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Last time I did one of these was over a year ago, so I thought it was about time I did another one. If I miss you I’m so sorry and if i realize Ill add you in. I follow roughly 900 people so it can be hard to keep track of >.<  Thank you all for having such amazing blogs ^.^ Everyone on here are people I wish I had the guts to start a conversation with, you’re all such wonderful people :] (also some bolded people im always wishing I was friends with/who are extra special :])

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Guess what! This little someone here reached a milestone of 700 followers (friends, hooray!) a few days ago (:

I’ve been on tumblr for a month and it has been a blast ever since. It’s all thanks to you guys!

Each one of you has made me smile and are very, very wonderful people that I love. :)

I’m really sorry about the gif on top omg haha but please enjoy one of my favorite versions of juvia :-)

Bold: We’re awesome buddy dorks and I love you A LOT. (and maybe we had a conversation that you don’t remember but i do omg haha i treasure them all :)

Italic: Senpaiiii! >////< You’re wonderful and I wish we could be friends!  

Crossed out: You’re my super duper awesome eleven-year-old cousin.

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I hope I didn’t miss anyone! Thanks a lot you guys (: ((I ACTUALLY MISSED SOME OMG SORRYGUYS))

Check out these talented people from the Artist’s Alley at Animazement! :D

So I told all of these absolutely wonderful people that I would plug their work and I hold to my word! The following are people that really had art or handcrafted items that moved me! I adore you all, thank you so much for great conversation and fantastic pieces to fuel my nerd love!!! Please give them all of your love on my behalf! They truly deserve it. If any of these links are broken please let me know! I did my best to make sure they were accurate!

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Soundtrack Series - Midnight Memories - Little Black Dress

Harry: “How have you been?” “I’ve been fine.” “Are you here by yourself?” You nod, “Yeah.” This was the last place in the world you wanted to be, the last place in the world you ever thought you would be actually. You don’t want to be standing in front of her, but that’s how the universe had planned your day. You had made a mental reminder to thank it later once you somehow got out of this situation. You hadn’t seen her around in a long time, but to be fair you hadn’t been looking. You just started getting out of the house again, and she was meant to be with Harry. “I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages,” she comments with energy, and you wonder if you could borrow some of it. You weren’t feeling this conversation at all. Not because she’s with Harry, well probably somewhat because she’s with Harry, but you are completely defeated physically and emotionally. Seeing her and having this conversation is not making your situation any better. She had come up to you, of course. You weren’t about to initiate a conversation with her. You had the mind to be hateful, but quickly realized when she walked over that you didn’t have the energy. You had smiled and nodded through most of this interaction. You envy her in a way. She always gets him back. Even after him saying he wanted to be with you out of the two of you, she still has him. “You should come to a show,” she says, and you can’t help the surprised look that comes across your face. “What?” She questions with a laugh. “I just didn’t expect you to invite me out to a show.” “Well I don’t see why not. You’re Harry’s friend, aren’t you? I know he would want to see you.” You genuinely do not believe a word that is coming out of her mouth. She has never liked you. This has to be another one of her games. You smile and nod, as you have done throughout this entire exchange, and begin to look around for ways to escape. You’re getting antsy, and her weaving lies right in front of you makes you not want to play so nice anymore. “I’ve got to get back to the apartment,” you say before she can think up anything else to pretend to invite you to. “Oh, okay,” she responds, her voice sounding sad. What is up with her? “I hope to see you around again. Maybe we can get to know each other more, you know since I’m in a relationship with Harry and you are his friend.” There it is. There’s the cynicism. You knew it had to be somewhere. Neither a smile, nor nod comes from you as you blankly stare at her, walking away without another word. You quickly get your phone out. You needed an actual person to talk to. As you walk out of the shop you had been in, you realize how many eyes had been in the pair of you. Just great, this will make some sort of news tomorrow. “Oh my God,” you say immediately, not allowing Syd a moment to greet you. “You will not believe who I just spent the last like fifteen minutes talking to.” “You don’t sound excited so it has to be someone you don’t like.” She’s got that right. “The ex.” “The ex, that isn’t really the ex, but you just call her the ex because she’s a horrible person?” “Yes.” “Really? How is that even possible? Isn’t she meant to be with him somewhere in Europe?” “Yeah, supposed to be, but no, she’s here. And of course on a day I choose to get out of bed I have to run into her and talk to her. I’m never getting out of bed again.”

Liam: “Black?” Mark questions as he walks into the bedroom to find you in front of the mirror holding up your options for tonight. You turn around to him, “Yes, black.” Both dresses were the same color, and nearly the same style, the only difference being one was a little more revealing than the other. “Whatever you want,” he says with no further inquiries before walking back out of the room. He had spent the entire week working on tonight. He knew you needed a break from the stress and emotions you had been feeling lately and tonight was going to be the night where you forget about them all. You continue to contemplate in the mirror. Strapless and formfitting, or a deep-v and formfitting. You know pictures are bound to be taken. You’ve been getting used to the fact that people now want to get photos of you. Mostly One Direction fans, and more than likely just to post them on the internet so Liam knows what you are up to. They’ve been helping him out a lot in this. Why are you thinking about Liam? You’re going out tonight to get him off of your mind. You’ve been thinking about him far too much these last few weeks. But what is so wrong with that though? You used to think about him every day without a problem. You continue to hold the dresses in your hands as you now stare at your reflection. You see the same person you did months back. The only change is the extra concealer under the eyes to hide the bags that had formed from lack of sleep. Not having Liam in your life was taking its toll on more than just your emotions. You look over at the clock on the wall; it was almost time to go. You focus back in on the dresses. You felt drawn to the one in your right hand, the deep-v. You had worn it before to a benefit Liam had asked you to come along to. He loved this dress. He always said it was one of his favorites. You set the other dress down in the chair beside of the mirror. Holding your selection up against you. You are taken back to the benefit where you wore it last. Liam didn’t let his arm fall from your waist the entire night, which, of course, started up those dating rumors he loved so much. There were tons of pictures taken of him smiling at you, or just simply looking at you when you weren’t paying attention. It was a great night, and you cherish those moments. The dress in your hands brings those moments back. So should you be wearing it tonight? You aren’t going out with Liam, you’re going out with Mark. But Liam would love to see you in this dress, no matter who you are with, you are sure. You unzip the back and slowly step in. After zipping it back up you press the fabric down your body, straightening it out. You are instantly reminded of why Liam loves this dress so much. You look killer. You walk over to the closet to get a pair of shoes. You know there is only one option. The most expensive pair in your wardrobe, the ones with the bright red bottoms. Liam had bought them for you as a birthday present last year. You wanted to kill him for spending so much money, but you adored them and wouldn’t give them up for anything. You slip your feet into the sky-high pumps and walk back to the mirror. Everything is now in place. “Wow,” Mark comments as he walks back into the room. “The cameras are going to have a field day with you,” he continues with a smile. Good, that was your intention tonight. 

Niall: This is business, strictly business. You agreed to go out with Stephen to talk further about the renovations of his flat and there is absolutely no harm in that. The taxi ride over to him is unnerving though. You have no idea what to expect, even though you have a set agenda for how you want this meeting to go. Unfortunately, Stephen is incredibly unpredictable. “Cheers,” you say as you swipe your card and get out of the taxi. You walk into the now very familiar apartment complex and get your phone out. “Does this mean you are downstairs?” He asks as soon as he answers. “It does, yes.” “Well why don’t you come up, I’m almost ready.” “If that’s the case then I will just wait down here.” You aren’t about to feed into whatever he was planning for you sixty floors up. “You know what? You are absolutely no fun,” he reveals and you hear the lift chime. You turn to see him walking through the open door and pulling his phone down from his ear. “I was going to have you go up while I was coming down, and it was going to be a good laugh, but you went and ruined that, didn’t you?” He teases. “I do what I can, you know?” You say with a smile. “You look fantastic,” he compliments as he looks you over. “What’s the occasion?” There’s that confident smile. “Nothing special whatsoever,” you remark with a smile of your own. “Ouch,” he counters as he holds his arm out towards the door. “I thought we could walk to dinner, if that’s alright with you? It’s only three blocks.” “Yeah, that’s fine.” You didn’t mind to walk. As soon as you step out onto the sidewalk though, you begin to see hints of flashes in the distance. The sun had gone down an hour ago, making it very easy to spot them. You hadn’t noticed any when you arrived at Stephen’s complex, but that was probably because you had your back turned to the other side of the street where they were apparently standing. You try your best to keep your calm; they aren’t in your face, so saying something to them would be highly counterproductive. The last thing you need to do is get defensive while out with someone that isn’t Niall. But you aren’t doing anything wrong being out with Stephen. He is your client, and that is it. You are sure you will have to explain everything once pictures surface but you do not mind that. You are working, and this is a business meeting. “Do they make you nervous?” Stephen asks, bringing you out of your head. “No,” you reveal honestly. “There’s nothing to be nervous about.” “I’m glad to hear that,” he says with a smile. The two of you continue to walk, the flashing coming at a more consistent pace. You wonder how it’s you they are so set on getting pictures of. There are so many more important people living in this city, and that does not include you. The only reason they care about you is because of who you are associated with. And that person isn’t even around. You suppose there’s their story. “After you,” Stephen insists as he holds the door open for you. You look up to see where you had walked to, having not paid much attention these last couple of blocks. “Ohh, fancy,” you comment playfully as you enter in before him. “Ah, Mr. Harris, so nice to see you again, right this way,” the host greets and you look over at Stephen slightly impressed. He knew how to do everything the right way, you cannot deny him that. 

Louis: The suspense is killing you. You know he should be coming into the bus any minute, and your legs can’t help but bounce in anticipation. You hear the door click and feel your heart about to leap from your chest. You haven’t seen him in so long. You hear him coming up the stairs, and there’s no hiding the smile on your face. His face shows something different though, confusion. He stares at you for what feels like ages before any reaction comes. “Surprise?” You say, your smile fading slightly. He shakes his head quickly and then the smile comes. “What are you doing here?” He questions, holding his arms out and walking over to you. You wrap your arms around him tightly. You have missed this so much. “I couldn’t take being in that house anymore. I told them I would be back, but that I had to get out and come see you.” “How did they take that?” “Mom was fine with it, I guess. She doesn’t really say a whole lot now. Everyone else hates me for it, I think. Scott gave me the worst look after telling everyone what I was doing.” Your mind travels back to the look your brother gave you this morning. The last thing you wanted to do was hurt your family during this already hard time. But the depression you had been settled around was nothing short of torture. “He told me I was being selfish,” you reveal as your heart sinks just admitting it. “Don’t listen to him. You have to do things for yourself sometimes, no matter what the situation is.” You knew there was a reason you got on that train this morning. Your hold on him tightens as your face presses closer into his chest. “You want to go get some lunch?” He asks, and you pull back to look up at him. You can only smile, not being able to do anything except just look at him. You are just so happy to finally be back with him once again. He isn’t missing a beat, getting back into the routine of you being on the road with him. “I would love that,” you say as you lift your chin up to press a kiss to his lips. It has felt like years since you last kissed him. In this moment nothing matters. Yes, you have plenty of obligations back home, but you aren’t home right now. You won’t forget, and you will go back, but right now you just want to feel genuine and complete happiness. That’s something you haven’t felt since coming back home. Your heart is filling back up though. Being with Louis does that. You knew it would. You take his hand and allow him to lead the way back out of the bus and into the sunlight. All thoughts of Louis’s initial reaction to your surprise drift from your mind. It doesn’t matter that he acted like he didn’t recognize you at first. You’re sure the stress of your situation has changed your features. So his reaction was justified. “Does everyone already know you’re here?” He questions, squeezing your hand in his as he loves to do. “Yeah, I called this morning and made sure it was a good day for me to come. They had everything ready for me when I got here and made sure to get you out of the bus.” He shakes his head with a smile. “So sneaky.” You bring your other hand to his arm, holding onto him as you walk into the venue to find security. The familiar faces bring so much relief to your heart. You know now, as you walk through the corridor, holding tightly onto Louis, that this is exactly where you need to be right now.

the birb saga

jesus christ birb is taking over my life. pom!elsa is taking over my life. I have so many side conversations going on atm I can’t keep track. aelifsigrun, your art is like…. perfect. i can’t even. You perfectly encapsulate ‘pomeranian!elsa’ and it’s brilliant. nyxie580, this is all your fault. if you hadn’t dragged my pomeranian to play with your zombie, none of this would have happened (and I thank you for that ;P )

and we’re growing~ because now j-peters0n has added their own take (omgomgomg i love it *v* ) and no-escape-from-the-storm-inside, you sent nyx that dammed headcanon. yoURE ALL TO BLAME (and it’s wonderful dont leave i think elsa would feel lonely if you did)

it takes a village to raise a child? we’ll go with that :) it’s like, wow and I’m supposed to be releasing like chapter updates of this, too @_@


Ono Kento Blog Post 05.19.2015:

Good evening

Sorry for spacing on updating my blog. 

Yesterday was a day off.
I meant to take lots of care of my body. 

Today’s performance saw the results of my care. 
My body felt in great shape.

–or so I had convinced myself (・・;)

But I was able to relax.
Or that’s how it felt.

Junya came to see us.

Somehow having him around made me feel calm.
Having him backstage with us during the afternoon performance made me wish he could stay.
Thank you.

On now to Mokkun. 

His cute smile makes it seems like the two of us were having sneaky conversations.
Of course the contents are a secret. 

I want to perform with Mokkun again.
I wonder when it’ll happen again.

And lastly a picture of all of us–tadah!
The members of Dou no Shou

That time is so nostalgic but history continues even now.
I’ll do my best until the final performance.

Good night


As always, anything Kento related is dedicated to my darling enjye ♡


5000 followers! That’s amazing! Thank you so much!

I started this blog as a therapy, to satisfy my huge thirst for everything about drumming. Now, two years later, I know there is no chance for healing. So I have to continue ;-) 

I learned so much about drumming, had wonderful and funny and inspiring conversations with drummers from around the world. I can’t explain how much I love that! Thank you all!! 

Usually I don’t answer questions about blog statistics, but I thought 5.000 is a number I could share…


As some of you may know my mom is getting married on Sunday (!!!) so today I am booked solid with wedding prep. I won’t have much time to be online so if you want me to reblog certain posts for the show tonight if you could send me a link or tag me in it so I get the email notification I will be sure to do that :) also gradually responding to messages from yesterday so if you don’t hear back from me today I’ll have a few hours in the car tomorrow when I should be able to get back to all of you :)

Love you all so much. Thank you again for all of your support and positive feedback, I’m so happy we could start this conversation and hope it helps anyone who may have felt alienated or lonely find a stronger sense of community :) you’re all so beautiful and wonderful and I hope you have an amazing weekend.


taigas-den asked:

Hi, Chris! I love your blog and seeing all your photos. I was wondering if you experienced any issues with language barriers? I'm moving to Germany soon and Idk where to start with the language

A smile translates the same in every language.

Start with the basics:

Greetings, please & thank you, interaction-based conversation. Then go from there.

Keep a Moleskine handy; ask for phonetic translations of words that you find occurring often in conversation and write them down whenever you can - most people will be happy to help you learn!

anonymous asked:

Hey! I check your blog all the time to read your wonderful insights and the one about the possible intervention was so good I had to message you. Seriously it's a light in a dark community tunnel at the moment. If that doesn't happen the writers should be kicking themselves they didn't think of that!

Thank you!

Word of warning, though. My predictions have not been good this year.

HOWEVER, I think I might be close on this one. Joel McHale and Dan Harmon have repeatedly said in interviews that Jeff is on a dark road this year as he tries (and fails) to grapple with continued losses from his circle of friends and the idea that he might be “trapped” at Greendale.

They also said that Jeff comes to realize that he actually does love Greendale, and not just as an extension of his friends. I figure the only way Jeff will come to that realization is if he’s in danger of losing it through his own actions.

Plus, they’ve really leaned hard on Jeff’s downward spiral this year to the point that you’d have to be deliberately not paying attention to see it. At first, a lot of people handwaved Jeff’s increased drinking as “because it’s on Yahoo and they can get away with it.”

I think there might be some truth to that, because a 13-episode long downward spiral? NBC would have a cow and a series of cowlettes.

But in “MV Repair and Palmistry” and in “Wedding Videography,” they were pressing that Jeff is an alcoholic button hella hard. Throw in his increased physical aggression against Abed? Yeah. I think I’m pretty close to the framework.

anonymous asked:

You are awesome. I loved following you in 2014. Have a wonderful 2015 :) Good luck with reading all the books ever.

If I ever needed proof of how much I need to catch up with older messages, this it is… along with even earlier messages. *forever feels guilty* I am working on it though, as people who’ve received replies/apologies/pathetic attempts at starting another conversation from very old messages will know.

If you’re still here anon, thank you very much. I hope that your 2015 is amazing so far. I am very slowly working through all of the books ever, but somehow I don’t think I’ll manage it in a lifetime.

i love rp people who get me. who value the same things i do in writing. who riff off each other’s headcanons for days even when we’re not actually writing together on a site. it’s wonderful. it’s intoxicating. it makes me so happy how i can just sync up with certain people. one night or a few hours of conversation can make up for years of torture and vowing to throw away something i once enjoyed because of the terrible experiences of the past. 

it's been a long day of discussion

thank you to everyone that shared their hearts today. if any of you have been victimized in the past, today was an especially difficult day. I encourage you to seek out a trusted friend to talk about feelings. if you haven’t gotten professional help, I encourage you to look into doing so. please do not let another persons actions hold you back from living and loving your life.

We know this conversation will continue, and we would like to encourage all of our followers to have an open mind while seeking justice.

I can’t help wonder what is going through matriarch Michelle’s brain tonight as she falls asleep. keep your thoughts, questions and experiences coming. the future of the Duggars as we knew them is going to change.

saddlezilla asked:

In regards to the Afterbuzz TV specials for RvB, can I just say how awesome it is that you set this whole thing up? Seriously thank you for all the hard work that I'm sure had to go into this! You're awesome Kiaxet, and the whole fandom really appreciates this :D!

Aww, thank you!

I can only take a little bit of the credit for it, though; AfterBuzz is an entire network, and there’s a good amount of work that goes in from a lot of people to make after shows like this. The producers make the schedule and run the back end (cameras, lights, audio, etc) for the shows; my cohosts are wonderful people for agreeing to ride this crazy train with me and keep the conversation going; of course our wonderful guests make the experience even better by agreeing to come on and talk with us; and we’d never have the guests without the hard work of their agents, publicists, and representation.

In the case of the Red vs Blue after show, the respective parties are Steven (producer), Megan and Alexis (cohosts), Miles and Gray (guests for this week), and Brad (publicist). I’m just the person who went, “Hey, guys, we should totally recap Red vs Blue! It’ll be awesome! :D”

anonymous asked:

hi i'm sorry if this is dumb or i'm bothering you haha but i've been following you & bree since waaay back when you first met & i think you're both so adorable and #goals tbh. anyway i was just wondering, how did you originally make the decision to date long distance? like how did that conversation go and what made u decide it was something u could do? if that makes sense? haha. i'm sort of in a similar position rn & she's in another state so we can't see each other a lot and idk what to dooo

hello!!!! omg you’re not bothering me at all don’t be silly!!! thank you so much that’s so sweet :) hmm well for me personally i’ve never had an issue with long distance as long as i a) really really liked the person and b) could see myself and said person actually working out. with bree, from the moment i realized i liked her i knew that i would do anything for her. when i asked her out it was kind of a blur tbh haha, we were on skype and i really really wanted to ask her out but i was so nervous and i remember i texted my best friend asking if i should ask her out and she said i should so i did and bree said yes and here we are :’) that’s probably not too helpful honestly haha, but if you really like this person and she likes you too then i think you should give it a shot :) and if you do give it a shot, communication is key and from experience i have lots of ideas for “dates” and stuff that will help u feel a lot closer :) best of luck to you angel, you deserve it!!!!

anonymous asked:

Hey Megan, first of all thank you so much for all the inspiration!! Looking through your tumblr always gives me motivation to continue to strive to reach my goals:-) Latley I've been having a quite hard time with my track team and I wondered if you had any suggestions. You see I started very late (last autumn) and therefore the people on my track team don't really include me so going to track practice can be very hard at times.. Changing team isn't possible. thanks! (ps: I cheer for you!)

Hey there!! First of all thank you so much, second of all I know the struggle. This was me freshman sophomore year and I’m not gonna lie it sucks.
All you really can do is keep trying to join in on conversations and such! And if that doesn’t work, there’s probably someone else on the team who feels the same way as you, and it’s just all about finding them! But hey don’t let this get you down, stay focused and train hard!! Good luck with everything! Ps you always have me to turn to! 😘💕


Want to wish a wonderful lady and amazing friend a Happy Birthday! SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETH! Hope you have an awesome day. I also want to thank you for being such a great friend :) This is a period of reminiscing….haha…and yeah I’m sorry this will be corny but let us recollect! We have shared a lot of amazing concert experiences, such as Warped Tour (where we met Taking Back Sunday, All Time Low, and even had a conversation, got serenaded, and a pic with Cody Carson of Set It Off- if it hadn’t been for you I would have never had the guts to go up and talk to him haha), going to see Paramore (and how Nancy yelled at the lead singer of Kadawatha that he was gorgeous), Owl City (those signs you made :) and me, you, and Afton singing at the top of our lungs to Owl City through the city after the concert) and going to see Bastille and Wolf Gang (and attempting to see the band after the concert ended?). Also we’ve done some pretty crazy things (Remember our videos as Lady Gaga, Tokio Hotel, Adam Lambert, Granny Gaga, etc.? hahaha…..Or our time at Beta Convention where we all were out in the hallway talking and we got so loud hotel management asked us to move into the lobby?….Or the various hangouts we had going to the movies and goofing around at K-Mart and Pasquale’s….remember the Iron Man masks and random Hulk? hahaha)…Then (more recently) recall the fangirling over Supernatural and watching the season finale together and just yelling in outrage when something doesn’t go right? Outside of those memories I named there are so many more that we have that span from high school listening to music as we walked around the building and hanging out at our different houses watching random internet videos and movies…. Anyway, why I wanted to do this was to recall all the great memories I have that I would not have had it not been for you! I wanted to thank you so much for being there because I would not have these memories and have such an eventful life if not for you! You have not only shared a lot of good times with me, but you have put up with hearing a lot of junk from me and my life (which I am really unbearable… thank you for putting up with that and still remaining my friend). You are such a positive, warm, kind, outgoing, and sweet young lady I am so happy I was granted the opportunity to meet and get to know you. In summary: you are an amazing person that if not for you and our friendship I would not have so many wonderful memories and different experiences. I am glad to call you a friend and I hope we can remain friends for many years to come. So, I hope you have a lovely day today, because you honestly deserve it. Not only that, but I hope you are a granted a wonderful and blessed life; because like I said you deserve it!

anonymous asked:

You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player etc and write down the first 20 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people.

Thank you for sending this~ ^^ It’s kind of late so I’ll do this quickly :) I’ll link the songs tomorrow after class. And I’ll be using my phone for this since I mostly listen to music using my phone.

  1. BTS - Jump
  2. Wonder Girls - So Hot
  3. BTS - 흥탄소년단
  4. BTS - Cypher pt. 2: Triptych
  5. Natalie La Rose (ft. Jeremih) - Somebody
  6. Jung Eunji & Seo Inguk - All For You (Reply 1997 OST)
  7. BTS - Converse High
  8. Shinhwa - First Love
  9. Iron - No Brake
  10. After School - Shampoo
  11. MYNAME - 너무 very 막
  12. FIESTAR - Vista
  13. BTS - Born Singer
  14. f(x) - Danger
  15. MFBTY - Sweet Dream
  16. g.o.d - One Candle (I LOVE THIS SONG OMFG FEELS)
  17. Daenamhyup - 94년생들이 한 단체랩
  18. SM The Performance - Spectrum
  19. MFBTY - 방뛰기방방
  20. Sweden Laundry (ft. Letter Flow) - 흩어진다
I am me. 👽

Most of the time I feel alone because, I am really not like anyone I know, I wish I knew more people like me. I am old fashioned or just eccentric. I do not like sex, I do not like wasting my time going out partying my brains out and getting wasted, ofcourse I did all those things before, no I do not miss it. I am not missing out on things, yes I am living my life quite nicely thank you. I enjoy arguments, deep conversations, sunsets, drinking coffee and making wonderful memories. I love helping people, because I would never want them to feel sad like I do, I love animals, they are fragile and have a soul of an angel. I do not enjoy talking about boys, sex, or my personal life too much because that for me is meant to stay personal, behind four walls. I do not care how you look like, If I like you, I like you for your soul and as a person, because I take time to get to know you, I listen and I am careful. If I spend my time with you, its for a god damn reason. I like yoga, I like buddism, I believe in fiding your inner peace. I write poetry, and I believe that my kindness is taken for my weakness, and if I am nice to you, it is not because I am trying to get something from you (!!!) I am treating every human being just as how I wish I was treated. So im sorry if you do not understand my ways of living, you better just leave me be, I am my own human, and I live in reality only when I have to. 🌊👽 xoxo

3 years!!!

i’ve been on this shitty website for 3 years! three years ago, on 16th may, i created this blog! and i just want to say THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART to all my followers: the ones that have followed me since the beginning and the ones that only followed me recently (HELLO! ^_^), the ones that i talked to and befriended (i haven’t forgotten any of you, even if we kinda lost contact) and the ones that i haven’t messaged yet, you are all wonderful people <3

this blog went through so many changes, even i don’t know anymore

it started as a BIGBANG and Bleach blog, then went to Supernatural, Teen Wolf, last year to Marvel, and recently back to Bleach and BIGBANG, with posts about the others fandoms thrown in the mix. i have come a full circle. i am grateful for all the people that follow me still, and the ones that left, i understand. 

i know i usually don’t talk too much. i’m a pretty shy and reserved person, until you get to know me. and until i get comfortable. so little by little i’ve come to be able to say what’s on my mind here. i still have a long way to go, but i’m proud of what i’ve accomplished so far.

Once again


and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my blog! hehehhe