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Phoebe Halliwell

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 

I almost think of the Phoebe we get at the beginning—the unconventional, idealistic yet clever, effervescent, enthusiastic, adventurous, intuitive, unique, independent, spirited, deeply passionate, flawed but eminently lovable free spirit who genuinely adored magic and was so deeply driven to help innocents—as a different character from the less distinctive, relatable and lovable (to me!) Phoebe of later seasons. Early Seasons Phoebe is easily one of my favorite characters of all time, and while I’m incapable of ever DISliking Phoebe, Later Seasons Phoebe gets the comparatively tepid “I like them…” reaction from me :)  

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

I totally understand why some see her as a Slytherin—especially the more traditionally ambitious Phoebe of later seasons. But to me Original Recipe Phoebe is a pure Gryffindor: bold, brave, vibrant, impulsive, emotional, one who follows her heart and instincts over doing what’s strictly prudent, reckless, adventurous, a risk taker, etc.  

best quality: Um, you don’t expect me to pick just ONE, do you?! ;) Her passion, her optimistic exuberance,  her determination to carve out her own path and live life to the fullest, her sense of adventure, how deeply and genuinely she loves helping others (especially at the beginning of the series), etc :) 

worst quality:
The flip side of following her heart is that she sometimes doesn’t make the safest, wisest or most selfless choices. It’s a flaw I relate to all too well, lol ;) She can be too impulsive. At the beginning she can be too irresponsible and impractical (stemming from an excessively optimistic, idealistic, ‘eh, it’ll all work itself out somehow…’ viewpoint). There are some things I dislike about Later Seasons Phoebe that I won’t even delve into again because I love this character so deeply and always want to keep seeing her as the Phoebe I initially adored :) 

ship them with:  It depends on where I am in my rewatch and my current mood and perspective! At various points, I ship her with Cole, Eric Bragg (from S2′s They’re Everywhere), Drake, and with being HAPPILY single :) 

brotp them with:
All of her sisters, but her relationship with Prue is especially touching, entertaining and compelling to me. 

needs to stay away from: The random love interests who she seemed to date out of some misguided notion that people can’t be happy without dating someone—anyone!—-at all times :) (To be fair, many TV writers fall victim to this idea, so it’s not specific to Phoebe or even to Charmed)

Oh, and she needs to stay away from deadly demons as well :) 

misc. thoughts: As if I didn’t ramble sufficiently above! Oh, here’s one: while I do think being an advice columnist was a good fit for her in some ways (and her interest in both psychology and writing is something she and I have in common!), I don’t necessarily like how becoming a local ‘celebrity’ affected her characterization and storylines. I see Phoebe as someone whose love for variety and adventure would have led her to seek out diverse and different jobs through her lifetime, and her (original) passion for magic could have led to some creative, interesting temporary jobs for her thoughout the series. Basically, before Paige came on the scene, I saw Phoebe as taking a Paige-ish path: a happy yet restless free spirit who chose not to remain in any one place for too long, someone who liked seeking out new challenges and adventures in a variety of different roles within both the mortal and magic communities.  And that’s how I’ll write Phoebe when and if I ever muster up the discipline (and talent) to write fanfic :) 

Cole Turner

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 

It depends on where I am in my rewatch and in my own ever-changing thoughts on this character and his passionate but ultimately unhealthy relationship with Phoebe! 

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

Pure Slytherin :) Cunning, clever, ambitious, determined, a planner/schemer, fiercely attached to the very few people he trusts and loves, will bend the rules to get what he wants and to protect his loved ones

best quality: Loves deeply and intensely, highly intelligent, determined to attain his goals—even when said goal is to change for the better and redeem himself, amusingly sarcastic yet also serious and with a certain amount of depth. Bonus points for sometimes seeming like the only male Charmed character with actual personality and layers! :) 

worst quality: Um, you mean aside from being the source of all evil? ;) (I do realize that much of that mess wasn’t even his fault, by the way!) His intensity and passion can turn into dangerous obsession. He can be too ruthless. He can sometimes come off as too ‘slick’ to me. 

ship them with: Phoebe 

brotp them with: Darryl and…wait for it…Mark Chao. Seriously, in my bizarre little fantasy world Mark Chao is alive as Piper’s husband and Cole’s BFF ;) 

needs to stay away from:
Various forces that keep turning the poor guy evil ;) 

misc. thoughts: I have complex, often contradictory thoughts about this complex and often contradictory character! But (*whispers*), while I’m not usually an advocate for relationships that become so unhealthy, there’s a large part of me that can never quite shake the feeling that he and Phoebe are soulmates and could never love anyone nearly as much as they loved each other. 

Park Chanyeol//The Rhythm of Hate - Part 1

Originally posted by softadulthood

Summary: You hate each other, even though you’re soulmates. You try and stay away from each other, but a shared course and a project is determined to keep you two facing off. (Part 1/Part 2)
Scenario: Soulmate!AU, college!AU
Word Count: 5,924

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Family Dinner

Originally posted by septimvsmalfoy

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request: “43 – Zach Dempsey”


43. “I didn’t bring you here to tease me.”

Word count: 1.339

Posted: 25th of May 2017

A/N: Another Zach imagine, but I excuse myself if you find some grammar errors. It’s 01:12 and I am so sleepy. I wanted to post something and I read the imagine to correct it, but my eyes are closing by themselves. Sorry!
Anyways, I am listening to Miles’ podcast while I was writing this, until now, and I am really enjoying it. His voice is angelic and I love him so freaking much, aw. Boyfriend backstories, though. I really need Miles and I need him to be more active in social medias. Ah, the feels.
Last thing: I hope you enjoy the imagine, although I think that it’s boring, but enjoy! Thank you, guys!

P.S.: I am not accepting any part 2 requests for my prompt imagines. Sorry.

- G. x

Link: Prompt List

Warning: (Y/L/N) is Your Last Name.

“Dinner is almost ready, guys!” Karen, your boyfriend’s mum, shouted from the kitchen as she prepared some delicious food for you and the family. You wanted to help her, also as a token of your gratitude, but she declined your offer. It bothered you, but she insisted that you were a guest and guests usually shouldn’t do anything when they were welcomed in the Dempsey’s residence.

“Alright, mum!” Zach answered happily and relieved because his stomach was already growling loudly for hunger. You told him to eat a snack before going home but he didn’t listen to you, being the hard-headed guy that he was.

You both got up from the couch and you made your way to the dining room. The table was well-set, cutleries and glasses at their right places, and his sister, May, was already sitting on her usual place. You wandered your eyes around the room and you noticed that his mum really prepared too much for the dinner. She cleaned every angle of the room and the floor was brightly shining.

“Love birds!” May exclaimed to tease her brother. Zach was a reserved person when it came to his family. He didn’t keep secrets from his mother, but he was shy and quiet type of guy with them. He never showed them his naughtiness, that would come out only when he was with you alone, at school or in bed, obviously. He didn’t like divulging information about his relationship status in front of his family, mostly with his mother’s presence. “How was your cuddling session going there?”

“May!” Zach approached and he rolled his eyes. You softly giggled for your boyfriend’s actions and red-tinted face. He was obviously embarrassed and, luckily, his mother was too concentrated on what she was doing.

“What?” His sister looked at the two of you as you sat on your respective places and her eyeballs swung back and forth between you and Zach. She was observing your actions and you couldn’t deny that she was a good observer. She had the capacity to observe and to reflect, to remember and to picture the happenings. “It was just an innocent question.”

“Innocent? Right.” Zach huffed and glared at you as soon as he heard your soft laugh. “You are way too young to know these things, May.” And, that time, you knew that he was being overprotective and cosseting brother. He has always been and you found it sweet and cute.

“Zach, she’s not two anymore. She hears things like these in middle school. Do you know that?” You defended May against his brother and she nodded her head to confirm your statements, totally agreeing with you. You caressed your vexed boyfriend’s hand to calm him, letting him know that you weren’t against him, but you were just stating a fact.

“(Y/N) is right, Zach! You’ve been a Middle School student too, you should know what’s going on in those halls and classrooms.” May supported your opinion and you both laughed as you saw Zach rolling his eyes and you heard him huffing, defenceless.

“Stop the blabbering now, the food is ready.”  His mother blurted out as she stood in front of the dining table with a bowl in her hands.  

She attentively put the bowl in the middle of the table, trying not to spill the food. Zach helped her to get the remaining food from the kitchen counter. After all, he was a great, responsible and educated son. His mother grew him well and you would never stop thanking her for raising a civilized and knowledgeable son like Zach.

You then started to eat, doing his family’s daily routines before every meal. You wanted to respect his family, of course. Your parents raised you well and they somehow taught you some good manners.

“So, what were you talking about?” Zach’s mother asked as you chewed your food thoroughly, avoiding the annoying sound that you could possibly have made by chewing.

“Nothing, Mum!” Zach blushed as panic wrapped his body. He was embarrassed and he surely didn’t want to let her know what the chitchatting before was all about.

“Oh, it was about how cute they were when cuddling and Zach was just bewildered.” May nonchalantly responded as she fiddled with the fork on her hand.

“My little baby is still embarrassed when it came to talking about his relationship status.” His mum cheekily teased Zach and he pouted as if he was showing how offended he was.

“Mum!” He approached and you just laughed because of his reaction.

“Zach, I’m sure that they are happy that you have someone with you. There’s no need to be shy, they are part of your family.” You stated and you earned some nods and smiles from May and Karen.

“She’s incredibly right!” May agreed and you smiled back at her. She’s always declared that she liked you for Zach and that she was jubilant because his brother found someone who really knew how to make him contented of his life.

“Zach, honey, it doesn’t bother me at all and you know that you can always talk to me, right?” His mum assured him and he just nodded, realizing that you were right.

“You are absolutely right again, my princess.” Zach said as he rolled his eyes. He couldn’t swallow that only right things came out from your mouth. “Strangely.”

“It’s not my fault if I think before I speak, love.” You pointed it out playfully. You heard his family laughing and Zach shook his head in disbelief. He was satisfied that you had your confidence with your family, but he regretted it as you formed a group against him.

“She really knows you, Zach!” May stated proudly. Zach nodded his head, finally giving up. “That’s why I like her.”

“You like her because you have a partner in crime when it came to me, you had a partner when it came to vexing and teasing me.” Zach sarcastically pointed out. “And, you, Ms. (Y/L/N),”

“Me?” You pointed yourself with your index finger and an eyebrow raised. You were confused, but seeing Zach a little bit miffed made you laugh and contented.

“Yes, baby.” Zach’s face became serious. “I didn’t bring you here to tease me.” He then gave you a playful and wide smile as he poked your sides, trying to find your ticklish part of the body.

“Oh,” His mum exclaimed. “we love her presence also for that reason, son.” She stated and a loud laugh was heard in the dining room. You caught Zach’s index finger and you held it as you stopped him from his devilish plan.

“Sure, you do!” Sarcasm was heard from Zach’s voice and he exasperatedly sighed. He finally gave up as he knew that he could never win against the most important girls in his life. He just loved you so much that he couldn’t really get angry of your actions.

“Sorry, not sorry!” His mum and May said simultaneously, making you and Zach laugh out loud. Zach finally let himself in and decided to have a little bit of fun.

You loved Zach and his family because of its bond and craziness. The members of his family were adorable and you wanted to thank them for accepting you for who you were.

You were grateful, because the Dempsey family is your second home and you couldn’t help but be enthusiastic by thought of it. They considered you as a part of their family and you would always be invited in their family dinners because they liked you, nevertheless your boyfriend would punish you for being an annoying teaser and girlfriend.

It didn’t matter to you though because he loved you so much and he would always do, just at the same frequency as your manner to vex or to tease him with his family. He was a playful jerk and idiot, but Zach was Zach and he would always accept you and love you. He would always do, no more and no less.


“- You turn away from me in bed at night. You’re distant. You’re distant and it hurts me! It hurts me like you cannot believe, Katherine!”

You whipped your head around. “I’ve been distant?! Well, there’s obviously a reason for it. Me being distant is not the problem here, Ben. The problem is…”

You trailed off. You tried to think of the next line in the script but your mind kept coming up blank.

“The problem is… I can’t remember the next line.” You put your head in your hands meekly as you heard Eddie chuckle next to you, breaking character.

“Oh, I love it.” Eddie breathed, his hands clapping with his enthusiastic laughter.

“Shut up, Ed.” You hit his shoulder, trying to act angry but your mouth broke out into a smile.

You looked at the assistant director. “I’m so sorry, what’s the line again?”

The a.d came over to you, script draft in hand and you glanced over the scene once more. You thanked her and regained your position.

You could almost feel Eddie’s grin beside you. “Don’t.” You warned him, in fear of corpsing again.

“Can’t help it, (Y/N).”


When the Tumblr fam doesn’t want you to starve and knows the one thing for sure you can eat.

Thank you? Mystery sender? There’s no name attached to the invoice except for “Claire” so if you wrote anything else it didn’t make it into the order placement. Thank you though, this and the other box I recieved last week means I don’t need to be stingy with rationing my one safe go-to food source for the next two-ish months.

I can make oatmeal for breakfast and “cookies” and use it to make savory dishes in place of rice (A common Scottish thing to do. My American family, although initially hesistant, tells me enthusiastically it’s like eating stuffing, and wolf it down) and not have to worry for a while about affording more. So thank you, this helps a lot ❤💖❤💖❤

heartthrob pt 2 | (M)

Heartthrob (n): One who is considered pleasing to the senses, often resulting in increased respiration, increased circulation to the face, and a noticeable “pounding” in the chest.

genre: fluff, angst, smut, fuckboy!hoseok au, college au.

ahh, finally! this took 5 days omg. shout out to @amazon-bookworm​, my lovely editor :’) also tagging a couple thirsty hoes; @dailydoseofdia​, @lostinbangtan​, @minyooengi​, @jimins-a-twat​, @cutiepiebts​, @jimin-bean​, @war-of-hormoan​, @jiminniemouse​, @onepercenttt​, @we-go-hard-in-the-coffeehouse@pjimns… I think that’s everyone??

part 1 | drabbles

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What are your headcanons about when Tony first realised he had feelings for Clay??

So this is my first attempt at a headcanon, I’m  sorry if it]s too long or too short. There is actually a second part to this that I wrote so if you want to see that then just message me :) Hope you enjoy it. Positive criticism always wanted thanks  

  • Tony had always sort of been in love with Clay, he couldn’t really pinpoint a specific time or place.
  • Sometimes Tony would give Clay a ride home, and whilst in the car, Clay would ramble about some new movie or some new book that had come out. He would be so passionate about it and so enthusiastic that Tony couldn’t help but feel in love.
  • Clay was one of the sweetest, purest people Tony knew, although a bit oblivious at times, Tony truly loved the kind heart he had, He remembered seeing him in the library helping Jeff with his homework, His hands waving around as he tried to explain something to Jeff with as much patience as possible, he remembered feeling the butterflies in his stomach and dismissing them immediately
  • But if Tony really had to pinpoint a specific time, it would be when Clay was standing on the edge of the cliff, and Tony watched with fear and pain and at that moment he knew that the feelings he felt for Clay, the feelings he tried so hard to ignore were romantic and just the thought of losing Clay made him feel unimaginable pain, he realised. He Tony Padilla was in love with Clay Jensen.  
Father’s Day [Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader]

Request: None!

Summary: Today would be unforgettable.

A/N: Happy Father’s Day! In honor of today, I had a fic about the Miranda household and Father’s Day news! Special thanks to Rissa( @linuelmirandaand Victoire ( @sunlighteliza)  for helping me prioritize and giving their opinions on the plot. Thank you so much!

Tags: @fan-this-spark-into-a-flame @followingnaturespath @nithsdalian @dreamingofmadison @kawaiinekodono @noellerhee @proud-shy-slytherin @that-gay-fangirl @bethbat

Word Count: 1,332

Request Here!


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Prompt #42 “Sometimes, you fall for someone you didn’t expect but that doesn’t make it wrong”

Originally posted by nirnaetharnoediads

Written by Christina

Category: Angst with fluff. Just your usual fanfic stuff. 

Word Count: 2298

A/N: I had finals last week, so the stress was super high. Hope you all enjoy :) Feel free to message us with any feedback, requests, or comments. We love you all!

Loosely based off #42 fr this list 

Part 2 

You felt tears well in your eyes as you clenched your fists. An F. Again. And in your first class of the day! This math class was going to be the end of you. You pulled three all-nighters and spent every moment of spare time studying for the past week and a half preparing for this test. To fail was the worst feeling ever. Words couldn’t describe the anger, hurt, and disappointment that consumed every molecule of your being. You just wanted this class to end. You loathed it. The teacher sometimes tried to help you, but you were often pushed aside because “they were too busy at the moment”. You needed a tutor. And fast.

You glanced around the classroom, looking to see if anyone looked like they understood what was going on. The teacher was writing an example on the board for the class to complete. Some people were scribbling down the problem as the teacher wrote it. Some people sat back in their chairs and stared at the board, clearly lost. But there was one student with their hand raised. A boy. He sat two rows over and one seat back from you. The teacher turned around, saw the boy and called on him.

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Tutoring // Draco Malfoy

“Miss Y/L/N, please see me after class.” Professor Snape called out during our lesson. My friends sent me confused looks, and even though I knew what this was about, I acted confused too. 

One class finished and cleared, Snape began speaking. “You’re failing my class, Y/N.” 

“I had a feeling.” I responded awkwardly. 

“If you don’t pass the next class assignment, I have no other choice but to fail you for the semester.” He spoke slowly. 

“But sir, I’m trying my best. Potions is just not my forte.” I said. “I promise -” 

“I don’t appreciate the excuses, Y/N. I have assigned a student to tutor you and help you achieve the grades you need to pass.” He interrupted. Snape saw the confused expression on my face and continued. “Draco has agreed -”

“Wait, Malfoy?! No way sir.” I exclaimed. 

“Don’t act childish Y/N. Mr Malfoy is one of the top students in my classes. Trust me when I say you need the extra help.” He said. 

“What about Hermione? She’s my friend, she can help me.” I tried reasoning. 

“Miss Granger is in no position to tutor another student, she already has too many commitments to fulfil. Now off you go to your next class.” He responded, and I sighed. No point in arguing there. 

I couldn’t stop thinking about Malfoy agreeing to tutor me for potions. I mean, what is he possibly thinking? It’s evident that this has disaster written all over it. It’s a known fact that theres rivalry between our houses. We don’t even get on well with each other. 

I brushed off my friends questions about Snape asking me to stay back. It’s no secret that I’m no good at potions, it’s one of my weakest subjects. I thought I’d keep the tutoring to myself. I don’t want them to find out about that. During lunch, I made it my mission to approach Malfoy and question why he agreed to take on this position. It wasn’t hard finding him at all, I found him lounging around outside with his friends. 

“Malfoy.” I approached him. His friends sneered at me but I ignored them. “Can I talk to you? Alone.” I eyed them. Without saying a word, he followed me. “What are you thinking?” I questioned him immediately once we were alone. He raised his eyebrow, signalling he had no idea what I was going on about. “Don’t act like you don’t have a clue, I’m talking about the tutoring.” I scoffed. 

“Well, your grades are terrible.” He smirked. “But you already knew that. I’m doing this for extra credit Y/L/N.” 

“Well, when do you want to start?” I asked, a small part of me is grateful that he’s helping me, but a bigger part of me is annoyed. 

“We’ll start tomorrow. We’ll meet in the dungeons at five.” And with that, he walked away. I glared at his back. 

The following day came too quick. It was already five and I was making my way to the empty potions classroom. Once I reached the room, I pushed open the door and found Malfoy setting up the equipment we need. 

Without even greeting me, he dived right into the lesson. “Okay, we’re going to start with brewing the Invigoration Draught.” 

“Hello to you too,” I replied, rolling my eyes. 

After four long, frustrating hours we managed to get a lot done. I was surprised with Malfoy’s patience. Not once did he show any annoyance about me taking long to perfect brewing the potion. Even when I almost blew up the room, he managed to remain calm and didn’t direct any anger towards me. 

“Thanks. Malfoy.” I said after we finished. 

“It’s okay.” He shrugged. 

“No, really. Thank you. For being patient and helping me understand.” I smiled at him. 

He nodded and said to meet same time tomorrow. And so we did. He managed to help me grasp the concept of the topic we’re currently learning in class. He also taught me little tips and tricks when it comes to brewing potions. After our third session, we got a little more comfortable around each other. He helped me with my assignment. On our fifth tutoring session, all we did was just talk about anything.  

Once Snape handed back our assignments, I was over the moon. All thanks to Malfoy, I achieved a high grade which saved me from failing the class. When we met up in the dungeons again, I couldn’t wait to tell him the good news. 

“Guess what! I passed with a high grade!” I enthusiastically said. I couldn’t help myself so I threw my arms around Malfoy and hugged him. He stiffened a little, but didn’t push me off him. When I pulled back, he gave me a genuine smile which caused the butterflies in my stomach flutter. 

“I knew you had it in you, Y/N.” He said. I lifted my eyebrow in confusion, we’re on first name basis now? 

“Thanks. It took us a while to get there and now I’m not failing the class. I owe you one, Draco.” I smiled at him. “Maybe I could treat you a butterbear or something.” I shrugged at the thought. 

“Don’t worry about it, you don’t owe me anything.” Draco responded coolly, and I felt a little disappointed. “Good luck with the rest of the semester.” And with that I watched him walk away, but instead of feeling annoyed with him, I felt confused. Is it possible, that I like ‘like’ him? What kind of mess did I get myself into?

Part two.

if you’d like a part two, let me know! otherwise please feel free to send me requests involving draco or other characters if you want. give me a follow if you’d like for more imagines. i’ll be posting more often. hope you have a lovely day xx 

Sex Pollen

Based on a prompt I saw on tumblr. Took it a little too far. NSFW

Honestly the day starts like any other. Kara dealt with some chemical fire at a subsidiary of what she suspects is Cadmus but nothing truly suspicious was going on and noone got hurt so there wasn’t much she could do about it. She had gotten some strange smelling chemical on her at the lab but she felt fine and therefore wasn’t overly concerned.
Both Lucy Lane and Cat Grant were back in town for some pro-alien convention put on by none other than one Lena Luthor which was nice. Kara looked forward to Lucy’s relaxing scent and Ms. Grant’s ever-steady heartbeat that only ever seemed to skip a beat when it came to matters regarding Supergirl or Carter’s safety.

(Kara tried not to think about the fact that in comparison Lena always smelled wonderful and how her heart absolutely raced Supergirl or Kara was near.)

Kara walked into CatCo to go see Ms. Grant and welcome her back and that was when she started noticing the strange looks.


Sure she was used to gathering some attention. She was quite aware that by human standards she was considered reasonably attractive. But the stares she seemed to garner today as she made her way to Cat’s office were bordering on overt leers.

As she was nearing Cat’s office, she picked up a familiar scent. Lucy Lane was walking toward Kara with quite a purpose.

“Lucy! It’s so good to se-”

Kara’s words were cut off as Lucy suddenly pulled her into a nearby vacant office. The lawyer quickly closed the blinds and locked the door behind them. When she turned around from locking the door, she pinned Kara with the most lustful eyes Kara had ever seen anyone give.

“Oh Kara…” Lucy purred with a breathless voice.

Kara felt her own heart suddenly pick up and Lucy’s thumped heavily in her chest.

“God Kara you look so…ravishing today.”

Kara blanched under Lucy’s hot words and gaze. What the hell was Lucy doing.

As Lucy stalked closer, Kara managed to stammer out with a furious blush “Um. Y-yes. Well. Than-thank you. Uh. L-lucy.”

Lucy was suddenly pressed right up against Kara. She reached up and trailed her hands against Kara’s face as Kara suppressed a shudder.

Even with Lucy’s actions thus far, Kara was still slightly taken aback when Lucy suddenly grabbed at her face and kissed her soundly on the mouth.

Oh Rao Kara thought. Lucy began lightly flicking her tongue into Kara’s mouth and pressing the Kryptonian further into the desk in the center of the office.

Lucy’s hands grabbed all over Kara. It was like she couldn’t get enough of the girl. Kara vaguely heard Lucy moan as Kara gently reciprocated by grabbing Lucy by her thighs and hoisting her up to get better leverage.

Wait. This is going way too fast. Kara found herself thinking suddenly.

Kara would be lying if she said she hadn’t somewhat considered her attraction to Lucy before but this still seemed unprecedented for some reason. She pulled back and put Lucy down tentatively, not wanting to ruin the semblance of friendship they had.

She bolted to the door with her superspeed and slammed it shut behind her, wincing as she heard what was likely the window cracking. She could still hear Lucy panting in the office room but the youngest Lane did not chase after her.


As Kara made her way into Cat’s office, her mind swam with thoughts of what had just occurred. Lucy had never given her any reason before to think that she was that attracted to her, why act on her feelings now?

A sudden “Kiera!” rang through Cat’s floor with a sharpness some part of Kara had missed. She gingerly opened Cat’s office and stepped inside.

“Yes, Ms. Grant?” she said softly. As she spoke, she could feel that her lips still tasted of Lucy.

Cat pierced through Kara with harsh hazel-green eyes and pressed the button on her desk that made her glass office doors opaque, something she would use often when dealing with more delicate members of the press.

Kara swallowed hard under Ms. Grant’s roaming eyes. She suddenly regretted wearing a sleeveless shirt. (Almost)

“Come here Kara.” Ms. Grant said in a soft tone, laced with something Kara couldn’t begin to describe.

Ms. Grant stood up as Kara made her way over and met Kara in the middle of her office. She began to run her hands over Kara’s bare shoulders with an utterly enraptured look on her face.

“My my. These arms are not just for show are they, Kara?”

“M-ms. Grant?” Kara was embarrassed by the squeak of her voice.

Cat suddenly grabbed Kara’s hand and pulled her to her desk chair. The CEO sat down in her chair with grace and gave a soft
“Well?” in Kara’s direction.

It suddenly dawned on Kara that Ms. Grant wanted her to sit in her lap. Kara found herself surprised by the throbbing wave of arousal that came over her at the thought of straddling Cat in her own office chair.

Kara gently straddled one of Cat’s thighs, both of them letting out simultaneous groans at the pressure Kara’s weight created.

Kara found herself looking down at Cat warily. This wasn’t how she thought her day was going to go at all but there was a mortifyingly large part of her that was relishing the idea of being in this position with Ms. Grant. It was probably influenced by the part of her that had a huge crush on Ms. Grant at the start of Kara’s job with her.

“Kiss me Kara.” Cat said suddenly. And Kara couldn’t help but oblige, moaning softly as their lips met.

Oh. My. Rao. If kissing Lucy felt good, this felt even better. Cat’s lips were as soft and pliant as Cat herself under Kara’s touch. Kara’s skirt rode up higher under Cat’s wandering hands.

She felt her center being pressed harder into Cat’s thigh and she suddenly broke the kiss to gasp out harshly in thrumming arousal. Kara’s heightened senses meant she got worked up very easily. And between Cat and Lucy being pressed against her within a span of about 20 minutes, Kara was certainly very close to spilling herself all over Cat’s expensive pantsuit.

“Shit. Kara!” Cat cried out as Kara’s squirming forced a strong thigh to be wedged right in the sweet spot between Cat’s legs. A few more soft thrusts and harsh pants against each other’s mouths and Kara felt herself reaching her peak, crying out weakly into Cat’s neck.

Cat followed soon after. The sight of Kara losing herself under her ministrations was too much to bear.

As they both sat there, foreheads pressed against one another, Cat’s desk phone rang out sharply.

Kara’s hand shot out instinctively to grab the phone and picked it up, unconcerned about sounding breathless to whatever middle age white man was likely calling at this time.

“Cat Grant’s office, this is Kara Danvers speaking.”

“Oh well if it isn’t my very own hero Ms. Danvers. I thought you were no longer answering phones for Cat?” A soft flirtatious voice spoke gently into the phone.

“Lena…” Kara breathed out. Her voice still tinged with the arousal brought on by the very woman whose lap she still sat in.

“Lena!” The realization of who she was speaking to brought her out of her haze. She all but jumped out of Ms. Grant’s lap to respond to Lena’s teasing words.

“I..uh, just happened to be in Ms. Grant’s office when the phone rang.” She chuckled nervously. “Old habits die hard I guess.” She swallowed hard as she realized Ms. Grant was still looking at her hotly. The CEO’s orgasm seemed to have momentarily sated her overwhelming lust for Kara at the current time.

“Well it’s funny you answered Kara. I actually wanted to set up an interview with you.” Lena’s near Irish lilt came out softly as she spoke further.

“I figured I would try to go through the appropriate channels for once to get ahold of you.” Kara felt herself smiling fondly at Lena’s voice. The Luthor always had a calming effect on her.

“Can you meet me today? In about half an hour for lunch?” Lena’s words came out in a rush as Kara mind scrambled to process what was happening.

“T-today?” Kara squeaked out. She wasn’t sure what was going on with everyone, but she had been hoping to avoid Lena today so that the black haired girl wouldn’t fall victim to whatever was affecting everyone.

“I-I guess I can make it today. H-half an hour from now? Your office I guess?”

“Yes Kara that would be great!”

Kara could still feel Ms. Grant’s hot gaze drilling into her back.

“Alright I will see you then Lena!”
“Bye Kara”

Kara turned around to face Ms. Grant again. “IhavetogointerviewLenaLuthorbyeMs.Grant” She rushed out in a breath likely too fast for human ear’s to truly catch and sped out of Cat’s office.


After narrowly escaping the clutches and hands of James and some intern she barely knew the name of, Kara found herself finally at Lena’s office.

She walked passed Lena’s secretary, Jess, and Jess stopped her with the most peculiar gaze. The small Asian girl spoke very purposefully.

“Kara. I am so so glad you are in Ms. Luthor’s life. She has become a much happier person since you came into her life and if there’s anything I can do to help you, let me know.”

The girl spoke with such honesty and passion in her eyes that Kara was taken aback and found herself gaping slightly.

“Oh. Well. Okay then. Thank you Jess.”

Kara walked up and knocked softly on Lena’s office door. Jess kept her eyes trained on Kara and gave her an enthusiastic thumbs up when Kara turned around.

A soft “Come in.” filtered into Kara’s ears. Kara stepped through the door tentatively.

“Lena?” Kara called out into the office, not seeing but smelling and hearing the CEO.

“I’m here Kara! I just dropped a pen and I-” Lena’s words seemed to die in her throat as she watched Kara approach her desk. She cleared her throat loudly and moved her gaze pointedly to busy herself with something on her computer.

Lena kept her eyes locked on anywhere but Kara as she spoke about some new invention L-Corp was devising to help protect aliens against attacks from CADMUS. Kara could hear Lena’s heart pounding in her chest.

The Kryptonian flinched as Lena’s smell flitted through the air. Kara was suddenly distinctly aware of how hot the room seemed to become as she realized Lena was definitely aroused because of Kara’s presence.

Kara’s eyes began to roam over Lena as she realized the woman was gripping her desk tightly enough that her knuckles were white. Her own heart rate picked up as she unabashedly stared at the CEO’s soft looking cleavage. It suddenly dawned on her that Lena had stopped talking and was waiting on Kara to respond.

“Oh I’m sorry Lena I am quite distracted. I have had a very odd day to say the least.” What was Kara doing? She was flirting with Lena.

It struck Kara that she wanted Lena to lose control as Ms. Grant and Lucy and literally everyone else around her had today.

Lena still hadn’t taken her eyes off of her computer.

“I said” she started, but as Kara stood up abruptly and made her way around Lena’s desk, the green-eyed girl couldn’t help but pull her gaze towards the blonde haired reporter.

Kara came around to the side of the desk Lena was on and leaned on it, crossing her strong arms across her chest, emphasizing both her toned biceps and generous chest.

Lena’s heart was absolutely pounding. Kara could see the sweat actually rolling down the Luthor’s forehead. Arousal was pouring off the girl in waves.

“Yes Lena?” Whose voice was that? That husky tone was certainly not one Kara had ever heard come from her own lips.

Lena’s hands were clenching and unclenching in her lap. Like her hands had to be doing something to prevent her from grabbing Kara.

Kara surprised even herself with her boldness and she reached up and grabbed the glasses perched on Lena’s face. She pulled them off gently and pretended to study them. Lena just gaped at the reporter’s actions.

“I didn’t realize you wore glasses Lena.” Kara could smell the way Lena’s panties became wetter every time her name crossed the reporter’s lips.

“I-I o-only n-n-need them f-for long p-periods of r-reading.” Lena gasped for air as she seemed to struggle with the simple sentence. Kara hummed softly in acknowledgement and placed them back on Lena’s face, allowing her hands to brush over Lena’s lips as she pulled away.

Lena couldn’t tear her gaze away from Kara. It occurred to Kara that Lena must have miraculous self restraint. Noone had been able to resist her as long as the CEO today.

Ironic she’s the only one I really want. Kara thought. Kara licked her lips as she unashamedly looked at Lena’s.

She couldn’t contain her own self restraint as she leaned over and kissed Lena on the mouth. Hard.

Holy mother-fucking Rao. Lena’s lips seemed to cause a fire within Kara to suddenly spark to life. As Lena began to reciprocate with unrivaled passion, Kara moved to sit in Lena’s lap, careful not to straddle her leg so that maybe she would last a little longer this time.

Kara’s lips moved to Lena’s creamy neck and she began to kiss and bite and purposefully leave her mark.

“Oh FUCK! Kara! Yes!” Lena let out a string of expletives and soft praises to Kara. The alien felt herself warm at the praise being sent her way. She just wanted to make Lena feel good. Wanted to prove that she herself was good.

“What do you need?” Kara asked breathlessly, unable to help the soft grinding motions of her hips against Lena’s.

“I-I need you against me Kara. I want to feel you under me.” Kara felt herself erupt in a small orgasm at Lena’s words. She shook against Lena as the CEO began peppering her lips down the blonde girl’s neck.

Kara stood up and pulled Lena with her. She divested Lena and herself of their underwear and laid down on the couch, pulling Lena on top of her. She could feel the dark haired girl’s wetness on her thighs.

At least we’re both wearing skirts. Kara chuckled to herself softly. She pulled on Lena’s skirt softly until her center was exposed. Lena did the same to her. Lena lifted her hips and pressed her weight into Kara, both of their clits rubbing against one another softly.

Kara let out a resounding groan as Lena gasped loudly for air. The CEO began moving her hips, thrusting her center gently into Kara’s.

Another string of expletives fell from Lena’s mouth and Kara had to bite her lip to keep from crying out loudly enough for Jess to hear. Kara had never felt anything like this with her few other lovers.

Seeing Lena come undone before her, on top of her, was the most erotic thing she had ever seen in her life.

Their wet clits rubbed together deliciously as Lena rode Kara into oblivion.

“Hngh. K-Kara! You’re so good honey. So good at this. It feels so right to have you under me.” Lena called out breathlessly. Kara was barely able to understand her between all of her gasps, but Kara felt herself peak soundly upon hearing Lena’s praises.

Lena gaped down at her as she realized Kara had come from her words. She suddenly thrusted her hips even rougher against her.

“You like that, huh, Ms. Danvers? You like when I tell you you are such a good girl?” It was too much. Kara realized she came again at Lena’s words.

“Fuck. Kara. I-I had no idea you were so-” Lena cut herself off with a loud moan as she was pulled over the edge herself.

She fell to Kara’s chest, hair sweaty and and arms limp. Kara realized dimly that they were pretty much still wearing their clothes.

A beep came into Kara’s ear. She had begun to wear her DEO earpiece all the time for easier and faster communication.
Damnit. I regret that decision now.

“Supergirl. Come to the DEO immediately.” J’onn’s voice sounded very urgent.

She gently pulled Lena off of her, smiling fondly as she realized Lena had passed out after her orgasm. She left her a note on her desk and kissed the sleeping CEO softly on the cheek.


As Kara arrived to the DEO, her sister’s troubled eyes were the first she saw. Shit. Is this sex thing going to affect Alex too?

She landed soundlessly next to Alex and laughed nervously. “H-hey Alex. Golly I have had the weirdest day.”

Alex gave her a strange look and stalked two wide steps to grab Kara’s face.

“I would kill for you. Do you understand? I would betray the entire U.S. government right fucking now if it meant it would save your life.” Alex’s penetrating gaze was almost unnerving to Kara.

Well at least she’s not kissing me.

The connection between Kara and Alex was broken by J’onn suddenly spraying her with some kind of chemical. “Ugh J’onn! What the hell?”

“That should stop the catalyst in your system. You were hit with some kind of chemical this morning at the lab?”

“Oh! Must have been some kind of uh…sexual thing I guess? Some kind of pheromone?”

Alex and J’onn just looked at each other.

“Um. Yeah. Let’s go with that.”

“Okay! Well I hear the police sirens. Duty calls.”

Alex and J’onn stood there in stunned silence.

“Sir I thought the chemical Kara was hit with lowered all inhibitions and self control in humans? It doesn’t have anything to do with sex right?”

“Kara doesn’t need to know that.”

xyourpinksky  asked:

Hi! Please, can you do a BTS reaction to their idol gf being in a girl group and the members of this group sing, rap, dance but also play instruments in some performances and some MVs (like AOA)? P.S. their gf is a drummer, dancer and vocalist! :)

A/N: Sure thing! Thank you so much for your request! We hope you enjoy!♡

- ❤ Kat & Sar💖

BTS Reacts To Their Idol Gf’s Different Talents

Jungkook:  Your boyfriend Jungkook and his other members were all on a variety show that you were watching on TV. The hosts pose a questions towards Jungkook. “Jungkook, have you seen (Y/N) and her group’s new performance? They looked really good out there!” Jungkook starts to get shy at the mention of your name. The other members start to hoot and holler, playfully shoving their maknae around. He can’t stop smiling, “Yes, I have. They are all so talented!” The ooh’s and aww’s begin once again, and Jungkook starts to blush. “Kookie! Do an impression of (Y/N) performing!” He blushes and smiles even more as he stands up to imitate you on stage. You start to smile at the sight of your adorable boyfriend on TV. Suddenly, he bursts into dance, shaking his hips and wiggling his butt as he smiles shyly at the camera. You burst out laughing. He switches all of sudden, and starts imitating you on the drums, tapping his feet and rocking out on his imaginary instrument. Tears of laughter form in your eyes at the sight of your boyfriend. The rest of BTS as well as the hosts of the show are all cheering him on, laughing as well. Eventually, Jungkook’s impression comes to a halt. He looks at everyone else as he says, “She does it way better than me.” Earning a laugh from everyone. He sits down once again. “I’m so proud of her.” He says nodding. The chorus of aww’s begin once again, “She’s worked so hard, I hope many good things come to her and the other members of the group.” Jungkook smiles once again, looking at the camera. Everyone else nods in agreement. “(group name) Fighting!” Says Jungkook as he smiles into the camera.

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Jimin: Jimin would be backstage at Inkigayo, preparing for BTS’ turn to perform their stage. But when he sees your group on the TV he just has to stop and watch in awe. Jimin would be unable to stop smiling as he watched you. You’d look so beautiful and passionate and you would make him the proudest mochi in the world. During the whole performance he’d turn to other groups backstage, smiling and pointing at the screen. “That’s my girlfriend! Ah why is she so cute!” He would say this many times along with random shouts from watching you. To others he would look absolutely silly with a giant grin never leaving his face and his giggles filling the air. “Is she done? I need to go hug my amazing girlfriend! She did so well!” He’d say, a light blush dusting his cheeks while the other members just laughed, seeing how in love he was with you.

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Taehyung: You and your group would be at MAMA and BTS would be sitting in the crowd. All the members would be doing their own things when groups came on. Namjoon would be bobbing his head along to the music, Jungkook would either just be watching or passionately singing along. And your boyfriend, Taehyung, would of course be singing and dancing along to the performances, his rectangular smile constantly appearing. But, when it comes time for your group to come on, he freezes. Instead of dancing along enthusiastically, he stops and stares. He would be left breathless watching you, how you just let the music and dance flow through you, the rest of the world disappearing and only you and the stage existed. Taehyung’s eyes would be wide open, and his mouth would hang open just a little, so enraptured by you. When your performance comes to a close, he would snap out of his reverie. Standing up, he would clap and yell the loudest for you. Watching you walk off, he can’t help but thank his lucky stars that you chose him.

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Hoseok: You walk in on your boyfriend on the computer. “What are you doing, Hobi?” You say, teasing him slightly. He was watching one of your performances on Youtube. He giggles, “Look at you! You look so pretty!.” He pauses on a close up of you. You blush, “Stop!” You giggle. “Seriously! And look at this one!” He goes to click on another video and skips to another closeup of you, this time playing the drums. “Wow~! Look at my girlfriend! So pretty~!” He says, fanboying over you. You giggle again, “Am I your bias, then?”  He looks at you, “No, my bias is (another member’s name), you’re my bias wrecker.” You playfully gasp and gently punch him on his shoulder. “What?! I’m not your favorite?! How could you~!” You start to jokingly pout and cry. Hoseok laughs and pulls you onto his lap. “I’m joking! You’re my absolute favorite!” You still pretend to be sad, so he clicks on another video of you singing, “Look, look! Awww~! So pretty!” He scrunches up his faces and dramatically clenches his hand over his heart. You giggle and kiss his cheek. “That’s right. I better be your favorite!” You say, laughing. He kisses you back, “You make me so proud!” He hugs you tight, bringing warmth to your heart and a giant smile to your face. “Hobi~!” You say, hugging him back.

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Namjoon:  You and your group would be preparing for a tour. So, for the past few days you guys hadn’t talked to each other much. He knew that you would be leaving soon, so he decided that he would surprise you by coming to your stage checks. Once he got there, however, he would be the one in for a surprise. He’d never seen you so focused and he would watch how hard you were working to play correctly and hit those hard notes as well as going through the dances with so much energy that it seemed like you guys just started practicing. He watched you in awe, proud of how hardworking you were but still somehow managing to make time for him. Namjoon would smile to himself while continuing to watch you prepare for the tour. When your group was done, he vowed to himself that he would put as much passion into his work as you do before making his way over towards you. He would pull you into a tight hug, not letting go until he was sure you understood how much he loved you.

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Yoongi: You and Yoongi are laying in bed. With your head resting on his chest, you two were watching random videos on Youtube on Yoongi’s phone. You two just finished watching a funny cat video, when he starts to type something into the search engine. Curious as to what he was doing, you watched the screen intently. You realize he’s typing the name of your group’s new MV. You let out a small laugh, “What are you up to, Yoongi?” He taps on the thumbnail, prompting the app to begin playing the video. He begins smiling smugly. “Ah, you’re so talented (Y/N). Look at you.” It cuts to a scene of you playing your drums. “Woah~! That look you gave the camera!” He chuckles, squeezing your shoulders a bit. You hide your face in his chest, embarrassed. There was a another shot of you in the video, looking into the camera as you sang. “Ah! That’s not fair, you know! How dare you! My heart hurts now!” “Stop it!” You say, even though you’re clearly smiling. He kisses your forehead, “Seriously though, I’m proud of you, (Y/N)” “Thank you, Yoongi.” You say, hugging him tightly.

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Seokjin: You and Jin are in the kitchen cooking up dinner for tonight. You are cutting vegetables as he is stirring the food and adding different seasonings. The TV was playing in the background, and suddenly you hear one of your own songs playing. “Ah! This one is my favorite!” He runs to the living room with an apron around his waist and a spatula in his hand. He starts dancing along with you and your group on TV, singing into his spatula microphone. He even sings along to the fan chants the crowd was making. You were staring at him from the kitchen. “Jin, stop!” You scold.  He looks at you, almost a little hurt. You start smiling, walking over to the counter to grab another spatula. “You’re doing it wrong! It’s like this!” You say, walking over to him and showing him the right way. He smiles and laughs, as you two dance your hearts out in your living room.

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So I um…. well, I accidentally killed my original blog. I have no idea how I did this but it is good and gone. I managed to reclaim my URL but all of my old content, and list of those I followed, is lost to the ether. So I’m looking for new people to stalk.

Specifically I’m looking for Dragon Age writers and artists, or even just enthusiasts, but I also enjoy Mass Effect (not really a player but I love the story), Yuri on Ice and Miyazaki, anything crafty or DIY, or, well, anything really. Send me recommendations and I would love to check them out!

Thank you for your time and patience with my stupidity…

Looking for Witches!

Hey guys. Today I’ve started a 10 week art project themed to exploring the practices, beliefs and opinions of modern day Wicca’s practising witchcraft.

As I’m relatively unfamiliar, I’d really like to get some first hand knowledge from witches here on tumblr to help inform and inspire my work via a brief interview of questions. 

I’m really enthusiastic to start speaking to anybody practising, so if anybody is willing to answer some questions for me could you please let me know here or send me a direct message? I’d be really grateful! 

Thank you :)

Heaven Help The Fool Who Falls In Love Pt. 3 (James Madison x Reader)

Time Period: Modern (College AU)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,  Part 4Part 5Part 6, Part 7Part 8

Word Count: 1,001

Warnings: Language.

A/N: You guys have been so enthusiastic about this series and I can’t say thank you enough! I really hope you enjoy this next part. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

Tags: @angesansnom @avengershavethetardis @sazzyli123 @sweaterkitty-fluff@kanadianwithashippingproblem @mellowsobri @midnightokieriete @arya-durin-77 @fanficsj @heybaekae@ilesserpanda @robotic-space @martapetrovic @spicydice @eugolorp @lisamalvina @supernatural–obsessed @shutupwylow @ichbindeindod


James Madison was the very last person you expected to approach you on any given day, but considering what had occurred the night before, you couldn’t really be surprised. If you were being honest, you had hoped that the two of you would continue to coexist and pretend that last night had never happen, but here he was standing beside your table fidgeting with the end of his t-shirt. “Hey,” he said.

“Er, hi,” you said awkwardly.

“Can we talk?”

You visibly grimaced. Great. “Sure…” You kicked out the chair opposite of you and James sat down.

“About last night…” He trailed off, looking at you shyly.

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Day6 and first date headcanons


  • he’s a classic guy, let’s be honest
  • he takes you out for dinner and a movie
  • but it’s not formal
  • hell no, he takes you to see a comedy movie and then you’re out to fast food
  • classy right lmao
  • so ANYWAYS he picks you up and drives you to the theater
  • Sungjin does the full nine, popcorn, drinks, candies
  • during the movie, he laughs so hard he starts choking on his drink, which makes you laugh, which makes him laugh even harder ((it’s an endless cycle and you’re both dying))
  • when the movie ends, he grabs your hand and helps you out of your seat and to the car
  • he asks what your favorite fast food place is, and he happily drives you there
  • he buys you your favorite and you two tell stories as you eat
  • but you’re both careful not to laugh and choke again lol
  • after you’re both done eating, you just kinda drive around
  • it’s actually really nice, he’s blasting the radio and you’re both singing along and he’s blowing you away with his amazing voice
  • he’s the type of guy that you can talk to and never get bored
  • and he’s dancing and goofing off with the windows rolled down
  • when he finally drives you home, you’re both slow to say goodbye because you had so much fun
  • “today was really great”
  • “and um, I really wanna thank you for coming out with me”
  • “this has probably been one of the best first dates I’ve been on…”
  • “so is it okay if I ask for a second date?”


  • he’d wanna do something fun and casual so what better than a carnival
  • he’d probably try to show off a bit by trying to win the games but he lost 9/10 times bc those things are rigged yall don’t trust them
  • but he did somehow manage to win the game where you throw the baseball at the bottles
  • even he was surprised he won at first
  • but as soon as it sunk in, he played it cool, like he toooootally knew he was gonna win
  • you picked out a pink stuffed bear and wonpil thought you two looked so adorable together he had to take a picture
  • “it’s not my fault that you’re cute, Y/N”
  • but yeah you two are sharing cotton candy and acting super sweet
  • like honestly, my teeth are rotting as I type this, that’s how sweet
  • he’s such a gentleman, he’s helping you up and down stairs and opening doors for you and giving you 100% of his attention
  • you two decide to get on the carousel
  • which is all great until wonpil practically falls off the horse at the end of the ride
  • “it’s high up okay don’t tease me!”
  • and you just laughed and grabbed his hand and pulled him to the next ride
  • by the end of the day, you’ve been on so many rides together, you’re full of amazing food, and you have your little pink bear to cuddle
  • he walks you up to your door and grabs your hand
  • “thanks for an amazing date, Y/N”
  • “maybe… we can go on another one sometime soon?”
  • and all you can do is nod enthusiastically
  • gosh he’s so happy omg


  • he asked you to the park
  • honestly he had other plans for your first date, but it’s just so nice out that he can’t help himself
  • so you happily grab your stuff and go with him to the park
  • at first you’re just walking along the sidewalk, talking and giggling, until he drags you towards a hill
  • at the top of the hill, there are trashcan lids
  • at first, you’re confused. why are those there?
  • but then you see dowoon sitting on top of one and then you understand
  • you line your lid up with his, sit down, and get ready to race
  • “one, two…. GO!”
  • what a cheater, he didn’t even say three
  • and just like that, you push off, sliding down the hill, both of you laughing like crazy
  • of course Dowoon won, he cheated, after all
  • so you grab his hand and drag him back up the hill to go again
  • at first it was all about racing, but as time passed, it turned into just goofing off
  • you went down the hill backwards, he tried to go down while standing up ((but he fell off halfway down and rolled the rest of the way lmao))
  • and eventually, he sat you in his lap and you tried to go down together
  • it was a total flop, you flew off one way and he flew off the other
  • but it was so much fun
  • after that, he bought you something from a snack stand nearby
  • you walked together, telling stories and happily eating until you realized he had walked you all the way back home
  • you were sad that it was over for a minute before he looked up, blushing slightly
  • “is it okay if we do this again soon?”
  • hell yeah it’s okay
  • both of you are grinning like fools


  • when he asked you out, you had no idea where he was taking you
  • but when you pulled up, you weren’t surprised to see he took you to one of those restaurant/arcade places that has a buffet and a million games
  • this boy bought so many tokens that you were almost worried he blew all his money lmao
  • but as soon as he got the hundreds of tokens, he dragged you over to the games
  • Jae is amazing at skee ball
  • he’s a literal god
  • you turn around for 5 seconds and when you turn back he’s got a shit-eating grin on his face and an armful of tickets
  • you’re playing all sorts of games and it’s all sunshine and rainbows until
  • “I bet I can beat you at air hockey”
  • exCUSE
  • so you take him up on his challenge
  • it’s the most extra thing lmao you’re both getting stares from everyone around you because you’re roasting the hell out of each other while you’re playing
  • “learn how to hit the puck!”
  • “learn how to hit it back!”
  • you’re both children honestly
  • by the time you’re both too tired to play any more games, you both have a bunch of tickets
  • you tell Jae you’re hungry and he grabs your hand without hesitation and drags you to get pizza
  • he’s the type of guy that you literally can’t feel uncomfortable with, he’s cracking jokes and telling you all kinds of stories
  • when you’re done, you stand up and race him to the ticket counting machine
  • you got exactly 1 more ticket than him lmao he’s a sore loser and pouts all the way to the gift counter
  • you spot a giant stuffed chicken on the top shelf but you don’t have enough tickets for it
  • you don’t even ask but Jae is handing all his tickets to the clerk, and combined, you have just enough to get it
  • the drive back to your house is filled with laughter
  • before you get out of the car, he stops you
  • “Y/N, I had a lot of fun today”
  • “and I was thinking,”
  • “maybe we could do this again in the near future?”

Young K

  • what’s fun and exciting?
  • roller blading obviously
  • so that’s what he takes you to do for your first date
  • now, you’re a bit hesitant
  • because roller blading is hard okay
  • plenty of opportunities to embarrass yourself lmao thanks Brian Young K
  • but he’s really sweet, he gets your skates for you and helps you lace them up and everything
  • what a gent amirite
  • you get out onto the rink
  • and you fall instantly
  • like complete wipeout
  • and this little sweet, adorable, perfect man is sitting there laughing his ass off ((how rude))
  • so when he reaches down to help you up, you yank him down so that you’re both on the floor
  • “that’s not nice!”
  • “then don’t laugh at me!”
  • of course, he’s still laughing while you both sit there on the ground looking stupid
  • finally, he gets up and pulls you up with him
  • you almost fall again, but he grabs your hands and grins
  • you’re skating super slow, scared to slip and there are kids literally going circles around you two lmao
  • Young K would completely focus on helping you feel comfortable and get going
  • and after a little while, you’re skating side by side
  • “wanna race?”
  • you were unsure at first, but then decided why not?
  • so you both grab the wall and wait for him to count down
  • “three, two, one, GO!”
  • and you’re both pushing off and racing across the rink
  • you run into the wall and then notice that Young K isn’t there
  • you beat him omg
  • when he gets to you he’s cheering and hugging you and it’s so cute
  • he takes you home and is shyly rubbing the back of his neck
  • “hey, Y/N”
  • “will you go out with me again soon?”

pandorem  asked:

Um, I would ADORE a random tumlr short of them as cousins, provided you were up for writing it. That would be AMAZING. (And, haha, I always imagined Tobio would be like Ritsu, with some psychic potential locked up that would only show itself after extreme emotional stress, but UNLIKE my boy Ritsu, Tobio doesn’t ever want powers because they might interfere with his Volleyball, which is The Most Important Thing. Though secretly!psychic Tobio WOULD be equally amazing).

Kageyama had first mentioned that his cousin was psychic as an off-hand sort of statement that various members of the volleyball club (Tsukishima, primarily, with Yamaguchi snickering at the sidelines and the Third Years rolling their eyes) proceeded to mercilessly mock him for a good hour.

“He is!” Kageyama insists. “He can do all kinds of stuff!”

“Who knew the King of the Court was such a gullible baby?” Tsukishima says.

“Whoa, whoa, like, what kind of stuff?” Hinata asks. “Can he bend spoons with his mind? Or float stuff?”

“Yeah, he can do all those things,” Kageyama says.

“That is so cool!” Hinata exclaims.

“He’s teasing, Hinata,” Daichi says.

Hinata looks betrayed at his boyfriend, who declares, “I am not! Shigeo really can do all those things! I’ve seen it!”

“That’s awesome!” Nishinoya says.

“Oh man, that’s some serious stuff, Kageyama,” Tanaka says, “You shouldn’t joke around about things like that.”

“Psychics aren’t real,” Sugawara says patiently.

“Yes, they are! And I’m not joking!” Kageyama says. “Stop laughing, Tsukishima!”

Yachi doesn’t say anything through the whole exchange. She doesn’t really believe in psychics but she’d like to think it was true. Mostly, she can’t help but think that Kageyama Tobio is not the kind of person who would pull an extended joke like this; he’s not someone who would say, “My cousin is psychic,” without actually believing it to be true.

But, she has to admit, it wouldn’t be completely impossible for Kageyama to be easily tricked. He wasn’t exactly the most discerning of people, when it came to anything other than volleyball.


Actually meeting Kageyama’s cousins changes everything. They come to practice one day, apparently visiting Kageyama’s family, and Tsukishima starts the whole thing by saying, “Are you the psychic cousin?”

“Shigeo is,” Kageyama says, pointing to the young man who resembles a slightly nerdier, softer, plainer, non-descript version of Kageyama.

“Ritsu is as well,” the boy says, looking at his younger brother proudly.

“Oh, you developed powers too, Ritsu? Good for you,” Kageyama says, off-hand.

“Thanks,” Ritsu says dryly, perhaps not appreciating the casual way Kageyama said that.

“You’re both psychic?” Daichi says skeptically.

“Prove it,” Tsukishima challenges.

The two brothers just look at each other and shrug.

And then they proceed to prove it.


“Holy crap! Holy crap, Kageyama! Can you do that?” Hinata demands.

“What? No, of course not,” Kageyama says.

“Tobio-nii-san doesn’t need to,” Shigeo says, the pride in his voice no less noticeable than when he talked about his younger brother. “Tobio-nii-san is an incredibly talented athlete.”

“Although there’s no reason to assume he can’t,” Ritsu says, speculatively. “It seems to run in the family. Have you ever tried, Tobio-nii-san?”

“Why would I?” Kageyama says.

“You could have superpowers!” Yachi exclaims, wanting to shake the boy. “If you had superpowers wouldn’t you want to know?”

“I don’t see how it’d help me play volleyball,” Kageyama replies.

“Hmm, hmm, true,” Hinata says, nodding his head thoughtfully, “You might even get disqualified from playing, if you did.”

“And Tobio-nii-san is amazing,” Shigeo continues to put forth. “He has muscles and athleticism.”

Yachi, who has neither athleticism or psychic abilities, can’t help but feel like a Kageyama family reunions must be a terrifying event to behold.

A/N: Hahaha, alright friend, anon-friend, here you are! @thefancytomato was also enthusiastic about this crossover (and so was I) so thanks!! I tried to go with both suggestions, since I like the idea of Kageyama not being psychic but MAYBE HE COULD BE.

Caleb and Adam go to a party. It’s a nice party. The food is good. The people are chill. Then Caleb eats like three fucking pot brownies by accident. Getting snacks for your giant, high, empathic boyfriend is not the worst way to spend a night. (ao3)

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find boyfriend jungkook (here) & boyfriend jimin (here

  • taehyung’s confession comes off as casual as the way friends tell each other that they love their other friends and so when taehyung goes “hey i really like you!” and you’re like “i like you too!” he’ll sort of scoot closer to you and be like “that’s great - we should date.”
  • and it’ll shock you for sure because you’ll think oh he’s playing around again.,,,,right?? but taehyung’s smiling at you with clear, honest eyes and you’ll be like “don’t joke around….” and he’ll touch your cheek and be like “i promise im not.” and that smile turns into a serious expression and you’re like well……..1) this is the most serious you’ve ever seen this kid 2) he looks very….enticing….when he’s being serious 3) but three that’s not the point he just asked you out???? what do you say????
  • and when you manage to murmur out a ‘o…okay….’ taehyungs shining smile comes back and he maybe bites his lip when you’re not looking to stop himself from shouting with happiness
  • afterwords he strolls into the dorm just oozing confidence and jungkooks like ‘did you get rejected hyung?’ and taehyung snorts like “in YOUR dreams im kim taehyung, i don’t get rejected.” and jungkook rolls his eyes but jimin practically jumps on taehyung with happiness because oh my god his best friend just got a significant other and jimin wants to plan everything out for taehyung but taehyung’s just like ??? calm down jimin they only said yes today put the wedding planner book away
  • and taehyung as much as he doesn’t seem nervous and he’s his same old dorky self on the first date - believe me, he’s a wreck of emotions on the inside and for the first time he’s sweating bullets just by being in the same proximity as you but he doesn’t show it of course he’s as goofy and as adventurous as usual and so when he goes “im taking you rock climbing in the mountains, i hope you wore good shoes!” when you meet up with him you almost  faint and he’s like jOKEs i got tickets to the aquarium 
  • and you two walk around, gaze at all the cool animals, take photos of taehyung imitating puffer fish and penguins and crabs and when he tries to get you to pet a stingray with him you threaten to feed him to the sharks 
  • while you’re distracted in the giftshop by something, taehyung secretly buys you a cute jellyfish plushie because he remembers that you mentioned that they were really pretty and when you two are outside and walking to get some lunch somewhere, he asks you to turn around and you do and you see him holding the jellyfish up to cover his face and he moves there tentacles around and makes funny noises and you giggle because this is the taehyung you love the best and you two spend like an hour talking about what to name the jellyfish (you end up combining your two names and sticking with that, how adorable)
  • and taehyung strikes me as a very energetic, outdoorsy kind of person so the rest of your dates are always something that gets you two out of the house; amusement parks, dog cafes, cool exhibitions, museums, new restaurants, and even volunteering
  • like can you imagine you and taehyung at an animal shelter surrounded by puppies and kittens looking for love and just jumping around you two and taehyung just looking like he’s so in his element, like he’s so at peace that you’re convinced that these animals who’ve been through the worse are actually helping this boy finally have a break from the stress of being an idol
  • also can you imagine the two of you + puppies + little kiDS who wanna adopt the puppies and taehyung just carrying a toddler in one hand and a cute puppy in the other like imagine it your hearts breaking right???
  • and let’s say you’re getting off of your little volunteer job and taehyung is chuckling plucking dog hair off your sweater and then all of a sudden he kisses your forehead and you’re like oh!!! and then…he’s kissing your cheeks and then…..your nose……and then……..the side of your lips …..and then……your lips
  • and it’s your first kiss and it feels like the kind of first kiss kim taehyung would give and when he pulls back you kind of can’t help but smile and then tuck your head in his chest and he laughs because you’re adorable and you two are just standing there in a halo of pureness and love and its so fricking cute THERE ISNT ANOTHER WORD ITS jusT CUTE
  • for that moment on skinship is just natural for you two because the synergy between you is just ecstatic like it could be as something as small as linking pinkies to something as much as laying down beside each other with your legs entwined and your arms around taehyung’s neck and it doesn’t matter because your bodies are touching and you feel so safe in his arms and he feels like there isn’t anyone else in the world that he’d want to have right there with him it’s perfect
  • and like taehyung is by no means shy so if you’re ok with it, the skinship moves fast like he loves hugging you from behind and resting his chin in your hair, he loves it when you do it to him too like when you give him a surprise hug while he’s stretching or when he’s just done practicing because like i said your touch is just rejuvenating to him it’s magical 
  • but he also has this habit of ruffling your hair and messing it all up and when you’re trying to fix it he’s like “no it’ cute messy~” so he keeps running his finger through it and you’re like taehyung!!!! and he’s like “what?? you look so cute when it’s in your face and all that!!!” and you’re like “let me mess up your hair!!” and he’s like “if you can…..CATCh mE” and then he’s running around the BigHit building with you behind him and jin is like aH true love , young love and yoongi is like ten bucks taehyung runs into a door or something
  • most importantly of course is the discourse on kissing kim taehyung and ok he loves to tease and you learn this early on when you’re trying to be all romantic and sweet and lean up to kiss his lips and taehyung purposely tilts his head back so you end up kissing like his throat or chin and you’re like kim taehyung please and he’s like fine fine ill kiss you and you close your eyes and you’re ready but then all you feel is his lips against your forehead or your cheek and you’re pouting like taehyung no kiss me for real and he does,,,,but not after covering the rest of your face or even your fingers and palm and up you arm and you get restless but it’s also so soft that you let him off the hook
  • because like when he really does kiss you seriously with all his passion and emotion, taehyung holds your face with his hands and he just keeps going till your lips both swell and you’re gasping for air but you’re so close that everything  around you has just melted and it’s just it’s wow 
  • taehyung also just seems like the kind of person who loves like being feed like it’s just something you two have grown to do like if you have a bag of chips and you’re walking somewhere you just eat a chip, then get one and hold it up and taehyung bites it and it’s so natural like you don’t even have to look at each other but like he knows when you’re about to give him something like u guys were at the movies and you’d just drop food into his mouth and jungkook was like you two are gross and even jin who’s usually 1000000% ready for the cheesy romance was like ‘you two better wash your hands after this movie or so help me god’ but like idk you guys munching on the same kebob or something is cute ok anyway
  • taehyung also makes you do the apple hair with him sometimes and he actually really likes having his hair touched and played with so sometimes you like give him little pigtails or braid as much as you can and he walks into practice with half his head in mini little braids and yoongi just give him the look and taehyung’s like “fashion hyung, you wouldn’t get it.”
  • jungkook takes a photo of it and sends it to you like ‘this is a masterpiece, thank you so much for this art’ and you’re like ‘in another life i was a hairstylists, you want me to do your hair too?’ and jungkooks like ‘new number who dis’
  • also imagine the texts you’d get from taehyung throughout the day like it starts off with sleepy selfies of him with bedhead and like his glasses on crooked and he’s like ‘off to practice’ and then like in the middle of the day you get like a photo of someones damn scalp and it’s like ‘look at yoongi hyungs baldspot’ and then when it’s closer to the night it’s just random blurry photos of taehyung running and stuff like ‘omw to the 7/11 for some glazed doughnuts don’t tell bang pd’
  • and like namjoon, jin, and yoongi are actually thankful you’re there to uphold taehyung because there aren’t many people who really understand what he’s trying to convey and they take what he does and twist into jokes and a lot of the time he’s being serious and you know and you listen and you treat him with respect that really makes him even more confident and to the older members that really means alot because it helps him grow musically as well
  • hoseok is just your personal cheerleader he wants you and taehyung to make it to the end and he’s so enthusiastic about how well you two fit together and he’s one of the people that truly sees that energy that holds you and taehyung together and he’s just like taehyung i think they’re the one for you my bro
  • jimin and jungkook are taehyung’s best friends and from day one jimin is your best friend too, jungkook takes some time to warm up but in the end you’re there for taehyung and you protect him the same way jungkook wants to do as well and that’s what’s important
  • the four of you always end up following taehyung into new places and immersing yourselves in his creativity and taehyung’s a glowing positive presence that’s curious about everything and he always wants to go down a new street or eat a new dish and the four of you have fun doing all that but jimin knows when to pull jungkook back by the ear and let you and taehyung have your moments alone
  • and they’re moments where you discover how much taehyung really knows about the world, how much he reads and studies and how pure hearted his intentions are when he stops to feed stray cats or tries to comfort a crying child with funny faces
  • and like ive said taehyung loves things that are different, your couple item probably isn’t a bag or shirt he got you two matching anklets or some cool souvenir from overseas that he got when he was on tour because taehyung isn’t about the ordinary, he’s about the new
  • taehyung likes to doodle on things and sometimes that can be the paper corners of your notebooks or of your napkins or even on the skin of your arm and when he’s not there beside you you look at the small little drawings and they make you smile
  • he’d probably wake you up at like 5 am so you two could run down to the sea and watch the sun rise and you’d be like don’t you have practice??? did you sleep?? and he’d just pull you into his side and be like nah i didn’t but look what i got to experience with you instead
  • and ok taehyung would totally try to make you let him change up some of your clothes like he’d be like give me your t-shirt let me cut it up a little and you’re like taehyung,,,,,, and he’s like come on it’ll be cute and you’re like boy if you come anywhere closer to me with those scissors 
  • jungkook in the back probably like: “don’t trust him. he’ll make a hole somewhere provocative.” jkjkjk
  • taehyung probably wouldn’t even have to leave the dorm to make you guys have a good time he’d be like “let’s play hide and seek” and he’d like do the thing where he doesn’t even hide he just quietly follows you around until you’ve searched everywhere and you finally hear his footsteps and you take off the blindfold like have you just been walking right next to me and he’s like hehe yeah and you’re like you’re dead kim taehyung and you tickle him and he’s in an uproar of chuckles you two are adorable 
  • taehyung would let you wear his shirts like the really big roomy ones he has and like also those really comfy zip up sweaters like if you’re ever just cold he’s like put on one of my sweaters and come here so i can hold u in my arms
  • taehyung pointing out cute cats on TV like “we should get one like that when we’re older and like married or something”
  • you and taehyung having an ugly face battle when you’re bored
  • you, jimin, jungkook, hoseok and taehyung having an ugly face battle when you’re over at the practice room
  • jin announcing that the ugliest face has got to go to namjoon even though he wasn’t even participating and taehyung laughs so hard he hits his head or something and for the next thirty minutes his heads in your lap and he’s whining and you’re like there there you’re not dying and taehyungs like ‘this head is worth so much, thankfully it wasn’t bruised’ and you dead want to shove him off for being so dumb but it’s charming somehow hehe
  • taehyung works really hard whenever there’s another comeback coming up and people would think he’s just always a silly guy who plays around but when it comes to BTS he’s never playing around and you know he stays up for hours on end with hoseok and jimin learning the dances and with jin and jungkook for vocals and he’s even going to yoongi and namjoon for help on rap and you’re so damn proud of him 
  • and you tell him that and like seeing the sparks in his eyes when you do is just the world to you. it means everything.
  • also you’re like i brought boxed lunches because like your grandma said taehyung we have to keep you chubby and he’s like this is why i love you the most
  • you and taehyung changing each others names in your phones to emojis like the poop emoji or the praying hands emoji and like you don’t know why you do it you just do and it’s so funny to the two of you and the rest of bts is in the corner like those two are on a whole different planet 
  • i know i said like you and taehyung matching bangle bracelets but honestly matching necklaces too would be really cute i feel like accessories are really pretty on him and they’d be pretty on you too!!!
  • taehyung would also like taking showers with you it’d just be cute…….
  • you two hanging upside down off the couch to see who can last the longest until taehyung starts sliding down to the floor and pulling you with him until you’re like ontop and you’re both laughing because your heads are spinning but it somehow feels just right
  • you and taehyung would only ever argue if maybe he said or did something and it ended up being a misunderstanding and hurting you slightly, like he’d never ever say or do anything to intentionally hurt you and if you were saddened by something he’d literally spend days doing everything to make you happy again with only sincere apologizes like taehyung is not a man shy of getting on his knees to ask for forgiveness from the one he loves he’d do anything to keep you with him
  • ok taehyung would also have this habit of just looking at you like staring at you and you’re like,,,,,is there something on my face??? and he’d be like ‘no…………………..i just want to keep looking’ and you’d get flustered and taehyung would chuckle and you’d be like oh my god did you plan to make me blush and he’s like wHAt noOOOO and you’re like sTOp taehyung do not do this ever again but he does do it because well like he’s being truthful - he just wants to keep looking (you getting red is just the icing on the cake hehe)
  • taehyung just wants someone to sit down on the floor with him late at night drinking coffee from a vending machine and telling stories to each other while also someone who understands what he’s trying to convey without it being lost to some other meaning and you two reach that point of telepathy where you know what makes taehyung comfortable and what he wants to say and vice versa and it’s just good to have someone like you by his side
  • also as a last thought imagine going backpacking with taehyung through like europe or south america and just doing things you’d never thought you’d do with the person you love by your side and you two just hold hands and know that you can challenge anything with each other by your sides
  • but if you ever get tired from all the adventures, taehyung will definitely piggyback you home safe and sound ^^