thank you for helping me this morning with shovelling


I wrote some AU otp prompts.

- You’re always the only cashier working whenever I come shopping here.

- I injured myself while running away from home, now you’re taking care of me.

- The only reason why I became friends with you is because it’s a really hot summer and you have a pool.

- I’m closing down the store and found you sleeping.

- There was a party last night, guess you slept over, guess I’m making you breakfast.

- We got in the same taxi at the same time.

- My friend asked me to take care of their pets while they were away. I didn’t know they had a snake, help, I have to feed it a dead rat.

- I meant to text my girlfriend but ended up texting the wrong number.

- I took in this cat, apparently it’s yours but I’m growing attached to it.

- I found you hanging out in my special spot.

- I’ve always had someone to help me out with this, I have no clue what I’m doing.

- We’re always leaving for work at the same time. I’m surprised that we’ve never talked before.

- Thanks for mowing my lawn, raking my leaves, picking up my mail, shovelling snow off of my drive way and everything else you’ve done.

- I don’t think you know, but I always see you dancing in the rain.

- My kid won’t stop talking about you after that one time you babysat them.

- You better have a really good excuse for waking me up this early in the
morning/ making me miss my favourite show.

- Want to come ghost hunting with me?