thank you for all of your hard work

Amidst all the celebration and collective fandom’s sigh of relief, I’d like to send a shoutout to Rythian for letting us have this little piece of himself. As any artist will tell you, it’s hard to admit a project is over, especially prematurely. It’s easier (and a little less depressing) to pretend you’re procrastinating indefinitely. Boiling down something that’s come out of your head, something you can see so clearly in your mind’s eye as a finished, completed thing, is very, very hard to do. Turning unfinished thoughts into an unfinished summary can seem traitorous to your own creativity, because the big ideas often seem small and underwhelming when condensed - but let it be known that I think I can speak for all of us in saying we deeply appreciate the closure, and also the work it took to gift it to us.

Thank you so, so much for sharing this with us, and for inspiring so much from 2012 to now. 

Han Solo and Sickness

Anonymous said: Could we please get a fic of Han taking care of Leia and baby Grace? Like they both have the flue or a cold? And the only thing both of them want is Han.

Hello anon! Thanks for your ask. This isn’t a fic, exactly, and it’s not all Leia and Grace, but I can’t help what my stupid brain does. So here are some headcanons about Han and sickness. Hope this works for you! It’s forty years long so no hard feelings if you got better things to do today anon

1. He doesn’t get sick, in Corell Home. Other kids do, and bad; they don’t eat enough plants. Han dreams of oranges. Always he knows his own body– what it does, can do, what it needs. When the boys are marched downtown to beg donations that never enrich their diets Han steals from the sidewalk outside the greengrocer’s– black-streaked bananas, stray celery stalks; in winter, woody carrots, tangerines so soft his thumb plunges into pulp. Wilted handfuls of beet greens. His body craves, so his body obeys: Han’s got a way of lowering, seizing bruised apples, rising smooth and quick. Never falling out of rhythm, out of line, never drawing the eye of the supervisor. Cramming his prize in his mouth, swallowing fast as he walks. 

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anonymous asked:

Beeb been suicidal anon here Hannah knows who I am (she's such a sweet heart and really caring) You guys have all touched my heart so much thank you 💜 I'm getting help. The help I've needed for a long time and you guys pushed me for that. It's gonna be a long and hard road but I think I might be able to do this. Thank you all so much 💜 Your support means the world to me. Maybe life can work out I don't know. But I think I might just live to find out. 💜💜💜



max-vandenburg  asked:

Hello! I was just looking through your portraits and watching some timelapses and I wanted to come by and say that I'm in awe of how loose you manage to stay!! I always overwork my paintings and find it hard to keep them alive like yours. Your portraits seem to breathe and I can tell that it's all in the process. So inspiring!!

This is so nice! Thanks for the compliments! Once you understand your process of painting, I think that’s the moment when your art matters the most to you. For a long time i wanted to have a detailed style but it wasn’t working. I consider myself a sketch artist. Hardly you can see a deitaled painting or draw from me. the process of sketching is more satisfied to me than finishing a painting so they are always loose. after accepting this, I have never been so happy with my art as I am nowadays! (A process of self discovering as an artist that took me many years while drawing literally everyday) Thank you so much!!

anonymous asked:

😞 Crying so hard right now for the world... thank you for keeping us updated ady. We all appreciate your hard work and dedication to keeping us updated and helping us feel safe.

Don’t cry baby 😞❤️ I’m here for you if you need to talk about this. Anf I’m doing this for you babes. I don’t want to see anyone being hurt…

On: The Move™

Idk if you guys have noticed but our dear Jackaboy is so, so HAPPY.

He’s getting up earlier, he’s super bouncy and active on his Instagram story AND he’s cranking out videos like nobody’s business, even though he moved like?? A couple days ago?!

He seems really reinvigorated with this new change in environment and when Seán is happy, I’m happy too.

I just wanted to say that I’m super proud and happy for he and Signe. And I’m so glad they’re all settled in at their new place. I look forward to all of the new adventures and memories they have in store.

Thank you for all the hard work you put into your channel, Seán, now and always.


Thank you SISTAR for 7 amazing years .
You brought hoy into our life .
Thank you Summer Queens you made each summer better than the other . Thank you for all those amazing Songs . Thank you for enduring all those hard times and hate for us STAR1 thank you for everything for you thoughtfulness for your care for your smile for your hard work .

Hyorin thank you for being such an amazing leader and leading the girls and taking care of them and STAR1 thank you our amazing Vocalist take care .

Soyou thank you for everything for humor for your hard work for being an amazing member thank you for enduring all those hard times thank you so much take care .

Bora thank you for always smiling and bringing joy , thank you for your hard work our amazing rapper take care .

Dasom thank you for everything for your hard work for you allt his amazing time SISTAR and STAR1’s beautiful Maknae take care .

no matter where you are girls STAR1 will always be here for you .

anonymous asked:

Man. The amount of work that you put into your writing is astounding. And you keep us so well fed w all of this!! I appreciate you and your hard work so much. Thank you for staying here and providing quality stories for all of us. I hope you're having a great day Love you ❤️ - M

Thanks for taking the time to send such a kind message! I’m not planning on going anywhere since this is still fun for me, but my writing process is an unforgiving beast lmao! I have been working almost non-stop all weekend and today on future updates and I’m excited to see how it all unfolds.

A special message from DONTNOD Entertainment

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already heard or watched the news… we reached over 3 million unique paying players! It’s an incredible achievement and one we could not have reached without you, our fantastic community! You helped spread positive words about our game and have continually kept the world interested in what happens next.

We also revealed a key piece of information that many of you have been waiting some time for now - we can indeed confirm that the original Life is Strange team at DONTNOD are working on a brand new Life is Strange game. We can’t wait to tell you all about it when the time is right, but for now we are hard at work ensuring it is the very best game we can create. We’re really thankful for your patience thus far and ask for a bit more time. The new game will not be at E3 in June this year but we will be watching the show alongside you all and wish everyone good luck!


You all worked so hard for the past three years. Since our debut, we’ve been trying to show you good performances and make good music. And we feel so supported because you’ve been there for us all the time I thank you. I’ll make sure you will never leave us. I love you all. Please keep giving us your love and support - Jeon Jungkook

the feeling of getting ahead, of knowing that you will reach your goal, and that it will be worth it. you’re working so hard. think of all you’ve accomplished, you’ve come so far - don’t give up now. there’s a future version of yourself who is so thankful you kept going.


Up, up and away, away from me
Well, it’s all right, you can all sleep sound tonight
I’m not crazy
Or anything

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Happy birthday to the person who makes me smile the most! Thank you for always making us smile and for always looking out for us. I hope you’re getting enough rest these days. You work so hard and for that I thank you. We appreciate all that you do for us and know that we’ll be always with you forever. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, getting lots of love from your family, friends, the rest of the GOT7 members and your fans because you deserve the world and more. ♡ #KingJacksonDay   

Dear my kiyokians...

Sleepover just hit 1 million views and I am beyond thankful to everyone who has supported this video. It’s hard to celebrate when you wake up to find out that your videos are deemed ‘inappropriate, sensitive material.’ Despite what challenges we have ahead of us in this world, I’m motivated more and more each day to speak my truth and share my stories with and for all of you, to encourage those who are made to feel like outsiders. My art shouldn’t be restricted, and neither should what’s true in our hearts. My team and I are working on getting answers from YouTube about these so-called “sensitive material restrictions” and I’m hopeful this is a mistake that will be corrected soon. Therefore, I am postponing posting my bts video for sleepover until YouTube fixes this issue. Love you ❤

[TRANS] BTS Festa 2014 - Post-its to BTS


“Hey V!
When hyung look at you, uh, my heart hurts so so much.
I said you just need to trust and follow hyung right?
Why don’t you know that ㅋㅋㅋ Be obedient ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Wanna gang up and fight off Suga-hyung? Deal?” - Jimin 

“Hey V…
What’s your next hair color?
I’m curious too.” - Suga 

“V, speak to the point and precisely.” - J-hope 

You’re the kind of kid that makes people love and hate at the same time.
You’re similar to me in many things but sometimes I can’t understand you… Be more obedient.
P.S. Am I weird too?” - Rap Monster 

“Be a human.” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 

I don’t mind you resting in my room when I’m not at the dorm but clean up after you go~ Let’s live cleanly at the dorm! You’re No.1 on my blacklist ㅋㅋ” - Manager 


Hyung ㅋㅋㅋ I demand a duel with you and Suga-hyung ㅋㅋ Right now you guys think I’m cute but the day this table is turned will come soon. Wait a little bit more.” - Jimin 

“Hey Hope…
These days your variety sense is getting better.
It’s good.
But thanks to that it’s twice noisier too…” - Suga 

You’re always hopeful and cheerful but I think you must go through hard times too. If you do, you can look for me and talk. I can listen to your stories. […]” - Jungkook 

“Hey J-hope.
I heard you saved my contact as ‘Kim Seokjin-hyung’.
It’s okay.
I saved yours as ‘Bighit Jung Hoseok’.” - Jin 

“You pervert… ㅡ ㅡ
For example when I’m playing games, don’t turn off the outlet.” -

Sometimes you’re earnest, sometimes you’re the laziest. Show the world more of your abilities.” - Rap Monster 

“Chief Jung who always work hard and look after BTS. Wait, now that you’re promoted, you became team leader Jung right? ㅎ I believe there’s no doubt you’ll get good reward and result with how hard you’ve worked. Let’s get promoted to President Jung!” - Bang Shihyuk PD 

“Team leader Jung who’s always very helpful! Thanks~” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 


“Hey Rapmon, shower cleanly.” - J-hope 

“If you borrow something you have to return it back.” -

“Hey Rapmon…
These days you’re not snoring…
Thanks to that I’m sleeping peacefully.
Thank you…” - Suga 

“Hey Rapmon.
I don’t know if I adapted myself to your snoring or if your snoring got quieter, but I got used to it.
It’s fine, it’s all good.” - Jin 

You must be tired from going through a lot for the 6 of us right. I’m sorry I can’t do anything for you. I’ll work harder so you’ll have less hard times.” - Jungkook 

You’ll stand by our side right? You will right? I like you a lot but nah, I think you’ll betray us ㅋㅋㅋ I’ll leave you out. It’s a coup d'état!! Kakakaka.” - Jimin 

“Go to the bathroom before we start practicing.” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 


“Suga-hyungnim, thank you for thinking I’m cute ㅎㅎ I’ll fight you off some day. I’m gathering the team for it. Just wait. From the coolest guy in BTS.” - Jimin 

Please be more obedient.
I know your childish inner self better than anyone else ^*^!” - Rap Monster 

“Hey Suga.
I like your lazinism. Really.
I feel at ease when I see you lying down.
Really.” - Jin 

“You only need to show a little bit of your lethargy.” -

You must be tired from working and composing until late at night. You don’t seem to gain any weight so please eat a lot. When […] I’ll buy it for you.” - Jungkook 

“SUGA fighting!!” - J-hope 

“To. Suga Rebel.
Old soul. Genius artist?
Thanks to you BTS can be BTS. I hope you can keep being that way and become a great artist!!
When will you write a title song? ㅋ” - Bang Shihyuk PD 

“Take care of your health when you’re still young.” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 


You’re doing great.
Please show us the ✨eldest hyung✨ side of youㅡ
P.S. Thanks for your cooking! ^*^” - Rap Monster 

“Jin-hyung, please shave.” - J-hope 

“It’s too much if you know you’re handsome yourself.” -

Must be tired doing all the assignments for college right…?
You just need to avoid getting academic probation…
I’ll always support you.” - Suga 

Hyungnim T_T~ I’m going to fight off Syubsyubie-hyung and Hope-hyung but I need your help! If you’re there those people will ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ㅋㅋㅋ So you have to help me!!!
The most handsome cook in BTS, Jin-hyung.” - Jimin 

“Jin-hyung. Thank you for making us many delicious dishes.” - Jungkook  

“To. Jin BTS’ shoulder-slash-eldest-hyung!
You always stay behind quietly but I know you are their mediator and their shoulder to lean on.
Maybe the day when you’re called Korea’s best actor will come soon too?^^” - Bang Shihyuk PD 

Thanks to your ability to cook tasty dishes from limited ingredients, I always get to eat deliciously~ Take care of me in the future too~” - Manager 

“Hoot…” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 


“Hey Jimin…
Why do we stop growing so soon…” - Suga 

You’re having a hard time these days because of me right.
I’ll be more obedient.
Thank you.
Let’s work out together 3 years later ㅋ” - Jungkook 

You know I love you right?
It’s no joke~” - J-hope 

“Don’t touch your thighs you pervert.” -

“To. Jimin
Hardworker, in charge of charm, Jiminie!! ♡
From someone who joined BTS the latest, you have now become an irreplaceable part of the team! Keeping working hard in the future too!! […] the saying that heaven will help hardworkers.” - Bang Shihyuk PD 

“Go to the bathroom early. Don’t go when we start.” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 


Stop working out…
Let’s not work out with me…” - Suga 

“Hey Jungkook.
You listen to me well so you’re good.
This brat.
Good. But refrain from working out…” - Jin 

Jungkook, I’m not pressuring you! I’m planning to kick out Suga-hyung and Hobi-hyung but I won’t pressure you to stand by my side. But I’m treating you really well!!! Right? Our kind and pretty Kookie…” - Jimin 

“Jungkook, you’re so good even at practicing. I think I need to learn more because of you too. But be more obedient~” -

“To. Jungkook
Golden maknae!! Is there any word that can describe better than this? ㅎ
I believe that if you are not settled with your natural talents, not hate doing repeated things and work with passion, there’s no doubt one day you’ll become the best singer in Korea!
Hope you will never forget your passion and effort!!” - Bang Shihyuk PD 

“My manager. Once a manager, forever a manager.” - Choreographer Son Sungdeuk 

Wake up when I wake you in the morning! Sometimes I’m scared when no matter what I do, you still remain motionless like a stone stature. And sleep on your bed~! Don’t sleep in weird position on the floor too~!” - Manager


for @allmycharactersare-dead: oikawa, iwaizumi & the flock 1 and 2 trainees from wingbeats!! because dragons and dragon riders are. the coolest. also I promised you a thing!! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ 

me: a harrie

harry: hi i know i’ve been MIA for the past year, but here’s a full-length feature film in which i act; a 30-second promo advert; an appearance on SNL; a five-minute debut single; an album that i have worked hard on and hope you enjoy with all of your heart and soul. lots more to come. sorry i couldn’t tell you sooner, but rome wasn’t built in a day… all the love xx

me: *is blessed*