cortese is just really really stupid, but that there is no bad malice behind what she does? Like saying that Shep took the Snap photos, which he obviously isn’t old enough to do. Or saying a picture is from today, when it’s obviously not. Maybe she’s a pothead that doesn’t realize how little sense she makes? Is that even possible? Are we sure that any of her antics have malice? Thanks Kelsey :)

Hey, nonnie! First, I want to thank you for sending in such an interesting question! It’s pretty cool that you’re coming from a place of genuine curiosity and not one that just wants to make excuses for her actions.

With that said, I think it’s possible but I also don’t think that’s the case. I don’t think she’s doing anything out of malice, but I do think the majority of what she does is done without thought. I think a lot of her posting is just trying to show the world how she’s on top of things and wants to share her life with the world. But she doesn’t want us to see the imperfect moments and she wants the normal stuff to sound better than it was. Having Shep take snapchat pictures makes it sound like a fun family night. If she were to have said she did it all, it wouldn’t have been nearly as cute.

The fact she shares pictures and pretends they were from that specific day, isn’t her being stupid, it’s her manipulating the fandom. I don’t know why, and I don’t really care, but she has to have pictures from photoshoots on her instagram. She can’t just take a random picture during the day and share it, it has to be one that’s perfect and then she comes up with the perfect caption. I just think she has a need for perfection, which isn’t uncommon, but she insists on lying. I don’t think she does this out of malice, but she is doing it without concern for how people will take what she posts.

i’m crying???

okay so i went to bo burnham’s website bc i was rewatching make happy and he mentioned it (shameless self-promotion works kids don’t give up on your dreams) and when you go to you get this screen

and if you click yes then it goes to his about page

so okay sure cool but if you click no?

it goes to a webpage with a bunch of pictures of his dog with the caption “this is my dog bruce and i love him”

like this page isn’t linked anywhere on the main headers for his website it’s just accessible if you know the url or if you answered “no” to the question “are you happy”

and i’m just?? bo burnham is so good???

Be More Chill Characters as Explained By My 23 yr Old Brother

He was shown a few pictures and has minimal knowledge of the plot and characters. The result was beautiful.

JEREMY: This… this Where’s Waldo looking twink. He has a desk in an overhead light so he’s probably somewhat important. He’s lonely because all of his friends are gay and he’s not– until the end. He’s gay for the other guy at the end. Probably looks up Dear Evan Hansen fan fiction– Im like 80% sure. He wishes his life were more than just lamenting over his waifus.

SQUIP: Oh god where is his arm- is this one Michael? He’s coming onto that other guy hard so that has to be Michael. -picture switched- oh no that’s the villain- thats a fucking villain pose. That’s a batman villain looking out over his henchman, this robby rotten motherfucker. That’s the drug? He’s like Tim Curry from Fern Gully but instead of pollution he makes people gay and horny.

MICHAEL: Shit his lips are so pink- if that isn’t a main focus or an arch this is written wrong. He’s gay, so I assume this one is Michael and he’s perfect and everyone loves him. He’s essentially the gay guy from Scott Pilgrim and he’s all of the fanfic author’s fantasies come true.

CHRISTINE: Generically sweet– wait this was written by a man, right? Yeah- Then yeah, generically nice. I’m split between “is the voice of reason” and “gets super corrupted by drug and thats the breaking point”  

RICH: I assume he’s a bit dorky. He’s Trying to stand out to impress sexy gym people and gets fucked up because of it.

JAKE: This guy- This fucking Disney Channel protagonist– he pretends to have sex with all the girls so hard it breaks his legs, but he really broke them because of little buff man. He’s the sexy gym people.

CHLOE: Brunette is popular- very very bi. Bitchy heathers vibe. probably a love interest

BROOKE: Also bi. She’s supportive and probably talks the other one into doing shit like “Hey wanna make out?” They do because Tumblr would love that.

Beat    are they sisters    No they’re best-    oh thank god

JENNA: She’s the pop culture bitch that makes a bunch of references and doesn’t leave you alone. enough said.


in response to the picture of squipped Jake: Jock who fucked tiny buff guy is scaring other couple because they are gayer. He is high on the robby rotten tic tac. Gay couple is terrified – but mystified – by crutch flight power up.