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I like to think that they watch on from a better place.

… and make bets on what’s going to happen.

Tex is way better at this than Church.


Camp counselor losers club

- Richie’s always put in the older kids group because it’s less of a problem if they hear him curse

- All of the girls in Bevs middle school group constantly ask her if every guy she talks to is her boyfriend; they ultimately decide it must be Richie and all the losers laugh about it

- Stan decides he wants to be a life guard instead of a camp counselor so he walks around to all his friends groups when he has time

- Mike always requests the little babies because he thinks they’re adorable and he’s so good with them

- All the moms love him and ask him to babysit during the school year

- Bill and Ben both are counselors with the 7 year old boys and no one understands how they manage to make the kids listen to anything they say but they always manage to do it

- Eddie works with the older kids initially because they were less messy but he ends up really liking having conversations with them

- one time Eddie and Richie were co- counselors and almost immediately were separated because 3 kids got lost for an hour on their watch

- Bev and Richie inniciate a prank war between their groups and it has to shut down by the camp director

- when they go on overnights stan always requests to come along and tells the kids ghost stories

- Richie backs up every story as truth no matter how ridiculous it is and they have a whole system that they came up with to scare the kids

- Eddie has the most friendship bracelets out of all of them bc all the girls love him

- Ben is easily one of the best counselors the camp has and eventually is the head counselor for all the lower grade boys and he loves it

- For the Camp talent show richie choreographs a whole routine to wake me up before you go by Wham! With his group and it was amazing

- Eddie and Bevs kids are the same age so they make them hang out a lot so they can hang out together

- Eddie and Richie accidentally out themselves when Richie sees them and shouts “hey babe” to bev as a joke but Eddie answers on instinct “don’t call me that at camp” and they panic too much to play it off, becoming the most talked about camp counselors among the older kids


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we quit our home to wander the streets from which we can see the sunset falling

(thank you anon for the request!! I tried to bring to this some motions. hope they can wash off some longing and sadness you feel the way they sometimes do for me)

original videos of the gifs

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seijou sleepover
  • oikawa: [eyes snapping open] if two guys were on the court and one killed the other with a volleyball, would that be fucked up or what?
  • iwaizumi: oikawa go the fuck to sleep
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