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Jealous (Matt Murdock x Reader)

Request: could you write a matt murdock fic where matt gets really jealous of you and foggy bc u two are getting really close and then he blurts out that he likes u?

Warning(s): Language, fluff. A bit of a Captain America: Civil War plot that involves Tony Stark.

Word Count: 2,038

A/N: I’m so sorry this took about 20,000 years to get to but here you go, lovely anon. You can find the song inspiration for the chapter here. Keep sending requests, they’re open! Hope you enjoy <3

In most cases, both inside and out of the courtroom, Matt Murdock was never one to play fair. Especially when you were the topic of discussion. And when it came to it, he was more stubborn than a donkey in the mud. That was mostly because he had always been partial towards you. And now he hated to admit it, but suddenly the usually well-balanced blind man was tripping over his feet and falling for you.

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Speedweed HC

The third entry in the musician series. Everybody needs a loving dose of Speedwagon in their lives! Given that he was a gang leader, he had to have been rugged and rough on the streets. The fact that his accent isn’t so posh either, he sounds the most like The Wombats! Songs he would do include Let’s Dance to the Joy Division, Give Me A Try, and Jump Into The Fog. Thank you, I hope you guys like this series! I will be answering asks as soon as I’m maxed out or when Saturday comes. -Admin Jules

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What Matters Most

For kikaiz. I-I had been writing this for a long time, drafting here a-and there, because I really wanted to write s-something with her OC Orna in it. I think… n-now might’ve been a good as time as any to finish it up and post it. So… here, M-Miss Kikai. I hope you feel better, a-and enjoy.

I-I forgot why I called it “what matters most” b-but… I tried to finish it anyway. I think it’s still good?

(With some inspiration from Lost in the Woods too. And a little bit from phantomrose96’s ghost speak series.)

What Matters Most

Danny couldn’t help but feel something familiar about the woods that surrounded him as he muttered bitterly and tried to pick his way through the trees. Flying above them wasn’t an option, and neither was using his ghost powers—his parents would spot him the moment he went ghost, either above the trees or on their radar.

It was just his luck that, for the first time on their semi-bi-annual camping trip, his parents had actually brought the ghost equipment. Jazz had tried to stop them, but they couldn’t do anything about it—they always had something on them, ever since the ghosts started attacking Amity park a few years ago.

So much for his mother’s old promises of, “No ghost hunting, no ghosts. Just us, bonding around the campfire.” And as annoying as he used to think it was when he was younger, he kind of missed that now.

He wondered if being lost because he fell off the stupid path while hiking was any better than just going ghost and hoping he wouldn’t be asked why Phantom was in the woods of all places.

His ghost sense went off, and he froze on the spot as the cold, misty puff of air passed his vision and faded.

His eyes flashed green and alert, narrowing as he surveyed his surroundings—okay, so maybe Danny Phantom showing up in the woods wouldn’t be so weird after all, if there was another ghost here. He almost hoped it was Skulker, because he always at least announced their presences with his booming voice in some way or another, and it would give him a great excuse, but the fact that the shiver in his spine was weak at best and that the ghost hadn’t shown up on his parents’ radar meant it was probably a weak ghost.

He heard a distant voice behind him before he felt its cold presence coming closer.


Danny spun around abruptly to face the ghost—but he stopped in his tracks when he saw what had approached him.

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3rd Year Deku tho

I’m just imagining 3rd year Midoriya who’s really grown into his muscles like

Midoriya: “Don’t you guys think that my costume is a bit too-

*various shots of Deku’s abs defined through the suit, biceps beautifully straining the fabric around his arms, dat ass from all those squat workouts barely fitting in anymore*


Everyone: No

(someone in the background: Make it tighter)