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chatsladybugaboo  asked:

Hey there! You don't have to answer this because i know you said you've been getting a lot of angsty messages but I thought I could share one of my happy head cannons with you to maybe cheer you up! Alya secretly loves the fact that she was Lady Wifi because she's always wanted to be a hero and she knows she only did bad things because she was being controlled, so Nino calls her Lady Wifi when they're alone (pre-fox!Alya). :>


And post reveal fox!Alya he calls her foxy lady! 

adventuresinastrangeworld  asked:

I see you over here. Being awesome about dwarves. Also, since this is an ask: What's your DA canon? Do you have more than one?

Hey ! thank you so much for asking this haha ♥

I have more than one DA canon (I think we all) but here my main

Warden Nerwen Surana

The Hero of Ferelden was a valorous woman who wanted templars and mages have respect for each other. Losing faith in everything, she devoted her love in a deseperate love with the antivan assassin. At the end of the Blight, she let Alistair and Anora rule Ferelden and a pregnant witch flee away. And perhaps, Zevran is now following his love, who knows ?

Ezran Hawke

A strange man, once he was an empathic one but Kirkwall changed him. Although he was an apostat, he supported templars, slayed the Arishok and killed Anders. Since his family died he just didn’t care about anything. The only one who could make him feel anything was this salty tevinter elf. 

Inquisitor Atheleen Lavellan

Ma vhenan… A poor elvish half-human child called “warrior of flames”, fire runs her blood as the burning woods of the day of her birth. She never was a skilled mage, nerver wanted to be one of them, and never asked to be the One. But as a duty, she ruled the Inquisition and the fate of all Thedas with bravery. She is a woman of honor, and she always wanted peace between elves and humans. The commander took her heart, the Breach took her arm and the world took her mind.

anonymous asked:

If you don't mind me asking what's your opinion on laxana (laxus and cana) and lyvia (lyon and juvia) i absolutely love all your works! I don't watch my hero academia but your art makes me want to

I actually like Laxana! It’s one of the early ships I supported which involves Cana. :) I like to imagine them having beer drinking contests…Plus also scenarios with Gildarts being such an annoying dad !

I’m pretty neutral on Lyvia, but I really love the arts of them; I do like to imagine how they’d interact in the past (like Post-Galuna, not-too-dorky Lyon and Phantom Lord Juvia!)

@ymanimon happy birthday my love! I’m wishing you all the good things (which includes a lot of good sleep) and keep being the awesome sweet bun that you are!



Thank you so much for the support! I’m honestly happy that this many people are interested in this blog! Running it has been a fun ride from the very beginning, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon. Also, I reached a moment right now in which I feel like I’m breaking through with my art style and process, and getting closer to what I want to do – so all the more reason to celebrate!!

- Mod

Update: now with a canon!Katsuki edit (x)

7 Reasons Why

So…. I am currently watching the new tv show “13 Reasons Why” and my mind decided to make a tragically-beautiful connection tooooo can you guess what?? YUP LANCE!! So here are my thoughts once again… hope you enjoy and feel free to comment any other ideas!!
*NOTE* I’m lowkey crying as I’m writing this. My heart isn’t okay. I’m not okay, okay?? *MORE NOTES* So this came out kinda different than the show/book but i hope yall kinda get the idea

  • Lance was dead. Had committed suicide to be exact. And he left his story behind.
  • The tapes appeared from nowhere. No one knew where they came from or where they disappeared to. No one knew that the tapes contained so much in such a small amount of time. No one knew that these tapes would become an ugly part of them.
  • “Hello space pals and gals. Lance McClain (KINDA LOVE THIS LAST NAME) here. Live and in stereo.”
  • Lance starts off by explaining his “7 Reasons Why” (hahaha get it? Cuz he’s the seventh wheel?? *cries*) he committed suicide and his two rules.
    • “Rule number one. You must listen to the tapes. I’m not gonna lie. This is going to be hard to do but you MUST LISTEN.”
    • “Rule number two. When you are done, you must leave them where you found them. And if you, oh lets say, decide to throw them away, tsk tsk tsk…. bad things will happen.”
  • “First and foremost, our mighty and heroic leader, Shiro.”
    • “I wasn’t good enought to be praised by you.” Lance explains that Shiro was a good leader, a great leader one might say. Unreplacable, “unlike me.” So why was it that he never told Lance “great job” or “thanks for the help.” Why did he alway care so much for Keith? Told him “great job out there” and patted him on the back after every battle. Why did he always take his side even when he was in the wrong? Why did he treat Pidge like a little sister? Always taking care of them and making sure they were getting enough sleep. Always being so nice and caring to both. “You were always my hero but why did you not act like it?” He never payed attention when Lance didnt get enough sleep or didnt eat or was sick. Always making him work and train. Always pointing out his flaws without helping him improve them. “Why, Shiro, did you not care for me?”
  • “Can you guess our number two?? Well, I’ll give you a hint. It’s not me this time. *laughs* First time being number two, our excellent number one paladin, Keith!”
    • “Keith my man, I loved you.” (Klangst? WHY TF NOT?!?) Lance always loved Keith, always looked up to him too. He loved to joke around with him, loved to rile him up, loved to bicker with him because thats how he got to talk to him. He knew that they were playing around so why did it hurt so much? “Why Keith, did you always tell me I wasn’t good enough?” Always telling him to leave you alone, always “you’re annoying me” and never “please stay.” Keith always reminded Lance that he was never good enough, never up to his level, never realizing how lance felt. But how could Lance blame him? However, sometimes Keith, you, took it to far to the point where my heart was too broken to put back together. “I’ve always loved you but you made it so easy to hate you, too.”
  • “My favorite green paladin, my little space sister (female pronouns for this), my gaming buddy, Pidge.”
    • “Pidge, did you even ever realize that I saw you as my sister?” Lance saw his little sister in Pidge. He always, like Shiro, did his best to make sure they stayed healthy. He was always fussing over her eating and sleeping habits. So why did she never appreciate him? “Pidge, you never even said thanks you.” Lance just wanted to be a brother to her. So why did she make him a disposable replacement for her missing brother? Always using him when necessary and then throwing him away when it got too much for her? “Leave me alone Lance. Im working.” Pidge sometimes said really hurtful comments to Lance and she never let him help her because why would she let someone “annoying” help? In, reality Pidge was his sister but according to Pidge, “You are not my brother, Lance. Matt is.”
  • “Hunk, my precious beautiful friend. You did nothing wrong but you also did nothing at all.”
    • “Where to start?” Hunk had always been Lance’s best friend but after Voltron things changed. “I noticed that you and Pidge would hang out together, without me.” Lance just wants to be part of their group again. He tried so hard so join, to contribute, to help. But all he got was “you’re distracting us.” Although they didn’t hang out as much, Hunk was the first one to realize that something was wrong with Lance. “You left me alone.” Hunk saw him getting worse and changing throughout the days. He saw but didn’t do anything. “Hunk, why did you not do anything, if you noticed?” Lance wondered why Hunk left him by himself, why he didn’t try to reach out to him, why he didn’t invite him over, why didn’t he? “You could have helped but you didn’t.”
  • “Our beautiful space princess who will save the universe without moi, Allura.”
    • “Sometimes, your pushing for perfection was too much, not just for me but for everyone.” Lance always felt like the odd one out. Everyone was good at something but he never had a “thing” and Allura’s nagging didn’t help. “Keep up Lance!” Keep up with Keith in the training stimulator. Keep up with Pidge’s new machinery. Keep up with Shiro’s battle plans. Keep up with Hunk’s nee inventions. Keep up. “Again.” No matter how hard Lance tried, Allura was never satisfied. Never complementing him, never saying “good job,” never letting him rest, never telling he was good enough. “Why, Allura, did you never see how hard I was trying?”
  • “Lets talk about our seventh wheel, our number one *snickers* sharpshooter, Me! Lance!”
    • “In my opinion, I was the number one at fault for this occurrence.” Lance hated himself. He hated himself for feeling jealous, angry, sad, homesick, depressed. “I just wanted to be like the rest of you all.” Lance wanted to be as good as Keith and as strong as Shiro. He wanted to be as nice and comforting as Hunk. Wanted to be as smart as Pidge and as powerful as Allura. “I wish I wasn’t so selfish.” Lance thought he was selfish. He wished to get “thanks you’s” from the rest. Wished he get praised from Shiro and Allura. Wished Keith would feel the same way. Wished he was home with his famiy. He wished and wished and he hated it. “I wished I was home.”
  • “My favorite alien, Coran, the one who took care of me and who noticed me struggling. Yes, he tried to help but I guess it wasn’t enough since I’m dead now.”
    • “You let me walk away.” Coran tried helping Lance in his own way. But how could an alien understand some Earthly emotions? “We talked but sometimes it was just you talking.” Coran tried to get Lance to open up to him but failed. He always cut off Lance with his own stories so he never let Lance say what was bothering him. “Coran, you were like an uncle to me.” Coran reminded Lance of his uncle and it kinda hurt him. He was constantly reminded of his family whenever he was with Coran. This made his emotions even worse when he talked to Coran because sometimes Coran didn’t understand him. The day Lance died, Coran had told him to just “move on.” Lance just got up and left but he secretly hoped that Coran would come after him. He didn’t. “You wanted me to move on from this and I did.”
  • “I’m sorry.”

Like a wild flower; she spent her days, allowing herself to grow, not many knew of her struggle, but eventually all, knew of her light.

— ​Nikki Rowe (via kvtes)

Introducing The Hero of Ferelden, Warden-Commander Elizavetha Cousland. (and Queen of Ferelden depending on my play, ;} )

She received her scar on her lip as a ‘gift’ from Fergus while they were training. It only made her more determined in her training to better her brother and those of the castle warriors.

Her loyalty is absolute and she do anything and everything to help her friends and family. She romanced Alistair because of the corny love at first sight.

Her dress is inspired for the Halamshiral ball that I imagine she gets invited to. Representing the Wardens and Ferelden all in one go.

I was so so so lucky that @cocotingo added to me to her commission list!! When I wanted things changed to match my vision they were more than accommodating to do it for me! The warden emblem, the lip scar, HER DRESS AND HER HAIR!!! Like everything is 10000000000000% perfect.I sent some dresses and said to pick or design something they liked. I could not be happier.

Thank you once again! :D

Please don’t tag as your own Warden or use for your character! That’s not cool. :<

An open letter to the girl who saved me today

When I went into the store today after work, I had decided I was going to be brave. I had a pretty good day, and I wanted to reward myself with something I’d been eyeing for quite some time. Mens underwear.

I won’t lie, I stalled quite a bit before I slunk over to the mens underwear section, but eventually I wound up in the aisle looking over my various options. It was while I was trying to figure out what size I would be, that the man is all his socks and sandals glory came into the aisle. I barely had time to look up before he bellowed at me, “you fucking abomination”

I gaped like a fish while I tried to wrap my mind around the fact that yes, this was happening, and yes, he just yelled that at me. He said it again, and began to make his way towards me, very tall and very angry looking. All the clever things I wanted to say died in my throat and tears started pooling in my eyes.

Just as he was getting right up in my face, telling me about how there wasn’t a single god from any religion that would accept a piece of shit like me, you appeared at the end of the aisle. You ran towards us and put yourself between me and him like you weren’t a tiny 5 ft nothing. Then you stuck your finger in his face and told him to “shut the hole in his head that was spewing ignorance and hatred and get out because he wasn’t welcome here”. It was his turn to be the fish then, and before he could say another thing you shouted “GET THE FUCK AWAY” drawing the attention of shoppers who had been so conveniently hard of hearing before. He tucked tail and left.

You turned to me then, put the underwear I had dropped back in my hand and asked if I was okay. I was sobbing and could feel my face doing the ugly thing it does when I cry. I nodded, you asked me if there was anything else I wanted to look at in the mens section, I shook my head. You asked if I had anymore shopping to do. I huffed out that I wanted some bananas. You took my hand and lead me towards produce. You told me I was beautiful. You told me I would look so handsome in the underwear I picked. You helped me pick out bananas and told me my future was so bright and wonderful it was practically blinding. 

You held my hand all the way to the cashier, and then outside. You asked me if I wanted a ride, I told you I’d like to walk, that I needed some time to cry. You stared at me very seriously, then hugged me so hard I could feel all me pieces coming back together. You said “I don’t even know who you are and I don’t care, I love you”

I cried all the way back home. 

Thank you. Thank you for everything. For who you are, and for what you did. Plenty of other people passed by and did nothing, but you came in like a shining beacon and all I can say is thank you. You saved me when I was all alone. Thank you.


Snape Appreciation Month day 24: Favourite Moment

Scorpius: Thank you for being my light in the darkness.
Snape looks at him, every inch a hero, he softly smiles.
Snape: Tell Albus - tell Albus Severus - I’m proud he carries my name.
[Cursed Child - Part II Act 3, scene 9]

I’ve heard a lot of people saying Snape was really Ooc in Cursed Child, and Idk (and probably part of me doesn’t care too much, lol), but his appearance really hit me in the chest. I didn’t like a lot of things in CC, but…this one, I did.
I probably have too many favourite moments to count, but I wanted to use this occasion to mention this part, kind of a tribute (besides, I’ve already told ya my fav moment is the Half-Blood Prince one, hehe)


Don’t worry. No one’s going under the ship today. Though, the thought had crossed my mind. No, I’m quite certain I can do better than that.


Overwatch Heroes and their Pokemon: Full Series

And that’s a rap! Thank you all for being so supportive and enjoying this series. Also, thanks to all my new followers! With this series, we’ve reached 1000 followers! (which I’ll have to do something for) But I have to go on vacation tomorrow, So I just wanted to leave a quick thanks, and I hope to bring y'all more great art in the future! 

Individual Hero Posts:

{ Tracer, Soldier: 76, D.Va | Junkrat, Reinhardt, Widowmaker | Bastion, Symmetra, Lucio | Mercy, Pharah, Reaper | Zenyatta, Roadhog, McCree| Zarya, Torbjörn, Winston | Mei, Hanzo, Genji }

I’ve been waiting for a good excuse to draw Uraraka in the cheerleader outfit~

Thank you sports festival arc, for everything…

iambeckyg Now my favorite FAVORITE part of the night was seeing this guy come out of his shell and be so free. So many times while watching the movie I’d look over so see his reaction to the movie. To see him react and Identify himself in such a special character like Billy made me so extremely proud of the message of this movie. When RJ met Alex for the first time last night I cried. As RJ held onto my little brother in the biggest bear hug, I found myself overwhelmed with happiness and relief. As a big sister who looks after my siblings like my own, I was relieved because when I was young & Alejandro was diagnosed with autism I always worried that he would struggle to find his place in the world. I would ask myself if he would he ever truly see how special and amazing he is rather than just “different” than everyone else? Last night I think he himself finally realized that he’s our Hero. That he too is powerful in his own way. That being unique isn’t a bad thing. That he’s special to so many people and inspires everyone around him. He is my real life Billy. 💙 I love you Big Al. Thanks for being my hero.

superhero sentence starters 

  • what’s the point of fighting if no one appreciates it? 
  • why do you keep doing this? why do you keep trying to protect people when they never give you a word of thanks? 
  • you’re so brave. i don’t know if i could ever be like that. ‘
  • i’m your biggest fan! autograph? please? 
  • you… you saved my life. 
  • don’t worry about it. it’s what i do. 
  • what’s it like being able to fly? ‘
  • i could show you, you know. you okay with being carried? ‘
  •  ‘ stay down! it’s too dangerous! 
  • get behind me. ‘
  • oh my god… it’s really you. ‘
  • just try to fucking stop me, ‘hero.’ ‘
  • you can’t save anyone. you can try, but you’re never going to make a difference. ‘
  • i try so hard to help people. i try so fucking hard. but i’m just not strong enough. 
  • it’s going to explode! get out of here, get out of here now! ‘
  • put. the gun. down. 
  • i can help you. you don’t need to do this. please. 
  • what’s the point of protecting people when i can’t even protect you? ‘
  • you tried so hard to save other people that you stopped caring about yourself. ‘
  • i know you have powers, but it’s still too dangerous! you’re going to die in there! please, it’s not worth it! ‘
  • i know i act like i’m not scared of anything, but the truth is… i’m terrified. ‘
  • everyone hates you. you can’t protect this city, you’re only making things worse around here. just leave. everyone would be better off without you. ‘ 
  • i don’t need some hero to save me! i’m fine on my own, thank you very much. ‘
  • i hate heroes. they always try to get involved in everything. just leave me alone, okay? i don’t need your help. ‘ 
  • help! please! someone! ‘
  • who knew the hero would be the one getting saved? ‘
  • you’re out of control. you’re hurting more people than you’re helping. just stop. let the cops handle this. ‘
  • how do i know i can trust you? ‘
  • you never give up, you never stop fighting. why?
  • you need to take a break. the city will be okay without a hero for one day. get some rest. ‘
  • i can’t take a break, what if someone needs my help? what if someone gets because i was too busy taking a nap?! i don’t need a break! ‘

tbh trans percy jackson makes me emotional ?

1) circe’s whole “theres a REAL hero” is … so big on body dysphoria and just hurts more from a trans persepective

2) nico liking him as a gay man = instant validation, yes, thank you, my trans ass loves stuff like this, please thank you

3) sally jackson has done it again by being the best mother ever. probably suffers a lot of crap from fugliano to keep him treating her boy like a boy

4) the chosen one. a chosen one who is trans. the trans chosen one. the chosen trans one. (kuzko’s poison.)

5) being immediately accepted as the son of poseidon. no “daughter of poseidon” “well actually” “oh son, sorry” just. the gods automatically know. they still dont like him, but they are biased against him for other reasons and never that.

6) he and mr d dont get along. hes trans, mr d is the patron god of trans people. there could be some really funny irony there. think of the possibilities. think of them bonding. think of them realizing they’re cousins. theyre both the gay cousin. the entire greek god family tree is entirely made up of gay cousins. mr d tells him this and percy still doesnt like him but he does feel a bit less…. bad. a bit less alone.

7) just … everything. trans percy


Request: ‘’ Could you please do an imagine were the reader and Jeff are dating and one day when she is walking home Bryce grabs and pulls her into an alleyway and starts harassing/touching her. But since Jeff was following her because she forgot her mathbook he sees what Bryce is doing and he gets into a fight and then she brings Jeff home, cleans him up and they kiss passionately at the end.”

Paring: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Gif: knightlley

Word Count: 910

A/N: Hey, thank you for  the request and i’m sorry for the late and for any mistakes. I hope you enjoy  :)

Y / N was walking alone through the streets after hours of study with her boyfriend Jeff and when passing through a dark place, the young woman felt that somebody was behind her and decided to walk faster. As she passed an alley, she felt one hand in her mouth, preventing her from screaming and the other hand on her arm pulling her inside where there was no light.

“ Hello, Y / N, you do not know the happiness that I have missed seeing you without your sweetheart, ” says the male voice Y / N soon recognized and when the hand was removed from her mouth she said it.

“ Bryce … What are you doing? ” She said, startled.

“ Come on Y / N, we’re going to have fun, ” Bryce says, laughing and putting his hand on her thigh and pulling up her skirt with the other.

“Don’t touch me. ” Y / N say in a desperate whisper.

“ Shii, ” Bryce says trying to take the girl’s skirt off.

“Please, Bryce … Don’t do this,” Y / N says, feeling the tears stream down his face.

“ WHAT THE FUCK DUDE GET OF HER! ” Y / N listens to Jeff’s voice screaming and in the next few seconds he sees Bryce falling to the floor as his boyfriend punched and punched the fallen boy.

Y / N was so shocked by the situation that all she could do was reach her hands and put them over her head as she felt the tears fall hard across her face. Bryce reacted quickly and punched Jeff by making him take a few steps back and, taking advantage of the moment, Bryce gave a series of punches in the dark making Y / N scream desperate.

Jeff kicks Bryce’s stomach causing him to fall and Y / N rushes over to Jeff, hugging him from behind, trying to make him stop with the assault.

“ Jeff, please, let’s go. ” Y / N says in a tearful voice making Jeff relax and face her for the first time after all the confusion.

“Are you okay?” He says, running his hand gently on Y / N’s face.

“ Yes, just take me home, please. ” She says and he hugs her and goes to the car with her.


As soon as Jeff started the car, she takes a brief look at Y / N and sees the tears falling on her girlfriend’s face causing her heart to break.

“ How did you know where I was? ” Y / N ask him.

“ I did not know you forgot your book at home I came to deliver it to you, but when I saw that in the alley I stopped to help, but I never thought it was you ” Jeff responds with some difficulty and Y / N noticed that.

“ It hurts, does not it? Sorry for that, ” she said, shifting her position on the bench.

“ No need to apologize babe, ” Jeff says taking one of the hands off the wheel to wipe the blood from his nose.

“ Can we go to your house? ” Y / N ask.

“Because”? Jeff asks without understanding.

“Because I want to help you with injuries and my parents are at home, I do not want them to ask questions.” Y / N say.

“Yeah, we can go to my house my parents are out,” Jeff says giving a small smile.

 "Okay" Y / N whispers back to lay down in the car seat.


As soon as she got to Jeff’s house, Y / N noticed the various picture frames and sat in a chair next to the counter in the kitchen waiting for her boyfriend to come up from the garage. She turned immediately to see the door opening revealing the figure of Jeff, she felt guilty to see the wounds in the beautiful face of the young man.

“I was waiting for you to get things,” Y / N says shyly, after all, it was the first time she was totally alone with Jeff.

Jeff went to a room near the kitchen and came back with a first-aid box, and shortly thereafter, he picked up an ice pack talking. “Let’s go to my room,” and Y / N nodded, following him. When they arrived, Jeff sat down on the edge of the bed and Y / N stood in front of him between the legs of his boyfriend.

“ Are you sure it’s all right? ” He asks worriedly, because of the whole situation.

“ Yes, I have. ” Y / N simply say paying attention to the bandages.

“ If you want to talk … ” Jeff begins but Y / N interrupts him.

“Jeff, it’s okay. You saved me and I thank you and I love you more for that. "Y / N say starting to do the first bandage and Jeff grimaced.

"Sorry.” Y / N say realizing the pain he was feeling.

“Fine,” Jeff says, smiling.

After several minutes Y / N finished doing the bandages and soon felt Jeff’s hands on his waist.

“Thank you I do not know what I would do without you.” Jeff says looking at his girlfriend.

“I thank you for being my hero.” Y / N say kissing Jeff passionately trying to demonstrate everything she felt for him.

With the release of the new Ana spray in Overwatch Uprising, my headcanon for Pharah being part First Nations is seemingly coming true. And quite frankly, I’m ecstatic because of it.

Growing up, I learned of my mixed heritage and wished to see more, learn about my people, see things about their cultures… What do I get? The stereotypical Egyptian dance, and white people dressing in stereotypical or sexy versions of native “costumes”… Representation in media is also very little, if I want Egyptian representation 95% of the time it’s about ancient Egypt… if I want native representation, they need to be slaughtered or wise chieftains…

But then Pharah appears, with her Thunderbird and Raindancer skins, with her being part of modern (at least by her standards) Egypt’s army… At first I thought the skins were done just cause rule of cool or cause they loosely match character traits of her. Then Reflections happened.

Michael Chu hinting that she would hate a certain hockey team that parts of Canada have been rivaling for years… She is eating dinner in a place in Canada (Canadian flag, snow) with a man who was also confirmed by Chu to not be a date, so most likely her dad. He is darker skinned, almost matching Pharah’s tone. And with Ana’s spray, a man (who is presumably the man in reflections when Pharah was a baby) with native features has his finger being held by baby Pharah…

This all but confirms her dad is First Nations.

When I first saw it, I wanted to cry. Knowing my favorite hero was mixed like me, her representing me… It was extremely powerful. I can’t wait to learn more, or headcanon it myself!

This probably will never be seen by a Blizzard employee or Pharah’s voice actress, but if they do somehow, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for adding this to Pharah’s character.

my tribute to the wonderful and legendary jasper jordan

(Disclaimer: English isn’t my mother tongue, so I already apologize for any mistakes)
Jasper Jordan deserves - or rather now - deserved better. 

And you might agree - you might be sad about the fact that Jasper died or you might be unaffected - hell, I’ve read enough comments about people wanting Jasper to die, because they thought he’s annoying. Annoying. Fuck - that’s just - actually that’s messed up. But this isn’t about the people that have hated or still hate on Jasper, this tribute is dedicated to this wonderful fictional character I learned to love and appreciate. 

We got to know Jasper as this funny, dorky guy in S1 - people loved him for being positive, for being funny, for being naive, but brave at the same time. People loved him in S1, because he was easy to love. Because positive, funny people are easy to love - you seem them smile and they make you smile - and what’s there not to love? 

S2 Jasper - yeah, he was inspiring, wasn’t he? He was so fucking brave, he stood up for himself, for his friends in Mount Weather, he took the lead, because Clarke or Bellamy weren’t there - and he was motivating everyone else. S2 Jasper was inspiring people to do something, S2 Jasper was brave and fierce and - and he fell in love with this wonderful girl named Maya - and then everything went downhill from there. Everyone in Mount Weather died, Maya died - and Jasper - Jasper felt so safe in Mount Weather, he felt at peace, safe - ‘till he didn’t. 

Because while we got to know Jasper as this funny, dorky guy in S1 - people tend to forget what actually happened to him in S1. This boy is 16 years old and he was kidnapped by grounders and speared - he almost died. His friends died - and there was danger everywhere - but Jasper continued to be strong, continued to be this funny, dorky guy that people easily loved. He almost died again later, when Murphy threatened to kill him - so Jasper was constantly in danger, he was constantly on the edge of death, but people tend to forget that, because in S2 everything seems to be okay with Jasper - right? Because it didn’t affect him at all - and that’s where people are so wrong. 

Jasper suffered from PTSD - and this is canon - end of discussion. And his portray of PTSD was so real and raw and it’s actually sad that people only view it as annoying. Jasper didn’t suddenly “get depressed”, because of a girl “he just met”. I’ve read this so so many times and I can’t believe people can misinterpret a character and their storyline so heavily. This 16 year old boy went through so much, daily, they were basically at war  - he was on the edge of death - daily - at the age of 16 !!! - and if that’s not fucking traumatizing. But - I think what really affected him was that he thought Mount Weather would be safe. That they could be at peace and safe - that they could eat as much chocolate cake as they want and he could flirt with this cute girl from across the room - but as it turns out - he was never safe. The people in Mount Weather betrayed them and in the end his own people betrayed Jasper - or at least that’s how Jasper felt. And as Jasper said, they went to earth to see if it’s survivable - and from what he’s seen - it’s not. 

We’re at S3 now - and when I look back, I’ve always loved Jasper, but you know what, if I’m being honest - I really fell in love with Jasper in S3. And that’s pretty ironic, because people hated on Jasper constantly at that point. And why? Because he couldn’t deal with what happened and tried to cope with alcohol? Because he felt betrayed by his closest friends? Because the girl he fell in love with died in his arms and he couldn’t do anything about it? Because this sixteen year old boy suffered from so much trauma and never really experienced safety on earth? Because he suffers from a real and valid mental illness - PTSD? Because all I’ve read - all these arguments are “Jasper should just get over it”, “they all went through something traumatic” - but that’s the thing - Jasper isn’t everyone else. And you should never expect everyone to deal with their trauma the same way you do. You should never expect someone, who went through hell, to just get over it - and you should never expect Jasper to just get over it, because there are people on the show that went through something similar and are not as affected as Jasper was. 

And you might say that S3 Jasper is just “a drunken idiot”, annoying, broken, useless - I don’t care what ugly word you want to throw at him - but you know what? Jasper protected Raven, he actually saved her. Jasper - the apparently annoying, useless mess that you wanted dead - saved and rescued Raven. Jasper was a hero. 

And it’s funny, because people call Jasper selfish, self-absorbed and annoying - and I could never see that. Jasper is one of the most caring and loving people on the show and if you want to disagree - fine - but we saw Jasper, while he was positive and dorky - and he helped people, cared about them and showed bravery - and we saw Jasper, while he felt broken and while he drank himself to unconciousness - and he still cared about people, saved Raven, tried to comfort Octavia after Lincoln died or Monty after his mum died - but so many people still had the nerve to call him selfish. Because he can’t just suck it up or act like he’s fine? Because he’s not like every other character? 

But while you view him as an annoying character and hate him for acting like this - I just love him more. And just as Devon said - you shouldn’t hate on Jasper, because he’s hard to deal with right now - you should love him for that - you should want to help him, try to show empathy, try to understand him and everything he’s been through. 

Because while Jasper might be a fictional character - PTSD and depression are still valid and real mental illnesses. And some people might identify with Jasper - and seeing him - this representation - might help them. There might be many Jaspers out there - and the fact that people have the nerve to call him annoying, because he can’t cope with everything the way the other characters did - well that’s beyond fucked up. 

But you know what? I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry if you can’t love a character like Jasper, if you can’t see his complexity and the beauty of this character and the importance of his storyline. I don’t need to see perfect and well-collected characters on TV - I don’t need to see characters that always do what’s right and I don’t need to see characters that never make mistakes. Because that’s not realistic. It wouldn’t portray the reality. 

Jasper is a good person, he has a big heart, he’s selfless, brave, loving, passionate, open-minded and he cherishes freedom more than any other character. Jasper is someone, who wouldn’t force his opinion onto you - and he wouldn’t judge you for yours. Jasper doubts himself and he’s insecure, he blames himself for not being able to just act fine - and yes, Jasper is suicidal and he suffers from PTSD - and Jasper will probably die tonight - but Jasper isn’t his mental illness and Jasper will always be more than his death, Jasper will always be more than annoying and Jasper will always be more than this dorky, funny guy in S1 that everyone apparently misses. 

Jasper deserves better. Jasper deserved better. And we deserved to see him getting better, we deserved to see him overcome this - we deserved to see him smiling, him being close, best friends with Monty again - Jasper Jordan is maybe 17 years old now and he deserved so much more than that - and I really hoped we would’ve seen more of his journey, because his storyline, his arc could’ve been truly meaningful - but the writers apparently don’t agree. 

But you know what - Jasper Jordan is legendary and amazing nevertheless - he’ll always be a hero and a great character in my view. 

And at this point I also wanted to thank Devon for portraying Jasper - thank you for getting Jasper, for really trying to understand him and thank you for giving 100% every. single. time. - even when you just had limited screen time or too short scenes. Jasper will always be alive in our hearts, because you portrayed him so beautifully and because you tried to truly understand him in a way unfortunately many viewers couldn’t. 

And he might’ve not survived, but that’s not what he wanted - because Jasper wanted to live - and he always will - in our hearts. :)

Jasper Jordan is a legend. See you on the other side, my friend.