thank you for chillin

I was always adamant that Da Vinci was bisexual, and had no interest in being defined one way or the other, and Gregg and I decided that we were in love. And there’s never anything in the scripts, really, but we kind of seed it throughout. There are moments where we almost have a little cheeky kiss, that wasn’t in the script.
—  Tom Riley, on something about Da Vinci that the fans don’t know. (x)
Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Me: *practices one hour*
  • Brain: LMAO, homegirl you are LITERALLY THE WORST. This ain't middle school anymore honey, step it up.
  • Me: *practices three hours*
  • Brain: What do you want? A medal? You spend more than three hours screwing around on Youtube everyday. You want credit for that too?
  • Me: *practices 6 hours* HAPPY?!
  • Brain: Mmm I don't know... I still don't see blood. And you call yourself a musician?
  • Me: *practices 8 hours* *can barely hold clarinet in my mouth anymore* *everything is blurry* *my bottom lip is bleeding*
  • Brain: Yeah, okay fine bitch I'll give you this one.
  • Me: Thank you! *goes and sits in bed* *starts reading or chillin' on the internet*
  • Brain: ...
  • Brain: ...
  • Brain: You know, you could've probably done ten and not died.
  • Me: 🙄🙃
  • my boss: anthony you're such a good worker
  • me, the person who spends at least an hour a day chillin in the camera blindspots: thank you i try my best :)

It’s my sona chillin with Mx!

This is a thank you gift for @bones-n-boners, for the Commission they did for me, as well as all of the hard work they do in general. 

Mx, I adore your work. One of the main reasons I’ve really been getting into drawing/design is because of you. I’ve always wanted to learn how to draw, but never had the drive to do so. When I found your blog, and all of your work, I fell in love, and found the determination to become an artist. I may not have a tablet (yet, I actually plan on buying one soon), but what I do have is a sketch book, and I promised to myself that I would draw at least something every day.

Anyway, Sorry! I’m rambling. What I’m trying to say, from my sona to your sona, is that you’re a huge inspiration to me, and I just want you to know that I appreciate your work so much. Thank you, for everything you do.