thank you for making finals a little less stressful


I’m back at uni (or college, whichever you call it)!! Sam (and Pikachu!) are both getting settled back in and Baby Sam has found a cute little friend to play with ^.^ Yep, I’m 21 and I still like Furbies. Idc because they’re so cute 😊

First selfie is just a normal one, but the second is more realistic with the stress of uni XD and finally me trying (and failing) to look cool with the boss pose! I never look cool lol 😂

I’m sure I will watch @therealjacksepticeye’s videos when I get stressed out! I’ve done that since I found his channel last year and he’s really helped me, which is particularly a big deal for me because anxiety and depression make uni extra stressful. So his videos have really had a positive impact! Apart from when I watch them to procrastinate 😂thank you Jack for making uni a little less stressful and making me smile 💚

anonymous asked:

thank you for the hard work, mod sage! <3 do you have a tentative deadline for submissions we could work with?

Hi! Thank you so much, we appreciate your kind message. ☆☆

We do! The new final deadline is 28th February, in six weeks time. We’ve also updated our calendar where you can find a full list of project dates. We hope the added two weeks makes the creation period a little less stressful for participants, and of course should anyone feel they need an extension we would encourage them to please contact us as soon as possible. :)

- sage xoxo