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You Brought this on Yourself

Before the story, I’d just like to explain to those who don’t know that a Tulpa is an entity that is conjured in someone’s imagination, (in this case, Jack’s) and given so much attention that they become real. But when people stop paying attention to them, they fade into nothingness. This is a story focused on an ego everyone seems to overlook.

Marvin was curled in the darkness, cape wrapped around his shoulders and mask broken and cracked in some other corner of the room. If this even was a room, he really couldn’t tell. Darkness extended in every direction, and the air was cold and stagnant. He had been here for months. Maybe years? Time didn’t exist here, at least not as much as he could tell. Every day more of his memories faded from him. He’d even almost forgotten his own name. This was the fate of a Tulpa who’s been abandoned.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps. Was it Sèan? Finally, Sèan had come back for him, just as he’d promised! But no, that hope dissipated as soon as it bloomed. The static crackling in the air was a telltale sign that this was not Sèan.

“What do you want, Anti? What could you possibly want here?,” Marvin croaked out, surprised at his own voice. Is this really what he sounds like? He hadn’t spoken in so long he didn’t even remember.

“Why hello Marvin, good seeing you. Surprised you haven’t disappeared yet, most Tulpas dissipate in a few months after being forgotten. I’m impressed you’ve hung on this long!”

Marvin cringed at the voice, the harsh scratchiness of it sending waves of panic down his spine.

“You didn’t answer my question. Why are you here?” Marvin queried him again. His instincts told him he should be scared, but what could Anti possibly do to him now? He was already half dead, there’s not much more Anti could do to him now even if he wanted to.

“I have a proposition to offer you. Without his fan’s continued interest in you, you are dying. Such is the fate of a tulpa who falls out of public eye. However, I can give you a chance to survive. If you agree to join me, I can give you the power to exist separate from their whims. I can give you the power to enact revenge on the person who cast you into this darkness.”

Marvin knew exactly who he was talking about. Sèan. With those words, a new anger bloomed in his chest. How dare Sèan create him and leave him here to die. How DARE he abandon him like this?! Anti quickly took notice of the new fire in Marvin’s eyes. Exactly as planned.

“So what do you say, Marvin old pal? How about we get revenge on Sèan together? With my power, you’ll never have to worry about appeasing his little cult to stay alive ever again. You’ll be free.”

Marvin knew he shouldn’t listen. He of all the egos knew that anything Anti could offer him would be laced in poison. But yet, it had enough truth in it to make him think. He was on the brink of death. If he didn’t accept this offer, he would die, alone in the darkness where no one would remember him. A primal instinct to survive overtook him. He didn’t want to die. Even if it took joining Anti to survive, he would do it. Marvin took Anti’s extended hand, allowing it to pull him to his feet. Anti certainly didn’t lie about the power. As soon as Marvin grabbed his hand he felt it rush through him. At first it was painful, a burning in his veins that made him want to scream and claw at his own skin. But then, it changed. The pain turned into energy. Strength. He felt better than he EVER had. He felt like he could do anything! With his past pain and weakness gone, he could focus on his anger.

“I’m supposing you’d like to see him?
Sure thing, but just a warning. Don’t kill him. I want him alive for just a little bit longer. Don’t worry, I’ll give you your chance to rip him into bloody pieces, but stay your hand for now.”

With that, Anti led Marvin deeper into the darkness until they eventually came upon a cell. It was huge and near pitch black inside, except for a lone figure hunched against the far wall. The clacking of chains filled the space as the figure shifted, looking up at the newcomers.

“Marvin! Marvin, please! You’re the only one left who can-”
Seán’s pleas died when he saw the figure standing behind Marvin, a protective hand on the magician’s shoulder.

“Wh-why?” Seán croaked out, letting his weight once again sag against the cold stone wall. “Why did you join him?”

Anti unlocked the door, letting Marvin into the cell. He made his way to Seán, crouching down to eye level. It was only then that Seán noticed the slight green tint in Marvin’s eyes.

“Why do you think, Seán? I was a throwaway character. You gave me life then threw me aside to suffer in the darkness. Joining Anti was the only way for me to survive without your little fans’ continued interest. Do you know how it feels to be forgotten? When they forgot who I was, so did I! I became a hollow shell, disappearing into nothingness. The worst part?
IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT. You promised to bring me back, to put me into public eye again. You lied. Just like them, you forgot about me.”

Seán squirmed under Marvin’s furious gaze. The excitable and passionate magician he had created was gone, replaced by someone he didn’t even recognize.
“Marvin, I’m-”

“I DON’T WANT YOUR WORTHLESS APOLOGIES!” Marvin slammed his hand against the wall to Seán’s right, cracking the stone and sending a jolt of green energy up through the wall into the ceiling. “There is NOTHING you can say to make up for what you’ve done. You’re going to pay with your life.”

Marvin glanced back at Anti before continuing.
“But not yet. Until then, you get to feel what it’s like to be forgotten,” he said the last word with with a sinister upturn that reminded Sèan too much of Anti. Marvin really was gone.

“They won’t forget me, I KNOW they won’t. They’re too observant for that, they won’t fall for your trickery!”

Marvin laughed, the sound echoing against the cell and sending daggers of fear and dread into Seán’s heart. He sounded just like Anti. If Marvin wasn’t right in front of him he might even assume it WAS Anti.

“Really, Seán? Sure, some of them have caught on, but not enough. The vast majority just keep watching like nothing is wrong. Your own girlfriend doesn’t even know the difference.”

At the mention of Signe, Seán tensed.
“What have you done with her!? Leave her alone or I’ll, I’ll-!”

Marvin leaned back on his heels, observing Seán with an almost predatory glare.

“You’ll do what? You’re chained to the wall in a pocket dimension with absolutely no hope of escape. There’s nothing you can do to stop us.” He stood again, leaning against the wall. “But don’t worry, we won’t hurt her. It’s not like she’d notice if anything happened to you anyway. She’s been going along her normal business this whole time, not even noticing she’s living with an imposter. If she doesn’t notice, why would they?”

Marvin was right and Seán hated it. The burst of energy he gained at the mention of Signe was gone, and exhaustion overtook him once more. He let himself collapse against the wall.

“I still have Chase. He’ll think of something. He has to,” Seán’s voice was almost a whisper at this point, his throat too thrashed from screaming for help to conjure anything louder.

“Will he?” This was Anti’s voice now, Seán could tell without even looking up. He did anyway though, only to see a new figure standing near the bars of his cell. It was Chase. He had his hat pulled low against his eyes, but Seán swore he saw tears glistening in harsh light near the bars of his confinement.

“No. Not you too! You were the only ally I had left!” Seán screamed this out with all of his remaining strength, prompting Anti to chuckle slightly at the display.

“I’m sorry, Seán. I had no choice. I was a throwaway character in a parody video nobody asked for. Joining Anti was the only thing that could bring me back into public eye. I had to protect my family, and when given the choice, they come first,”
He turned away from the cell, wiping his tears before following Anti back into the surrounding darkness. Before he left, however, he turned to Seán one last time.
“You brought this on yourself.”

Welp, here’s the story I promised. It’s just a little thing I thought up while browsing Anti theories, and was mostly inspired by @hufflepufftrax, as well as a few other writers. Also, I’d like to extend a thank you to my cat Olive for her moral support. I felt like people were shifting the blame onto us, and rightfully so I might add, but they forgot about Jack. This is partially his fault too, isn’t it? Who knows, that’s for you to decide. Thanks for reading!

PS: there’s a sequel now!

Part 1 :Jeff Atkins series

“Y/N!” Hannah yelled running up to me to caught up making me giggle.
“Hey Chica”
“ Did you know the Baseball team is having a little puff league? To raise money and I think you should do it”
“ A little what?” I answering sincerely confused
“ You know like a baseball game for us girls to play the guys are gonna be coaches and stuff like that at least that’s what I heard ”
“Ohh” i said rolling my eyes as I saw her intentions she knew I had a crush on the oh so infamous player Jeff Atkins but then again who didn’t?
“So then by "us girls ” you mean your doing it to?“ I shot back
"Heck no that’s not my thing but I will go support you ”
“ oh yeah right, because I’m totally gonna do that”
“Why not? Ahhh,,, it little miss Y/N turning into a chicken”
That certainly caused me to glare at her if there was one thing I couldn’t turn down it way a taut or challenge ,and Hannah knew this all to well.
“How about if you do it I’ll be your personal cheerleader and monets on me for the next month ?” Hannah proposed.
“Well you do know how much I like free drinks… hmmm ok fine I’m probably gonna lose on my first attempt anyway ”
“That a girl come on lets go sign you up ”
I smiled as we linked arms and walked into the school building towards our lockers.
“Hey helmet ” Hannah called as she saw Clay walking in front of us.
“Oh hey Hannah, and Y/N”
I simply Smiled.
“So Helmet, you going to that little baseball thing?”
You smirking seeing her interest and clays oblivion.
Clay shrugged walking with you two ,“ I don’t know probably not but, knowing Jeff he’ll most likely make me go”
That made Hannah nudge me in the side and made me roll my eyes.
“Well I’m gonna go sign up Humans see you later”, I said seeing the sign up table and getting a weird third wheeling feel.
They both said bye as I walked toward the table once there I saw only Montgomery and Bryce sitting there probably to hit on girl I thought.
“ Well would you look at who we have here” Bryce said making me give a nonchalantly smile. And making Montgomery perk up and grin at me.
“Well hi there ” he winked making me feel repulse, I saw Him do this daily he would hit on anything with boobs and an ass.
“ you signing up Y/N? Funny how you sign up for this but never sign up for on of my party’s” Bryce said smiling
“Yeah not my things ” I answered reaching for the pen which Montgomery took off the table
“Why not talk to us first a little before signing up? Who know we might be the ones coaching you” he taunted with the pen
“I Would rather no-” I started but got cut off
“Come on guys give her the pen and quit bugging her then we won’t raise any money ” Jeff told the guys in his cool natural state only making them smirk and raise an eyebrow. When I turned to face him he smiled and handed me the pen Montgomery handed him I signed the sheet basically simple bring 5 bucks after school first name last initial and phone number I and handed the pen back to him
“No problem, see you there Y/L”
I slightly smiled and walked away slight crush struck was that a word no did I care no,, and then it hit me how the heck did he know my name? I thought we never spoke before… he was a grade above mine.
~~skip to lunch because I have writers block

“Hi human amigos” I said sitting out side with clay and Hannah
“ Y/N” clay said
“ munchkin ” Hannah replied rolling her eyes playfully.
“How did signing up go?” She asked
“Umm, ok I guess kinda weird”
“ why weird?” Clay cut in
“Oh umm I’m not sure someone knew my name and it was strange to me that’s all”
“Oh I see ”
“ I mean you did sign your name right? That’s probably why” Hannah cut in
“No it was my last name and I only but my initial” I answered taking a bit of the small pack of fruit salad I had.
“ who was it?”
“No one ” I said “Hannah’s probably right ”
“It’s Atkins ” she answers nonchalantly making me shot death glares and of if looks could kill
“Ohhh” clay said “you do know he knows how you are right? ” he said grinning slight knowledge this making me cock my head simply showing a no with slight irritation he noticed that but not Hannah wow I thought they’re something different
“Ok, so I tutor Jeff in the library and one time we saw you run in there with Hannah hiding from someone or something like that I’m not sure well he asked me who you where since he never seen you around that he’d seen Hannah at a few party’s but not you and I told him your name and stuff”
“Why didn’t you ever tell me this ”
“I told Hannah at work once but don’t think she was paying attention”
We both turned to her as she was lost in he own world smiling and picking at her food
“See” he told me making me laugh
“yeah ”
“speaking of the devil” Clay said out of no where more to himself than to us.
“Hey guys ” Jeff said sitting at your table out of nowhere making Hannah snap back.
“Hi Atkins”
“Hello Baker, and Miss Y/N”
“What’s up Jeff?” Clay asked making Jeff turn away from Hannah and myself.
“Oh right I have to cancel today’s tutor group or push it back since we group up for the puff baseball thing today ”
“ oh ok that’s fine it’s up to you we can meet up after or tomorrow ”
When you heard tomorrow you slightly turned to Hannah clay ways gonna help you tomorrow.
“Afters good” Jeff answered slightly to your disappointment

(A/N: HA bet you thought I was gonna make it the same day btw make it drama or make it fluff? Message me and let me know please!)

“Ok it’s settled” he said standing up and going to. “Oh and see you on the field Y/L don’t let me down that means don’t be late and win for me "he joked smiling and winked? Walking away,,, did Jeff Atkins wink at me? He was messing around right? Was it in my head? I turned to Hannah and Clay who where both grinning from ear to ear "oh god” I thought knowing I was flushed “this is gonna be a long day”

The Inquisitive Snake - Part 6

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Part 4

Part 5


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Hey guys! I will be posting the other 2 drawing requests tomorrow, if anyone was wondering. Thank you all for reading! I beyond appreciate it.

We slowly walked our way to The Whyte Wyrm. My bag back on my shoulders and my nose cleaned up from the bathroom. While I had tried to convince her that I was there for her as a friend, part of me knew I was lying. Yet my focus was elsewhere as I once again saw a distraught look on her face while we walked. Her mind had wandered elsewhere.

“Are you alright?”. I gave her a nudge to her shoulder with my own.

She looked back quite instantly. Her mouth crept to a smile, a lying one I myself had experienced. “I’m fine”.

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The Predator

How do I love thee let me count the ways?

This post is dedicated to @supersillyanddorky06 and her amazing story the Predator because I saw some anon hate sent her way.

You asked anon so let me count the ways of how I love this story.

The Predator speaks to me on a deeper emotional level than most fiction I read.  The internal struggle the characters face touches me in a way I couldn’t foresee but it should have been expected as with most of Matty’s work.

The chasm of emotions Felicity’s charcter goes through from careless cold loneliness to unextinguishable fire and passion pulls me in; the brilliance of Mattys writing comes from her ability to make you walk in her characters shoes no matter what background or time you come from.  In a chapter written from Felicity’s point of view; I become Felicity. I live her loneliness; her worry her need to solve the mystery; her attraction to Oliver; I become her. 

Then there is Oliver; the suppressed carefully controlled Oliver; a hurt little boy in the skin of a lethal panther. In so much pain and so much inner conflict; carefully composed; in mystery and pain. In the one chapter written from his point of view; I cried for Oliver; I wanted to pluck him out and hug him tight; I wanted to replace the mother that rejected him. I wanted to protect him from the world.

How can I resist the depth of human emotion these characters offer.. how can I resist the very real response that echoes through me; and this all comes back to one brilliant writer; who is able to illicit these emotions from me; and I thank her for moving me; for opening me up; for making me feel; for the pain and the tears and the joy she brings me.

Thank you Matty @supersillyanddorky06 I know we don’t say it enough! And thank you to all the writers out there who put pen to paper; who take a chance; who risk anonymous criticism; who move us to tears and laughter;  you know who you are and I don’t say it enough!

Finally I must say:  I have a major issue with anonymous comments especially when sending criticism; if you don’t have the courage to declare who you are then please remain quiet. You can’t just throw fuel onto a fire and run away. Stand up and be willing to take responsibility for your words. Words are weapons; so choose yours carefully; and if you want to engage into battle over the Predator; then be careful the soldiers are many and the lines are amassed. If you are the strong feminist you claim to be; then please declare your self and hear our response. Don’t just be an eater of the dead that comes to attack within the cover of fog - the warriors are here prepared to defend. -let’s see who catches that reference!

@laurabelle2930 @miriam1779 sorry I missed your tags!

Hey guys ,
so - I know this is an imagines blog and everything but there is something I need your help with. Its actually for all of us — as you may have already heard THE ORIGINALS is ending after the 5th season and with it goes any chance we might get to see Chris Wood as Kai again.
I just wanted to ask all of you , who have twitter (and specially if you are going to the SDCC at the THE ORIGINALS panel) — to tweet to Julie and the THE ORIGINALS’ writers to bring Kai to the series. Its a long shot , I know that trust me — but I believe it is worth the try.
Kai deserved a better ending. Yes , he had made a mistake — but he didnt deserve this and I believe Julie left a door open with sending him to the PW instead of back to Hell when Bonnie destroyed it.
Yes , I am grasping at straws 😅 … just please if you can — tweet and tweet , and if you get to see Julie in person at SDCC tell her.
Thank you 🙏


I’m going to give the warning now: this post was written in frustration. It is not sugarcoated. It is the cold truth. It’s tough love. If you don’t think you can handle that, don’t read this. If, no matter what I say, the amount of feedback you give writers won’t change, don’t bother reading this.

I don’t want to offend anyone with this post. So if you’re easily offended, please just keep scrolling.

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The Right Partner. 3/?

Series Summary: You’re in a tough spot with your boyfriend, but a random Disney duet with your neighbor may have been exactly what you needed to distract yourself. Now to see if you can take the heat that follows.

Warnings: Swearing / angst / sad Chris

Word Count: 2,308


“Captain Homewrecker? Chris Evans reported to being not so righteous…
   The Marvel star, reported to have been involved with an affair, has been spotted with his newest arm candy. Our inside source tells us that this affair had been going on for the last six months, and the two were tired of hiding their relationship. More details to come in tomorrow’s article!”

Your eyes scanned over the bold text on Tabatha’s phone. Over. And. Over. There was no way that this was happening. You shook your head slowly as you scrolled to see the repeating slideshow of photographs: the Starbucks, the shopping bags, the Gyros, and just random shots of the both of you smiling. You didn’t remember Chris having his arm wrapped around your waist, yet there it was in the picture. You were just so comfortable with him that you never noticed.
“How would they even know?” Chris’ words made you jump, forgetting that you weren’t alone. “I mean we only decided to go after… “
“Rick.” You practically spat his name. “I’ve got an old college friend who writes for these guys, and she’s listed as this author.” You shoved Tab her phone back and pushed over to the door, fiddling with your keys until you finally had the door unlocked. Tabatha and Chris followed, unsure of what to do next. You slammed your shopping bags and purse onto your dining table. You left the others in the living room while you sought out your phone charger. It took a minute for your phone to come to life after plugging it in in the kitchen. Tabatha gave Chris a desperate look. He gave a weak smile, murmuring something about things turning out alright. They both looked back to you once you started speaking.
“Hi, get me Shannon Wells.” You paced in what little open lead you had.

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Do not tell me that they weren't in love. Because did you see Berlin?

look at that cheeky flirting ;)

“One day, you will dance with a man who deserves your love” -Eli David

Look at the love and adoration in her eyes

“If it was not for Orli things would have been different. I would be a different person.”

“Then I should catch her before she leaves. You know, and thank her. “




!!! i am not ok !!!

anonymous asked:

I know they won't do that but if they kill Sara I'm gonna die

i think we can all recognize that sometimes prison break writers lose their damn mind and make some really bad choices…

several bad choices immediately come to mind, and one in particular, that they chose to kill off sara in season three.

now, i recognize that those of you who watched on netflix have no idea what really went down way back when, but let me tell you, there was an entire campaign to bring her back, because yeah, she was not ever coming back.

sara was really, truly going to remain dead, and they even had plans to have michael move on with another woman had the writers strike not happened.

and let me tell you, that would’ve been the end of the show for me.  because it was michael and sara or nothing.  

but alas, thousands of cranes were made and the fan outcry was so loud and so present that we actually got sarah her job back.  and i remember her thanking the fans for doing so.

and we got one more season with the both of them…and then they killed michael.

like jfc, you just can’t win with this show, i swear.

so now, years and years later, after having had to create headcanons to help the sting i felt from this show burning me twice, they finally brought it back to have both of them alive.

and i swear, oh fuck, i swear if they were for some unknown reason to decide to kill either one of them again, I WILL BURN THEM.

but thankfully for us all, i don’t see that happening.  

it’s going to be happy family time for the scofields.


So anyway I stopped playing them b/c I just got bored, plus Nikolai and Lucy looked so out of place together after her hair change lol.
He was probably like…oh…yikes. Bring the blonde back. 
hahaha jk
no he probably did but I’m sure he would’ve gotten use to that new look. 

So this is the final post for this play through!!
Thank you so much for following along, or just checking out my screens, just for liking my things! Thank you!  ♥

Everyone lived happily ever after, I swear :P 

So, Lucy got her old look back. Nikolai quit his job and became a journalist and a writer with Lucy’s support.
They got married all that stuff. Lived in love till they died. 

Charlie and Sam eventually got married, had a bunch of kids and pretended to be miserable, but they were so in love till they died too. 

Kash, who’s that? 

Acoustic (Jack Barakat) (All Time Low)

Word Count: 698


Every time we come back to Baltimore I always make sure I get to see this amazing girl at a small club not many people knew about. I was friends with the owner because All Time Low had played here a few times before getting signed. The girl in question was y/f/n y/l/n, she played an acoustic set made up of covers and a few original songs thrown in. She had an amazing vocal range which made her covers sound like they could be one of her originals.

I wanted to tell her how good she was but every time she finished her set I got nervous. Tonight though I was going to speak to her, musician to musician. I got a beer and found a secluded spot away from the crowd which seemed to grow each time I came, y/n was very popular online and a joy to watch live.

The lights dimmed and she came on stage holding a guitar which had seen better days before she sat on the stool set up for her. The crowd cheered and she thanked them for coming before diving into her set.

1. Bring Me To Life – Evanescence

2. Drown – Bring Me The Horizon

3. Angel Tears – Original

4. Call Me Back – Original

5. Silence – Original

6. Still Into You – Paramore

7. Time Bomb – All Time Low

8. Ripped Jeans – Original

9. Dance With The Devil – Original

10. Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus

I was happy she played an All Time Low song, though she always tried to include at least one in her sets. Ripped Jeans and Angel Tears were new songs, it was good to see her playing more original material because it showed her growth as an artist and as a writer. Now I just needed to tell her all this.


The crowd went wild; they seemed to really like the new material.

“Thank you for coming out tonight all you lovely people. I do this for you guys so go forth and share on social media, until next time goodnight.”

You throw a few picks into the crowd before leaving the stage. It was a thrill performing, though you did dream of bigger stages and maybe a couple more members to take your songs to the next level.

You loved your fans and happily posed for pictures and signed things. You then order a beer and relax at the bar already planning the set list for your next performance unaware that someone was behind you until they cleared their throat and made you jump slightly. You turn on the stool and nearly choke on your beer upon coming face to face with Jack Barakat, had he heard you perform his bands song? What if he came over to say he hated it, you didn’t think you could cope if your idol hated on your voice.

“Can I just say wow y/n, your set was amazing especially Angel Tears. I swear you get better each time I see you perform, and no that wasn’t meant to come across as creepy.”

“You’ve seen me perform before Jack?”

He nods and slides onto the stool next to you before ordering himself a beer.

“At first I stumbled upon you around a year ago when All Time Low were back in town. But now I make sure to catch your set every time I come back, before tonight I was too nervous to approach you.”

You were slightly flattered that the Jack Barakat was a fan of yours. It was also cute how he was nervous to talk to you, if you’d known he was watching you all these times maybe he could have come on stage and performed with you.

“Why thank you Jack. I watch All Time Low whenever you guys are in town. I’m glad you came over tonight.”

Jack laughs and sips his beer.

“So am I, so can I be a fangirl and ask for a picture and an autograph?”

You nod and blush when he drapes his arm casually over your shoulder before pulling out his phone, well you could tick this off your bucket list. This night couldn’t get any better.

anonymous asked:

Heyy! I don't know if you're open to taking requests or story ideas but I thought I'd just drop by anyways. I love love LOVE your harry styles history one shots ( I am too a history lover) and I thought maybe I could request a story idea? Maybe the girl is of color and it's set back in a time period( you'd choose) that interracial relationships were taboo/unheard of. Anyways, Harry is in the war on the british side and this black girl is from america preferably. They meet and connect and harry

2/2 And her are both starting to fall for each other but it’s hard bc of the racial ordeal, but it bothers her more than him??? Anyways, just an idea that I would absolutely love to see an incredible writer like you bring to life! Thank you, have a good night/day lol!!💕

THIS SOUNDS LIKE A WONDERFUL IDEA, only thing is that i have never written anything like this. i would love to write it though. maybe i could see what i can do?

anonymous asked:

hi! I really love your blog. You're a wonderful writer. I hope I can write fanfics like you someday :) :) I have a request, please make a fanfic wherein Sasuke is jealous because Ino knows everything about Sakura. Thanks in advance.

a/n: Hm, so you all want a jealous Sasuke, eh?


“Sasuke-kun, I’m going to go out to the market so can you watch Sarada for the afternoon? Oh, and Ino is coming over to bring over the flowers I ordered so let her in when she gets here,” Sakura rushed as she grabbed her bag and ran out the back door.

Sasuke glanced up from the newspaper he was reading as he looked over to the crib. He had been sitting in the nursery room when Sakura ran past the door to leave for the market. Sarada was fast asleep with her fists tightly held to nothing as she sucked on a pacifier. 

“Stay in your crib Sarada. Okay, good,” he said in particularly to no one as he went back to reading his newspaper.

About half past noon, a knock came from the back door and Sasuke got up to go see who it was. He was sure it was Ino from the flower shop with the flowers that Sakura had ordered. He was right and when he opened the door, Ino stormed in with a giant bouquet of daffodils and tulips.

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greatlakesrebel  asked:

For real though, what do you think of the possibility Ahsoka will come back in Rebels? Personally, I don't think it's gonna happen, they need time to tell the Ghost crew's story, but like if the writers decide to bring her back I think it's going to be in another story, or maybe her own spinoff or whatever. What do you think?

I agree with you that the final season will ultimately focus on the story of the Ghost crew.  Ahsoka’s fate was left ambiguous at the ending of Twilight and because of this I don’t think we’ll see her directly again in rebels.  She could still make an return as a vision or a voice.

The trailers of season 4 only showed what is likely to be only the first six episodes, so there’s no way of telling what may still be in store for the final set of episodes.

anonymous asked:

Heeelllooo my favorite writer. I love your blog!!!!!!!! Can I request a PietroxReader when he goes back to his orphanage and finds the reader who is also a mutant and brings her back to NYC to the Avengers? Then they fall in loove~ and lots of fluff :) You can add other stuff. THANK YOUUU! ❤️❤️❤️

Awwww! I’m your favorite writer? Thank you beautfiful anon! I love this prompt idea and I am going to town on this one! So buckle your seat belts! :)

You sat on your old rusted cot in the 14+ girls wing of the Sokovian orphanage. You had been here ever since you were five and your parents were killed in your home in America by some HYDRA agents and then you were experimented on and given special powers like invisibility and creating force fields. You used these abilities to remain hidden in the orphanage after you turned 18 and would have to be kicked out. But you had nowhere else to go, and this little hell hole of an orphanage was the only home you had left. All the other girls knew that you hid there and they were quite fond of you. You were like a secret that they kept from the harsh orphanage workers that never let them have fun. You told the kids stories and brought up their spirits and played with them. Now being somewhere in your twenties you were a mother figure to them and they were happy to have one shred of happiness in the torment of their lives.

Until one day an AI named Ultron threatened all of humanity and you knew there had to be something that you could do to help save all these innocent lives. But what good was an invisible girl? Until a flash of silver ran into the doors of the wing and peeled your attention away from the window and the other girls mouths gape when they see the attractive man in tight running attire standing before them. A few of the older girls bite their lips and whistle at him and you bite yours a bit as well. “We need to get out of here!” He says urgently. “This place is about to blow! We have aircraft that will get all of you out of here safely!” You could all tell by his accent that this man was Sokovian.

He scans the room as he talks but then his gaze lands on you, and your eyes meet. His eyes were such a vibrant blue and he looked into your bright e/c ones as your brushed a lock of your h/c hair behind your ear. You were without a doubt the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen by the way he looked at you. “Cool he’s a mutant just like Y/N!” A little girl points out and now the fast silver haired man looked at where she was pointing and his curiosity in you was even more intrigued. 

“A mutant eh?” He says and walks over to you. “What can you do?” He asks and then gasps when you disappear before his eyes and all the kids laugh at his reaction as you reappear behind him and tap his shoulder, making him jump as he turns around to face you. 

“I can also make force fields.” You add and then make one shielding the kids and Pietro as a bunch of Ultron’s robots break in and threaten to hurt the children. you let it down for a moment so that Pietro can run out and take care of the threat, which lasted about one second before Pietro rushed back to you. 

“You have a gift, Y/N.” Pietro says and politely kisses your hand, making your whole body tingle with the sensation of his lips on your skin. “Will you use it and help us fight this AI that threatens to destroy humanity?” 

“Yes.” You agree but from the feel of the moment you almost said ‘I do’. 

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Bonnie thanked the wrong people.

Still thinking about how we got screwed out of a thank you scene…

Do you guys remember when Bonnie first came back to life? She hugged Elena and Caroline, then thanked them. In a low voice, she managed to say, “ Thank you.”

And I’m like, “ What, huh? Thank them for what? They didn’t even do shit!”

Caroline literally did NOTHING to bring Bonnie back from the dead. In fact, she was too busy having sex with Tyler the next episode after finding out about her so-called best friend’s death. Appropriate reaction? I don’t think so but maybe that’s just me.

Elena only did 1% of the work. She offered her doppleganger blood which was easy since Tessa ( fuck that, I’m calling her by her real name) Qetsiyah didn’t even need all or a lot of Elena’s blood. Just a few drops or squirts from the palm. She was smiling when she shed her blood to mock Katherine. It wasn’t a major ordeal for Elena at all. She barely did anything to bring Bonnie back. She didn’t even ASK Damon to help. He decided to help on his own. Bonnie is supposed to be Elena’s best friend but she didn’t even suggest trying to bring her back. She was seemingly ready to move on.

Jeremy literally did nothing to bring her back. He and Caroline are in the same boat. They claim to love Bonnie but didn’t contribute to her resurrection. They didn’t even try! Elena did her little 1% of work by dropping hand blood ( rolling my eyes while thinking about how much she must’ve sacrificed) but Jeremy and Caroline did nothing. They didn’t even TRY. That’s what bothers me. They didn’t try to think of ways to bring her back. They didn’t even SUGGEST it. The only person who suggested it was Damon, her so-called enemy or frenemy. Some people call Damon her enemy. Some people say they hate each other yet he’s the one who brought her back while the people who supposedly love Bonnie ( Elena, Caroline and Jeremy) sat on their asses while Damon did 99% of the HARD WORK.

Damon snapped his brother’s neck twice. He kept trying to make deals with Silas, someone he didn’t even like but he had to swallow his pride ( which is hard for Damon to do) and work with Silas anyway. When that didn’t work, he went to Qetsiyah. He kidnapped Amara so she wouldn’t kill herself until Bonnie came back. He even tried to stop her from doing so in the woods and damn near cried when Amara was gone because he thought Bonnie was gone too.

Of course some people will argue that he did ALL OF THAT HARD WORK for Elena. The same Elena who didn’t even ASK or SUGGEST that he try to get her best friend back. Obviously Damon wanted Bonnie back for Elena’s happiness but that’s not the ONLY reason. He cares about Bonnie. Actually, he loves her according to Elena.

But even if he did do all of that for Elena, he still did the unthinkable! He brought her back. Bonnie is alive and still on the show because of Damon. Period. Caroline was more concerned about Tyler than Bonnie’s death. Elena was too busy doing what? Attending some college party and worrying about the possibility of Stefan screwing Qetsiyah?

And don’t even get me started on Jeremy who let Bonnie’s body rot for 3 months while everyone else enjoyed their freakin’ summer? Dude really just let her stay dead and didn’t tell anybody. I don’t care if she asked him not to. That wasn’t doing her any good! Jeremy didn’t even tell Damon about Bonnie’s death UNTIL Elena and Matt kept asking for her because they NEEDED her for her damn magic, of course!

If no one kept asking for Bonnie so they could use her for her powers than Jeremy probably would’ve kept her death a secret even longer! It wasn’t until he felt pressured by people asking about her whereabouts that he finally spilled the beans.

Nobody really cared, not even her father who seemed nonchalant about her mysterious absence so yeah, I’m feeling bitter about Bonnie thanking ANYBODY on this show for her resurrection but Damon!

The writers are just pure anti-logic though. They didn’t write a scene where Bonnie thanks Damon, the guy who busted his ass to bring her back. Instead they have her thank Elena and Caroline who didn’t do shit but worry about their boy drama and casually mention Bonnie every so often. Bonnie didn’t owe Elena and Caroline a thank you. Not Elena, Caroline, Jeremy, Stefan, Matt, none of them! The only person she should’ve thanked was Damon and that hasn’t happened yet and probably never will because Julie and Caroline Dries writes the show..

And they provide fanservice for the loudest fandoms who curse them out on twitter. They don’t provide fans with logic and consistency. Still hoping for a Bamon thank you scene but it might snow in Hell before that happens. 

Rant over!

carolyn003  asked:

Hi!Thanks for opening ur request again and congrats on getting 2500 followers!!!u totally deserve it.😊 Hope u don't mind doing a fanfic on kyohei breaking up with mc.when mc got a 2yr contract as a writer abroad and she can't decide if she'll take it or not,so he break up with her so she can go and achieve her dream as a writer. after her contract ended, she came back home got a chance to work with kyo again then they got back together?Then he propose and they got married afterwards? Thanks!

Thank you and hope this is okay for you.

Thing have been going on well for both you and Kyohei. You work are also getting more recognition and in fact you just received to two years contact to work in New Zealand. Not wanting to leave Kyohei alone here, you decide to reject the offer and stay with him in LA. Thus, you decide not to bring up this offer to him at all.

Your mentor, Mr Ena feels it is a waste for you to miss this opportunity and he understands what is holding you back. Thus, he invited Kyohei out to talk about it.

“If you really care about her, you should let her go. It is an opportunity for her. Think it through.” Fumito said before leaving Kyohei behind to let him think about it.

Kyohei’s POV
I slowly make my way home after meeting Fumito. I hate to admit that it is an opportunity for her. However, we have promise each other to growth together side by side. I have come to a point that I can’t live without her but I don’t want her to sacrifice her career because of me. What should I do? I flop down on my bed thinking whole night holding the diamond ring in my hand. I wanted to propose to her soon but it is the right time now? Will we be okay if we are a part? She could meet better guy than me and left me. Will I really be lonely without her? Many questions flow into my mind as the night ending soon. Eventually, I finally make up my mind.

On our next date, we spend a fun time together. I want to give her the best memory before I break the news to her. Parts of me wish that today will never end but I know that it is not possible. Finally, coming to our last stop, we ends up in a hotel room where we will spend our night there. I make love passionately with her, pouring all my feeling to her. I can’t remember how long we are over each other but it was 3am in the morning when we finally stop.

“Why didn’t you tell me about the contract?” I asked hesitantly while holding her in my arms. There was a silence from her.

“I see no point since I decide to turn down the offer.” She tries to reply cheerfully but avoiding looking at me. She really thinks that she can fool me with her expression.

“There is no reason for you to reject.” I replied coldly.

“What do you mean no reason? Don’t you understand why I am doing in this?” She exclaimed in shocked, looking up at me in tears.

“I know that we promise each other to growth together but there is no reason for you to sacrifice for me.” I closed my eyes and continue,“ Let’s break off for a while. I can’t be so selfish to hold you back.”

I say it out finally but I can feel thousands of knives stab into my heart. The pain I suffering was so painful but I can’t let her know. I want her to succeed. This is best for her.

“Do we really need to do this?” She cried and I can’t help but embraced her.

“If we are still meant to be together in two years, I will not going to let you go. You need to accept the contract.” I whispered loud enough for her and she nods her head in agreement. That night we say nothing else but just holding each other until it is time to let go.

Two weeks later, she left. I did not see her off. I am worried that I might change my mind if I see her right in front of me. The rest of the guys were telling me that she was crying when I am not there. It hurt my heart to hear that. I shut myself in the room that day, holding the diamond ring in my palm, repeatedly telling myself that everything will be alright.

2 years later
You finally make it through your career and were invited back to LA to write on a script. Coming back here brought back many memories and you can’t help but wonder how he has been doing. For the past two years, you still have been following closely on his new songs, concert etc. None of you keep in contact with each other and you wonder if he had totally forgotten you. Pushing back those memories, you make your way to the studio but to find out that the main actor in the movie is Kyohei.

Both of you make a casual greeting and soon work start to go crazy. All you can talk to him is about work and nothing else. You feel kind of disappointed that he makes no effort to ask you out. Eventually, it comes to the last day of the firming. You kind of feel sad that today will be the last day you will be seeing him. Maybe he no longer loves you anymore.

“Will you like to come over to my house? The guys miss you and would like to hang out together.” Kyohei asked suddenly.

“Sure.” You replied. You do miss the rests too. A catch up would be nice. Just like what you anticipate, the house is still as noisy as ever.

“_____, you know every night, Kyohei will hold something in his palm.” Iori voice out suddenly.

“And he will watch the movie you wrote the past two years many times.” Kota added.

“It has become like a daily routine for him.” Ryo continue.

“Shut up!” Kyohei blushed.

“I know where he keeps that thing. Want to see what it is?” Nagito smirked and drags you to Kyohei’s room. Kyohei tried to stop him but Nagi already take out the box from the drawer. He quickly snatches it away from Nagi.

“I think we should leave them alone.” Takashi said and led everyone out, leaving two of you there.

“Is what they said true?” You asked, can’t contain the happiness inside you.

“Well, I guess there is no point hiding. It is true and the thing I holding every night is this ring. I wanted to hug you tightly on the first day I meet you but we have to act professionally. I also worried that you might have found someone. That is why I hold back.” Kyohei sighed before taking the ring out of the box.

“I wanted to ask you two years ago before I know about the contract. I hope it is still not too late. Will you marry me? I am not going to let you go again.” Kyohei asked and kneel down in front of you.

“Yes.” You cried in happiness of tears while Kyohei slips the ring onto your ring finger. You jump into his arms and he embraces you tightly. Shout of joy can be heard at the corridor but you don’t care anymore. No way are you going to leave him again.

About Dogs and Books

Hello peeps! Here’s is the last today’s one-shot. This wasn’t proofread so forgive my (uncountable) mistakes.

Hartbig AU. All lies and all that jazz. SFW. SFF. More than 3k words.


“Hey Grace, are you two bitches already on the road?”

She sighs loudly, running a cold hand through her hair.

“No. Actually I’m leaving the mechanical workshop now. Using my damn legs.”

The background noise she is hearing starts to decrease and Mamrie’s voice is louder now.

“What happened?”

She sighs again, stopping next to the curb and looking at the street, the tiredness clear on her expression.

“An idiot hit my car while it was parked.”

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Writer Cas AU (1/3?)

“Hurry up, Dad!” Emma said, grabbing Dean’s sleeve and tugging him through the mall to the bookstore. Dean sighed at the line.

He loved Emma. He did, more than anything. But this was just too much. Waiting in line for hours to meet some writer? On a gorgeous Saturday when they could be out doing something? He sighed again, shifting the book she was making him carry to his other hand.

The line moved slowly, but the closer they got, the more excited Emma became

.“Thank you so much for bring me, Dad.” Dean smiled when hugged him and kissed her hair. 

 "Sure thing, kiddo. Line’s movin’.“ 

 By the time they finally got to the front of the line, Dean was starving and his back was starting to hurt from standing too long. 

 "Oh my god. Oh my- hi!” Dean smiled at his daughter’s babbling. The writer chuckled. 

 "Hello. What’s your name?“ 

 "Emma. Winchester. Oh my god, you don’t need my last name. Why did I say that?" 

 "Winchester,” the author said. “I used to know a Winchester." 

 "Dad. Your turn.” Dean snapped to attention and hand the book over. The writer looked up, smiling. “Who should I- Dean?” Dean looked at the man and the pieces clicked. 


 "Oh, my god.” Castiel stood up and wrapped his arms around Dean as best he could. Dean hugged back. 

 "Dad.“ Dean looked at his daughter, who looked betrayed. "You know him?”

 "Em, this is Castiel Shurley.“ Dean smiled. 

 "We were…close in high school,” Castiel said, sitting back down. 

 "You’re kidding.“ 

 "Nope. We knew each other for years before college. Damn, it’s good to see you." 

 "You, too.” Someone cleared their throat and Castiel quickly signed the other book and handed back. 

 "We should catch up,“ Cas said. "I’m out of here at six." 

 "We’ll be around,” Dean smiled, then held up the book. “Thanks." 

 "No problem." 

 When they were out of the store, Emma hit Dean hard with her book. 

 "You know J. Novak and you didn’t tell me!” She said, still thwacking. “I’ve shown you his picture a billion times!" 

 "Hey, cut it out!” Dean said, catching her arm. “He’s changed a lot since high school." 

 "What did he mean by close?” Emma demanded. Dean didn’t meet her eyes.

 "Seriously!“ She hit him again and Dean snatched the book. "You slept with my favorite writer and you never told me!" 

 "It happens!” Emma paused in her rant and stared at him for a long time.


 "J. Novak is coming to our house tonight!” She ran towards the doors and Dean followed her, shaking his head. 

 Castiel Shurley. Who would have thought?