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Can I just say that your artwork is so adorable!!! Every time I look at it, I just get this huge smile on my face that both my cheeks and teeth hurt just from smiling. Your H2ovanoss work is sooooo cute! I love Delirious' hair, it adds to his cuteness, and Vanoss' smile with his little beak is also super cute! I just love everything about your work! Also, hope you're having an amazing day! <3

P-pfffttt… o///v///o
Oh my gosh, reading your comment just made me smile until MY face hurt!! Hahah!! ;;v;; <3 Like wow, thank you so very much for all the kind words… ahhh..!! My heart, you are just too sweet! Hope you’re having a fantastic day your-self!
Sorry this isn’t much… but..
Here is some hugging H2OVanoss for you. <’:


Okay so if you had to guess, who do you think would kiss the other first? Penguin or Ed?
In my opinion, I would love if Ed were the one to do it if they actually become a couple because I think penguins reaction would be priceless

Great question! I like to think about their first kiss a lot and I completely agree with you. Oswald is the one who chose courage is willing to risk everything;) He isn’t ashamed to admit his love,to show emotions. That’s why it would be much more interesting if Ed did it first hehe And even when Ed hugged first,said kind words etc Os was so thrilled,so happy And their first kiss..this would really be priceless to see Thank you for asking me this,I love receiving messages💜

hello, it’s ally!! and i’m making this little post in celebration of this blog reaching 1k+, astro’s comeback in a few hours and my birthday!! 💕 i’m still in shock that my blog?? has 1k followers?? wow?? i love you so so so much, you’ve all been so lovely to me! thank you for everything, you’ve all made these few months amazing!!

a tiny shoutout to my mutuals, pls know that i love u 💖 : @angstro // @asterocky // @astrobinn // @astrofireworks // @astroyals // @astroz // @astro-tastic // @aztro // @binscream // @ddoca // @d-store // @eunoow // @eunswoos // @euwoo // @glowyeunwoo // @heybinnie // @jinjins-freckles // @jinwoosmile // @minnyhyuk // @moonbincake // @moonbinss // @moonhyeoku // @moon-binnie // @moon-hyuks // @mystic-astro-trash // @myungjun // @myungjunk // @parkjinchu // @parkminhyvks // @parrkmh // @revetoile // @rockbinjin // @rockekeke // @sanhasbinu // @sanhatation // @snibnoom // @soleileun // @starrycranes // @sunkissedjeon // @ultmyungjn // @vonseal 

(i wanted to do a real follow forever but i need to study for finals ;; i’m so sorry if i missed u, pls tell me if i did so i can add u in and love u forever!!)

and for everyone following me: i wanted to thank every single one of you for being the absolute best, so i’ll be doing gif requests, if anyone has any!! it’s the only way i could think of to send you just as much love as you’ve given me 💞 so just tell me if you want any astro gifs! i love you so much and thank you for always being the absolute best 💓

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heyo i don't know if you've done this yet so sorry if you already have, but could you do a top 5 bungou stray dogs characters?? you don't have to, but id really like to see your favorite characters!! thanks b!

rip making this list was way harder than I thought.

1. Chuuya Nakahara. Who would have thought, right? It’s not a mystery that Chuuya is my favorite character in bsd, he stole my heart the very second I saw him. I love everything about him: his unique character design, his chili pepper personality, his strength, his confidence but also his dark, sometimes twisted side. But, most of all, I love him for his heart. Despite being raised in the darkness, he’s still so kind and caring, in his own way. I just want to take him away from the mess he’s in and spoil him with expensive wine and designer clothes. I wish I could give him the whole world, but he deserves so much more than that.

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2. Edogawa Ranpo. My adorable lazy son was the very fist character I fell in love with. It was a mix of his brilliant mind, his gorgeous eyes, and that incredibly relatable attitude. He’s my ultimate bias, he could come into my house and rob all my snacks and I’ll probably thank him. 10000/10 highly recommend. 

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3. Atsushi Nakajima. I’m so glad he’s the protagonist of this story. He suffered so much, he’s emotionally scarred and psychologically damaged, but still he managed to keep his heart of gold safe and beating. My heart broke into so many pieces when I read the extent of the abuses he suffered in the orphanage. Honestly, what the actual fuck. He’s not perfect, and that’s alright, because he’s growing and becoming stronger each day. He just doesn’t give up on people, no matter which side they are in, and the world truly needs people like him. He’s officially my son™. (also his reaction faces give me life)

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4. Akutagawa Ryuunosuke. Speaking of sons, here’s the other one. I’m honestly so proud of him, he’s hands down the character that went through the biggest development in the series. He started as a heartless mass murderer and now he goes around saving people and caring about their past and their emotions. Also, he’s incredibly self-aware and he knows he has issues to resolve, strings he needs to cut, and I’m sure he will. I’m rooting for you Aku <3

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5. Fyodor Dostoevsky. He’s gorgeous and terrifying. He’s a terrible person but at the same time a perfect villain. He’s that kind of villain you hope the creators would find a way to keeping in the story…forever. Even if he’s the bad guy, I enjoy immensely the way he outsmarts and tricks people (especially Dazai), and I find myself looking forward to seeing his genius in action and to know more about his past. Just….give me all the Fyodor, I need him.

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- bonus: Ah, Dazai. I have such a complicated relationship with him. There are days in which I legit hate him, I can’t stand him and his constant smug expression. There are days in which I think about what he has done (and keeps doing) to Aku and to Chuuya and my first instinct is to slap him with a burning pan. But then I remember the face he made when Oda died, I remember how much hell he himself has been through. I remember he has a heart, I remember he’s capable of love, of emotions, of truly caring. I remember that, as incredible as it sounds, he’s probably the most selfless character in the series. There are days in which I truly love him, and I hate it. And I hate him. And then I love him…again. 

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Thank you for your message!

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Birthday Update - 5/28/2017

Quick little update: It’s my birthday! 

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That means I will not be writing today. I may pop in to check requests and messages. But everything is going to pause for a day.

I will be at MegaCon 2017 for a handful of hours and then going to a nice dinner with my family at one of my favorite places in Epcot! 

Also, I want to take the time to thank everyone of you for your support! The biggest thing right now is how much love “Like a Glove” has gotten in the short time that I’ve had it posted. I wrote that story in order to help me escape what I was going through one night (anxiety, depression, and my very bad skin picking flaring up). I almost didn’t post it because I didn’t think it would do that great. But I decided to post it and see what happened. 
As of the last time I checked, I am at 105 notes on it and I never expected it to surpass 20 or so notes! And the feedback has been nothing but kind and supportive! @marvelous-imagining ‘s wonderful note that she left on it actually made me tear up a bit at the convention I am attending this weekend! <3 So thank you all, from the bottom of my heart! 

Thank you for understanding my short hiatus! I will be back to writing soon! I have posts scheduled for Monday and Wednesday and then I will continue to post “Tightrope Walking” on Fridays! 

Hope all is well in your worlds!



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Hey there can I ask a fic abt Zen x MC when MC successfully kidnapped by unknown and brainwashed, then Zen rescue her? And what will he do to make her back to herself? Thanks! XD

Gosh im so sorry for the long wait lol I hope you like this!
*Mc is a female in this fic so she/her pronounces 😬*

Zens POV

The care ride was silent. We all didn’t know what to say or even how to feel. We were on our way to the people, no, the monsters who took the love of my life. How did I let this happen?? I was supposed to protect her, assure her everything was going to be alright. Convince her that she was save with me. Tell her that I’d do anything to keep her save. But I failed. Because that’s the kind of fuck up I am. What kind of man am I? Am I even a real men if I can’t protect the one person I love the most in the whole world? No. Definitely not. But right now it’s not the time to think about myself. I need to think about the plan I’ve made with Seven.

“Don’t forget to act calm and let me handle the biggest part, we do not know what they’ve done to her so maybe there’s a chance that she isn’t the MC we know.”

As much as I wanted to disagree there was a part of me that knew there was a big chance that she wouldn’t even remember me. maybe that’s my punishment for not protecting her.

“This question is over rated but I feel like asking it anyway, how do you feel?”

That’s a question I couldn’t even answer myself. How do I feel? I feel angry but also devastated. And there’s also a weird feeling in my chest that I can’t describe.

I look at seven out the corner of my eye. “ When do we get there?”

I want to be where she is and hold her in my arms. I want to save her, I want her to cry on my shoulder telling me how scared she was. I want her to be with me again.

“We’re close, try to calm yourself a bit you won’t be a good help if you can’t think straight.” Seven isn’t the serious type but I was too busy with thinking about her to pay attention to it.

I try to do as he says. I turn my head towards the widow. There’s trees everywhere. But wasn’t their base somewhere in the mountains?

“Their base is at the end of this forest. Once we’re there stick to the plan okay? I don’t want unnecessary things to happen. We grab MC and get the hell out of there understand?”

I keep looking out the window. I hear what sevens saying but my throat is too dry to speak.

“No beating up the bad guys” he says

“not this time” I mumble.

We’re here. The person I love the most is somewhere in here. I need to find her but seven is holding me back. Not that I can blame him.

“Okay I can see where she is, I’m going inside to get her you stay right here don’t go anywhere if I’m not back in an hour drive away.”

“ I’m not going away without MC Seven” I sigh.

“ I know zen but we won’t know what happened to her, we might be-”

“ NO DONT SAY THAT DAMMIT” I yell while kicking the car.

“ alright Zen”
After 30 minutes I saw two figures running towards me. I jump out the car

“MC! Mc are you okay”

She doesn’t even look at me. Her hair looks wild and she lost some weight as wel. I feel like I’m boiling. What have those monsters done to her?


Seven pulled me inside and sped off.

I look at the woman next to me. She’s trembling, wide eyes and has some scratches on her face.


I’m shocked. What have they done to her?


I try to reach out to her but when I do she flinches and starts to panic.


“ shhh, shh mc it’s me, it’s zen you’re save my love I’m here.”

She looks at me and it seems as if she’s calming down. Sudden she clenches onto me and starts to cry.

“ zen I don’t want them to hurt you.”

There’s tears in her eyes. Her eyes are red and puffy. She probably hasn’t stopped crying since she got kidnapped.

“ they won’t hurt me and I won’t let them hurt you mc”

She looks as if she’s calmed down. There’s still fear in her eyes but I can see some hope in them as well.

“ Zen, I knew you’d come for me”

I’m holding her, as if she’s made of porcelain. Never wanting to let her go.

“ I’ll always be here no matter what”

What Eric and Dylan did was horrible and unfair. I understand that, and I have the utmost sympathy for the victims and their families. I have gotten everything I could have from this community.
From Eric and Dylan I’ve learnt
- that I’m not alone
- St. John’s wort ( helped me with my depression )
- That violence only leaves pain and frustration behind in its aftermath
- and that life is too short to not live it fully.
You never know when you might be taking your last breaths.

Thank you Eric. Thank you Dylan. Thank you to all of you in this community.
I love you, and wish you all the best throughout your lives ❤️

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Hi! First, thank you for your hard work. I only came to listen to The Bright Sessions last week and I already love it and am deeply invested in it. I was also thrilled about your mentioning Alice Isn't Dead, one of my favourites. And it's a smart thought to include warnings now. I remeber listening to one certain episode of Alice Isn't Dead and being thankful for the warning beforehand.

Thank you so much!! The reaction to that reference has surprised me - I put it in just for myself because I love Night Vale Presents and they’re a big part of why we exist and I sort of expected it to mostly sail by unnoticed. But of course podcast listeners listen to everything and are extremely passionate people, so I’ve adored getting so many messages calling that ref out specifically. 

And, just for the purpose of clarity and so no one has the wrong expectation, we are not including warnings across the board for every episode. If I remember correctly, I don’t think Alice uses them every episode, and I don’t think we will either moving forward. We’ll of course use them when we deem it appropriate but for future episodes that fall in line with the content of the bulk of our Seasons 1 and 2 episodes, we won’t be using them. I just don’t want anyone assuming that because there’s no warning it’s all rainbows and sunshine because it may not be! 

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I recently discovered your blog and I'm in love mimiiii <3 I was curious but, what are you favorite ships mimi?

First welcome to the fam *hugs* 

I LOOOVE and respect all BTS ships. OT7 all the way^^.  My OTP tho is Jikook. But I post in this blog about everyone and everything BTS related and also because I am trash for interactions. Also I am thankful to my followers and mutuals because they are the best, so even if I post about jikook then taekook or namjin … they just love it as much as I do.

Thank you for your ask ~~

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I've been seeing people praising your zone-rats page and I wanted to add as well! Your creativity with the gang's characters coupled with your sweet af writing is absolutely electric!! I literally visit that page each day and just re-read everything because I simply can't get enough. The tone and mood of the whole blog is so consistent and it just sucks you in! The little wavelengths posts actually inspired me to start writing again. Just..AGH! I love your art, prose and drawing! Big fan <3

DUDE THANK YOU!!! i love the wavelengths because, like, i put a lot of thought into the drawings and a lot of planning and effort, but the wavelengths never take me more than 5 minutes, i just slap out something totally organic and off the top of my head and it’s really fun

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Where did you get the hammock in your crested gecko's enclosure? I love your whole setup haha

Thanks! Fun fact, the hammock was the only thing I actually bought for it- literally everything else I had in my “reptile supplies” cabinet. Which needs restocked now, but it’s a good cabinet to have. Anyways, I got the hammock on Amazon! I like the Penn-Plax brand; they make some pretty good stuff. 

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the domestic hunter husbands fic you wrote was everything i want for them and i'm so?? it was so cute and the perfect dynamic for them ahh <33 your writing is always so lovely (even if it makes me emotional)

I know, same. I want it sooo bad. See how easy it would be?? “A romance would change the show” yeah right, my ass. Get me in the writer’s room I’LL SHOW ‘EM HOW IT’S DONE.

Thank you for the note <3 YOU are always so lovely.

(link to fic)

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Heya I heard that your ask box was a bit impoverished so I have something scandalous! (It's PG so don't worry) So, how would the more mature skelebros (Sans, Red, Carrot and Puppy) react to discovering their 'innocent' brothers are leading a secret double life (like Blueberry secretly smoking his brother's cigarettes and attempting to raise his LV). I know it sounds a bit weird but I love everything you write, your characterisation is flawless and I thought it would be something different??

ppppppfffffffff i had to hold back a squeal when i read this. it makes my day when i get a new ask. thank you so much for the compliments, its not wierd at all! and i wouldnt have minded some pg-13 >w0 but anywhos, lets get on this))

wait his baby bro does what?! as it turns out, Papyrus had already made it into the royal guard ages ago, and when he was ‘training’ was his shift to protect the city. Only, its not as happy as it sounds. Pap likes to play the ‘bad cop’, and really screw with any bad people who break the law. Sans only finds out because while he was in the city, he sees his bro by chance, yelling at someone as if he was really mad. Sans just, walks away for a moment, trying to comprehend what he just saw. he talks to him later. bro why? i mean, im proud of you and all, but wth with the bad cop? his little bro’s LV went up by a bit, and it scares him. he gives him a stern lecture, and makes Pap promise to be a bit nicer. and he may or may not stalk him from time to time, to make sure.

(gonna steal half of ur idea cuz its good ^w^))
oh heck. what has he done? his bro smokes? and how did he not notice??? well, probably because he smells like it all the time ao he wouldn’t notice if someone else smelled the same. Blueberry buys the same brand too, to ensure secrecy. but the tol payed him a surprise visit one day, to see his bro with the cancer stick in his mouth and lit. he spits his own out, and approaches his bro. oh he is in for it, the hypocrite. he is a passive-agreassive mofo about this, and asks how long its been going on. they have a bit of a fight too. Blue feels bad, but hes already too far in to stop now. aw man, there goes his innocent bro. but after all is said and done, theyre both addicted at this point, and they probably go and get high together sometime as a type of bonding. (and whenever you go to the house, the backyard always smells like tobacco smoke. no smoking in the house at least pls))

Red- (i had a little writing block here im so sorry!!))
uhh, how is he supposed to feel about this…his bro is at Grillbys when he isnt there? how even?? its not even as a job, he just likes the food and goes to munch on the greasy stuff as a stress relief. i think he found out when he walked in and Edge might have gotten drunk somehow. But still why..? Red will tease him about it for a bit, but then get over it.

uhhh m'lord what are you doing? he just walked in on his bro drawing. its a really good drawing too. The rasberry will be really embarrassed about it at first, but eventually warms up to his brother knowing, and shows him more stuff. but dont tell the rest of the guard or else holy hell chaos will rain down on him i swear.

was that good? i hope it was. it was easier doing good boys bad than bad boys good if that makes any sense. enjoy hun!~))

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With everything going on, don't forget to care for yourself too. You are wonderful and amazing and I promise no matter what gets said when they're upset, everyone loves you.

amazing, huh…? well, if you say so! 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

and… i’ll do my best! thank you for reminding me. but you have to make sure that you take care of yourself too, okay~? (☆^ー^☆)

i support the wonderful @feylen on patreon, who drew a fantastic henry jekyll illustration for me a few months ago, and this time, i requested frankenstein!! i’m so thrilled with the final product. the contrast of the colours is absolutely stunning, the pose is perfect, and i love the simple clothing!! favourite trashy swiss scientist boi fucking around with dead things and regretting everything in life. thank you so much for another incredible piece of work!! 

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Hey there😊 Bless your soul for all the positivity and making me feel like my feeling are valid and i shouldn't be as hard on myself. Your blog actually made me reconsider suicide. This probably doesnt mean anything but i just want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You're an amazing person and i wish i could do more to thank you but for now this is all i got. Keep up your great work❤❤

This means everything to me. Bless your kind soul. I hope you are doing okay. I am so glad you are living and thriving. You deserve so much love and happiness xxx