thank you for exploding my ovaries

Hi hello dudes!

This draw is for a very sweet and lovely person @pyxylott, who has requested me ‘Levi with Eren’s key necklace’. Thank you for the request, sweetie! I drew a modern Levi because modern Levi makes my ovaries explode everytime, no okay just kidding, let’s be serious. This draw just gave me so many feels about some reincarnation stuff and i want to stab myself rn. 

I thought that Levi owns Eren’s necklace since he can remember but he don’t know where it comes from. Also Levi is really fond of the necklace and he doesn’t understand why, with just a touch of the key he feels really strong emotions. Then comes dreams about green bright eyes that Levi is absolutely sure that he has never seen before. Levi starts to understand that the boy he dreams about and the key are somehow connected. But what would happen if the necklace had belonged to his lover of a very past life? What Levi would do if he finds out that this boy actually exists and he is a high school brat who always brings with him a white headscarf tucked in his pocket?

hehehehe i really don’t know so bye

anonymous asked:

Q_Q Oh. My. Gosh. Q_Q Thank you. Thank. You. So. Much. I don't want it to end but omg. My ovaries exploded, I have no words, I just need to sleep, and maybe I can think if something better to say about how much I love pt 5 of Bros X Reader. I doubt I can think of anything better for my brain's fried also. Omg. Thank you. Q_Q I'm just going to sit here and keep crying over how amazing this is and you are.🙏💘👌💯💋

This is sadly what happens when I write stories; I don’t want them to end, either. But a good storyteller knows when to stop.

… lol only I would make a damn storyline out of smut. I’m a fuggin’ trip.

Anyway… 😙😊 I’M SO HAPPY YOU ENJOYED IT AND THAT YOUR OVARIES EXPLODED… well ovaries exploding sounds painful but MINE DID TOO AND I HAVE NO REGRETS! But it’s been so fun sharing the sin with everyone. I wrote this primarily for @diabolik-trash-heap and @louisvuittontrashbags, and I know I live for their reactions and hype now and forever. It’s so fun for all of us to share our smut battles on Tumblr and bring THE FANDOM TO ITS KNEES- I mean, share the wealth. Yes.