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Man, guys! Where do y’all come from?

I want to take this opportunity again to thank all of you :’D Because of you guys, I’ve built up my courage to actually share my art and be proud of my work. And all of you!!!!

You all are so awesome! You have amazing ideas, you even are so nice when you want to tell something ;w; Especially when you share your comments and even simply liking my art. Hell, to those who reblog my art, and to all the people who message me?? Thank you so much!

And I’m sorry if sometimes I’m unable to answer or continue some messages. Just remember, I love you all, and I’m always open to talk to. You all are so amazing and god- you just don’t know how much you all help me in my every day life.

I promise to deliver my best always, and have fun in everything I do. I haven’t found a community as awesome as Mark’s, and it’s because all of you are awesome. As I continue, I promise that I’ll be dedicated XD

 I also want to thank you guys for supporting my first fic here… that was a mess ahaaaaaaaa I mean???? You guys loving my art was amazing and you guys supporting me with my writing… just. Feels, guys.

Thank you so much :D Thank you, thank you, thank you :D

alright first off i would like to say THANK YOU ALL!!

your support of me, whether you’ve been here for the year and a half or for the past two minutes, has meant the absolute world to me. you are all incredible shining humans and every ask, like, and reblog honestly matters so much because this is my work and i put so much time and effort into it, i love you all and my ask box and messages are always open

next order of business is the celebration:

i am going to open for business for ships and speedy personalized headcanons

the rules are as follows:

  • you must be following me
  • like and reblog this post
  • you must specify which you want
  • send an ask with the following info:
    • if for a ship: any personal info you want to share about looks and a description of yourself and what you like/dislike, your personality, also if you know who you want to be shipped with then say it in the ask, otherwise i will ship you with one of the boys (extra info about this under cut)
    • if for a personalized headcanon: these are pretty much just hcs, but they will be short and can be as specific as you want, they can be about you or just a general reader, AUs are welcome (extra info under cut)
  • it can be for peter parker, tom holland, harrison osterfield, harry holland, and sam holland (although i’m not super familiar with sam so don’t kill me if it’s not perfect)
  • the most important rule: you have to give yourself a big hug and say i love you

(examples + tags are under the cut)

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Life Update: I am officially dancing with Oklahoma City Ballet as a trainee this year and we’re performing Swan Lake which features the tutu’s Taylor wore in Shake It Off and I am in TEARS 

Like look how beautiful my sweet friends are, I cannot believe that i get to share a studio with them. Thank you Taylor for always inspiring us & for encouraging us to work hard!!! Love you & wouldn’t be here without you 

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Ok this message will be mess but I'm a mess too so forgive me. I just finished "Undone, Unwritten, Unafraid" AND JFC I HAVEN'T READ SUCH A GOOD FIC IN A LOOOONG TIME!!!It was absolutely fantastic I have no words to express how much! Not only my personal fav Zen was in there but you also explored an area I was always curious about. How Hyun would be like if he just submitted to his mother demands (ANGSTY AS FUCK I LOVED IT BUT I ALSO WANTED TO CRY AND HUG HIM HE DESERVES SO MUCH BETTER) -->

Hi there my lovely Nonny Chan! 

I’m so thrilled that people are enjoying this version of Zen. I don’t know what it was about @zenscrotch work that made me ask those questions but I’m so thankful that they did! THANK YOU CROTCHY! 

You’re far too kind to me but I thank you nonetheless! I wanted to explore into it much more in depth but my god that would be a slow SLOW burn story and… I didn’t have the time to make it. So you got this very clipped version of it instead haha. 

I always hc’s it was because of the reason I stated and hence why we’ve never been told why he changed it canonically hahah- it would bump up the rating of the game ;) 

You’ve given me the biggest smile my darling and I am positively glowing- your kind words helped me get through a rather horrible shift at work so I am just as thankful and grateful to you honey! 


Please feel free to “ramble” as much as you want honey, you’re doing nothing but stroking my already far too large ego but- your kindness makes me smile and feel all fuzzy hahah. Hopefully you can something else of mine in the future my dear. Hope you have a lovely week ahead sweetie!!!

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Hey Sand! Just wanted to say that i am so damn proud of you! You are killing the cc game every. single. time. Select artist is only the start for you! Thank you for taking the time to create cc. I certainly appreciate all the hard work you put into your work! Plus, I'm so envious of your hair! You always brighten my dash!

You made me cry. Really. But this is a good cry. I feel sooo appreciated and loved and I can’t even! Thank you! I’m not even gonna wipe those tears, Imma let them dry cause this message is amazing and you are amazing and I really wish you didn’t hide cause there’s nothing to be shy about! <3 Let me love you!

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amon15  asked:

So what do you think will happen after this chapter ? With Furuta surviving Kaneki assault what will he do ?

Make it to Kanou’s lab where he will be eaten by Rize hopefully with Eto releasing Rize onto him to foil his dastardly plots. 

No, but actually, I am not sure. I do think his survival here means that his foreshadowed death is almost certainly going to be his actual death. He says he’s not interested in being bureau chief anymore, and tells Ui that Hairu and Arima aren’t coming back. (The thing that I’m still somewhat suspicious of is that we know Okahira came back and Furuta was never where I pinned my hopes for Hairu returning on–it was always Kanou and his love for weird science.)

Where exactly does he plan on going, though? Maybe to rendezvous with the clowns or Kanou, or to see Rize before Dragon kills them (which would seem in-character to me). Except I don’t think that would work out quite as planned. 

Thank you for the ask!

jonerys-the-last-targaryens  asked:

Hi, I just realized that you're the author for Say You'll Remember Me on AO3, and I have to say it's one of the best works I've read about Jonerys. I was going to write a S5 encounter of them and I had it planned, but when I read yours, realized that my beginning was very similar to yours and yours is amazing that I won't write it. I love love it and can't wait for you to upload new ones, but no rush, take your time and make it great as always!

Well thanks for the kind words about my work! I appreciate that. As to our similar ideas, great minds think alike hehe :D:D

I will be uploading my new chapter very soon, I can finally say. I’ve finished it and am just waiting to get feedback from my betas :)

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Howdy! WCIF the shirt/oufit you have Meadow Thayer wearing on your Wordpress blog where you keep your Sims 2 Bustin Out Story? WCIF Ivy Copur's outfit in the same post? I believe it is the Teen Drama post, separate from the story itself. Thanks so much by the way and I love the gifs you add to your posts, they always make me laugh!

I actually do not have any of these items in my game anymore so I had to Google search, which everyone can do.

The top is by Trapping and was a gift for StarrSims for one of the Big Trade-Offbut unfortunately the link does not work anymore. @sims2packrat any ideas? Boom! Thanks @digitalangels


Top / Skirt

I love their friendship so much and I’m disappointed in myself for not drawing something for them yet.

Lance is down with the flu and feeling extremely homesick; Hunk is the World’s Best  Friend and does his best to take care of him :’)

Long version under the cut:

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Hoe Tips: Looking Your Best When You Have Zero Time

Alright y'all, I know you guys have started school and you probably have zero free time to really beat your face or look groomed without sacrificing sleep or classtime, so I’m droppin some quick tips.

1. Sleep>everything. Do not get less than 6 hours of sleep each night (really, no less than 8, but as a fulltime college student in a healthcare major I know thats not always realistic). Your physical health is more important than your grades, more important than doing your makeup in the morning, etc. Span out your studying gradually throughout the week so you aren’t cramming, and if you didn’t get enough sleep, just don’t do your makeup the next morning. I promise you, no one will really care whether or not you’re wearing makeup.

2. Have a 5 minute routine down pat if you still wanna beat your face. Mine is as follows: moisturizer/primer, tinted brow mascara/brow pencil, tinted BB cream, powder, blush and highlight, mascara, sheer lip gloss, setting spray. Easy peasy.

3. Lay out your outfits on your bed/dresser the night before. Having an ensemble already available to you saves a shit ton of time in the morning.

4. Have your lunch packed and your bag ready the night before.

5. Do some of your skincare routine in the shower. Wash and exfoliate while waiting for your shampoo to settle into your hair, leave on a face mask while shaving your legs, etc.

6. Apply coconut oil/castor oil to your lashes and brows before you go to bed every night for long, voluminous lashes and bold, groomed brows.

7. Keep a chapstick/lip balm on you at all times to ensure those babies are soft 24/7.

8. Never skip moisturizer. I like to use a Clean and Clear moisturizer with salicylic acid in it; it hydrates my skin and helps fight acne all in one.

9. Always have a hair tie on you in case of a bad hair day.

10. The less you wear makeup, the better your face starts to look without it. I used to wear makeup religiously (and I still love wearing it), but I found that sleep and making it to class/work on time every day is way more important than a beat face. Plus my skin benefits from having time to breathe. I promise y'all are gorgeous with AND without makeup, and your skin will thank you for having a day off.

11. Keep a small spray bottle of perfume in your car/bag.

12. Paint your nails/toes while studying. Reading over your notes while waiting for your nails to dry can make good use of some time.

13. Leave one day a week where you don’t do any school work, for beauty and personal care. Everyone needs a break, and that can be your self care day.

💖Thats all for now, good luck this semester hoes, stay beautiful💖

nadineyoussef4321-deactivated20  asked:

Hey just thought I'd let you know you have some of the best artwork I've ever seen! Congrats! Especially Chirrut, he's amazing in your style! I was also wondering if you had any advice on how to draw heads and eyes? They're one of my two biggest struggles and I'd love it if I could get your advice. Anything helps. Thank you and I hope you have a fantastic day!

*_* Thanks a bunch askdh and thanks for taking the time to write me! I had a lot of fun working on Chirrut ;;; 

Hmmm I usually think it’s not useful to explain how I make eyes or noses, since the way to draw them changes depending on the pose…  My advice would be practicing with ¾ heads. That view always force you to work volumetric shapes and also give a lot more of information. Also, I think it’s much more easy since you have more landmarks to help you.

I would also say consulting anatomy to identify the landmarks on the face  (zygomatic and nasal bone , superciliary arch, mandible…) and practice on photos. Using references for drawing is not bad and drawing over photos when you need information of a face is a lot of fun. Is not necessary to draw all the bones, but knowing where the volumes and principal shapes are can help you learn. I.E:

I love that photo because it’s SO SO easy to see the volumetry of the face; just the line of the jaw gives you a lot of informacion about it. And it makes it easy to identify the elements and principal shapes of the head:

(I broke his nose, I’m sorry, but I made this quickly (??)) the point is, take your time to study the lines and understand the anatomy.

that triangle is very helpful too and could help you placing the principal elements. The lines that make him look like he’s crying (?) are the relation between the eyes and the mouth and are very helpful when placing it.

Again, this is only a way to learn and understand how to build a face. That is always the key, even if you use a cartoon style. Rules can be broken, but I think it’s important to understand them first. It could help you make your style more solid. 

And well, once you’ve studied it from photos, trying it on your own (even if you have references, that’s ok) and practice, practice u3u

Hope this helps and hope it’s not too technical ;;;


Four months ago, Gansey and Ronan kissed.
Four months ago, Ronan almost died.
Now it’s New Year’s Eve, and they’ve run out of ways to not talk about it.

pre-series, 7k words
content warnings in notes
(read here on ao3!)

[TRANS] LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her' - Jungkook Thanks To

My family who is my biggest source of strength and whom I love the most
I will quickly become a greater person and make you happier.

Bang Shi Hyuk PD-nim, Vice President Yoojung, Director Shinkyu, Director Seokjoon, Director Chaeun, I’m always grateful for your great job and for all the meetings and great talks you give me whenever I have a hard time.
I will grow up more in the future.

Woojung-noona, Surin-noona, Bunhong-noona, Hyunji-noona, Jieun-nim, Nayeob-noona from Contents Business Team.
Kkothayeon-noona, Jinah-noona, Inhye-noona from Concert Business Team, please help us take a lot of beautiful photos and film a lot of good contents in the future as well. You work so hard every day already but when we’re abroad you have it really hard. Please take care of us in the future too.

Sungho-nim, Hyojin-noona, Daito-sensei, thank you for working hard so we can shine brighter when we go overseas. I’ll work harder.

Sunghyunie-hyung, Hyunjoo-noona, Sunkyung-noona, Gabriel-hyung, Gaeun-nim from VC Team, thank you for staying up all night to come up with cool outfits and cool styles so we can look cooler. I’ll become cooler.

Jooyoungie-hyung, Hyunjung-nim, Jua-hyungnim, teacher Sungdeuk, Gahyunie-hyung, Partnership Business Team: Heesun-nim, Kyungjin-nim, you’ve worked hard. We’ll continue to Youngji-hyung, Changwonie-hyung, Jinse-nim, Wooyoungie-hyung, Giwon-nim, Jiwon-nim, Aram-nim from Music Production Team. Thank you for making wonderful music for us and thank you for making those songs become even cooler.

Hobeomie-hyung, Sejinie-hyung, Jungilie-hyung, Kwangtaekie-hyung, Yootaekie-hyung, Joongminie-hyung, Sungseokie-hyung, Yoonjae-hyung from Management Team. You work the hardest alongside us and always take care of us be it day or night and go through the most. I’m sorry that I can’t move fast, I’ll work hard to adjust this in the future.

Joowon-nim, Jieun-nim, Yoori-noona, Joy-nim, Onnuri-noona, Saetbyeol-nim from Communication Team, there are some people I don’t know well yet but I know you all work really hard. Thank you so much and I too will do better in the future.

Sunjung-noona, Mijung-noona, Seungwoo-nim, Hyewon-nim, Dayoon-nim Yeonhee-nim, Miryung-nim from Trainee Development Team, you’ve all worked really hard to help those who follow after us grow. We’re counting on you.

Hyukki-hyung, Eunjung-nom, Eunsang-nim, Junho-nim from Financial Team, your work must be very very complex but you work so hard to handle it for us. Thank you.

Jaedong-nim, Minjoo-nim, Jungwook-nim, Junsu-nim, Donghun-nim from Management Support Team, you work so hard until late night even though we don’t get to meet often. Please take care of us in the future as well. Have strength.

Director Lee Hyuk, Yoonyoung-nim, Myunghak-nim, every time we go to Japan you work the hardest. Please take care of us in the future too. Thank you for your great job with the tour.

Pdogg PD-nim, Dohyungie-hyung, Supreme Boy, ADORA-noona, and.. Other people whom I don’t know really well, anyway, thank you so so much for making many many wonderful songs for us. You’re the best composers.

Chief Dareum, Hyuna-noona, Seolji-noona, thank you for making our faces beautiful, I hope we will continue to work together in the future.

Chief Naejoo, Chief Jihye, Jinyoungie-hyung, Seunghee-noona, Sohee-noona, thank you for making our hair fabulous. I’ll change more so I can pull off various concepts. Let’s work together in the future as well.

Chief Hajung, Hyesoo-noona, Seoyeon-noona, Yeonhwa-noona, Sejin-nim, Soohee-nim, thank you for buying and dress us in beautiful clothes. Please take care of us in the future as well.

Director Lumpens, Director Hyunwoo, it’s like we’re one now. Please take care of us in the future too.

Chief Mugunghwasonyeo who took the poster photos for us, even though it was raining and super hot, thank you so much for working hard to take beautiful photos. And Chief Kim Heejun who took the album jacket photos, thank you for taking cool photos even though I was lacking a lot.

Jinwoo-hyung, Jungjoo-hyung from 85GYM, if it wasn’t for you guys, we would be so tired when we do concerts. Thank you so much. Please take care of us in the future too.

Thank you so much for always being by my side and becoming my source of strength, let’s keep working hard and grow together in the future.

My dear ARMYs, the album you have been waiting and waiting for has finally come out.
I hope you would listen to it a lot, and isn’t the music quite good?
We have prepared a lot so I hope you would love it,
Thank you so much for waiting for us every single time, I gain strength from looking at you guys.
Thank you a lot, thank you ARMY.

Well, @projectnelm, has done it again! This is my newest DnD character, Lilyth. She’s a multi-classed ranger/druid. She’s a young half-elf and kind of reckless which gets her in trouble. A LOT. However, she’s fierce in battle and always has her friends’ backs. If you ever get the chance to commission Nelm, you won’t regret! She’s super sweet and super awesome to work with. She took all of my ideas and suggestions and put them all together in one perfect piece of art!  Thank you again! <3 

Ok honestly, despite the various discourses that happened before (and are happening?) I truly love the miraculous fandom and especially the show!So uh, that’s why i wanted to use the #HeartsforAstruc as a platform to give my appreciation to the people who work so very hard to bring us this great show!

I know Hawkdaddy wanted Season 2 to be full of surprises so I can understand why the spoilers would really hurt :c 

But despite it all, thank you, Thomas Astruc for creating this wonderful show, and thank you for being such a kind and loving fandom dad <3 We’re honestly so spoilt by how much love and appreciation you shower on us! We’ll support you till the very end! >:D 

No matter what, you’ll always be in our eyes, absolutely miraculous!

I love the theories, but can we take a step back and appreciate for a moment?

Who Killed Markiplier? is absolutely amazing. There was clearly so much work and passion poured into it.

Mark’s acting abilities are really impressing me though. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t doubt he could do it, I’m still amazed though. We all knew he could do the Colonel, and Jim… Damien’s character is so intense sometimes though. He conveys a lot of these really deep emotions and Mark pulls it off so well! You know it got to you when he left you at the top of the stairs with that, “you too.”

Everyone’s acting in this is phenomenal though. I love all of the characters for what they are, and how they interact with each other. I love the story, the crazy hints, all of the possible misdirects and all of the crazy jokes.

When he dropped that Jumanji reference in the third chapter, I had to pause the video because I was laughing too hard to see or hear it anymore. I laughed for way longer than I’m willing to admit before I could even finish the video.

We’re not even to the end yet and I’m already hoping so hard that there’s going to be Behind the Scenes, and maybe even Bloopers. We could all use some Jim Bloopers in our lives, couldn’t we? Also is it just me or is Jim a little inspired by West of Loathing’s stupid walking? XD

At the end of all this… whether that’s tomorrow, or who knows when…no matter what theory is right, or if they’re all wrong and he has some big trick up his sleeve, it’s all been amazing. Thank you to all of the theorists and crazy fans for pouring over those videos and giving me all the hints I couldn’t get on my own. He was right… it’s never been about the poker, or about him or his death, it was always about us. ;) I already know I’m going to love however this ends.

I doubt they’ll see it… but if someone from Teamiplier or anyone who worked on the videos does see this, thank you. Thank you for the amazing videos, the great set up, and this chance to just be a crazy theorist with this awesome community.

 I hope they’re proud, because I for one am proud of them.

[TRANS] LOVE YOURSELF 承: Her - Jimin Thanks To

To Bighit staff, including Bang Shihyuk PD-nim.
There are so many more staff now that I don’t know all of you.
But still, those who came with us since we first started, needless to say, I know that you’re always working hard and doing so much for us in the back without getting to sleep, and even those whom I don’t know are working hard for us in the back as well. You always take care of so many things for us that I don’t know where I should start from or how I should thank you. Thank you for creating us and creating every opportunities we get. As much as you have worked hard for us, we will rise higher. Please keep an eye on us.

Our manager hyungs.
You must have had a hard time right? You can’t even tell us and always work so hard. You have it tougher than us and sleep less than us, but even though I know that, I feel like I should know more, I’m sorry. Anyway, I’m always grateful to our hyungs. I wouldn’t be able to understand everything but I understand that you’ve had it tough and I want to tell you to cheer up. Thank you.

To our staff who always stay by our side.
Now that there are staff younger than me, I can’t refer to everyone as hyungs and noonas anymore. But for real, we’re together 340 days out of 365 days a year. Thank you. Even though you’re always with us, I have never seen you guys saying that it’s tiring. I’m sorry that we always whine but we can’t do more for you compared to the amount of time you stay with us. Thank you to all the make-up artists and hair stylists for always making us look beautiful and caring about us. Let’s keep working together in the future as well.

To Director Lumpens and Director Nam Hyunwoo who always create wonderful works for us and go through a lot to do so.
It’s actually not an overstatement to say that most parts of us are made by you guys. I’m always grateful. Counting on you guys to make us come out great in the future as well. Thank you. And to Chief Heejun and Photographer Mugunghwasonyeo whom we just worked with for the first time, thank you for taking beautiful photos. They are so beautiful that I’d love to work with you again if there’s a chance. Thank you for your hard work.

To our family.
Our family who just silently stay by side and become my source of strength, always be healthy and don’t get hurt.
Thank you.

To our members.
I had this thought often, “they really care a lot about me”.
Thank you so much. Sincerely. Let everything we want to do come true in the future as well.

To Taeminie-hyung, Moonkyu-hyung, Kwonho-hyung, Jonginie-hyung, Sungwoonie-hyung.
Thank you, really. Thanks to you guys I’m having fun everyday ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

To our ARMYs.
I don’t want to make you guys wait, but I always end up leaving you waiting. I heard that you have waited long for us as we went abroad for a long time. That’s why I worked really hard to do well during the recording for this album and also during the time I went on tour, because I wanted to bring you guys better songs. Hope you’ll enjoy it. Things will continue to change in the future, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for waiting for us. I love you.


Countdown to Xingtober: Week 5 - Fav Yixing Friendship(s) - ChanXing

“There’s also another member I am thankful for and that is Lay hyung. Lay hyung really thinks a lot about the team. He has many solo activities scheduled in China, but is continuously thinking about EXO. He is an active team member. Everyone else thinks the same way, but we all want to tell Lay hyung that we are thankful. While I have confidence that I won’t lose to anyone in having greed to progress in work, I may lose to Lay hyung. He works hard to the extent where you really want to say ‘you should take a break’.” - Chanyeol about Lay

bonus: chanyeol reacting to lay’s lose control mv (lol!)