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kaito-squad  asked:

What type of position does Yu hold within the Shadow Operatives after he joins?

Okay, first of all, thank you so much for the ask? I know I don’t really reach out and talk to all of my followers, mainly because I just don’t know how, and don’t have any concrete ideas for plots yet, so. I really appreciate you taking the first step!

And now onto the main subject.

It’s really hard to tell since we don’t know much about the Operatives’ internal structure, and when Labrys joined it was just. Boom. Now she’s one of them. And a part of the inner circle, too. But from what we do know and some speculation on my part, I can say this

When he was first accepted, he was definetely put together with the Reserve members. As much as he was persistent I can’t imagine Mitsuru allowing him to be anything more at that point. In her eyes, he was still just a child who didn’t know what the real stakes were like. What he could potentially lose by throwing away a normal life. The Reserve, then, was the perfect option. The members there have regular lives and careers, and the idea was to let him have a taste of what he would be turning his back to. He was given an option to back out at any time.

He didn’t take it, obviously. The supernatural has touched his life in too many ways. He couldn’t just up and forget about it. The Shadow Operatives seemed like a dream come true to him: he could get cheap thrills from fighting shadows or whatever other operations he might be sent on, and at the same time be updated on the shadow dealings and conduct his own investigation into the nature of ‘gods’.

Come Dancing All Night, he’s still in Reserve. He’d been on a couple of operations, maybe. If he was in the vicinity and something sudden would come up, he’d get summoned. But other than that, nothing. It’s much the same after the events of Dancing All Night.

Eventually, he’d get promoted to a regular member, somewhere in the middle of the chain of command. Then he’d start working, really working. Since he has prior experience in leading a team, he’d get some subordinates. From this point on it’s a steady way up for him. He’s dedicated to being The Best, Always, so he’d give it his all.

There would be some setbacks due to his insubordination, thinking that he knows better than anyone above him, and cold-heartedness. While having a cool head is good for an operative, the organization is still being led by Mitsuru, so I think his willingness to make sacrifices without experiencing any remorse would not be something that is very valued.

In his adulthood he would be a seasoned operative, having led many successful missions, and be somewhere in the upper echelons of the organization. He is trusted, but his use is very situational. If you need something done quickly and effectively, without any care to being clandestine or gentle, assign Narukami. If the situation is delicate, however, keep him far away from it, as he’ll probably only escalate it and make it worse. No negotiations for him, he’s a soldier through and through.

And that’s about all I can think of for now! You only asked about early years, but I guess I got carried away. 

Anyway, thanks for asking! It was interesting to think about!

3rd Year Deku tho

I’m just imagining 3rd year Midoriya who’s really grown into his muscles like

Midoriya: “Don’t you guys think that my costume is a bit too-

*various shots of Deku’s abs defined through the suit, biceps beautifully straining the fabric around his arms, dat ass from all those squat workouts barely fitting in anymore*


Everyone: No

(someone in the background: Make it tighter)

No summer sun will ever
dismantle the global gloom
cast by the Daily Papers,
vomiting in slip-shod prose
the facts of filth and violence
that we’re too dumb to prevent:
our earth’s a sorry spot, but
for this special interim,
so restful yet so festive,
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Fog.
—  W. H. Auden–“Thank You, Fog”

Tonight is one of those nights where  I’m feeling completely worthless, like I don’t have a place. I’ve been struggling with depression and a lot of social anxiety lately and so tonight I put my music on shuffle and just sobbed. Then, Tied Together With a Smile came on and I just sat there listening to every word, taking in every word. By the end of the song, it made me realize that even though this is only a temporary feeling, my feelings ARE valid. @taylorswift thank you once again for lifting me out of the fog. Thank you for moments like the ones above. Thank you so much for making me feel like it’s okay to have these feelings and it’s okay to come undone every once in a while. I can only hope that you see this, but if you don’t that’s okay too. I just hope you know how much you mean to me and how much you’ve helped me. I love you, Taylor. Thank you for making music. Thank you for speaking the truth. I hope that I can do the same with my music one day.