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Bruce Wayne Imagine

Request: “Can you write something where Bruce is with Selina but when he meets the reader he starts falling in love with her”

Selina and Bruce attend a small night cafe where you are performing, encapsulated by your voice and personality, Bruce begins to fall for you.

The streets steamed in the cold Gotham night, and the lights illuminated in bubbles along the streets. Tucked away, hidden comfortably in between a cluster of buildings tall and strong, was a small cafe. It’s lights loomed a creamy yellow, and invited the stragglers and the curious inside. It was very dark, almost a complete black except with a hint of red and splattered candles lit around on tables. The standing and sitting crowd stuffed the air with their presence, and the drinks at the bar were almost empty. The bar illuminated lines of neon blue, red and purple, as the bartender wiped the counter clean. Bruce sat quietly with Selina in a rather comfortable booth. Their drinks were in their hands; Bruce’s almost empty.

“Busy night.” her deep sultry voice said.

Bruce could barely hear her, but he nodded in agreement.

In the moment, the lights dimmed down slowly and carefully, and only then, did the deep red light, light up the stage. Glowing in red, you appeared and stood still, your hands holding the microphone softly.

The crowd grew silent.

The piano gently sung, and your body began to sway.

Slowly, the crowd became entranced within your voice.

So soft and so calm

So smooth and so delicate.

Bruce found his ears captivated, and his eyes hypnotised.

If he couldn’t hear Selina before, then he couldn’t hear her then.

His attention was completely on you.

But you couldn’t see anyone; the blinding light too bright and intense.

The jazz notes throughout the air encapsulated the audience and everyone inside. You closed your eyes, intertwining into the music.

The piano continued, and then as if only a second had passed, the piano died down, and your voice slowly stopped. The crowd whistled and clapped, and Bruce found himself standing up in a standing ovation.

You smiled, and bowed, your dress moving like silk off the stage with yourself.

“Standing ovation huh?” Selina said. Bruce sat back down into the booth, the sound of the crowd talking and bustling now ugly compared to your voice.

“Well, she was good.” He replied, finishing off his scotch. “I think she’s perfect for the charity ball.”

Selina nodded, “I think she’s good too.”

Selina looked over to Bruce, looking at his attire;

“Hm.” Bruce looked to Selina,

“What is it? He asked.

Her hands went to his tie, “I don’t like the colour blue on you.” She said. Bruce frowned slightly, but his eyes then caught onto you moving through the crowd carefully, with a smile on your face.

“I’m going to ask her.” Selina watched Bruce place his glass back down

“I’m going to get more scotch while i’m up there.” Bruce stood up, “Want some?”

Selina shook her head, “I think i’ll pass out if i have another one.”

Bruce nodded, and walked out. Walking up to the bar with cautious eyes, until he finally spotted your golden dress.

“That was a beautiful performance.”

Your head snapped to your right, where Bruce Wayne lent on the bar. You smiled excitedly with a blush, “Mr Wayne! uh-Thank you!-Mr. Wayne!”

He smiled in return.

“If i knew i was going to be performing in front of you i would have-”

Bruce shook his head and hand, “No no, please, don’t worry about it. You don’t need to do anything because i’m watching.” 

You smiled and looked into your hands trying to calm yourself down before hearing the bartender ask if you wanted a drink.

“A water please.” You said, smiling.

“And a scotch for me too please. Put both on my account.”

You looked to Bruce,

“It’s okay you don’t have to buy me a drink.” You said, fluttered at the kind act.

“It’s the least i could do for your performance.”

You chuckled, “Flattery suits you well Mr. Wayne.”

“Please, It’s Bruce.” He held out his hand,

“(y/n) (y/l/n)” And you shook it.

“Well, (y/n), i have a proposal for you.” You smiled, taking a sip of your water.

“Would you be interested in performing at my charity ball next week?”

You almost choked on your drink, as you pointed to yourself,


“Yes, you.” He smiled.

“Mr. Wayne i would be flattered!”


“-Bruce, sorry!” he laughed.

“I’ll send you the details tomorrow.” he said, taking his scotch. His eyes caught onto your gold dress. He pointed to it,

“Gold suits you well.”

You looked down, and blushed, a smile on your face, “You’re too kind.” You said, “Your blue tie,” You began, voice quiet and shy, “It’s a flattering colour on you too-and i’m not just saying that because you complimented me.” You chucked at the end.

Bruce smiled gently, his heart almost melting at the compliment.

“Thank you.” he said, taking in your striking smile, “Thank you.”

You smiled, watching as Bruce’s eyes never left yours. With a warm smile, Bruce said with a soft voice,

“It was lovely to meet you.”

You smiled in return, “it was lovely to meet you too.”

And truly Bruce felt in awe at your presence, something he hadn’t felt in a long time. So with a warm heart and smile, he gently said, and meant very well;

“I’ll see you soon.”

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I am so happy I have found another Batriddler shipper!(Who is also a great artist) Can I ask for more. Maybe Bruce being romantic and caring? (I know that he is angsty mcgloom, but I also like his softer side) I love the way you draw Eddie too. Thanks!

Soooo I had this request sitting in my mailbox for 7 months (I know I’m a horrible person, please don’t hate me), and I even made a script too, but somehow the first sketches didn’t look good enough, so I abandoned the project.

Anyways it’s finished now :’) Bruce barely has time to prepare for romantic events, but he certainly tries!


A/N: Again, I put these two requests together because they were very similar. I decided to go with you being his sister rather than daughter because I’ve seen the daughter one done a lot. My writing skills aren’t on point today though guys so my apologies, this was the best I could come up with today. If anyone wants to send in a crazy and detailed request for an imagine, it may be easier for me to write as the simpler requests (although great) are harder for me to write. No idea why. Also I couldn’t find a better gif. Can’t wait until the movie comes out with more gifs to use haha :)


@crazyfangirl345: Hey! Could you do a Joker (Jared Leto)imagine where you’re Batman’s little sister except you’ve fallen in love with Mr. J and Bruce walks in on you two making out in the Jokers car in the bat cave and Batmans like pissed at you? Thanks Puddin’! <3

Anonymous: imagine being the daughter of Bruce Wayne and the Joker fall in love with you and you fall for it ?

Warning(s): Swearing, use of the word boner (lol)

Word count: 1,081



Fuck. It happened again.

This was the third time in a week that you’d had a blazing row with your brother, Bruce Wayne, over things that were completely ridiculous. Simple things such as him eating your food or making a mess caused you guys to shout at each other and in the end, you just stormed out. That’s the thing when you live with someone, there’s always going to be problems.

You walked around Gotham to calm yourself down. You were just so stressed at the moment with many different things, including a problem with one person in particular; The Joker. It wasn’t the greatest thing to happen, you falling for a dangerous criminal but what made it worse was that he was practically incapable of loving someone in that way. You guys were best friends, which was most likely the limit. It was a miracle he was even friends with you because he most certainly hated everyone. Especially your brother.

You sat down at a bench, looking down and fiddling with your fingers. It was hard to calm down when you were so upset and stressed and with the streets deserted, you found nothing to distract yourself. You were just sat, alone, with your thoughts.

“What’s a gorgeous girl like you sat here by herself?” You hear a familiar voice say. You look up and see the only person that could possibly cheer you up right now, or make you feel worse. His wide grin was spread across his pale face, his neat green hair starting to move in the wind. His face dropped when he didn’t see your beautiful glowing smile. He knew there was something up. “What’s up, doll?”

“Bruce.” You simply stated, looking back down at the ground. He hated your brother with a passion, except from the obvious, he also hated the way he would argue with you and take possession of you. The Joker knew good and well that you wanted to be your own person and Bruce was preventing that. He scowled at the thought of it. “It was only a silly argument. But he makes me so angry, J. Honestly, he really does.”

The Joker wrapped an arm around you and gently pulled you into his side, your head resting on his chest so that you could hear the steady beat of his heart, his head resting on top of yours. It was times like these that you really savoured. He might be a murderous and twisted bastard but he really treated you well. He always helped you out and was always there for you. He always flirted with you, joked around with you and had even told his henchmen you were “his girl”. He always gave mixed signals but you never took any notice, eventually putting it down to him being a flirt.

“Hey,” he began, pulling away from you. He reached into his purple jacket and pulled out a bottle of vodka, presenting it to you with a wide and crazy smile. “This will cheer you up.” You began to laugh at him. It’s the simple things that he does that makes you smile. He was the only person who could do that. “I bought it for you.”

“Don’t kid yourself. Me and you both know you stole it.” Laughing, you took the bottle out of his grasp, turning it upside down and watching the liquid swish around.

“It’s the thought that counts.”

A slight tug on your hand and you were off, stumbling and laughing all the way to wherever the Joker was leading you. You two were absolutely pissed to say the least, sat on the bench all evening drinking and talking about anything and everything.

“Where are we going?” You whispered with a slight giggle. Moments later you spotted the Jokers car, it’s purple body shining in the city lights. You loved that thing. He’d take you out on rides and you’d go all sorts of places together. He gently pulled you towards it, opening the car door and assisting you inside, like a gentleman would. The cold leather touched your skin which sent a shiver down your spine as the Joker got in from the drivers side, closing the door and turning to you.

Everything moved so fast. Suddenly he smashed his lips against yours forcefully, catching you off guard. You instantly pulled back out of shock.

“What was that?” You asked, scanning the look on his face for any type of sign. He was just smirking. You were so confused, the Joker wasn’t normally someone who would do this type of thing. Although, he was drunk.

“Come on, I see the way you look at me.” He told you, edging closer and closer to your face. “I know you want me just as much as I want you.”

“You’re drunk.” You say, avoiding his intent gaze. You knew that no matter how much you wanted this, in the morning he would regret it and things would change between you both and that’s not how you wanted it. He was the only person you connected with. There was no one else like him. You couldn’t stand to lose him over something so stupid.

“I may be drunk but I’m no liar. I’m not going to pretend anymore, baby. You and I belong together. I can’t stand the tension anymore and I know you can’t either…”

His lips were on yours again in an intoxicated kiss, your arms instantly around his shoulders, giving into him. This was what you had been waiting for your whole life. A kiss like this. It was everything you ever wanted and more.

You climbed on top of him, careful not to damage the interior of the car. You were straddling his waist with your ass resting on his steering wheel, a growing boner beginning to press against your inner thigh.

However, just as things were getting heated, the door swings open and you pull away almost instantly, the Joker still paralysed from the kiss. You gasp before the Joker looks up to see Batman, your brother.

“Y/N! What the hell are you doing? Get out right now!”

The Joker laughed, closing the door on Batman and gently pushing you off of him and back into your seat so he could drive. He quickly turned on the engine and put his foot on the accelerator, shouting a quick “oops, gotta go.” before leaving your brother standing angry and clueless on his own.