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My first fic rec (aaaaaah!)

I never do fic recs but today I’m just so inspired by the lovely people who write them so I need to share my love.

First one is Them Butterflies by this cutie. I love this one. It made my feels explode. I am almost at the last chapter and I DO NOT WANT IT TO END! Thank you for letting me scream at you and thank you for screaming right back at me! ♡

Second one is Dance Me (To the end of Love) by the lovely @phd-mama. I mean, COME THE FUDGE ON! I love this so much I don’t even know where to start! I am a fluff-addict and this was just what I needed to get my fill! Thank you for writing this! ♡

Last one is an oldie but goodie! Monday Meetings by the beautifully wonderful Ange! This was one of the first fics I ever read and if you haven’t entered the world of The Taylor Times, I urge you, GO NOW! I revisit this universe as much as I can and when I die, this one will go in my coffin with me…like on my tablet…so that I can read it in the great beyond…(sorry Ange, but you know I cant stop being your number one fan.)  ♡ ♡

Thank you, lovely lovely authors for bringing the joy of reading your fics into my life. Thank you for the time you put into it, thank you for sharing it with us and thank you for BEING WHO YOU ARE!! Like, what the heckie, (I’m trying to use nicer curse words these days) how can you write like this and not have multiple books published already! ♡♡♡♡

Rescue Me Part 3-Fantasy!Luke



You felt numb as Calum carried you to safety, away from the dangerous mountain and away from Luke. Your eyes were dry, almost as if you had ran out of tears to cry. How could you have been so stupid as to get yourself in this situation in the first place? You should have made him leave you the second he had entered that cell. You should have done anything to make him leave, because love means sacrifice and you loved Luke more than anything in the world. But now he had been left behind and you were being led back to the castle.

Calum’s pace slowed as he neared the place where he had left his horse. Being the expert on horseback that he was, he had been chosen to escort the princess safely back to the palace while the other boys stayed behind to make sure that no one followed them. This was something that he had neglected to tell you. The boys were of course doing whatever they could to help Luke, but they had to stay behind to make sure that none of V’s men tried to follow you back to the castle. Your safety was the number one priority, and to members of the King’s army, that unfortunately meant that protecting Luke came second. It was likely that Ashton and Michael wouldn’t be able to get out in time to bring Luke back to the castle for treatment. They were stuck in there until the threat was vanquished and by then Luke would probably be dead. Calum’s heart sunk at the thought. Luke was one of his best friends and the thought of losing him broke him, but he had to follow orders. That’s what the King’s men did, they carried out the King’s wishes no matter what the personal cost. “Alright your highness, I’m going to set you down now. You need to get on the horse first and then I’ll get you straight home.” Calum placed your feet on the ground and began to ready the horse. “There’s only one, but you’ll just have to sit in front of me okay?”

You nodded your head yes before asking, “But shouldn’t we wait for Luke and the others? We’re away from danger now, I’m sure we can just wait here until they arrive.” Calum hesitated before answering.

“We can’t princess, we have to go now.”

“No, I want to wait. We’re not in danger it’ll be fine.” You argued. You were used to people doing exactly what you said when you said it and didn’t like that Calum was rejecting all of your ideas.

“Princess Y/N, you don’t know that. The other boys stayed behind to make sure we made it out safe, we have to go now!” Calum was beginning to tire of your attitude. He knew you meant well, but he had a job to do and you were just making it harder.

All of a sudden though, your entire demeanor changed. That’s why the other’s had stayed behind? Not to assist Luke but to ward off hidden enemies? There’s no way Luke would get out in time if they had to stay until everyone had been defeated! Taking a few steps back from Calum, you suddenly had an idea.

“Um, I have to pee.” You stammered and Calum had to resist rolling his eyes.

“Your highness we have no time. You can relieve yourself when we’re back at the castle.”

“No I have to go now. They wouldn’t let me back there and I really have to go.” You felt like you were five years old, but you had to get back to Luke and if  embarrassing yourself in front of Calum was your only option, then so be it.


“Calum please! I’ll just be a few minutes!”  He hesitated before letting out an exasperated sigh and nodding his head.

“Alright, but I’m coming with you.”

“Ew no, Calum that’s gross! I need privacy.”

“But what if something happens to you?”

“Calum it’ll just be a few minutes. No self respecting soldier is going to attack a woman while she’s…you know…” You were trying to make this awkward for him.

“Okay, okay. I’ll stay here. But if you take longer than 5 minutes I am coming to find you.”

“Okay, five minutes.” You agreed before heading back in the direction you had just come from. Once you were out of his sight, you took off in a run towards the mouth of the tunnel. You still had the dagger that Luke had given you for protection and now intended to use it on anyone who got in your way. It had taken you and Calum about fifteen minutes to walk back from the tunnel, meaning you could almost get there by the time Calum came looking for you, giving you enough of a head start to get to Luke. Branches and brambles tore at your hair and skin but you brushed past them anyways. You were running faster than you ever had before and you felt so wild and free, adrenaline the only thing pushing you forward. When you came to the opening of the mountain that had held you prisoner, you heard a rustling in the bushes near by. Pulling out the dagger, you held it shakily in your hand, ready to defend yourself. But what came out of the bushes was no man.

“Stellar?” The beautiful horse whinnied in response and you rushed to pet her. Luke never let anyone touch his horse, probably because he was the only one she let touch her, but for some reason you and Stellar had clicked the minute you met. Luke had often taken you out on her to go and watch the sunrise over the kingdom before your morning lessons. You loved the feeling of the wind rushing through your hair and of Luke holding onto you as you rode together.

“Luke’s in trouble girl. I’m going to go get him and you need to be here when I get back okay?” Stellar let out a very serious neigh, signaling that she knew what to do.

“That’s a good girl. I’ll be back soon okay?” Stellar dug her hoof into the dirt and shook her head. You didn’t know how she could understand you, but somehow she seemed to so you left her outside the tunnel as you made your way back inside the place you has escaped from mere minutes before. You could hear the sounds of a quarrell coming from further down the cavern but you were unsure just how far down it was. You had been a mess when Calum carried you out and so you honestly had no idea where to go to find Luke and the others. So, you followed the sounds of the fight and hoped that they would lead you to Luke.
Venturing further inside, the noise of the battle became louder and louder. Finally you reached the corner just before the main cavern where you and Luke had been stopped before and peered around the edge, being careful to stay out of sight. You saw Luke first, still laying on the ground and clearly still in a lot of pain. Michael and Ashton had formed a wall in front of him, and were just finishing off two more guards. I heard yells in the distance signaling that more were coming to replace the fallen.

“I don’t know how much longer he’s going to last Ash.” Michael looked at Luke with concern, his hands still clutching his wound.

“I know mate, but we can’t leave until Calum and her have made it far enough away.” Realizing how little time Luke had left, you took this time to reveal yourself.

“That won’t be necessary gentlemen.” Both of their eyes went wide as I emerged from my hiding spot.

“Your highness I thought you went with Calum.” Michael spoke nervously.

“I did. And then he told me of Luke’s chances of survival and I came straight back.”

“Princess you can’t…” But he was cut off by Luke’s raspy voice.

“You always were the most stubborn woman I’d ever met.” Luke chuckled, coughing afterwards as you rushed to his side.

“I won’t leave you to die Luke. I can’t. Not knowing that there was something I could’ve done to save you.” You kneeled beside him as he reached up to stroke your face.

“You stupid girl.” Your jaw dropped at his words. “You were supposed to leave. I can’t protect you like this. I can’t keep you safe. You were supposed to get out of here, that was the only way I could save you one last time. You stupid, stupid girl.” You could see that Luke’s eyes were beginning to fill with tears. Never in all the time that you had known him had you ever seen him cry.

“Maybe it’s my turn to rescue you.” You smiled at him. “I’m going to get you out of here.”

“Not to intrude on this nice little moment you guys have got going but there are going to be more men that want to kill us here soon so unless you’ve got a plan you need to run princess. Where the hell is Calum anyways?” Michael asked.

“I told him I had to pee.” You smirked and the boys laugh.

“I like her Luke.” Ashton laughed and Luke raised his eyebrows which only made Ashton chuckle more.

“Alright Luke can you walk?” You asked him.

“Yeah, hang on let me just…” He tried to sit up and almost got all the way up until he hit a sweet spot and slumped back down to the ground with a grunt. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this useless in my life.” He growled.

“Don’t worry man, it builds character.” Michael teased and Luke shot him a warning look. The voices down the hall became louder, and you could tell they were almost upon you.

You turned to Michael and Ashton. “Boys can you cover me while I try to help Luke up?”

“Anything for the Princess.” Ashton muttered.

“Okay Luke I’m going to get you out of here okay?” You looked directly into his eyes, which had dulled slightly from the pain.

“Who would have thought you would be the one saving me.” He whispered.

“I’ll always come for you.” You used his same words from before and he looked at you with pure adoration.

“Well, well, well look who came running back to her little lover.” You whipped your head around and were met with about ten greasy looking men holding deadly looking weapons and even deadlier sneers.

“You’ll stay away from them.” Michael pointed his blade at the them.

“Oh? And who’s going to stop us? You?” The other man spat. Without hesitation, Ashton shot an arrow directly into the man’s leg and he howled in pain.

“Yes.” Ashton’s glare was deadly, but the men advanced anyways.

“Take left Michael, I’ve got her” Ashton instructed and Michael ran to collide with the man, blades clashing, as Ashton shot arrow after arrow, most of which hit their target. As the fighting continued, you took hold of Luke’s arm. “Okay this is just going to hurt for a second okay?” He nodded weakly before you gripped him and hauled him up. You may be dainty, but you were not weak. Luke was on his feet, but just barely. He fell forward on you and you supported most of his weight.

“Ashton.” You spoke through gritted teeth at the archer, struggling under Luke’s tall frame. Ashton turned to look at you.

“Go, I’ll cover you.” He stood in front of you, firing arrows at anyone who dared to come near you. The tunnel that lead to the mouth of the cave was just a few meters ahead. Mustering up all your strength, you dragged Luke along with you, his lanky arms draped around your shoulders and his feet struggling to keep up with your steps. Suddenly, you felt something whizz your face, missing you by an inch. A knife had lodged itself into the wall right next to your head. Gasping, you turned to see who it was, but Michael had already mowed him down..

“Sorry princess, that one was my bad!” Michael yelled. You were practically shaking at the close call, but you continued on. Ashton had run out of arrows and was now using his sword as well. There were three men left by the time you reached the head of the cavern. Ashton gave you the all clear and you hobbled around the corner to safety. You could hear the groans of the men behind you and not long after both Ashton and Michael were at your side again.

“Here let me take him.” Ashton offered. “Mike, watch our six.”

“On it.”

“Highness, you go ahead.”

“That’s funny Ashton.” Ashton only grunted in response, annoyed that you wouldn’t let him do his job but relieved that you had come back to save his best mate.

Finally, after heaving an almost unconscious Luke through the mountain, the three of you reached the daylight. You whistled for Stellar and she was at your side almost immediately.

“Princess you know how to ride?” Ashton asked.

“Of course I do, why?”
“You need to get on this horse with Luke and ride back to the palace. Our horses are further down the forest. If we take him he won’t make it, it needs to be you. We’ll be right behind you okay.” Ashton instructed.

“Alright I can do this. You nodded your head, eager to get out of this eerie place.

Michael helped you onto Stellar’s back before the two of them lifted Luke on. He was sitting in front of you, reverse position that you usually rode with him. His head lulled against your chest as he fought for consciousness.

“Stay with me Luke.” You whispered into his blonde hair and his eyelids fluttered in response. “One last adventure baby, you and me. I know you can make it.” You kissed his forehead before bidding the boys goodbye and signaling Stellar to take off. You were never amazing on horseback, but right now you were doing better than you ever had. The wind whipped through your hair as you rode through the forest. You were holding on to Luke with one arm while the other gripped the reigns as you flew along. Finally, you reached the main road of the kingdom, continuing your speed. You knew the citizens of the kingdom could see you and were likely whispering about what you doing, but you didn’t care. Luke was your only priority.

After what felt like a lifetime, you reached the palace gates and called out to the guards.

“Help! Please somebody help us!”

“Your highness is that you?” One of the guards yelled down from his watchtower.

“Yes, and it’s General Hemmings! He’s been hurt and needs hospice please open the gates!: You shouted. At your command, the gates were opened immediately. You saw a page running inside before you to alert the King of your return. The guards descended from the tower to assist you and Luke. Though before they reached you, you looked down at Luke. His chest was rising and falling a little to slow for your liking but at least he was still alive.

“We made it Luke. You did it. You rescued me.” Tears began welling in your eyes once again, but you ignored them.

“I love you so much Luke. You hear me? I love you. I don’t care if we can never get married, I don’t care that I’m engaged or that I’m a princess and you’re a general, it’s you and me forever.” You were full on crying now, your tears falling onto his skin.

“Y/N.” Luke whispered your name like it was the only word he knew.

The guards reached you and instantly you were pulled down from Stellar, three of the guards tending to you and the others assisting Luke. They were peppering you with questions but you barely heard them, your attention on Luke only.

“Your highness are you alright?”
“Do you need medical attention?”
“Who took you princess?
“Was it horrifying?
“How did you escape?”

All of their questions went unanswered until finally their questions ceased. The other guards were busy rushing Luke to the hospital wing of the castle as right as you were about to follow, the trumpets sounded announcing the arrival of the other three soldiers.

Ashton, Michael, and a very irritated Calum rode up to the courtyard. Each of them only had a few scratches here and there to show for the mission, but they were also escorted to the infirmary just in case. You walked up to Calum, a little sheepishly.

“I’m sorry for deceiving you Calum. I just had to get to Luke.”

“I understand princess. I can’t say I’m not grateful that you didn’t go back for him. I know he would be dead right now if it wasn’t for you.”

“I’d do anything for him Calum.”

‘I know princess.” He nodded and then walked away, following the other boys to the infirmary.

I began to follow them so that I could check up on Luke, but I was interrupted by the sound of the trumpets announcing that my father, the King, was upon us. When he saw me, he rushed over and engulfed me into a large hug.

“Oh, my daughter had returned! You’re safe, oh my little girl!” He hugged you tight, refusing to let go.

“Father, I’m alright! You can let go!”

“If anything had happened to you I don’t know what I would have done.” He exclaimed.

“It was all Luke dad. He found me, he rescued me, and I owe him my life.”

“God bless that boy. He really is something else.” Your father beamed.

“Yeah he is. You glanced down, smiling. “Can I visit him in the infirmary father?”

The King furrowed his eyebrows. “Visit him? Isn’t that a little inappropriate for an engaged woman?”

“Father he saved my life. I want to thank him…properly.” In all honesty you just wanted to make sure he was okay and maybe kiss him a bit, but you father didn’t need to know that.

“Prince Henry is waiting for you in the courtroom Y/N.”

“Father I don’t care about Prince Henry.” The words left your mouth before you had time to process what you were saying.

“Y/N, don’t say that about your future husband.”

You sighed and bowed your head, powerless against your father’s wishes. “Yes father.”

“But General Hemmings did save your life and I will allow you to visit him. But come to the courtroom directly after do you understand?” He spoke firmly.

“Of course father.” You told him before rushing off to find Luke.

Luke was lying still on the cot in the infirmary. His wound had been patched to stop the bleeding and he was given medicine to help the wound heal faster. He couldn’t keep his thoughts from wandering to the princess. She had come back for him. She had saved his life. God, he loved her so much. He wanted, above anything, to be able to make her his. Thinking about it further, he wondered if maybe she was worth more than his position. He could give it up, he would give it up, for her. She was everything to him and he needed her. She was his light in a life that was filled with death and he didn’t know if he could bare the thought of her married to another man.

A small cough interrupted his thoughts. He glanced over at the source of the noise and was met with the very focus of his thoughts.

“Hello Luke.” She was still dressed in the ripped garments she had been in when he found her in the cell and he was surprised to find that she was even allowed to come and visit him so soon after her reunion with the court.

“Princess.” He breathed.

“I had to see you.” She whispered, coming closer to stand at his bedside. She pushed back his hair that was slicked to his forehead with sweat.

“I’m not used to seeing you like this.”

“Broken? Useless?”

“Vulnerable.” Your voice was soft.

“You make me that way you know. Here I am, the strongest man in the kingdom and I’m completely weak for you.” He chuckled. “Amazing what a beautiful soul will do to you.”


“I love you Y/N. I love you so much. I don’t want to see you get married to a man that’s not me. Especially a prick like the one you’re engaged to.”

“I don’t want to marry him Luke, I want you. But you know why that can’t…’

“No, actually I don’t know. We’ve been making excuses for year Y/N, and maybe they made sense then, but none of that even seems to matter now. I don’t want to lead armies into battle I want to love you. I don’t want to be seen as General Luke Hemmings, commander of the military, I want to be seen as the boy in love with the most beautiful girl in the world. I would give everything up for you. I know that now. And I want to know if you would do the same for me.” He looked into your eyes, searching for an answer.

“I want that more than anything Luke. I want you. I can’t live without you and I’m done trying to pretend I can’t. I just don’t know what to do about it. It’s not like I can just call of my engagement, only my father can do that.” You sighed, wishing that this could be less complicated. But that’s not how life works. He was a General and you were a Princess and there was nothing you could do to change that.

“Then we tell your father. And if he says no, then we run away together and start a life far away from this place just you and I. We could have a little farm, and kids that I could teach how to sword fight and…”

“Luke Hemmings you are not teaching our children to wield a sword!”  

“We’ll talk about that later. But we need to talk to your father. I can’t live without you Y/N.”

“Okay we’ll talk to my father. Are you okay to walk?”

“Yeah, I think I’ll be fine. The medicine that nurse gave me worked wonders.” He smirked,

“Glad to hear it.” You gave him a quick peck on the lips, but he reached up to grab the back of your neck and pulled you in closer. You could still taste a hint of salt from his sweat mixed with his general musk but you didn’t care. It felt like you were put on this earth to kiss this boy. He kissed you harder, and you returned his eagerness with twice the passion.

But you were shortly interrupted by an all too familiar voice.

“What is the meaning of this?” The gruff voice of your father rang out and you quickly detached yourself from Luke.

“Father I can explain!”

“I trusted you with her!” Your father yelled at Luke as he struggled to stand to face the King.

“Your majesty please I…”

“I trusted you with my army and you steal my daughter behind my back!” He roared.

“My King that isn’t…”

“ENOUGH! I could have you put to death for this!”

“Father no! It isn’t his fault I came onto him he doesn’t even…” You began protesting but you were cut off by Luke.

“That isn’t true. Your majesty I love her. I am in love with your daughter and I always have been.”

The King was stunned speechless.

“You love her?” He spoke calmly. Too calm. “And do you return his love?”

“I do.”

“Your majesty I know I’m not a prince…”

“Damn right you’re not.” The King muttered and Luke noticeably winced, but continued.

“But I love your daughter. And I’m good for her. She is a beautiful, smart, independent woman and she doesn’t need a husband. She doesn’t need me, but lord do I need her.” Luke confessed. The King was silent for a few moments before taking a deep breath and responding.

“You know I used to be like you Luke. Young, strong, popular. And now I am King. And I’ll say it, I’m a good King and I have raised a good daughter. You’re a good man Luke, and I know that’s more than the husband I picked out for her is. I guess that was a lapse in judgement and is not a mistake I intend to make twice. If you two love each other, then I will allow you to be together.”

The moment the words left his lips Luke and your faces illuminated with happiness.

“Thank you father! You ran to hug him and he chuckled.

“You will make an excellent Queen one day Y/N. And I hope you choose your king wisely.”

“Trust me I will.” You beamed.

“Take care of her Luke.”

“With everything I have Sir.” He bowed his head in respect.

“Well, I guess I’m to tell the Prince to pack his bags then.” The King laughed as he exited the hospital wing. Immediately upon his absence, Luke picked you up and swung you around, pressing kisses all over your face.

“I thought that would be more difficult.” You laughed as Luke set you down. “But I guess he sees what I see in you.” Luke pecked your lips again in response, staring at you like you were the most precious thing in the world, which to him you were. “Are you going to continue your duties as General Luke?” You asked suddenly, breaking the silence.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to do what makes you happy Luke.”

“Then I want to be with you. If to do that I need to lessen my rank, then I will. I’ll ask for a demotion so that I can stay here with you. Perhaps they’ll let me train the new recruits. I know the other boys will be just fine leading the army without me.” Your face lit up at his response.

“I love you Luke.”

“And I love you my princess. But there is something else I need to ask you.” Luke grabbed the blanket that sat on his hospital bed and tore a single thread off the fringe. Tying it into a small circlet, he proceeded to ease himself down on to one knee.

“Princess Y/N. My darling, love of my life. I may not be able to give you the world, but I promise to make you my world. I promise to love and protect you as long as I’m alive. Will you do me the absolute honor of marrying me.” He looked at you with a love that is so rare to find. The kind of love that you will only find a handful of times in a lifetime. The kind that makes you feel like you could do anything as long as you have your love with you and it was all there, in his iridescent eyes, clear as day. Luke Hemmings loved you and you loved him.”

“Yes. Yes I will marry you Luke.” He stood up and wrapped the circlet of thread around your left ring finger. You threw your arms around him and he squeezed your waist, nestling his face in your hair before he whispered,

“I always knew that it would be you who ended up being the one to rescue me.”



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My mom knew I wanted to meet Taylor more than anything this year. She entered literally every contest possible to try and fulfill that wish. A mother always wants their children to be happy, so she was upset she couldn’t make it happen. She felt like she let me down.

Since that didn’t happen, my mom had this bracelet made for me. It means the world to me. Taylor helped me through treatment and helped me get my life back. My mom can’t thank you enough for always being there for me.

Every time I look at this, I can’t help but smile. It’s serves as a reminder of how much Taylor loves me. It’s a reminder of how much Taylor is proud of me. It reminds me that I need to continue fighting even when times get tough. This is probably the most meaningful gift I’ve ever received.

I love you, Taylor. Merry Christmas. ❤️



Hey guys! So me and my friends Kristen (@incorporealthoughts), Jaz (@trash-prince), Brooke, and Jack entered a film making competition where we had 24 hours to make a short movie around the theme “fate” and this was our submission! It would mean the world to me if you guys would vote for our video by commenting on it! Thank you!