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Imagine Genji stealing Hanzo’s first kiss when they’re all alone outside. The two were joking and enjoying the fresh air when Genji couldn’t help himself. He just smushed their faces together for a peck. Hanzo was stunned at first before getting all flustered. He didn’t want his first kiss to be that rushed! So, Genji soothes his anger by offering a re-do. He gently cups his chin and goes to pull him into a slow kiss, pressing against his lips with emotion he only ever felt with him. Hanzo is satisfied after he does this a couple more times.

Ehi, ciao.
Parlo con te, piccola guerriera dal cuore stanco.
Quante lacrime hai versato? Quante volte ti sei sentita inadatta? Fuori posto? Non abbastanza…tante cose?
Beh, piccola guerriera, mi dispiace deludere le tue aspettative.
Lo so che ora sei distesa sul pavimento freddo del baratro in cui sei caduta, rannicchiata, con gli occhi gonfi di lacrime e la gola asciutta.
Mi dispiace deluderti, ma nessuno verrà a tirarti fuori di lì.
Lo so che sei stanca e vorresti solo rimanere lì per sempre. Ma non è questa la soluzione giusta e in fondo anche tu lo sai.
Perciò, fatti coraggio.
Alza la testa e asciugati le lacrime.
Alzati in piedi e combatti.
Tu sei forte, più di quanto immagini.
E ce la farai.
Io ne sono sicura

-Let Me Be With You (sakurakiryu)

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G-Dragon - The Evolution



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60 for EdWin, please? (or any of the full, vibrant characters of your choice)

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60. “You’d be a great dad.” Edwin

Her eyes followed the pair as they ran from one room to the other. It wasn’t a big hotel room, but they had somehow managed to build a fort out of sheets in the middle of the room and the chairs provided by the hotel. Elicia’s laughter filled the room as Ed chased her around the makeshift castle, popping out from inside and tickling her.

She heard from Miss Riza before that something stirs deep within her primal instincts whenever she sees the General play with Elicia just like this and now, in this moment, she understands exactly what that is.

There was an inexplicable warmth in her chest and an equally warm smile that wouldn’t fade from her lips no matter how hard she tried. “You’d be a great dad.” She said suddenly, eyes filled with absolute adoration for the man that had been successfully tackled down by a 4-year-old.

Ed lifted his head from the floor and looked at her surprised, almost shocked at the words she said. “What?” He felt a tug at his shirt and noticed Elicia was doing a weird dance, hands clutched on top of her legs.

“Mr. Elric, where’s your bathroom?”

In a half daze, he pointed to the corner in the room and the little girl scurried to the bathroom.  Ed collected himself off the floor, looking at Winry with the same expression for a record time of 2 minutes. “What did you say?”

Feeling partially confused, Winry smiled and said, “I said you’d be a great dad.”

“Why would you think that?”

She looked up at him and his expression was so serious. “Why wouldn’t I?”

He shrugged and if she didn’t know any better, she would say that he was feeling low in self-esteem from what she said.

“What do you think?”

He rubbed his neck nervously.

And then it hit her, this was understandably a touchy subject for him. Winry laughed light-heartedly, grabbing him to come closer by the front of his shirt, “Come here, dummy. We are here to get our marriage license and you think I haven’t thought about this before?”

Ed’s face turned into a pout. His golden eyes turned to look at her, softening his features to give her a crooked smile that charmed her. He opened his mouth to speak, but he was interrupted.

From the bathroom, Elicia called, “Mr. Elric, will you please help me?”

She noticed him become confused as to why she would need help in the bathroom. She chuckled, patting his shoulder. “Sit back. It’s my turn now, pal.” Winry walked towards the closed door.

“Hey.”  Her fiancé called out from behind her.

Winry turned back to see him, a light blush on his cheeks. Weren’t they beyond this? She mused.

“You’d make a great mom too.” He chuckled like he was reminiscing. “Trust me, I’d know too.”

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