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Hey so I’m still alive, which is pretty neat I guess, so enjoy this fic, and please give feedback!

Word Count: 2,143

Nico let tears stream down his face as he lay beside his daughter Allegra, who was finally allowed to join their family that day. He wept out of love for his adopted daughter (the paperwork was made official and she was allowed to live with him as of that morning) and he wept for the fact that his husband had never met her in person yet.

Will was deployed overseas and had to go back before things had moved along too far in the adoption process. The most he had seen were pictures. He was supposed to video call tonight, but Nico knew that plans like that were very loose. Which is why Nico always kept his phone on hand, always ready for a call or text from his husband, even if it got him in trouble at work sometimes.

He ran to his computer as quickly as he could when he heard it ringing. Allegra stirred but didn’t wake up. He ran his fingers through his hair as he hit accept, his smile beaming. “Hey,” Nico breathed out a content sigh when he finally saw his husband again.

“Where’s my little girl?” Will was dressed in his uniform, and the bags under his eyes were impressive. He clearly hadn’t shaved in a week or two. The room was loud around him, but he had headphones in.

“She’s asleep, but I’ll go get her. One moment,” Nico put the laptop on the coffee table and went back to their room to grab their two year old daughter, waking her up in the process. “I’m sorry, but someone very special wants to meet you.” She looked confused but followed Nico to the living room, sitting on his lap on the couch. “This is your Dad, Allegra. Can you say hi?”

Will didn’t even try to hide the tears that were welling up in his eyes, and his next words sounded quite choked. “Hey beautiful! Your Papa and I have waited so long for you to join our little family.”

Allegra had grown up neglected, and her speech was seriously delayed and we already had her on the waiting list for speech therapy. “Da.” She leaned against Nico’s chest and her eyes were closing, it was late and she’d had a very long, eventful day.

“That’s right, I’m your Dad.”

“I miss you so much.” Nico hid the pain behind his words.

“I-” The connection was lost.

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Eternity (Stefan/Caroline Fanfic)

My version of the finale. Basically the ultimate fix-it fic. I needed to write this to heal and this is canon for me now. I hope you guys like it. 

Dedicated to the entire steroline fandom.


Time slowed down, each millisecond an eternity.

Stefan’s eyes hurt, looking straight ahead, at the white-hot hellfire roaring towards him and Katherine.

His heart beat at a million miles an hour, and dread filled his chest. He felt numb, and terrified, and more miserable than he had ever, ever felt in his one hundred and seventy years alive.

This was it.

This is how he died, on his wedding day, immolating himself in fire.

Uh, what was he doing?

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