thank you for bringing this to my attention anon

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Hey, you reblogged a post about Willow Smith's boyfriend coming out as non-binary? He isn't, he just wore makeup. Literally, that's why they claimed he's nonbinary. He's pretty upset about this article, apparently.

oh my god you’re right, thank you so much for letting me know

^ tweets from his twitter confirming this

Love Sick Idiots (Tom Holland/Harrison Osterfield)

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Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader, Harrison Osterfield x Reader
Warning: None
Summary: Tom and Harrison are sick and Nurse Y/n has to take care of them. You get to choose who you end up with in the end.
Author: Dizzy
A/N: Special thanks to anon who requested “Can you do a imagine where Tom and Harrison are sick and the reader has to take care of them pleaseeee??? 😊✨😊✨😊✨”

Masterlist Request a Prompt

“Y/n?” Tom beckoned as Harrison rang the bell you had given the two to get your attention with great fervor.

You really regretted giving them the bell as you poured soup into two separate bowls.

“What is it, sweetie?” You shouted.

“I’m really cold. Can you bring me my jumper?” Tom asked as he snatched the bell from Harrison and threw it across the room.

“Y/n!” Harrison cried.

“Yes, honey?!”

“Tom took my bell and threw it across the room!”

“Good!” You laughed, shaking your head as you grabbed Tom’s jumper from off a chair in the kitchen, the two bowls and two spoons and took them to the living room.

You set the bowls down on the coffee table in front of the couch the two boys were reclining on and handed Tom his jumper. You placed a hand on Tom’s forehead and frowned slightly.

“I was right, you have a fever. I’ll go grab the thermometer in a minute.” You said.

Tom pulled his jumper over his head and put it on while Harrison began to eat his soup, watching you walk into the other room.

“Am I the only one who thinks Y/n is a hot nurse?” Harrison asked.

“Dude.” Tom groaned. “Quit talking about my girlfriend like that.”

“Dude,” Harrison mocked. “She’s not your girlfriend. If anything, she’s mine.”

“I got it!” You stated triumphantly, holding up the thermometer as you walked into the room.

Tom smiled widely at you as you walked over to him and brushed the hair from his eyes and face.

“Open up.” You instructed, a look of concern on your features.

You put the thermometer in Tom’s mouth and pressed a kiss to his forehead, causing Harrison to gasp lightly at the sight.

“Hey, Y/n?” Harrison whined.

“Yes?” You looked up at him.

“I think I’m running a fever too.”

You pursed your lips before reaching forward, placing a tender hand on the young man’s forehead.

“You’re not running a fever, honey, don’t worry.” You stated, pulling your hand away. “But you should go take a nap nevertheless.”

You pressed a quick kiss to Harrison’s cheek, which caused a blush unseen by you to rise to Harrison’s cheeks.

“You guys should finish eating your soup and then go to bed. I have to run to the store real quick, but I’ll be back soon.”

You walked to the front door and gathered your things, bidding the boys goodbye and walking out the door, leaving the two to bicker about who was going to be with you until they went to bed separately.

The house was silent when you walked inside. A sigh escaped your lips as you knew you could finally have some peace and you started to plan what you would watch on tv while the boys slept.

Or at least, that’s what you thought you would do when you heard your name being called.

“Y/n?” Your name echoed through the house.


You groaned softly and made your way down the hall and into Tom’s room.

“Yes, Tommy?” You asked, poking your head into the room.

“I can’t sleep. Will you lay down with me?”

You smiled and blushed, looking at Tom’s face for any sign that he was joking, but when you saw that he wasn’t, you walked in slowly and closed the door behind you.

“Of course I will.” You replied, climbing into bed beside him.

Tom wrapped an arm around you, burying his face in the crook of your neck.

“Hey, Y/n?”

“Yes, sweetie?”

“Thank you for taking care of me and Harrison today.”

“You’re welcome, Tommy.”

“Can I take you to dinner to return the favor?”

You smiled brightly and shifted to face Tom, pressing a kiss to his head.

“I’d love that.”


You groaned softly and made your way down the hall and into Harrison’s room.

“Yes, Haz?” You asked, walking into the room.

Harrison sat up in bed and leaned against the headboard.

“I just wanted to thank you for taking care of Tom and I. I know we can be a couple of shits when we’re sick.”

“Oh, honey, that’s so nice of you to say. But, you really should get to sleep. You need your rest.” You explained, walking towards Harrison.

He moved his head as you went to kiss his cheek, ending up with you placing a peck on his lips.

You laughed as you pulled away. “You little shit.”

“Like you didn’t enjoy it.”

“I would’ve enjoyed it more if you weren’t sick.”

Harrison rolled his eyes. “Oh, shut up, you know you love me.”

“That I do.”

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how do you feel about anzati

i actually knew nothing about them until this ask prompted a google search on my part!

they’re… not really my cup of tea as far as species go.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ aesthetically, i gravitate towards species that are more animalistic, or - if they are overtly humanoid in appearance - at least technicolour with fancy features (i.e. horns, lekku, whatever). anzati are just slightly grey humans with big snoots and retractable tentacle-antennae… things. 

additionally, i don’t mind a bit of the ol’ vampirism-with-a-twist, but the anzati’s niche doesn’t… really bring anything new to the table. even the telepathy is pretty old hat. nothing about their culture/behaviour really gets me excited or makes me think ‘wow, i’d love to see more stories about these guys’??

verdict: 3/10 would probs not bang

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Hello!! Before I ask this question, I just want to say thank you for...existing. I love this blog SO MUCH, and just. ♥♥♥♥♥ But um, I found this page of a comic where Izuku becomes blind, and it always takes me to the homepage. Do you, by any chance, remember the name of the comic, or the artist themself? Thank you!! :D :D :D

Thank you for the praise, anon! I appreciate it! I’m really happy you like the blog.

I believe you are referring to the Blind AU by シルヴァー. Thank you for bringing the broken links to my attention! I went back an edited those posts, so the links should lead to her profile appropriately now!

Here’s her original log.

Here are my translations of the Blind AU section (1) (2) (3) (4)


Glad to be of help, anon duo!

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o ye there's a yamato from fukurodani so u should probs add him to ur yamayamayamayamayamayamayamayamaymayaanhfjwncjw squad

oh yoooo!! well, see, about that!! I’m not saying ‘no’, but…

… he’s … actually.. not a yama ( 山 )! (゜▽゜;)
Alpha Male Madness 2017: Vote in Round 1!
Who's your fave TV actor?

thanks to the anon for bringing this to my attention: 

wentworth is one of the actors nominated for favorite male tv actor this year in e! online’s big annual poll.

wentworth is nominated for his work on both legends of tomorrow and prison break. you can vote for him at the link above or by clicking here : )

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please turn off the "in-blog" adds from your settings. the fucking app starts playing on its own and I accidentially touched on it. It's a big problem on mobile tumblr but half of the blogs I visit hasn't turned them off. like why? do you like tumblr free advertising using your blogs?

hello dear anon! I, personally, didn’t even know about in-blog ads. I had to google them and how to turn them off to find out how to deal with them. TBH, one reason I can think of as to why half the blogs you visit haven’t turned them off is because they, like me, didn’t know about it. but that could just be me being dumb too.

anyway, thanks for bringing this to my attention! i didn’t know tumblr was free advertising using my blog. if you still run into problems with this on my blog, please politely bring this to my attention. i hope you have a great day! :)

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Same anon from yesterday: Yeah you fixed it, looks great now, thank youu! :D

Oh good! Thank you for bringing it to my attention, I never go on my own page to reblog/edit posts so I never noticed!

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hi you seem supportive of trans women so i thought you should know that one of the e-shrines on your list of Aphrodite devotees (it's sapp/hicd/ea) is run by someone who doesn't believe trans women are real women (for proof you can look up trans on the blog, she thinks trans women are child molesters/rapists and reblogs from other terfs)

I am 100% in support of the trans community so thank you so very much for bringing this to my attention! I removed that person from the eshrine list because I have zero patience or tolerance for transphobic shit like that.

I want to apologize to all my trans followers who might have felt uncomfortable or hurt by that person’s presence on the list! I love you all so much and am always here as a support and friend!

I also want to encourage everyone to do as this wonderful anon did, and let me know of things like this! I want my blog to be a safe loving place for everyone!

Again, thank you so much anon!


Honestly thank u all for bringing this to my attention bc it gave me a laugh I really needed


Hey NCTeam ! I just wanted to quickly say that I know we all like to poke fun at Kun and call him a “snake” because of the little situation with Winwin on NCT Life but I was just told by an anon that comparing him to a snake , or any type of reptile , is racist and anti-Asian so it needs to stop. I know when this came about we always called him a snake because he backstabbed Winwin and we were never saying he looked like one or meant for it to relate to the propaganda against Asians , but either way this must come to an end now to prevent further misunderstandings that could cause a lot of people in and out of our fandom to get offended. I was unaware of the history behind doing so and it was never my intention to offend Kun or anyone else and now that I know about all of this I would like to sincerely apologize and I’d also like to thank the anon for bringing this to my attention ! I promise this won’t ever happen again and to everyone , if I ever do or say something offensive no matter what the category is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know asap because I may be ignorant/uninformed about it and I don’t want to make anyone else upset ! Also I’d really appreciate it if NCT fans can spread this so everyone that doesn’t know can be informed and the problem can be stopped faster. Thank you and again I’m deeply sorry for any confusion and misunderstanding about the situation and you have my word that you will never see it from me again and I’m more than willing to help stop this problem in any way that I can.

- Nicole , Xo.

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Um how do i put this~ I guess the topic of crucifixion is a bit sensitive for me; idk I just wanted to let you know that I wasn't completely comfortable with the way it was mentioned? And pls don't get me wrong I'm not a hate anon or anything I rly love this blog!! Its just idk.. just wanted to say how I feel. Please don't take offense- I'm not hating on you for it. I just wanted to let you know that some ppl (or maybe its just me) may be sensitive to that, just like how ppl may/would be w/ rape

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It was never my intention to make anyone uncomfortable or trigger anyone. You have my sincerest apologies. In the future, I will be more considerate with my words.

-Admin Cole.

hello!! im so sorry for the last few asks — i just didnt know how to properly reply to them but i really do appreciate all the nice messages ive gotten…. it really makes me happy … thank you so much

while i do think artists with detailed art styles are deserving of recognition, that doesnt mean lesser detailed, cutesy art styles dont deserve it yknow? and im not just speaking for myself… theres lots of ppl out there with pretty art styles that are not detailed — and thats ok!

i think as long as u put your heart into it and you express yourself in art, youre very well deserving of recognition.. well, at least thats how i see it

to those last anons — i hope u get the attention your art deserves, bc i get it, its frustrating….but i just want you to know that bashing on others/comparing will just bring u down. youre not helping yourself nor others by doing that

thanks and have a good day!

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@ that anon talking about white women making a scene in public: you make a good point, but please don't use phrasing like "hysterical/unhinged lunatics" to describe that behaviour, that usage of language is extremely damaging and violent towards people with mental illnesses

I didn’t catch that. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I don’t think hysterics is one of the ableist language tho.

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to be fair, there's been several blmatsus trying to defend irl incestuous relationships, a blmatsu who claimed to like """fictional beastiality""" was discovered to have sexually harrassed her brother's dog and a blmatsu that claimed to like ""shotacon because it's fictional"" literally sexually abused a minor. So there's a pretty good reason other people don't trust incest shippers or anyone who claims to separate fiction from reality.

Woah thank you for bringing this to my attention anon, there’s quite a few idiots out there that don’t seem to want to separate fiction from reality which doesn’t surprise me either, the internet has such a big influence on us that sometimes we can’t even control it. 

I’m just talking from my own perspective because from all the BLmatsu friends I have, they’re all very passive and try to keep themselves in the fictional world rather then spend their..fantasies elsewhere.

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Lmfaoo when the famous IHs shipper writes a post about u:"pretending to ship ishihime after outwardly admitting she hated orihime wah wah wah!" And can't tell the difference of liking a character and KNOWING about how Flawed ori.hime is and disliking her as a whole.

I’ve been mulling over this ask for a while, tbh.

Firstly, anon, thank you for bringing the vaguing to my attention, and secondly–


Anon, this blogger has been a constant lurker on my blog, it seems. We’ve got a fan, u guys. We’ve got….a Tru Follower. Goddamn. Her search/mizulily comes up with some pretty interesting shit–

Okay, no, actually.

You know what?

She namedropped me, so I might as well show her the same damn courtesy, what do you think?

Salt, Drama, Screenshots galore, and me being every bit the hypocritical hatemongerer that many, many seem to believe I am–

Under the cut.

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