thank you for existing~

So now I’ve let the past few days sink in.

I just have to say thank you.

Not only to Mark for seeing my half drunken angry rant but for the fact he took his time to respond. I genuinely cried the following morning, because I just never expected it.

And then, I get so many messages of love, support and general incredibleness. Its not often I’m speechless, but I am here. I had no idea you guys would be so amazing, and I should never have doubted that.

But this can’t end at me. There are so many other people on here who get the same shit that I did but 100% times worse. We have to send them love too. We have to support them. We have to make them feel as safe, and comfortable as I now do. 

We wont eradicate anon hate, but we can fucking drown it. 

Whose with me?

Oosh out
Thank you for existing 

anonymous asked:

Can you list, or point me towards a list, of Ed's favorite things? Simple stuff, random stuff, whatever. I need it for an art project! Thank you!!!!

Hi! I’m not sure such a list exists… and probably if you like Ed enough to want to do an art project about him then you know as many of his favorite things as I do! Here are a couple I can think of right off: 

  • Animals: midget cats, Scottish folds, fennec foxes, tigers
  • Movies: Goodfellas, Cool Runnings, Primal Fear, Shrek, James Bond, most Disney (particularly Lion King, Hercules, Finding Nemo), Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Forest Gump, School of Rock
  • Books: Harry Potter, His Dark Materials
  • Foods: Heinz ketchup, Aldeburgh’s fish and chips, Gregg’s sausage rolls, sausages in general (the kind that are shaped like a hotdog, not like a hamburger), Nandos medium, the Calabrese from Pizza Express, barbecue, tacos, sushi, dessert for breakfast (but he thinks of pancakes as a type of dessert), steak, Ben & Jerry’s (he used to like Phish Food best but now his favorite kind is just chocolate), Oreos, Doritos, Monster Munch (flaming hot), cucumbers, cheese (he used to have a cheeseboard and wine after every show), peanut butter M&Ms, Milka and Lindt chocolate
  • Drinks: peach flavored Robinsons (really any Robinsons besides lemon), ale, red wine, tequila with passion fruit
  • TV Shows: Simpsons, Game of Thrones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Recess, Malcolm in the Middle, The Wire, Friends
  • Guitar brands: Martin for acoustic, Fender Stratocaster for electric

Hmm, what else? His favorite color is blue but sometimes he says orange because of the whole ginger schtick. His favorite tattoo is the Matisse on his right arm. His favorite board game is Monopoly. :) 

Just for fun, some things Ed really doesn’t like include: rudeness, arrogance, kale, broccoli, wasps, alarm clocks, Hershey’s chocolate, and being in a large crowd of people he doesn’t know. Also, recently: Twitter.

If anyone wants to add something that Ed likes, feel free to comment! :D

supermomma2000  asked:

Thank you for existing, for being awesome and kind. Hope you have an incredible day. Send this to 10 people who you think deserve a sweet and kind message in their inbox.

Existing… check. Awesome AND kind… maybe not the kind part. Thanks! 10 people? Sweet messages? That sounds like work.

So here’s a general message to all ten of my followers instead: You have great taste in poetry. I imagine that you have a very high IQ and are very comely. I hope you survive the upcoming apocalypse.

What’s up with people always sending thoughts and prayers? If you really want to help someone out, send money. Ooh… new shirt idea: “instead of thoughts and prayers, send money.” I’ll only accept cash in an amount less than or equal to $13,999 because I’m thoughtful and I don’t want the government to screw you with taxes. I promise not to spend all of it on strippers.

Sending good vibes to all my peeps in the tumblrhood!


anonymous asked:

I love you and miss you terribly, dearest void. But thank you for giving me strength and drive to keep existing.

I love you too, dear human. I am so glad to help in any way that I can. We shall be reunited again, but for now keep being amazing <3

New studyblr

Hey all, I’m finally writing an intro post for my new studyblr to let myself and you all know that there such a studyblr that exists. I’m Archana, 19 yr girl, currently a college freshman studying physics. I got into this studyblr thing to distract from worst things that lower my confidence level and to force myself to go in a positive way. And some peace of my mind I usually get by looking at variety of study posts.
And some of them really motivate me a lot. I never knew that studying can be that amazing.
So here they are @tbhstudying @studyign @studywithinspo @studypetals @studywithmariana @smoinerd @maryplethora @quantumheels @fromquantumfluctuations @journalsanctuary @studykouffee @emmastudies @studylustre
There are a ton of studyblrs to thank for but currently I can remember these much. I thank you all for existing. I’m sorry if I made any mistake and let me know for that. I’ll try to make original posts but my posts can’t ever be aesthetic kind so sorry for that again. Also my handwriting is messy and quite unreadable so I’ll try to improve on that.
Making any kind of posts on social sites is really a brave thing and I’m always stuck on think-before-you-do stage and due to laziness I sometimes have to get away from theat idea. Feel free to message me. Thank you all.☺

anonymous asked:

Thanks for existing


You may thank my parents HAHAH

But seriously, thank you for existing too Anon, all of your kind words really do cheer me up so much, I just can’t describe it properly with my own words :“)

pugmasterz  asked:

Heyo just wanted to say that I hope you and Cliff are having a wonderful day or night (whichever)! Your reign over you army of loyal cyborgs shall last till the end of existence itself, I Promise you that!

Haha, thank you :) 

anonymous asked:

So reading this blog gives me breathing problems but in a good way???? Like this is just an amazing blog thank you for existing much love P.s plzzzz keep drawing its gr8

ty! :0

desertnurse  asked:

Thank you for existing, for being awesome, and kind 😃. Hope you have an incredible day. Send this to 10 people who you think deserve a sweet and kind message in their inbox.

You’re a sweetheart. Thank you for this message. Definitely needed it today ♥️

anonymous asked:

I think you should turn anon off for a bit since the trolls won't do anything if they have to show their face

This is true. Lets see if they come back after being called out so epically by so many people.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing