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“Seriously, my best friends don’t even call me by my first name. Hell, I’m not sure they even know my first name.”

*incoherent screaming* I had the absolute joy of being able to commission @projectnelm for an illustration of my Shepard and I’m so psyched with how she turned out. Look at her! All ready to save the universe and punch bad guys in the face!

I can’t praise @projectnelm enough, she’s amazingly talented and lovely to work with. Thank you so much!

undeniable // peter parker

summary : seemingly unapproachable expectations weigh down even the best and brightest at midtown, especially during exam/regents week. you’re no stranger to the stress that comes hand in hand with studying. this year, it’s causing you to withdraw from normal, day to day life, much to the concern of longtime friend and crush, peter parker. 

( requested by @iusethistoreadfanfics thank you for requesting :))) )

word count : 2.3k

author’s note : being a high school student in new york where you have to take multiple final exams + regent exams is so fun !!! i’m pretty sure it’s only nys that is required to take them. love this new yorker life .

   Ink was smeared across your fingertips, significant frown lines were beginning to appear in that strained space between your eyebrows, and a dark, hazy cloud had seemed to take up a permanent residence above your head. A figurative cloud, of course, but a nuisance nonetheless. Nothing, absolutely nothing, would ever cause you more stress than the upcoming exams, exams that were less than a week away and causing an absolutely frantic wave of utter distress to wash over the students at Midtown. 

   You were running yourself ragged with all the studying you were doing. You had review classes two hours a day, every day, after school. On weekends, you holed up in your room for hours with piles of textbooks and a multitude of web pages pulled up on your Mac all corresponding with what topic you were cramming for that night. You were more than panicked about your finals. There was a final for every subject, in addition to the regents examinations for Chemistry, Geometry, and Global History II. 

   Failure, you were beginning to think as you sat up at midnight once again with your notes in scattered piles in front of you, was inevitable. All this studying was making your brain go numb. You could barely concentrate in class, you fell asleep twice in one English lesson, you were skipping lunch to sit in the library with your earbuds crammed in your ears as you tried to reteach yourself nine months’ worth of Chemistry notes, and your social life had effectively slipped into the deepest pits of Hell. 

   Stressed and exhausted were no longer the correct words to use when describing your current mental state. You were pretty much a walking ball of anxiety. 

   This was a fact that, just for the record, did not go unnoticed by Peter Parker. He was attentive like that. He was also surprisingly good at reading people. Well, not everyone. Mostly just you, and sometimes Ned. Ned was easy to read in general, though. You were harder to crack, but he always got there eventually, and he was nothing if not determined to get you to open up to him. 

   “Hiiiiiii, Y/N,” he sang, that bubbly grin plastered on his face as he slid into the seat beside you in the cafeteria. His grin faltered at the sight of your own frown, a look that seemed to never leave you these days. Your fingers pinched the bridge of your nose and you were squinting at the pages open in front of you. “Hey, are you okay?” He waved a hand in front of your face. You blinked, seeming to snap out of whatever trance you had slipped into. “Maybe you should take a break,” Peter took the book out of your line of vision, but you grabbed it back before he could put into his bag. 

   “No, no, Peter, I’m fine,” you insisted, finding the page you had just been on and propping the book up in front of you was once more. “Just gotta study.” You gave him a smile that was less than convincing. 

   “You look exhausted.” 

   You turned your cheek away from him, slightly embarrassed. You knew the dark circles that had rooted underneath your skin were beginning to look pretty scary, but you thought you had covered them well enough for the day with the make up you had bought at the drugstore for that specific purpose. “Wow, Pete, you’re quite the charmer these days, aren’t you?” You replied dryly, rubbing the drowsiness from your eyes as you flipped the page. You let out an involuntary yawn, quickly covering your mouth. 

   The tips of his ears turned red. He wasn’t trying to be rude, he was just worried. “You know I didn’t mean it like that.” You did, didn’t you?” He placed a hand over yours, the one reaching forward to turn another page. “Tell me one thing you just read on that page before you flip to the next.” 

   You panicked. “Uh- um, well, you know, something about, like, the- um, the, you know, kinetics, and, umm, equilibrium?” It was a good guess. 

   Or, rather, it would have been, if the book that was opened was a Chemistry textbook and not a Geometry one. Peter raised his eyebrows, showing you the cover of the book. You groaned, covering your face in your hands, elbows propped up on the table. “That’s it. I quit. I’m gonna fail and go to summer school and then I’m gonna fail summer school and drop out of Midtown before I turn sixteen and be disowned by my parents who expect so much and have to work in a brothel in Germany and live out the rest of my days alone and stupid.” He heard you sniffle, though it was a soft and muffled sound. 

   Trying to make you laugh, he said, “I hear Germany is really nice these days.” 

   This was the wrong to say, naturally. 

   You lifted your head, a glare to rival the wrath of even the angriest God upon your face. Peter slowly slid away from you. “You’re so dumb sometimes, Peter.” You shook your head, running a hand through your already messy head of hair. 

  He went to protest, then didn’t. “Yeah, you’re not wrong.” He resumed his seat beside you, closer than he had been before. His fingers tapped against the top of the table as he cast anxious glances at you every few seconds. Finally, he said, “Okay, I’ll just say it right now. I’m worried about you.” Peter slid his hand into yours urgently. You didn’t move, keeping your hand perfectly still. The feeling of his warm, surprisingly soft palm in yours wasn’t unfamiliar. Peter was a notorious hand-holder. He held your hand so often it was almost strange to find him not doing so. This time, though, he wasn’t holding it to joke around about not being able to cross the street without a hand to hold, or because he needed to drag you off quickly so he could show you something ridiculous and slightly time-wasting. 

  In fact, it probably hadn’t been necessary to hold your hand in this moment, but he held it anyway, secure, and that was what made it different. That’s what made your heart jump oddly in your chest and your stomach clench uneasily. This was uncharted territory. 

  “You don’t even know what you’re reading right now,” he said in a quiet manner, always gentle with you in moments where he knew you were in a fragile state of mind. “I think you need to take a break. For yourself, not ‘cause I want you to. You’re gonna burn yourself out like you always do. I know you and that’s what always winds up happening so could you please just take a breather?” He pried the textbook from underneath your free hand and managed to get into his own bag without a word of protest. 

   “Yeah, all right,” you sighed, rubbing your aching temples. Your skull never ceased its pounding these days. The ache of it had become an unfortunate constant and while it was now a familiar part of you, it never stopped being irritating. “I’m pretty tired,” you admitted, defeated. 

   “See? Stop trying to hide things from me. I know you too well,” he gave you a warm smile, like the sun beaming down on your face, and then realized your hand was still encapsulated in his own. He looked at you to move first, but neither of you did. 

   “Whatever,” you scoffed playfully, shrugging your shoulders. “I’m just gonna sit back and accept my failure. Seems to be the only option.” 

   Peter shook his head adamantly, taking both his hands and placing them on your shoulders. “Y/N, you’re being ridiculous. You are the single smartest person I know. If anyone is going to pass their exams with flying colors, it’s you, you beautiful genius. You’re incredible at literally everything you do. This isn’t going to be any different.” He usually saved his fair share of gushing for the confines of his bedroom when it was just him, Ned, and the growing adoration he had for you tingling in the air between him and his best friend as he did nothing but talk about of you. He figured now was as good a time as any to reveal that he thought you were the amazing person to ever grace this universe with your presence. 

   In another moment, perhaps, you would’ve flushed with pride and grinned your brightest grin, given Peter the tightest hug you could manage, kissed the lovely boy on the cheek and tell him that you thought the world of him and more. But you just couldn’t. It was those words that were making you stressed, because it was the same thing your parents thought of you, what your friends thought of you, your teachers, your classmates, everyone just expected greatness from you because of the high levels of your typical academic capabilities. You pretty much sat there staring at him for a good second before starting to cry. 

   Peter, frantic, rushed to put his arms around you. He didn’t know what the hell he said to make you burst into tears but what he did know was that he was even dumber than he thought he was, at least in social situations. “Oh, God, Y/N, I didn’t mean to make you cry oh my God I’m really sorry I just think you’re so smart and I have so much faith in you I didn’t mean to make you upset I’m sorry,” he said quickly, his voice muffled in your hair. He rubbed your back in a slightly awkward way, but you knew he was trying. 

   “Not- not your fault, Peter,” you mumbled, pulling away. You wiped your face. “Sorry… ugh, I’m really sorry. It’s just so stupid,” you cried out miserably, taking the sleeves of your sweater and wrapping yourself in your own protective embrace, sort of missing Peter’s. 

   “C’mon,” he touched a hand to your shoulder. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately. “Your feelings are valid and you can tell me anything and I’m really worried now so, please tell me what’s going on.” Sweet, caring Peter. 

   Before you could think better of it, you blurted it all out, spilling your heart out to the boy in front of you and hoping he wouldn’t brush you off like you knew anyone else would. “Well, it’s just that everyone has such high expectations of me and everyone thinks I’m just automatically gonna pass everything and that I don’t need help and that everything just comes so easily to me, like I just sit down at a test and automatically get an A which isn’t the case. I bust my ass to get the grades that I do and I’m not a natural genius like you are, I have to study for hours to score the grades that I do and I work on essays for weeks before I turn them in so I know that they’re perfect. I work really hard and no one thinks that I do and everyone assumes I’m going to be perfect and everything but I’m not I’m like dying over here and I’m drowning in school work and I don’t know how to ask for help because I’ve never had to before and I don’t wanna admit it but I’ve burned myself out and I need help, Peter.” 

     You were so small in that moment, your voice quieter than he had ever heard it and so much more vulnerable than he had ever known you to be. Peter lifted his hand to your face, his thumb caressing it softly. Gentle Peter. Gosh, you adored him. “Y/N, I said those things because I know them to be true. You are- you’re the best person I’ve ever met, all right? The amount of faith I have in you is ridiculous. You’ve gotten through tough situations before and you’ll get through this one, too. You’re not alone in this.” He took a breath. “You have me. Always have. Always will. Okay? You’ve got me. I believe in you. Your intelligence is undeniable.” Evidently, so were his feelings for you. 

    Absolutely undeniable. 

   Your hand met his, fingers curving around him. “That really means a lot.” His shy smile peeked out again as he brought his hand down, reluctant. “Peter, I-” 

   “I like you.” Your voices ran together, and the blush that slid across his cheeks was effortless. “Oh.” You said it again, together, as you did most things. You laughed at the same time, that pure elation that came from new love now pumping from your heart and making its way into your bloodstream. 

   Peter played with a strand of your hair that swept over your shoulder, his fingers twisting it around absentmindedly. Without looking at you, happy that you reciprocated his long hidden feelings but still nervous as ever to be with you, he asked, “Would you- would you maybe… want to go… on a date, with, um, with me?” He lightly tapped his chest. It was a silly question, maybe, because you had just told him that you liked him back, but he had to ask. It’d be improper of him not to.

   This time, it was you pulling him toward you, your lips hovering over his for just a second. “I would love to go on a date with you, Peter.” You leaned forward to press your lips to his, only for a brief moment. You didn’t want to make a scene in front of the entire school, not just yet.  

   His lips followed yours even after you pulled back. A slight pout fell upon him when you were no longer kissing him, but he recovered quickly. “Oh, wow, um, that’s great. That’s so great. Would you, um, wanna be my girlfriend, then? Maybe? Possibly? I just like you so much and I always have and being your boyfriend would probably make me the happiest person in the entire universe, which is really big, just so you know-” 

   You placed your finger on his lips, silencing his babble. “I’m all yours.” 

   “I think I’m gonna pass out from happiness.” A dork through and through, but nevertheless, your dork now, and your love for this idiot in front of you, his face alight with joy, was something inherently undeniable. 

Roll The Dice


“So what’s your plan?” Veronica asks, raising an eyebrow. “Fake date someone so you can learn how to be a good girlfriend for him?”

Betty looks at her in wonder. “Actually… actually that’s a great idea, V.”

or Betty is oblivious, Jughead pines, Veronica spills the tea, and Reggie finds his One True Bro™.

This is from a prompt I saw a looooong time ago on Tumblr. I even have a Malec fic based on it, but I decided to give it a go with Bughead. :)

As always, thanks to the bae @itstenafterfour for being the best beta and friend ever. Love you!

PS. One Tree Hill is my favorite show so Juggie/Reggie roasting it is just a joke, don’t hate me lmao. 

Also this is freaking 13,005 words so it might crash on you. In case of that, here’s the link to it over on AO3.      

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This is the dream… There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than this. The blog is still small, but quickly I can feel us climbing through the comic blog tiers. This piece is a bastardization of how I feel right now, there’s no way I can produce or explain this feeling… this love… 

I can feel SWC growing and growing, and I can feel and see, observe, how I personally grow with it too… I never felt like a good person, I always felt everything I did was morally wrong but this… this has changed my life.

I hope I can make you laugh (or cry for that matter of catharsis) every Monday, make you forget it’s Monday, and hopefully, bring the happiness I feel everyday to you. Yes… you.

The frickers in this piece:






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Dating Ronan The Accuser would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him keeping you close to him as much as he can to make sure you’re safe and sound, only for him to get so worked up about it he keeps adding more guards for you whenever he has to leave you alone

-Him secretly learning about Terran customs and trying his best to surprise you with the things he knows and or can get for you, making you melt and just hug him for being so cute

-Him getting shy and all stuck up whenever he’d take you on a date, feeling it to be too casual for himself only to learn how to loosen up because of you

-Him having learned to show affection thanks to you and slowly liking it more and more as he’d get used to your persistence

-Him loving to surprise you and bringing you to new and beautiful places as he loves the look and excitement you’d have as you’re discovering everything

-Helping him get ready in the morning, only to always end up kissing him and making him get all bashful from it

-Him using nothing but sweet and loving nicknames, like “My beloved”, just because he feels it to be the only way he can let everyone else around know that you’re his

-Him getting worried to see you train yourself to be able to help him and just usually barging in angrily before telling you that he doesn’t like the thought of you getting yourself hurt

-Having the command of his men just as he does and usually being able to convince them to help you whenever you want to give him a surprise

-Soft hand touches to reassure one another whenever either of you are worried, only for him to usually end up grabbing yours and finally telling you how much he loves you

-Slow and passionate sex, especially as he’s always go out of his way to pleasure you before himself, making you want him even more

-Him proposing to you rather quickly as he wants you to be his forever and he needs you to be his queen

Tags : @dontaskmemyfavoritesong, @nikkinikki97, @lynn8dabeast92-blog, @uss-lesbian, @tearsofebony, @happyshaddow94,  @ichimaruai, @shortoneofabakersdozen, @rootbeergoddess, @unlaceddoll​, @hurried-and-anxious​, @ecurrier109​,  @greek-freak101, @madamrogers,@shersuperwho-blog, @happyshaddow94, @angel-with-broken-wings, @meloz-draws, @clambonii, @kylorenlover15 @Erikaaferns, @purplemuse89, @fandomwritingismylife, @ichimaruai, @nekodalolita,@samwinchesterhasbeensaved, @happyshaddow94,@master-of-schadenfreude, @my-youth-is-my-own

nct 127 reaction to you having a bad day

request: ‘can you please do nct 127 reacting to you being frustrated or angry bc you’ve had a bad day? thank you so much 💘’

a/n: no problem!! i hope you enjoy ≧◡≦

johnny: he would notice something was a bit off as soon as he came home. he would worriedly ask what was wrong, and try his best to cheer you up.

‘it’s okay baby! we can spend the rest of the night watching a movie, eating ice cream, and cuddling’

taeil: he would listen to what you have to say carefully, nodding along and holding your hand, hugging you after. 

‘tomorrow will be better, i promise y/n! today just wasn’t the best for you’

taeyong: you didn’t deserve such a day: he wouldn’t force you to cheer up right away, he believes it’s healthy to express your emotions instead of bottling them up. 

‘i love you so much. if you have anything else to talk about i’ll be here’

yuta: he would hate seeing you in anger and exhaustion: your smile was also what made him happier, so he would try to ease your mood by saying cute stuff that guaranteed would make you smile.  

‘lighten up y/n! your pretty face doesn’t like having that frown’

doyoung: seeing doyoung would make you feel the slightest bit cheerful, since he is just a fluff of happiness. he would encourage you to forget about what happened and move on. 

‘there is so much more to experience, just because today sucked, doesn’t mean you should continue to be sad! where’s the happy-go-lucky girl i used to know?’

jaehyun: he would pull you into his arms and let you cry if you have to and let out your stress. he would quietly listen, and after you were done he would kiss you on the crown of your head.

‘we can binge watch your favorite show? or do you want to order pizza?’


winwin: he would rub your back, play with your hair, and give you his full attention as you talk. in the end, he would start praising you and tackling you into a hug.

‘i’m so proud of you y/n! you got through this day, and that’s what’s important’

mark: he would stare at you with a frown as he nods along to what you say. though he has also been busy and tired from his schedule lately, he would still feel sympathetic for you.

‘i’m sorry you had to go through this day: you’re so strong and independent, i love you!!’ he would say as he embraces you into a hug.

haechan: after listening to you, he wouldn’t say anything for a while and just pull you in a hug- trying his best to comfort you.

‘you are so much more than what this day has given you, i want you to realize you’re beautiful inside and out’

I wanted to apologise for all the unanswered messages in my inbox. All the lovely wishes, compliments, headcannons and everything else. There are various reasons why I haven’t responded but most common is that I’m a piece of trash who doesn’t know how to respond to kindness. That being said I want you all to know that I appreciate EVERY message and I wanted to say thank you, lovely people.

As a side note: I’m feeling a bit better recently and I’ll try my best to slowly get back into posting my trash art hehe. Also I’ll show you guys a but of my animated film I’ve been slaving over at my school.

Another side note:

Dream daddy ruined me


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continuation of the s/o being unrequited in love?



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It had been almost a year since Gokudera had been courting you. Not much had happened yet, except that the two of you are way closer than before. Gokudera could feel himself growing anxious at the thought of you being so close yet nothing had really happened between the two of you.

Gokudera was going to fix that.

He had invited you to have dinner with him at an extravagant restaurant that he regularly visited. It had the best wine and the food was amazing. He wanted to impress you, and so far it had, if your marveling at the place had anything to say about it.

“Gokudera, this is honestly so amazing. Thank you for bringing me out.” Your smile was the one part of you that Gokudera adored above everything else. It just made your face glow and it made everything seem bright and easy. It was what had made him fall in love with you in the first place.

The night was going good, and it seemed that the two of you were having the time of your lives. You clinked your glasses again, and giggled at the sound. Gokudera was such a nice guy, taking you out like this.

You watched him closely, noticing the ripples in his white shirt whenever he moved, showcasing his muscles. Remembering the time when you caught him without a shirt, you felt yourself grow hot underneath your dress. You also started to remember the way that Gokudera comforted you when you had a little meltdown over Tsuna. He was so caring and generous.

At that thought, you felt your heart skip a little.

Your eyes widened, and Gokudera ceased his laughing when he noticed your silence. He saw your expression, and leaned over the table, his hand going to brush some hair out of your face.

“Hey, are you ok-” You flinched away from his fingertips, staring wide-eyed at Gokudera.

Oh no, oh no, oh no.

You quickly grabbed your purse, and started to frantically try to get away. This can’t be happening, you can’t be in love with Gokudera. You saw how Tsuna got you, and you didn’t want to go through that again.

Before Gokudera could get out of his seat, you had already taken off.


Yamamoto had just confessed to you.

After the two of you had gone on another outing, he stopped you before the two of you walked into the restaurant, and confessed that he had been in love with you for a long time now.

You had run away.

The words had left you frozen for a few moments, before everything started to feel like it was closing in on you, and then you had bolted. You could distantly hear the yelling of Yamamoto for you to come back, but you ignored it. You weren’t ready for this.

Forgetting Tsuna had been a nightmare. He was someone who you thought you were in love with for the longest time, and now that you had forgotten him, you have these feelings sprung onto you once again, but this time it’s from your closest friend.

You liked Yamamoto, he was such a nice person and he always listened to you whenever you vented to him. You never thought of him in the way that he sees you, and you don’t want to play him like Tsuna played you.

You didn’t want to lose such an important friendship.

So, you ignored the words that Yamamoto had spoken. As long as you didn’t acknowledge them, nobody would be hurt. Right?


While Hibari did technically confess to you, it still felt as if you were just being too hopeful. Hibari never really conveyed that he loved you, so it felt as if he was just playing around with you, waiting for the best moment to break you. You knew in the back of your mind that Hibari was not that kind of person, but your negative thoughts were louder and more insistent.

“What are you doing?” You jumped, startled from the sudden voice. You turned a little, seeing Hibari staring down at you. He was dressed in his black suit, and it was obvious that he was about to leave on a mission.

“N-nothing, just thinking?” You could see as the scowl formed on his face at your pathetic attempt at lying. He always knew how to read you like an open book. Sensing a dangerous intent coming from him, you turned back around, ready to book it out of there and save yourself before something bad happened.

Before you could get far, you were stopped by his hand gripping your forearm. It was all so sudden, that you didn’t realize that you were being pushed up against a wall. His grip didn’t hurt, you could tell he was not trying to hurt you, but all you could think about was how you made him angry.

“Do you still love Tsuna?” It was unexpected. Were you still in love with Tsuna? You hadn’t thought about him in so long, Hibari had been the only person on your mind. It seemed so weird to see Tsuna in that light now. The only person who made you feel like Tsuna used to was Hibari…

You were in love with Hibari.

“I see…” He glared down at you. Hibari didn’t like the hesitation, and backed away from the wall he was caging you against. You were snapped out of your thoughts to him walking away from you.

“W-wait, it’s not what you think.” You tried to explain yourself, but Hibari ignored you. You desperately tried to grab onto his sleeve, but you were shrugged off. He didn’t want to talk to you or see you right now. Hibari wanted to be alone.

  • Jimin : Hyung have I told you that you're such a warm person?
  • Jimin : You're so soft and cute~ just by being with you makes me feel so good!
  • Jimin : I'll never want to leave you Hyung!
  • Jin : Thank you Jiminie, I love you too.
  • Jin : Now take your hand out from under my hoodie please.
  • Jimin : *Tearing up*
  • Jimin : *Voice cracks* but hyung~
  • Jin : Okay FINE! You can leave your hands in there.
  • Jimin : Yay٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

Let’s talk about your story! Here’s what you do: 1. how many stories are you writing? 2. What’s your favorite story/favorite post you’ve written? 3. Who do you personally ship in your story? 4: Who do you think has had the most character development in your story (bonus: why) 5. Tag 3 story simblrs that you’ve been reading!

I was tagged by @blythelyre, thanks Babe! I originally did this meme here but I wanna tag some more people whose answers I’d love to see so it’s all good.

1) Still only writing the one story, Five Years Later.

2) The first time I answered Roy and Sonia’s wedding and that is true in terms of fun…I truly look back on it as being the best fun I have ever had writing anything, and also setting up the scenes, choosing the outfits, the decorations etc was a blast too. But if I would have to choose my favourite post in terms of actual feels, it would probably be the aftermath of Joël finding Anita cheating with her workmate. And this song always plays in my head as a soundtrack, and the lyrics never cease to give me chills when I think of poor Jojo’s heart being ripped out of his chest. I don’t know who you are now, all the things I hear you say, you talk that way, you’re a stranger…. 😭😭😭

3) Jonita and…heheh. I also still secretly ship Romi, lulz. And I love Seph and Audrey. I really want to explore their story further. How I’m going to do this has not yet fully revealed itself itself to me, but if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I have faith.

4) Naomi, no contest, but thinking about my current story arc def also Mia…I feel like I owe it to her, she’s a trooper and has gone through so much, the poor lamb. Why has she had so much character development? Well, I think I owe it to my characters, basically. Of course I owe it to my readers too to have complex characters who aren’t stereotypes. And to have them continually surprise people is great and hopefully keeps people interested in their lives and stories.

5) This time around I would like to tag @mada-didi @trembling-hands and @sunset-melody! Cheers, possums! 

"There is no great genius without some touch of madness" (Ivar x Reader)

A/N: Hi, hello. I know the title is long but I couldn’t come up with anything mine. Btw it’s Aristotle.
I’ve been in this fandom for a while, but more like the observatior (idk if it’s a word). Ivar is the best Viking but don’t hate me if you don’t like him in this writing. It’s fanfiction after all.
Thanks for support and enjoy 💛


Being Floki’s daughter, in your opinion, was amazing. You build boats together while Helga looked at you lovingly. You remember playing around with your father’s black paint, just to be like him. You always loved when both of your parents layed down with you and told you stories about theirs and Ragnar’s raids. You grew up with Ubbe and Hvitserk, since you’re around the same age, and it made you curious about their father, whom you didn’t remember.

Of course your father was seen as a little strange. It lead to teasing from people in Kattegat, but when it became too much Floki always was there to wipe your tears away and tell you stories about brave goddesses. His love to Gods became your strenght.

You started to watch how Ubbe and Hvitserk trained, even how Sigurd tried to do it with Ivar. Eventually you start to sneak out at nights to train on your own. Your luck ended when you hurt yourself with an axe. You came home and tried to stop the bleeding, until your father noticed you weren’t in your bed.

“Who hurt you?” You saw pure anger in his eyes and before he jumped to conclusions you spoke up
“I tried to fight with your axe, but it sleeped”
“You took my axe?” He asks shocked and starts to take care of your stomach
“I wanted to be like all the goddesses” You said in small voice
“You don’t need to fight to be one” Floki smiles softly at you
“But I want to fight!” You quickly checked if your mother wasn’t awake and continued whispering “I want to go on raids with you. I need to know how to defend mother in case she’ll be in danger”
“You’re really brave for a twelve year old” He patted your knee and stood up “Go to sleep. I’ll teach you few things when you’ll be healed” You happily kissed his cheek and went to bed
This little incident lead to your trainings with your father. And soon you joined Ubbe and Hvitserk. Your light weight gave you the upper hand and non of the Ragnar’s sons could beat you, but they still tried. Even after all those years.
“Come on!” You teased Sigurd who was getting up from the ground “Fighting with you becomes boring”
“You’re mad” He shook his head
“Is your ego hurt?” You tilted your head and smiled sweetly
“Can’t you loose?” Hvitserk shouted from his position under the tree “Just once?” “If I’ll loose with one of you then I’ll have to loose with the rest” You said back and placed your sword next to Ivar
“How’s it possible that we both were thought by Floki and yet you’re better?” You smirked at Ivar and messed his hair up
“Cause I’m smarter” Ubbe smiled at you while Sigurd rolled his eyes “It was nice to kick your asses again but gotta go.”
“Why so fast?” Hvitserk spoke up when you started walking away
“Father wants to see me” You shrugged and waved to all of them before disappearing in the woods


When Ragnar showed up you were eager to learn his fighting tactics, but every time you went to the training he ignored you. His sons send you apologizing looks, but non of them spoke up. When you asked your father he simply giggled and went back to building. You never were patient with things off of the battle field. It wasn’t a big surprise to your friends when you came to the training, picked up your sword and made your way to Ragnar. You blocked his sword before Sigurd could react.
“I don’t care if you want to fight with me or not. You don’t have a choice” You smirked triumphantly
“Took you longer than I thought” He simply smiled and tried to attack
You were constantly deflecting and attacking. It went for almost two hours. You noticed that he tried to use less pressure at one leg, so you kicked him and pointed your sword at his neck. He looked up at your weapon and smiled
“Good job” You smield back and helped him up
“Thanks” You breathed out before walking away like you just didn’t won with Ragnar Lothbroke.


When you found out that Ivar left with Ragnar to England and Hvitersk went with Björn and your parents you were more than pissed. Your fighting became more brutal and furious to the point where you started to randomly fight other vikings. Your friends were scared of what you might do if they won’t come back.
After awhile you calmed down or more likely, redirected your anger. You became more scary in eyes of your people. The only ones who stayed by your side were Ubbe, Sigurd and Aslaug.
When Lagertha shot one of the people you looked up to you went berserk. You killed ten of her warriors without even blinking. They locked you and you friends in one room.


“Ivar’s back” Ubbe declared while you sharpened your knife
“Good for him” You said through clenched teeth
“Are you going to talk with him?”
“There’s nothing to say” You observed how light danced on your weapon. Until Ubbe ripped it from you
“For Gods’ sake!” He shouted “He just found out that both of his parents are gone!” His face changed from angry to soft “He lost both parents in one day. Can you please” Ubbe closed his eyes for a second “Show him the same amount of support as you did for us?” He looked at you pleadingly
“You’re asking for impossible Ubbe”
“Just try. Please” He smiled at you


After first few days of your absence Ivar thought you came back to pitty him, so he was always sarcastic with you and tried to hurt you as much as he could. He didn’t knew that you went through a lot too. And his behaviour was only irritating you.
When Björn came back you were happy to see Hvitserk again and even more glad to know your parents were alright.
You stopped dead in your tracks seeing that Helga was standing with a young girl. You turn your gaze to see not so pleased Floki
“What is that?” You spat still shocked
“Your dear mother here, wanted another child” Your father smiled and went away. You looked at you mother with hurt and then send one glare to the newcomer.
You were gone as fast as you showed up. You felt like you weren’t good enough. Like the twelve year old you, before the training. Your anger made you see red and you pushed next to your friends totally ignoring their worried looks.
You went into the woods, grabbed your sword and started to attack the target. All the bad memories flooded your mind and it made you even more pissed. You took a big swing and the target broke in half. You sighted and stepped back.
“You’ll have to do a new one” You wipped around to see Ivar in his usual spot
“How long were you watching?” You squinted your eyes
“Long enough to notice that you’re not too happy to have a sister” He smirked and you huffed
“She’s not my sister . She’s not even a viking.” You grimaced remembering her face
“She’s not a christian either” You saw that Ivar was teasing you just to entertain himself, which became normal nowadays.
“You might scare people, but for me you’re still a child” You stated and went to go home
“I am not a child” Ivar growled and seconds later his axe was in the tree close to your leg. You turned around and glared at him
“Only a child attacks his opponent from behind” You eyed him down “Or a coward”
“I can beat you” He send you one of his icy stares. It made you laugh
“Still trying to prove that you’re better than others?” You mocked but took your sword once again
“I am better” He spat and started attacking you
He was sitting so ironically he didn’t have to use as much energy as you did. After few moments of fighting you weren’t so sure about your win. You started to notice that his shoulders became bigger, his way of fighting changed and his posture we more straighter. Those were small details, but you knew that they were the key to winning. You wanted to surprise him from the side and end the fight, but you made the dumbest mistake. You first prepared your body then attacked. He easily saw your next move and blocked it. You were trapped few centimetres from his chest
“Told you I’m better” Ivar had a proud smirk on his face and you wanted nothing more than to wipe it away
“You were lucky” You hissed and he tightened his grip on your hips
“Can’t you admit that someone is better than you?” His blue eyes pirced into yours
“Can’t you?” You spat back and you glared at each other
Before you could react his lips were on yours, but you didn’t hesitate to kiss back. It was full of lust, passion, love and anger. He was really possessive holding you flush against him and he fought to have control. You were as stubborn as he was, so you gripped his hair yanking at it a bit.
You and Ivar were really alike. Never stepping back, getting what you wanted and always thinking that you were better than others. Now, when you were togehter, you knew that you could win the whole world. With his temperament and your berserk state you were unstoppable. Ivar was all you needed and you were fuel to his fire.

manicgunpixie  asked:

I wish you would write a fic where... how about your take on a fanfic of the perc'ahlia wedding? When during the year break did it happen? Who all knew? Was Tary best man? Did Cassandra preside?

Thank you, @manicgunpixie, for being my first ever ask! And with a great prompt, too! Enjoy :)

It was a day like any other. Percy and Vex were in the library studying up on Orcus, as they had been quite a bit over the last five or six months. Well, Vex was studying; Percy quietly watched her. Even now, went they spent all of their time together, he occasionally found himself suddenly overtaken with his love for her. As he watched her quietly reading and taking notes, working to make good on a promise to save her brother’s life, it happened again.

“I choose you,” he said, breaking the silence.

“What was that?” she asked.

“We haven’t gotten to choose many things in our lives, dear, but we do get to choose our futures. And I choose you.”

“Percival, are you proposing to me?”

“I think I am.”

From there, things happened rather quickly.

After a few minutes of discussion, Vex ran to gather and organize the short list of necessary people: Tary, Cassandra, and Keeper Yennen, as best man, maid of honor, and officiant respectively. She quickly went shopping for a white dress, but upon finding none to her liking in the Whitestone shops decided to wear her new, half-enchanted white dragon armor in its stead. When she arrived at the Temple of the Dawn, Cassandra was already waiting with a small bouquet of flowers for Vex, picked fresh from her own personal garden.

Percival was late. He rushed in, looking impeccable as always in his own ceremonial clothing, with a satisfied smile on his face. Behind him lumbered a happy Trinket. Somehow Percy had found an adorable bow-tie big enough to fit around the bear’s neck, but even more striking to Vex was the harness strapped around his middle. It held a small pillow to Trinket’s back, and even from far away her perceptive eyes, trained to look for shinies, caught a glimpse of metal atop it. Percy smiled at her incredulous face.

“I thought Trinket could be our ring-bear, but oh gods I already hate myself for the pun. And, well, I already had the rings. The de Rolos have hidden nooks and crannies that not even the Briarwoods could find, and these were my grandparents’. But if you don’t like them we could always take a trip to Emon and find something—”

Vex silenced him with a kiss. “I love it.”

All involved expected the small affair to remain secret, but of course that’s near impossible when royalty is involved. One of the acolytes saw the ceremony and told the head chef in the castle, who told his sister, who told their cousin, and soon the entirety of Whitestone learned of the new addition to the de Rolo family. And they all smiled, happy to see the de Rolos grow and heal and knowing that this was one more step on their city’s road to recovery.

I Wish You Would Write A Fic Where…

Handwriting [Zach Dempsey x Reader]

Requested: no

Summary: (Y/n) finds pickup lines in her compliment bags and wants to know who is the author. Once she finds out, she decides to play his game and does the same, hoping that it will take her crush as long as it did for her. It doesn’t and he confronts her at Monet’s.

Word count: 3017

Warnings: none; just fluff

A/N: Sorry I haven’t been posting because I was moving and stuff, thanks for being patient with me.

If you want to request something go here. Enjoy!

Originally posted by rafaelasgomes

Peer communications, queue the eye roll. The only thing good about that class was that you sat next to your best friend, Clay Jensen. You were the one to incite him to put something in his- even though he denies it- crush Hannah Baker’s compliment bag. Compliment bags, you had to admit that the idea was original but you didn’t think that Ms. Bradley had considered the disappointment a student could feel when their bag was empty. It’s hard to believe that anyone wouldn’t receive anything, there are always people here for you, even if you don’t know it. Yet, every day, as you stay longer to watch people check their bags, you see your crush, Zach Dempsey, taking an empty hand out of his bag.

“How is that possible? A popular guy like him, nothing.” You wondered, “If only I were as brave as Clay and build up the courage to leave a note or something.”

You quickly grabbed your bag, and headed towards the door when Ms. Bradley spoke up, “(Y/n)? Why don’t you check your bag?” she asked.

You didn’t know how to answer, “Uh…” you responded.

“Well, since you don’t seem to have come up with a good excuse, I suppose that you will have to see what compliments you have received since the last time you checked the bag.” She urged, gesturing towards the brown bag with your name on it.

Sighing, you walked towards it and dug your hand into the bag. Surprisingly, your hand was met with a small quantity of papers. You grabbed them and took them out, placing them on the table to be able to reorganize them and left with the small stack you had just made.

You unfolded the first paper:

How should I dress for Halloween? I know like (Y/n)! I’ll be a queen cause that’s what you are babe.

                                                                                            Xoxo Jess

You smiled at her cute message and unravel the next paper. Inside was a small doodle of a bear and a cake, immediately, you knew that this was from Clay. Below the drawing was small note making a reference about your love for food. You continued to open all the papers from your friends like Sheri, Hannah and Jeff. They all were very sweet and you made a mental note to place a note in each one of their bags. Finally, there was a paper in which the handwriting was not familiar to you. Inside, there was quote “Whatever you are, be a good one.” -Lincoln. But it was not all, underneath was a short message, I think Lincoln would be proud of me if I were your boyfriend, because I’d be a great one. You laughed softly at the pick-up line and looked to the bottom of the paper for a signature but there was none. You placed all your notes and headed home.

The next morning, you woke up to the sound of your alarm clock. You groaned loudly, not understanding why the universe won’t let you sleep in. You got ready and headed down the stairs for breakfast. You were alone since both your parents were on a business trip. You made yourself breakfast and started eating. Once you were done, you cleared up and left the house to meet Clay’s at his. Together, you left to go to the school. You got there and grunted, you had peer communications. You trudged to the classroom and slumped into your seat as the teacher droned on about how important it was to treat your friends properly, “No really?”.

After what seemed like an eternity, class ended and you went to check your brown bag. There, you found two papers: another drawing from Clay and another letter from the unknown admirer.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Gandhi. I wish to see more love in the world, I can be the change by being your boyfriend.

You grinned and headed to Clay, “Hey Clay, I received these notes in my compliment bag,” you showed him the notes, “do you know who they might be from?” you asked.

He smirked, “A secret admirer (Y/n)? Maybe it’s a certain 6”3 jock…” he eyed Zach and then winked at you, “Or just somebody else, I have literally no idea (Y/n).” he shrugged and you punched him in the shoulder.

“I’m serious! Do you not recognize the writing or something?” You asked, desperate for a lead.

“Nope, sorry (Y/n).”

This was how a majority of your day wen, asking your friends if they knew whose writing was on the paper yet none of them knew anything, whoever this ghost was, he didn’t leave a single lead.

The letters continued coming throughout the week, one per day. Each one of the letters contained a quote with a sweet follow-up. You were getting curious about who this secret admirer was but no one seemed to remember anything about the writing. It was starting to frustrate you but you never gave up. Looking everywhere for the same particular handwriting, in vain. This admirer was a ghost and it was tiring you, the same questions floating through your mind 24/7, “Who is he?”, “Is he a nice guy?” or “What kind of person is he?” … You pondered but your questions when unanswered.

You were in Biology class, doodling the person from today’s quote, Einstein, on your book while half-listening to the teacher. You looked at the clock, you were only halfway through the class when you the teacher’s voice rose, “Mr. Dempsey,” Zach eyes lifted to her, “please write on the board what differentiates prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells, the rest of you,” she turned to the rest of the class, “copy it down once I checked if his answers are correct.”

Zach stood up and headed towards the board. He picked up a pen and drew two columns, writing the name of one of the cells on each side. You straightened, the writing, it was familiar. You took the message you had received today and unfolded it. You lifted it besides the board, the writing was very similar, nearly identical. You finally knew, your secret admirer was none other than Zachary Dempsey. Suddenly, you were overwhelmed with thoughts. It was impossible that nobody knew one of the most popular kids in school’s writing, so how did Zach do it? He knew you better than you thought, somehow, he had anticipated who you would ask and stopped them from revealing anything. He had gone to great lengths to avoid your discovery of his identity, why? It isn’t like the feeling wasn’t mutual, you liked him back. Doubt settled into you, what if it was a prank? Or a dare? You continued writing down everything, seeing the looks your friends shoot looks at you, probably wondering if you had recognized the writing, you acted like nothing exceptional had happened and they seemed to fall for it.

When the bell rang, you headed for Clay to not look suspicious while contemplating how you would make Zach understand that you knew his little secret. At that instant, it hit you. You were going to do the same thing to him, but slightly differently so that he didn’t know it was you.

“(Y/n)? (Y/n)? Earth to (Y/n).” you jumped, a hand was waving in front of your face, bringing you out of your trance, “What were you thinking about?” Clay asked once he saw that you were with him.

“Nothing important, don’t worry.” You waved him off.


“Sorry, you were saying something before I kinda zoned out.”

At that, Clay started his story about what had happened at the Crestmont the evening before with Hannah. You carefully listened to him until, his story was over and you had reached his house. He invited you in but you politely refused, needing to go home to do your homework and prepare Zach’s little surprise.

Once again, the alarm clock woke you up and your morning routine started again as you dragged your feet out of your bed. You had a slight burst in your step, excited about what you would give Zach. You checked your bag for the small piece of paper and left once you had verified that it was there.

Before your first period, you slipped into the peer communications classroom and placed the piece of paper into Zach’s empty bag. You then left to class, a sneaky smile adorning your face.

For the first time in your life you were impatient for peer communications. When it was time, you rushed to the classroom, thinking that somehow it would come faster. You sat down in your seat besides Clay, looking towards Zach.

During the class, you were someplace else, imagining the different endings things that could happen today after Zach found your note. Your eyes went from Zach to the bags to the teacher, the loop repeating endlessly.

“Miss (L/n)!” you snapped out of your daze, “Bringing your mind to class along with your body would be greatly appreciated.” She said, earning sniggers from everyone.

You blushed and nodded, trying to make eye contact with anyone. Unfortunately, you couldn’t resist looking up and your eyes met Zach Dempsey’s dark eyes, he was smiling, his arm was slung over the back of the chair, allowing a more comfortable position to be able to see you. Immediately, you buried your face in your arms, even more humiliated than before.

After thirty more minutes of peer communications, the bell finally rang. You got up and headed towards your compliment bag. Hurriedly, you grabbed your note and ran out, before Zach got to read his note. You couldn’t resist knowing how he would react so you stayed, your head peeping out of the door frame.

You watched as the tall boy idly chat with Hannah, not feeling any jealousy, knowing that she liked Clay. His shoulders shook in laughter at something Hannah said and they both checked their bags. You saw his eyebrows raise when his fingers encountered your note. Your eyes followed his hands as he unfolded it and chuckle at your little pick-up line and message. He looked around, hoping to find his messenger but, no one was left besides him and Hannah. You ran off, not wanting to be caught when he left the classroom and ruin your plan.

Throughout the day, you observed as he walked around school asking his friends if they recognized the writing. You got a sense of déjà-vu when you saw him going from person to person. You grinned slightly. He had asked most of his friends but hadn’t asked Justin Foley yet. His last hope. You didn’t share any classes with Justin so it was impossible that he knew that it was you. You smile grew even more.

A hand placed itself on your shoulder, “What’s got you so happy?” Clay asked.

“Well, I found my secret admirer.”

Clay’s smile faltered a bit before returning to normal, “Really? Who is it?”

You threw him a skeptical look, “Don’t play dumb with me Jensen.” You shoved him gently, “I know that he’s got you in on it, along with Sheri, Jess and everyone else.”

He was completely found out but, stupidly, he decided to continue with the whole charade, “I have absolutely no idea who and what you are talking about my dear (Y/n).”

“Lose the act Clay. I know that Zach was partnered with you for a History project at the beginning of the year.” You told him, making him lose every excuse he had prepared mentally.

“Fine.” He raised his hands in the air, “You got me. But, you did the same to Hannah by not telling her it was me.” He argued.

“Hannah is not my best friend Clay, you are! But, if you want, I can tell her everything.” You threatened.

His eyes widened, “Don’t, I so sorry (Y/n)! I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

“Nope.” You grinned as you saw the blue-eyed girl at the end of the hallway, “Hey Hannah!” you waved towards her, “I need to talk to you about something.”

You ran towards her and left an angry Clay behind you. He knew this would not end well because you were tremendously reckless and always kept your word. He groaned loudly, knowing that you were probably scare Hannah off by either overselling or underselling him. You pretty much threw his chances at dating Hannah Baker out the window.

You had told Hannah to meet you at Monet’s at four. You walked inside and saw her ordering a drink. You walked to her and tapped on her shoulder, greeting her.

She turned around, smiling, “Hey (Y/n)! I was just ordering, do you want anything?”

“Yes please. I’ll have a (f/d) please.” You asked the barista, reaching for your cash.

Hannah placed her hand one the arm that was rummaging in your bag, “Don’t worry, I’ve got it.” She smiled, paying the guy, “You’ll just owe me one.” You thanked her as you both headed to a free table with your drinks.

“So, what did you want to talk to me about?” she asked.

“I need you to answer me honestly,” she nodded, “I promise I won’t tell anyone. You like Clay, like in a ‘more than friends’ way. True or false?” you asked bluntly.

Her eyes widened, not expecting that question, “I-uh, I-that’s t-true.” She stuttered.

A grin etched itself on your face, “Great!” you exclaimed, surprising her.

“Next question. Do you know who is placing those little drawings in your compliment bag?”

Hannah cocked her head slightly to the side at the weird question, “No. You know that.”

“Good, good.” You said, slightly creeping Hannah out.

“Well, Hannah Baker, let me explain everything you do not know.” You grinned at her maliciously. And told her everything, spilling Clay’s secrets. During your story, Hannah’s facial emotions varied from excitement to surprise, nearly all of them positive.

Once you were done, she spoke up, “Please tell me this isn’t a cruel prank and it’s the truth.”

You placed your hand on your chest in mock horror. “Firstly, I am shocked that you would believe that I would pull such a horrible prank on such a sweet soul like you. I would only pull a prank like that on somebody like Bryce.” You made a gagging sound, “Secondly, you promised that you would be honest thus, by the law of equality I have promised as such in an unspoken way.” You joked, “No but seriously, I wouldn’t do that to you, I swear that I am telling you the truth.” You assured.

“Okay…” she smiled, “I believe you.”

“You have to go see Clay and tell him you like him back because this game of obliviousness is really annoying me and little Jensen is too chicken to do anything about it.” You both laughed.

“Okay, I’ll do it.” She beamed.

The two of you continued talking about various subjects and found out new things about each other. You spent about an hour growing closer until the door opened and you saw Zach and the rest of the jocks walk in, his eyes looking straight towards you. You looked behind you but there was no one.

Hannah raised her eyebrows suggestively at you, “He’s looking at you (Y/n).” she whispered, smirking. During your bonding, you might have told her about the whole Zach story.

The both of you watched the dark-haired boy tell his friends to order and sit down without him. They did as such and he turned to your table, marching towards you.

Conveniently, Hannah’s drink was empty, she grabbed and said, “Well, I need a refill so, I’m gonna go.” She winked at you and left.

You were still sending daggers at her back when somebody sat in her seat, not somebody, Zach. You looked up, your (e/c) eyes meeting his warm brown ones. He sighed, placing his bag on the ground beside him. He slid a piece of paper towards you and you reached in your pocket, sliding the note you received today towards its author. You both grasped the pieces of paper and unfolded them.

Your eyes met your own writing and you smiled, “How did you know?” you asked smirking slightly.

“Justin saw you peeking through the door frame this morning and when I came today, asking him if he recognize the writing with the context I gave him, he put two and two together and told me.” He replied. You mentally cursed yourself for not looking at your surroundings, “What about you? How did you know?”

“Biology.” You said, “you were asked to write down the differences between two cells, I recognized the writing.” He hummed in comprehension.

You both stayed in silence until you couldn’t bear it, curiosity and doubt got the better of you, “So… Was it a prank?”

His back straightened and his eyes widened, “No! No! Not at all! I meant everything, about being your boyfriend. Listen (Y/n), I think that it’s great that you’re not only beautiful but, smart, independent and so many other things! I really like you (Y/n) and I’d like to be more than friends, if you’d let me.” He looked up at you, hope vibrant in his eyes.

You placed your hand over his, “That’d be great.” You smiled and his eyes twinkled.

He took your hand in his and grinned, “Really?” he asked, not believing that this was really happening.

“Absolutely,” his smiled widened, “but, you have to take me on a date before we make anything official.”

He sighed, glad that it wasn’t some horrible condition you gave him, “How about Rosie’s, tonight?” He offered.

“Pick me up at 7.” You both smiled widely.

“It’s a date!” he said before leaving to get back to his friends.

Hannah returned to her seat, sipping on her newly refilled drink, “Spill. What happened between you and Dempsey?” she asked.

You grinned and told her everything that had happened after she left. Your mind mainly wandering to your date with your crush tonight.

Day 1 of Potter Week Prompts - Best Friends 

Feels amazing being part of this. 

Last year I tried to join but couldn’t keep up. Thanks lord i have time to do it this year because this challenge is really amazing! 

Special thanks to @taryndraws for the coolest list ever! 

See you tomorrow! :) 

Harry Potter Week Prompts, created by @taryndraws, illustration by @nattibie

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Sorry to bother you again! I just wanted to ask for some advice, I recently came out to my friends as asexual and aromantic and she was 100% fine with me being ace but she thought that I'll find someone hinting that she didn't really believe in me being aromantic and I kinda don't know what to do because I've been certain about my identity for a long time but I don't wanna argue with her? Sorry to take your time! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Oh! I also forget that I just want to say thank you for always being open to talk because I really don’t know who to talk to about this kinda stuff, I want to tell my best friend but I know she’d get defensive for me and I can’t really tell my other friends because we’re not that close. But you just seem really friendly and inviting and nice and it made me feel like it was okay to talk to you about these things. Sorry if you aren’t but thank you for everything nonetheless!!

hey!! first off i would like to say thank you so much for sharing and i feel very honored that you chose to come talk to me about this

and second, it’s no bother at all!! although i’m not sure which time we first talked but it’s cool hahaha

okay so i’m putting my answer under the cut for you to read :))

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"They come for one of us, they come for all of us." thank you. i'm supercat and still had same thought as other anon. but i am also a tired old gay and if no one stands up for these sometimes-asshats who will? this is yet another feather in supercat fandom's hat. at 1st i didn't know how to react, was it a big deal? does anyone not s-corp care? watching popular non-s-corp and even non-SG folks stand together, nice to have that gut-check/affirmation from others. fandom elders are always the best.

The perks of being a grownup I guess. If Supercat had been as big and vocal as Supercorp is, this might have happened a year sooner, who knows. Though I believe Calista, like Katie, wouldn’t have been an asshat about it. 

We need to have that bigger conversation about fandom and boundaries and how to be respectful at some point, especially in access all areas social media times, but for now if you attack queer kids for liking something that validates them and makes them happy, you’d better believe a whole generation of big sisters/lesbian aunts/been here before wlw badasses are coming for you, with receipts. 


I’m not sure if I’m the best person with words but I just wanna thank you. Thank you for everything, for listening to me, for being there for me, for understanding me, for making me laugh. Thank you for this amazing friendship that I still can’t believe it began with a simple “hi I love your mess of a blog” and from that day until today we just haven’t stopped talking. Like, literally. Girl you just mean a lot to me okay. I just want to wish you all the happiness in the world and more, I want to see you achieving your dreams, being happy and being surrounded by amazing people. Hopefully someday I can annoy you in person and actually be with you on your birthday but let’s pretend we’re celebrating in one of the 237276 places we wanna visit - we’re good at that!

Happy birthday my partner in crime, Stark fellow and Hufflepuff to my Slytherin @havilliard / @mesutosil 💖💝💘

kirincult  asked:

Hello, dear void, if you don't mind the inquiry, what pronouns do you use?

Hello! Thanks for asking! I believe I answered a question like this a little while back, but for anyone else wondering, anything is alright! They/them usually works best in terms of human-y pronouns, but I also don’t mind being referred to as “it” as I am a concept, technically.