thank you for 12.000 followers

I woke up this morning to see that I hit 12,000+ followers!!*:・゚✧.

Thank you guys so much!!!!!
It’s been an interesting ride being in the voltron fandom but I’m super happy with how much you guys enjoy my art. As always, shout out to those who have followed me since my hetalia times! I love you guys! To the new people: WELCOME!! my blog here is usually a nice escape from a lot of stuff including fandom drama! I just like to draw cute/pastel stuff and sometimes chat! I hope you all enjoy! 

I’m gonna get started on the next part of Dandelions early as a reward (Joy tier patrons on my Patreon, keep an eye out for WIP sneak peaks) and for anyone in the Ohio area, the next con you can see me at is Colossalcon! Come say hi if you see me!!! *:・゚✧.

EDIT: giveaway has ended and winner has been selected!

Heyyyyyy! After the anniversary post, this blog passed 200 followers. Woo hoo!! Thank you all for the follows, I’m very glad that you find Flight Rising Updates useful.

To celebrate 200 followers, I’m hosting a giveaway! The winner will receive 1,000 gems.

Giveaway info:

- To enter, simply reblog with your FR username & ID number.

- Only one entry per player.

- You do not have to be following to enter (but you should totally consider it if you want active updates on FR news and staff posts :D).

- This giveaway will end Thursday, June 8th, at 12:00 server time. So one lucky person will have some nice gems to spend on Flight Rising’s anniversary day!

Good luck! :) And thanks again for following!

I just wanted to thank you because you’re an amazing community ! I never had any trouble with one of you and some of you like literally everything I post (even the crappy things lol) and it really mean a lot for me !
I have reached 12 000 followers and wow .. this is amazing ! I never expected that really ;_;
I’m soo grateful !!
Thank you so so much for all your support !
(also, sorry for the weird and tired face I’m really sick ;_;)

I’m officially 12,000 friends richer! Thank you to everyone that follows my blog! I honestly didn’t think much would come of this blog and was excited at the thought of 100 followers, but it has come a long way! Sorry, I don’t have a better or more special picture for this wonderful occasion, but this is my book haul from Saturday!

emu-on-the-loose  asked:

Your Mechanical Color Pie article is over 12,000 words! (That's roughly 5-6 times longer than your average article.) Thank you for going to so much effort. I know I'm not the only one who has hoped for this article for a long time.

That’s actually only four times my normal article. : )

But yes, it turned into a much bigger article than I thought it would be when I started it. And because of next week’s column and the preview weeks that follow it, I couldn’t make it a multiple-parter.

I’m glad so many people are enjoying it.

13.000 follower milestone

First thank you so much for everyone who has followed me it means so much that I have so many of you on here <3

I’ve decided to use a new colour scheme and i’m going to let you guys throw in a vote for which of the following 13 colour schemes you like :D

The colours are under the cut just send in the colour number :)

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Thank you for 12,000 followers guys, gals and nb babes 💕love you all so much. Send me a message and say whatsup and what’s happening in your life, what you did today, your summers plans. Lemme hear from you 💕

💋 Thank you … the *four* followers (who have become friends) who wished me Happy Birthday, out of you 6,000 followers/lurkers/creepers … compared to the 12 on my Instagram … and the >40 FB birthday wishes … means a lot to me, actually … and signifies a lot.



soooo in celebration of hitting 12k, i’ve decided to do a follow forever! (even though i should have done one at 10k oops) i wanna thank you all for following my blog and posting amazing pokemon-related things for the world. i am still amazed that there are 12 000 of you because i never even thought i would get 100 followers when i first started this blog! the following blogs are some people who i see regularly on my dashboard, who post really cool stuff and my awesome mutuals who i love to pieces xxx ♡ favourites are in bold :)


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thankyou for being amazing! i love you guys ♡


jestem zauroczona od paru dni, więc dzielę się z wami. 

przy okazji dziękuję za 12 000 i piękne wiadomości, które otrzymuję. wiem, że ostatnio was okropnie zaniedbuję, ale dużo na siebie wzięłam i walczę z brakiem czasu(i snu). postaram się trochę ponadrabiać bliżej świąt, bo w końcu będę mogła usiąść(i się wyspać, oboże!). 

kochani, nie poddawać się i nie zapominać o uśmiechu. co by się nie działo. :)