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13 Going on 30 (Part 3)

Summary: When your 13th birthday party goes awry, and you make a life changing wish - you wake up to discover you’ve flash forwarded 17 years ahead. 

Word Count: 1,719.

A/N: This part was super fun to write! Hope you enjoy, and feedback would be greatly appreciated. (also can we take a moment to appreciate this beautiful gif)

@spidweeb - you’re a gem, and thank you so much for always being a great help.

Part 1 Part 2

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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice  {Sentence Starters}

  • “You should run.“
  • “Your hair is beautiful.“
  • “We are but servants…“
  • “You’re making progress.“
  • “These are old-man shoes.”
  • “How do you know my name?“
  • “You’re a bad liar. That’s good.”
  • “Clear my mind? Are you insane?“
  • “Really, do you not recognize me?“
  • “I don’t actually know who you are.”
  • “Something about you seems different.“
  • “How’d you do that? That guy was huge!“
  • “What happened to ‘Don’t touch anything’?“
  • “You don’t know anything about a living hell.“
  • “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m not it. I’m not a hero.”
  • “I really have no idea how to land this thing…”
  • “I got a date with a girl, 'cause I’m… awesome!“
  • “I have been searching all over the world for you.“
  • “This is really dangerous… I can’t bring you into it.“
  • “I was never able to appreciate it… until I met you.“
  • “Thank you. Thank you for another useless motto.“
  • “I had a dream. You were insulting me. Repeatedly.”
  • “Love is a distraction. Sorcery requires complete focus.“
  • “I’m convinced you exist purely to make my life a living hell.“
  • “You will not control your magic if you will not control yourself.“
  • “You need to stop your worrying and start believing in yourself.”
  • “Do you know what my life has been like for the past ten years?“
  • “Keep it subtle. Civilians mustn’t know magic exists. That would be complicated.”
  • “And besides, if you blow it we’re all gonna die anyway, right? I wanna come with you.“
  • “Step inside, you leave everything else behind. Once you enter, there is no going back.”

Another Year

Autumn rays rise upon

Another Year

Full of Hope and promise,

Love for those you hold dear.

May your every wish be granted

As you close your eyes and take

A breath;

Blow out those candles

Surrounded by the ones

You love. Remember

The past years you spent,

Facing the years to come,

So many memories still to make.

Another Year,

Who would have thought,

Entering this new stage,

New age, old heart, shared place,

Leaving a decade, starting anew,

A more complete and better you.

Under October’s Autumn rays

Thanking Lord above for bestowing

Upon this world someone like you

Many wonderous things to come

Nothing but the best for you.

Another year

For you to see that life is magic

You make it more complete.

Happy birthday, to many more,

Autumn days, Autumn rays,

Autumn memories are here to stay.

@autumnsunshine10 happy birthday, love!

-H. Murcia 8:22PM 10/9/2017


【マギ】Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 2009-2017

Sinbad, Judar, Muu, Spartos, Kassim  - @arisatounox

Hakuryuu, Titus, and Alibaba - @princemaru

Photography - @princemaru, Shiro, @vicissijuice, Hakuga_desu (Boya)

To Ohtaka Shinobu-sensei and Magi,

Congratulations on the final chapter! Sinbad, Judar, Muu, Spartos, Kassim–you have given me so many characters to love and cosplay (and I have plans to cosplay Koumei next year)! We handmade every single one of these costumes with the passion you gave us.

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5K Follow Forever + Baking Video

Since I recently reached 5,000 followers I decided to do something a little different rather than just a follow forever, so I decided to do a baking video. So here’s a belated video of how to make Loving Him Was Red Velvet Cupcakes from Super Saturday Night. Here’s my way of saying thank you. (Recipe’s in the description box of the video :) ) @taylornation

Here are some blogs I recommend following, who throughout the past five years have numerously brightened my day:

@magic-madness-heaven @waffleswiftt @beautifulltragic @bettersmans @charmingswift @sineadmurray @hygtg @julyninths @mosaicbroknhearts @tshifty @seleniftie @stuckinthistaydream @youareinlondontoday @kingdomlightsshined @milkshakeitoff @redlippedswift @alltaywell @picturetcburn @lovetheplayers @newromaantics @she-foundherself @taysblankspace @tayswiftnation @tayaholic @tayisbulletproof @t-swift @stateofgracebitches @tswiftslyrics @theswiftweb @iseesparksflynow @darlingimanightmare @eveninyourwildestdreams @rareswifts @betheactress @tayisbulletproof @taynnibalswecter @butterfliesturned-to-dust @saidthegun @screamingcoluor @teylors @trustsnobodys @noitsydney

Food Magic: Pagan Recipes for the Dark Half of the Year

It’s here.

It’s done.

And Amazon finally put it up. I did have to shift the title from Kitchen Witchery to Food Magic and apparently Amazon’s spell checker doesn’t know what a boline is…but that’s perfectly alright.

Thank you everyone, for everything. I dedicated this book to each and every single one of my followers. You have all been amazing. I also fixed it so that people in Japan, Brazil, Mexico, and Italy can now purchase my book as well.

The best way to find my book is to just copy and paste the title: Food Magic Pagan Recipes for the Dark Half of the Year into Amazon’s search bar. That will make sure that you get the right sight for your location. It also looks good for amazon’s search algorithm,

But if you are feeling super lazy click the link right here.


Zero is BACK with a brand spanking new TOME AMV!!

This one is based off a mini AMV I made a long time ago. This past year I’ve been planning to expand on it and make a full-fledged version. So here we are! I put a LOT of thought into this AMV and am proud of the result. I hope you all enjoy it!

Also I hope there are tears.


Special thanks to Chris for the additional art/animation!! It was a big help!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ♥ So I wanted to do a follow forever when I hit 5k, but I figured it would be more fun to do it on valentine’s day because it’s CUTER OKAY?!

I’ll be brief, but I just can’t say thank you enough! This past year has been really rough for me, and at every twist and turn, you guys are a comforting constant for me. You guys are too sweet, and you always support me when I’m down and I appreciate that more than you all will ever know. :) I love coming on here and being around people who love what I love, and I love how I can be myself here! I wish I could share a paopu with you, ride on a magic carpet with you, make a pinky promise with you, steal people’s hearts with you, Tidus laugh with you, count backwards from 1000 to 7 with you, explore ancient ruins with you, and cry over sea salt ice cream with all of you (too many references from too many different places don’t smack me). Anyways, nerdy references aside, I love you guys! ♥ And here are some blogs that I love deeply from the bottom of my kingdom heart:


@3wayfinders, @aerialslam, @aeroas, @ajentamuu, @akashis, @ambalambs, @angelnamine, @ansemsapprentice, @aominae, @auxiliums, @axeltheviii, @bakanekiiii, @beattoriche, @blackpaopu, @cactuarqueen, @caerberus, @cheerupcharms, @chosenxbyxetro, @cinnamonchurro, @cleyra, @cloudstrifes, @complicatedandclean, @counterxattack, @crazy-chocobo, @datakairi, @datamarluxia, @denofwoe, @disneysora, @divinesabers, @doortothelight 


@eclairium, @edwarddelrics, @eggyulks, @eraqus, @eternal-flame-viii, @exploringcastleoblivion, @farplaner, @ffxvcaps, @finalmix, @fuckyeah-persona5, @fuckyeahkingdomheartsseries, @g-entiana, @gainsboroug, @gladiolvs, @gummiblock, @haises, @harukasenpais, @hyruliah, @inspiring-kingdomhearts, @itsthemidnightchannel, @kairisheart, @kakyohin@kanekx, @kanickelken@kanneki, @kellberry, @keyblade-ofheart, @keyofguidance, @khsanctuary, @khsora, @khvanitas, @khxff, @khxwayfinders, @kingdomheartsnyctophiliac, @kingdomsanctuary, @kirishirnaayato


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Just wanted to take a moment to show my appreciation for you all. I’ve had some first and second-hand experiences with a lot of crappy fandoms. Everything from elitism, to bullying between sub-sects, general obnoxiousness and just flat-out lack of acceptance between people who all love the same thing. It is because of those negative experiences that I find myself constantly feeling SO grateful to the fans of TOME for the amazingly positive experiences they’ve shared with me. I check the Facebook page, the Tumblr tag and my Twitter responses every day and it is always, without a doubt, a pleasure seeing the thoughts of you all. Whether you’ve donated or contributed to the show, done something creative like fanart of fanfiction, or even just simply watched and enjoyed the show…I owe absolutely everything to you, the viewers.

It’s because of my dedicated cast and crew that the show is what it is; I never could’ve done it alone. However, it’s also because of all of your support that the show continues to exist in the first place. You have all given me the distinct privilege of getting to do what I love, storytelling by way of animation, for a living…and as a result, I can only hope that what I’ve created with the help of my friends has been worth it. I hope for that because, anytime I ever see stories from folks about how much the show means to them or that it positively influenced them in some way; in ANY way, it certainly makes it worth it to me.

I don’t know what the future for TOME holds, if anything, but I am eternally appreciative to its fans for their incredible dedication for the past four years. Bottom line: thank you so much for everything.

To all that come to this happy place: welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise the future; 60 years ago, Walt Disney created a whole new world filled of faith, truth, pixie dust, and magic. Being a part of the Disney community has been a tremendously magical experience and I cannot wait for more memories to come! I’m especially thankful for all of the friendships I’ve been blessed with through our love for Disney. Thank you Walt Disney. 

The people who always make my days brighter: freshprinceofmaldonia zebraontherocks disneyrelatedboy timelessdisneydreams missmaceymouse worldofcoler yohoyohoadisneylifeforme hecallsmepineappleprincess disneyinspirations disneyismyescape spoonfulofchurrodust s0meimagination tumbleupondisney missdisneydreamer thedisneyexperiment93 ashley-in-wond3rland hella-cali fantasylanded fantasmicworldofdisney overtheworldfordisney obsessionsrosanahas mydisneydaze disney-beauty thedisneyrollercoaster nicktasmic

Other princes and princesses you should go follow if you haven’t yet: disneycamera dapperzack melindaa456 agrabahprincess spectromagiic walkmanquill207 dolewhips-in-arendelle dolewhipofdisney real-life-merida thedisneyprincesswithoutamovie nothing-but-disney msdisneyprincess disneypotential sir-maximillian-goof richard-wayne-gary-wayne keithlapinig thingamavlogs mickeyandcompany magicalserendipity disneyandwhatnot aloratheexplorer just-a-mad-disney-dreamer monorailsandmagic

my tatinof experience

as it ends i just want to share what my own experience at tatinof was like since i haven’t really talked about it much. unlike most people who describe how amazing (no pun intended) their tour experience was, i didn’t get vip. i didn’t get to meet them, i didn’t get super-close seats, i wasn’t in the audience participation parts of the show, i didn’t even see them up close at any point, but that was still one of the best days of my life

the line outside prior to doors opening was miles long, and many people showed up alone (including myself), but just in the time i was waiting most people had made several new friends. there were people dressed in everything from all black tshirts and jeans to a full on elsa cosplay, people of all ages and hair colors and ethnicities and everything else, and even though most people seemed fairly socially awkward, most people were able to put that aside, instead focusing on what we all had in common

the phandom is such a unique group of people, and i think we’re closer and have more shared jokes than most fandoms. at the show, that made for such an overwhelming sense of community. as someone who usually struggles to talk to the person sitting next to me in class, it was almost magical looking at this entire theatre full of potential new friends. even glancing at the people sitting next to me at each reference or surprising moment made the experience so much better

i remember going back to my hotel room at night and not being able to sleep because i was just so happy, so instead i texted my new friends who had also seen the show. i just want to say thank you to dan and phil for making this possible and putting in so much hard work over the past year. they’ve truly built up an amazing community. this was the culmination of it all, and none of this would have happened without them

As we officially come to the close of Wander Over Yonder’s first season this Thursday, I’d like to take a moment to thank this fandom for being one of the best, if not the best, tumblr fandom that I’ve been in.

Though we may be a very small group compared to other fandoms out there, and we may not get that much recognition from outside said group, I see our size as sort of a blessing in disguise. For one thing we rarely ever quarrel, and if we do, we’re quick to make up. It’s almost like a family; everyone knows each other and is aware of each others’ opinions.

I see it as a breath of fresh air for Mr. McCracken as well, whom I’m very glad interacts with the fans regularly via tumblr and twitter. After the HUGE popularity of his past shows, I’d assume it’s kinda nice to have a show that, while still pretty successful, isn’t an absolute juggernaut like Powerpuff, Foster’s, or his wife’s Friendship is Magic. I still do hope that we get some form of official Wander merchandise someday, but only time will tell! 

The wait for season 2 will be a long one, but I’m sure we’ll be able to make it, considering all the hiatuses we’ve been though. Right now, I’m just thankful for the past year and a half spent watching, posting about, and discussing the show with all of you, as well as the fun times I spent recording Wandercast alongside my buddies Sunny and Haya.

Craig, if I could reach through the screen and shake your hand right now, I would very gladly do so. On behalf of tumblr’s entire Wander Over Yonder fandom, we bestow a big “Thank You” to you, your wife, and the entire WOY crew for taking us on all these adventures with the orange hairy spoon that somehow managed to capture each and every one of our hearts. 

Best of luck for season 2!

—Lauryn, AKA codythemaverick


Shondaland cast & crew are the absolute best.They took the time to get to know us and now they really enjoy seeing us every time we pop up! 

Sarah Drew remembered us from the mall and told us she was telling her husband that we should’ve just come up to her. 

I mentioned to Camilla that the last time I met her, she gave us water and she exclaimed, “MY WATER BOTTLE GIRLS!!” and gave us hugs! Then when we were posing for a normal picture, she just turned and kissed my cheek and my jaw dropped! 

When Rob saw us, he instantly walked past everyone to us and the first thing he said was, “You guys are amazing!”  I wrote Rob a letter thanking him for all of the amazing memories he has helped us make this year and telling him how much I appreciate him.

If you could see the was Paramedic Nicole’s face lights up when she sees us… it’s amazing. They are so surprised we know who all over them are and we make them feel so appreciated and loved, it’s magical. Nic the Decorator had her friend take a picture of her signing an autograph for me because she was so stunned I knew and cared so much about meeting her.

Tessa was so kind and so sweet. She’s really hilarious in person. People were coming up to her and telling her how much they were going to miss her, all tearing up and sad, and she just kissed every single one of them. She has an awesome attitude and meeting her in person and experiencing what she’s like makes it really sad she won’t be returning next season.

Karin. When I saw Karin. I instantly called her name and she just stopped and said, “Come here.” She gave me the biggest hug you could ever imagine. I saw her once at the 200th location and waved to her but Rob talks about us so fondly with the crew after we’ve gone to location, they all already know who we are.

There were crew members that I didn’t even know who came up to us and said my hashtag (#HeReallyIsTheBest) to me or mentioned something that happened at one of the locations we visited. Knowing they talk about us when we leave and have nothing but kind things to say is BEYOND. 

Hi Taylor! My name’s Julia and it’ll be my 15th birthday on January 9th. I just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done in the past year. The 1989 Tour was so magical and I’m so glad I got to spend it with you (and Rachel Platten! You re-introduced me to her so thank you!!! But seriously, her new album is amazing!!). And liking some of my posts is incredibly awesome because it always makes my day brighter! But most of all, thank you for being an inspiration to me. Despite the media and all the pressure you must have, you always seem to be calm, cool, and collected with a smile on your face. And seriously, that’s something amazing to do in this decade. Say hi to Olivia and Meredith for me because they are the absolute best. <3
I’ll always be dancing like it’s 1989 ;)
Love, Julia

Hey everyone!

I realized I never formally introduced myself, I just kind of showed up and started putting my stuff here. Being behind my work, I would rather my art speak for me.

So, hello! My name is Chloë and I run “mtg-alters” here on tumblr. I am 21 (turning 22 within a week and a half) and I live in southern California (South Bay hollaaaaaaa).

I started playing Magic: the Gathering in 2011, when my best friend introduced me to the game. My favorite B/U/W mill deck has remained my favorite since I began playing. Two years later, I discovered the practice of altering, and my love for the game combined with my love for art soon propelled me right into the heart of the MtG crowd. I worked for about 6 months at a little game shop in my hometown where I helped sell cards and manage tournaments.

A lot of people ask if I make a lot of money doing alters. If you have to ask an artist that, the answer is probably no hahaha. I make a little pocket money from this stuff. It’s like a token of appreciation in my eyes, for all the hours I put into each card. It’s really my passion for art that drives me. What I love the most about alters is the responses I get from people, or how much more somebody can fall in love with a card once the art has been extended. Making something truly unique for you is something that I love doing. So, yeah, I like being paid for my time and skill, but I also do it because I want to make something for you that literally nobody else will have. I want to make it THAT special.

(Something I love doing is if I tell people I alter MtG cards and they make fun of me, letting them know that I’ve had customers in Canada, France, UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, China, Japan, and Australia usually wipes the smug look off their face. I take pride in the fact that people from all over the world have a little piece of me with them.)

Just a basic introduction, since I never really gave you all one in the beginning :P thank you all for your continued patience, love, support, and all around awesomeness over the past year or so. I literally could not have done this without each and every one of you there to collect and showcase my art. I can’t wait to make more wonderful pieces for you all!

Happy 3rd Birthday to you!
Happy 3rd Birthday to you!
Happy 3rd Birthday dear PWS,
Happy 3rd Birthday to you!

Dear friends at PWS, Algy sends you his fluffiest congratulations on your 3rd Tumblr birthday and his warmest thanks for all the amazing work you have done over the past three years to promote and support the photographers (and fluffy birds) on Tumblr, and to brighten up all our lives. Algy is looking forward to many more years of PWS :)))

Algy managed to rescue three slightly battered gladioli from the storms in time for your birthday, although they are a wee bit damaged by the wind and the rain. He hopes you like them.

Lots of extra fluffy hugs to you all, with love from Algy @adventuresofalgy xoxoxo

And the fluffiest hugs to the probably most famous bird on Tumblr. Thank you and Jenny @jennychapmanartwork for making our Tumblr experience wonderful and magical! And thank you for your most wonderful words and this beautiful submission!

PWS - Photos Worth Seeing

Prerequisite Flarrow Holiday fic:

Fic: For All Of This
Fandom: The Flash, Arrow
Rating: PG
Pairing: Olicity, Westallen, Nysara

Summary: Joe West hosts Team Arrow for Christmas, gets more than he bargained for in the form of potato latkes, Lance sisters, an assassin and is that Barry and Iris making out under the mistletoe?

Notes: Takes place approximately a year into the future of the current canon of both shows, presuming Iris eventually finds out about Barry being The Flash and both Oliver and Sara return from the dead.


Joe West realises he’s bitten off more than he can chew over the whole ‘inviting Team Arrow over for Christmas’ thing, when not one but three cars pull up outside his house the afternoon of the 25th of December.

(Wow, so he needs to have words with Barry about allowing him to propose over-ambitious hosting plans whilst under the influence of four cups of Grandma Esther’s eggnog. The dude is permanently, if unwillingly, sober nowadays – he can take a turn at being the responsible adult for once).

Felicity Smoak, bless her, bounces up his driveway ahead of anyone else, wearing a bright blue and yellow sweater adorned with dreidels and menorahs, brandishing Tupperware.

“Happy Hanukkah!” She declares, thrusting the Tupperwear at him, “donuts and latkes. Because my Bubbe might actually rise from her grave and come smack me in the head if she knew I was doing Christmas without at least attempting to educate my gentile friends in the ways of my people.”

“Where did you get donuts on Christmas day?” Joe blinks at the box, and the blond only winks at him in a way that he suspects would make him weak-kneed were he twenty years younger (what had Barry called this woman? ‘Super hero catnip’? Oh yeah, he can see it.)

“Magic,” she waggles her fingers, “also, I promise you, we all brought food.”

“Oh thank God.”

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Captain Love Part 1

Steve x Reader

Warning(s): Uh, does a really sweet, giant like teddy bear that is Steve count?

Request: first off your work IS AMAZING!!! Secondly, I was wondering if you could write something about Steve x reader where Steve meets her at a museum because she is a historian and she becomes his guide to catching up on history but as time passes they become great friends and they start falling for each other? Thank you!!!! - Anonymous

A/N: You are the sweetest anon I have ever had, so thank you for sending this request! I plan on making this two parts since there’s just so much to it… Anyways, I hope you enjoy it as much as I had writing it. Also, can we appreciate how good Steve looks in that picture? Like, hot damn!

The Smithsonian Museum, a place of wonder and knowledge, brought in millions upon millions of people each year. Within the museum’s walls, past meets present and some believe it opens doors to the future. It truly is a magical place, you thought as you stood on the steps to the National Air and Space Museum.

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