thank you for fighting for my freedom

literally voltron ships without "shipping goggles"
  • Klance: we're rivals but teammates and we gotta deal
  • Shallura: I threw him to a spacepod because he's a paladin and the universe needs him more than they need me lol
  • Sheith: you're like a brother to me
  • Shidge: we both intensely care about Sam and Matt Holt
  • Shance: I carried him cuz he was injured af
  • Kidge: we're just both cryptid hoes and very gay for mothman
  • Hance: bffs for life why the fuck are we comic relief just why
  • Hidge: find us talking about science in the techhub/kitchen
  • Pidgance: we'll dive down the depths of a fountain to buy that game plus we are co-owners to a cow
  • Lancelot: idk who you are realy?????
  • Heith: I accept you for who you are but first we have to go through a giant alien's stomach
  • Shayllura: you saved my planet and I'm thankful for that
  • ShayHunk: you gave me hope and freedom and the will to fight for myself
  • Kallura: please comback you are important to voltron not judging you again promise (judges you 5 seconds later)
  • Pallura: we could be bffs but I sweat a lot
  • Shoran: I tried to spoon-feed you but you said no HOW DARE
  • Alforan: I respect you and look up to you as my king and hero
  • Corulla: you're like my dad
  • Keith/Rolo: I just happened to be chilling beside you
  • Shiro/Hunk: you're the dad friend and I'm the mom friend (but everyone keeps denying) I'm not into you though just really really into being the mom friend
  • Shulaz: you saved me twice but you died :(
  • Ulaz/Thace: we're both from the same team das all and we're both dead
  • Coran/Thace: we've never met but apparently you play a pivotal role in this operation oh no you died
  • Allura/that gay alien princess that'll help them tip the war: why doesn't she exist yet???????? just why :/ tell me when she exists already pls

Sketch commission for @sugardaddyerwinsmith, thank you! :)

Don’t let your man wait any longer, Erwin, you damn tease.

(Levi’s knuckle tattoos say Kenny. We came up with the headcanon that since Kenny taught Levi how to fight, his name is now the last thing people see before Levi punches them in the face. The “K” on his neck stands for Kuchel and the magnolia on his upper arm is for Isabel. He probably has tattoos for Farlan, Petra and co. too. Erwin has the wings of freedom tattooed on his throat.)

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anonymous asked:

You know... your porn drabble days, among all other good things they do, they make me feel more confident about myself and my body. I love it when you mention how it doesn't matter for the boys how girls look, that they only like pleasure they give and take. I adore that one you wrote some time ago where Dean let Donna feel confident about her body. Thank you for that.

This message is everything. You have no idea how absolutely elated I am to read this, and how humbled and grateful I am that I could do this for you. Thank you so much for taking the time to send me such a sweet message.

And now my soap box:

I am a HUGE believer that women should get to enjoy sex the way men do. That is, any way we choose, any time we choose, or not at all (if that’s what we choose). Too often, women’s sexuality is based around men’s. What men like, what men want, what makes it good for men. It’s getting better, but it’s still rare to see men scrutinized for their sexual habits the way women are. Now, that’s not to say women can’t aim to please their partners. Of course you can, and of course you can take pleasure in that (sometimes, that’s a lot of the fun for me). But it would be nice for all women to be able to express their sexuality without anyone else having an opinion on it. 

Which leads me to body confidence. I am a firm believer that there is no ideal body. If you look at cultures around the world, each one has a different idea of beauty, which tells me that beauty standards are something we create. In my fanfic fantasies, I like to think that the boys aren’t overlooking flaws. I like to think that it isn’t even that they don’t care about our bodies. I like to think they do care. I like to think they look at women and find them attractive because of their bodies. Whatever that body is. Give them a soft stomach, a huge ass to grab onto, someone with tiny little boobs that bounce just right. 

I also like to think that we can all find worth in our bodies without needing anyone else to approve of it. That’s so hard, and something I struggle with all the time, but it’s a battle worth fighting. 

My wish for all women who want to explore their sexuality is to do that with freedom. Be modest, be loud about it, hold back until you find just the right partner and then let your freak flag fly, experiment a lot or stick to the basics you enjoy. It’s all good. It’s all right. 

Sorry that this turned into a much longer answer than you were probably expecting. And thank you again for your message, and I’m beyond honored to have helped a tiny bit in giving you a confidence boost. Get yours, sweet anon. You deserve it. 

Okay, so I liked the first few seasons with it’s dark undertones, but… This show… Has a thing for making things “morally grey” when it’s not necessary… B1smuth and R0se wanting to fight against/shatter the Diamonds didnt need to be morally grey. P3arl’s love for R0se didnt need to be morally grey. The D1amond Authority itself especially didnt need to be morally grey. 

“BUT THAT’S THE POINT!” Yeah, yeah, I get it. The cryst@l gems aren’t supposed to be perfect, I had that message shoved down my throat for a while now, thank you. The show wanting to be morally grey itself isn’t bad or anything, but “Wanting to live happily ever after with your gf” or “Wanting freedom from evil tyrants” being put into that category is just… Unnecessary…

Divided We Fall (OUAT - Peter Pan x Reader) Part 2

Requested by @ajakral

Synopsis: Who said there were no girls on Neverland? Who said Peter Pan ruled over this world on his own? On the other side of the island, far from the mermaid lagoon, the echo cave and the skull rock – that’s where (Y/N) and her girls lived. Because behind every great man there is an even greater woman, what would the king be without his queen?

A/N: Doesn’t star any OUAT characters apart from Pan, Felix and Wendy.

Word count: 3k

Part 1 <<< >>> Part 3


“Did she take it?” He asked in the same flat tone he always used when she was on his mind.

Felix once told him it sounded forced and unnatural. That was the day he received the awful scar that would become his distinctive feature. Ever since that day nobody ever mentioned her again unless Pan initiated the conversation, which he rarely ever did, for the obvious reason that he couldn’t even say her name, even after a century. The Shadow nodded and flew away, like it usually did.

A storm was brewing this morning, following the uncharacteristically calm night. All living souls on Neverland knew they better stay in their shacks and not upset him further, for the weather on Neverland was merely a reflection of Pan’s state of mind. What was so different today? Today was special – special to him. Time didn’t pass in Neverland that was true. Not a minute had ticked away since the very first day, but still it was a special day. No one so far had connected the dots yet every 365 days, there was a storm ravaging the island.

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“Everyone who sins is a slave to sin. Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” (John 8:34–36).
When Jesus came, He fought a battle for all of us who are enslaved and unable to fight for ourselves. Our slavery is not one of outward chains. We are held by our own brokenness and sin and when we trust in His name we are liberated from guilt, shame, and hopelessness. Yes by trusting Jesus, we can be free indeed!
Thank You, Lord Jesus, for making the sacrifice that has secured my freedom and eternal life. Amen

Painted Faces

x,3 Finally, my latest Solavellan piece is finished!!! <3333
(Thank you all so much for liking and sharing my WIP sketch of this; I couldn’t believe it! ;u; <3)

This was a commission done for lovelykotori on DeviantART, featuring her beautiful rogue Saskia Lavellan~ *u* She gave me total artistic freedom with the scene, and once I thought, “Paint fight?” I just leapt with it. 

May the Dread Wolf take you all. •w•

~ Prints of my work will soon be available online!
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The Red Dress

Alexander x FEM!reader


Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 1935

Warnings: War, kinda cheesy

A/N: I know I don’t usually do gender specific readers, so I’m very sorry for that! This imagine is actually based off of how my grandparents met in World War II. I of course changed some things, but it’s very close to my heart. My grandpa would always tell us that he saw the prettiest woman he had ever seen in a red coat in New York Square and just had to meet her! He, like Alexander in this imagine, was about to be deployed to war. So, I hope you guys enjoy this imagine! Thanks for reading! Love ya!

“I’m just saying, this revolution will be worth it. Fighting for our freedom is not something we will regret.” Alexander told his friends as they strolled down the streets of New York.

“I could not agree any less, mon ami. I can’t wait to bring freedom to my own people!” Lafayette said, all his friends nodding.

“I can’t believe we’re finally going to fight tomorrow. We’re going to be one of Washington’s men.” John smiled at the thought.

“It’s going to be amazing! The four of us fighting for something, we have wanted for so long!” Hercules joined in, his broad grin unshakable.

“I can’t believe Alexander hasn’t gone into a full on rant yet.” John laughed, glancing at his friend beside him. He was not paying attention to a single word they said.

“Um, Alexander?” Lafayette asked, snapping his fingers in his face until he turned to look at them.

“Sorry, something just caught my eye…” He trailed off, looking back at the thing that had distracted him.

“What are you…OH! Looks like Alexander’s got his eye on a girl.” Hercules slapped Alexander’s back, laughing loudly enough to catch your attention.

Alexander felt his heart skip a beat at the sight of you. You certainly stood out among the sea of women and girls walking around the town. You were dressed in a beautiful red dress in the midst of browns, blues and greens. He had never seen someone as beautiful or as intriguing as you were. He caught your eye for just a second before you quickly dropped your gaze, hiding a very prominent blush.

“She’s beautiful…” Alexander looked completely starstruck, shocking his friends. They had never seen him so…Helpless!

“Go talk to her.” John encouraged, nudging him slightly forward.

“I can’t do that! I’m leaving for the war tomorrow, I can’t just do that to her.” Alexander protested, his eyes still not moving off of you.

“You know some women find it very romantic to be writing a man at war during courtship.” Hercules stated, the others humming in agreement.

“Look at her, you think she’d want something to do with someone like me? I have nothing! No money, no title, no land. She deserves more than that and besides, she probably has someone in her life.” Alexander sighed.

“What makes you think she cares about all that? Plus, I don’t see a ring on that finger! She’s fair game.” Lafayette attempted to rise his friend’s spirits.

“You see her dress? She’s in the midst of woman in simple dresses and she is wearing a red dress made of much nicer fabric. Hercules can even back me up on this!” Alexander exclaimed.

“He’s not wrong. Then again we don’t know for sure if she truly cares about these things. Besides, what happened to not throwing away your shot?” Hercules smiled, knowing that that would get his friend’s attention.

“You’re right. What do I do?” He asked, his eyes filling with determination.

“Talk to her right now. Do not let her leave before you talk to her. Maybe get her to go on a walk with you. Then, she’ll want to write you. You can court over letters during the war and after, possibly get married. That’s the plan. Can you do it?” Hercules explained quickly.

“Yes, sir.” Alexander turned and began to approach you, who walked slowly with another young woman. He caught sight of a handkerchief on the ground and thanked the stars for his luck. “Excuse me, miss. Did you drop this?” He asked, holding out the handkerchief towards you.

You quickly searched yourself before blushing. “I believe so. Thank you, mister…” You trailed off.

“Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton. And your name, miss?” Alexander asked, holding his hand out for you to take.

“(Y/N) (L/N), Mister Hamilton. Thank you again for returning this.” You blushed as he gently pressed his lips to your hand. The two of you were completely enchanted with each other, forgetting the person that stood right beside you.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mister Hamilton. I’m Angelica Schuyler.” Angelica interrupted the moment. You almost cursed her for it, until you saw a familiar smirk on her face. “I really must be going. I’m sorry that I can’t walk you home, (Y/N).”

“I could do it! It would not be right for you to have to walk by yourself, Miss (L/N).” Alexander immediately volunteered, Angelica’s smirk only widening.

“I believe that would be perfect. It was good to see you, (Y/N).” Angelica quickly hugged you before walking away quickly.

“Shall we?” Alexander asked, holding his arm out for you.

“We shall.” You gladly took his arm, guiding him towards the direction of your house. “Thank you for walking me, Mister Hamilton.”

“It’s a pleasure to do so, Miss (L/N). And please, call me Alexander.” He smiled at you.

“Then you must call me (Y/N).” You smiled back at him, you’re heart fluttering.

“Are you a supporter of the revolution, (Y/N)?” You almost didn’t hear the question he asked. Your focus being on how easily your name rolled off his tongue.

“Of course I am! My father is actually going off to war this next week.” You slightly shuddered at the thought of your father fighting in the war. It was for a cause you supported and knew to be good, but you didn’t understand why they couldn’t just talk it out instead of resorting to violence.

“What a coincidence. I am leaving to fight tomorrow.” Alexander said, you turned to look at him in shock.

“Tomorrow?” You asked, feeling the blood leave your face.

“Yes, tomorrow. Are you feeling well, (Y/N)? You just turned very pale.” Alexander stopped, studying your face with a concerned look.

“I’m fine, it’s just…” You looked away from him, blushing at what had upset you.

“It’s just what?” Alexander asked, the concern not leaving his face.

“This may sound childish, but we just met and I was hoping we could maybe…” You trailed off again, not daring to look at Alexander’s face. Too bad that meant you missed the smile that lit up his face.

“That we might court?” Alexander asked, his face bright and happy.

“Um, yes.” You looked at his smile and couldn’t help one to slowly grow on your face.

“I hoped for the same thing. I can write you during the war and when we get back we can truly court each other.” Alexander reassured you, the both of you turning to resume your walk with grins.

“I would enjoy that very much, Alexander.” You couldn’t hide the excitement in your voice.

“As would I, (Y/N).” He said.

The two of you continued the rest of your walk talking about your likes and dislikes. You were very disappointed when you reached your house. This would be the last time you would seem him until after the war. Even then, there was still a chance that he wouldn’t return from the war.

“You will get a letter from me as soon as it is possible for me to send one. I hope you will write me back.” Alexander grinned, taking your hand in his kissing it once again very lightly.

“I hope I can wait that long to hear from you. I barely know you, yet it feels like my heart is already yours.” You blushed, your hand tingling from his touch. You waved goodbye to him and walked up the stairs to your house, seeing your mother and father watching from the window.

“Who was that?” Your mother asked in excitement.

“An extraordinary man. He’s leaving for the war tomorrow and wants me to write him while he’s away.” You smiled at the thought.

“She’s got it bad.” Your father smirked at your dreamy expression.


Through the long years of the war, you wrote Alexander daily. It was hard for you to hear the horrors he faced at war, but still each letter made your day as it did for Alexander. Everyone in camp could tell when Alexander had read your letter of the day due to his love sick expression. General Washington had began to tease him about it after a couple months into the war, the rest of the camp quickly joining in.

You also got plenty of letters from your father, claiming that Alexander was just as amazing as you had said he was. He told you on multiple accounts of how Alexander had saved the army from its own destruction. Your father wanted you to marry Alexander as soon as the war was over. Alexander agreed with his idea immediately. He couldn’t wait to see your expression after the war, when he was planning to tell you.

Each day you had the same process of running to meet the mailman and tearing Alexander’s letter open as soon as it was in your hands. This was, until you heard the cheers of people saying you had won the war. America was free and that meant Alexander was finally coming home. When this news reached you and your mother, you both had the idea. The two of you rushed to get ready for their arrival.

“(Y/N), quick! Put something nice on before Alexander get’s here. He will surely ask for your hand.” Your mother grinned, ushering you up the stairs.

You looked through your wardrobe in a hurry, not knowing what to put on. That’s when it caught your eye. The red dress you had worn when you met Alexander. The dress that had luckily caught his eye and his interest.

You put it on, hearing a knock on the door downstairs. You could hear your mother answer the door, welcoming Alexander into your house. Taking one last glance in the mirror, you ran down the stairs. Sure it was unladylike, but you could not wait to see Alexander again.

“Alexander.” You gasped at the sight of him, tears springing to your eyes.

“(Y/N).” He grinned, looking at the beautiful red dress that had brought them this far. “I see you thought of me when you choose that dress.” He smirked, slowly raising his arms out for a hug.

You laughed, running to his embrace. He held you tightly, the two of you not noticing the tears you both had streaming down your faces. Neither did you notice your parents in the corner of the room, watching the two of you with smiles.

“When are you going to tell her that I agreed to let you marry her as soon as possible?” Your father called out.

You looked between the two men in shock before pulling Alexander’s face to yours. He melted into it, the two of you clinging to each other as if your lives depended on it. You pulled away, panting slightly. Luckily your parents had left during the kiss, but you still couldn’t shake your shock. You were going to marry Alexander Hamilton. After years of writing him in the war, you were finally going to marry him.

“I love you.” You looked up at him, never wanting to look away.

“I love you too.” He smiled at you, “And I promise I’m never going to leave your side again. Those years at war were too long. I never want to be that far apart again.”

“Agreed.” You nodded, pulling him in for another kiss.

The years of the war had been long and painful, but they were finally over. You could finally be with the man you had grown to love, in a nation that was finally free.

beardedwolfbabies  asked:

Can I just say that your Fenhawke art is beautiful but one thing that stood out to me was Anders' expression in the Battle of the Bands comic after Hawke kisses Fenris. There was something about it that broke my heart

Aww Thank you <3 and I’m sorry to admit that I wanted that kind of effect from drawing Anders in such way =w=
It’s not that I don’t like Anders. I mean, how can I NOT LIKE a freedom fighting, cat-loving sweetheart? I’m a crazy cat person myself!
But since my personal otp is Fenris-Hawke, when it comes to involving Anders, it comes with a bit of a sad back-story in my renditions. This is also because I find the feeling of ‘broken-heart that yearns’ to be a quite beautiful human emotion.

so yup.. I’m sorry if I’ve caused some heartaches…;;;   

Devour Me (part 2)

Read part 1 here! :)

Summary:  After being imprisoned at a colony that used women for only their bodies, Scarlet battles through blood, fire, and pain to get her freedom back. And who better to give that back to her than the man who taught her how to fight in the first place? 

Chapter Summary: Scarlet finds herself in a new place with new people, having to recall old memories (a certain barbed wire baseball bat also makes an appearance)

Word Count: 4,410

Warnings: Suggestions of rape (please don’t read if that’s a trigger for you, I care about you all), language (duh)

Thank you to my comma queen @i-am-negan-trash​ for being my beta!!! I appreciate you!

The feedback from part 1 was so great! The love I have gotten so far has made my angsty little heart so happy! Please keep the feedback coming! If you would like to be tagged or un-tagged, give me a yell! 

Also, the smut is coming. I repeat, the smut is coming. So stick around.

The best kind of burn is a slow one.

Originally posted by jeffreydeanmorgantrash

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Falling [Phillip x Reader]

Length: 1973+ words

Genre: ANGST

TW: Character Death

A/N: So I heard that George Eacker was 27 when he had his duel with Phillip- a 19 year old?? Anyways, this one took a lot out of me because Phillip’s death was already so painful, and now I have to describe his emotions as well /cries. I really tried to capture Phillip’s depression in this short fic. If you need me I’m going to be locked up in my room for a few days. 

“Why?” Phillip demanded. He was at the doorstep of Aaron Burr’s estate, his fists clenched by his side, and tears lining his eyes. “You’ve already denied me the right to see Y/N in her last moments, and now you won’t let me come to her funeral?!“ 

“Go home, son,” Aaron replied coldly. 


“There’s no reason I should see you again.” He closed the door, and Phillip fell to his knees, tears freely falling from his face. Picking himself up, he walked sluggishly slow back home.   

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I don’t like to make political stands..

Spent some time today with a few buddies, remembering all the friends we’ve lost since 9/11/2001. All the brave men and women, who made the ultimate sacrifice in the war on terrorism, standing up against tyranny and oppression. Compelled by conscience to fight back against an enemy who believed they could bully America into submission. We took some time to reflect and remember all the passengers, and the workers in the WTC. Took all those first responders who held the line and died in the line of duty, going above and beyond what was required of them to help their fellow man in dire circumstances. There’s something to be said about the human spirit, but there are few words that can truly capture the indominatability of the American spirit..

I’m a pretty quiet guy. I was raised to respect everyone, even your enemy.. To be frank, I respect every NFL player who has chosen to make a statement regarding their beliefs and to make a point regarding inequality in America. It takes courage to stand up for something that had been painted as controversial, and unpopular. As a Christian, I know all about it. I respect these men in virtue. But to them I ask, imagine being so convicted, so passionate, and emboldened about your belief, that you would willingly go toe to toe with an enemy making action to KILL YOU for that belief. That you would volunteer to face immeasurable danger, to stand up for a belief embedded so firmly in your heart that you would do harm on behalf of those you love and those who may never know your name or see your face. On behalf of those unwilling, or unable to defend themselves. THAT, is what our men and women in Uniform suit up for every single day. To fight for a belief in freedom, justice, and liberty for ALL.

That, is why I will never agree with any man, woman, or otherwise, who chooses any action but respect for our anthem and our Flag. It’s why I’ll always stand in silence for the anthem and observance of the flags of our allies, or any country that has joined us to fight against oppression and tyranny.

To every Mother, Father, son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, and wife who has lost someone they love, fighting for freedom since 9/11/2001. My heart is with you. Thank you for your sacrifice, and the sacrifice of your loved one.

Moonlight Beast | Bellamy Blake X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Requested by @anneta2507: Hi! Could you do an imagine about bellamy where “you” are all sassy and is always fighting with Bellamy but they have feelings for each other ? Thank you!

Characters: Bellamy/fem!reader, Finn, Murphy, Octavia.

Word Count: 1726 words. 

Life on Earth was fairly good, incredibly good if compared to live in the Sky Box. Everything was pretty new to the prisoners on the Ground. (Y/N) liked the freedom that existed there, liked to feel the fresh air on her face and the smell of nature. But her favorite thing to do was mess with Bellamy Blake.

From the first time they saw each other, the two didn’t seem to get along. He was always giving orders to everyone and most of the time she would find fault in the things he decided, it seemed to annoy him more than anything.

Even though that seemed to be in a negative way, she liked to be noticed by him. The girl never put her finger on why she seemed to feel the need to be noticed, until she began to get herself thinking about him or even looking at him when he was doing something. So the answer was pretty obvious to her, she somehow had developed a crush on him. And by the time she realized it, she tried to hide it in the best way she thought by continuing doing everything to annoy him.

But things began to change on a typical day.

(Y/N) had her duties in that place just like everyone else, but she usually tried to finish as fast as she could. She felt herself looking for Bellamy as soon as her task in the camp ended, finding him talking to Murphy and Finn. What the hell Finn was doing there? It wasn’t big news that he didn’t get along with the other two, then why he was talking to them?

“Are they going somewhere?” (Y/N) asked Octavia when she was passing next to her.

“They’re going out to get more supplies.” she said, suddenly a smirk appearing on her face. “You should go too.”

(Y/N) sent a glare to Octavia, as if wondering why she would do that. Soon several scenarios went through her head. Going with them meant spending more time with Bellamy. However this could be bad. She always ended up in an argument with him when they spent much time together. So the girl began to think about the two choices she had, and when she saw that the boys were about to leave, she ran toward them.

“I’m going too.” she said, causing the three of them to turn to her.

Murphy just gave a quick glance to Bellamy before he shrugged, continuing to walk. Finn sent her a sympathetic look, nodding slightly. Meanwhile, Bellamy had a annoyed look on his face, ready to refuse her help.

“The more, the better.” Finn said after realizing that Blake probably wouldn’t let her come. Bellamy’s gaze was on him before he rolled his eyes.

“Don’t slow us down.” he muttered before following behind Murphy.

Finn patted her back, encouraging her to walk in front of him, going right behind Bellamy. (Y/N) hadn’t left the camp many times and knowing that there were other people in the woods made she feel unsafe, but being around him gave her a good feeling, a feeling of calm.

“It would be better if we separate in pairs.” Bellamy said, after some time walking.

“Bad idea.” (Y/N) muttered, causing the boy to send him a disapproving look.

“We could cover more area if we have more teams.”

The other two boys seemed to agree with the idea, which made her get discouraged. Her reason to have offered to go along with them was to spend more time with Bellamy, now she would either have to go with one of the other two or she would have to be alone with him, which could not end well. She sighed, knowing what would be safer choice to do.

“I’m going with Finn.” she said, without noticing the quick glance of jealousy that passed through Bellamy’s eyes.

“I’m going with Murphy.” Finn said. A frown appeared on her face, causing Finn approached. “I keep an eye on him and you keep an eye on Blake. I still don’t trust him.” he whispered in her ear, making her nod.

“Looks like you’ll have to deal with me then.” she said getting closer to Bellamy, feeling her heart beat a bit quicker.

“Let’s get it over with.” he murmured. “When the sun start to set, we meet here.”

After the great idea to separate from the rest of the team, they both began to search for food and supplies that could help them. As the sun began to give indications that would soon be setting, they began to walk to the place where they had told that would meet the other two.

(Y/N) was distracted, looking at the trees and plants that were there, a smile emerging on her face. Soon they had been walking longer than they had been to get there, making the girl pay attention to where they were walking and leading to the conclusion that they were walking in circles.

“Are we lost?” she asked Bellamy, as she looked at how the sky grew darker.

“No.” he said simply.

“We’re lost.” she concluded, getting to see the confusion that was in the boy’s eyes, knowing he would never admit that the two were lost. She could hear him muttering an answer for her as she rolled her eyes.

They continued to walk, trying to find the way back to camp, or at least something to take them to the other two who accompanied them previously. Night had arrived and they continued walking without stopping, taking care that they were not surprised by any grounder. Silence took over the place while Bellamy walked a little ahead of (Y/N), who could barely feel her feet, making her sigh heavily.

“This is your fault.” she said, drawing his attention.

“What?” he asked, not bothering to turn to her.

“If you hadn’t had that brilliant idea to make us separate from the others, maybe we wouldn’t be lost.”

“I’m sorry, but it’s not like I’m enjoying it more than you are.” he said clearly offended. “Maybe if you had paid more attention on the way while we were coming, so we wouldn’t be lost.”

“Well, you’re the one who thinks you are the owner of this place. How come you hoped I’d know that we’d get lost?”

“How come you hoped I’d know we’d get lost if we separated from the others?”

(Y/N) was silent, a scowl taking over her face. She could feel the anger bubbling inside her, mixing with the fear of staying out there at night.

"I wish I had gotten lost with Finn.” she mumbled loud enough for him to hear.

Bellamy’s body stiffened, making him walk slower. He didn’t answer in the first minutes, but soon turned to her.

“Why do you hate me so much? What do you have against me?” he asked, a frown appearing on his face, causing her anger to disappear.

“You always act like you know everything.” she shrugged. “You’re always giving orders to everyone. It kind of annoys me.”

He nodded slightly. They both were now side by side, barely walking.

“I do what I have to do to protect everyone. At least that’s what I try to do.”

The girl remained silent, playing with her fingers awkwardly. That must have been the first time she found herself having a conversation with Bellamy without wanting to offend him.

“We are all thankful for that, I guess.” she said slowly, trying to think of something to say.

The night now prevented them to see exactly where they were going, but (Y/N) didn’t feel as scared as before. As always, standing next to Bellamy brought her a good feeling. She smiled, feeling nervousness consume her.

“I don’t hate you, I just don’t know how to act around you.” she muttered.

The last sentence seems to draw his attention, which made him turn his face toward her, a smirk on his face.

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know.” she could feel her cheeks getting hot while the obvious answer to that question passed through her head.

Silence took over the place. (Y/N) began to observe the woods, trying not to look at Bellamy, when she suddenly felt his hands brushing lightly against hers. She felt a little shiver passing through her body, causing the boy to laugh. Her eyes went quickly in search of his, finding them already looking at her. She noticed that he was leaning toward her, holding her hand. Her heart beat faster as she closed her eyes, also leaning toward him.

(Y/N) felt Bellamy’s lips crashing against hers. While one of his hands was holding hers, the other one was placed on her waist. Her hand went to his hair, messing them slightly. Before she could notice, he has opened space between her lips with his soft tongue, brushing it against hers. When Bellamy separated his lips from hers, it took a while to re-open her eyes, and when she opened she saw him smiling at her.

“I don’t know how to act around you either.” he said, playing with her fingers.

A smile spread across her face as she leaned to the boy, going to give him another kiss.

“Is this reality?” a voice asked in the distance. They both turned quickly to see Murphy and Finn stopped some distance from them. Murphy had a smirk on his face as Finn didn’t seem to enjoy the situation. “Here we were worried about you while you guys were making out in the woods.” Murphy made a fake disappointment voice.

(Y/N) felt her cheeks becoming hot again, dropping Bellamy’s hand to cover her face, which earned some laughs from Murphy.

“Let’s go back to camp.” Bellamy said.

Everyone began to walk back to the camp, being forced to listen Murphy making jokes about the couple every five minutes. Along the way, (Y/N) felt Bellamy’s hand brushing against hers again, this time she decided to take his hand on hers. She looked in the corner of her eyes to the boy’s face, he was smiling.

The way back turned out to be pretty fast, causing the girl to doubt that Bellamy was really lost a few minutes ago, and that may not have been coincidence that Octavia had told her to follow the boys in that search.


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Hi Brian! Just wanted to say I adore the work you do for Star Vs! I always appreciate the music while watching the show, but coming back here and listening to it away from dialogue and fight noises is a whole different experience, Like I've gotten goosebumps, your work is just so fantastic and emotionally charged. (grandma room is my favorite so far) You've managed to make themes that are all so distinctly recognizable yet cohesive? I'm blown away thank you so much for all of your hard work!!

Thank you! I’m a small piece of the puzzle. It’s an amazing crew, and the music department at Disney TVA is incredibly supportive of the creative process and has given me and the producers a lot of freedom to do cool stuff.

One of These Nights (Part 2)

Summary: Benny’s pov (sort of) You and Benny have a conversation, and come to some even ground. Dean has a PTSD episode about purgatory and attacks you, Benny comes to the rescue.

Pairing: none (eventual Benny x Reader)

Word Count: ~2,500

Warnings: language, angst, ptsd episode, mild/threatened violence

A/N: Back by semi-popular demand… Benny! Hope you guys like it. The next part is sort of ridiculous and funny (I think) so it won’t be quite so serious. Looking for Part 1? (not my gif)

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Out For a Walk

Young Man: Wow that’s a cute puppy!

Young Woman: Thanks!

Young Man: Can I pet him?

Young Woman: Sure!

Young Man: Hey buddy!

Puppy: Hi!


Puppy: ?


Me: I’m sorry, we’ll be on our way.

Dog (leaving): Well, that went well.

Me: It’s weird how much your attitude toward other dogs tends to resemble US foreign policy.

Dogs: I believe if we could just get world leaders to sniff each other’s butts, it would be a better world.

Metaled Melody

Can you hear the
Metaled melody
From the heroes in
Our history
Who are right now
And did back then
Fight for freedom
And would again

Willowseden1 2017©

Art Credit: DJ Florek

anonymous asked:

Your art is amazing! I wanna draw like you do, but my older cousin takes away my tablet whenever they want :c cause they wanna use it. I kinda want to give up bc of that. Is that bad? (I only have one tablet) any advice?

Thank you very much! >w<

In this case i have 2 advices for you:

1. Man up and fight for freedom (im sorry pls don’t take this one seriously)

2. You can always practice traditional art first

Or just tell your cousin you own the tablet and ask them to give back whenever you need it.

Do your best!!! GANBATTE KUDASAI! X3

Mental Institute: BTS 101 | Pt. 6

Originally posted by chim-chimmm

A/N: Merry Christmas everyone !! Ironically, it is also my birthday so I am updating a few fics as a present from me to you. Also, I hope you are still enjoying this story :) Let me know what you think and thank you for supporting me <3

Genre: Angst, Mental Institute au, mystery 

Pairing: BTS x OC

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Word count: 4K

Summary: “She was special. She was dangerous. Her parents admitted her into an abandoned mental institute. Little did she know it was a place where they experiment on people like her. Inside this institute she meets seven other boys who aren’t keen on her arrival. They believe there is something off and that she can’t be trusted. As the story continues, not only does she discover their reason for their stay, but she’ll end up choosing the one who gets to live.”

My heart beat in my throat when we followed Hoseok through hidden pathways of the building.

I wondered how he knew about these paths.

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